Newest DELL Latitude 3440 3540 coming

With the Windows 8 operating system, a large area of ?popularity, many consumers buy new notebook vast majority have been preloaded with Win8. Windows 8 's biggest feature is the addition of touch capabilities , but also for the user to create a new touch UI interface , the system changes the user traditional habits, the keyboard , mouse, normal operation , based on the touch to make up more experience , enabling users with notebook channel is established between the human-computer interaction , we can more directly and quickly with your fingers to operate , like smart phones and tablet PCs that.

Since Windows 8 has been released, increasingly popular touch-screen laptop , Dell conform to industry trends and user needs, recently launched a number of touch-screen ultrabook , notebook and one machine, but today we tested this notebook is the Dell touch -oriented mainstream family, student users to launch Latitude 3440 touchpad .

Dell Latitude 3440 touchpad with 6cell DELL Latitude 3440 Battery born out of Latitude 3440, its exterior design and did not touch a new generation of Latitude 3440 is basically the same , their body cap are used with brushed silver metal texture , cover four weeks with silver white border modification , the overall effect than the previous generation 3440 Hyun brushed steel cover more texture .

HP ProBook series is HP's launch for small businesses and individual users of the mainstream business notebook , but also one of the few models with AMD platform business notebook series, and today we tested HP 242 G1, the series is equipped with the latest listing of a AMD Richland series APU business notebook .

HP 242 G1 is a 14-inch conventional notebook with 4cell HP 242 G1 Battery, the send test models equipped with AMD A8-5550M APU speed processor, integrated AMD Radeon HD 8550G integration of a single display, equipped with AMD Radeon HD 8750M graphics card, support mixed crossfire It offers 4GB of memory and 750GB 5400 rpm mechanical hard drive , the whole mobile office capabilities more generally , can cope with everyday office applications .

Since Windows 8 has become our common operating system, then for many novice and accustomed to using Win7 users, you need to have a new learning process , after all, Microsoft's new system was a revolutionary improvement. Today we use the HP popular models VivoBook S400 simple for everyone to introduce some small features .
Although Windows 8 and screen more inclined to let the user interact directly , but still did not give up the traditional use of the keyboard , the keyboard is still currently the main entry way people approach , although at the click of a finger sliding on a quick advantage, but not touch the text entry control strengths, although there are virtual keyboard help, but with the screen angled wrist is not the most comfortable , most fast typing or traditional keyboard .

Speaking of keyboard input methods , have to mention that we do not often use the shortcut keys. In addition to regular character keys , the current notebook products have been streamlined keyboard layout will cancel all the physical shortcut keys above the keyboard , they are of the capabilities are concentrated in the Fn key combination , so like screen brightness , volume size numeric keypad keys can be found at the top in the corresponding position .

Dell 3540 touchpad with 6cell DELL Latitude 3540 Battery upgrade to next-generation NVIDIA GeForce GT 730M graphics card, GPU-Z from the above screenshot you can see , GT 730M still using Kepler architecture , with 384 stream processors , memory interface is 128bit, large some parameters and GT640M same. From 3Dmark VANTAGE E mode GPU item scores of view , GT730M and GT640M score at the same level than the previous generation 3440 using GT630M graphics performance has increased dramatically , in a resolution of 1366 × 768 deal "Battlefield 3" at this level 3D games.

Finally, after these high degree of testing, the author conducted a 10-minute game test, because the game processor load testing is also a corresponding increase in power consumption is also relatively large. I played about 10 minutes of "Street Fighter 4", the base of power on from 84% to 73%, while the overall estimated consumption decreased from 92% to 86%. After half an hour of the final test, the computer display can also use the 3 hours 05 minutes. Although this is an estimate with the actual use slightly different, but if by our daily habits, but for web browsing or text office, then a conservative estimate using four hours is not a problem, and this life time for absolute Most people have a mobile office needs is already sufficient.

In tests on a machine, we have felt the HP 250 with HP 250 G1 Battery strong endurance, when we remove the keyboard dock, while using tablet mode simply endurance have its performance then? Let us further test. After all, with respect to the entry office, this slate operating life may be more stringent requirements because of its more mobile, and I believe we have not seen anyone still stuck while playing a long flat power cord it.

From the hardware configuration point of view , the Dell 3440 touchpad equipped with GT730M graphics performance is more abundant can handle most of the mainstream 3D games, but the Core i5-3337UM processor performance with standard voltage Intel Core i5-3210M is still a gap , but the response to the daily office Entertainment is more than enough .

In the use of comfort , the Dell 3440 touchpad keyboard and DELL N3X1D Battery keys shorter though , but 14.0 inches 10:00 Windows 8 touch screen quotas and bring us more natural control experience , especially in games optimized for touch-screen , news , etc. APP, can definitely make you forget the presence of the mouse and keyboard .

Underside of the fuselage , concentrated in areas of high temperature HP 242 G1 near the outlet , where the maximum temperature reached 47.9 ℃, so I do not suggest that you place a long time in the legs . The battery usage time , we use the latest MobileMark 2012 Hewlett-Packard 242 G1 tested it MobileMark2007 than the previous generation of software running the upgrade, its test project closer to the user's real use of the environment nowadays . For HP 242 G1 , in the office mode runs 287 minutes ( 40% of cases, screen brightness ) to meet the basic needs of ordinary users use daily , in the conference play 3-4 hours when PPT is no problem.

In the design , theHP 255 with HP 255 G1 Battery continuation of steady low-key temperament , the whole black and dark gray , cover part of the use of plastic material, the keyboard surface casing for the metal building, surrounded by a circle of the fuselage for reinforcement metal ring, bottom using tool-free design, the keyboard surface to provide wireless switch and mute buttons , although some feel the keyboard slightly less , but the overall design point of view , 242 G1 or pay more attention to detail , just 25.9 ~ 29.9mm in bare metal thickness and weight of 2.116kg ultrabook compared with slightly heavy , inconvenient to carry around , but it is a complete interface settings ultrabook is difficult to achieve .


HP ProBook 450 455 pk ASUS VivoBook X102BA

2013 notebook market, the hottest nothing super pole, thin, Haswell these keywords. Thin is the PC development trend, which is understandable; super this is the latest development of light and thin notebook form is also cause for concern; Haswell as a fourth-generation intelligent Intel processors, not surprisingly, become the focus of the major manufacturers of new upgrades a. So, we see today mostly revolves around these new keywords in the fuss.

As compared to previous years, Intel Haswell Published late introduction of new products for some time, resulting in a number of vendors in the new product launch time and did not use the latest platforms, although the design to make a change, but at best only as a follow-up to the transition of new products only, For example, we introduce to you today, this ProBook 455 G1, compared to a few months before the launch of the 450 G0, the mold without the slightest change, but in some hardware to do the upgrade.

July 17, HP held the press conference in Japan, so many black fans awaited ProBook 455 with HP ProBook 455 G1 Battery officially released, this product is currently available in Hong Kong. And we in the domestic market, but also saw this super pole figure. ProBook 400 Series notebook is thin and light portable product positioning, X230 launched last year has been very good performance, while 450 G0 as ultra-extreme version of the upgraded version, it is the light tends to the limit, but the processor is still using Ivybridge. Today, 455 G1 as the latest generation of upgraded products, with many outstanding features, will become the business over most of the market, the brightest star!

In June 24, 2013 afternoon HP "World Tour", the first time we saw the performance of the most powerful PC \ Tablet combo products: VivoBook X102BA. This product is the same as before the release of VivoBook X102BA, emphasizing 100% +100% tablet notebook concept. However, VivoBook X102BA not like VivoBook X102BA the same with Atom processor, but matching the Y Series Core i3/i5 processors, so the performance has been greatly exceeded.

The songce ASUS VivoBook X102BA with 32Wh ASUS VivoBook X102BA Battery and Intel Core i5 3339Y processor (clocked at 1.5GHz, up to 2.0GHz), 4GB DDR3L 1333MHz (low voltage version) RAM, 64GB SSD +500 GB HDD hard drive combinations. Which placed in the flat part of the 64GB SSD, 500GB HDD placed in the keyboard section. The screen, high-definition 13.3-inch LED-backlit anti-glare touch screen with a resolution of 1366 × 768, support the ten-point touch.

