MSI GE63 GE73 and DELL Latitude 12-5280 7280 review

In recent years, cold in the entire notebook industry shipments decline situation, but the game notebook market and sales of upstream A new force suddenly rises.. Based on this background, a number of new brands have sprung up, and have achieved good results. However, the notebook manufacturers did not sit still, like the old as the game maker MSI, is constantly in the mainstream games market, like the recent listing of MSI GE63.

As MSI in the mainstream game of this market launch heavyweight product, MSI GE63 decided to go in front of the times in the hardware configuration, whether it is the latest NVIDIA 10 series graphics card, or just released the seventh generation of Intel processors, all show the machine on hard power strength. So, this veteran of the company's heavyweight product performance of the game exactly how it's all aspects of design in a level? Then let us witness together.

MSI GE63 with 6cell MSI GE63 Battery C also has irregular line design, the design language show tough. Black and white color is many add to the machine keyboard and trackpad. This machine adopts the floating keyboard design, each key is independent, and have sufficient to reduce the key space, in the course of the game as the touch of a button button mistake could lead to too close. After the author's personal experience, found that the keyboard feel good, 2.3mm bond process rebound strong, full of sense of recognition. It is worth mentioning that the keyboard with backlight design red, five support brightness adjustment, in the light of unfavorable conditions more conducive to the game player use, but also make the machine more cool. In the lower left corner can be found Intel 7th Gen labeling, which means the machine is equipped with the seventh generation of Intel Core i7 processor, and it also allows the performance of the machine is more interested in.

Through the CINEBENCH R15 test showed that this processor i7-7700HQ OpenGL score reached 97.01fps, multi nuclear test scores CPU reached 734cb, while the single nuclear test score reached a score of 158, followed once the flagship desktop CPUi7-4770K, in similar products, this is a very top grade. At the same time, it also reflects the surging performance of the seventh generation of Intel core i7-7700HQ processor, also from this aspect of the CPU is to lay the foundation for the machine.

Then for the graphics card test, test software, the author chose the famous 3Dmark11 and THE NEW 3Dmark. 3Dmark is a professional graphics test software, because it represents the most advanced display technology, its built-in test scenes is not the use of a number of the most cutting-edge special effects or display technology, so as to the performance of the hardware requirements are very high.

A surface of the machine is made of a metal material and black with bright silver wire drawing process, the brand LOGO and the metal wiredrawing black collocation is indeed very beautiful, give a person with neat handsome feeling. In addition, the design of the inverted V line is like a sports car, in terms of aesthetics on the machine a lot of points, it is very suitable for the use of male players.

With the fashion elements continue to enter the field of PC, the appearance of delicate and beautiful thin notebook computers are increasingly popular among young people. The performance of the PC hardware upgrade, so thin notebook also gradually get rid of the performance of the strength and value of Yan became chicken ribs, both the new darling of fashion. Then over time, after new year's Day Festival is getting closer, you give your little princess ready to spring "beauty ritual"?

DELL Latitude 12 thin notebook with DELL Latitude 7280 Battery main light portable new listing, in color and body shape of a lot of concentric texture design Aluminum Alloy material shell with rose gold and quartz gray two kinds of colors attract young people's eyes. The machine matching 14 inches wide viewing angle FHD display, 6mm ultra narrow frame allows the body to maintain a large screen while still slim. At the same time the screen uses DELLEye Care technology to protect the eyes from harm. In performance, DELL Latitude 12 in addition to the conventional graphics card also added a NVIDIA GeForce 940MX independent graphics card.

The appearance of MSI series has been criticized, as a representative of highly cost-effective, many people buy MSI are directed to the appearance of the hardware, but not so care, MSI GE73 may change the idea. MSI GE73 is still a continuation of the classic black series MSI series, but the overall style is more game fan, and its line processing has a great relationship.

MSI GE73 with 6cell MSI GE73 Battery changed more shapes in the body contour and the surrounding lines are more aggressive. Especially the body contour, the edges are not using linear design, in the front and rear with a small angle oblique symmetry, tail high uplift like car taillight plus general, texture and surface modification for MSI A line, GE73 has been the end of the game feeling.

