HP OMEN Pro 15 Workstation and TOSHIBA Satellite C55-C C55D-C C70-C C70D-C review

On the left side of the HP OMEN Pro 15, from left to right, the power interface, DP Mini interface, HDMI interface, and USB 3 interface.

In addition to the processor's built-in HD 4600 graphics core, the TOSHIBA Satellite Rog G60J also powered by the NVIDIA GTX 960m alone significantly, with 4GB of gddr5 memory, CUDA unit for 640.

This part, the author uses the way to play the local 1080P video test. The test process to maintain the power supply mode is: balance, the screen brightness is 50%, volume 30%, connected to the WIFI network, close the keyboard backlight. Before playing video of the remaining 100%, 1 hours after playing the remaining 69% of the electricity, resulting in the estimated life of the whole machine is about 3.2 hours.

HP OMEN Pro 15 with 58wh HP OMEN Pro 15 Battery thin body to the author left a deep impression, and the majority of the same configuration, with the size of the game, the portability of G60J to be more excellent. At the same time, the machine configuration is enough mainstream, performance can meet the needs of the daily game. If you want to choose a thin, high performance of the game, that TOSHIBA Satellite G60J is definitely a very good choice. Because the machine is not yet officially on sale, the price has not been determined, but I guess on the ten yuan is eight or nine. Finally, we can continue to pay attention to the other evaluation of the bubble network of other articles.

Blue sky, the latest series of molds, in the C face a common feature. One is the keyboard area of the wrist and rotating shaft has a lower concave design, and the second is a white back of the chocolate keyboard.

C70's 4cells TOSHIBA Satellite C70D-C Battery and chocolate keyboard, in fact, we are very familiar with the recent blue sky of a series of mold products are the white backlight model. On the stroke feel, this keyboard is a bit too soft, but still more comfortable. TOSHIBA Satellite C70 very unique to this keyboard keycap design the hollow red font, and special red logo on the commonly used FPS WASD keys and visually more features.

So as a medium of entertainment in this product, C55 Satellite game performance? Today, ZOL notebook channel will take you to experience a lot of. First of all, we simply introduce the layout of the overall layout of this model.

TOSHIBA Satellite C55 with 45wh TOSHIBA Satellite C55-C Battery due to the use of white color, so the whole body feels is concise. The top and bottom are used white engineering plastic material to build, cover the surface design with striped texture, did not use the common piano baking varnish craft, instead of using the fog matte surface treatment, so top touch is still relatively comfortable, and will not leave the fingerprints.

June 2015, Satellite Zhen in Beijing TOSHIBA officially released the C40 flagship business. C40 Satellite inherited the Satellite series of business classic lineage, from the safe, easy to use and reliable and stable in the three aspects to build enterprise class products. Satellite C40 using fingerprint identification and TCM technology to realize dual protection to the local file, in addition to traditional brush fingerprint to unlock, but also to achieve ten finger fingerprint and different software, websites and even free to bound, security more prominent. C40 has also passed a number of industry standard pressure testing, durability also do the industry leader.

In the portable and expansion, satellite C40 with TOSHIBA Satellite C40-C Battery to retain the rich in the interface at the same time, still do 1.85kg and 20.8mm thin body, which allows users to use C40 in both mobile office or business presentation is more handy.

Toshiba satellite series in recent years style is relatively stable, the body part of the tail slightly higher body, corner part with large radian, makes the machine as a whole looks more rounded, this design style popular user acceptance, also makes the satellite series establish their own style in the mainstream market.

The expansion of the area, due to the use of Satellite C55 15 inches large body with 4cells TOSHIBA Satellite C55D-C Battery, so the space is adequate. The left side of the fuselage is equipped with a power jack, RJ-45 Ethernet port, HDMI port, 2 USB 3 interface and a reader.

Different than the small size notebook, 15 inch big screen notebook with broad vision, clear picture and all-around performance, more and more receives the user's favor. Recently, Toshiba once again leading the new wave of large customers notebook, launched a 15.6 inch provid all-round business notebook -- Toshiba satellite L50. New product is equipped with a 15.6 inch Full HD screen will visual area increased by 25%, and in maintaining the thin body at the same time, equipped with a fifth generation Intel Core Duo processor and discrete graphics, to provide users with extraordinary visual experience and high-performance all-around office experience.

To be honest, small series never thought of a 15.6 inch screen notebook body only 26.5mm thick, heavy 2.34kg, even with the power adapter is only 2.83kg. This makes it more convenient to carry, do not take up like a big black suitcase.

4B Shark is a 15.6 inch 1980 x 1080p Full HD anti glare matte screen, the fog screen can prevent the glare and reflection of the interference, it will not leave any evidence of the fingerprint. For the game notebook, the full HD resolution should be considered as the lowest standard, 

In order to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of the user experience, TOSHIBA Satellite L50 in a perfect balance between portability and wide screen. New products through a 15.6 inch wide screen, not only will visual area increased by 25%, bring broad eyeshot for users, in order to improve the efficiency of the office, the 1920 * 1080 Full HD display, in image processing design application scenarios for users bring lifelike visual experience. In addition, taking into account the business users are likely to face complex office environment, the screen with a matte particles of the matte screen with, can effectively prevent the reflection of light, even in bright sunlight can also be normal office. In portability, Toshiba satellite L50 with TOSHIBA Satellite L50-C Battery is 15.6 inch models to achieve the light break, with its weight and 24.7mm and 24.5mm drive model only 2.2Kg thickness, with its excellent full HD 15.6 inch display, can at any time to provide users with a broad vision of the office experience.

