MEDION Akoya E7226T E1317T E1318T coming

There is little need to introduce on the screen that the screen is anti-glare screen , so you can direct light or strong case can also see the contents of the screen , ideal for business users to use complex and changing environment . In the top middle of the screen is its camera, the camera is 720P HD camera , use to meet the needs of users daily video conference , and in sides of the camera is a dual digital array microphone with noise reduction function , can effectively improve the video chat when sound quality.

Most commercial consumer notebook screen resolution is not high, they may be faced with the demand at any time and browse text input files or Web pages , over high resolution will be their burden , prolonged use of the eyes can be very fatigue uncomfortable for them 1366 × 768 is the most appropriate. Like resolution 1600 × 900 or 1920 × 1080, just for games or entertainment notebook laptop products .

We worked all introduced Akoya E7226, its built-in dual- battery design criticized because of their dual battery for longer battery life can bring the original intention is good, but it can not do E7226 which a replacement battery ( all-in ) , the effect of hot-swappable and can not do , which a lot of people suspect it 's in the design process , " improvise trouble ", while E7226T with 6cell MEDION Akoya E7226T Battery was supposed to so we present the use of this form : removable battery has a different capacity users can mix according to their own habits of different combinations of capacity and is fully hot-swappable.

Although the Windows operating system provides a number of security measures, such as we are most commonly used is the boot password, but the security measures are not safe , the network already has a variety of ways to break completely with less hacking techniques , a lot of users can easily get. In contrast, the fingerprint recognition technology even more secure. HP 350 G1 notebook equipped with a fingerprint identification device that can provide one more security for users.

The HP 655 will Yangtian thickness reduced a lot , so naturally the battery capacity will be reduced , we see the 655 battery capacity is only 32 watts, and most laptops up some of this capacity is indeed low, However, because the 655 uses a low voltage processor , battery life will not offset the back? Weight, after the actual measurement , 655 with 6cell HP ProBook 655 Battery weighs 1.869kg, the thickness of the aspects of 22.9mm, for a 14 -inch notebook, this result is fairly good , considering also using a separate graphics card , so we in the heat should pay more attention .

No not cost-effective products consumers love , who want to buy more high-end products at the same price . Recently, a brand launched a high cost notebook products , although we can not say "no before or since ," but it is a " exciting " products. I also no longer guessing , this brand is MEDION, but this product is MEDION E7226T gaming notebook .

Medion Akoya E1317T with 4cell MEDION Akoya E1317T Battery selected in the processor Intel Core i7-4700MQ, in addition it is equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M graphics card, the test results from the above point of view, at 1920 × 1080 resolution and the full effect of case , Medion Akoya E1317T score very well in terms of fluency game quite stick, the current mainstream market for the big game to play with no problem , 16GB DDR3 memory , 128GB SSD × 3 configuration and 750GB HDD combination in which it played no small role.

After the " Tyrant, we be friends ! " This is the Golden Apple Tyrant iPhone 5s, most everyone on the local tyrant Kim user ridicule sentence , and since then a variety of local tyrants equipment frequent, while MEDION E7226T also uses an enviable the Tyrant golden rule of being "black , gray, silver, white ," four-color notebook product is definitely the highlight of the presence of personality . Design , it uses a relatively tough style , this laptop design style is mostly tend main flow line shape, rounded corners direction, but MEDION E7226T has embarked on a " non-mainstream " line, it highlights the tough masculine, very suitable male users .

HP 250 business this uses a removable battery, the battery capacity is 11.1V/65Wh lithium HP 250 Battery. 65Wh for the average 14-inch product is already regarded as a high-capacity , but I have reviewed this HP 250 with a low model , which is clocked at 1.7GHz using the i3-4010U Ultra Low Voltage processor , the maximum TDP heat Power consumption is only 15W, and it is not equipped with discrete graphics , the screen does not support touch . Taking these factors , HP 250 business will be able to be able to present the life of a long time , following the author use MobileMark 2012 software to test it.

As a high-end notebook products classified gaming notebook with other products can not match the performance, size and price , also, therefore , the high-end gaming gradually also become a symbol of a kind of " identity" . However, its sales did not decrease because of the high prices , but are rising year by year. In today's sluggish PC market as a whole , has become a gaming notebook does exist inverse growth . The MEDION E7226T classified as a high-end product in a high cost , greatly reducing the threshold for players to buy gaming notebook saves them a lot of expenses , so that " Cock wire " players can also have high with game weapon !

But people more puzzled with a touchpad below the Akoya E1318T silver trim ( commercially available version here with MEDION Akoya E1318T Battery and a fingerprint identification ) , providing three lights above , although you can allow users to easily see the operating status of the machine, However, when using the touchpad will not consciously will use it as a touchpad left and right buttons , this design feel somewhat different.

Lenovo IdeaPad Z Series laptops mentioned I believe we are not unfamiliar , the series launched to locate the user -oriented fashion entertainment . However, you may not know is that the association has a "BZ" series. Erazer affiliated with renowned German consumer electronics company Medion , Lenovo Group on June 1, 2011 acquisition of the German company Medion , Medion company has a leading position in the PC , multimedia products and consumer electronics and many other fields. Relative to the IdeaPad Z series , Lenovo BZ series design is more stylish, more robust performance , but also more light weight , set in one of the many advantages of Lenovo Erazer, as if there really attracts you the same abilities , all the time !

This came to the Pacific Ocean evaluation room is attached to the "B" series, Lenovo B5400 notebook , which is equipped with a frequency of 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-4200M, built-in Intel HD4600 graphics card, equipped with nVIDIA GeForce GT 740M discrete graphics with meet the higher demand for graphics processing tasks ; storage using 4GB DDR3 RAM +500 GB HDD mechanical hard combination , the overall staffing levels to meet the daily needs of home entertainment .

Lenovo B5400 notebook with stylish feature is the beautiful industrial design , to meet the demanding needs of " the appearance of the party ," consumers , Lenovo B5400 provides a fresh two colors, white and chocolate brown appearance for consumers to choose , I get that fresh white , can be seen from the figure Lenovo B5400 with 6cell LENOVO B5400 Battery is very beautiful , in the silver trim off even more perfect. White appearance can fit all types of home decoration and layout style, and the use of body surface with leather texture painting process , feel very comfortable , feels not want to leave.