From the information point of view, DELL Latitude 12 is really in line with the girls use demand, if it is not your best to give the little Princess Jasmine "beauty ritual"? As a little princess, I'll give you a try. This time we got the rose gold color DELL Latitude 12 notebook built-in Intel core sixth i5-6200U processor and NVDIA GeForce 940MX graphics card, support 4GB GDDR4 memory and 256GB solid state hard disk storage.

With fashion elements gradually penetrated into all walks of life, more fashionable began to appear in the notebook computer cold mechanical body, which also makes a lot of consumers in the purchase of notebook computer are keen to choose a more exquisite and beautiful light of this. So what are the features of the DELL Latitude 12 notebook, which is the same as a lightweight notebook? We have to lay it out.

The initial DELL Latitude 12, this is it with the "DELL" logo A. DELL Latitude 12 is used as the roof of the solid Aluminum Alloy crafted silver "DELL" logo, at the same time in the center of A printed parts, the cover with a concentric hair pattern design, delicate texture in the middle of the logo as the center to spread around, in the right light, the light will also logo the center to spread around, there is a sense of casts a thousand beams! At the same time, the machine uses a stylish and playful rose gold color, can be more attractive to women's eyes.

Since the main light, then DELL Latitude 12 waist should also be very delicate, its thickness is only 18.85mm, less than 1 cents coin size, the weight is only 1.4kg, small volume and weight of the little princess love travel is convenient to carry, not to cause unnecessary burden to the luggage.

Opened the cover, the eye is DELL, Latitude 12 with DELL Latitude 5280 Battery B bright eyes and white teeth. In the B above, HD HD camera and microphone array with a 720P, can be used for daily use of high-quality video call, the conference call can be used between daily and family affection and contact with customers.


DELL Latitude 5480 7480 and MSI WS63 WT73VR gaming laptop review

Endurance and heat is our usual discussion of a laptop is good enough for the two important criteria. Game relative to the life is not the core factor, but with excellent performance is still a plus. However, the heat dissipation performance is extremely important, the impact on the game is not negligible. In addition to affecting the player's actual gaming experience, more about the performance of the machine itself. MSI WS63 uses a new 14nm+ technology of i7-7700HQ, the GTX 1050Ti practical collocation, I believe there will be a good performance, it is worth noting that the Thor MSI WS63 tail right only outlet, left only decoration.

We use Furmark copy machine software testing of the MSI WS63, Furmark will be two heating parts CPU and the full graphics work, run 30 minutes after the temperature up to a maximum height, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive to see it at run time for heat, we also used the FLUKE infrared the thermal imager, were observed in each position of the heating temperature. (temperature span 28 degrees C-50 degrees C: lower than the lower limit of temperature will be black; more than the temperature limit will show white).

The final picture of the resets becomes 3, which means that MSI WS63 with 8cell MSI WS63 Battery successfully stuck for 72 hours. At the same time, we can see the temperature did not change greatly, and the machine did not appear crashes, closed software after some baking machine daily operation or any other card Dungan, dual fan area temperature remains at a low temperature of terror.

Or that sentence, we are in an era of excess, but only the excess performance / stability brought by "good" experience is a real enterprise and the pursuit of the studio, "enough" can't take us further.

But as the 3 * 24 hours of full load in the actual scene does not appear too, can pass this level of baking machine testing means that the quality and stability of MSI WS63 are at a high level, the studio and design departments of the enterprises the high performance and high stability of professional equipment should be preferred, but also studio and enterprise IT decision makers should pay close attention to the most. In the studio or business in large and very tight project period, the stability of PC tend to become a decisive factor, after all, who does not want to work hard for several days because of the sudden crash results cast to waste PC. This will not only bring the loss of business and reputation, but also will greatly increase the operating costs of enterprises invisible.

Since the first DELL Latitude products come out so far, has been more than 5 years, every year will bring us surprises, or higher performance, or more thin, or more fashion; however, concentric circle drawing texture design unique "ceramic like pelvic floor", to maintain a consistent noble sense of luxury.

The PChome evaluation room in the hands of Latitude 7480 is not high version of the processor, this machine is the sixth generation i5 processor, can reach a maximum of seventh generation i7 configuration; memory can reach a maximum of 8GB, solid state drives this machine is 240GB SSD, the official with a maximum of up to 512GB. 4cell DELL Latitude 7480 Battery, Graphics card is GTX 940MX, it can be said from the file read and write to the system to run, to map the game, can give the user the extraordinary experience.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the AMD in the end of 2015 to update its version of the driver, the new driver interface is no longer as complex as the catalyst driver and trouble, we can visually and quickly set the graphics card. The ASUS also preset a number of easy to use computer management software in the system, the real do boot on the use of".

