ASUS R510C R510CA R510CC and MAINGEAR PULSE 11 14 detail

Enter 2013, Intel Ultrabook strategy to enter the third stage, after three years of development, the ultra-pole of this performance, functionality and portability has found a good balance, combined with specially launched for the first ultrabook four-generation Core Duo processor, a large number of traditional notebook also began downsizing exercise, ASUS R series, too, launched a S230s.

In addition to the previous IE browser, Office office suite, STORM, Firefox browser and other heterogeneous computing optimized for APU outside the program, in 2013, APU on HSA heterogeneous computing has made improvements, but there are more software developers added to the APU ranks.

ASUS R510C with 4cell ASUS R510C Battery is the second ASUS F550C later, ASUS classic T / X / W three series and an ultra-pole of this, under the flagship portable ASUS R series, is a 12.5-inch product, carried the body thickness than R409 a substantially reduced, more convenient to carry out, then draw a wealth of design experience in the future, R510C actually bring us what surprise? Consider the following detailed evaluation.

GCN architecture is used in the APU, which greatly improves the GPU general computing capabilities and enhance interoperability of GPU and CPU will help the APU in the GPU, no longer a simple process graphic purposes. Originally vector GPU computing power greatly exceeding CPU, but the versatility and the ability to deploy mission as CPU, while the GPU work reasonably assume the CPU, which is the double benefit of a good thing.

Get this machine, because of the first time I have to see the true colors, even I was surprised at PULSE bold, cover the entire body in addition to the lower right corner of the "PULSE" LOGO , but can not see past the black a little shadow. This subversive change necessarily requires a full grasp.

The PULSE 11 with 6cell MAINGEAR PULSE 11 Battery even made a lot of changes, but PULSE classic Trackpoint pointing stick is still preserved. Little Red Riding Hood condensation sophisticated ergonomic design, allowing users in the absence of an external mouse in the case, but also precise control. In the key area on the right side of the border, set up a power button, in addition, the whole key area no longer set any shortcuts.

In fact, AMD's processor is not for games Temash born, positioning in the Tablet PC, hybrid computers and other products used in both to the user's daily needs, but also can run a simple 3D game, DX11 support on Amount can see that. Temash used in such products can effectively reduce the heat from the product, after all, it's TDP is only 8W, but this advantage can also increase the life time of the product itself, this is extremely important, and it is strongly advocated by AMD.

ASUS R510CA with ASUS R510CA Battery shape inherited ASUS classic lunch box design, followed the all-black, compared with R409 light on the top cover removed, and the roof top of the wireless antennas without splicing other materials, the entire roof the use of carbon fiber to create a surface resembling matte finish, looks more simple and capable. In body size, R510C length and width of 305.5mm × 208.5mm, almost two iPad mini area, and R409 or less, but 18.1 ~ 18.3mm thin thickness than R409 nearly 9mm! Coupled with the bare metal weight and 1.6kg 1.285kg travel weight, you can easily put a bag, not too heavy to carry out mobile portability better than R409.

3DMark Vantage is the industry's first dedicated based on Microsoft DX10 API to create a comprehensive benchmarking tool, and can fully play multiple cards, multi-core processors, which includes two graphics tests, two CPU test items, six characteristics of test items, also joined on artificial intelligence (AI) and physics acceleration specialized tests. 3DMark 11 uses native DirectX 11 engine, the application of the test scenarios, including Tessellation Tessellation, Compute Shader and multithreaded new features, including a large number of DX11. It contains four graphics tests, a physical test and a comprehensive set of tests. Performance (P) of the level, A6-1450 465 gives scores.

However, the distortion products have been in the consumer market has become the hottest products in the commercial market also began to slowly take the heat. ASUS F550C Although in weight, with real tablet rival, but variability brings experience, i7-3687U processor, up to 256G SSD solid state drive, 16GB memory brings speed response is the tablet computer can not communicate with the match.

Continuation of the entire C side B side tone and process, while the whole key area sink design, more concise. PULSE classic keyboard, chocolate style. Symmetrical curved keycaps, X stand and drum-type structure underlying precision design portfolio, feel very comfortable. And for the Windows 8 operating system carefully laid a dedicated shortcut keys, MAINGEAR PULSE 14 Battery the operation more convenient. Meanwhile back-mounted keyboard with integrated design, with two steps of backlight intensity, and set up a dedicated shortcut key indicator backlight adjustment, even the dark can quickly find the key position, bringing a more comfortable feel and precise operation experience.

CineBench use of film and television industry, Cinema 4D special effects engine, you can test the CPU and graphics performance. Relative to the previous version R10, R11.5 version last point more potential drain system, accurately reflects the system performance. Tests include two, respectively, for the processor and graphics performance. Currently CineBench does not make for the optimization of heterogeneous computing the APU, so the result is only for reference, but also hope to launch support heterogeneous CineBench future versions. PCMark 7 includes seven different testing session, by a total of 25 independent workload composition, covering storage, computation, image and video processing, web browsing, games and other aspects of daily application PC. Compared PCMark Vantage, PCMark 7 test environment changed into DX10, have carried out a variety of test software updates, more in line with the current user's environment and habits.

With this release of Windows 8 system, BAPCo also announced a new SYSMark 2012, Pacific notebook channel also the first time to upgrade the test software. SYSMark 2012 still continues to use the 2007 version of the test method - through the actual installation of a variety of office or industrial software and run Demo built to simulate the real use of the environment, and its results are still obtained has a high reference value. Because the old and new test software is currently in the transfer stage, we have not gathered enough contrast SYSMark 2012 can be used to test scores, so the above result is only for your reference.

AMDTemash product filled appearance on the part of the processor to select the blank, although hybrid computer tablets and not for 3D gaming and health, but we are also in the entertainment on the 3D game has a certain demand, although from the test point of view, on the 3D games that the main purpose, Temash the fusion performance on GPU seems not very good, but most small 3D games, it can run perfectly without pressure.

The difference is that with the Ultrabook, although R510CC in appearance looks thick, but equipped with a burner drive it also seems to satisfy a small portion of the user's needs (individual drive has not been used a long time), while the I / O also more than Ultrabook. R510Cc with 4cell ASUS R510CC Battery maximum memory expandable up to 12GB, but can also replace the SSD hybrid drives or high capacity, scalability Ultrabook really flexible than many. Well, it is worth noting that this machine is not equipped with discrete graphics, so you if you are game enthusiasts, please take a detour.


ASUS F550C F550CA F550CC Series laptop coming

How in the low-power and high-performance tradeoff issues, almost insurmountable, but they are both Intel and AMD each has its own unique mode of thinking. In AMD seems to solve this problem is the integration of the most effective solutions, AMD through three years of research and experience, APU from Llano, Brazos and then walked Trinity, officially released the first of the year a SoC Processor - Temash.

Temash processor release also shows on the road in the integration of AMD's firm belief, CPU and GPU integration allows the processor leakage rate is lower, more uniform with each unit, allowing more efficient. APU has been fully integrated CPU and GPU, and by virtue of a strong GPU so thin and light notebook also has a strong gaming performance and parallel computing capabilities, but AMD has not stalled. APU birth heterogeneous computing have taken up the banner and lead the industry in this direction. With APU, we were able to have both powerful graphics performance and long battery life, and the use of parallel computing support program greatly accelerated processing speed.

Deformation PC consumer market is not just hot pet, in the business world has begun to gain a foothold. ASUS F550C with 4cell ASUS F550C Battery and biggest highlight is the swivel screen, state of the laptop, users can rotate through 180 ° of the screen, and then folded up, and instantly turned into a feature excellent tablet. It is worth mentioning that, ASUSEliteBook F550C also inherited the Elite series of high-end quality and durability to meet the military standards of the manufacturing process, a comprehensive resistance drop, vibration, dust, altitude and high temperature invasion and so on. Revolve mean is rotated after translation, the name is indeed appropriate.

Heterogeneous computing mainly refers to the use of different types of instruction sets and architecture computing units system is calculated. Common types include computing unit CPU, GPU other processor, including, DSP, ASIC, FPGA, etc. Broadly, the different computing platforms are present at all levels of isomerism, besides the hardware layer, the instruction set, interconnect, memory hierarchy, the application binary interface software layer, API, the underlying implementation of the language characteristics are different, for the upper applications and services, are also heterogeneous. Because of these characteristics from the above, heterogeneous computing that contains a huge advantage, for the integration of chips, chip heterogeneous computing to help improve the various components of dialogue efficiency, helping to build a system based on this chip to achieve performance improvements.

Temash Fengyun released by AMD processor and before our evaluation Kabini belong SoC chip, which are made of the 28nm process technology, they Jaguar Jaguar architecture CPU core, GCN architecture GPU core, video codec, USB3.0 master, etc., is only based on product positioning, frequency voltage specification is divided into two series. Temash deformation for tablet PCs and devices, the highest 9W, minimum 3.9W. We can see from the power consumption, AMD will begin from 2013 began to really force the mobile platform, and strive in the ultra-portable device using SoC chip balance of power and performance. Today, in addition to our evaluation of the A6-1450 addition, AMD also has a A4-1250 and A4-1200 two Temash processors.

LENOVO G490 with 6cell LENOVO G490 Battery is its flagship 14-inch portable gaming notebook, it looks continuation LENOVO usual simple low-key, black brushed metal lid printed with a big silver LENOVO LOGO, while a similar design on both sides LENOVO letter shape angel wings consisting of small red decorative little later in the boot Hu issued moist red, then G490 looks more personalized.