ASUS R704V Series R704VB R704VC R704VD review

ASUS notebooks have been the king of cost- hanging wire in mind, if you are a just want to spend the least money, buy the strongest performance for other users , then it does not matter , ASUS notebook is our only choice, we tested today for everyone the ASUS R704V also the case of a product that costs less than $ 5,000 , with a fourth-generation Intel Core i7 processor , GT 750M discrete graphics and 1TB mechanical hard drive , plus a 17-inch 1600 × 900 resolution display screen , is the most expensive quad-core 17-inch gaming notebook .

Of course, in addition to performance , ASUS R704V performance in other areas is not so horrible , for the foundry after , ASUS notebook 's workmanship and materials raised a notch , however, and compared to mainstream products are still some gaps in industrial design , and for GT750M this card , it can cope with most games use Core i5 processor has enough ordinary users did not need to buy Edition i7.

ASUS R704V with 6cell ASUS R704V Battery in workmanship than the previous notebook ASUS has improved, but the range is limited , the biggest bright spot is the fourth generation of Intel Core i7-4700MQ quad-core eight thread processors and large capacity 1TB hard to use, provides us with a powerful the CPU processing power and ample storage space, just 4GB memory capacity is small , GT750M alone significantly underperformed game performance into high-end gaming users to create GTX T700M series graphics , 17-inch fuselage though large, but the screen resolution is only 1600 × 900, so the whole , ASUS R704V more suitable for price-sensitive , requiring users powerful CPU.

ASUS R704V prepared a fourth-generation Intel Core i7-4700MQ processor , GT 750M graphics card and 4GB of RAM and 1TB mechanical hard , for this low price , the Intel Core I7-4700MQ quad-core processors and 1TB hard drive is very eye-catching, GT750M discrete graphics for gaming performance is also good, but a bit stingy 4GB of memory , the hardware for the main fight should be at least in terms of the big ASUS 8GB was said in the past .

ASUS R704V with 6cell ASUS R704VB Battery equipped with fourth-generation Intel Core i7-4700MQ processor has four physical cores , supports Intel Hyper-Threading Technology and Turbo technology , is the fourth generation of Core processors targeting high-end models, its capacity is quite powerful and can meet the high performance requirements of the application CPU -dimensional modeling and graphic design . ASUS R704V subject to cost constraints , is not equipped with more high-end GTX 700M series graphics game , but chose GT 750M graphics card, which is the mainstream notebook graphics in high-end models , at a resolution of 1600 × 900 can cope with such "islands crisis " , " Far Cry "and other graphically demanding 3D games.

Lift business notebook , Lifebook brand with comfortable easy operability , hardware breakdown customizable , full security and improve the service to become the government, enterprises , high-end people 's first choice , it is when people do not let the king, and this one , T series and its product line is the most historical heritage and the most representative models.

Today protagonist review article is the latest brand under Lifebook AH564 with 9cell FUJITSU Lifebook AH564 Battery, and mentioned plus the suffix s T Series models also dates back to the A544, this evolved from the X300 products are a lot of black fans of great concern , A544 also allows the emergence of the traditional T-Series has entered a thin line . Suffix s (slim acronym ) meaning it represents is light, and in the super pole full-blown stage, thin notebook market and is definitely the most important element , Lifebook X1 Carbon released with great success , is the market recognized at the same time seems to indicate ultra-extreme commercialization opportunity is maturing , FUJITSU yielded officially released the Lifebook AH564, using s as a suffix and heritage thin it is also naturally be classified into the super pole ranks .

Because only with a mechanical hard drive , so ASUS R704V 7 in PCmark test only obtained a total score of 3508 points , so scoring instructions despite its CPU performance is very powerful, but limited by the mechanical hard disk performance , the machine runs speed performance in general , if you want to get faster response , it is recommended to upgrade an SSD. As the body relatively large, so after 30 minutes after the test pager , ASUS R704V no significant overheating body surface area , the whole use very cool.

ASUS R704V use 11.1V 48Wh lithium-ion ASUS R704VC Battery , which at 40 % of the cases screen brightness , the MobileMark 2012 battery life test scores office mode is 222 minutes ( 3 hours 42 minutes ) , so the battery is in the mainstream laptop low level. ASUS R704V in workmanship than the previous notebook ASUS has improved, but the range is limited , the biggest bright spot is the fourth generation of Intel Core i7-4700MQ quad-core eight thread processors and large capacity 1TB hard to use, provides us with a powerful the CPU processing power and ample storage space, just 4GB memory capacity is small , GT750M alone significantly underperformed game performance into high-end gaming users to create GTX T700M series graphics , 17-inch fuselage though large, but the screen resolution is only 1600 × 900, so the whole , ASUS R704V more suitable for price-sensitive , requiring users powerful CPU.

In a detail at the bottom of the screw is generally only like the Apple Macbook will use this kind of high-end of the screw , which also indirectly proves N56 foundry Foxconn , such tools generally difficult to disassemble the screw , also improves the user to disassemble the difficulty , but also four rubber feet on the bottom , place the bottom of the fuselage is scratched , but also effectively alleviate the impact .

With the advent of 4G mobile era , ever changing business market will become more unpredictable , notebook as a mobile user the necessary commercial equipment must meet various uncertain business needs. In the end , HP has introduced a variety of "IT new forms of " commercial notebook products, subject to change to meet the current way of working with multiple forms of work , the pursuit of ever single light commercial products can not meet the needs of today's commercial notebook products is facing a great change !

This came PConline evaluation room is mentioned above, with new forms of IT HP 350 G1 with HP 350 G1 Battery whole new generation of notebooks. It is equipped with a frequency of 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-4200M processor , built-in Intel HD 4600 graphics card, otherwise AMD Radeon HD 8750M discrete graphics to meet the demand for more high-end graphics .

After the software CINEBENCH R10 for ASUS R704V processor performance has been evaluated and eventually Fengyun Core i3-4010U processor single-core to get 3261 points, multicore get 5516 points, enough to meet the performance needs of multi-tasking . 

