ASUS F550L Series and X550L Series laptop coming

ASUS F550L cooperation with the Danish Dynaudio, using Tanner 's top 2.1 speakers , and they are in the best position to pinpoint laptop speakers , more professional theater -level configuration THX TruStudio Pro smart surround sound . Placed in the upper right corner of the keyboard left speaker , metal mesh and chrome highlights the sharp edges of the shape , the bottom of the fuselage at the same time cooperate with the woofer , the overall sound more full release , the bass sound is also more vigorous .

On the hardware side , the fourth -generation Intel Core i7 processor and AMD next-generation flagship game alone was a combination of R9 M290X AMD brings superior gaming experience ; 1TB 7200 rpm mechanical hard drive provides ample storage space ; Killer e2200 Ethernet card and Killer wireless-N 1202 wireless card , get a lower ping values ??, help players connect Versus .

Of course, for high-end gamers as a custom laptop, only to have a strong core hardware performance , while also taking into account the visual , auditory, manipulation and expansion. ASUS X550L with 2600mAh ASUS X550LD Battery To achieve this standard, with 17.3 inches full HD display , powered by Tanner certified audio system , provides three video output interfaces, and five USB interface, easy to upgrade the bottom of the bezel disassembly , professional electric keyboard actually make players more readily, the current price of 9,999 yuan worth starting.

It is worth mentioning that the ASUS F550L keyboard and gaming equipment leader SteelSeries brand strong cooperation , specifically for gamers habits, specially designed keyboard and keys, not only greatly improve the durability of the keyboard , but will move to Windows function keys on the right side of the keyboard , when you are doing the game , incidence inadvertently Windows function keys will be greatly reduced. Function keyboard has larger Ctrl and Alt keys , which can support 10 key command operations . In addition , under the edge of the keyboard also arranged a button to disable the touchpad buttons to prevent accidental phenomenon.

ASUS F550L touchpad with 44wh ASUS F550LB Battery has also been designed especially modeling aspects and the whole appearance is very sharp match touchpad surface using male players really like black, red , silver and three kinds of dynamic colors, touch buttons simultaneously sharp corners and instructions lines, are fully reflected in its distinctive feel. In addition, the notebook touchpad below the status indicator to facilitate users to understand the operation .

ASUS F550L fuselage relatively heavy, the left, there are 2 × USB3.0 interface, multi- card reader slot , 1 × USB3.0 interface, a set of audio interfaces , the right side of the fuselage is scheduled 2 × USB2 .0 interface and DVD burner , because the aircraft were designed notebook cooling fan at the rear and left side of the fuselage , so the body can also carry part of the interface .

Here we look at the high score screen support for the software how , when I opened our most popular software , the problem came. Since the skype software did not make the optimization of high score screen, so when you open the skype software , what we see is a very small screen, high score screen visible support for some software or some lack .

From a user experience point of view, support for the high score screen Windows8.1 have made great progress , whether it is a normal text entry or web browsing , etc. , are not the kind previously YongCu sense , especially in this very delicate screen great visual experience . Only part of the software is not optimized in place, such as software interface will display incomplete or too small , but generally speaking, this is a high score screen looks very comfortable , did not need to worry about the existence of the text display is too little pressure .

In addition to the front side of the fuselage ASUS F550L notebook status indicator with 4cell ASUS F550L Battery, but did not set any interface, and the arrangement of the rear fuselage has a notebook security slot , power connector , RJ-45 Ethernet cable port , D-Sub interfaces , e-SATA Interface and HDMI output port. Overall, the interface design is still very reasonable , most of the cable connected to the interface are located in the rear , so it does not look very messy.

SMEs also pay more attention to high quality products, as SMEs, limited to its size and funding limitations, selection and procurement of the notebook, the pursuit of quality of performance, cost, service to do a trade-off. So popular that the price should be affordable, rugged product, bad products and services can keep up. 

