Newest LENOVO G40 G50 coming

In the commercial notebook market, although many vendors involved , but the real concern while the popularity of only a few degrees higher , Dell 's strength as one faction, many achievements over the years in the commercial area , many models are in the workplace who as the preferred model year , while Dell and indeed expectations by virtue of outstanding performance to get a good reputation.

Dell Latitude series is targeting high-end commercial market models , the performance of the security , ease of use and other aspects are very prominent. Under the general direction of development of thin notebook , by the end of 2012 , code-named " a knife " ultraportable business Ultrabook debut, will be safe , portable play to the extreme . Dell last year after the Summit , we see a new generation of models , the Dell Latitude E7000 Series Ultrabook , Latitude models debut a pass , there are many , but no one can be compared with this .

Dell Latitude E7000 series with 47Wh DELL 34GKR Battery are 12 inches and 14-inch models , and today we want to share with you this Dell Latitude E7440 Ultrabook Windows 8 operating system pre-installed , with a touch screen, a concrete manifestation of our next detailed analysis. As a business Ultrabook , the Dell Latitude E7440 Touch offers an optional silver appearance , fashion career for young people , it is rather good, but take the conservative route for understanding this cover with a carbon fiber finish design, see go low-key calm , quite steady wind business people. While the soft-touch coating surface also allows users to hand it more comfortable. And the texture of the cover design , the edge of the monochrome design wiping edge .

Under the coat , is Dell's unique Tri-metal casing , after the U.S. military standard MIL-STD-810G tested to ensure that users calmly harsh environment test. Cover central location , a round bright silver "DELL" logo, making the overall look more minimalist atmosphere. Shaft part , with the previous generation Ultrabook 6430u is part of two different shaft in the middle , and no one with the cover design , the right side of the shaft near the place where three lights designed to facilitate the work of users keep abreast of books . Full metal reinforced steel shaft, damping moderate intensity, you can open the screen with one hand , while still maintaining the open angle can exceed 180 degrees opening and closing. Allowing users anytime , can look directly at the screen to find the right angle .

Open the cover , what we see is a beautiful LCD screen, black side stroll , and a very narrow frame design , looks very high-end atmosphere. Equipped with a touch screen, more efficient operation under Windows 8 operating system, also has a good experience. Screen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution Full HD standard , capable of 14 -inch screen displays more content than the other models. Fang Jicheng a high-definition camera on the screen , set the left and right sides of the array microphone for easy video communication business users . But also set up a work light designed for the camera , to further protect user privacy.

C surface also continued throughout the roof of the main colors of black , complemented by category delicate skin coating process, feel very comfortable. Keypad sink, classic Dell high-touch keyboard , key-way medium , feel good . Retains the trackpoint , and before the difference is that the pointing stick is not pure black , but the design of the blue edges , appear to be more eye-catching .

ENVY m7 with 6cell HP ENVY m7 Battery to do at this point is quite good , and not because of the slim body and let the keyboard feel is missing, but is in maximizing the keyboard keys have a certain way , so that the keys feel assured , that commendable. ENVY m7 C-face design is very simple, and not too many function keys and indicators , just around the shoulder area of the keyboard WIFI lights were set up and the power button, after all, for a 13.3- inch laptop , the fuselage space itself is not so plentiful , reasonably necessary to set function keys and indicators can be.

This product is on the right side of the fuselage were notebook lock, power supply interface, multi-card reader and two USB3.0 interface, from interface design, the design of three independent video output interface, which can meet the three-screen gaming demand for game enthusiasts concerned, is undoubtedly very attractive. 

HP 250 G2 with 9cell HP 250 G2 Battery from a hardware point of view, is the product of a full game, the fourth-generation Core I7 processor and GeForce GTX765M discrete graphics in the game can be seen in the face of the test launch of a new stand-alone game can also be much more relaxed response, Designs are more low-key, the keyboard is a point of the eye of this product, a bright backlight to enhance the overall atmosphere of the game, should get more consumers. 