ProBook 455 G1 supports optional IPS screen up to 1920 x 1080 resolution, and optional touch screen, the most prominent feature is the use of the latest generation Intel Haswell processors and Intel HD4400 Core Graphics. Today we are fortunate to get this product with Haswell i7 processor, 8GB memory, non-touch version. But let me compare this 455 G1 wonder is not equipped with solid-state hard drive, nor Ultrabook identity, so strictly speaking, can not be considered super this, but here we will look at it as a super this, after all, with just a SSD Ultrabook distance. Then we take a detailed analysis.

If you've ever seen ProBook 450 G0 with HP ProBook 450 G0 Battery, then, to see this ProBook 455 G1, they will surprise: Is not that 450 G0 do? Yes, these two products from the appearance point of view, not the slightest difference, the only distinction between the two can only B-side corner of the screen marks on the border.

Overall still followed the classic black tone black, carbon fiber material to build the body, like the skin surface treatment, feel very comfortable. And carbon fiber material light weight machine at the same time to ensure the maximum degree of the fuselage to provide security protection. Code black box shape design, but also to black fans feel at home.

Performance, through CineBench R11.5 detection, its multi-threaded score of 6.87pts, single-threaded score of 1.48pts, basic performance has been completely played. The new iBUYPOWER Valkyrie CZ-27 in graphics cards has been significantly improved, the use of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M graphics card with up to 768 CUDA cores and high frequency, up to 797MHz, Boost frequency is up to 863MHz, specifications far in the last generation models above. Supporting memory is 2GB GDDR5, the equivalent frequency 4008MHz.

In addition GTX 765M significant independence, EUROCOM M3 is also equipped with a Core Graphics to accommodate life through Fn + F5 key combination can also do a shielding function key in order to ensure the smooth running of a very few games. Performance, through the new 3DMark software testing, the Cloud Gate mode GPU score of 17,149, the performance significantly ahead of the most fiery and GT 750M GT 740M significant independence, even the previous generation times compared to the flagship GTX 670MX also has slight advantage, performance is very powerful. In DirectX 11 benchmark for performance testing of 3DMark 11 test areas, Performance mode, EUROCOM M3 's EUROCOM M3 Battery final score of P4073, Graphics score 3833, the same times more than the previous generation's top GTX 670MX. There is such a performance, almost all games can be high-quality take-up.

First, let us look at this product in the Windows 8 system comes with the score rating system, so that everyone on the overall performance of this product have a preliminary understanding. The rating system in Windows 8, ASUS VivoBook X102BA final score of 4.5 points. Which graphics a lowest score of 4.5 points, which also determines the aircraft's final score. Higher scores two for the processor and hard drive scores were 6.3 points and 8.1 points. Advantage SSDs show here on out, to get a very high 8.1 points, SSDs compared to traditional mechanical hard drives, read and write speed, low operating noise.

Next, we first conduct a processor test. Here we chose the treatment CINEBENCH R10 performance was tested. i5-3339Y In this test, a score of 3492 points single-threaded, multi-threaded score of 6721 points. Ultra-low-power version of the processor to have such a score, or not at all easy.

Now are beginning to focus on the deformation of PC plug-in, HP computers adapt to user needs, who will be in VivoBook X102BA to maximize innovation, a dual hard drives, dual battery design, Beats Audio sound system and other selling point, to provide users with the best solution programs. Here let us into the ASUS VivoBook X102BA evaluation article. Since ASUS VivoBook X102BA uses a plug-in design, so most of its body interface are located in the keyboard base. The left side of the base part has a USB port, a headphone jack and a card reader slot.

The right side of the base has a power plug, an HDMI interface and a USB interface. In short, HP VivoBook X102BA with FUJITSU FPCBP404AP Battery interface or basically common interfaces based, but may still be in the number slightly less, such as a USB port, it may be in an office plug a mouse connected to a U disk is full, think external hard drive or a mobile U disk copy of the data would not be able to implement the same time. Of course, the solution is very simple, if you think the user interface is too few, then you can purchase a USB hub, etc. for expansion.


iBUYPOWER Valkyrie CZ-27 CZ-28 gaming laptop coming

Earlier this month, Intel held its third in Shenzhen Industry Innovation Summit, as the promoter of the PC industry, Intel has spared no effort to promote the touch PC, ultra-pole of this product innovation and development. Compared with the previous two Innovation Summit, the summit for "PC Tablet Combo" more urgent this vision, Intel is the computing industry for large-scale innovation, and hope to enhance collaboration with the entire ecosystem to accelerate combo calculated transition support and create can significantly improve the computing experience of technology.

Roof line uses the same uplift of the "spine" design, according to Dell's introduction, this notebook is mainly to highlight the vitality, iBUYPOWER is not just a machine, but also your game, live, work partners. And this design back in the early generation of iBUYPOWER body which had been used and still in use. Finally, iBUYPOWER Valkyrie CZ-27 also features a new cover stamping patterns, mosaic pattern similar to the case of triangular shape with eight AlienFX lighting, in low light conditions is particularly cool.

Inside, the new iBUYPOWER CZ-27 with 9cell iBUYPOWER Valkyrie CZ-27 Battery on both sides of the border of the screen is more narrow, other details such as the keyboard, touch pad, as well as the design around the body are different, specific changes please read on. From the side view, the new iBUYPOWER Valkyrie CZ-27 thickness of the body is still relatively high, although doing so is not conducive to carry, but it can play a better cooling effect, is conducive to hardware performance into full play, enhance the expansion of more space and the use of comfort to provide a guarantee. Interface, the machine offers three USB3.0, one of which supports charging function off, the basic connection of peripherals to meet the daily needs. Video output using mini DisplayPort and HDMI 1.4 interface, ultra-HD resolution on a monitor or TV to provide perfect support. Finally, 3.5mm audio interface, cable interface naturally have reservations.

Although the use of a thin and light design. But we can see the black classic roof design there is so little shadow, just the screen lock is no longer. According to the present situation, in future Ultrabook models, the lock screen will not appear. Even the traditional models for thin, will this make sacrifices.

Two backlit keyboard design that can be appropriately adjusted according to the environment, even in low-light environments, the backlight can also bring a very convenient operating experience. Fn button at the lower left, and also designed the lights, you can more easily locate. Still retains the classic Little Red Riding Hood, the ProBook's most iconic elements, must appear in each section ProBook models.

Although this super pole looks relatively slim, but still pass eight MIL-SPEC tests, and not because of the expense to do light machine ruggedness. Then we start the detailed testing, we take a look. Concerned about the product before ProBook friends will find that we have recently seen these ultra-pole of this new product, the design has the same purpose, which also seems to presage the future Ultrabook ProBook models will take this minimalist style .

The ProBook 445 G1 with HP ProBook 445 G1 Battery exterior still retains the traditional black tone, but this is not a traditional dark black, but a black ink. Carbon fiber body to create and roof treatment, delicate feel very comfortable. And carbon fiber material light weight machine at the same time to ensure the maximum degree of security protection provided.

Intel is driving the entire PC industry to launch a revolution, over most of the products will be the protagonist of this change. Intel plans, over most of the development is divided into three steps: the first step integration of industrial launch appearance of thin, strong performance over most of the product, which has been achieved in 2012. The second step in the second half of this year, combined with Windows8 system to achieve ultra-pole of this tablet PC combo. The third step is to stage the second half of next year, the real Ultrabook achieve human-computer interaction.

iBUYPOWER Valkyrie CZ-28 with iBUYPOWER Valkyrie CZ-28 Battery features a massive body design is to enhance heat dissipation, tested the aircraft in the processor, graphics card, graphics card are fully loaded case, the body C surface temperature can be maintained at 38 degrees Celsius, and body temperature were flat; body temperature at the bottom is basically the same, but the processor, video card corresponding position of the metal mesh punching easier thermal conductivity, high load so please avoid using it also directly on the lap.

Intel Haswell's delayed release, resulting in many PC manufacturers should have been listed in April, there have been new extension, but due to various reasons, some vendors there are some transitional models, is equipped with the new mold on the old platform, the first inject fresh blood to the market, such as our front test ProBook 440 G0, and today bring you this ProBook 445 G1 Ultrabook.

March 18, 2013, HP Expand Conference in San Francisco, officially launched this 440 G0, ashamed to say, until today we see this super pole of the real machine. The completely redesigned 440 G0 with HP ProBook 440 G0 Battery, which lasted 18 months, compared to its predecessor, the body is more slender and sexy at the same time without losing the low-key black beauty.