On the keyboard feel , the thickness of the body affected by ASUS F550L chocolate keyboard really is better to use an external keyboard , but in comparison , F550L use chocolate flexibility and feel good are the key way in the same keyboard. ASUS F550L with 4cell ASUS F550LC Battery though slim, but still use after Tanner certified sound system, preloaded with ASUS software sound regulation , putting it in detail and can improve the sound output sound field can create a realistic sound and proximity the effect of its territory . At the same time , ASUS F550L offers gold flash audio jack , can provide stable voice transmission , plus special optimized audio amplifier chip , using headphones are available in lower noise and distortion.

From the point of view ASUS products, had been on the E5000, E6000 series work, until last year, launched the ultra-extreme, E6430u, E7400 and other products, but also to expand the entry-level R series, full use of Haswell processor, R 4K series about the market for covering this part of the market accounts for about 70% of the business needs. Model we see today is the ASUS R510L, in addition, there 3440,3450, and several other models. 

While entry-level commercial products, but the performance to meet user needs, while, ASUS F550L with ASUS F550LA Battery of all ASUS can also support commercial services, such as, CFI factory customized services, Prosupport, hard disk does not return, the next business day on-site service, etc. , and the service can be freely customized with fellow high-end products enjoy the same treatment. So R series is still very good value for money. 

Portable: the birth of the notebook is also precisely in order to meet consumer demand for mobile office , let alone a business notebook. When the laptop is becoming increasingly popular , whether it is home or business laptop notebook market markets have whipped up a "downsizing" the wind, but is more focused on the business market , after all, the time required to carry out work some more .

We conducted AIDA64 is a full load test conditions at room temperature 23 degrees, the actual results show that the highest temperature in the vicinity of the front pagers outlet, is 42 degrees, the keyboard surface temperature is generally about 32 to 35 degrees, it did not feel from using Heat bottom of the keyboard. The temperature of the bottom surface of heating parts were visible within the normal range, pager 30 minutes, the whole stable operation. 

In the interface section , ASUS F550L with ASUS F550LD Battery fuselage provides two USB2.0 interface , 3 USB3.0 interface , so many ordinary notebook USB is not available . In addition to a sufficient number of USB, ASUS F550L right side of the fuselage also provides a set of four audio input and output interfaces , including common headphone jack and microphone jack , in addition also provides a Line-in and Line-out Interface for connecting external sound card , decoders, speakers, and other more advanced audio equipment.

When the laptop is born, is to meet consumer demand for mobile office . This is Now, one need only mention the office , they will think of mobile office. Able to meet the comprehensive needs of the business elite of the business , we must have a portable, long life , safety features, and all they have is unique to the fore. After all, the real essence of these three areas is the business of the lies. Impact of global mobile PC terminals, sales continued to decline, affecting the consumer notebook market with 4cell ASUS F550LN Battery. But in the face of commercial business notebook market , although not receive too much influence, but mobile users demand rising, resulting in the business office had begun a path of change .


MSI GS60 and ASUS R510L Series detail

In recent years, high-end gaming notebook market is highly competitive , ignoring the traditional focus only on the performance of thin portable products can not meet consumer demand , so the major manufacturers have introduced a slim -shaped gaming notebook , MSI gaming notebook as a leader , with excellent technical strength , pioneered the GS70 ultra-thin 17-inch gaming notebook , and we introduce today is slimmer portable 15-inch product GS60.

MSI GS60 is equipped with 15.6 inches full HD display, equipped with fourth-generation Intel Core i7-4700HQ quad-core processor , equipped with the latest GTX 860M discrete graphics , standard single 8GB memory (up to 16GB), select 128GB SSD +1 TB 7200 rpm mechanical hard drive storage, the strong performance of the hardware , but the body thickness of only 20mm, weighs less than bare metal 2Kg, from the traditional gaming notebook hypertrophy and heavy .