Other key features Puma architecture: ISA instruction set architecture enhancements, including SSE4.1/4.2, AVX, AES, F16C, BMI1 so abundant, compared to some high-power processors also did not strive; 4 × 32B instruction cache cycle cache, improved power consumption; improving instruction cache prefetch unit to improve IPC, an estimated 15% increase over the comparable Bobcats; additional hardware integer divider; increased two cache prefetch unit; improved C6, CC6 power state switching delays, Jaguar each CPU core can enter CC6 deep sleep, while the recovery time from this state have shorter Bobcat; typical applications, the clock gate can represent more than 92% floorplan.

ASUS F550C with 3700mAh ASUS F550CA Battery palm rest area is relatively small, my hands when typing almost docked at the edge, not very comfortable. In addition, the aircraft is part of the edge of the palm rest down some sharp, when your hand moves in this neighborhood, you may not feel very well. Next is the touchpad area is very large, which means you do not have to move your finger too often repeated, more comfortable to use. Touchpad feel more smooth, the bottom line is used to distinguish between the left and right mouse buttons. Instead of pressing the lower left button functions to achieve, but also can be achieved by double touching central.

At the same time, the GPU side, Temash using GCN architecture HD 8000 series single core, GCN's the same process technology and Puma is 28nm, GCN architecture can improve resource utilization, to ensure that it can fully GPU resources to enable the highest performance. The face of gamers, GCN architecture reside with some textures, improved anisotropic filtering capabilities, improved DX11 tessellation technology to significantly enhance the three image quality, texture and clarity and accuracy of results in this area level. In addition, it supports DX11.1, OpenGL4.3, OpenGL ES3.0, while in parallel computing, GCN is also open for OpenCL1.2, DirectCompute and C + + AMP support.

LENOVO G510 with 6cell LENOVO G510 Battery and a rounded design, there are some wedge-shaped front end treatment, take up more comfortable. I usually play the game in front of the palm rest can feel arc design, very comfortable. G490 uses a standard six-line keyboard design, the keys feel okay, but keycap edge hard, typing, finger across the keycap feel particularly evident.

The advent of Microsoft Windows 8 will bring a touch PC era. In fact, think back, touch have long been into people's lives. As early as 1999, when the emergence of touchscreen phones Motorola, let consumers know the first touch. However, the most start technology is relatively backward, does not support multi-touch, sensing the need for pressure to slide relatively astringent. Look back at today's touch phone, compared with the past, both from operating experience and technically, had a different galaxy.

Ultrabook launch, the PC manufacturers in Intel's leadership, Apple Air and iPad counterattack. In the ultra-pole of this concept popularized lineup grow, Intel announced the second generation of ultra-pole of this function will be added to the touch. In the PC makers introduce a new generation touch super this time that the tablet's operating experience and integrate the notebook after deformation PC successfully landing on a beach, attracting all the attention of consumers.

Mentioned heterogeneous computing, APU perfect blend of CPU and GPU so the first time, allowing users to feel the traditional PC performance and application in a huge improvement. By optimizing software for the APU, and using a large number of built-APU GPU processing cores and CPU speed calculation four cores together, so as to achieve the purpose of significantly improved performance.

The ASUS F550CC with 4cell 14.4V ASUS F550CC Battery is the first exhibition of engineering prototype, prices and specifications have not yet learned. But it is equipped with 15.3-inch IPS screen has a 2560 × 1440 pixel resolution can be determined by it. This high-resolution IPS screen display can be imagined, very amazing, just upgraded pixel density brings delicate sense of color reproduction and viewing angle is very prominent, even from the 180-degree viewing still pure. In addition, the screen will also support pressure sensitive stylus.


TOSHIBA KIRAbook and GIGABYTE Q2532N detail

In recent years, Toshiba notebooks do not seem to be see how the U.S. consumer. Either from the old-fashioned exterior design to mediocre performance, Toshiba seems to have no particularly good way to pry the U.S. market. And now it seems they intend to re-try the Toshiba in the United States can make a difference, after all, for any one vendor in the world, the United States is always the most important market.

This product can be said Toshiba introduced the first truly ultra-pole of this, Toshiba certainly hope with this product re-named Kirabook change their minds of consumers in the United States the original impression.

At first glance, Kirabook with 42Wh TOSHIBA KIRAbook Battery as the flagship model seems to have all the elements should have, all-metal body, backlit keyboard, 8GB of memory to run, can be used with Google Chromebook Pixel and Retina MacBook Pro Retina version contend 2560 × 1440 resolution display and two-year warranty period, these looks are very attractive. In fact, this Kirabook Toshiba is the first with such a high resolution Windows system Ultrabook. And this looks quite "perfect" product, price is also surprisingly expensive, $ 1,600 (about 9,800 yuan) seems to be the average consumer is still somewhat high. For those interested in consumers, Kirabook it really worth the price? Let us work together to further experience.

With this release of Windows 8 system, BAPCo also announced a new SYSMark 2012, Pacific notebook channel also the first time to upgrade the test software. SYSMark 2012 still continues to use the 2007 version of the test method - through the actual installation of a variety of office or industrial software and run Demo built to simulate the real use of the environment, and its results are still obtained has a high reference value. Because the old and new test software is currently in the transfer stage, we have not gathered enough contrast SYSMark 2012 can be used to test scores, so the above result is only for your reference. 3DMark 11 uses native DirectX 11 engine, the application of the test scenarios, including Tessellation Tessellation, Compute Shader and multithreaded new features, including a large number of DX11. It contains four graphics tests, a physical test and a comprehensive set of tests. 3DMark Vantage is the industry's first dedicated based on Microsoft DX10 API to create a comprehensive benchmarking tool, and can fully play multiple cards, multi-core processors, which includes two graphics tests, two CPU test items, six characteristics of test items, also joined on artificial intelligence (AI) and physics acceleration specialized tests.

For Toshiba, the current priority is to change the notebook has been giving old-fashioned, traditional impression. Perhaps too in order to maintain product stability and business elements, so many years of Toshiba laptops in appearance never give the impression that any deep impression. Those who like pop, innovative consumer certainly would not consider buying a Toshiba notebook products, although it is very durable, very strong.

The difference is that with the roof, GIGABYTE Q2532N bottom shell is made of fiberglass material, although it feels no different composite materials, glass fiber material but actually more robust, while the costs have lower than the metal material, which is now over most of the products a trend in the future we will see more of the same type of products appears. GIGABYTE Q2532N with 6cell GIGABYTE Q2532N Battery ultra-pole of this high-fidelity audio systems JBL stereo with a professional sound system, with the bottom of the left and right speakers are set in the actual use of them have a good listening experience.

Now, this new Toshiba Kirabook super this seems to have changed, the entire body of the lid and the keyboard panel and the bottom are the same as with the MacBook Air uses a magnesium alloy, although this is in the current notebook products is already very widespread use of the material, but for the Toshiba, it is not a small change. Lightweight, scratch-resistant, look on the grade, appearance on the merits of these Toshiba Kirabook also have all now have.

In Kirabook in the side, Toshiba previous products using the same pattern of cellular slip, which allows changing the shape of the Kirabook prerequisite to continue to maintain their durability advantages, especially when, after boosting with the palm of a hand almost you can get very stable. As a 13-inch notebook product, 2.9 pounds (about 1.3 kg) of weight is actually not light, especially as an ultra-pole of this, Kirabook in weight basically can not compete competition.

Ultimate purpose of the test is to let everyone see the product can be more intuitive limits of heat, if you use the overload situation occurs, the product will heat dissipation effect of the upper and lower diagram shows almost the same time we can see it in Touch control board part of the temperature control is fairly good, maintained at 35 degrees Celsius. The LENOVO IdeaPad U330p with 6cell LENOVO IdeaPad U330p Battery in daily use vents temperature also at 50 degrees Celsius, the touchpad and the keyboard zone temperature is lower.

Interface, Kirabook configuration is fairly comprehensive. An HDMI port, card reader, headphone jack, three USB 3.0 jacks basically be more mainstream configuration, but Kirabook also not equipped with a standard Ethernet network port, but for most of the ultra-pole of this, this is not important.

In the bottom of the fuselage, Kirabook design is very simple, almost no irregularities or texture design, except for a fan. So from the entire Kirabook appearance looks pretty worthy of $ 1,600 (about 9,800 yuan) of the selling price, because it has almost all the high-end notebook products should have the elements, metal, slim design, backlit keyboard, high Resolution and glass touch display. But for those with low budget consumers, Kirabook price or some unacceptable.

If you're one bit GIGABYTE Q2532N with GIGABYTE A42-A15 Battery, then you will definitely feel its bad input impressive small keyboard design, excellent keys feedback, many users have been complaining about. The Toshiba now seems to have been carried out on the Kirabook considerable change, compared with the previous product, Kirabook has been considerable progress, Toshiba has been re-designed keyboard layout, key distribution is more stratified, even every The edges are the keys for smoothing. When we use Kirabook for text input, it seems to us did not affect the input frequency, and the error rate is very low; button feedback aspect, Kirabook has been no small progress, and other ultra-pole of this product compared to Kirabook keyboard input gave us a big surprise.

Kirabook backlit keyboard is quite nice, the user can Fn + Z shortcut keys to switch control. Closer look Kirabook keyboard, you will find a lot of thoughtful design. For example Fn +1 or 2 can zoom in and out of the Start menu, and the left side of the spacebar and enlarged display the contents of shortcuts, but in general we do not recommend using this feature, because the content directly on the screen zoom, display content is very ugly.