Autodesk Maya is the United States Autodesk company produced the world's top three-dimensional animation software, the application object is a professional film and television advertising, character animation, film stunts, etc.. Maya function, flexible, easy to learn and easy to use, the production efficiency is very high, rendering a strong sense of reality, is a high-end film production software, the vast majority of visual design studio are using Maya. In the Maya test, we choose a 103MB small yellow man model, open daily operation such as: rotation, move, zoom, open software frame rate display, record the number of frames per second, which is fps.

Rendering has a professional graphics MSI WT73 with 12cell MSI WT73VR Battery advantage is obvious, time-consuming, more than three times the lead. Like 3DS Max, what we are testing is just a rendering of a small yellow man, and the rendering of a scene like the motion picture CG, takes a lot of time, not just a few hours, but a day. Save time and large project rendering preferential increase according to the proportion of rendering 2/3 consumption season, means to enhance the work efficiency, shorten the duration of the project, design studio or enterprise also can undertake more projects. Similarly reflected in the studio or enterprise, the same time output value, greatly reducing the operating costs of the studio or corporate design department.

But these are just to attract the studio and the designer of the computer to replace the hard power, and the key lies in the replacement of the proportion of return and expenditure. After all, designers and design departments of the enterprises to upgrade itself is equipped with a burn things, and for the MSI WS63 of this equipment is more professional. Can decide to replace the studio owner and enterprise IT purchasing manager should know, designer and enterprise IT department is necessary to replace ordinary computer. Whether it is from the aspects of stability, performance, the studio and the operating costs of the design and maintenance of the enterprise design department or the use of the designer to consider the experience, this is not a simple choice. But the real price is to use the money in exchange for higher efficiency and more professional stability, which is equal to the project can be connected, there is a better future. MSI WS63 fully meet the needs of the studio and the corporate IT Department on the designer's computer, while the average PC down Qian Yeyuan is less than the late efficiency loss and maintenance costs.

In the shooting angle is relatively large, although the brightness of the screen has been reduced, but the details of the screen are shown one by one, the color is still very rich. Overall, 5480 in the display of progress and outstanding performance is obvious to all.

The test of Latitude 5480 using the i5 processor of the sixth generation; memory of 4GB, the solid state drive for 240GB SSD, the official maximum up to 512GB. Graphics card is GTX 940MX and 4cell DELL Latitude 5480 Battery, it can be said from the file read and write to the system to run, to map the game, can give the user the extraordinary experience.


DELL Precision 7720 and SAMSUNG Odyssey 15 review

The interface is more comprehensive, power supply, power indicator, hole card reader, headset hole, compatible with Thunderbolt 3 Type C, HDMI 2 and Kensington lock are not what to say, support Powershare USB 3 gives us the impression, the literal meaning of power sharing. In other words, the shutdown can recharge the USB peripherals, such as mobile phones.

I5 6300HQ, Skylake architecture, 14nm process, 4 core 4 threads, which is the first Intel mobile platform i5 standard pressure using the core. 2.3GHz main frequency, the highest frequency of 3.2GHz, 6MB 3 level cache and i7 6700HQ the same. TDP rose to 45W, and the same as i7 6700HQ. Since the beginning of the Skylake, Intel steering BGA package, regardless of the standard pressure, low pressure can not be replaced, the past M, MQ and other models have been replaced by H, HQ.

Compared to i5 4200M (because the Boradwell mobile platform is not standard pressure CPU, the same as i5,9cell DELL Precision 7720 Battery, the performance is not as good as i5 4200M), single core, multi-core performance has not improved. Although i7 and 4720HQ have a gap, but the performance is greatly improved, to meet the normal needs be nothing difficult.

After years of improvement of notebook technology, all aspects of performance has been very mature, many hardware is also more powerful, even if it is an ordinary notebook, can deal with business and entertainment needs one or two years now. However, the poor quality of the notebook has been able to adhere to such a long time, because it is the time to squeeze the potential of the hardware itself, is an overdraft behavior. While the large brand of the notebook, although a lot of high selectivity, but the price is relatively high, there are few young people face the boutique. LENOVO notebook as a leading brand, once again played the leading role, launched a new ThinkPad T570 series notebook, notebook, a major improvement has been significantly improved in the design and configuration details, performance can also be play a more perfect, EEG itself pressure is also reduced, notebook longer service life. Is a special for young people to create a mainstream notebook.