MSI GS60 with built-in MSI GS60 Battery fuselage relatively sturdy, metal body cover surface decoration of two protruding ridges , the red dragon LOGO Gaming series broke the monotony of the black body . As the body more slim , MSI GS60 enhances the performance of the cooling system , the fuselage sides and rear left and right ends of the fuselage opened four cooling holes , scattered with dual cooling fans can get a better cooling effect .

Also worth mentioning is that the new version of Geforce Experience adds a function called ShadowPlay , it is mainly used to record game video , screen scraping manner than in the past , ShadowPlay picture signal can be intercepted using accelerated graphics coding system with almost negligible occupancy rate recording high quality video game , after blasting Fraps ( after recording the basic screen down half frames ) recording feature giant accounting resources.

A new version of GPU-z also does not recognize the complete information GTX 870M , and therefore can not say it is the Maxwell architecture. From the parameter view , GTX 870M has 1344 CUDA units , far more than the previous generation GTX 770M 's 960 CUDA unit parameter looks more like GTX 680M high-frequency version .

To get a better cooling effect on the body and lighter thinner body , while MSI GS60 body cap , the keyboard surface and ground chassis are made of metal only to create , mold design and plastic chassis is more than the average is fine, looks with texture.

ASUS R510L with 4cell ASUS R510LC Battery backplane design is simple, quick disassembly no baffles, of course, this does not mean that can not be upgraded, you can remove the entire back cover, and then upgrade the RAM or replace the hard drive. Other aspects, ASUS R510L comes with a battery capacity of 43Wh, body thickness of about 23.67mm, bare weight 1.682Kg, travel weight 2.012Kg. Portability in the same price segment of the business, and quite good.

MSI GS60 interface is mainly set in the fuselage , which provides power to the left jack, headphone jack, microphone jack , and two USB3.0 interface. Off to the right to provide a charging function with USB3.0 interface , card reader , HDMI port , Mini DP interface and RJ45 network interface , this interface is configured in the same type of notebook outstanding performance, meet the basic needs of everyday use .

Interface ASUS R510L with 44Wh ASUS R510L Battery and dual USB3.0, HDMI, miniDP, headphone jack, RJ45, card reader and so on. USB slightly less, a little regret. Interface ASUS R510L with dual USB3.0, HDMI, miniDP, headphone jack, RJ45, card reader and so on. USB slightly less, a little regret.

MSI GS60 biggest feature is slim, as a 15-inch gaming notebook , the body thickness of only about 20mm, bare metal weight 2Kg down , has reached the level of ultra-extreme , completely out of the gaming notebook gives the impression of thick , more convenient to carry around .

Concerned about gaming notebook users may know , after reporting it to the MSI GS60 3K resolution with a high-resolution display, but this is not the send test score screen version , it is equipped with a 15.6-inch 1920 × 1080 resolution rate glare screen surface haze .

ASUS R510L with 2600mAh ASUS R510LD Battery can also do custom configuration, this is a basic configuration we received models, is equipped with an Intel Celeron processor 2957U@1.4GHz. Although the configuration is not high, but for general commercial office properties is still possible.

In addition to the leap in terms of hardware upgrades , software has also been a great breakthrough, especially gestures with voice operation , adding to Yoga 2 13 become more intelligent . Gestures principle is through the top of the camera screen , Lenovo Motion by the body's own software to identify the user to make a gesture related operations . For example, look at pictures, watching video or reading a book , we can achieve through concrete gestures to move forward , backward , flip and other operations.

In addition to gestures as well as voice-activated operation outside , but it must be used with specific software to its role. After opening the Lenovo Smart Voice of the software will start voice function , this ASUS R510LA Battery feature currently supports two software : one is the "Camera Man", which is a photo software , by facing the machine shout "one, two, three, cheese" will can automatically take pictures . Another software supports voice-activated software is "Lenovo Yoga Chef", which is the section of cooking software , the menu page can shout "next" "previous" to achieve page menu , of course, also supports gesture page .

For this product , although the gaming performance is not of particular concern to people , but this test is indispensable. As one of the main people's everyday way of entertainment games, is seen by many as one of the major factors affecting the purchase . 