ASUS R704V with 5200mAh ASUS R704VD Battery uses XIBUSHUJU 500GB 5400 rpm / s hard drive , after a HD Tune test , a minimum read speed of 49.3M / s, up to 115.9M / s, average speed of 85.7M / s, the overall performance is acceptable . It can be seen through the Windows Experience Index , ASUS R704V score of 6.2 points in the processor , the memory score of 5.9 points , the graphics score of 4.6 points, 6.2 points game graphics get , the primary hard highest score of 5.9 points. The overall performance in general , but also the low score is largely due to the Core Graphics drag.


ASUS N46JV N56JR Series coming

Although the winter of 2014 was a warm winter feel happy , but the notebook market is experiencing unprecedented winter. More than one -quarter sales continued to decline , so many people in the industry said PC is going downhill . But I think , PC has been integrated into all aspects of consumers' lives , eventually coming through innovation , etc., back on track . Take the super pole , although this concept was proposed by Intel , but today , Ultrabook concept has been abandoned , or have not had so hot , but still gave the impression left some consumers .

Have to admit that, although the overall PC sales decline , but the game was in the share of steady increase, indicating that the consumer PC market segmentation paying attention . But we all know that the real high-end gaming notebook only has a thick body, prices and configurations are also superior . Today I will talk and we both 7G ASUS notebook series - N56J, which is extremely the launch of a flagship ASUS computer games , and now it has come YORK evaluation room . Judging from the appearance of this product , a lot of " 7 brother" of the classic elements are integrated into in, for example : Hyun brushed steel shell, rounded shape , and so on .

Prior to the evaluation , the author first and we talk about the hardware configuration of the notebook , ASUS N56J with ASUS N56J Battery new platform using Intel Shark Bay i3-4010U processor , clocked at 1.7GHz, memory of 4GB, 500GB HDD mechanical hard drive , Nvidia GT740M graphics card, memory is 2GB. 14-inch ten-point touch screen with a resolution of 1366 × 768, the machine sells for 3,999 yuan . In addition, consumers can also choose with i5-4200U processor version without touch screen , the price is still only 3999 yuan .

This time we get our hands on the red version of the fire , and continued the descent yangtian excellent notebook , KINK ID unique shape designed to allow N46J looks to become a key element to attract prospective users , the performance is to keep the business of the tonality , focus on stability and cost control, but also to ensure that the budget is not high, can easily accept the new job .

Not only that , ASUS N46J with 6cell ASUS N46J Battery first Yangtian optional touch screen can support the ten-point touch . High-touch keyboard and large touch package to ensure good user experience, to a certain extent inherited the N-series features, in human experience , security design, and green areas , ASUS is still under a lot of kung fu . Here we take a look at this stylish office with notebook looks and design, in the end what excels .

Speaking of pragmatism, in fact, indirectly and equate cost , especially for domestic notebook, and foreign brands to confrontation, hardware configuration and product process must be more sincere. ASUS has been out of sight for a long period of time, vaguely remember the beginning of Wu Mo , Mo Lee on behalf of U49F endorsement ads , and in this year , ASUS few big moves almost to the end of the year , the smitten launched N56 , full of ambition , the main cost markets.

Our today's hero ASUS N56 notebook with ASUS N56JR Battery , the biggest selling point is the price of 3999 yuan with a Core i7 processor , for many people, although no longer the bottleneck of the processor , in the era of excess performance , i7 or give people some of the consolation , but at this price it is almost difficult to buy i7 notebook Haswell platform , although with the entry-level NVIDIA GeForce GT720M discrete graphics, game performance relative to the HD4400 is difficult to have a substantial increase, but after all better than nothing, but score using 1600 × 900 screen is sincerity lies.

For business notebook products , our perception is being changed before Unaltered dark gray color has gradually been replaced , ASUS N Series is also the color of Commerce opened a notebook of its kind, while ASUS Yang-day series after naturally unwilling people, the color and personality as well as high performance thin figure into the product , created this cottage for a new job out of office laptop - ASUS yangtian N46J with ASUS N46JV Battery.

Red blood , black hair, red and black with iconic features of this ASUS N46J , black symbolizes calm rigid , while the red represents passion and concurrency, both with them , for a dynamic young business sent that is very appropriate , ASUS N46J under a lot of pains in terms of color , giving the impression that the red tones more vivid , which is not too exciting, in the office , at home or outdoors can also be safely mix dress .

At the bottom of the design is relatively simple , the battery design with a snap , gently pull the latch to unlock the battery can be removed , four parallel transom can suck in fresh air through the heat in the exhaust outlet on the left side of the fuselage , in addition to the cover removal is relatively simple, you can cancel the screws on the internal hard disk and memory to be replaced. Interfaces , ASUS N46J fuselage is equipped with an interface or a very comprehensive, and uses a yellow flat power interface models are more compact in order to allow the body to become thin, you can see the right side of the body from top to bottom is the power Interface , RJ-45 Ethernet port, two USB2.0 interface between an HDMI interface , in general, in the body of this time , the interface configuration is more, relatively cramped .

In the body surface temperature , due to the outlet of the heat away on the keyboard , resulting in either the keyboard or the palm rest temperatures are kept very low , or even slightly lower than body temperature , but only the hinge and bottom of the fuselage temperature exceeds the temperature reached 40 ℃ left rear , visible cooling capacity ASUS N56 is reassuring .

ASUS ASUS N56 with ASUS N56VV Battery is this year's blockbuster products , trying to hope in a notebook full of distortion of the market, find the difference of the road, and this difference is the return to the old cost , priced at 4,000 yuan on the battleground Core i7 with entry alone was already set new standards, and low levels of industrial design ASUS also the re- referred to a new level, which may give competitors of pressure , after all, at this price we a choice is not large .

Right side of the fuselage arranged cooling air outlet , notebook lock and a USB2.0 interface , in addition also has a headset microphone interface and a multi-card reader . ASUS N46J uses a 14-inch display , display quite satisfactory , but high brightness , maximum brightness and even some glare, more suitable for outdoor environments , the screen is glossy screen , there will be glare in some cases , but overall the impact is not.