The new LENOVO ThinkPad T570 laptop flagship young fashion crowd, color using three colors are: blue, gold, and sparkling ShenZhenAir gray three kinds of colors, elegant personality, deep with active elements. LENOVO launched ThinkPad T570 notebook timing is pretty good, almost with Intel introduced a new generation of processors simultaneously launched. In the choice of processor is equipped with the seventh generation of Intel core processor. Graphics card is equipped with NIVIDIA 940MX GDDR5 4GB graphics card, equipped with a separate graphics card can share the load of the processor, so that the overall pressure reducing notebook. The system is pre installed with the Windows10 operating system and built in the Office family and Student Edition 2016. If only these, so this notebook is actually not much highlights, especially in the notebook configuration homogenization of today is not what can boast of, and ThinkPad T570 is a notebook for young people now with 56wh LENOVO ThinkPad T570 Battery, it must be the natural attractions, the biggest secret is the unique "four double" design, the following it opened one by one "four double" secret.

The SolidWorks configuration requirements are not low, of course, if only the 2 and 3 dimensional modeling, do finite element analysis of complex operation, a little weak configuration is not bad, but often large, multi parts processing and assembly features (1000+) complex, CPU, GPU, RAM, ROM and other requirements are relatively high, especially the graphics card for very large improvement in visual help, there is no professional graphics card SolidWorks really is not good. Therefore, the mobile workstation is a well deserved choice.

In general, Odyssey 15 successfully completed the tasks above, the response speed is very fast, no obvious delay and previous Carlton notebook, especially 4K video real-time rendering, SolidWorks model components are large to impress us, fluency is very high.

Odyssey 15 is so thin that performance is not compromised, which in itself is an improvement. With the near borderless screen smooth and moist texture, subversion of our mobile workstation heavy impression. I5 standard 4 core although no high pressure E3, i7 monster performance, but the general scene with ease. Odyssey 15 did not compromise on graphics cards, still using Quadro M1000M graphics card, a good foundation for the professional experience of the application.

From the above point of view, even if the relatively high threshold for the industry design field, Odyssey 15 with 8cell SAMSUNG Odyssey 15 Battery also has the ability to completely control, really play a graphics card which is highly potential, the mobile workstation causes professional designers respected.

If the performance of the game is to ensure that the high-speed operation of the source of power, then the heat is to ensure that the source of power lasting and effective booster. Lenovo ThinkPad L570 uses innovative cooling design, compared to the previous generation of the rotating shaft is raised, the benefits of doing so is to make the air to the rear completely, more conducive to heat but also avoid blowing straight hands, whether you are left-handed or right-handed won't be "stove".

At the same time, the ThinkPad L570 with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad L570 Battery on the keyboard also set a station with red backlight function three level can be adjusted in game player level, and brightening WASD in the micro game player key, users in the dark of night environment can operate freely.


DELL Inspiron 15-7567 and DELL Inspiron 14-7467 review

The new Inspiron 7567 look at the A surface to be able to know it is pure DELL lineage, the design of the whole metal looks very reassuring. Get in the small version, the A face with a beautiful blue lake, this point is non black and white metal color a lot of good-looking.

A face is still the middle of the DELL logo, metal CNC cutting process is very beautiful, delicate matte paint than the general metal to come to the beautiful, durable. The computer itself uses a lightweight design concept, which was originally designed in the ultra extreme design is now widely used in a variety of notebooks, tapered design also makes the body more frivolous.

After the screen is open, we see a new design of the narrow screen, narrow borders on both sides of the screen to make the field of vision more broad, with DELL's HD screen, the actual experience is very good. The keyboard part is also a continuation of the traditional DELL, has long history and key cap DELL Inspiron 7567 with 74wh DELL Inspiron 15-7567 Battery matte screen printing can bring excellent type feel, even if not connected to the external keyboard can also complete the daily office handled well.

The keyboard is also equipped with a mild white backlight, can also see the words on the keyboard at night. Design is different from before, the DELL uses touch trackpad integration more excellent with the keyboard below, large volume brings a good sense of the operation, in the external mouse case can also do some simple operation.

