CLEVO P750ZM P751ZM and SAGER NP9752 Gaming laptop review

The 2014 DELL games this give us a deep impression, it has high performance configuration and excellent mold design. So today when we see the new Latitude E7450, inevitably there are some familiar. The new Latitude E7450 continue to use the mold design of the game Envy, adopts a more lightweight materials, and new products for the attachment of new colorful color, multi texture AD shells are also very feel, this is the most important with a new five generation of core of DELL products.

In 2013, Intel fourth generation Haswell platform for delayed release, big screen receded, in each big manufacturer of new listing. Mobile stations also began to bring forth the new through the old in September, several major manufacturers the most strength has released the latest models, DELL,

Today to introduce this product is DELL Latitude E7450 laptop with 7.4V 54Wh 4cell DELL 3RNFD Battery, it chose a Intel fifth generation of core i5-5200U in the processor, frequency of 2.2Ghz; at the same time it also paired with NVIDIA GeForce 830M graphics card, meet a part of the user's game and video demand; in addition it also owns 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz memory and the allocation and combination 500 GB hard disk.

CLEVO series of games this used is 14 inch and 15 inch screen are, the more suitable for GTX 850M and 860M graphics design, the space is not large, the heat dissipation requirement is not too much. At this stage P750ZM, is this to friends about this game, GTX 970M graphics card too to keep up appearances, not a 17 inch body is please don't move that Buddha ~

Previously, CLEVO series of M510/520/410 of these and the test of the protagonist P750ZM with 82wh CLEVO P750ZM Battery than the displayed burst, let alone how you experience, the head can be put in front of the few scared ~ so, the real game player level games this is never "notebook", but "home desktop phase"

The copy machine test we found that in the CPU and GPU in high load after 30 minutes, the DELL Latitude E7450 high temperature part concentrated in the vicinity of the central and keyboard heat radiating window, the maximum temperature of 35 DEG C, right, relatively keyboard palm rest and a touchpad district part of the temperature condition is good.

DELL Latitude E7450 the bottom with 11.1V DELL V8XN3 Battery of the heat source is mainly concentrated in the heat radiating window nearby, but the highest temperature is only 47 degrees, while other parts of the most temperature at about 30 DEG c.. In general, the DELL Latitude E7450 in the temperature control performance is very good.

Notebook, is should mobility demand in the desktop and the birth of the new era of product form, main portability, and in the promotion of now super book, notebook light intensified. But it then some models, just the opposite, the weight, thickness of these aside, only for high performance, cool appearance, this is consumer laptops in the high-end game, believe like the game you have to understand.

Workstation unique product positioning, the user requirements of the equipment is very high, security, performance, and easy to use, easy to maintain and so on many aspects to be complete, and the high cost of the product itself, so to the manufacturer, also has the design R & D strength to some exit this kind of product. In contrast, the mobile workstation is more precise than the tower, so today, launched a mobile workstation models of the manufacturer is also only a few, but DELL, as the leader, the product line is updated every year, in all aspects and bring more improvement for the user. Today, we have a look at this DELL specific performance how.

The interface configuration on the right side of the fuselage of the user is more convenient to use, which comprises a card reader, inhaled the Blu ray CD-ROM, 2 USB 3 interface, RJ-45 ethernet. In addition to the keyboard part, CLEVO another characteristic is adding a custom function keys, in addition to the four key numeric keypad above small top, most keyboard left and five custom function keys, these keys for game player, sometimes there will be extremely important role. For ordinary users, can also set some efficient function, such as a key to open the browser, a key to open a specific program etc..

CLEVO P751ZM with CLEVO P751ZM Battery at the bottom is a whole block of aluminum magnesium alloy panel, close to the rear part of the body is provided with heat radiation window where large area, seen from this point can also, heating the original CLEVO 17 basic R2 are arranged in the rear fuselage, so for the keyboard part will give the control temperature is very good, does not affect user.

Of course, for the sale of the product, is still large enterprises occupy a dominant position, they have more market share, the complete product line, matching complete resources, numerous sales channels. Thus they on the user's mental grasp more accurately, can "see" what the user wants consumers to buy products, notebook to stamp in the "spot", and then again to expand their user groups, gradually come to the fore.

Overall, the notebook market still in the doldrums, but the market competition really intensified, the future of the road is still not clear, but for many laptop manufacturers with 39wh DELL F3G33 Battery , the best way is a good technology, good products, good experience, good security!

As a classic action adventure game, "Tomb Raider 9" has a more outstanding game screen of computer hardware, the demand is far beyond the past works. Low in the 1080p graphics mode, integration of P750ZM single display mode has been unable to cope with, the only significant mode can be fairly smooth running speed. From the result of the test is not difficult to see that this game is to eat the hardware resources.

As the surface material, keyboard and touchpad soon become greasy, however, the keyboard is very comfortable, knocking the feeling is very full, close to the desktop keyboard ordinary film, touch panel words behave effect.

P750ZM play a single game can completely with SAGER NP9752 Battery, the rest will see the final listing price, if but million, or will be 10000 words, it is a cow B, after all, for many players, rushed to buy the lamp to send the computer attitude is also more value.

In addition to the mini DP interface, DELL Latitude E7250 also set up a USB2.0 interface, 1 Headset microphone interface, SD card reader. In particular, a button is also designed in the DELL Latitude E7250 the left side of the fuselage, press after it next to a channeling lamp will light up, this is DELL series of unique Latitude battery view function, even in the off state can also be found about the remaining power laptop battery.

DELL Latitude E7250 with 52wh DELL VFV59 Battery to send the test prototype is equipped with a 128GB solid state drive, from the total score PCmark7 can see, 4759 of its current results in a higher level in mobile PC, can bring us more rapid response system, whether it is the boot time, program loading speed, or speed of installation software are quite remarkable, compared with the notebook computer of traditional mechanical hard disk, Latitude E7250 is more efficient and smooth.