KINK design feature is the sunken shaft, shaft damping ASUS R704 is relatively soft, but still can not open and close with one hand , when less than 30 ° will automatically be adsorbed closing lid , the maximum rotation angle of 150 °. In addition , you can see ASUS R704A Battery will highlight length , will elevate some of the machine , but also to a more comfortable typing angle , but also more conducive to heat the bottom.


FUJITSU Lifebook A544 AH544 T904 Coming

Although in recent years, global PC shipments showed a downward trend , but the IDC data, the Chinese retail market laptop does not appear sharp decline , but also in government procurement, education, and medium-sized enterprises and even showed a rising trend , so FUJITSU review in 2014 will re- route business , for big business users launched a number of columns solutions and notebook products , and today tested FUJITSU FUJITSU Lifebook A544 is the recent listing of flagship business Ultrabook .

FUJITSU FUJITSU Lifebook A544 born first Ultrabook AH544, inherited the ultra-thin design does not compromise the essence of AH544, 13.3 -inch body weighs only 1.3kg, VGA, HDMI, RJ45 interfaces are very complete, and has reinforced honeycomb structure more robust body , even if part of the screen as well.

Since the positioning of commercial , FUJITSU Lifebook A544 with 6cell high capacity FUJITSU Lifebook A544 Battery addition to the general characteristics of the notebook , it also provides a docking connector , you can link FUJITSU launched docking station , supporting three-dimensional hard disk protection technology , support BIOS and hard disk encryption , with EOC saving technology, can withstand 76CM height drop test , body cap by a 100kg pressure experiments can provide comprehensive protection for the user.

The dragon is the Chinese traditional culture, power, elegance , a symbol of honor , but it also is a sign of luck and success . The reason why the dragon can reach this state, all because legends and mythical dragon in the days of the clouds, the sea is chasing wave by wave , the movers and shakers in the world have a great relationship immense supernatural powers . We can say that the aesthetic sense of dragon culture has penetrated into all areas of our society and culture in all aspects . Today FUJITSU brought us this product is officially the main elements to create a dragon of a product .

HP ProBook 645 with HP ProBook 645 Battery super this is the end of 2013 , HP launched a high-end ProBook series. The new series of products made ??of aluminum alloy crafted, with its excellent cutting process beveled edges , making the overall tone of the series is very high ; addition, backlit keyboard , touch screen, as well as Intel's fourth-generation Core processing devices that have made the series , exudes a unique charm of high-end products . This time, we are fortunate to get the HP ProBook 645 this super product .

Graphics , HP ProBook 645 Core graphics are used HD4400 GT2 series. GT2 is further divided into three HD Graphics 4200/4400/4600 series, 4200 / 4400 for the super pole , did not change the basic micro-architecture to optimize based, 4600 for the general notebook , 4600 is the new architecture.

FUJITSU Lifebook AH544 equipped with a 52Wh li-ion FUJITSU Lifebook AH544 Battery , which at 40 % of the cases the screen brightness running MobileMark 2012 office model 410 minutes ( 6 hours 50 minutes ) , so endurance outstanding performance.

FUJITSU Lifebook T904 Red Dragon limited edition of the game in the Lifebook T904 is based on the ordinary version of the build, it uses the Intel Core i7-4700MQ processors in the configuration, in addition to integrated HD Graphics 4600 graphics card, it is equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M graphics card, making Lifebook T904 can have a great end of the game 's performance , of course, 16GB DDR3 memory , 128GB SSD × 3, and 750GB HDD 's portfolio can not be ignored. Then we close look at this product .

Turn right body is provided with a power connector, docking connector , RJ-45 port, two USB3.0 interface , a DisplayPort1.2 interface, headphone microphone interface. SD card reader is provided below the USB3.0 interface , more subtle . The author has been repeatedly mentioned in the previous article to the aircraft fuselage smaller , light weight , very beneficial for business travel office to carry. After the actual measurement , the machine weighs only 1.43kg, very lightweight .

Summary: 15-inch business notebook seems to be the volume in the market is not too high , most of the business elite would prefer 13 inches of Commerce of the fuselage , but everything is not absolute . 15 inches business notebook also has a great consumer demand. There are also a lot of consumers prefer more generous vision, strong performance, and impressive office properties. Although 15 inches compared with 13 inches fuselage fuselage , portability poor. But for those who want a larger field of view , more robust performance, and a certain demand for mobile office users 15-inch HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1 is definitely a good choice .

HP ProBook 645 with HP ProBook 645 G1 Battery as the ProBook series of high-end products , can be said to completely get rid of the ProBook series of products with our stereotype . Previous ProBook series, most of the fuselage cover and the keyboard surface with a metal material, but the overall structure of the fuselage and the edge of the fuselage is still clinker material, although the price is high, but the ProBook series has been the lack of a high-end model , to improve its overall quality. However, HP ProBook 645 officially such a product, a large area of ??metal material, slimmer body design , exquisite workmanship and solid materials , are very much looking forward to make its author .

Just train does not seem to bring out its own momentum, and silhouetted against a red background would seem to be not quite the same. We limited edition Red Dragon FUJITSU Lifebook T904 can see a pattern domineering dragon lay on top, red background makes it look even more domineering force on ( hereinafter referred to as the Lifebook T904) of the roof, but also for the whole body looks even more dazzling . Dragon 's own pattern we do not do too many comments , after all, it has its own train in every heart .

FUJITSU Lifebook T904 laptop with 6cell FUJITSU Lifebook T904 Battery and 17.3 -inch screen gives a very atmospheric feel , although the large size of the screen is not easy to carry , but for gaming enthusiasts, the bigger the screen , the stronger the realism of the game . This screen aspect ratio of 16:9 , the physical resolution of Full HD 1920 × 1080, all kinds of games in the current was quite mainstream resolution. And LCD screen with Anti-Glare ( anti -glare ) materials and design , even in high ambient light conditions can also see the screen display.

U series processors for Ultrabook platform. In addition to the GT2 graphics core now adds dual-core graphics core with GT3 up to 40 execution units , 8U end is 28W, 0U is 15W. Are single-chip BGA package , the processor , chipset integrated on a two Die substrate , with the previous dual-core one meaning glue , packaged in a FCBGA1168, size 40 × 24 × 1.5 mm.