By accelerating the introduction of new mobile computers, giving users a new experience. These computers will also have the performance of today's notebook computers and features, as well as tablet PC features. They will provide a rapid response capability and high security experience, but the design is more thin and delicate. As the traditional personal computer in the past 40 years has been subject to Moore's Law and the impact of technological development processes, like, Ultrabook pace of development also follow Moore's Law, by advances in process technology driven.

Because the new platform release, OEM manufacturers have the enthusiasm to follow up. In addition to the slim design, the Intel chip features according to their packaging out more selling point, which is still selling ultra-pole of the core demands. Such as long life, without compromising performance, wireless video output (WiDi) and so on.

Secondly, although the use of the older generation platforms, performance, power consumption may be somewhat less, but the difference is not too much, but the cost will not be too high, which for many users, is still very attractive. Overall, this 445 G1 in appearance and before we see 440 G0, 445 G0 design philosophy is much the same, cover, keyboard layout, etc. are very similar. Just an excuse some quite different. From several products, we can see, this minimalist style design, is a recent ProBook extremely the direction of development.

Corner of the screen frame, 445 G1 with HP HSTNN-LB4Y Battery, clear to us the model number of this product, so a few months later, another clan ancestral different models appears to cause confusion. Cover the entire C-face process continues, whole body black ink, feels smooth and delicate, feel very good. Last year's new unified deployment using high touch chocolate keyboard. In the keycap on the design of a certain arc, better fit fingertips, bring better feel. But extended to the super pole itself, by the thin limit, the key process areas to make certain sacrifices, which is inevitable. Overall, still very good.


LENOVO IdeaPad S410p S410p Touch S510p S510p Touch coming

Who is the consumer PC market, the main consumer? Faced with an increasingly rising electricity providers, do you have a cold? Which price segment of the laptop is the most popular? Relying on a daily notebook Zhongguancun online channel 30 original articles spread of power, in the middle of launching a computer user behavior netizen investigation. Research from multiple angles, you do not know the interpretation of computer users purchasing behavior. In the two weeks of the survey, more than 1,000 copies of valid questionnaires, the above problems are the answer.

And I also see another situation is that more and more PC manufacturers began to attach importance to the field of high-end gaming PC, there are more manufacturers went into this field. Dell classic alien series, Asus Titan sharp, professional gaming MSI G Series notebooks, Lenovo's Erazer protoss, these products are the leader in the field of high-end gaming PC, and Lenovo also recently reached a strategic cooperation with Blizzard.

In the questionnaires which we see ,18-25-year-olds for the purchase of the backbone of the crowd. This part of the population is mainly just entered the work of students and young professionals. Since the age range of 18-23 years old are basically large segment of students, thus indicating student purchasing power is very strong.

In fact, many users actually use from the point of view, there are a lot of "conservative" consumers are not willing to use touch this. Their demand is relatively simple, many users are also the first purchase notebook. So choose books when not seeking early adopters, which should be able to meet the usual office, watching HD video, play online games on the line can be. Such users are more suitable for purchase traditional notebook, the price is not high enough yet. It seems, LENOVO IdeaPad S410p with LENOVO IdeaPad S410p Battery positioning chopped coincide with the above requirements.

Touch notebooks and deformation of the various manufacturers is undoubtedly the current focus on the promotion of products, in order to meet the user's needs for novel and more flexible control experience, these new products will not only increase the touch-type touch screen support, but also to blend more and more used. However, from product design to mold development, will undoubtedly increase the cost of the notebook.

Hardware configuration, we got this fire in this color appearance LENOVO IdeaPad S410p configured Core i5 3337U processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB 5400 rpm hard drive and 2GB DDR3 memory machinery of NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M. Also, the machine also has the exclusive Ice Cool cool cool cooling technology and SonicMaster Lite audio technology to further enhance user comfort and entertainment. In addition, the machine also comes with Windows 8 operating system (actual preinstalled system version, depending on the shipping batches may be).

LENOVO IdeaPad S410p with LENOVO IdeaPad S410p Touch Battery is A45 live entertainment series of new products, starting with the June test S410 belong to one family. Therefore, the appearance of mold exactly the same model, although indistinguishable shape, but the red shell is obviously more lively, enthusiastic. The machine solid work in a simple, practical-based, more suitable for students entering the workplace, users and newcomers to use. Fuselage cover the use of a mature HP Imprint process, surface gloss outstanding performance, the use of materials after special treatment, it is not easy to leave fingerprints traces.

In addition, the cover has a new shading off changed the body before LENOVOA45 suit stripes have been used, but has been replaced by a fine dotted lines. Although relatively common at first glance, but when viewed in the distance, shading pattern that bring out the effect is still very stylish. In addition, the center is also equipped with roof chrome plating nameplate LOGO.

LENOVO latest G410 business notebook with 6cell LENOVO G410 Battery is such a product. When I first got this laptop, I felt a little disappointed: the appearance unobtrusive design is very simple, lightweight degree with watching accustomed Ultrabook also has gaps, the entire machine is a bit too obscure it. However, the actual use of the process in the next, but I slowly began to like this laptop, either touch screen or keyboard is very comfortable, it is a practical genuineness faction.

LENOVO IdeaPad S410p screen size of 14 inches, the best resolution of 1366 × 768, the screen does not support touch function embedded in the strip around the border of the cushion, the purpose is to slow down due to the screen the impact of opening and closing force. Screen material selected mirror, brightness and color expression is very good, the only regret is reflective phenomenon is inevitable.

LENOVO IdeaPad S510p using 4cell LENOVO IdeaPad S510p Battery the popular sunken shaft design, the location of the battery position on both sides of the shaft dynamics control uniform, one-handed opening and closing the screen operation is no problem. Support the screen angle shaft with similar terms similar to the screen at maximum opening angle of about 150 ° or so, basically to meet the user's daily viewing angle requirements.

Intel Core i7 4700MQ belongs to a new processor with four cores and Hyper-Threading technology can support up to eight threads. The processor is based on 22nm process technology, codenamed Haswell-MB, initially clocked at 2.4GHz, Core frequency to 3.4GHz, shared L3 cache of 6MB, the overall TDP of 47W. Learn basic information about the processor, we use software CINEBENCH R10 to assess its performance, the software is capable of single-core and multi-core processor performance given visual score, Fengyun Core i7 4700MQ processor quickly completed all of the test content, and ultimately get 6564 points its single-core, multicore get 24,617 points, belonging to high-end mobile processor models.

Intel Core i7 4700MQ belongs Haswell platform, the processor has four core and Hyper-Threading technology can support up to eight threads. The processor is still based on 22nm process technology, the initial clocked at 2.4GHz, Turbo Boost up to post 3.4GHz, shared L3 cache of 6MB, instruction set extensions to support SSE 4.1/4.2 and AVX 2.0, Core graphics for HD Graphics 4600.

Understanding of the processor's basic information, we use this software CINEBENCH R11.5 assess its performance, the software capable of single-core and multi-core processor performance given visual score, Fengyun Core i7 4700MQ processor quickly completed all the contents of the tests, the final score of OpenGL to get 59.49fps, CPU get 7.00pts, performance is very eye-catching.

Gaming notebook graphics card is undoubtedly the biggest surprise, CLEVO W230ST using 5600mAh CLEVO W230ST Battery and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 770M graphics card, with the top GTX 780M has a gap, then this card's performance in the end how to do? First look at specifications, NVIDIA GTX 770M chip based on 28nm Kepler GK106, has 960 stream processors (GTX 680M is 1344) and 24 ROP units, memory interface 192Bit, memory bandwidth (96.2GB / s) , 706MHz core frequency, and support for dynamic acceleration technology, acceleration can be raised to 797MHz, memory frequency up to 1002MHz. Judging from the parameters, it should be the last generation GTX 770M GTX 675MX upgrade.

Performance, most highlights that GTX 780M graphics card, the card should be considered to be the most powerful laptop in the performance, not only in the 3DMark series of benchmarks to the fore, while the actual game also has a very good performance. Significantly lower than the high-end hardware configuration and the same level of the price of other brands, creating a CZ-15 in the flagship game ranks highest cost of the position, and even the barebones be daunting.

LENOVO IdeaPad S510p with 4cell LENOVO IdeaPad S510p Touch Battery overall design acceptable, interface layout more abundant. Thickness thinner than the previous generation models a lot, but details of the work also improved. If it is used as an entry-level laptop or a student with the machine, then it is very appropriate. Core i5 processor core with GT 720M significant independence with the hardware performance is more balanced. In addition, from the cost point of view, the aircraft in the four thousand dollars is quite competitive.