In the power button below, DELL is also equipped with a Inspiron 7567 scan fingerprint identification system, with the new Windows Hello can give the computer the greatest degree of security protection. As the performance of the core, the seventh generation Intel core I5 processor in the C below the surface of the sticker right. The labeling of LOGO and the sixth generation of Skylake is very similar, but in which there is a big difference in the kernel. The seventh generation of Kabylake core has a comprehensive improvement of the 14nm manufacturing process, the operation speed is more outstanding than the previous generation, can enhance the use of operating experience.

D surface is also made of metal, the whole block of alloy material is very conducive to heat dissipation. When it comes to Inspiron 7567 input and output interface with 6cell DELL Inspiron 7567 Battery, Xiao Bian think DELL in this regard really do very attentively. The interface is located in the upper half of the notebook, giving the external device more free operating space. On this point of view, small series is very much like.

DELL has a good performance in the game market, in addition to high-end game player Alienware brand, Inspiron series of sub brands is another game market segments, the brand positioning and pay more attention to the mainstream game player. Familiar with the brand Inspiron friends may know, the original Inspiron contains 14 and 15.6 in two sizes, but by the second generation only launched 15.6 inch version, so many keen on 14 inch models of the game game player a little regret. In the third generation of new Inspiron launch, DELL to launch a 14 inch of the game models, and maintain the two dimension parallel development strategy, and the new Inspiron series mold also has a larger change, better appearance. Below, the author will bring you 14 inches version of DELL Inspiron 7467 evaluation.

This time we got the Inspiron 7467 Intel equipped with the sixth generation core i7-6700HQ processor, 8GB ram, 128GB hard drives 500GB mechanical hard drive, GDDR5 memory 4GB GTX 950M alone was 14 inches, 1920 * 1080 resolution display, pre installed Windows 10 operating system and family student edition Office 2016 suite, the overall performance of the mainstream level.

At the same time, from the side of the fuselage, oblique plane and rear vents frame almost parallel to the details of the design, the control is in place, and full of personality, can greatly enhance the Inspiron of this series of games can be recognized. In addition, the two colors of the fuselage frame are deep gray design.

DELL Inspiron series models since the birth of red and black color will have two versions of the fuselage, the new Inspiron 7467 is no exception, is still red and black color design, can meet the different needs of all color preferences. This time we test for the red version, judging from the appearance of Inspiron 7467 with a new mold and 52wh DELL Inspiron 14-7467 Battery, its design is more tough, the back inclined plane is more smooth, the corners have slightly sharp, but the body also has a curved edge transition design a lot of "just" to describe its appearance may be more appropriate soft.

Another noteworthy detail is that trapezoidal design uses tail heat new Inspiron series models in the framework of regional, oblique plane back with a smooth, cooling hole were among the left and right sides, while the internal cooling hole also has the red metal net, making the body more dynamic, more visual impact. Shell, only to retain a DELL logo, style is still simple. Moreover, the shell part of the skin spray treatment, feel relatively comfortable, but also not easy to stick fingerprints, but can keep the body for a long time to keep clean.

Screen, the evaluation of the Inspiron 7467 is equipped with a 14 inches fog surface display, resolution of 1920 x 1080 Full HD level, the screen display is relatively good, visual angle is ideal. Daily use, anti glare screen can greatly enhance the light reflection effect of screen frame with matte design, can effectively enhance the viewing experience.

Inspiron 7467 fuselage bottom has two heat into the air hole design, and also has a subwoofer design, as well as the classic "Inspiron" logo, the overall design to maintain a minimalist style. The weight of the body, the new Inspiron 7467 bare metal weight is 2.248kg with 6cell DELL Inspiron 7467 Battery, plus a travel weight power adapter for 2.712kg, portability of the whole of the game than the 15 inch models is more excellent, suitable to the portable game player selection.


LENOVO Legion Y520 Y720 and HP EliteBook 1030 G2 notebook review

The last time we saw HP EliteBook X360 this product should be a year ago, this year HP EliteBook X360 1030 G2 update, and this computer is converted to mixed design notebook products business users, in the same year CES will debut after the updated EliteBook X360 notebook computer. Of course, some people will think this notebook and Spectre functions in X360 have many similarities, but there are still some new notebook in different places let us shine at the moment, let's see what style of this notebook.