I remember the first two years has been a popular word called "OUT MAN" commonly known as "Ultraman", specifically those ideas "old fashioned" keep up with the trend of the people, but I recently found a "Ultraman" of Yan Shen Glossary OUT "slow." Some users may still relatively unfamiliar to this word, "OUT slow" refers to the chip rate slower than the others, he although her ambitions to save the world, but the lack of a Core Duo chip,he moves slow,MSI A42-A15 Battery,slow response, the more critical moment The more people half a beat slower, rivers and lakes known as "OUT slow." Here we clear now! In other words your computer is too slow! Your boss can not wait for work, entertainment players can not wait for you, life is not your sister, etc. ...... Here I come to tell you how to get rid OUT "slow" in the title.


DELL XPS 11 and LENOVO IdeaPad U330 Touch ultrabook coming

Subsequently, Kirk also introduced to the OptiPlex series of new products, they are also introduced for business users, the use of Intel's latest fourth-generation processors. As Dell's most powerful business desktop, the new OptiPlex 9020, including vertical and horizontal variable, one machine, including the appearance of the four specifications, and support provided by the Dell Wyse WSM desktop and application virtualization technologies - Dell Cloud Desktop.

Mr. Kirk confident XPS product line, first introduced to the media star product a Dell XPS 27. The product uses Quad HD screen with a resolution of up to 2560x1440. The new XPS 27 design more beautiful, and is the fourth generation of Intel's latest processor, with a graphics card with DDR5 memory. So whether it is used to handle user photos or streaming media file can get a great experience. Subsequently, Kirk also talked about the XPS 12, Mr. flip design of this product, the new XPS 12 because of the new platform, so you can add two hours of battery life, up to 8 hours.

Mr Kirk removed from a box XPS 11 with built-in DELL XPS 11 Battery, packing boxes the same style and XPS 12. Mr. Kirk to the XPS 11 is Dell's latest combo products, it is very thin, body thickness of only 15mm and weighs 2.5 pounds. Although the XPS 11 is a 11.6-inch products, but the screen using a Quad HD resolution of up to 2560x1440, material selection Corning Glass. Subsequently, Mr. Kirk introduced, XPS 11 is also equipped with a stylus. Overall material aspects, XPS 11 uses aluminum alloy frame, the back with a high-quality carbon fiber.

Finger manipulation is our best tool, with the touch extremely the increasing popularity of touch applications are completely changed our lives. Bid farewell to the hard keyboard and mouse operation, at your fingertips "fiddle" computer files, with gestures to flip, cut pictures. All operations can be completed at your fingertips, all the operations to make the fingertip on the screen, you can "touch" to the content of the operation to make our lives undergoing revolutionary change.

LENOVO IdeaPad U330 Touch ultrabook with LENOVO IdeaPad U330 Touch Battery cover the same material used with the aluminum-magnesium alloy to create a one-piece C-face and C face very clean, except for the upper right corner there is a power switch, no longer have any shortcut set, the other functions buttons all set in the F1-F12, you need to rely on Fn key function to complete. In the C-plane left we can see JBL sound system and a variety of LED Logo, and lower left and right respectively affixed to the product label as well as some of the configuration attributes, but before the 5-series ultra-pole were wiped Logo the.

10 years ago, the point of time machine or a fresh product, it became a lot of "hopeful", "look into the phoenix," the parents of the main consumer goods. Three years ago, the popular tablet so many parents changed consumer policy, Pad has become a new choice. From the Windows 8 system release, touch the popular trend spread, touch the super this has become the choice of many parents, touch screen with Windows 8 operating system, is not only essential for parents everyday use, APP application store built in various child care software, has also become the parents of the children the best education tutorials. With Windows 8 system APP application mall educational software gradually increased, as the touch extremely the learning tools to educate their children is no longer the future, for it is the fashion tide dad tidal mother, is already carried out at the .

Whether you're a professional DJ or music playing host fever, a built-in one thousand hit songs, powerful computers must be your essential equipment preside Party. Apple Macbook has been widely used, but these are out of touch over most of the things before. With the touch extremely the emergence of more DJ music players began to abandon Apple application store in Windows 8 with the help of hundreds of music software, music mixing program become a lot to play the main favorites, Mix with a touch screen to DJ, volatility shock the audience with your fingers to the music, is a cool flashy things, like music players like to play it cool, like, touch the audience became music master.

Touch not only enhance the popularity of the simplicity of our control and comfort, touch ultra-extreme popularity but also for some people to create a digital up a series of new gameplay, touch super this applies not only in the traditional computer operation , on-screen controls allow super this has become indispensable in many industries "weapon." Good at playing the digital trend has a lot of people have started new applications, let us look at the other side of the touch down, look touch super pole will have the kind unique gameplay.

SAGER NP8270 uses a 8cell SAGER NP8270 Battery and NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M discrete graphics, the game belongs to the entry-level graphics card with 1GB GDDR3 memory, we 3DMARK VANTAGE software testing, final graphics performance score of 17,172 points, compared with low-voltage Intel processor comes HD 4000 Core graphics performance to nearly 70%, so this is not tasteless graphics performance. Acer V7 uses a 500GB HDD hard drive, HD TUNE software separately through its read speed test results, the average disk read speed 86.5MB / s, the maximum speed of 112.3MB / s, a minimum of 50.5MB / s, speed performance is relatively normal.

We used to see inside the car the most intelligent digital device may be a tablet, a navigation device, it could be a tachograph, but today many people in the car installed a touch super pole. Because for users, in the super pole has touch screen, the user will be more convenient operation. If you're from a functional point of view, then super pole in the car can act as a GPS, 3G network card can be connected as a GPS, free internet calls with friends, you can also listen to music while driving, so how feature-rich digital equipment against the trend of the owner's favorite.

LENOVO IdeaPad S220 Touch ultrabook with 4cell LENOVO IdeaPad S220 Touch Battery and Intel Core i5-3337U processor, clocked at 1.8GHz, and comes with Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card, 4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM, 24GB SSD and 500GB HDD hard drive. CineBench use of film and television industry, Cinema 4D special effects engine, you can test the CPU and graphics performance. Relative to the previous version R10, R11.5 version last point more potential drain system, accurately reflects the system performance. Tests include two, respectively, for the processor and graphics performance.

If from the user perspective and product positioning, the touch super pole and his wife are the product of a single micro-thin derivatives, is the pursuit of light, a combination of performance, but these two products are both targeted at digital products. Perhaps a few years ago, you can hardly form a combination of these two products, but with the emergence of touch screen, ultra-pole of this manipulation of the convenience of it and the combination of a new micro-single. Many market players will be fixed on the head with a single micro data cable super this, see a concert, attend a tide Party, which has become the best recording mode.

If you are traveling by car distance who are tired can also Ultrabook watch movies, video chat with friends and family, the touch screen super slim design makes this fashion has become a must for car owners car preparation equipment. Compared to other single device, the ultra-pole of this performance is more powerful and versatile one, with a touch screen, the little touch-size models have been increasingly popular over most of the car owners alike.

Without holding a camera, carrying with Pad almost super pole, ready to head unobstructed view of the screen, not to mention you can take pictures with the mood at any time, both wonderful combination, allowing you to enjoy the concert will also record the best moments. Such a perfect combination, I believe that those who love digital, fashion of young people will not miss to try.

MEDION E7222 version of the super pole with 9cell MEDION Akoya E7222 Battery, in the configuration selected Intel Core i5-3337U processor, clocked at 3.8GHz, and comes with Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card, 4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM, 24GB SSD and 500GB HDD hard drive. For everyday work life, this configuration it is a good, but for those consumers who have a gaming needs, HD 4000's performance is difficult to meet, but the touch screen to join allowed to have a more extensive use of way, whether it is one person or multiplayer, can achieve very good results, and all non-touch screen can not have.


ACER Aspire V7 and LENOVO G400 G500 G505s G710 Coming

Over most of the use of a low-voltage processors, so let the body thickness and life can get better control, but most super pole no significant independence, the game performance is not compared with the traditional laptop. Most recently, to meet everyone on the thin fuselage and the demand for both game performance, some of the low-voltage processor, the thickness of about 20mm alone significantly notebook appears, the plain is 14 inches or more, and these include the Acer V5 series .

V Series (victory) in 800 usd price as the main model, V3 and V5 series have major performance difference is that the V5 body more light, more beautiful designs, also has a richer color. Acer V5 has a 11.6 inches, 14 inches and 15.6-inch models, the 14-inch and sky blue, lavender and purple moonlight silver and the other three colors.

Acer has introduced the Aspire V7 with ACER Aspire V7 Battery built-in belong to the mainstream size series ultra-pole and V5 series ultrathin notebooks, providing 14 inches with two 15-inch screen, and a wealth of shell color, body slim than ever, not only long-lasting battery, a powerful computing functions, and start fast, easy networking, Aspire V series offers a wide range of specifications portfolio weight to bring consumers more choice.

Aspire V7 series ultra-pole, providing 14 inches and 15 inches in two sizes, with FullHD (1920x1080) of IPS technology screen, using the fourth generation IntelCore processor, equipped NVIDIAGeforce latest graphics cards; addition with a variety of colors, imitation metal lines of the shell design, thin body is only about 2 cm, weighing about 2 kg, but retains a strong performance lightweight fashionable appearance.

This LENOVO Essential G400 notebook with 6cell LENOVO G400 Battery hands on the A surface blasting process using anodized aluminum, feels rich texture and easy to leave fingerprints and other stains, silvery appearance is not assertive, LENOVO still iconic design Logo A side of the center. Compared with the top edge of the composite material, so that the benefits can enhance the antenna signal.

Aspire V7 with four speakers, the fourth-generation Dolby Surround Sound (DolbyHomeTheater?), Built IntelWiDi (WirelessDisplay) Wireless Display technology, you can connect via wireless, to enjoy on the big screen, including movies, videos, applications or network television programs and Browse photos, etc., and supports FullHD high-definition content, Aspire V7 can provide better visual experience.