HP ProBook 655 with HP ProBook 655 G1 Battery is equipped with fourth-generation Intel Core i5-4200U low-voltage version of the processor , dual-core four-thread design, the default clocked at 1.6GHz, supports Intel Dynamic Acceleration Technology , Core frequency up to 2.6GHz. The processor is part of Intel's latest processor family Haswell , crafted using 22nm technology , the thermal design power of only 15W. Also integrated Intel HD Graphics HD4400 core graphics .


HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1 coming

Mobile Internet era , the traditional PC world have had a great impact. Global consumer PC sales continued to decline, so that many PC makers began to focus business areas . And according to Gartner data shows that some of the better performing PC makers in a relatively stable business market has begun to rebound. Hewlett-Packard has been in the business world has a very good performance. At the end of October 2013, HP held a new kind of IT business new fall conference business notebooks , HP released a Business whole new generation of mobile Internet features EliteBook series and EliteBook Folio series business notebooks. We all know EliteBook series is for high-end consumer market , while EliteBook Folio series is aimed at small and medium business procurement and in the end the individual market .

Today came YORK evaluation room is HP just released new types of IT in HP business conference in the autumn a new product - HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1. Folio 1040 G1 compared with HP EliteBook Folio 440 G1 and EliteBook, the difference is only in terms of product size . EliteBook Folio 1040 G1 uses 15-inch body, and EliteBook Folio 440 G1 with HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1 Battery -inch body .

HP EliteBook is HP 's high-end positioning business crowd notebook series , after several decades of development , has been recognized by the majority of users , to become the world 's most famous one of the three business notebook brand, is also the most stylish exterior design business notebook , especially is exquisite silvery body, it especially bright in those dreary business notebook.

However, in the appearance of a new generation EliteBook EliteBook entirely out of traditional design , with a black matte texture of the cover, a bit less angular body shape , become more promise soft, 12 inch for everyone exactly what we transform today after testing portable business flagship EliteBook 820 G1 with 6cell HP EliteBook 820 Battery.

As HP's new flagship , EliteBook 820 G1 is not just a change in the appearance of their body to the internal hardware is upgraded fourth -generation intelligent Intel Core Duo platform , and improved security management component of HP , adding new features such as HP Trust Circles .

Meanwhile EliteBook 820 G1 also set up a number of sufficient variety of interfaces, the ability SPIDERS docking station , providing a pointing stick , fingerprint , smart card reader , matte screen ...... is a more traditional 12-inch portable business , for those business people focus on practicality , safety , no fancy touch , flip function is very suitable .

From the exterior, the HP EliteBook 820 G1 with HP HSTNN-LB4X Battery completely out of the shadow of the previous generation of products, body cap with a black layer, surface rendering delicate matte texture with a matte finish , while the middle part of HP rounded LOGO has a mirror effect, breaking the matte black cover brings a sense of pure repression , while maintaining steady temperament adding much Smart.

Although the shape changed greatly, but the fuselage mold work still continues EliteBook series of consistently high standards and strict requirements , all- metal body, body part through internal and corners reinforcement, can minimize the damage to the computer itself when dropped degree , and it adopted a drop , vibration , functional shock, dust, altitude and high temperature military standard MIL-STD 810G testing is a very durable product .

Go to the underside of the fuselage , the HP EliteBook 820 G1 has continued the HP EliteBook series of HP EliteBook 820 G1 Battery baffles people praised face demolition without its tool can open the bottom of the case to upgrade memory, hard disk , clean up dust. You can see from the picture above , the HP EliteBook 820 G1 various components installed on a full metal body frame , so all metal reinforced frame designed to provide greater protection for the machine .

For portability , the HP EliteBook 820 G1 is a 12.5 inches notebook , fuselage length and width of 310 × 213mm, body thickness of 23mm or so, bare metal weight of 1.536kg, and that the thickness of less than 15mm, and weighs just over 1kg and down this compared to a lot of very heavy , but compared with the traditional notebook , 12-inch EliteBook 820 G1 significantly enhance portability .

But less than a laptop is not as light as possible , the better, the thickness of the product is usually too thin interface settings , and ultra-light models will be on the robustness of certain damages, so the EliteBook 820 G1 with 6cell high capacity HP HSTNN-LB4O Battery in the portability and ruggedness make the best balance.

When the system recognizes that there may be a removable storage media connected to your computer , you need to use HP Trust Circles registered Windows password or fingerprint , to have read 15 minutes ( time adjustable ) , the copy time . Such HP EliteBook 820 G1 hardware, software , BIOS three aspects are proud to have the security, although the body is compact but powerful indeed not be underestimated.

Let us now review under this songce HP EliteBook 820 G1 hardware , this machine uses the Intel Core i7-4600U processor , clocked at 2.1GHz, can Turbo Boost to 2.7GHz. 4GB RAM , 256GB SSD solid state hard drive, Intel Core Graphics . i7-4600U processor is a widely used in notebooks and ultra-extreme , although the use of a low- voltage processor , the performance after castration , clocked at 2.1GHz, can Turbo Boost to 2.7GHz, is sufficient to meet consumer by multitasking office needs .

After Windows7 Experience Index can be seen , the HP EliteBook 820 G1 processor score of 7.2 points , the memory score of 5.9 points , the graphics score of 5.1 points , 6.5 points game graphics get , the primary hard highest score of 7.9 points. Thus, the performance of the aircraft in terms of the most prominent hard drive .

HP EliteBook 1040 G1 body with built-in HP EliteBook Folio 1040 Battery was not much, but the interface configuration is quite complete, it 's on both sides of the body set up three USB3.0 interface , a VGA port, an RJ45 network interface , a DisplayPort interface and headphone / microphone composite interface , docking connector , such an interface is configured to fully meet the needs of our daily use , but the right side of the fuselage interface layout -intensive .


HP ProBook 650 G1 coming

EasyNote ME69BMP ends with the letter s in the model is the flagship product of the same size thin portable notebook, like a very classic T420s, 69B are like this , but with the gradual improvement over most of this , this new form has reached EasyNote requirements for ultra- portable , lightweight portable its variety of flagship products are turned super pole , this test ME69BMP in this environment came into being.