Today, the ultra- pole of this has gone through three years of time , it has gradually become a high-end product line, many manufacturers representative products . LENOVO newly launched G Series G40 as well. Compared with the previous products , the new G Series G40 more " Tall " temperament, but also can be called from the stars of " super pole ." Its casing and screen have adopted the third generation of the Corning Gorilla glass, and more durable than ordinary metal .

Configuration , send test models LENOVO G50 with 4cell LENOVO G50 Battery is also equipped with ultra- pole of this fourth-generation Intel Core i7-4500U processor , 8GB RAM, Intel HD4400 graphics card, and a 256GB SSD solid state drive . 13.3-inch full HD screen ultra- wide-angle IPS screen with a resolution of 1920x1080, and supports 10 -point touch , the overall performance is self-evident . Next, I will provide you a comprehensive introduction to this product.

leaving the keyboard keys key way the space is not large, so there are some products in order to achieve the ultimate slim, and even the keys feel completely abandoned , I personally feel that this approach is not desirable, because the most important laptop computer interaction is achieved via a laptop keyboard .

HP 255 G2 with HP 255 G2 Battery biggest highlights in its high cost , the game performance , processor performance has been adequate , GT750M enough to run most of the game , the heat has improved compared to the previous generation on , HP is possible to heat system has been improved , and then we will come through as we announced disassemble . Overall, if you budget is not very high , there is hope to get relatively good performance of the game , then 3,799 yuan starting 250 G2 is a choice you can make your peace of mind .

Compared to ordinary metal casing , the third generation of Corning Gorilla Glass has a better scratch resistance , toughness and ruggedness. Of course, the obvious drawback is that the glass is more likely to provoke a fingerprint problems. Fortunately , LENOVO random distribution of very good quality screen wipe cloth , wipe fingerprints can be very good . LENOVO G40 enclosure design is very simple, the middle part of the "LENOVO" Logo in concentric circles against the background of the texture is very eye-catching , but also more details on the design professional . Corning Gorilla glass enclosure surrounding also uses a metal border, increase the machine's solidity and security, after all corners is very easy to knock or rub bad.

The shaft portion of the design is also very unique , and is currently a lot of ultra-pole design is different , LENOVO G40 with 4cell LENOVO G40 Battery and a sunken hinge design . As the aircraft's A-side with one design on the shaft were wrapped and LENOVO G40 body is very thin, so when you open the desktop screen hinge part will have some friction. To avoid the wear and tear caused by the shell , LENOVO G40 on both sides of the shaft designed floor mats, floor mats designed to ensure the appearance of a very compact fashion .

ACER TravelMate P245 P255 P455 coming

For a long time, in the field of business PC, a few companies in the front, the product through generations of precipitation, more and more sophisticated, over the years, the user in the heart of highly recognized brand is so several, there is no doubt that the GATEWAY as this one, the user never disappointed.Based on the strong resources and for the development of high-end technology, for many users the asiatics.

GATEWAY, NE is positioning high-end business notebook series models, according to the U.S. military MIL - STD - 810 standard design, did a very good job in security, extreme environment with high reliability and remarkable performance, including temperature, altitude, humidity, dust, shock and vibration conditions.

Today, we get the GATEWAY NE570 notebook with GATEWAY AL12A32 Battery, a generation compared to products, thickness decreased by 40%, a 27% reduction in weight, also brought a lot of important enterprise features, make the company can provide all employees with super TM use experience.This series of products mainly for users who travel on business design, collocation is optional battery, battery life up to 33 hours, and the product has passed the most stringent MIL - STD 810 g, the American military standard test, to ensure that the height of the product reliability.

In 2013 , there has been a lot of unique designs laptop products. From simple swap , slide , and then flip the deformed , and this year there have been a lot of novelty in the new notebooks , the other with the popular touch operation , the touch screen has become the standard current basic notebook product configuration, simple mode of operation, but also allow more consumers do not understand the computer can easily experience the change brought about by new technologies . A deformation touch laptop ACER TravelMate P255 is at the end of 2013 , appeared . The machine uses the classic 2013 new AMD Quad-Core A4-5000 APU, design power of only 15W, making the TravelMate P255 not only able to thin body, has a long life, but also has good high-definition entertainment and gaming performance .