In the hardware configuration, this got this Acer Aspire V5 with 22nm process technology, Ivy Bridge platform, Intel Core i5 3317U dual-core low-voltage processor, equipped with Intel HM77 chipset, equipped with 500GB HDD hard drive, graphics cards, the model uses the latest Intel processors Core HD 4000 graphics card and NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M discrete graphics. Comes through the system performance scoring system, we have seen the Acer Aspire V5 score of 4.8 points, including graphics a minimum score of 4.8 is given, the highest score of 6.8 processor, showing V5 performance short board or in the graphics aspects. V5 processor model Intel Core i5-3317U, through the CPUID testing, we can see that the standard of this processor clocked at 1.7GHz, supports Turbo technology, based on 22nm process technology, the power consumption of only 17W. By convention, we passed Cinbench R10 performance testing of the processor, to get the final result is a single-core 4466 points, multi-core 8862 points, with the previous generation standard voltage i5 processor performance considerably.

Lenovo Essential G505s machine uses 4cell LENOVO G505s Battery and a pure black appearance, boxy fuselage corners, very traditional business this style. Its body is a traditional material ABS plastic, cover with a magnesium alloy material is used to increase impact resistance. Business of the body surface using a fine grinding process commonly used, solid feel very comfortable with the now common paint and metal feel very different.

Aspire V7 bi-directional microphone hidden in the front of the bottom of the exclusive design AcerPurified.Voice, particularly enhanced audio technology, even in the online video network state, participants can automatically identify the major sources and filters the noise when using the keyboard, providing excellent video quality.

It is worth mentioning that the Acer V5 notebook keyboard placed at the inlet, and the air sucked into the void with a keyboard inside the body through a very long cycle path through the left-hand window of exhaust heat, and most of the heat over large components, such as processor, graphics card, etc. are placed in a position close to the left side of the fuselage, more conducive to heat up. Acer V5 touchpad area is larger, and for the integrated touchpad, there is no way to distinguish between left and right buttons can only be evaluated habit to feel, after skillfully use the touchpad without a hitch, the touchpad supports multi-touch .

Shaft portion and non-metallic materials, but high-strength engineering plastic, Acer V5 shaft opening and closing angle maximum 150°, the screen shaft damping is very smooth, the intensity is also good. Here we must add that the Acer Aspire V5 uses a 14-inch LED-backlit display, the standard resolution of 1366 × 768, sorry about that glare mask is not used, in the sun, then there will be relatively strong reflective . Interface, we can see that the vast majority of the Acer Aspire V5 interfaces are on the left side of the position, we can see on the left has a power connector, an external expansion port, an HDMI video output interface, a USB3.0 interface and two USB2.0 interface.

Lenovo Essential G500 with 6cell LENOVO G500 Battery, while retaining the traditional design style, but to follow the progress of the times, its body thickness is compressed, the thickest part of the body is 23.5mm, although the distance 21mm ultra-pole of this there is little gap, but also regarded as a rare entry price in light of this. Also this 14-inch business of the body weight of 1.862kg, plus the power of 2.149kg. In particular, it prompted one o'clock the power plug is a dual port, when traveling in a foreign country is more suitable for this type of plug power supply specifications in other regions.

Aspire V7 due stressed thin body, particularly with a compact integrated interfaces (AcerConverterPort), adapter cable link by larger traditional VGA connector and headphone and microphone connector holes merge, use and add more convenience. In addition V7 also built a SD card slot, rechargeable USB3.0 interface and HDMI ports, taking into account the comprehensive links of other devices.

LENOVO Essential G710 uses 72Wh LENOVO G710 Battery and a third-generation intelligent Intel Core i5-3337U processor, clocked at 1.8GHz, and comes with Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card, 4GB DDR3 1600MHz memory and 500GB hybrid hard drive, for non-professional occupations, This configuration can now fully meet the daily needs of the office. CineBench use of film and television industry, Cinema 4D special effects engine, you can test the CPU and graphics performance. Relative to the previous version R10, R11.5 version last point more potential drain system, accurately reflects the system performance. Tests include two, respectively, for the processor and graphics performance.


LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E445 E545 S531 Coming

Although the final choice to meet the weight requirements, but still the element of sacrifice screen size, the small size of the screen will watch movies directly reduce the user's visual experience. The LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E445 in portability and screen size between maximizing done, especially the body thickness and weight, compared to the previous generation has been greatly improved, once again everyone has been exceeded 15 inches big-screen entertainment this is not portable heavy views.

Portability aspect is that we are most concerned about, this 15-inch notebook is the biggest selling points. After the actual test body thickness of 21.13mm (thickest), because the bottom of the fuselage with a new built-in battery design, the thickness of 32mm compared to the previous generation LENOVO S531  thin nearly 52%. Weight, the machine after bare metal weighing 1.84kg, add 300g of adapter travel weight of 2.14kg, and this performance even with the mainstream 13-inch laptop compares favorably.

Although the thickness of the fuselage also been affected, but the overall area of ??the keyboard LENOVO S531 with built-in LENOVO ThinkPad S531 Battery has some sink space, so that the keys on the key processes have been improved, after pressing does not feel stiff, bouncing height more fit fingers. In conjunction with the keyboard at the bottom of nearly 100 points and the metal bracket welded high-strength support, stability keystrokes will be higher.

Women from the color-sensitive user perspective, LENOVO ThinkPad Edge series colorful color scheme is indeed more comprehensive care, especially in this evaluation of this white section LENOVO E445, fresh style plus dotted lines ring off, the election of the it is easy to catch the attention of girls.

Because the machine has a larger body size, and therefore the right of the main keyboard comes with numeric keypad area, standard numeric keypad keys with the letter height remains consistent and neat. Such figures are often dealing with it will be more convenient for users to use. In the digital key area we can also find the familiar blue VivoKey button, if you installed Windows 8 operating system, the button can also be some of the shortcut keys for operation.

It is worth mentioning that, E445 with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E445 Battery so slim the body still have retained VGA port and RJ-45 Ethernet port, although these two interfaces is affecting the whole thickness of the main reasons, but in order to meet more user demand for office use, can be connected to external projectors and wired Ethernet port is still very necessary.

LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E445 still follows the vocal master SonicMaster technology, LENOVO golden ears tuned team of professionals, the combination of excellent sound design, hardware support and software calibration will be more perfect union. The machine uses a larger cone speaker unit and design, the left cone can reach 9.81cc, right cone can reach 20.71cc, speaker diameter to 22mm, allows the user to hear loud sound more full enrichment notebook.

NVDIAI Geforce GT730M discrete graphics using the Kepler architecture, number of stream processors rose to 384,64-bit memory interface and DDR3 memory particles, can be seen GT730M performance has not been a high increase. NVIDIA graphics card with a final "M" for mobile graphics, is to use a laptop or ultra-pole on. Want to know the performance of a Nvidia in which gear, depends on type of ten digits. For example: GT450 performance than the GT610's performance compared to the former would a lot stronger. In addition, we depend on graphics card is DDR5 or DDR3, DDR3 is transmitted twice in a signal cycle data, DDR5 is four times the data transfer. Therefore, the actual frequency DDR5 same effective frequency twice as fast.

Traditional PC still has a long way to go before the sea, many OEM manufacturers are vigorously develop the traditional PC is also proved that the traditional PC still has great space for development. i5-3230M processor and NVDIAI Geforce GT730M discrete graphics with use, though not regarded as high-strength properties, but the face of the mainstream of the game, but also get lower quality very good fluency. Relatively limited budget, want to have a good performance experience beautiful people, LENOVO IdeaPad U430 Touch with 6cell LENOVO IdeaPad U430 Touch Battery is still a relatively good choice.

In terms of market positioning perspective L series can be said that the E-series and S-series neutralized product, and T Series appearance substantially similar hardware configuration, the price is similar with the E series. Such products actually caters to some extent part of the user's needs, and today we got the L-series IdeaPad S410.

The LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E445 is equipped with a Hitachi 500G 5400 rpm hard drive, we pass this piece of machinery on HD Tune hard disk performance testing. From the test results screenshot we see that this drive average transfer rate of 81.4MB / s maximum transfer rate of 104.8MB / s, while the minimum transfer rate of 38.3MB / s, plus 21.4 ms access time, its overall performance was acceptable.

LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E545 with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E545 Battery made efforts not only in appearance, but more importantly is the whole weight and thickness of the body has also been further improved, built-in polymer battery design a good solution to the portability issues. And the body retains the common interface types, in order to meet user needs more work, heat also worthy of praise, relying on Ice Cool technical assistance, the keyboard surface temperature control is excellent.


LENOVO IdeaPad S310 S410 Coming

Before, the industry has a voice: the traditional PC is dying. Was that so? We start with a look at other areas. Now, the consumer demand for notebooks varies. Although the name of the first ultra-extreme enough to attract the attention of many consumers, but not all consumers will buy pocket. If you do not want the kind of "window dressing" deformation PC, do not need that kind of thin Ultrabook products, high-performance PC is still the traditional type of consumer choice.

Nowadays, some manufacturers began to introduce touch-win8 traditional PC, this is a very good start, the traditional PC also began to seek a way out. Today, came YORK evaluation room is LENOVO IdeaPad S310, this product flagship home entertainment market, styling with a black brushed metal, in a good continuation of the fashion design at the same time, the more outstanding product performance. Although the machine does not support touch, but as a home entertainment this is a good choice.