EasyNote ME69BMP EasyNote excellent inheriting DNA but also made ​​a lot of improvements, especially for the more traditional ME69BMP speaking , ME69BMP shaft sinking was first introduced , for the first time canceled docking slot for the first time to cancel the drive, first joined the touch screen, first use of integrated touchpad ......

Since ME69BMP with PACKARD BELL EasyNote ME69BMP Battery is an ultra -pole of this , it must comply with the hardware part of the ultra-extreme standards, so it is not like the T420s, 69B , as with a standard voltage processor , choosing instead to fourth -generation intelligent Intel Core i5-4200U low power processor , the power consumption is only 15W, integrated functional chipset is a highly integrated type CPU, ensuring overall performance while reducing power consumption will be at least 20W ( compared with 69B), the substantial body reduced while providing longer battery life.

Meanwhile ME69BMP body cap carbon fiber material to build, with fingerprint recognition, support APS hard drive protection , through the shock , moisture, dust , shock , high temperature and low temperature , etc. 8 rigorous military standard testing, although discard many classic designs , adding a lot of innovative elements , but its overall quality in mainstream notebooks still at a higher position , focus on quality business user's choice.

HP ProBook 650 business notebook with 6cell HP ProBook 650 Battery, it uses the latest generation of Intel's Haswell platform i5-4200M processor , this processor is not common in the evaluation machine speeds up to 2.5GHz, but it also integrates the Intel HD Graphics 4600 core graphics, are equipped with the AMD Radeon HD 8750M alone significantly higher level of performance to make it on the display , in addition to 4GB DDR3 memory and has a combination of mechanical hard disk 500GB HDD.

On the body surface temperature control , EasyNote ME69BMP performed well , after 30 minutes pager test , the keyboard surface is not apparent heat accumulation, prolonged use slightly warm feeling. The underside of the fuselage , ME69BMP opened a lot of vents, although maximum temperature of 42.2 ℃ is not high, but when we try to avoid prolonged use on the legs , this will affect the cooling vents clogging effect .

EasyNote ME69BMP with PACKARD BELL AL13C32 Battery and a variety of battery version , the test product is equipped with 10.8V 52Wh battery , adjust the screen brightness to 40 % of cases, running MobileMark 2012 battery test 397 minutes ( 6 hours 37 minutes ) .

To the end of 2013 , our annual Hengping also formally launched , and although this Hengping products still many , but there are still a lot of good products can not be nominated to one , but this does not prevent the products in the market performance. Hengping direction from the entire run, business and business Ultrabook laptops are still more concerned about the two types of consumer products , after all, for the vast majority of consumers, the product is still the best business partner office parties , and today came PConline evaluation room product is HP's ProBook business notebooks HP 650 G1 .

HP ProBook 650 with 6cell HP ProBook 650 G1 Battery is ProBook series business notebooks designed a new product , before we have been evaluating ProBook 430G1 this business , but this time we see ProBook 650 business notebooks are made ​​on the basis of a certain change in their products Of course the ProBook 650 in product size should be larger.

Mentioned TOSHIBA Portege Z series notebook I believe we are not unfamiliar , the series launched to locate the user -oriented fashion entertainment . However, you may not know is that , TOSHIBA there is a " protoss Portege Z" series. Portege affiliated with renowned German consumer electronics company Medion , TOSHIBA Group on June 1, 2011 acquisition of the German company Medion , Medion company has a leading position in the PC , multimedia products and consumer electronics and many other fields. Relative to the Portege Z series , TOSHIBA Portege Z series protoss design is more stylish, more robust performance , but also more light weight , set in one of the many advantages TOSHIBA Portege, as if there really attracts you the same abilities , all the time !

This came to the Pacific Ocean evaluation room is attached to the " protoss Portege" TOSHIBA Portege Z30 series notebook with TOSHIBA Portege Z30-A Battery, which is equipped with a frequency of 2.5GHz Intel Core i5-4200M, built-in Intel HD4600 graphics card, equipped with nVIDIA GeForce GT 740M discrete graphics to meet the higher demand for graphics processing tasks ; storage using 4GB DDR3 RAM +500 GB HDD mechanical hard combination , the overall staffing levels to meet the daily needs of home entertainment .

Currently, consumers have a 14.1 inches screen of large-size notebook product demand unabated. As for this part of the market, HP's new models, I believe has a new exterior design, powerful hardware configuration, and super affordable price of HP ProBook 650 can bring more exciting experience for this part of the consumer.

Classic black and silver color design, combined with starlight dark spots and black brushed metal material texture embellishment, making it more stylish, even far beyond the classic HP ProBook DV Series models. In addition to black, the series models also increased the starlight silver and red crystal different color design, fashion glorious gift for the entire family, but also for the price segment of notebook products to re-establish a benchmark models.
In addition to the eye-catching exterior design, the evaluation of the HP ProBook 650 with HP CA06XL Battery also has a decent hardware configuration. It is equipped with a new AMD quad-core A10-5745M APU, combined with 4GB of memory capacity, can bring powerful computing performance and multitasking capabilities. The latest AMD Radeon HD 8610G + HD 8670M Crossfire dual graphics cards, you can bring more excellent video processing performance.


ASUS X452C P550C Series coming

Business notebook, is none other than the leading brand of non- ThinkPad ! Many years in the commercial market position no shake . For many businesses, individual users , ThinkPad has also been listed as preferred brand. In the ThinkPad 's , T Series is the flagship flagship mainstream business market , although the X Series flagship portable, but super thin promote the emergence of the development , T series , there have been a lot of thin high-performance models.

Delay the release of the fourth generation of Intel platform , so many manufacturers originally released in the first half of the new machine has been dragged or even years before the end of Q3 to meet with users , ThinkPad T series models of the new platform is long overdue trace. T431s and X230s release, we see the appearance of new products in 2013 with more changes , but it was still equipped with last generation processor platform. X240s release, proved X230s just pioneer, but the appearance has not changed . So we have reason to believe , T431s upgrade - T440s in appearance would not be significant changes.

Upgrade line of T-series has finally caught up with 2013 the last train , shock release , so wait forever for black fans to see the light. The T series models and some changes in terms of , for example, an upgraded version of T430 , model T440P with LENOVO L12L4A02 Battery, and T440 models for the super pole , T440s also Ultrabook models. From the model we can know that the most at the end of s logo is more high-end positioning . The latest generation of the T440s performance then ? Next we will look at in detail .