Then I conducted a test period of the game , because the game is also testing a corresponding increase in processor load , power consumption is also the largest . I finished about 15 minutes of " Street Fighter 4" , down from 89 percent on electricity to 77 %, only 15 minutes to down 12 % of the electricity , the power consumption is very visible big game . Finally , after these high -degree test, I would simply use some daily operations, such as web browsing, brush microblogging , QQ chat , word processing , etc., 15 minutes after the power from 77 % to 73% , showing that the daily operation is relatively energy efficient . After more than an hour of the final test , the computer ASUS F550EA Battery display can also be used 4 hours 20 minutes . Although this is an estimate with the actual use slightly different , but if by our daily habits , just for web browsing or text office , then use a conservative estimate of six hours is no problem , and this life time for absolute most people have a mobile office needs is already sufficient.

In the section of the keyboard, MSI and MSI GS60 game series with other products , like the numeric keypad , while also using Steelseries Engine macro configuration management system that can automatically crawl has SSE instruction set with hardware , can be independently hotkey settings such as backlight color . Meanwhile, the interface " Profile " block , but also conduct its own file editor that allows you to effectively manage all types of setting mode.

ASUS R510L commendable performance in terms of battery life , the machine is equipped with a 60Wh internal high-energy lithium ASUS R510LB Battery , the official claimed that the machine can offer long battery life of about 9.5 hours of usage requirements for the user. When , after evaluation, after I actually tested , using specialized testing software Power Mark tests, the life time of 5 hours 5 minutes . You know , Power Mark is to let the computer run in the case of the brightest and full screen . If full power , the lower the screen brightness , the usual office needs to get life time of about 8 hours is not a problem .


Newest MSI Z70 and DELL Latitude 3340 E3440 coming

Mentioned gaming laptop , you probably will not help but think of the MSI 's high-end gaming , whether they are configured exactly as warships or appearance in general. Especially after independence was fully upgraded laptop , mobile -level discrete graphics card performance has also been improved significantly , with this advantage , but also to have a lot of powerful performance gaming notebooks have the opportunity to come to the fore .

When referring to the laptop in the " super- battleship " products, so that we can not help but hark back to the MSI 's high-end gaming , they have a very good performance. Especially this year with the full upgrade Nvidia Kepler architecture , mobile -level discrete graphics in performance has also been improved significantly , with this advantage , but also to have a lot of powerful performance gaming notebooks have the opportunity to come to the fore . Today we'll introduce MSI large size of the game , it 's new 17.3-inch Z70.

For gamers, the main body of the colors are mainly black . MSI Z70 with 7800mAh MSI Z70 Battery adopted on a design GT70 which cover LOGO and personalized luminous color keyboard backlight is a major part of the machine . Notebook interface layout is very comprehensive, and the sound also has its own unique advantages.

From the above games tests found that it performed very well , showing that the new core graphics really have not a small improvement in graphics processing , but these were carried out under the default resolution , if raised to a maximum of 3200 × 1800 words , the operating pressure can be imagined.

On life , Yoga performance 213 is also very exciting , another fourth-generation Haswell platform under the overall power consumption has also been well controlled , so aspects of life should have a good performance. Let us first look at the battery information using the software point of view . From the figure we can see , Yoga 2 pro powered by a 54mWh (6845mAh) LENOVO Yoga 2 Pro Battery , the capacity can be quite large , more than half the market close to some of the common notebook. This test , the notebook is set to the default brightness , wifi turned on, the volume is 50%, the default power plan "balanced ." I first tried to play the 1080P is a 30 -minute movie , electricity decreased from 100% to 89 %.

According to an internal data , GT 840M + i5 low- voltage processor laptop run "The Elder Scrolls 5", easy to play under 17W power consumption to 30 fluid level. 8 shows that the new generation of independence was the main lines of power and the power consumption of the set was not much difference , but the performance is a lot higher , to meet a lot of players do not plug the power , or want to play two or three on the go demanding needs hours of the game.