Configuration, the songce LENOVO S310 uses 4cell LENOVO IdeaPad S310 Battery Intel Core i5-3230M processor (clocked at 2.6GHz single-core Core frequency up to 3.3Ghz), 4GB DDR3 1600 memory, NVDIAI Geforce GT730M graphics card, memory is 2GB, 1TB (5400rpm) hard drive capacity, pre-installed Windows 8 operating system. LENOVO IdeaPad S310 in appearance, convenient, commendable. Although the aircraft under the IdeaPad series, but the overall design detail-oriented high-end Envy product has a very close style. A face with the whole machine metal wire drawing process, the lower left corner of the "hp" logo is also very conspicuous. Metal panels to join, no doubt for the machine raised a notch, feel great. This is in the summer heat, bring to the user's palm touch of cool.

From MEDION Akoya series overall positioning point of view, more fit this young family and student users. So simple and colorful appearance of the main models in the series positioning more youthful, MEDIONX402 both users and Akoya P6638 offers four exterior color scheme, which includes a gentle black, elegant white, hot pink and purple noble, relative Akoya series than the previous generation, more daring use of color and refined, for the young family to provide more personalized options, but also demonstrates the vitality of a new generation of users.

Currently equipped Kaini APU light products have begun to be listed. We also received a test machine, no specific brand. Here we have for Fengyun A4-5000 (Kabini) APU to do some basic tests. Positioning from the front we can see, A4-500 APU positioned ultra-thin notebook, the APU is currently the only commercially available main entry / mainstream quad-core SoC products, 15w ultra low TDP and current competitors U consistent end low-power processor. However, based on personal experience, AMD's platform is relatively cheaper, so we are looking forward to the performance of quad-core APU.

A4-5000, quad-core, TDP 15W, clocked at 1.5G, total secondary cache 2MB, built-in integration of a single digital models HD8330, GCN architecture, 128SP, clocked at 500MHZ, support single-channel DDR3L 1600, many users are concerned about crossfire, In fact, for miniaturization of SoC design, Kabini APU Crossfire dual graphics card is not able to, because they are designed for ultra-thin platform of ultra-low-power processor.

MEDION Akoya P6638 with 6cell MEDION Akoya P6638 Battery cover with plastic material, compressive strength slightly weaker compared to metal. In addition to chrome material on the top cover of the brand LOGO serves no other decorative elements. However, this large area of ​​the roof does not seem very pale, MEDION Akoya P6638 lines on the roof to do some careful modification. Careful observation will find on the cover ring embedded dot texture to MEDIONLOGO as the center outward extension of the formation of a similar drop-shaped diffusion effect.

LENOVO IdeaPad S310 shaft at the fillet, still maintained the traditional design of the IdeaPad family. This makes the machine very mellow, not stiff. LENOVO IdeaPad S310 14-inch display with a resolution of 1366 * 768. Display quite satisfactory. Probably because of cost considerations, the machine is still using a sunken shaft. LENOVO IdeaPad S310 C-face, using the piano paint process, a little regret that does not use a metal material, the surface exposed to Paul dirt, we often need to take care to maintain appearance. Keyboard area using recessed design, do not set a backlit keyboard, in a dark environment is not easy to enter text. Above the keyboard area does not set the shortcut keys, you need to fit through the Fn F1 - F12 to use.

Touchpad using the traditional separation of design, surface mesh texture processing, use, feel good. Small groove left touchpad, the touchpad can be achieved double on and off. Traditional PC compared with the ultra-extreme, although with a thicker body, but there is plenty of room to be able to solve the heat problem.

LENOVO IdeaPad S410 fuselage D surface is provided with a large number of inlets and vents, vents are located in the fuselage frame and bottom. LENOVO IdeaPad S410 uses separate design, rated voltage of 14.8V-15V , rated at 41Wh. 4-cell LENOVO IdeaPad S410 Battery for the aircraft to bring two half hours of battery life. LENOVO IdeaPad S410 fuselage on the left in order to set a power connector, heat vent, VGA port, RJ45 port, HDMI port, two USB3.0 interface. The right side is provided with a child lock, DVD burner position, with a USB2.0 port, 3.5 mm audio interface. USB2.0 interface with which this charge off function, which consumers for the mobile office brought a lot of convenience. DTS is a "Digital Theatre System" an abbreviation of "Digital Theater Systems" means. DTSPremium Suite technology for PC products designed package of digital audio playback solutions, including DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS Connect, DTS Surround Sensation UltraPC, DTS Symmetry and DTS Boost five parts, for laptops, netbooks, desktop computers and related peripheral products bring a more detailed, more a sense of surround audio playback.

White seems to have become a "small fresh" representative colors, especially in the female clothing with the user when the white color hot summer greeted immediately played the most eye-catching of the protagonist. If you are a girl have to be this summer, King's words, requires the author in a notebook out of a circle of white appearance immediately choose the books, which had become a difficult task. Indeed, even more to the editor some time been brain breakdown, it is difficult to pick one that is both cost-effective with a fixed color balance of the machine.

Just send test MEDION Akoya E6234 WITH 6CELL 5200mAh MEDION Akoya E6234 Battery to the timing just right, elegant fresh white appearance get rid of the dark lines of heaviness, and is very popular with the ladies. Coupled with the large 15.6-inch screen size, for in this abridged when the girls, no doubt looking for a "Mr. Right" feeling. MEDION Akoya P6638 is released before upgrading X501 models, the overall shape does not change much, but the appearance of the color aspects of the new exchange, a total of four colors to choose from. In addition, the aircraft fuselage is the most attractive place to further achieve a "downsizing."

Most women users purchase the notebook, on body weight and thickness are very sensitive. Most of them have the beauty nature unwilling to work carrying a shoulder bag, but prefer one hand carrying, so as not to affect the lady's image. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to female users laptop mostly locked in 13 inches and 14 inches, weight control within in 2kg, so that one does not seem very heavy hand bag, but for a long time will not be very mobile carrying fatigue.

This LENOVO G505 with 6cell LENOVO G505 Battery and screen is a big selling points, in thin body thickness and weight to meet the characteristics of the case, to have a big screen that a lot of the middle of the user's preferences. Akoya P6638 uses a 1366 × 768 resolution glossy display, display is quite good, but more importantly is the user viewing horizons got more satisfaction.


ASUS TAICHI 31 and SONY VAIO Fit 14E 15E review

PC can not do without the touch screen, tablet need a keyboard ", Intel CEO Paul Otellini that the consumer market after a year and does not support touch operation of the product will be difficult to sell. Equipped with a touch-screen PC has become the development trend of the future, and Windows 8 system will also desktop experience into a flat field, but staffing vacant touch experience will lead to poor, simple installation of the touch screen and can not be achieved "PC + tablet" the perfect experience this several OEM manufacturers introduced a flip, slide-type equipment But have you ever seen two screen Ultrabook do?

Previously Asus has launched Zenbook UX21 Ultrabook, but does not support touch operation. Listed in Windows 8 on the occasion, the company has released two full HD display Taichi with ASUS TAICHI 31 Battery (Tai Chi) super pole. Unlike other B-side installation of OEM manufacturers in the practice of the touch screen, the Asus replaced the A side a 11.6-inch full HD panel. Taiji used then you will find it's working great, personally think that the best can be ranked in the current ultra-pole of this list.

As with the MacBook Air 2012, iPad 4 compared not tell who is good and who is bad. But Taichi support for touch operation, which is not available in the MacBook Air; while iPad 4 uses ARM processor in terms of performance and tai chi can not be compared to an Intel Core series. Taichi Ultrabook A surface is a 11.6-inch IPS hard screen, supports 1920 x 1080 pixel full HD resolution. Compared with the traditional soft-screen LCD, IPS hard screen technology hard-screen LCD response faster, showing a smoother motion picture also, is the world's most advanced LCD technology.

In the 9.7-inch iPad 2 (1024 x 768 resolution), you will see the screen grainy, while the flat pattern Taiji is completely no. Although slightly lower than with the pixel density Retina display of the iPad, but because support ClearType technology, tai chi images and text display is quite delicate. Taiji tablet mode on the screen can not avoid leaving fingerprints, you'd better be able to use every night before going to sleep iKlear Cleaning Kit wipe. Taiji IPS screen like a calm lake, able to clearly reflect things around, but also by female users of all ages.

The new U-shaped corner design, not only in the visual aesthetics let SONY VAIO Fit 14E with 4cell SONY VAIO Fit 14E Battery looks better fresh, but also reduce the computer from being accidentally bump caused by the injury, but also to protect the user when in use will not be too sharp corners of the injuries. ASUS N550L notebook narrow frame design to enhance the visual range. Screen uses a 14-inch LED-backlit glossy display with a resolution of 1366 × 768, the actual experience of the screen in the show more Defination pictures, clear screen, good saturation control, backlight brightness is also high. In addition, users can also keyboard Fn + F2, F3 shortcut keys to adjust the brightness of the backlight.

A side edge with a sleek design, comfortable hand touch to the ramp. Founder of the design under a Windows key, when used will be light, after some time this area can feel a little heat; beside a 720 HD camera, open the [camera] they can be opened, options include 0.3MP (4:3) , 0.9MP (16:9), 2.1MP (16:9), 5.0MP (4:3) of four.

Evaluation models as a B-side also 11.6 inches Full HD screen, but does not support touch operation. May be due to enter the super pole this mode, the keyboard and touchpad can completely replace the touch operation, and higher accuracy. In addition, as catalyst materials have been in short supply, so you can save costs. Currently more than 90% over most of the keyboards are equipped with chocolate, Tai Chi is no exception. Increases the backlight Function Description This product take the high road, pressing the "Fn + F4" key combination to increase the brightness, "Fn + F3" was reduced brightness. The first use of chocolate keyboard users will a little uncomfortable, but after a few days you will find that it is very good typing experience.