A4-5000 APU belong 2013 AMD classic mainstream APU series ( previously codenamed "Kabini"). Is the world 's first mainstream notebook for entry-level and small- size touch notebook quad-core x86 single-chip (SoC) APU, to provide users with the best products in the same level of graphics performance and achieve the ideal balance of performance and price .

Fusion codenamed "Jaguar" quad -core or dual-core x86CPU and GCN architecture AMDRadeonHD8000 series graphics cards, to achieve excellent graphics performance and all-day battery life . As 2013AMDA Series APU family of a 2013 classic mainstream quad-core APU (A4 and A6) is the industry's first and only designed for entry- and small- size touch quad-core x86 notebook design solutions .

Compared with the previous generation of products that can be brought up to 132 percent visual performance -per-watt -per-watt and 127 percent productivity increase, while 25% improvement in battery life , up to 11 hours of standby time . In addition , ACER TravelMate P245 with 4cell ACER TravelMate P245 Battery is also built new GCN plus configuration of AMD RadeonHD8570M single core , providing the same level of product in the best graphics performance , the first to support DirectX 11.1, famous TressFXHair technical support to help users in video and games get the best entertainment experience .

In fact, most of the ultra-thin notebooks have a stylish appearance, because it is " slim design" has the inherent advantage, but at the same slim design will bring some inevitable problems, such as limited space inside the thermal design , but also give up some experience in the use of technology to achieve the slim characteristics, and EasyNote TE69 in these two areas is obviously full of plans , it is also a good use of excellent design to circumvent these two problems , which the user has created a slim and easy to use products.

Next, please follow the author 's take a look PACKARD BELLEasyNote TE69 which is commendable features ? Its internal thermal design exactly how ? And its overall performance compared with similar products, and what are the advantages?

PACKARD BELLEasyNote TE69 with 4cell PACKARD BELL AL12A32 Battery is a 13.3- inch portable notebook computers, but also the first to adopt a number of ultra- high resolution 2560 × 1440 notebooks , so after launch has been a lot of user attention. But since the use of ultra- high-definition display , and support for touch functionality , coupled with robust hardware configuration , EasyNote TE69 naturally the price will not be cheap , so it is also a niche -oriented groups launch of the product .

Keyboard ACER computer with a classic design , the keyboard keys feel either way , Cap still knocking back the intensity of the current super pole in performance is quite good. The touchpad is using the popular integrated touchpad design , smooth, precise, touchpad feedback about the intensity of the soft keys are not stiff , performance in this area is quite satisfactory. Integrated touchpad also supports multi-touch, the user can zoom through touchpad , scroll etc, very aspect . All in all , TravelMate P255 keyboard with touchpad will not use any of the people feel uncomfortable, more comfortable to use .

There is also a detail worth mentioning , at the bottom of the left and right side with two C triangular rubber mat , maybe we can not figure out what at first glance what is the use , and the screen 300 degrees when we come we folded found that the two small pads well supported throughout the body, thus avoiding wear and tear due to friction with the desktop C surface caused , and this is also reflected in the design of the ACER intentions . Class back of the fuselage skin material is still used , feels very comfortable. In order from the top down is a removable battery , cooling zone , and two speakers. In addition , a large area of ​​cooling holes also allow the stability of the machine work more secure.

The interface TravelMate P255 with 4cell ACER TravelMate P255 Battery performance is very comprehensive, did not because of the thin body and compromise. On the left side of the fuselage from the top down in order for the power connector , RJ-45 Ethernet port , HDMI interface and a USB 3.0 interface. The right side from top to bottom are the power button , ACER one key recovery key , two USB 2.0 ports, a card reader slot , a headphone jack and a volume control button.

