Newest FUJITSU LifeBook E733 E743 E753 E series Notebook coming

Notebook specifications dimensions from 2012 can be seen, the entire product line is gradually subdivided, "bipolar" camps began to stand out, "pole" super pole of the models, the ultimate slim body thickness, portable weight, fast response and good endurance to meet the user's daily use and office business travel purposes. Another "pole" is the ultimate sturdy performance of the large size of this game, mostly domineering publicity appearance, cool lighting effects, superior performance hardware specifications to attract players to the eye.

The near future, we are also not difficult to find, domestic notebook manufacturers launched over most of this new, start transfer of power points to large-size models, and the once 14-inch the Almighty models slowly lost the main location. Fire models have recently focused on the 15 inches, which concerns are high Shenzhou K590S Ares and Lenovo Y500 series are large-size game of the representative works, be able to find this little change, domestic notebook brand is to get rid of differentiation while to adjust.

Addition to the cool style rendering of the features in the game, but more importantly powerful discrete graphics performance, which is most concerned friends and players, FUJITSU E733 with 6cell FUJITSU LifeBook E733 Battery GeForce GTX 675MX use for the first time in 15 inches of mold, and before MSI GT70 the same configuration is a very high quality of the fever alone was the addition plus Core i7 quad-core processor, full HD resolution screen and SDD solid-state drive, E753 overall with being in line with the traditional gaming notebook. The aircraft is also FUJITSU first attempt in this field. In addition, the starting price control in million within for game enthusiasts, this is still very worthy of attention.

GTX 660M graphics card overclocking parameters, we were able to see the obvious differences, the core frequency from 835MHz to 970MHz, 50MHz and the memory bandwidth the dynamic speed upgrade from 950MHz to 1085MHz, memory frequency to enhance the upgrade from 80GB / s to 83.2GB / s. 3DMark Vantage Entry mode GPU score 43404,3 DMark 11 Entry mode score E4588 performance increase of 10% compared to non-overclocking.

Look from the back, a medieval shield-large "E" logo appears in the middle of the roof of the X should refer to represent the E743, the material on the roof, E753 uses a very high strength engineering plastics, surface accompanied by piano paint technology, from the shield LOGO four corners as a starting point, the top cover is club is visually divided into four parts, the decorative elements of the roof, the user will not soon bored. E743 with 6cell FUJITSU LifeBook E743 Battery roof shape into after special bumps processing, feeling like a diamond-cutting, which convey the beauty and fashion. The roof compression capability has been enhanced. The center of the region highly personalized "X" logo LED backlight design, the boot will be issued after the soft white light for the players to create a to a domineering striking visual experience.

The position of the aircraft near the shaft refinement processing large area snakeskin lines plus a clear metallic silver bullion, clever roof design elements rich, but also enhance the grip handle, less prone to accidental dropping .

Come take a look at the C-face, we see the numeric keypad area above the keyboard there is a row of touch-screen shortcut keys at the same time, are responsible for the pop-up drive, backlit keyboard, and a key Turbo function on both sides of the shortcut keys. speaker of children, the edge of the red brushed aluminum frame decorative eye-catching addition the entire trackpad is slightly left, left and right palm rest portion honeycomb floating-point, so as to increase the friction, the whole feel pretty good . Cold light-touch shortcut keys above the keyboard in the AH512 with 6cell FUJITSU LifeBook AH512 Battery, you can achieve a lot of functionality is a key time overclocking functions from left to right, a mute button to turn on / off keyboard lights, turn on / off the wireless network, turn off the monitor, the pop-up CD-ROM drive. However, most of the features in the Press on the screen does not respond to the prompt.

FUJITSULifeBook E753 with 103-key full-size keyboard, the longer the key process design, impressive percussion feel, and design of the numeric keypad area. In addition, To prevent inadvertently buttons in some games, the lower left hand corner of the keyboard and the Windows key to cancel. Is worth mentioning that there is a cool keyboard LED backlight, not only can create a tense atmosphere of the game, at the same time the middle of the night to play the game and do not need additional lighting help.

LifeBook E753 with THX certified sound, built-in 2.1 Dynaudio brand speakers, sound resolution and overall sense of space compared to other notebooks, has a clear advantage, especially in games and movies for the performance of a large dynamic scenes to experience a very good job. FUJITSU LifeBook E753 with a 63Wh FUJITSU LifeBook E753 Battery is equipped with a high quality brand speaker, pursuit is low distortion, high resolution, broadband sound, no coloration. Overall sound full round. In addition, FUJITSU launch a special MSI Audio Boost output sound quality enhancement technique, sound output connector, the use of expensive gold plating, increased antioxidant transmission efficiency and noise canceling strength, so the sound quality is purer, better to restore the original three-dimensional sound field, plus built-in headphones dedicated power amplifier chip, even if the external headphone can reflect better sound performance.

First tested in the case of default is not overclocked gaming performance of the GTX 660M. Game settings to select the 1920 × 1080 resolution, this resolution need to turn off the vertical sync, another anti-aliasing mode also need to close the game is just entering the first off the rain effect of highly resource-intensive, and can basically think so, a hurdle in the rain to ensure the smooth running, then the next hurdle will be no great problem.

The LifeBook AH562 with 6cell FUJITSU LifeBook AH562 Battery touchpad the chocolate keyboard feel with the ordinary version of the E743 indistinguishable. The bond length between the keycap, can reduce misuse finger tapping. The key process is longer, feel very comfortable under pressure. Keycap size is a bit thin, tapping up and there will be some small noise, but will not affect the normal use. Worth mentioning FUJITSULifeBook E743 inlets placed in the left side of the keyboard, and sucked into the cold air by the keyboard voids inside the fuselage, is discharged through a very long loop path through the left-hand side of the thermal windows, and the majority of heat than large components, such as processors, discrete graphics, etc. are placed in a position near the left side of the fuselage, which is more conducive to heat.

The comparison of the other keys of the main keyboard region, one of the lowermost of the keyboard row keycap size is enlarged. Rectangular buttons larger contact area, the user typing frequently used to the Ctrl key, Fn key, Windows 8 UI interface conjured the key to open the key and Alt key percussion more accurate finger operation to get rid of the cramped feeling of a traditional keyboard. Compared with the high version FUJITSULifeBook E743, the main cost of this touchpad FUJITSU E743 keyboard beneath cancel the backlight, although understandable from a cost perspective, but the editors think the humane design is still very necessary to retain. Perhaps the backlight is not daytime, when it encountered some dim light, the backlight is extremely important. Especially busy users often work overtime at night, and backlight help find keys, the accuracy will be greatly improved.

HP Mini 200-4200 with HP Mini 200 Battery interface configuration are concentrated in the left side of the fuselage, the rear of the front end, are arranged to have the headphone jack, two USB2.0 interface, a USB3.0, HDMI HD video output interface. Next to the HDMI still configure a special interface, the interface in the past FUJITSU E743 notebook also seen, the interface can use the bundled adapter cable matching adapter cable at one end connected to the notebook, the other end is very familiar The standard RJ-45 Ethernet port and VGA video output interface. In addition to the interface in the left side of the fuselage, the fuselage below the left palm rest also provides a multi-card reader slot to facilitate the users connected to a variety of external memory card device. The right side of the card reader laptop status lights, a power-on indicator, and a charge indicator.