Prior to this, has a rotating screen notebook is not uncommon, their main function is for business people. Conceivable that in the face of customer information is required or allowed to watch the movie while moving the whole body is so awkward, and rotate the screen becomes a lot easier, although this approach is somewhat different, but still remarkable feature of its convenience The.

Fit 14e with SONY VGP-BPS35A Battery with an integrated design, sliding up and very smooth, multi-touch is not a problem. Palm rest is aluminum material, the surface after the metal wire drawing process. Taiji ultra-pole of this part of the interface and buttons have been redesigned, the main left and right sides of the fuselage. Zenbook RJ-45 connector and the USB transfer uses the same design, an external monitor can be used mini VGA and mini HDMI interface.

USB 3.0 interface on the left side of the insert, pull out U disk have a certain degree of difficulty, it should be just an isolated phenomenon. Tai Chi for tablet mode, the left fuselage, increased volume adjustment key, the screen toggle button. The power switch on the right side of the fuselage also used a sliding design, just gently wave can be. Two speakers located on the bottom right and left sides, was the line shape. Taiji super pole with a Bang & Olufsen ICEpower audio, sound very good. The bottom of the Windows 8 logo at different angles show different colors, text indicates this product assembled in China.

Fit 15e with SONY VAIO Fit 15E Battery As a result of more advanced Ivy Bridge architecture, i5-3317U stronger than the equivalent frequency Sandy Bridge processor, overall performance and the previous generation i7-2637M almost. The integrated Intel HD 4000 display Core offers 16 execution units, clocked at 350MHz, can Turbo Boost to 1050MHz, display performance equivalent AMD HD 6620G graphics card, you need to shared memory. Windows 8 Experience Index was 5.4 points (up to 9.9), in which the processor is 6.9 children, the hard disk is as high as 8.1 children, only the graphics sub-items a minimum.

Rotate the screen in the X series, this feature has existed for a long time, this Revolve 810 references this feature, and the combination of capacitive touch screen with Windows 8 experience, this is indeed an improvement. Screen has a 180 degree clockwise rotation function, you can adapt to a variety of usage environment, adjust the screen angle is like a different way to start Yoga yoga exercise.

White, as always a classic color, TOSHIBA PA5043U-1BRS Battery flawless purity to be minimalist, but also to changing out the most abundant charm. As with the most personality change colors, it can be interpreted a professional women's elegance and intellectual, but also can show the charm people mysterious temperament, but can easily be lovely "princess disease" girl trapped in a sweet fairy tale.


HP EliteBook Revolve 810 Tablet and ASUS N550L N550LF detail

Ultrabook polymorphous trend has been overwhelming, with the introduction of mobile phones, tablet touch on the usual way, we have learned that a separate, slide, flip-and dual-style ultra-extreme deformation. Rich variety of morphology and laptop use, allowing users to get more fresh and practical new experience.

Of course, not just in the consumer Ultrabook models morphological changes has so flexible, we have always maintained that even conservative business notebooks also begin on the new changes, complex and diverse business people against the use of the environment and use, super This is not confined to a thin body, but in the design ideas and the way they are used also have more experience. EliteBook business notebook as a leader in the deformation over most of the product line first made an example, HP Revolve with 6cell HP EliteBook Revolve 810 Battery is a rotatable touch screen type commercial super pole.

In addition, this commercial super pole in terms of performance there is a rapid increase, in addition to faster response with SSD, the machine is also equipped with Intel Core Duo low voltage processor, not only outstanding performance, and power control is also very good, you can ultrabook provide longer usage time.

HP EliteBook also have acquired some time, at first perhaps some consumers not satisfied with such a joint venture, has also been worried about the HP Elite products will not change the taste hands. The results proved Elite product changes these years is really a great product line integration and the birth of new series seems to have deviated from the original stubborn, which is like now without Steve Jobs Apple lost its original paranoid, but with the Cook to those products that meet customer needs.

ASUS N550L Battery and keyboard surface condenser two places that most regional and power button touchpad. Round power button touch area larger circle around the ring can be illuminated, this design will be applied to the entire product line this year, ASUS. Touchpad were embedded in the surrounding metal chrome strip surrounds broadside, look gorgeous and sophisticated, the other white and keyboard parts with a certain sense of hierarchy, but also become fashionable entire keyboard surface embellishment highlights.

EliteBook Revolve 810 is a new notebook products, which belong to the new on-line S-series. Ranged between Edge and the T series, use this to define the S series is understandable, or that the old X series on the same front. Therefore, in terms of appearance, Revolve 810 like before the introduction of Revolve, design style and the Edge with the T series, eventually showing a relatively characteristic appearance.

Optional Full HD Full HD nearly 95% color gamut display, to bring you richer colors, brighter and clearer visual HD experience. Through professional testing instrument can be seen, Satellite P70 value of 273.1 screen brightness, white point color temperature of 6343K (standard value is 6500K), slightly warmer overall color, contrast ratio 789:1, color gamut 94.08%. Including screen brightness performance is relatively modest, and the screen is very bright colors. It is worth mentioning that 94.08% of the color gamut, this value can guarantee an industry professional graphics users to get rich color, thus rendering a more accurate picture of the image layering.

Safe and reliable is the Satellite after 20 years of accumulation not only became the brand's characteristics, and consumer choice to become one of the important reasons Satellite. Satellite P70 mobile workstation also adhering to the tradition of Satellite notebook even more outstanding. It passed the shock, moisture, dust, shock, high temperature (60 degrees C / 140 degrees Fahrenheit) and low temperature, etc. 8 rigorous military standard testing to ensure product stability, reducing the user's security risks, reduce data loss, the possibility of system failure or downtime, allowing creators want more robust.

HP EliteBook Revolve 810 with HP OD06XL Battery and not just rotating screen only, based on the thickness and weight of the super definition, as well as with the Windows 8 operating system and the advantages of capacitive screen, it called for the Tablet Ultrabook not an exaggeration. Hand-held tablet Revolve 810 ways to experience this feeling is good, at least 12.5 inches advantage of small body, comes with gravity sensing feature allows a variety of aircraft flipped.

From clothing, cars, homes, white in people's lives occupy an important position, and electronic products on the white tide is when the rise, here I was not necessary to go to research, we need to know, whether it is a computer, cell phone, Headphones ...... as long as white upper body, there will be a people irresistible charm.

Unlike most white goods is different is that this evaluation bring this ASUS introduced this year, Satellite N550L-A alone was entertainment in this light, the use of whole body full white color, even the base of the frame part is also completely integrated white. ASUSL series has been based on price and fashion and entertainment as the main selling point, while 14 inches is the overall quality of performance and portability, etc. The best size, N550L is a very intimate products for female users.

If we say that laptops have sex, then ASUS N550L with ASUS N550LF Battery certainly is a beautiful girl, but she is not just a beauty at first glance. Slimmer body, a unique U-shaped design, equipped with the latest series GT700M discrete graphics, professional audio brand Onkyo (Onkyo) join forces, HDD acceleration technology, have demonstrated N550L distinctive connotation and temperament . You will fall in love with her at first sight it?

Configure strong gaming notebook, in order to have a better use and thermal performance, are often relatively thick body design, this TOSHIBA Satellite P70 is no exception, the whole machine weighs nearly 3.9kg, the thickness of the fuselage between the 4-5cm . Portable performance is poor.

Overall color, using a mix of metallic silver and black, classic generous and engaging, some relatively conservative, metallic colors are not likely to cause fatigue, from C face looks, MSI CR42 positive vision and a kind of business of the atmosphere. MSI CR42 thickest part is 25mm, thickness over most of the lost, and the weight of 2.165kg, generally law-abiding. TOSHIBA CR42 uses the popular chocolate keyboard, the keyboard area tile design allows users during typing, easier to force the hand, more easily, and help alleviate the fatigue of long-term use. Meanwhile the entire C piano paint surface texture is also very obvious, and speaker with metal omentum and round glare power button design is very good to play a decorative role.

In CPU performance, we used CINEBNCH R11.5 right TOSHIBA Satellite P70 was tested from the final test results, Core i7-4930MX with fairly strong processing capability, its CPU multithreading scored 8.03, compared with ordinary 35W Core i7-3632QM high of 30%, has reached the level of desktop i7.

Configure the top TOSHIBA Satellite P70 with TOSHIBA PA5121U-1BRS Battery only chose the best graphics and CPU, and it uses three mSATA interface SSD form RAID0, which it in AS SSD tests to the mainstream SSDs score twice! The notebook we've tested most of a neutral disk performance.

PCMark7 is 2011 Futuremark for Windows 7 operating system, the new generation of the benchmarking tool, which contains seven different test areas by 25 independent workload composition, covering storage, computation, image and video processing, web browsing, games and other aspects of everyday applications, the test results may reflect the overall performance of the tested models. The final score from the above point of view, configure TOSHIBA Satellite P70 top score of unprecedented reach 6704 points! An ordinary notebook 2 to 3 times! Thus its hardware performance quite a force.

After upgrading the hardware TOSHIBA Satellite P70 with the 10.8V 5200mAh 6cell TOSHIBA Satellite P70 Battery appearance and no change in the previous generation, this has always been adhering to the TOSHIBA game atmosphere, tough style, roof made of composite material, and has a significant effect of drawing textures, the center of the TOSHIBA logo design is very conspicuous, After you reboot the identity can also be illuminated. Cover the edges with a high strength plastic material, on the laptop screen played a protective role.

