Newest HP Spectre 13.3 and ASUS ROG Strix GL502VT review

April 5, 2016, HP announced the launch of the new Spectre Notebook HP, there are 12 inch MacBook temperament, but also abandoned many of the shortcomings of MacBook. The notebook is equipped with a core i5/i7 processor, M core and non weak. This high-end notebook products in HP seems very special, even LOGO seems very aura.

HP mainly refers to the relevant Spectre Notebook HP several points: the use of carbon fiber to do the bottom, so the device is very thin, durable, and very light, so the overall weight of only 2.45 pounds notebook (about 1.11kg). The surface of the process reflects the manual polishing, such as jewelry like, as there is a hidden piston hinge, a better design, people first thought that this device does not use the pivot.

Main configuration using the sixth generation of Intel Core i5/i7 processor, and maximum 512gb PCIe SSD, the largest 8GB of RAM memory, using Intel 88cases cooling technology and built-in HP Spectre 13.3 Battery. B&O provided by the stereo speakers, with Audio Boost HP technology; three Type-C USB interface, two of which support the thunder and lightning.

We use Furmark pager software to test the limits of ASUS G501V, Furmark will be operating at full machine two large heating components of CPU and graphics card and run 60 minutes after the temperature up to a limit of the height, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive see each machine in operation when the heat, we also use the fluke infrared thermal imager, respectively to observe the location of each temperature heating.

ASUS G501V at the bottom of the fuselage temperature control better performance, only slightly high temperature near the heat radiating window, reached 57.4 degrees, most of the rest of the temperature is maintained at 35 DEG C. ASUS G501V although there is no membership of the series, but we can see the shadow of the ASUS game in it, then it will be the essence of the product set in a body? Shape design from the point of view, ASUS G501V and not stick in plain design, instead of using a design in two different ways in the cap, greatly increased the degree of beauty products. In C, ASUS G501V using the more rich sense of science and technology of pattern to be decorated, with black and red color style, looks cool. In the disposition aspect, though the fourth generation Core i7 and GTX 950M sole combination of isn't the strongest, coupled with the price of only 5999 yuan, its performance in terms of price is still very prominent.

Facing the rapid notebook hardware update speed, it can be said of notebook product performance has not mentioned in the same breath, regardless of what position the notebook products, from the hardware to performance in recent years have made great progress. However, face of the PC industry overall downturn trend, users purchase requirements are increasingly high, even just home entertainment performance must not be left behind. In a few days ago we received the ASUS new laptops G501V with 4cell ASUS G501V Battery evaluation, ZX50, we may not be familiar with, from the previous products, the series will undoubtedly bias in high performance gaming entertainment this, has also been the concern of many users. As of 2016 the new ASUS G501V, how the performance of the small, I also very much look forward to.

A lot of friends and game player are looking forward to high performance gaming notebook thin easy to move, the main reason is that the compact specifications can get rid of the heavy shackles of the body, more conducive to carry. At the same time, under the premise of ensuring the heat, the hardware configuration does not compromise point is also very important, and these characteristics are the conventional gaming notebook gap advantage.

The ASUS Rog recently launched a frivolous game this product GL502V. The machine belonging to 15 inches in the game, thickness and weight are greatly reduced, compared to similar products more in line with the light gaming this definition. From this evaluation of the ROGSTIRX i7 6700HQ S5 is equipped with a quad core processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M 8GB DDR4 graphics card, memory and 1TB hard disk machine.

Design has been is Rog series of strengths, the GL502V on the top cover using the built-in ASUS GL502V Battery excellent texture of the metal material, vertical metal wire drawing texture makes this product looks very tough, and black calm the body color is stylish atmosphere.

In recent months, ASUS launched a series of game player GFX71J, A550JK Flying Fortress, country FX50J game of this product, and recently they bring consumers a new game - G551V. ASUS G551V game this using the Intel Core i7-4720HQ as processor and uses the NVIDIA geforce GTX 950M alone significantly, in addition also has 4GB ddr3l memory and mechanical 1TB hard drive configuration.

ASUS G551V design in the form of unusual, top part adopts two different ways to create. In the top left and right sides, we see G551V in the standard rules of pattern building, while the middle part of the metal wire drawing process to build, while the iconic logo center. Cutting angle of the design from the point of view, in the middle of the roof of the G551V is more like metal building, but in fact throughout the tectum are used composite material to build, compared to plain odd cover design, G551V with 56wh ASUS G551V Battery this change can get extra points.

Top center part of the ROG logo that is a very familiar elements, it can be said that in the eyes of many game player is a belief in the existence of general. GL502V logo even if not connected, itself is a warm orange red, after the boot will be issued deep orange red light, beside with light bar as well as is.
Thickness, ASUS Rog GL502V control excellent, only 241 centimeters, after the actual weighing we can see the machine weight of 2.5 kg, this is a equipped 15 inch GTX970M flagship graphics of the game, for the game based on a high performance said originally, this kind of single weight can be said is very good results.

GL502V heat sink using the grille design model, arranged in the rear of the fuselage and the bottom surface, give a person a car after the start of the full power of Mercedes Benz feeling, can be said to be a very sense of design. The orange bottom surface of the supporting foot pad layout also behoove.

However, unlike GFX72J, in order to lose weight, the C GL502V face is not metal, but the composite material of the wire drawing. GL502V clavier feel is quite good performance, key process control always, stretch and dye in the wood, a bit special space key styling is actually have certain ergonomic design concept, because gamers often use the keyboard is left, and left area spacebar widening helps users more convenient and comfortable according to the space bar.

ASUS Rog GL502V C by splicing of a plurality of panel, this point and GFX72J before our evaluation of the game is the same, and we can see, these two machine mold is actually has some obvious similarities, but relatively speaking this machine matching with the whole body texture more in line with the traditional Rog.

In addition, WASD four and the game is closely related to the button, has also been made of the four sides of the orange red design, when the keyboard back light, the light of these four keys is particularly prominent. GL502V keyboard and ASUS GL502VT Battery part of the backlight using the red, which is the ROG series of signs of color, but did not design a backlight on the touch pad.

GL502V touch panel using the overall design, the entire area of the touch panel delicate coating, smooth touch, precise control, the sense of the passage is obvious, there is a clear response to the feedback. Next, we look at the extension of the GL502V interface capabilities. Interface configurations of the left and the right sides of the body from the point of view, GL502V on the left side of the fuselage configuration of the power socket, the RJ-45 Ethernet port, a mini DisplayPort interface, a USB 3.0 3.0 interface, HDMI interface, a USB interface, a USB type-C interface; on the right side of the fuselage configuration of the audio space, safety lock hole, SD card inserted card reader and a USB 3.0 interface.

For a laptop computer, 8GB of memory is enough, but equipped with Rog GL552VL is 8GB of single channel memory, which is a "double-edged sword", the single channel means can be easily upgraded, but its speed to catch up with the dual channel mode of operation of two 4GB of memory module.

The ASUS Rog GL552VL storage division 128GB Hynix SSD and 1TB SSD, 4cells 48wh ASUS GL552VL Battery the former uses m.2 interface, but don't for the speed high hopes, it remains dependent on it to SATA bandwidth rather than faster PCI Express interface. ASUS in GL552VL ROG pre installed several software, which is the most important ROG game center, which integrates the system information, allowing the exchange of personal data and enable other utilities. At the same time, Rog GL552VL default installation of the four profiles, including movement, driving, strategy and FPS games. These will switch in different screen and sound mode, some will make the panel more vivid, while others will bring a more realistic game audio.