This provides many new hardware configuration options, such as the low allocation models equipped with the core i5-7200U and i5-7300U processors, but you can also choose the high core i7-7600U processor (GPU or Intel HD as part of Graphics 620).

13.3 inches touch screen covered with a layer of Corelle gorilla glass, optional 1080P or 4K resolution. As a "hybrid", you can adjust the notebook to different use patterns. Storage, 4cell HP EliteBook 1030 G2 Battery, optional 16GB RAM+128/256GB SSD .

Although the author is not a senior game player, but I for each product selection or have a certain force demand, performance is not very high but the appearance of a stock or absolute. The monotony of the elegant appearance design although low-key, but it is not fit with my style. I am more pursuit of the combination of sports beauty and muscle lines, coincides with the recent Department sent a Lenovo Legion Y520, its appearance in a moment let me have the desire to touch it.

Notebook is different from the mobile phone tablet, the frequency of our general user replacement is very difficult to do for two years or a year. In 2015 to the sixth generation Intel core processor, look at the hands of the ThinkPad or two generation processor...... There is no doubt that the new Skylake platform can give users a smoother experience, the sixth generation and the gap between the second generations, perhaps I really should change a laptop.

Piano paint - love with fingerprint, don't! Engineering plastics - texture too low, do not! Metal wire drawing CNC process - metal drawing good, CNC force grid full, this can be! Lenovo Legion Y520 is used to build a new mold, machine by the red and black color overlay dynamic, excellent lines sketched out a cool supercar shape; the appearance and properties of a comprehensive upgrade, and emphasizes the performance and experience pay more attention to the details of the deal.

In the sound box effect, Lenovo has always been on their own product configuration and adjust the speaker has done very carefully, even if it is also the YOGA tablet. Lenovo 2.1 channel JBL sound through professional tuning Legion Y720 equipment group, will also be the first D subwoofer moved to the central position, stereo sound more natural. The actual process, also can obviously feel a deep bass from the bottom of the fuselage. With Dolby home theater technology, bring shock sound. Water chestnut speaker symmetrical design clear, red and black mesh very texture.

In the hardware configuration with the introduction of Intel Skylake platform, Lenovo Legion Y520 also homeopathic and updated, the author can meet the needs of the game. 4GB GDDR5 also allows independent video memory graphics performance can maximize the use of wide angle IPS, borderless screen gaming experience is brought up to 4K resolution personally on the scene; a combination of 16GB DDR4 memory and 6cell LENOVO Legion Y520 Battery configuration for the 128GB SSD+1TB HDD is to ensure efficient operation in any game under the. All of these are combined in a cool housing built by all metal, very hard for me to say no to it.

As one of the most profound brand PC brand, TravelMate has over the past two years a number of innovative products, such as ultra thin TravelMate X1 Carbon and W series mobile workstations. Today's protagonist TravelMate P259 is TravelMate's new mobile workstation products, which uses the Intel mobile terminal Xeon processor and NVIDIA latest Quadro M2000M professional independence. Today, PChome will bring you a detailed evaluation of P259, we wait and see.

The control part P259 is to attract attention, the key is curved slightly concave, the lower edge is round, like a touch of hard plastic so stiff, very moist, key process and resilience are more comfortable, the more need for their own experience rather than our description. In addition to the keyboard, the P259 uses a new six button touch panel Trackpoint+ with three independent below three independent operation feel very awesome, collocation classic red dot design, do not leave the region can achieve most of the keyboard and mouse operation.

Hardware configuration, P259 processor uses a 4 core Intel E3-1505M V5, clocked 3.4GHz, graphics cards for the professional level of NVIDIA Quadro M2000M. Memory using two 8GB DDR4-2133 ECC, a total of 16GB. Hard disk for 512GB solid SSD plus 1TB mechanical hard disk. Can be said that the configuration is very nitian.

When it comes to business professionals, everyone's first reaction is certainly TravelMate, TravelMate continues to date ID design is very recognizable. Like today's P259 with 6cell ACER TravelMate P249-MG Battery in our hands, the first look at the past, we know that this is the founder of the notebook is TravelMate, we can feel the design revealed by the professional atmosphere. So imposing enough, then the mobile workstation hard strength in the end how?