MSI CR42 CX41 S12T laptop coming

The 14-inch body thickness control in less than 25mm, which is certainly not super this standard, in an ordinary notebook 25mm thickness is relatively thin, so this design choice, whether there will consumers pay for it? The evaluation of the MSI CR42 using APU platform processor, the appearance does not change, then the performance will be how well it?

Some time ago, the MSI  series laptops announced new S40 and L40, which uses metal body and S40 touch-screen design is the biggest selling point of this series of products, fine workmanship and stylish design makes this series different from the entry of the  L Series , while prices tends to be mainstream.

In this evaluation, the MSI CR42 with 6cell MSI CR42 Battery bring touch of the use of the latest AMD A4-5000M quad-core accelerated processor, equipped with 500GB 5400 rpm mechanical hard drive, and 2GB DDR3 1600MHz speed memory. Used in graphics cards AMD Radeon HD 8330 graphics card, in order to help users get more graphics processing performance. This software uses CINEBENCH R11.5 evaluate the performance of the processor performance, and ultimately get its single-core 0.39 pts, multicore get 1.47 pts.

Here we adopt the most common 3DMark Vantage on AMD Radeon HD 8330 graphics card to run sub-test of the actual, and ultimately won the E6606 Entry mode points, while the GPU project won the 7857 points, so that the results can be said on the mobile platform is an entry-level performance , most of the software application to respond.

Here we test the MSI S12T with 7800mAh MSI S12T Battery actual thermal conditions. Our testing method is still at room temperature at 28 degrees Celsius, so this notebook running Furmark pager pager comes with software and AIDA64 program, allowing GPU and CPU are working in a high load, especially GPU, almost is running at full speed. Then, after more than an hour, respectively, see this notebook's internal core temperature and body surface temperature.

Surface temperature, we use professional temperature detection device of the notebook cooling performance testing. In order to facilitate the distribution of temperature we observed the whole, we got through the instrument detects temperature distribution, recording and mark the various parts of the temperature distribution of thermal imaging by the above chart you can see, CR42 palm rest and touchpad area to keep the temperature good, and most of the keyboard area temperatures are very low, so you can get more comfortable typing operating experience. Most of the heat accumulation in the bottom of the fuselage near the heat vent. Overall, this MSI CR41 cooling performance is good.

Another machine uses a low voltage processor, in fact, be a little creative in the standard platform notebook ultra-pole of this processor, heat sink design can be more comfortable, easier to do notebook thin body, while adding a separate graphics card , but also functionally different from the majority of ultra-pole of this product. Overall, the MSI models CR42 is a good product, whether popular or needed touch longer market test.

Many people on the metal production of electronic products have good impression, CR42 cover and palm rest part of a metal material, silver-gray cover feels Ice cool, addictive, and there on the surface of the top cover slight brushed effect, although the metal is no longer bright, but this benefit is not easy to leave fingerprints, while allowing richer detail, of course, cover the same portion of the palm rest.

MSI CX41 with MSI CX41 Battery scheduled for the mainstream market is a touch-screen laptop, from design concept, the machine is up and down in the appearance of no small effort, making the machine to join metal material texture better from a visual point of view, which can be considered nowadays notebook development of a direction, no longer the main direction of high performance, but also pay more attention to details of the appearance, the fact that many consumers buy a computer will have to see eye margin.

The first of the 3DMark Vantage test. 3DMark Vantage is the industry's first dedicated test based on Microsoft DX10 API to create a comprehensive benchmarking tool, and can fully play multiple cards, multi-core processors, in the current and future period of time to meet the PC gaming performance testing requirements.

First through 3DMark Vantage test HD4600 integrated graphics, in 1024 x 768 resolution, score 17,994 points, including GPU score 17,084 points, this result has been relatively close to some of the current mid-card, and compared with the HD4000, with about 60% 70% performance increase. The Intel HD Graphics 4600 also supports DX11.1, OpenGL 4.0, in parallel computing, HD 4600 also supports OpenCL 1.

Test HP HSTNN-YB4J Battery with 3DMark 11 is the most authoritative DX11 graphics capability test software, can well reflect the DX11 graphics performance. Since the relationship between the notebook screen resolution here only test Performance mode. By comparing the results can be seen, HD 4600 in 3DMARK 11 P mode graphics to score 1,000 points mark, the results were very close to GT 630M significant independence, the amplitude of the leading HD 4000 close to 40% improvement is obvious.

Surface and then test NVIDIA GeForce GT 745M graphics card, 1024 x 768 resolution, scored 35,069 points, which GPU score of 32,049 points, the results from the run points of view, graphics performance has indeed been greatly improved. I believe we are no strangers to Resident Evil, Resident Evil last 5 we used as a carrier for the product benchmark to test the performance of the game, and this year we upgraded to a unified Resident Evil 6. Although the version of the upgrade, but it still is DX9.0c, from the test results in general, fluency is acceptable, if you want smooth play this type of game is quite laborious.

Commonplace CPU performance of I, greatly enhance the graphics performance of its bright spots, if the HD4000 can beat the previous entry-level single, then now you have a catch in the end HD4600 graphics capabilities. In the integrated graphics core performance is significantly improved circumstances, supplemented by high-performance Nvidia Geforce GT745M alone significantly, is definitely the game lovers of the Gospel.

Haswell architecture processor laptop large number of listing, the new upgrade a notebook craze will follow soon, for those who are still using older models SNB platform or user Haswell platform, we recommend that you buy the notebook, after all, the price relative similar circumstances, or choose the latest platform technology is more cost-effective. As for the IVB platform blind users is not necessary to upgrade, Haswell mainly in the set was to boost the more obvious, the current HD4000 is enough to meet the daily entertainment needs.

MSI CR643 chose 6cell MSI CR643 Battery and the most popular 14-inch mold with a resolution of 1366 × 768, LED backlit touch screen brightness to the author's feeling is very high, and the warm bright colors, high contrast and high brightness is very conducive to viewing pictures and movies, for a located in the notebook, video applications, not necessarily accurate color reproduction, but to please the eye as much as possible, which is CR42 doing very well. And touch can bring a different kind of operating experience, experience with Windows 8 system is generally good.


LENOVO G500s G500s Touch and TOSHIBA Qosmio X70 X75 coming

Independence was super this more and more, but really not a little tasteless, except in the super pole Shenzhou flagship product line, playing cards, other manufacturers seem to take GT610M, 2GB memory such virtual standard products to meet the things, today we want to measure from LENOVO is an ultra-extreme G500s as G500s series of the third bomb, not only fully replace the mold, but also joined the latest AMD HD8750M discrete graphics, ultra-extreme entertainment performance to a new standard.

Looking at the current ultra-pole of this market, from Jingdong sales results in terms of e-commerce sites, LENOVO Ultrabook sales are among the best products that treat serious and LENOVO are not unrelated, especially G500s and G505s series with LENOVO L12S6A01 Battery, with metal fuselage and SSD + HDD mashup model, coupled with a relatively reasonable price, has won the favor of different consumers, the introduction of a variety of color covers, but also to meet the preferences of the fashion crowd.

It can be said that LENOVO in the super pole on a meteoric rise, is well worth the attention of other manufacturers, this ride manufacturers in the mobile Internet, has not abandoned the traditional PC domain.

For the first few years of the LENOVO G500s series have adopted a magnesium alloy body, especially in the top part, which is the most super pole in the use of the material, aluminum alloy own toughness and ductility are good, but also has a better work intensity, in the face of accidental falls, it can reduce its own internal elastic metal hardware damage.

Most of the fuselage metal material, also used the same color paint, the overall feeling full, leaden color meet most users' aesthetic, subtle rather than obvious, the four corners of the arc is very rounded, solid feel Yes, in general, the LENOVO G500s in appearance LENOVO 5 Series has always maintained a level, and has a certain degree of upgrades.

Upgrade whole new generation of platform top graphics and processor later, TOSHIBA Qosmio X70 further improve hardware performance, coupled with the three components of the SSD and 750GB HDD RAID 0 storage space, you can say that there is no obvious bottleneck machine TOSHIBA Qosmio X70, is currently the most performance Strong laptop is one of the pursuit of the ultimate performance of the user's choice.

In the top of the keyboard is designed with a row of touch-sensitive shortcut keys, which is flanked by speakers of this product, TOSHIBA Qosmio X70 uses Dynaudio (Tanner) speakers, Dynaudio of Denmark's top audio brands, sound absolutely shocking. Configuring Tanner audio and Race Core keyboard for gaming enthusiasts this TOSHIBA Qosmio X70 is definitely an essential tool. Touchpad surface is coated with a matte material, and use your fingers when you feel good also quite smooth. Upper left corner of the trackpad is designed with a touch pad hard switch, the user can not use the touchpad to turn it off, simple and quick.

This product is heavy body sizes in interface configuration aspect than the average notebook a lot more, on both sides of the fuselage and the tail has interface design, many types of user interface design also provides the use of non- less convenient. Just two fuselage right interface USB2.0 interface and a DVD drive, simple design. Design has left three USB3.0 interface, a card reader and a set of audio interfaces, the tail of the fuselage power connector, HDMI, VGA, mini DP and RJ45 network cable port. With quite complete, the user provides a convenient external use.

TOSHIBA Qosmio X70 with 8cell TOSHIBA Qosmio X70 Battery is its top gaming notebook, it has a 17-inch ultra-wide body, with full HD matte display, configure, nowadays most top graphics card and processor, high-end gamers the perfect companion.