In terms of performance , A10 quad-core processors to meet the family entertainment is no problem , APU Crossfire dual graphics technology in response to high-definition movies, and time can experience the big game came out, with the " vocal master " sound, the whole video Entertainment capability is good , although the final performance may not imagine tough, but if the home cope with it this laptop is sufficient competent.

Before evaluation, we take a look at the detailed configuration of this flagship entertainment notebook . Equipped with Intel Core i7-4702MQ fourth-generation processor , CPU clocked at 2.2GHz, Core frequency up to 3.2GHz, integrated Intel HD 4600 graphics core . 8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM , 1TB HDD × 2 +24 GB SSD hard drive. 17.3 inches LED screen resolution of 1920 × 1080, ten-point touch support . Independent graphics cards for the NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M (4GB), to meet consumer demand for large-scale 3D game play . It is worth mentioning that the machine pre-installed with the latest Windows 8.1 operating system.

ASUS X452 with ASUS X452CP Battery is still using the keyboard part of the mainstream of the island-style chiclet keyboard . Feel and force feedback are also good, long entry will not feel difficult. Backlit keyboard ASUS X undoubtedly added 17 high-end image and experience a lot of extra points . Each key has its own independent LED lights , allowing users to easily operate in dark environment. In the audio area , we once again saw the book preface "beats" logo. Friends will be familiar with notebook PC makers know , "beats" with ASUS as the sole partners in order to bring a great visual feast.

The completely redesigned T440s, which lasted 18 months, compared to its predecessor , the body is more slender , sexy black beauty while yet low-key . T440s T431s with exactly the same in appearance , but also with the X230s, X240s also have the same purpose , we seem to be able to see the future ThinkPad Ultrabook will continue this minimalist style.

The ThinkPad T440s with LENOVO L12M4A02 Battery still maintain the traditional appearance of black tone , but this is not the traditional dark black , but a black ink . Carbon fiber body to create and handle delicate cover , feel very comfortable. And carbon fiber material to ensure light weight machine at the same time , to provide the greatest degree of safety .

Though slim, but the shape of the black box is still obvious, it also allows fans feel close to black . Entire cover is not too much decoration, only two corner "Lenovo" and "ThinkPad" LOGO, compared to the previous conventional models , LOGO direction is reversed 180 degrees. When the user opens the books work , and looked across the LOGO is positive .

After spraying red paint finish , there are two options, one is spray paint layer extinction , it would appear before the exhibit A matte effect ; another is the author of several layers of varnish applied spray , it would piano paint surface effect . To note here is that if you want to spray paint extinction , then we must be careful not to spray too much, but also be careful not to spray in wet environment, otherwise you will see there is a layer of red paint ugly pan white , if you spray more words , and even completely destroy all your work before .

As the first somatosensory control technology equipped notebook products , E17t launch, ASUS with ASUS X452C Battery is not only a consumer of computer products in-depth interpretation of the new strategy , it is the perfect show for brand innovation capability . It is not only the first time to provide Leap Motion Control somatosensory wonderful experience for consumers , but also has a ten-point touch ASUS Smart technology , as well as the current top hardware platform. With these many advantages , you can say it has been in the increasingly fierce market flagship notebook , the first to seize the commanding heights of victory.

In the previous years, black body cap , work lights on the right side hinge also been canceled, the whole is more concise. But "ThinkPad" LOGO letter i red dot is a breathing light , steady state power under standby flashes, this thoughtful design also allows users to keep track of the status of work books .

In the shaft part , still using the ThinkPad classic all-metal hinges, but to ensure that thin body , with a sunken design . Combined with the front we tested several models of ultra-extreme point of view , you can find this T440s and T431s with LENOVO L12S4A02 Battery, X230s, X240s have adopted the same design , is under the top cover and the bottom edge of the rear fuselage sections have adopted the 45-degree chamfered surface , so even with a sunken shaft , you can still ensure that the screen 180 degrees opening angle , not only does not hinder the timely opening , and a good fit. To facilitate the daily work of business users .

Referred to the "flagship " of the word , many people may think of the high-end price , gorgeous appearance , powerful hardware and so on. Although each brand's flagship model abundance, but a true flagship of the highlights of the full , all consumers will win plaudits . In the case of global PC shipments continued to decline , and the various PC manufacturers to introduce new ways to the PC integration with the other novel technologies. ASUS X452 is such a equipped with Leap Motion somatosensory controller 's flagship home entertainment this .

Keyboard just below the toucASUSad as a whole , compared with the previous product , the aircraft did not add a shortcut to disable the toucASUSad , it could be the reason for the wide body to consider . On the right side of the toucASUSad is the biggest highlight of the aircraft - Leap Motion somatosensory controller . By Fn + Spacebar to open and close fast , but need to use with the software . Somatosensory right side Leap Motion controller is fingerprint recognition for increased data security protection . ASUS X452 fuselage relatively large , somewhat less in terms of portability . But everything pros and cons, the ASUS X452 because of the huge body , interior space naturally have a lot of space to set up the heat and Leap Motion controller.

ASUS P550 with ASUS P550CC Battery at the interface is also equipped with relatively complete. Most interfaces are set up on the left side of the fuselage , followed by child lock, cooling port, HDMI port , RJ-45 network interface , dual USB3.0 interface , multi-card reader . ASUS X452 Although a big man , but in terms of body weight and thickness control is better. After the actual measurement, the ASUS X452 of the body weight of 3.36kg, travel weight of 3.92kg.


HP ENVY 17 Leap Motion SE series coming

DIY players the highest level , not put together to save a bunch of high-end hardware stuffed into a computer , but the MOD. A good MOD, you can let the machine reborn , becoming eye-catching individual elements , players will also DIY your own ideas into a pathway. But after all, we are not MOD Great God , can not make their own personalized customization, while there may not have so much money to please God helped MOD one big machine , this time , we need to build yourself up .