TOSHIBA Satellite C70 wrist supports did not take the metal material, only the lower left corner of a few simple Logo manufacturers, the touch board to take a split design, the surface is matte texture. According to the data, the touch pad buttons for the X type rebound structure, to ensure a good feel.

As a 17 inch game notebook, TOSHIBA Satellite C70 interface is more abundant. On the right: from the direction of a rotating shaft, respectively is read RJ45 Ethernet wired network interface, VGA video output interface, USB3.0 interface data, SD card reader and a SIM card slot; on the left, the corresponding is security lock, two USB, audio interface and drive; in the rear, except the power supply is connected with the mouth, TOSHIBA Satellite is also equipped with a mini DisplayPort video interface, 4cells TOSHIBA Satellite C70-C Battery, HDMI video interface and a USB 3.0.


DELL Vostro 3458 3558 pk DELL Inspiron 5451 5455 laptop

Today engineer to bring this Dell vostro 3558 is a pursuit of return to the essence of stunt business notebook, silvery white appearance body embodies a low-key luxury, Intel Core i7-5200U processor collocation NVIDIA 940 processor can ensure the running stability and speed. In addition, the effect of the machine's speaker is the most attention, DELL this time with the Royal level of the Royal B&O speaker company to build a sound quality experience. Believe that so many have many friends can't restrain inner excited, good, the engineer words not say directly on the goods.

The silver shell makes DELL Vostro 3558 looks more fresh and neat. In the case of the DELL Vostro 3558, the machine has been used in the design of anti - embedded DELL, which embodies the "DELL" classic signs. Is using the Dell vostro 3558 at a rotating shaft of the separation design, when the screen is completely open we will through a gap in the rotating shaft directly see behind the computer. This design can let users reduce the dullness of the fuselage.

DELL Vostro 3558 with DELL Vostro 3558 Battery in the bottom of the use of a single machine cover design, only nine screws can be removed the entire floor so that maintenance and repair, dust removal becomes more simple. In addition, at the bottom of the machine surface but also the distribution of the four pieces of heat dissipation holes so as to the protection of the hardware. For those who had eaten due to overheat and lead to burn to the hardware in terms of friends this is undoubtedly one of the design.

Dell vostro 3558 equipped with a 15.6 inch 1080p Full HD screen. If you feel full HD has been out of date, 4K resolution is the kingly way it would be a mistake. Because the point of view of a small series of personal experience and the existing software and video resources basically can satisfy the 4K level is very small, so even if you get a 4K screen will not necessarily get more enjoyment.

In the Dell vostro 3558 with 4cell DELL Vostro 15-3558 Battery screen is distributed over the camera, two microphone hole and a light receiving hole, also in the machine at both ends of the screen is symmetrically distributed a total of around the screen protection. Saw the shell and the screen, we look at the DELL Vostro 3558 keyboard. Believe that friends and small series as a drill the machine keyboard plate which can be found in its simplicity,, of course, this is also the business of the a design trend, in addition to the power button and a touch control board no other extra function keys. In addition, the black button on the silver surface with very suitable, black and white with each other.

With the growing mobile Internet, notebook computer downsizing craze more and more popular, many manufacturers launched the flagship thin product. In light of this the impression the deepest should Dell vostro X1 carbon, can be said that this is the black series in a pursuit of the ultimate portable products. Of course in order to better meet the needs of different consumers, Dell vostro of other series of products also have to enter the trend toward the light, for example, today the author to introduce vostro 3458 with DELL Vostro 3458 Battery.

Dell vostro from birth to now has gone through more than 20 years, in early 2015 sales break million to write the legend of black accented by a pen. After being integrated into the DELL family, the DELL Vostro's most distinctive change is the series of rich, from high-end business to meet the needs of ordinary consumers use the need of the universal notebook can be described as. This refinement of the product distribution is not only the Dell vostro keeps pace with the times, also attract more users become black loyal fans. L series is both the T series of excellent quality and E series of high performance price ratio, so once launched on the recognition and favor of many consumers. Today, Vostro L DELL Series in order to conform to the trend and market demand has also begun to integrate into the "downsizing" of the column, so as to promote the product portability and overall performance.

The author makes evaluation of the Dell vostro 3458 equipped with the fifth generation Intel Core i5 5200U dual core four thread processor, 2.2GHz frequency with 4GB DDR3 memory and 256gb SSD, 4cells DELL Vostro 14-3458 Battery. In addition to the HD Grahics Intel 5500 core graphics card is also equipped with a Radeon R5 M240 AMD, so whether it is office or entertainment are more outstanding performance. In addition, as mentioned before the author of the DELL Vostro 3458 body volume reduction, weight and thickness are more portable than before. In the business people concerned about the life, DELL Vostro 3458 also do the optimization of the overall use of time to improve the past 20%.