Newest MSI GP60 GP70 Gaming Laptop coming

2012, the global PC gaming hardware sales of $ 18.368 billion, a slight decline this year to 17.791 billion U.S. dollars, but at least the next three years will continue to grow next year to return to 18.946 billion U.S. dollars, in 2016 it is the first time exceeded $ 20 billion, compound annual growth rate of 3%.

I believe many 80 after 90, in childhood have experience playing video games from Nintendo's NES, to GameBoy handheld, then to Sony's PS console series, and Saturn, Xbox and so on, he gave us left a very deep memory. With the popularity of PC at home, PC games also give our generation has brought more joy.

In the student population, the name of the banner to buy a computer to play games to learn some friends a few. Now in college, computers have become a basic necessity for everyone, partly because learning needs, on the other hand of course, to play the game needs.

MSI GP60 with 6cell MSI GP60 Battery and game keyboard layout and the MSI GE60 games this is basically the same, but the overall design elements and looked not rich, in addition to the top of the power supply and the shortcut keys, the left and right sides of the body of the MSI speakers surrounded by a red circle but do less than, and so the area above the keyboard slightly awkward and simple. The machine uses chocolate keyboard design, the keyboard backlight is not set below, this reduction with the practice for gamers will bring operational inconvenience.

HP's Pavilion series currently on the market has become the best-selling ultra-pole of this series, as well as its 11,14 Z 15z, etc. for the different needs of the population, 11 low-cost policies to some extent driven by the mainstream size and large size S300 and 15z sales, and as a follow-up model 15z in full landing Haswell platform, it is also constantly engaged in upgrading and improving.

The Pavilion 15 with HP HY04 Battery where there are a lot of improvements, the biggest bright spot is the touch-screen operating experience, through a certain algorithm to achieve higher accuracy, which is undoubtedly consolidate their advantage in touchscreen technology products, a practice also hope establish touchscreen notebooks and ultra-extreme experience standards, in terms of hardware, in addition to updating Haswell processors, graphics cards will also be upgraded to the GT740M, improves the overall performance of the other ultra-pole of this, this type of video card is equipped, is undoubtedly an overwhelming advantage

The game with the camera is relatively simple and does not have a 3D video recording capabilities, this part of the spectator can only be acceptable. In addition, the camera and screen on both sides of the border are equipped with cushioning rubber pad, you can better protect the camera and screen to prevent repeated opening and closing the screen lid caused by wear and impact. If the player users assertive personality, surely will love iBUYPOWER CZ-15 keyboard design, is particularly prominent band above the keyboard light-emitting area, this part will be used in the normal breathing light or "sound fountain" effect (the Page last a video), and can be set according to the user to change the glowing colors. The main keyboard area with a chocolate-button, while the bottom button with colorful lights glare, through random software can control a variety of colors, which can not help but remind us of aliens Alienware.

This mold keyboard specifically for gamers habits, specially designed keyboard and keys, not only greatly improve the durability of the keyboard, but will Fn function key to move to the right side of the keyboard, but the Windows key keys did not change, If you have to move it to the right will be better, because when you are doing the game occurred when the chances of inadvertently Windows function keys will be significantly reduced.

Through the actual test GTX 770M in 3Dmark Vantage E file mode scores reached 65,219 points, at the present level of mobile high-end graphics card, compared to the current mainstream games on the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 765M scores slightly higher. In addition, we have also added the latest 3Dmark Firestrike assessed in Cloud Gate mode, Graphics score of 23,421 points.

MSI GP70 with GTX 770M running at high-definition game no problem, at 1920 × 1080 resolution, high-definition run smoothly on the screen does not appear Caton phenomenon. MSI GP70 with 6cell MSI GP70 Battery equipped with the GTX 770M alone significantly different scenes to run the game, 30FPS frame rate can be maintained at more than fluency, while switching to the basic 10FPS HD 4600 or so, run the core graphics show a picture of the phenomenon of procrastination.

I also vaguely remember that in 2000 or so, I begged his parents to buy me the scene when the first computer. At that time I learn computer knowledge banner, the banner of contact with fresh things, the success of my life to win the first computer. Which prompted me to buy a computer sprouted out of the reason is because I play in the students home StarCraft and Red Alert.

Judging from the product naming, this Pavilion 15 ultrabook with the previous release Pavilion 15z are equipped with touch capabilities, but does not open a separate new digital naming sequence (S560), it should be seen as 15z Pavilion 15 upgrade version, so that little change molds, mainly due to changes in hardware, and in some tinkering with details of the place, to keep prices at the same time, enhance the experience of our strengths.

HP Pavilion 15 with HP HSTNN-LB4U Battery in the version with 15.6-inch capacitive touch screen, supports multi-touch, the screen resolution of 1366 × 768; equipped with Intel Core i5-4200UU processor, Intel HD Graphics and HD series discrete graphics GT 740M; has 4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM, 24GB SSD +750 GB 5400RPM HDD hybrid hard drive, 1280 × 720 resolution camera, Bluetooth 3.0 module; preinstalled Windows 8 system.

And then as time goes on, when my computer play the game starts struggling, I gradually began to understand computer hardware knowledge, began upgrading began to start the second, third, fourth, fifth computer . It can be said, I accumulated a lot of knowledge about the PC's are left at that time, and in my purchase these computers, in addition to the codeword now this laptop outside, the other can be said to be not fold The game does not buckle.

In my years, I have a new set every two years at an average speed of the platform update my computer hands while pushing me so frequently replace the computer reasons, mainly because the game.

When referring to a notebook the most cost-effective products, can not help but think of the iBUYPOWER game series this (recent product a lot), they do have a very good performance. Today's mobile-level discrete graphics card performance has been improved significantly, with this advantage, but also to many owners of powerful performance gaming notebook products have the opportunity to come to the fore, this time iBUYPOWER launch of Super iBUYPOWER CZ-15 games this is no exception, of course, although the cost of this machine, but priced yuan.

Haswell processors from Intel officially released until now did not how long, and according to the rhythm of the previous term, high-performance model equipped with Haswell models will debut in time relative to earlier. Notebook manufacturers will be based on this rhythm, the large size of the game will be used as starting their own models.

iBUYPOWER CZ-15 with 9cell iBUYPOWER Valkyrie CZ-15 Battery used by mold makers seem to have cooperation with Onkyo stereo, using the Onkyo 2.1 speakers, and they pinpoint the best location in notebook speakers, but also equipped with Sound Blaster sound card with X-Fi MB 3 sound. Speakers placed at the bottom of the keyboard to the top of the screen, the metal mesh with chrome highlights the sharp edge styling, while the fuselage bottom woofer with each other, the overall sound more full release, bass sound and more vigorous.

DELL Inspiron 5437 5537 5737 coming

Mention Dell Inspiron, impressed with this product I would, because of its unique flip-screen variant is unique in the super pole, Dell PC product line, Inspiron 5537 be regarded as a innovative products, while Inspiron 5537 does not lives up to its high standard of positioning, excellent workmanship and slim design, people read it addictive

Dell Inspiron 5537 as a flagship touch over most of the cross can be said that both the light and the performance advantages of both, but the most interesting is that the Dell Inspiron 5537 touch screen and deformation. Inspiron 5537 unique screen rotation mode is impressive, the biggest advantage of this variant is in use, simply push the screen, users can easily achieve the desired usage patterns. Meanwhile surprising is that the 12-inch screen with a 1080P HD screen and is equipped with high-performance Core i7 processors in the current ultra-extreme performance is outstanding.

Dell's official website, we get the DELL 14R with DELL Inspiron 14R-5437 Battery body thickness of 15-20mm. After we measured, the front thinnest 16.61mm, rear thickest at 20.73mm. Looking at the whole super this community, this data is also enough to be called "slim." But on such a slim camera body, we have seen quite a wide range of interfaces, as well as unique keys

Fuselage on the left buttons and interface are: screen lock button, 3.5mm headphone jack, power button and volume control buttons. Unusually, this product is designed to become a toggle-type power button, very convenient. The right body for the user to provide a power jack, a mini DP connector, two USB 3.0 interface and power indicator, one USB 3.0 interface supports PowerShare and Windows debugging features.