Volume control is provided below the keyboard shortcut keys left shaft , including the mute button, volume down button and volume up button,button too close to the shaft , when some awkward finger tap . ASUS R501V power button touchpad design is simple , in line with its commercial ultra- pole of this image. ASUS R501V Touch version greater emphasis on high security, we can see from the above the right palm rest position , ASUS R501V touch only supports biometric fingerprint identification , while also providing contactless smart card security identification . This can improve the login user privacy and data security , in addition , ASUS also provided with a hard disk data encryption security services.

ASUS R501V with 6cell ASUS R501V Battery version of the fuselage is more touch interface distribution area , which is below the left shaft power interface and USB3.0 interface , while the right side of the shaft below the RJ-45 Ethernet port , USB3.0 interface and HDMI HD video output interface. It is worth mentioning that the back of the metal material interfaces are being wrapped , not only improve the plug durability , while if the situation appeared accidental falls , the interface will not be too much damage.

Looking at the current ultra- pole of this market for many products considered thin body , had to abandon a lot of common interfaces , so that although the body is thin , but it is not so easy to use . From the quantitative point of view on the interface TravelMate P255 basic common interfaces readily available to meet the daily needs of the people is not a problem. And the interface layout is also very reasonable , would not crowded when multiple devices.

If usage patterns from the product point of view , TravelMate P455 with 4cell 44wh ACER TravelMate P455 Battery is weaker than in either scope or open angle , they have less Yoga, but TravelMate? This 300 -degree flip it really is embroidered pillow ? Maybe we will have to think about another angle is not the same answer.


TOSHIBA Satellite Pro C50 C70 L70 Laptop coming

Laptop appears , is to meet consumer portable, mobile needs. Then in the field of business notebook , this demand seems to be more clear. Business computers have more than just business people to meet the needs of best fit mobile office products, high-end styling also become a symbol of high-end white-collar business identity. Moreover, consumer demand has also been new changes in the pursuit of efficiency , while more emphasis on personal experience , in a variety of choices , PC manufacturers want to meet the multiple needs of business people , we must continue to innovate and introduce more quality products .

In the " 2013 HP Business IT new types of business notebooks new fall conference " , HP vice president of worldwide , China Hewlett-Packard printing and Information Products Group (PPS) Personal Information Products Division , General Manager of China Wang Gang said: "Today's enterprises staff not only pursue efficiency, greater emphasis personal experience , so their choice of equipment is also more diverse , and IT decision-makers to meet these needs of employees , it must also take into account the management requirements, in particular, to ensure the safety of the moment . precisely because this , HP launched a modern design with user-friendly , enterprise-class security, performance, business mobile Internet business notebook features a whole new generation for the Internet era end users and IT managers to provide the best choice . "

Hewlett-Packard as an internationally renowned PC manufacturer , has been in the computer business has a strong performance , has also been recognized by many consumers . Its high-end market for the ProBook series EliteBook series and SMEs , respectively, won the favor of different users . Today came YORK evaluation room is HP EliteBook 820 G1 with 62Wh HP HSTNN-YB4O Battery. Depending on the model we have been able to learn aspects of this product under the EliteBook series, the body size of 12.5 inches , is the 2013 new products.

The songce HP EliteBook 820 G1 Intel Core i7-4600U processor hardware, clocked at 2.1GHz, can Turbo Boost to 2.7GHz. 4GB RAM , 256GB SSD solid state hard drive, Intel Core Graphics .

After Windows7 Experience Index can be seen , the HP EliteBook 820 G1 processor score of 7.2 points , the memory score of 5.9 points , the graphics score of 5.1 points , 6.5 points game graphics get , the primary hard highest score of 7.9 points. Thus, the performance of the aircraft in terms of the most prominent hard drive . HP EliteBook 820 G1 compact body, strong, is a very good portable business . Although the use of a 1366 × 768 resolution display, meet the usual office and entertainment needs enough , but for display tricky friend might be interested in this resolution Tucao . In terms of security , the machine has to protect BOIS, software, hardware, three aspects , no matter what unexpected , users will be able to protect normal use . Removable cover that allows the user to upgrade the hardware, which has virtually for users to reduce maintenance costs.