In the hardware configuration , the time to get this MSI Z70 is equipped with a 22nm process technology Intel Core i7 4810MQ quad-core processor , equipped with Hitachi 1000GB hard drive, as well as high-speed single 8GB DDR3 1600MHz memory , graphics cards, the model uses the processor comes with Intel HD 4600 graphics core and AMD R9 M290X graphics card . ( As the Z70 and MSI GT70 use the same motherboard, so the software identified as GT70)

Intel Core i7 4810MQ belongs to a new processor with 4 cores and can support up to eight threads via Hyper-Threading technology. The processor is based on 22nm process technology , codenamed Haswell-MB, initially clocked at 2.8GHz, Core frequency to 3.8GHz, shared L3 cache of 6MB, the overall TDP of 47W.

Another use of this software CINEBENCH 11.5 evaluate its performance , the software is capable of single- and multi-core processor performance score given intuitive , Fengyun Core i7 4810MQ processor quickly to complete all the test content , and ultimately CPU get 7.55 pts, single-core 1.65pts.

MSI Z60 with 87Wh MSI Z60 Battery in graphics cards equipped with AMD 's new flagship graphics card R9 M290X, supports the new DX11.2, MANTLE technology , process to 28nm, has 1280 stream processors, 32 raster processing unit is using 2GB GDDR 5, the core frequency 950MHz, memory frequency is equivalent to 1250MHz.

I believe the vast majority of business people in the selection of the business , will consider these three very important business of the elements. Of course, not other factors not taken into consideration , consider some of the other aspects according to their own circumstances. Household consumption continued to decline in the face of the computer market , the various PC manufacturers have embarked on a difficult transformation. Toshiba began to force the computer to select the business field, but also just a little less than a year to launch a number of new products , the strength can be seen in the Toshiba computer research and development. Among them, the author is more concerned about the Toshiba Tecra Z40-A with TOSHIBA Tecra Z40-A Battery, although the machine uses a magnesium alloy body , but only about 14-inch fuselage achieve ultra-light weight 1.52Kg , which should be a lot lighter than the use of plastic products lot.

Portability Toshiba Tecra Z40-A , and not just the performance in terms of weight , the thickness of the body , too, with only 20.64mm. Also, this slim body also incorporates VGA, RJ-45 these interfaces. VGA, RJ-45 interfaces for many manufacturers to consider frivolous , these two interfaces are equipped to remove or switch interface , can be made ??thin enough fuselage . But Tecra Z40 did not give up , we can see the Toshiba Tecra Z40 in highlighting the strength in computer design.

Also worth mentioning is that the new version of Geforce Experience adds a function called ShadowPlay , it is mainly used to record game video , screen scraping manner than in the past , ShadowPlay picture signal can be intercepted using accelerated graphics coding system with almost negligible occupancy rate recording high quality video game , after blasting Fraps ( after recording the basic screen down half frames ) recording feature giant accounting resources.

Interface Latitude E3340 with 4cell DELL Latitude 3340 Battery and dual USB3.0, HDMI, miniDP, headphone jack, RJ45, card reader and so on. USB slightly less, a little regret. Interface Latitude E3340 with dual USB3.0, HDMI, miniDP, headphone jack, RJ45, card reader and so on. USB slightly less, a little regret. 

Latitude E3340 can also do custom configuration, this is a basic configuration we received models, is equipped with an Intel Celeron processor 2957U@1.4GHz. Although the configuration is not high, but for general commercial office properties is still possible. 

Safety : Safety is critical performance business notebook , the hard drive is likely to confidential data value far exceeds the value of the laptop , so safety is as important as business notebook soul. There is also a safe, secure hardware is the body . Mobile office, will inevitably make their computers "enjoy" bumps treatment , if not the ultimate work has robust body , it is difficult to say keep the TOSHIBA Tecra Z50-A Battery " immortal " in the accumulated work.