Dell Inspiron 14R with DELL Inspiron 5437 Battery is Samsung PM830 mSATA 256GB SSD solid state hard drive. Samsung's new PM830 mSATA SSD uses a smaller mSATA design, measuring just 50.95 x 30 x 3.8mm, weighs only 8 grams, the product is equipped with Samsung's own 20nm MLC NAND flash memory, the maximum sustained read and write speeds of 500MB / s and 260MB / s. Now ultra-pole of this product, in order to control the volume of the products, many have adopted the small size of this mSATA SSD. The advantage lies in its hard drive, small size, light weight.

After reading the interface, let's look at the details of its fuselage. For such a screen can flip the product, it's part of the screen hinge will cause us considerable interest. But still let us look at its body axis.

This site is still followed the traditional, with a sunken design, opening and closing angle is only 130 ° around it. Unlike carbon-fiber body shell, the shaft part of the selection anodized aluminum build, fasten to the sonorous sound. Moreover, the front fuselage shaft silver, black with back also allowed the C and D surface plane metal frame black body integration.

In laptop mode, gently push back the screen, you can make the metal outer border around the screen to freely rotate. The fulcrum is located on both sides of the center of the frame. Metal frame of the screen as well as upper and lower sides, we can see has a latch for fixing. When the Inspiron 15R A side and B side for position switch, you can hear a clear "click" sound, unless the screen is pushed along the direction of rotation, otherwise difficult to shake its nothing. Moreover, the position of the upper and lower borders, there is a magnet design, when rotated to a certain angle, it will start automatic adsorption, saving time and effort.

We have got this The Dell Inspiron 15R with DELL Inspiron 15R-5537 Battery is equipped with a third generation Intel Core i7-3517U low-voltage version of the processor. The processor uses the Ivy Bridge architecture design, manufacturing process 22nm, design power of 17W. The processor is dual nuclear power plant thread products that support Hyper-Threading technology, the default clocked at 1.9GHz, and supports Intel's Turbo Boos technology, which is automatically Turbo technology, the highest can Turbo to 3.0GHz, 512K secondary cache , three slow to 4M

Ultrabook number of interfaces is not much, because it is the thickness of the decision. However, the types of the interface, ultra-pole of this seldom make discarded, after all, to ensure that users will not encounter problems when using the Dell Inspiron 15R is also true. Moreover, it is in the design of the power button is also not a new idea, but also a small bright spot. Metal frame of the screen looks very slim though, but is actually quite sturdy and reliable enough shaft part, can rest assured that use.

This time we got the models, is equipped with a high version i7 processor Dell Inspiron 15R with DELL Inspiron 5537 Battery. This product is equipped with a 2nd generation Intel Core i7-3517U low-voltage version of the processor, 8GB dual-channel DDR3 memory, 256GB SSD solid state hard drive, and Intel HD4000 HD Core card. Dell Inspiron 15R hardware configuration, this product melting at a variety of high-end accessories, all accounts in the ultra-pole of this product can be regarded as the top. I think this product is back in our performance tests, be sure to leave you with a very deep impression.

The processor in normal over most of the relatively rare, generally only in the high-end flagship models or be able to see. The processor uses a low-voltage design with traditional notebook standard voltage processor, this processor consumes less power, low power is brought to our long endurance and low fat heat. And can reduce the cell size, to ensure portability of the body, reducing the thickness and weight of the body. Most of Intel's Core Duo processors support Hyper-Threading technology, so that the original dual-core processor, in practice use, with four threads simultaneously tasking, multi-line makes operation more smoothly. This aspect of the processor's clock speed than the i5-3317U also increased, i7-3517U default clocked at 1.9GHz, the processor in standby or normal access office and other low-load operation at lower speeds work to control heat and power consumption. When users play games or high-load operation, the processor can automatically clocked Turbo to 3.0GHz, in order to ensure fluency and user experience.

Dell Inspiron 17R with DELL Inspiron 17R-5737 Battery on the hardware configuration of this product is very stunning. From the processor to memory and then to hard drive, its mix of hardware is the moment the most high-end models. Such a super high-end configuration of the product, the daily office entertainment, high-definition playback is certainly no problem. Also, some 3D games should also be able to run more smoothly. So here we come to its regular run sub-test, to see a performance of the product in the end.

In the above applications, high load simulation test environment, memory usage quickly climbed to 47%, which means that nearly half of the memory already in use. From this screenshot we can find 8GB large capacity memory advantage. If at this time this product is equipped with 4GB of memory, then it should already ran out of memory, the memory is full, the system can not run smoothly. The Dell Inspiron 15R 8GB of memory, in dealing with the same situation, it becomes getting.

Intel in recent years more and more powerful mobile platform, AMD is a battle and retreat, had the ambition is not to force the new processor released after being drained. In fact, AMD's APU concept is the most suitable for notebook or tablet this ultra mobile platform, but some weak CPU processing power to APU looks underachievement. This time we received DELL Inspiron 5737 is equipped with the latest AMD this year Richland platform processors. This time AMD is not to give a large number of A pink bring a ray pleased it?

Richland as a replacement for Trinity appeared. Richland is not a new product and architecture. Trinity series is based on piling machine (Piledriver) continue to use the CPU core, chip integrated GPU Radeon HD 6900 series also remains graphics architecture. Richland even continue to use the 32nm process. AMD did not provide for a new series of products change how new design, but more fully utilize the previous generation design. Richland and Trinity biggest difference in power consumption through intelligent adjusting the sensor, Hybrid Boost power management mechanism and optimization of GPU / CPU unit algorithm to achieve lower power consumption. If you think of his performance have too many expectations, it is still looking forward to the next generation of APU is more appropriate.

Dell Inspiron 17R with DELL Inspiron 5737 Battery is Samsung PM830 mSATA 256GB SSD solid state hard drive. SSD advantages compared to traditional mechanical hard disk does not have to say any more. We selected the AS SSD Benchmark This software was tested on its hard drive performance. The SSD in the continuous literacy scores were reached 480.16MB / s and 249.87MB / s. In addition to the hard disk read items 4K-64 score very prominent, reaching 254.11MB / s, outstanding performance. The drive in the AS SSD test software in the final score of 615 points, hard disk performance in the same series of products in the upper water products.


LENOVO IdeaPad S210 S415 Touch coming

In this era of homogenization, we are in the novelty and creativity, they are in life tempt our appetite, more companies will be "no innovation, no future" as a business development creed. And we consumers are clenched wallets, waiting can cause consumer desire products appear. Indeed, the emergence of ultra-pole into the field so that the whole thin, fast times, but only these features really impressed us consumers do? The answer of course is no, a lot of friends that enough for a laptop can only be light and thin and performance improvement is not enough to make me desire to produce replacement.

ThinkPad Edge series is a family of classic series, the series of models for the entry-level market positioning business notebook fields. In addition to concern other than cost, compared to the traditional black boxy ThinkPad design, Edge series of rounded shape relatively few corners, while the screen edge position also adds silver trim. So we used to look younger with a trace of stubborn style vigor.

This time we bring you this is the E145 with LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E145 Battery, and before the launch of the E-Series Mold is basically the same, but this E145 using a larger mold body, its internal hardware configuration using the third generation of Intel Core processors, i5 The overall performance of the 3230M basically meet the user's daily office needs, in addition, GT 740M discrete graphics in graphics processing also has a good performance.

In recent years, changes in the notebook, a wide variety of shapes and designs endless, except locate the commercial business of the few did not make too many changes. What business do not need to cool the exterior, as long as the quality and stability, meticulous workmanship, reliable, able to meet the current demand for work on it. When we see the IdeaPad minor repairs, they also do not regret, because it is already very mature appearance of mold.

IdeaPad S215 design is the standard business style, you can also call LENOVO classic design. IdeaPad S215 with 3cell LENOVO L12M3A01 Battery did not have too many dazzling colors, the combination of black and silver color theme of this product. From the color science, the black and white is a timeless color, and most engaging colors.

But the consumer's point of view, we really need a product to change the traditional way of experience, and can improve work, study, entertainment efficient application mode. In such a demand, based on the deformed shape of the touch with a variety of ultra-pole of this turned out, but also attracted the attention of many consumers. Then this product will give our customers what kind of change? Should we be upgrading their notebooks it? If the first purchase of this, is to choose or traditional touch ultrabook laptop it? Here I give you an analysis of the recent touch super market dynamics.