2013 was a year of change and innovative but also more confusing , ENVY 15 with 6cell HP Envy 15 Battery maintain the traditional use of form, its advantage is to let users do not have to spend time to adapt and learn new things , which appear in the commercial areas of high -efficiency production environment more important. After a new design for the needs of the commercial aspects of ENVY 15 has made excellent improvements, such as more portable body , hot-swappable battery design , full HD multi-touch screen , etc. It brings Intel's latest technology, and not evolved into "alternative" so-called " all-rounder ", ENVY 15 and stability has become one of the single stage commercial point of the user's choice .

When it comes to appearance , the HP EliteBook 820 G1 still continues the style features the HP EliteBook series , and passed stringent U.S. military MIL-STD 810G standard tests to ensure that a variety of harsh environments, is still able to ensure the normal operation. The aircraft fuselage using one piece of the whole system of aluminum and magnesium body , a new class of HP DuraFlex skin abrasion resistant coating material, not only to provide skin class comfort for the user , but also allows users to remove scratches problems. This material also largely avoids the annoying fingerprints , no cold metal feel.

HP EliteBook 820 G1 with 47Wh HP HSTNN-YB4N Battery compared with other commercial brands , does not use silver metallic material, also, or ordinary black plastic material . Class using skin material not only provides excellent feel , but also the product quality improved a lot . Open the HP EliteBook 820 G1, 12.5 -inch display greets body B side . Screen because the dominant business area , with a 1366 × 768 resolution display, but the user can according to their needs, optional AG SVA or Premium AG UWVA flat screen ultra-thin display.

June , when Toshiba launched a new fashion and entertainment of the Satellite series, Toshiba farewell simple configuration update , but in user demand, will continue to thin and entertainment elements injected into the new designs. I remember when we had a test , Satellite Pro C50 of the mainstream entertainment , today we received the latest upgraded version , equipped with AMD Richland Extreme quad-core APU + version of AMD Radeon HD 8570M alone was also equipped with a 15-inch big screen Satellite Pro C50. Here is a specific evaluation.

The new Satellite Pro C70 with TOSHIBA Satellite Pro C70 Battery uses Extreme quad-core A10-5745M APU, clocked at 2.1 ~ 2.9GHz, TDP power consumption of 25W, two cache 4MB, the integration of AMD Radeon HD 8610G fusion single significant . Due to internal fusion APU independent display core upgrade to the GCN architecture , so you can get dual -card crossfire over a significant performance boost.

AMD mirrored screen (Screen Mirror): This technique simply by an inexpensive receiver is DLNA (DLNA is a solution , called the Digital Living Network Alliance, you can understand it as a network media solutions , many smart phones or TV box support this technology ) . Through new technology, AMD screen mirroring can put on a low-latency video stream to the PC screen on either a home wireless network TV / monitor , very convenient. AMD video features : video image stabilization technology, high technology and perfect Nora screen technology , the three APU technology can help to improve the quality of operational performance and smoother HD video network , improve the user visual experience !

Satellite Pro C50 with 5200mAh TOSHIBA Satellite Pro C50 Battery stylish minimalist white design, and using HP Imprint technology embedded faint parallel lines, the elegant charm demonstrated most vividly . And personally feel that the white surface more resistant for use in A grease and fingerprints. Off the roof you can see the layout of the interior , thanks to the 15-inch mold surface can therefore C space to accommodate the keypad area. The machine 's keyboard layout is still very loose , line 6 flat chocolate keycaps , very elegant. Partial left side of the palm rest is large touchpad , try a little more precise mobile positioning is key rigid .

How to determine the thermal performance is good or bad , the maximum temperature can not represent anything. The temperature of the cooling vents is absolutely the highest, if not , that is the only show that the heat problem. When most of the heat accumulation in the cooling vents near the location , and the temperature is no higher than in other parts of 37 ℃, it can determine the design of the cooling system are relatively reasonable. In the hardware configuration , this got this TOSHIBA Satellite Pro C70 Touch Edition is equipped with 22nm process technology Intel Core i7 4600U dual-core processor , equipped with 128GB SSD solid state hard drive, as well as two 4GB DDR3 1600MHz 8GB composed of high-speed memory capacity, graphics cards, the model uses the processor comes with Intel HD 4400 graphics core .