Aside from the appearance of the design, the design of the hardware interface has become the only channel for notebook computers and external equipment communication, location and quantity will have a direct impact on user experience. According to this requirement the Lenovo Legion Y720 considered the very comprehensive, both sides of the fuselage and reasonable arrangement of many common interfaces including USB interface, equipped with 128GB +1TGB SSD high-speed mechanical hard disk, internal 16GB DDR4 memory to ensure the efficient use of the user.

Lenovo Legion Y720 on the right side of the fuselage, equipped with two USB3.0 interface and 9cell LENOVO Legion Y720 Battery, and the red and black colors in order to maintain consistency, especially to the change to red, so that the style is highly consistent. There is one for the external HD display standard HDMI interface, network interface and notebook lock.

In appearance, TravelMate P259 and most TravelMate products is not too obvious, all black carbon fiber body, body cover of the upper left and lower right corners are "TravelMate" and "DELL" brand identity, but this generation of the "DELL" logo surprisingly small, see DELL in downplayed "DELL" brand.

P259 on the surface of the C joined the fingerprint recognition, which is not used to the traditional scratch fingerprint recognition, but the same as iPhone and convenient fingerprint recognition. In the studio, in order to protect the original design is not stolen, safety is worth studying. TravelMate P259 a gilded signboard special security guarantee, and press type fingerprint decreased with the increase of safety brought trouble, let the designer more efficient encryption / unlock your computer, do not mind the lengthy password with the troublesome unlock.

P259 on the screen to do a professional, but for the studio, the color of the screen display is not necessarily true, there may be color, color for a long time will gradually become larger. A lot of design studio will be equipped with color correction apparatus, and the P259 is very rare with X-RiTe Pantone professional color correction device, the screen cover takes a little time to complete the adjustment of color screen, eliminating the need to set the instrument training time, improve efficiency. This point in the general designer PC is very rare, but also from time to time to remind software for color correction, ensure the product design studio on the screen is the actual appearance, not because the screen color affect the actual effect.

Also in the face of C we can see the outstanding control part of P259, which has always been the advantage of TravelMate notebook, but also after generations of outstanding products to form a unique practice.

Keyboard, TravelMate P259 uses 51wh ACER TravelMate P259-MG Battery and a small keyboard with digital keypad, with two levels of brightness adjustment of the white keyboard backlight. It continues the TravelMate consistently high quality use experience, the bond process slightly deep, soft feedback with hard, typing experience is very comfortable. For TravelMate P259 keyboard, a word can be summed up: you can know is TravelMate.


DELL Precision 5520 7520 and LENOVO ThinkPad L470 T470 review

We have the impression that the notebook are doing in the direction of thin, sacrificing performance has become a helpless choice. While the high performance notebook most heavy, is there a two concurrently products? The mobile station is a specially designed for the special needs of computer design, powerful data computing and graphics processing ability is its standard, stable operation at the same time, application engineering, scientific research, simulation and other professional fields. As the saying goes "specialize in" application software deal with some professional field, such as 3D Studio Max, Adobe series, mobile stations are often more efficient.

to the professional nature of mobile workstations, so that we think it is cumbersome appearance, in fact, with our aesthetic tends to thin, thin and practical mobile workstation, practical is not a dream. Familiar with Dell friends all know, Alienware, Inspiron, Latitude, XPS, Vostro and other different types of different market segments, and Precision is the flagship station Dell category, Precision 5520 series is representative of the mobile station are thin.

The Precision 5520 with 56wh DELL Precision 5520 Battery of calm, restrained, but the ultimate luxury, with several opposite concept affectation, make Precision become the president of executives, 5520 fully deserve the elite, on behalf of people using it "looks amazing but calm, steadfast and strong".

Precision 5520 inside the box is elegant, solid workmanship, and Macbook similar damping, high-end temperament revealed no doubt. Except Precision 5520, 130W power supply standard also thin, with lighting effects, large power and small volume also comes with aura, this force is high than one grade. In addition, Dell also has a Type C-RJ45 adapter is not convenient to use WiFi also can transfer to fixed network.

At first glance, Precision 5520 and XPS 15 are very similar. Look carefully, regardless of appearance, weight, is still very similar. The same 15.6 inch and 14 inch notebook, but comparable to the body; the same 1.78kg, the mobile workstation truly both fashion and performance; the same 5mm ultra narrow border, both to meet the large size of the screen like, and to meet the demand of light.