EUROCOM X3 interface is very comprehensive, with three USB 3.0 interface, a USB 2.0 port, an HDMI port, 1 VGA, 1 x multi-card reader, a microphone port, 1 RJ45 ethernet card interface, 1 E-SATA, 1 个 Mini PCI-E Card interface. It is worth mentioning that the EUROCOM X3 set up four audio interface (mic-in & Headphone out & Line-in & Line-out), to achieve a multi-output possible, to make the game experience or audio editing more convenient.

LENOVO laptop computers, especially laptops for business users has always had a world-class workmanship and quality. Although there have been consumer products sink like a stone, but this product LENOVO business has been firmly occupy not a small market share, which the ThinkPad and IdeaPad series based fighting series, IdeaPad mainly aimed at the mainstream consumer market , some of the more affordable price.

Recently IdeaPad series was born a new product - IdeaPad S415. This product is with 4cell LENOVO IdeaPad S415 Touch Battery made of AMD's APU platform, AMD latest A8-5550M processor, also equipped with AMD HD 8750M alone significantly high in the entertainment games can also have a good performance.

Why touch super pole in February, June to have such significant growth? Why "Xiao Bian" said Touch super this will lead the market but its search trends and declining? In fact, these two very good explanation, we first look at the apparent increase in point of time during the February and June will host two major exhibitions each year, namely CES2013 in Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, COMPUTEX2013 Computex Taipei, In two exhibition will display various manufacturers of new cutting-edge products and technology, no doubt touch Ultrabook is worthy protagonist, along with media exposure, consumers will be "in Baidu," the relevant product information, which also increase causes. So why in the July-touch ultra-extreme decline in said search index will lead the market? Every July and August are the major manufacturers Shucu season, although now over most of the popular touch, but manufacturers are also clear inventory, push, those who do not sell the "new."

LENOVO IdeaPad S215 with 3cell LENOVO L12C3A01 Battery body cap though not Huali Liang eye, but it is this class of skin painting can bring excellent sense of touch, but also will be left fingerprints. This shell texture than some dazzling glitter paint case to be practical and comfortable. Machine is equipped with 14.0-inch display with a resolution of 1366 × 768. From his price and location, this is normal screen resolution. Wait until next year after 1800P began large-screen ultra popular, low-end machines will gradually the resolution of the "lower limit" to improve some of the.

I thought as we engage in IT, is bound to search "champion", but never imagined, the student population on the touch extremely the interest far exceeded our IT people, while in construction, the financial sector does not touch when watching control products. Taobao population segments, the digital family, outdoor family, family photography top three, which is the most suitable touch deformed three groups, then touch Ultrabook how to change our traditional usage patterns, we look together Look.

Touch this will change the working habits, self-evident that we can imagine that when a team sharing PPT done to get rid of the shackles of the left mouse button, and gently tap the screen to complete the page when switching scenes. Imagine using the touch screen to make a chart of convenience, the stylus combined with multi-touch, making it easier. I could not understand why a lot of friends to talk about working together with the tutor, in fact, family education for white-collar office workers is not a bad idea, "arduous" work it? Hopeful look into the phoenix of mind every parent will have, then touch the tutor how to solve the problem?

LENOVO IdeaPad S215 with 3cell LENOVO L12S3F01 Battery Weight 1.108kg, travel weight of 2.668kg. In the traditional form of the notebook, this weight touches unexciting, but there is absolutely not a "lump." But is now too thin Ultrabook, these traditional products will make a lot of looks bulky. However, because the thickness of the fuselage traditional notebook reasons in the internal space, capacity and thermal expansion has a natural advantage.


EUROCOM X3 X5 Gaming laptop detail

Remember earlier this year when the layout of various PC manufacturers began to play the market. EUROCOM no exception, quickly adjust the direction of the product line positioning, market segmentation notebook users for the current trends, not only working to launch a new 14-inch ultra-pole of this product, and in order to meet part of the pursuit of high-performance gamers, quickly create a 15.6 inches EUROCOM top level games with this, whether it is the whole game performance or pricing, at the time have led to a high degree of concern.

With the launch of Intel's Haswell processor performance, many recent gaming notebook vendors action frequent, just unveiled Chinajoy Shenzhou series models menacing new God of War, and Alienware also conducted a comprehensive update. Faced with this situation, EUROCOM follow-up of this game is also very fast, X3 once again to bring top-level configuration for gamers, high hardware configuration is undoubtedly the biggest selling point of this game.

EUROCOM X3 with 8cell EUROCOM X3 Battery can be seen as an upgraded version of the model, the mold is not much change, but the appearance of this domineering publicity has been very mature. Whether interface layout or cooling structure, basically to meet the new platform intervention. X3 positioning crowd is still high-end gamers, and come equipped with Intel processors and NVIDIA high cards in the crowd to attract the eye, the price has been broken, Wan, GTX780M version is priced at 15,999 yuan, GTX770M version is priced at 11,999 yuan. In fact, the appearance Needless to say, we have previously been described in detail for the X3, we can read the accompanying text portion (Click for appearance), but the focus of this test is to bring the hardware l X3 after the sturdy performance.

For real business notebook users, a large number of commercial properties using this ProBook series of features such as remote management capabilities, data encryption security, docking and put drops and ultra-long standby, etc. These functions must be clearly business notebook , while the HP ProBook 450 notebook belonged to the scope of application, so 450 is still the main business utility functions.

HP ProBook 450 with 6cell HP HSTNN-UB4J Battery selling point is not the thickness of thin weight, nor design, but with the real deal excellent experience to impress the high-end business users, the current business users, the stability, security and manageability is the most important, 450 relative to the other, a 445 is added some practicality, while molds, quality workmanship, etc. should be better.

EUROCOM X3 appearance did not change much, so the hardware has become a comprehensive upgrade of the focus of this evaluation. Haswell high-performance Intel Core i7-4700MQ top mobile processor with GTX 780M significant independence is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the aircraft hardware combinations, CPU computing performance is strong, and also supports Turbo Boost Technology and Hyper-Threading technology. The NVIDIA Geforce GTX 780M graphics card is currently the top game of the performance of a single card the most sturdy.

In addition to the processor and graphics card, the second got this game the EUROCOM X5 with 8cell EUROCOM X5 Battery is equipped with Intel HM87 chipset, equipped with a 1TB +192 G SSD, and four high-speed 4GB DDR3 1600MHz memory, graphics cards, the model uses a processor comes with Intel HD 4600 Graphics Core with 4GB GDDR5 video memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780MX new high-end graphics card.

Intel Core i7 4700 QM Haswell platform belonging to the new processor with four cores and Hyper-Threading technology can support up to eight threads. The processor is based on 22nm process technology, codenamed Haswell, initial frequency is 2.4Hz, can Turbo to 3.4GHz, shared L3 cache of 6MB, the overall TDP of 47W.

As a new generation of NVIDIA's flagship mobile platform graphics, GTX580M only has 384 CUDA cores and 1240MHz core frequency while 2GB GDDR5 video memory and 256Bit memory interface, can be said that the history of the strongest single mobile graphics card, then configure the ORIGIN EON17 GTX560M -S gaming performance is what will do?

For continuous data comparability in testing we joined the "Resident Evil 5" game DAMO tested at the same standard, we see GTX560M really tough, the vertical sync turned off, you can have 204 good results, when the test speed of the game is really fast, just like in the movies, like quick release. As a support DX11 game, "Dust 3" is not considered very high demands on the graphics of the game, many notebooks can run smoothly in low quality. But if he is raised to the highest picture quality, then the load on the graphics card is quite high, and most low-end graphics cards are not run. Then configure the ORIGIN EON17-S GTX580M raised to the highest quality in the game after the results so far?

HP ProBook series of 445 with 6cell HP HSTNN-IB4J Battery high-end business, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof main selling point of this product, at the time we were on this product waterproof test, the effect is very significant, while shooting video is also affirmed by many users. But unfortunately, that product's shock test because there is no time or opportunity to miss.

Put to the highest quality, the entire game screen lifelike visual experience well, while GTX580M game remained at 30 frames or so, the game runs very smoothly overall. Positioning as a high-end gaming notebook is configured GTX580M graphics card so after heating it in the machine control, they also look like it? So we at room temperature 25 degrees environment, using AIDA64 System Stability Test allows ORIGIN EON17-S running at full load condition for 30 minutes before using FLUKE Ti25 thermal imaging instruments to measure the notebook C, bottom temperature.