Intel Core i7 4600U belongs to a new processor with 2 core and can support up to four threads via Hyper-Threading technology. The processor is based on 22nm process technology , codenamed Haswell-ULT, initially clocked at 2.1GHz, Core frequency to 3.3GHz, shared L3 cache of 4MB, the overall TDP of 15W. Learn the basics after the processor , we use software CINEBENCH R10 to assess its performance , the software is able to single-core and multicore processor performance score given intuitive , Fengyun Core i7 4600U processor soon completed all the test content , and ultimately get 6135 points its single -core , multi-core get 12,440 points, belonging mobile processor midrange models. Another use of this software CINEBENCH 11.5 evaluate its performance , the software is capable of single- and multi-core processor performance score given intuitive , Fengyun Core i7 4600U processor quickly to complete all the test content , and ultimately CPU get 3.05pts, single-core 1.40pts.

Hardware configuration , TOSHIBA provides users with a variety of configuration options. And the evaluation of the TOSHIBA Pro C70 Touch Edition uses the fourth generation Intel Core i7 4600U low-power processor , equipped with 128GB SSD solid state hard drive and 8GB DDR3 1600MHz memory speed , processor graphics cards using the model comes Intel ® HD Graphics 4400 core Graphics .

TOSHIBA Satellite Pro L70 uses 6cell TOSHIBA Satellite Pro L70 Battery the same 17.3 inches LCD screen, compared to the Pro C70 upgrade part is to increase the screen resolution to 1920 × 1080 and is the IPS, while the screen also has multi-touch, it can be said that this product sincerity is very trivial , but inevitably there will be more serious glossy screen reflection . Also on the screen Pro C70 of open angle up to 180 °, narrow frame design to enhance the visual experience while a lot of body size compared to some of the traditional compact 12.5 inches notebook.


MEDION Erazer X7825 X78257 and HP 350 coming

Lift business notebook , Erazer brand with comfortable easy operability , hardware breakdown customizable , full security and improve the service to become the government, enterprises , high-end people 's first choice , it is when people do not let the king, and this one , T series and its product line is the most historical heritage and the most representative models.

Erazer X7826 released with great success , is the market recognized at the same time seems to indicate ultra-extreme commercialization opportunity is maturing , MEDION yielded officially released Erazer X7825, use s as a suffix and heritage thin it is also naturally be classified into the super pole ranks .

Erazer X7825 with 7800mAh MEDION Erazer X7825 Battery is still a classic black coat , makes one inclined Logo can identify its identity , and in order to perfect balance of light and sturdy , X7825 did not and does not use conventional magnesium alloy material on A shell , replaced higher cost of carbon fiber composite material . Remember Erazer X1 Carbon listed at the beginning of a propaganda that "carbon" , giving the psychological implications of this is that it is fundamentally frivolous . Common F1 racing with many of its components are made ??of this material , in the case of the same volume , which is one-third the weight of the magnesium alloy , and in case of a thinner , stronger its toughness .
This came to the Pacific Ocean evaluation room is a whole new generation of HP 300 Series 350 G1 super this , it is equipped with a frequency of 2.1GHz Intel Core i7-4600U processor , TDP thermal power consumption is only 15W, built-in Intel HD4400 Graphics Core . Ultra-low voltage processor is extremely the first choice, to achieve a more sustainable life . 4GB DDR3 memory storage using SSD +256 GB SSD portfolio and with no mechanical hard drive.

Relative to the mainstream business notebook , or tough, or personality style , HP 255 G1 with HP 255 Battery super this appearance is a lot of ordinary , or even a very low-key . I do not know whether to be seen, it is very similar to a series of HP notebook industrial design, yes, that is the latest consumer notebook with HP ENVY series is very similar , I also feel very familiar realized , only ENVY series uses a silver gray appearance, while HP 350 G1 Ultrabook is black + silver mix .