Dell vostro 3458 body a side fully demonstrated the business restrained design style, the surface of delicate matte texture excellent touch and not easy to leave fingerprints to ensure the neatness of the fuselage. By looking down from a surface can be seen, 3458 adhere to the black traditional designs and resolute lines rich edges and corners, giving a feeling of very reliable.

DELL's notebook business after a slow recovery in the quiet for a while, DELL has brought the whole line of new products in 2015. Throughout this year's notebook products, a wealth of color choices once again become the main theme, DELL's E line of affordable models to go is also this route. The appearance is colorful, so the whole experience could behave? Hope today's Inspiron 5451 with 40wh 4cell DELL Inspiron 14-5451 Battery evaluation can give you the answer.

Dell Inspiron 5451 adopted new mould design, although in the design and layout of the interface position, the machine can still be found before the shadow, but the new Inspiron 5451 and its unique. Inspiron DELL 5451 top cover uses a very rare process of weaving, blue DELL logo inlaid in the left center of the top cover, consistent with previous products. Overall this roof looks than with the price of the products more delicate and beautiful, from the handle, the Dell Inspiron 5451 roof strength and the previous Dell model compared to have the very big progress.

Dell Inspiron 5451 with 4cell DELL Inspiron 5451 Battery at the edge of the fuselage design is also very hard, for the right and left sides of the angle to ease the "R" - shaped design, visual transition very good sense, if it is a mobile phone, then feel should also be good, but for the notebook user is difficult to perceive the feel of this position.

In the before and after of the fuselage design, Dell and sharp cutting process, and the front end of the horizontal plane angle is approximately 45 degrees cover than the surface of the keyboard slightly higher than the point. The screen of opening and closing the user is convenient. The fuselage rear end DELL uses the same cutting process, but the angle of view to ease many, the axis part of some of the highlights.

Dell Inspiron 5455 the integrated bottom cover design, that Dell and not on the bottom cover set aside a rapid escalation of the window, it and dismantling of a number of relatively trouble. Unscrew all the screws after slowly open C to see the motherboard. Dell for users to set aside an empty CD-ROM, users can buy their own drive a hard disk cartridge drive a transformation into the second hard drive (drive only need to unscrew a single screw can be removed, Dell didn't directly to users preloaded with a hard disk box unkind); the mainboard is surface has a mini PCIe interface, the user can replace their own wireless network card. On the back of the motherboard has two DDR3 memory slots, which has a spare, maximum user can the machine to upgrade to 16GB memory.

Inspiron DELL 5455 hardware upgrade and DELL 5748 is the same trouble, just to add a memory to the entire motherboard is not easy to remove it. Inspiron DELL 5455 single fan single tube heat dissipation design, taking into account the hardware specifications are not high, so this simple heat dissipation design is no matter. Running AIDA 64 software to the processor, graphics card, etc. after a long period of time after the use of thermal imaging instrument to detect the above two thermal imaging. At the bottom of the fuselage, the highest temperature is 52 degrees, most of the heat is concentrated in the vicinity of the radiating port, but was covered with thermal components position slightly heat, if you don't used it in the legs didn't matter; on the surface of the keyboard, the highest temperature only 45.9 degrees, the heat distribution in in the middle area of the keyboard and palm rest position, although heat before we are able to perceive the position, but due to the temperature is not high, so we use 

On this planet i5-5200U us to already not too strange, the Intel newest 14nm process of Cheng Broadwell core, 14.8V DELL Inspiron 14-5455 Battery the design of dual core four threads, frequency of 2.2GHz, maximum turbo 2.7ghz, TDP only 15W. Using the R15 CineBench software for testing, it's a single thread score of 253, multi thread score of 102, performance is good.

Dell Inspiron 5455 equipped with the star 940M discrete graphics in entry-level products often seen. It adopts NVIDIA newest Maxwell architecture design, with 384 CUDA cores, core frequency 1072MHz, accelerates the frequency 1176MHz and memory capacity of 2GB DDR3, memory 2000MHz and 64bit memory interface, memory bandwidth 16GB/S. The performance of the 3DMark Cloud model is used to test the Gate model, the final score is 9820, the performance is normal.

In order to further test this card to the actual performance, we use "Resident Evil 6 benchmark software testing, in 1366 * 768 resolution, highest quality, off vertical synchronization settings under, the final score was 43.1, B grade evaluation, the performance is very good. In this connection, we can determine the Dell Inspiron 5455 can smooth fun on the market mainstream online games and most of the hardware performance requirements is not high in a single game, single part masterpiece can also achieve smoother running by reducing the need for picture quality.

DELL Inspiron 5455 uses 4CELL DELL Inspiron 5455 Battery and a 500GB from the west of mechanical hard disk, hard disk speed of 5400. Using the SSD AS software for testing, the maximum read speed of 100MB/S, the highest write speed of 95.49MB/S. Test results are in line with its due level, but if you want to get a better use experience, it is recommended to add a solid hard disk, specific upgrade space, we will refer to the following.