As for the relevant competing products, Dell Alienware 17 has a similar configuration, priced at $ 2,024 (about 12,409 yuan) onwards, but does not include Blu-ray burner, and a 256GB SSD; while another Asus G750JX DB7, configuration and EUROCOM X75 similar, but does not include Blu-ray drive, priced at $ 1,899

If you need a more powerful gaming performance, you can choose $ 1,999 of the top model, processor, and other configurations with the same version of our review, the memory is increased to 32GB.

Generally speaking, the SAGER N8295 with 8cell SAGER P157SMBAT-8 Battery is an excellent design, and has a high-quality picture and sound effect gaming notebook, although the gaming performance of similar competing products are not good, but wins in the cheaper, can be said to be a good cost-effective models. In addition, the product's overall design is not too obvious deficiencies, but also to become a home video game or a good choice.


ORIGIN EON11-S EON13-S EON15-S EON17-S Gaming Laptop review

Often in a recent evaluation of the article under the new notebook to see such User comments: "Is evil 1366x768." "Phones are 1080p, and you have the nerve to 1366x768 you?" "1366x768 unhappy prevent progress of all mankind! "Although these users is a very good starting point, but the reality is still very cruel. "1366x768" veteran for several years, are still active in the notebook first camp, indicating that its presence is not without a variety of historical reasons. 1366x768 longer if your dish, then the current notebook screen resolution in the end how much is good? In this paper, to chat with everyone under the current notebook screen resolution.

ORIGIN offers a high-end DIY computer, bringing users the highest quality gaming experience, but in fact what does this mean? Answer is provided by the system ORIGIN computer games market with the latest accessories and the highest technology. Also represents ORIGIN commitment to provide customers with world-class support services. ORIGIN elites and experts are well versed in every combination and maintenance of the system, ready to help. ORIGIN assurance, the use of ORIGIN products can definitely make customers happy. Any one company can also combine a computer, but only a few can do a game can play the latest computer games and now the market, many companies claim to be able to assemble a computer dedicated to the game, but those systems can not be fully The 'use only the best gaming experience. ORIGIN believe a true gaming computer must take the focus was laid in the modified and personalized service, games, technology used.

Be modified EON13-S with 6cell ORIGIN EON13-S Battery is equipped with full HD widescreen FULL HD Widescreen LED display, display screen like water beautifully. EON15-S 15.6-inch screen, picture quality, whether it is the fineness of the game or movie is unprecedented. ORIGIN 15.6-inch to 16 more than 9 1920x1080 resolution, so it is also consistent with common work or play.

In recent years, cell phone screen size and resolution enhancement with electronic screens on all digital products is undoubtedly the fastest, from 3.5 inches 480x320 resolution of the first generation iPhone, to today's PPI exceeded 400 5-inch 1080p Android flagship machine, it only took six years. And six years ago, the 14-inch mainstream notebook has reached 1280x800 screen resolution level, and cell phones compared to laptop screen resolution seems to have been running in place. So in the end what is the reason to stop the mainstream notebook screen resolution to further enhance it? First we look at mobile phones, tablet and notebook normally used, the user's eyes and the distance between these devices.

Recently, Toshiba released the latest version of the Qosmio series X70 game laptop with 8cell TOSHIBA Qosmio X70-A Battery. It has the strongest hardware configuration of the series, including a 17-inch Full HD screen, Intel's fourth-generation Core i7 processor, 16GB of memory and Nvidia GeForce GTX 770M graphics card, the price was $ 1,769 (about 10,846 yuan) , the price is not high. However, Asus and Dell Alienware compared to similar models, the new Qosmio is more worthy of choice? Take a look at how it actually experience it.

File storage and system security is a notebook computer one of the most important and basic functions. EON15-S you did not have to make difficult choices in the extra storage space with Disc Media functionality. Provides RAID storage settings include Data Strip and Mirror settings. equipment the Dual Drive Support, Optical Drive can attach an external 6x Blu-ray reader.

EON15-S with 8cell ORIGIN EON15-S Battery is equipped with Full Size Keyboard, both games and work too convenient built-in 5.1 High Definition Audio plane, high-quality microphone and using Multi-gesture, Scrolling the Touchpad, your computer has a diversity of tools ORIGIN, suited to deal with any work.

Since the relationship between the screen size is small, users in the use of mainstream large-screen phone, the eyes and the phone screen distance is generally maintained at between 20 ~ 30cm, if it is lying sideways on the bed playing with mobile phone, it is able to shorten the distance to 15cm or so. So close viewing distance, if the screen resolution is not high enough, pictures, text grainy will be very intense. In order to enhance the phone screen display effect, directly enhance the screen resolution makes the screen more than 300 PPI retina level is the best solution.

Why then have a blood relationship with the alienware it? Actually alienware and Taiwan Blue Sky Group used to have depth technical cooperation, and its notebook manufacturing design was very powerful, this test ORIGIN EON17-S is the Blue Sky Group main push this year's high-end gaming notebook, configure it Core i7 2820M processor, GTX580M top game graphics 16GB DDR3 1333 memory, then the next we look at this together, "Earth" power.

Deformation touch Ultrabook began last year to get together the emergence of new forms notebook, such products in the transfiguration tablet mode, the normal use of the distance between the screen and the human eye are between 30 ~ 40cm, and tablet computers are very similar. So most of these notebooks are equipped with 1080p Full HD IPS touch screen to enhance the display. This year Intel Haswell platform appears, the more the number of new models equipped with a 3200x1800 QHD + ultra-high-definition screen. However, compared to traditional notebooks, this new form of shipments of this deformation is not worth mentioning, and the prices are too expensive, so this type of full HD, ultra-high-definition screen notebook is currently only a handful of high-end users to buy only enough led notebook resolution overall.

ORIGIN EON17-S with 8cell ORIGIN EON17-S Battery basic continuation P170HM overall appearance of the design is still angular boxy. Its body cap with brushed metal effect, the surface inlaid with metal earth LOGO, low-key among them exudes a unique charm. ORIGIN EON17-S body cap inlaid with a central location in three-dimensional earth huge silver LOGO, with deep black body contrast, people instantly recognize this is ORIGIN.

The current mainstream tablet sizes 7 to 10 inches, compared to about 4 to 5 inches mainstream mobile phones, tablet PCs on the screen display area has a distinct advantage, in normal use the screen and binocular distance of about 30 ~ 40cm . This distance, if the tablet resolution is too low, then the screen will still be more obvious when grainy, so the tablet's screen resolution is also improved rapidly. Apple introduced a 9.7-inch 2048x1536 New iPad Retina screen, the Android tablets have begun to popularize 1080p screen, individual products also reach the retina level.

Toshiba Qosmio X75 built a 17.3-inch 1080P Full HD TruBrite LCD screen and 8cell TOSHIBA Qosmio X75-A Battery, but it does not support touch operation, so only use the touchpad to perform gestures, good touch response is very sensitive. This screen left us a very deep impression, has a very sharp text effects and bright colors, but the contrast, Alienware 17 screens in such notebook has the best color balance performance. Brightness, the Toshiba Qosmio X75 has up to 297 lux brightness, higher than the Asus G750JX and average, but lower than the Alienware 17 307 lux.

Then take a look notebook piece, most commonly 11 to 14 inches traditional notebook, the normal use of the screen and binocular distance up to 40 ~ 55cm, significantly more than the mobile phones and tablet computers. Although most of the laptop's screen resolution is still stuck at 1366x768, but farther viewing distance also virtually improved laptop screen display sophistication. In addition to the content displayed on the screen less outside, 1366x768 grainy not obvious, this is the mobile phone, tablet greatly improved screen resolution, while the mainstream notebook screen resolution is almost no promotion of the important reasons. Conversely, mobile phones, tablet PCs need more than a laptop score screen.

There are many users believe that the laptop screen resolution in situ step is the result of complacency PC manufacturers, in fact we think about using a laptop around friends, whether they really care laptop screen resolution it? I purchased a home of relatives last year a 14-inch Acer video of this, more than a year, relatives and even the laptop's screen resolution, processor type, memory capacity, etc. knew nothing, I just feel used up very quickly, Internet entertainment is no problem. Such parameters on laptop hardware completely insensitive users and a few, have also hindered the invisible laptop screen resolution upgrade.

In addition most of the users of the laptop screen resolution is not sensitive to external, PC makers forced by cost pressures on, have to continue to use low-cost TN screen resolution of 1366x768, and then at a very competitive price sold to ordinary users. Some entry-level video and audio entertainment with the only low-end single display, the blind will not only increase the screen resolution to enhance the production costs, but also resulted in gaming performance, battery life decline. So the next period of time, mainstream notebook screen resolution 1366x768 level will still be stuck in, if you need a higher resolution screen of the notebook, then please avoid the main push of the entry-level model maker, direct selection as a selling point to the high score screen products.