HP 350 G1 super comfortable surface using the chassis class skin material, according to official statistics, relative to the previous generation of class skin material, HP 350 G1 super skin material used in the class is more strong, durable in normal use You can guarantee there will be a problem next three years will not fall off, fracture phenomena , of course, this does not mean that after three years , you can rest assured that use . In the bottom of the class skin material is magnesium alloy body structure , can give the screen , powerful internal hardware protection .

MEDION Erazer X7827 uses a central shaft design, shaft damping is too large, not one-hand opening and closing the screen, 17.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 matte display around the screen with a matte material handling, easy to leave fingerprints, top to high camera. 

MEDION Erazer X7827 bottom with 9cell MEDION Erazer X7827 Battery of the notebook design is also very particular about using a rubber prop up the bottom of the nail, as the outlet provides a good thermal environment, which for light is very important in terms of games, in addition to providing space for heat dissipation, rubber nail provides stability protection, the protection of the notebook does not occur when using sharp rock to affect the hard disk. 

In fact, there is a less common screen resolution is 1600 × 900, I feel it can be regarded as a more eclectic approach. HP 250 provides a 1366 × 768 and 1600 × 900 screen resolution are two different options for users, as well as more convenient touch screen, but the price will be raised accordingly .

We know that the body has a super super thin , like a traditional VGA video output , RJ-45 wired network interface has been difficult to see in the super pole on the one hand, is rarely used because , after all, has now wireless very popular , HDMI connection methods have also become mainstream . But HP 350 G1 as a business Ultrabook with 4cell HP 350 Battery, to meet the portable moving while retaining these interfaces , you can respond to changing environments , and some companies have yet to update the video equipment , VGA retains a certain share. It can also be seen from Fig 3 is provided with a blue USB3.0 data interface, a USB interface on the side where the charging machine tips . Charge off the benefits of self-evident , that allows users in the state can not boot for your small electronic devices ( such as smartphones ) charging , you can use to provide basic protection for business travelers !

Although the SAGER NP8295 is still the main light route, not but shrink in interface design, VGA, HDMI, RJ45, card reader, 3 * USB3.0, earphone and microphone jack is everything complete, the left side of the fuselage of the USB interface also supports charging off function, is positioning as a business line of products, this setting is sweet.

Influenced by the ultra-thin body, SAGER NP8295 speaker size and cavity not big enough, but for a position in the business office products, not in terms of sound quality for its excessive demands. At the bottom of the fuselage we can also see that SAGER NP8295 with 8cell SAGER NP8295 Battery  supports docking station, thus can greatly increase its ability to scale, in the small body can play a greater energy, but the dock in the purchase of products when not attached, there is a demand for the consumer can be purchased separately.

On the first page the author describes the MEDION E7226T industrial design of this game , in the second page describes the screen and control performance , this page will introduce the bottom panel and the overall performance MEDION E7226T . 

Lenovo B5400 notebook body surface and without too much modification , simply a "Lenovo" logo to make it somewhat otherworldly charm. In fact, for household products, too much modification will only increase the fatigue , the atmosphere is the best minimalist design benevolent.

We use the Furmark copy machine software for limit test of SAGER NP8295, Furmark will be the two heating element CPU and display the full run, run 60 minutes after the temperature up to a limit of the height, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive to see the thermal condition of each machine at run time, we also use the FLUKE thermal infrared imager, were observed in each position of the temperature rising.

SAGER NP8255 after the wind will put an end to the front end design of the noise source, to prevent the hot air reflow and does not affect the side using the mouse. The fuselage interior space influence the low voltage processor, fan area is relatively small, so the cooling effect of it how? The highest temperature of SAGER NP8255 Battery and keyboard area is 45.8 degrees Celsius, the radiating window is arranged in the inner side of the NP8295 shaft, so we see in the photo is the highest temperature near the screen and keyboard, in contrast, palm rest and the average temperature of the touchpad area maintained at 35 degrees Celsius, the temperature for daily operation users will not have any feeling of discomfort.