Precision 5520 relative chamfering founder, but also more anxious, the overall style is tough, metal texture better. A A plane, B plane frame micro effect pleasing quite amazing, the camera position is special, and not placed at the top of the screen, but the bottom left Dell logo.

As can be seen, Precision 5520 reserved heat hole, the larger the gap axis. The carbon fiber woven palm support not only keeps the hand feeling, but also has the durability and practicability. Because the space is relatively large, the key size, spacing moderate, not too much chance of error. White soft keyboard light, even at night can not be too abrupt, will be automatically closed when not in use.

From the beginning of contact with the computer, I know there is such a concept ThinkPad, a symbol of the highest glory of the PC industry. To worship the sacred brand inexplicable continues to indulge in the game in high school, so for many university students to buy ThinkPad choose to sniff at. Until now to participate in the work, and slowly to the ThinkPad has a more in-depth understanding: the game of life is only a small part of entertainment, in order to better tomorrow's work is the fundamental life. The work efficiency need a handy notebook, Lenovo ThinkPad L470 is a good choice for high-end.

ThinkPad L470 with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad L470 Battery is still the appearance of carbon fiber + metal shell set up the classic appearance of ThinkPad. The machine adopts the black fuselage design, ThinkPad and the Lenovo logo are located in the upper left and lower right corners, which identifies the main ThinkPad still uses the silver white font, and the classic red dot still retains the design operation status indicator.

On the studio and the company's IT procurement staff to say, for the designer to purchase a computer is a very difficult thing, the designer of the product needs and ordinary employees are not the same. Designers will often have a lot of high load of professional software to use the scene, the stability of the machine and maintenance of relatively high requirements. While the old computer in addition to performance and stability issues affecting the work efficiency, and high maintenance cost, greatly increased the workload of the logistics department, but also easy to affect mood, let the whole design studio or in a bad mood. The major manufacturers had insight into the enterprise or the studio to this demand, a series of products in order to provide higher efficiency and more satisfactory work experience, enhance the designer's work pleasure, not only reduce operating costs, but also to create a good working atmosphere. This time, we bring you to meet the needs of the studio / enterprise IT Department designer computer procurement needs of commercial PC DELL mobile workstation Precision 7520.

Professional word can not just say, it means a set of hard and soft collocation, which will make the notebook volume change, but people don't believe that a Air notebook is a professional designer PC. Precision 7520 is not a portable business with 9cell DELL Precision 7520 Battery, also in this is not a frivolous. As a mobile workstation, heavy, huge people's first impression of him. But it is for the designer PC is not a derogatory term, the designer with 7520, this thick atmosphere, can let a person to the studio or business a more professional positioning, easier to get the trust of customers, but also can bring more projects.

With the gradual development of young white-collar workers in the workplace, the traditional office business computer has been unable to meet these young people for the dual requirements of office and entertainment. With the introduction of Lenovo ThinkPad office for the high performance computer do not take the unusual way in autumn this year, launched at the beginning of the game under the exclusive ThinkPad S5 black high-end gaming notebook computer, then it is faster to cater to young people for the office and double game needs, launched both office and entertainment properties the ThinkPad of the T470 business.

This time we got the ThinkPad T470 assessment machine with a champagne spray color matte shell and 15.6 inch IPS FHD Full HD display, built-in Intel core seventh generation intelligent i7-7500U dual core processor, for the first time in the business of notebook computer equipped with 2GB GDDR5 memory NVIDIA GTX 950M graphics card, 8GB memory and 128GB SSD+1TB support 5400rpm SATA double disk storage. From the configuration, this product is really attracted to young Master office, then it is really so good, we try to know!

Details on the C surface need to be carefully explained, we will explain the details in the following chapter, then we look at the ThinkPad D T470 surface design. D surface with black design, the same matte treatment, but also in order to increase the feel and friction, holding hands is not easy to slide. In D, there is a large area of the radiating opening for discharging waste heat inside the body.

This machine adopts detachable battery set on a battery on both sides of the fuselage and battery bar are provided with a rubber pad, this is because the battery is more prominent than the bottom surface, the rubber pad is installed in the battery is placed to prevent abrasion of the battery shell.

Since it is the business of the book, then in the appearance of a business model. ThinkPad T470 with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad T470 Battery insisted and ThinkPad style simple in appearance, but in the case of the selected color, thickness and so on are more appeal to young people, we look at the next one.