With PC hardware constantly updated, at this year's Computex Taipei, Intel officially released fourth-generation Core Duo processor, NVIDIA also updated a new generation of top-level graphics card GTX 780M, TOSHIBA Qosmio X70 as TOSHIBA's flagship gaming notebook, for the first time the most advanced technology to bring the best gaming experience to the user, the first upgrade to the Qosmio X70 fourth generation Core i7-4930MX processor and GTX 780M graphics card, then a new generation of top graphics card meets the new generation top-end CPU given rise to what the future spark it? The next test for you announced.

Screen, the LENOVO G500s uses a 14-inch matte screen, you can maximize the generation to prevent glare, even in bright outdoor environments, you can see the content on the screen, the resolution is still 1366 × 768 in the top of the screen with a 720P camera, video chat and conference, the screen above the bumper strips, buffered from the external collision, effectively protects the screen from scratches keycap C surface.

Our LENOVO G500s with 6cell LENOVO G500s Battery A surface can also see the classic LENOVO Logo, compared with the top edge of the composite material, so that the benefits can enhance the antenna signal. LENOVO G500sE4 does not use a sunken shaft, but the use of a classic shaft, damping medium, different excessive force can be completed opening and closing, looks from the side of the screen hinge is relatively fine workmanship, wedge-shaped body , people, there is a light in the visual sense.

GTX 780M continuation of the Kepler architecture, CUDA GTX 680M unit consists of 1344 to 1536 using a bandwidth upgrade to 160GB / s, clocked at 771MHz, support for GPU Boost2.0, its actual performance in the game will be further enhanced. Compared to the previous generation flagship GTX680M, a new generation GTX 780M in 3Dmark VANTAGE Entry mode tests, GPU Score improved by 37%, and more than GTX 675M dual card grades.

In 3Dmark 11 tests, with superior CPU and graphics card, TOSHIBA Qosmio X75 with high capacity TOSHIBA Qosmio X75 Battery composite score reached P7644! Which GPU Score 7679, CPU part score 8965, significantly ahead GT680M, is currently the single card performance notebook graphics strongest product.

Keyboard, the LENOVO G500s super pole with a chocolate floating island-style keyboard, the key process is relatively short, rebound more timely, but feel there is still room for improvement areas, palm rest with a magnesium alloy material, feel good, touch control board side, G500s large area with an integrated touchpad design, positioning is very accurate. LENOVO G500s C-face clean and tidy, all the keys set in the F1-F12, you need to rely on Fn key function to complete. In the C-plane left we can see Logo JBL sound system and a variety of indicators.

 It is worth mentioning that the power button, inset with metal protruding finger design with a high degree of recognition, which has become one of LENOVO's logo design, in addition, in the C plane surface without any extra keyboard shortcut keys, it is very simple. It is worth mentioning that the outlet LENOVO G500s with 6cell LENOVO G500s Touch Battery hinge design, hot air blow the opposite direction toward the user, allowing for better heat dissipation good, while giving users a better experience. Later we tested, also found most of the heat concentrated in the shaft at the same time so that the integrity of the design allows the body stronger, more beautiful, do both.


LENOVO G400s G405s G400s Touch Coming

Since 2010 the first generation of Core i processors, Intel has accelerated the integration of the chip, the original Northbridge Southbridge + + CPU's three-chip CPU + PCH pattern was replaced by a two-chip design, while the fourth generation of Core processors in the original There are further integration on the basis of the two-chip design to upgrade to a single chip, it will be integrated into the same CPU and PCH BGA (ball grid array structure PCB) package array. And compared to the previous two-chip architecture, the latest single-chip design can simplify board design and lower overall power consumption, reduced board space, is conducive to a miniature device and innovation, but also can lead to lower manufacturing costs, and ultimately benefit every a user.

But it is worth noting that the fourth generation of Intel Core processors only for the ultra-extreme low power consumption and ultra low-power processors will use a single-chip design, while the standard voltage processors and desktop processors still continues -core architecture (CPU + PCH).

Final test score display, equipped with Intel Core i3-3217U LENOVO G405s with high capacity LENOVO G405s Battery in the mainstream notebook at a relatively low level, it is for 3D modeling, video rendering and other aspects of the application more difficult, but for Microsoft Excel 2010, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, Adobe Photoshop CS5 and other common office applications run, LENOVO G405s still capable of.

Toshiba T1100 launched in 1985 the first time for people to bring a notebook concept. In the past 20 years, development of the notebook can be used to describe the earth-shaking. Now the notebook segment is complete, the different needs of consumers are able to find what they need notebooks.

As A45 upgrade products, LENOVO G400s not only to switch to the latest hardware platforms, while exterior design is changed. And three-dimensional texture of the previous generation A45 compared to plastic material cover, G400s similar effects like piano paint bright HP Imprint cover more texture, plus black substrate decorative concentric layout of the small dots that look more dynamic fashion.

Heat on the surface of the fuselage, LENOVO G405s pager after 30 minutes after the test, G405s most areas of the keyboard surface is more refreshing, really close to the outlet portion of the left side there is a small range of heat accumulation. The underside of the fuselage, G405s temperature near the cooling holes slightly higher, but the maximum temperature of 44.9 ℃ on the legs are also acceptable.

As a SME-oriented commercial LENOVO S210 with LENOVO IdeaPad S210 Touch Battery supports Intel vPro technology pass (Intel Small Business Advantage), referred to SBA, for SMEs this year, Intel introduced a solution for users that can enhance self-management computer ability, there is no dedicated IT staff in the case to ensure staff safety, without the use of computer viruses work, and keep software up to date.

Intel vPro technology is through a comprehensive set of hardware and software solutions, it can run on powered supports Intel Small Business Advantage Technology enabled chipset, with Intel Core i3/i5/i7 computer, users can choose to buy a computer has been pre- installed Intel Small Business Advantage console products, but also in the hardware configuration meets technology through sharp installs itself on your computer. Tong Rui Technology console integrates WIDI, energy, computer health centers, software monitors, USB interceptors and data backup / restore six major projects, they can help us simplify routine maintenance difficulty, and enhance the ability of self-management computer.

GT745M GPU Boost 2.0 upgraded version supports graphics acceleration technology with Intel's Turbo similar, NVIDIA notebook graphics products are also on the use of acceleration technology. GPU Boost 2.0 allows the graphics card in the heat and power in a safe condition dynamically adjusts the operating frequency in order to achieve maximum performance, the following is the theoretical 3Dmark test scores (E mode): GT745M mainstream notebook graphics cards in the mid to upper level performance than the previous generation GT645M slight improvement.

PCMark7 is 2011 Futuremark for Windows 7 operating system, the new generation of the benchmarking tool, which contains seven different test areas by 25 independent workload composition, covering storage, computation, image and video processing, web browsing, games and other aspects of everyday applications, the test results may reflect the overall performance of the tested models. The final score from the above point of view, the LENOVO G400s score is not particularly high, it is because the disk performance PCmark more sensitive, do not use SSD solid state drive for the G400s is a little disadvantage.

With the start of Computex Taipei, ushered in a new generation of notebook hardware platform, but the new platform release to the market still need to wait for some time, but earlier this year, LENOVOtek force, brought us an upgrade LENOVO G400s with 4cell LENOVO G400s Battery, It uses just-released fourth-generation Core i7-4700HQ quad-core processor with NVIDIA GT745M discrete graphics, the new hardware platform which has brought us a new experience? Next we went to look through the LENOVO G400s.

Although LENOVO G400s A45 in appearance than previous generations have to upgrade in appearance, but the new fourth-generation Core processor more attractive to our eye, especially with songce prototype fourth-generation Core i7-4700HM processor! H at the end of the CPU with the product before really had not occurred, so today we break with tradition, take a look at this i7-4700HM is the story behind.

Instructions from Intel's official view on a mobile platform, the fourth generation of Core processors in the third-generation M, U and Y are three series based on the increase of the H series, the series flagship lightweight high performance, with four physical core, equipped with Intel Core Duo processor, the fourth generation of the strongest performance of Iris Pro graphics card.

And the test is using the LENOVO S215 with LENOVO IdeaPad S215 Touch Battery S-series processors, it has four physical cores, with up to 8 processing threads, clocked at 2.4GHz, 22nm 3D transistor technology is still used, but its power consumption compared with the previous Mainstream generation Core i7 quad-core processors has improved, its TDP is 47W. In the core graphics settings, the LENOVO G400s integrated Intel HD4600 graphics card, not Intel's top Core Graphics official claims HD5200, this is how it happened? In fact, the fourth generation of Intel Core processors in the internal architecture has been adjusted for the portion of the GPU, allowing OEM manufacturers as needed to set the size of core graphics, so for configuration GT745M alone significantly stronger performance for LENOVO G400s , no Core Graphics 3D games bear the heavy, so it's significant for the nuclear HD4600.

CINEBENCH R11.5 CINEBENCH R10 is the first test of an upgraded version of the test results with the CINEBENCH R10 is similar to the fourth-generation Core i7-4700HM multithreaded 6.23, single-threaded score of 1.50 on a laptop at a higher level. Generation GT7XXM series graphics cards continues Kepler architecture, from GPU-Z in terms of the parameters displayed, LENOVO G400s configuration GT745M has 384 CUDA units, pixel fill rate 13.4GPixel / s, Texture Fill Rate 6.8GTexel / s, clocked at 837MHz, is an upgraded version of GT645M.

In performance, we use CINEBENCH R10 for LENOVO G400s with high quality 4cell LENOVO G400s Touch Battery were measured. CINEBENCH R10 test project simply use a CPU processor rendering a high-precision 3D scene screen to test out the single-threaded and multi-threaded CPU processing power. Through the test results with the previous generation of contrast, in the multi-threading capabilities, the fourth-generation Core i7-4700HM with the third-generation Core i7-3740QM at the same level, with strong processing capabilities.