Relative to the MOD desktop , the laptop and the transformation of the space is not large . A face only , the screen frame and C face the most suitable transformation, while not as to transform the structure like a desktop , can be personalized on the existing basis. So, how to make their own laptops become different? How can transform yourself to your own laptop computer? Edit the ThinkPad S5 recently occupied the blind out the whole lot, the final effect is still relatively satisfied with yourself , so I decided to brazen out to share with you a little longer. After all, I , like everyone else , nor is MOD of people, but their first attempt. Transformation process unsightly , but some of them experience is worth learning in the transformation .

Many people at first glance , ENVY 17 with HP ENVY 17 Leap Motion SE Battery is especially tall on . Chocolate style keyboard like Apple feel. Keycaps look ENVY 17 is matte , but not the traditional chocolate keyboard plane, which has a similar pillow -shaped depression, fast typing fingers will have a clear sense of moving boundary , less error-prone , high typing efficiency. Personally feel that if we can Leap Motion sensors placed on the location of the touchpad would be better . Because the hands are doing big move when the left hand may be beyond the inverted cone low range of the sensor (Leap Motion has a fixed height sampling scope ) .

Since it is the transformation of a laptop for personal use , then you need to prepare some transformation tools used , although the author himself is not the transformation of people, there is no god of technology, but because of the usual hobby model making , so there are some basic tools . So what transformation laptops need things?

TOSHIBA TECRA A50-A with TOSHIBA TECRA A50-A Battery selection of MSI GS70 mold , has a relatively high degree of completion , and the design of the Razer Blade is somewhat similar to before , Omo blank to allow body design has a strong Scandinavian minimalist style, right-angle trimming the tough line with rounded edging to reconcile with each other , forming a seamless beauty, and this beauty and Alieware American muscle notebook completely different, more elegant , understated .

The first is all kinds of paints and thinners , such as those things listed above , the left is varnished two Tamiya spray paint cans and a can of gun disabilities. Generally, if you want to transform something bigger , then Tamiya spray paint cans is the best option . If the transformation of the laptop , or something smaller , then the right side of those vials of paint is a good choice .

If I choose to spray cans , then, need to transform objects directly into the spray can, spray it should have paced up and down or left and right shaking spray, spray instead of a point in front , so as to make the paint more smooth , shaking speed faster , try to follow the principle of thin layers of spray .

LENOVO ThinkPad Yoga series with LENOVO ThinkPad Yoga Battery of plastic material at the bottom , on both sides of the fuselage in front of two speakers set up right at the bottom to provide a separate bass unit , consisting of a 2.1-channel sound system, compared with an ordinary notebook when putting sound more full . In fuselage EasyNote TE provides a HDMI port, a USB2.0 port, two USB3.0 interface , headphone microphone composite interface , RJ45 network interface and multi- card reader , despite the lack of a VGA port, but such an interface to configure basic enough for everyday use .

And the right of those paints , then, is not directly used , need to use the image above to the right blue cap Tamiya paint thinner , or marked with a blue label after dilution Gunze 400 to spray paint dilution , dilution ratio about 1:2. As a paint diluent 2 .

If the spray paint is the choice , then you need to use the above two items shown below , the first image is a commonly used model of jet pumps , inexpensive, about 400 yuan to 600 yuan a jet pump is very Yes , while the second graph is essential airbrush , airbrush the paint into the paint pot , open the jet pump , set pressure can be sprayed .

Let's look at the details of the design TOSHIBA Satellite NB15 Battery , the first back of the fuselage , TECRA W50-A in the back near the hinge position , joined a large area of ??skin trapezoidal pad , turn fur texture feels great, while also very good in the cold and the metal body , turning fur not only feel good, and play a decorative role , but also to prevent the bottom of the metal is scratched , in addition to the bottom of the fuselage there are six pieces of silicone pad , play shockproof effect.

Just received a high-end entertainment notebook ENVY 17 Leap Motion SE paragraph from HP , Amazon quoted 11,299 yuan (ENVY 17-J106TX ( 5 people interested ) ) , a product to the testing room , and immediately attracted a crowd of small partners , in fact, the focus of everyone's attention is to join the Leap Motion somatosensory technology - a new human-computer interaction . Personally think that this should be HP's industry-leading a new attempt for tired mouse, touch and like the early adopters of friends can pay more attention.

DELL M4800 series with 6cell DELL N71FM Battery is the ace of consumer entertainment series , 14,15,17 inch product line has covered a lot of new technologies, will be the first to join the ENVY series of its products , such as Beats Audio sound technology , intellectual shield hard drive protection technology, biometric fingerprint recognition, ultra- high-definition 3200 * 1800 screen ( some models ) , as well as the added Leap Motion somatosensory operation , etc. , the series features a minimalist metal exterior style, projecting the true entertainment experience .

Somatosensory technology is a high-precision , similar to Kinect, connected via special sensors, motion information rebuild palm real measurements , identifying rich gestures to get the effect of a change in top operating experience in the application . In addition, the fact that technology can not only identify the finger movement , some fine hand tools , such as pen , chopsticks and so can be used as an interactive tool somatosensory .

As for the principle , you will see a black bar children under the HP ENVY 17 keyboard , a sensor that is LeapMotion , Leap Motion grayscale camera with infrared LED + 3D information collected manner , since only collect hand information, it 's Leap Motion good operating efficiency , the identification is also very fine . Currently, in addition to the HP Envy 17 Leap Motion SE, there is news that there will be one 11 HP desktop computers and built- Leap Motion technology and, according to the company Leap Motion CEO Michael Buckwald at a press briefing in London , said , after the 2014 CES, the technology will also be integrated into future phones and tablets , so you can imagine, this is likely to be operated after the touch experience yet another revolution !

And traditional keyboard / mouse, touchpad , multi-touch screen technology is different , Leap motion without touching the computer, you can operate the computer within a certain distance , so use them greater flexibility . And his hands expressing mouse pointer movement information than more complex, and therefore there is a great difference on the play, but to master this trick is very simple operation , use both hands , pointing or scratching , edit play very addictive !

Currently , Leap Motion has attracted a total of over 85,000 developers has released more than 150 equipment and technology to support the application on the App Store . TOSHIBA Satellite NB15t Battery also built many models featured games like everyone 's favorite classic " version of karting fruit " , foreign version of cut fruit "forest uncle chop wood ," and so on, to experience these games are controlled by gestures very interesting.