Although quite a long period of time, mainstream notebook 1366x768 screen resolution will stay in the stalls, but the laptop into the field of ultra-high resolution of the process, a number of first-tier PC makers are secretly force, Apple is undoubtedly One of the most radical and most forward-looking PC company. 2012, Apple released the MacBook Pro Retina version was not only the highest-resolution screen notebook, but also to other manufacturers of the same type notebook provides a reliable way of thinking.

ORIGIN EON11-S with 6cell ORIGIN EON11-S Battery temperature control is very good, overall body temperature control keyboard surface most ideal, but in the border on the left side of the temperature overheating, but does not affect the user to make use of comfort. As for the bottom of the fuselage, in addition to high temperature cooling holes, the other part of the temperature control is good. Of course, even with the graphics switching technology and 75.96Wh large capacity battery, for a 17-inch gaming laptop, its battery life is not too high, mobilemark endurance test 163 minutes (about 2 and a half hours), the actual use Time may also be further reduced.


TOSHIBA Satellite C50 C70 P70t Series coming

July 30, 2013 afternoon, the Toshiba computer was formally released the new 2013 notebook new tablet computer. Adhering to the new scientific and technological innovation of the enterprise purpose, set in a variety of technical characteristics, with a unified design language, not only the experience better, recognizable also higher. New models from a specific point of view, the protagonist Z15t pluggable super pole, AT10PE plates are for the commercial market launch of the flagship model, and vigorously expand the commercial market, consolidate and improve the status of the consumer market, this year is undoubtedly the strategic direction of the Toshiba computer .

After the meeting, Toshiba computer network (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Chairman, Mr. Matsuda clear, Toshiba computer network (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Takeshi Kubo, CEO and general manager of Toshiba Product Management Division Mr. Dong Yi accepted the media interview, expressing the Toshiba computer customer-centric business philosophy.

Intel in recent years more and more powerful mobile platform, AMD is a battle and retreat, had the ambition is not to force the new processor released after being drained. In fact, AMD's APU concept is the most suitable for notebook or tablet this ultra mobile platform, but some weak CPU processing power to APU looks underachievement. This time we received TOSHIBA Satellite C50t is powered by the latest AMD this year Richland platform processors. This time AMD is not to give a large number of A pink bring a ray pleased it?

Richland as a replacement for Trinity appeared. Richland is not a new product and architecture. Trinity series is based on piling machine (Piledriver) continue to use the CPU core, chip integrated GPU Radeon HD 6900 series also remains graphics architecture. Richland even continue to use the 32nm process. AMD did not provide for a new series of products change how new design, but more fully utilize the previous generation design. Richland and Trinity biggest difference in power consumption through intelligent adjusting the sensor, Hybrid Boost power management mechanism and optimization of GPU / CPU unit algorithm to achieve lower power consumption. If you think of his performance have too many expectations, it is still looking forward to the next generation of APU is more appropriate.

The official's words, appearance, TOSHIBA Satellite C50t overall notebook with 6cell TOSHIBA PA5109U-1BRS Battery plastic material, the use of cover and palm rest Infusion design, fine horizontally striped vaguely looks very personality. In fact, before the K series and is basically the same, TOSHIBAK series is the main force of the brand's most shipped products, body molds can be considered after market considerations, although not to mention the high-end, but the work is still very solid and stable.

As we all know, the current PC market is not very boom in the first quarter, second quarter, worldwide PC shipments are downward trend. Toshiba Computer (Shanghai), Chairman, Mr. Matsuda clear frankly, we did encounter some problems, especially in B2C (consumer) market, but from the perspective of the work, such as Excel PPT how such applications, we still have to be resolved through the PC Therefore the commercial market this child is still very important, in order to make everyone more convenient, we have introduced a Z15t this pluggable computer, we are very optimistic about the kind of computer sales;

Appearance, CLEVO P370SM with 8cell CLEVO P370BAT-8 Battery all-metal design, the top part is excellent hardness aluminum-magnesium alloy, the surface is different from other models of metal wire drawing process, it is extremely high, feels cold texture delivered directly to your fingertips, cover for the metal black, slightly deflected to the blue, it is not so monotonous. In addition to a top part and Game Series of miniature MSI Logo no further than superfluous decoration, it is extremely simple and flat.

As for the B2C market, there are indeed many mobile computing devices from the original PC into a mobile phone or even e-reader tablet, Toshiba has its own very strong R & D strengths, we can firmly grasp the needs of users, and introduced for consumer and market desired product. Although faced with great difficulties, but we are still very optimistic view and plan our products. We only do the B2B market, but we also attach great importance to the mainstream B2C market, in the B2C market, we are also in the high end of the force, we will not give any one market.

Large full-size keyboard with a numeric keypad, it is suitable for gamers and office staff. TOSHIBA Satellite C50t keyboard workmanship is very good, the keys feel slightly matte, Cap button and did not limp feeling, back and adjust key processes are more comfortable. TOSHIBA Satellite C50t still retained a lot of the more traditional systems running lights, front look at the past, have the power, the battery alarm, HDD, Wifi, numeric keypad, the size of the lock six LED lights, after looking at the cover lid can see two, doing quite intimate.

Interface, TOSHIBA Satellite C50t with 5700mAh TOSHIBA PA5110U-1BRS Battery as large-size machines are also more comfortably, 1xUSB2./2xUSB3.0, VGA, RJ45, HDMI, and other mainstream interfaces are involved, the number and type of these interfaces is relatively rich. Increasingly thin and light notebook with today's interfaces plummeted become the norm. This interface is slightly more traditional laptop or have their own markets.

Channel planning, Toshiba Computer (Shanghai) CEO Mr. Takeshi Kubo, our sales channels in accordance with customers' needs come. By now electricity providers purchase electronic equipment more and more customers, so we based this demand, and domestic famous electric provider in-depth cooperation. Our starting point is not our choice, but to allow customers to choose, what kind of customers like the way we have for customers to create the best, most convenient conditions, which we consider the channel of communication. For each product line shipments, this is also determined by the customer, we will be adjusted according to customer demand our production.

It should be noted, CLEVO W650SR with 6cell CLEVO W650BAT-6 Battery color officially called Yao on the black, but in fact for the gemstone blue, black, blue deflected slightly to give a dignified and noble feeling. Let's look at thermal windows, CLEVO put it in the shaft at the bottom of the hot air downward discharge, the user will not be blowing, and we noticed, CLEVO W650SR thermal windows is very small, only about 5cm or so in length, visible CLEVO own heat or very confident. CLEVO W650SR is not sunken shaft, the shaft of the arc is very beautiful, but the rotation damping is large, not very smooth, we are unable to open and close with one hand, these details of the place and let ATIV Book 9 there are some gaps.

Currently B2B market is mainly dominated by several manufacturers, such as Lenovo, HP, Dell and so on. The face of brutal competition, Toshiba Product Management Division General Manager Mr. Dong Yi showed considerable confidence: the product itself is our biggest advantage, first of all necessary advantages of our products and prices to customers understand, our aim is for there to be value customers, so that they can really appreciate the value of our products, so it is important to introduce products, services should be followed, the Japanese company to do everything very seriously and we sincerely treat every customer. We believe our sincerity, the nature of our services, our customers will be able to accept, can move, combined with our good product, it should be fancied to win many customers.

Laser wave TOSHIBA P70t notebook with 6cell TOSHIBA PA5108U-1BRS Battery equipped with Intel's latest fourth-generation Haswell architecture i7-4700MQ quad-core eight thread processor, clocked at 2.4GHz, Turbo Boost Turbo technology in the next can reach 3.4GHz, built-in Intel HD 4600 graphics core , three cache 6MB. As mentioned above, the laser wave TOSHIBA P70t laptop with integrated Intel HD 4600 graphics core; addition it is equipped with a high performance graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770M, using 3GB DDR5 graphics memory. Laser wave TOSHIBA P70t notebook built 3 128GB SSD solid state drive, which constitute 3 SSD RAID 0 array. Also known as Stripe or RAID 0 Striping, which represents the highest of any RAID level storage performance, this 3 SSD Plextor Plextor Model PX-128M5 128G SSD solid state drive.