ASUS PU401L PU401LA and DELL Latitude 13 Education review

ASUS is still the central roof metal Logo, piano paint feel good , but is more easily contaminated with fingerprints, if they can be replaced or class skin matte surface paint , I believe the effect will be better, around the edges rounded transition is very soft, so that the whole body into a certain wedge , visually it is more thin.

ASUS PU401LA locate a full-featured notebook , either interface configuration or hardware are taken into account public needs of the user , with the drive, using a replaceable battery , and a certain degree of uplift, the body is more suitable for users typing pad play point of view, you can see the back of the rubber gasket , good protection of the body back , also played a buffer role.

Interface, the ASUS PU401LA with ASUS PU401L Battery almost all of the interfaces on the left side almost , but also this time the heat interfaces , so that it seemed to be somewhat cramped , you can see on the left top to bottom is the power jack, heat windows , VGA, HDMI, RJ-45 LAN and two USB ports, headphone and microphone jacks are this time . If all interfaces are populated , then the pressure on this side will be relatively large .

Graphics , the machine uses the GT820M discrete graphics and Intel HD 4400 graphics core . As is known , this entry-level discrete graphics positioning , but for multimedia processing and some basic games can still play some role in testing by 3DMARK 11 , 1391 the final score obtained in P mode , in line with the performance of entry-level performance.

Here we look at the actual test DELL 3340 with DELL Latitude 13 Education Battery  cases of heat . Our testing method is still at room temperature at 28 degrees Celsius , so this notebook running Furmark 1.92 AIDA64 software and comes with pager pager program , so that the GPU and CPU are working at high loads , especially GPU, almost a full run . Then an hour later, the books were to see this internal core body temperature and surface temperature .

The screen , 1366 × 768 resolution is properly properly , after all, cheap, of course, I also feel that the screen color performance and compare it with the price of the product still has some advantages compared with competing products , there is no kind of pale feeling, glossy screen might be better replaced with matte screen border is thick , it is not so neat , viewing angle and brightness are within the acceptable range , quite satisfactory performance.

Keyboard is very simple, only a power button , floating C-face Obscure let the whole it is not so monotonous, standard full-size keycaps design , hands typing very comfortable , Cap rebound , still more appropriate linear , and a good part of the strength of the palm rest , his hands pressed nor subsidence situation , in the middle of the touchpad size is not small, but valuable rare use of glass material, feel and positioning are relatively good.

The left palm rest of the keyboard lights, hard to read , charging , WIFI and case status at a glance , but also hidden beneath the keyboard lights and a multi-card reader , palm rest float can effectively increase large friction force your fingers more natural and comfortable.

Weight, for 14-inch notebook . The whole weight of 2 kg somethings definitely be a good result , which is a big selling point PU401LA with ASUS PU401LA Battery, so I hope to buy at low prices thin notebook users one more choice , but also a full-featured design PU401LA full interface , but also factors that attract users . Although 24mm thickness aspect ratio Ultrabook lot thicker , but also deliberately acceptable range .

In order to cater to the new Windows 8 operating system, we also tested for endurance software has been upgraded , the new MobileMark 2012 software used in the test , compared with the previous version made ??a lot of upgrades. For example, Microsoft Office update to Office 2010 version , in addition , MobileMark 2007 on the basis of updated software version also adds some users often use the software as a test load , such as : Adobe Reader, Illustrator, Microsoft Project , and so on .

In order to cater to the new Windows 8 operating system, we also tested for endurance software has been upgraded , the new MobileMark 2012 software used in the test , compared with the previous version made ??a lot of upgrades. For example, Microsoft Office update to Office 2010 version , in addition , MobileMark 2007 on the basis of updated software version also adds some users often use the software as a test load , such as : Adobe Reader, Illustrator, Microsoft Project , and so on .

Compared to the previous version of the test software , MobileMark 2012 test environment requiring relatively improved, the test must be repeated until the system , but should also be reasonable to install the driver side, otherwise there will be a variety of problems . HP COMPAQ 14 super pole 50.6Wh uses a lithium ion battery , through a new version of MobileMark test, we can see that ASUS PU301L super life time of 400 minutes , equivalent to more than six hours down there , the performance efficiency values ??are also 138 Not bad , when you move the office can provide this life has been considered very good.

COMPAQ 14 with HP COMPAQ 14 Battery in the processor selected fourth-generation Intel Core i7-4500U processor , but also integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400 graphics card, in addition also has two 128GB SSD and 8GB DDR3 1600MHz memory , a single from the configuration speaking, Asus PU301L fully meet the daily needs of the office , full HD IPS display also allows users to get a pretty good visual experience.

Introduction to the overall appearance of this product , we can see that , GT Series appearance of the material by adding more brushed metal , and the nuances of each are doing it perfectly , and the biggest advantage of this product is that although physique large, but it seems that is not bulky.

MEDION Akoya E7225T with MEDION Akoya E7225T Battery touchpad has also been designed especially modeling aspects and the whole appearance is very sharp match touchpad surface using male players really like black, red , silver and three kinds of dynamic colors, while touch key lines of sharp edges and instructions , are fully reflected in its distinctive feel. In addition, the notebook touchpad below the status indicator to facilitate users to understand the operation .

We use Furmark pager software for all products tested , Furmark will heat the whole of the two components up and running full CPU and graphics card , the operating temperature of the meeting to a height limit of 30 minutes, so that we can be more intuitive to see the heat dissipation of each machine at run-time , we also used the FLUKE infrared thermal imager, the temperature of each position were observed warming situation . ( Temperature across the width 18 ° C-50 ° C: below the temperature limit will show black ; over temperature limit will appear white ) .

In the limit pager test environment ,COMPAQ 15 with HP COMPAQ 15 Battery local temperature in the keyboard area reached 43.9 ℃, and the heat is concentrated in the middle of the keyboard , to use the experience a greater impact. The whole back of the heat distribution is concentrated close to the maximum temperature at 50 ℃, temperature, and in addition to the site , and the remaining parts of the temperature performance of basic maintenance in the following 40 ℃. Overall , Akoya S4216 performance in the heat or the law-abiding .


MEDION Akoya P6647 and DELL Inspiron 14-3442 review

The beginning , when I had visited MEDION laptop in Hangzhou R & D production base TIH, but also our product evaluation today MEDION Akoya P6647 birth place, current business notebook markets , MEDION is almost the only one still sticking percentile hundred independent research and development , testing and integration of R & D and manufacturing companies, especially investment in product testing a lot of energy , but many people do not understand why MEDION 's Portégé, Akoya business series notebooks sold so expensive, in the end there What mysteries inside, in fact, the real quality is hard to describe , only through long-term immersive experience to conclude that not only is the quality of the configuration , it is the overall performance inside out

MEDION Akoya P6647 is a 14 -inch notebook , and different from the previous P6643 , P6647 attributed Akoya series , which also shows P6647 P6643 so not like pursuit of the ultimate thin and light , but care more about the overall performance, and in the manufacturing process and aspects of materials was higher than the all-around R30, positioned within the yuan , is a fully-fledged top business notebook .

In regard various vendors on the 13.3 inches of the top business product line when , MEDION was launched 14-inch P6647 with MEDION A41-B34 Battery, which virtually curry favor with the domestic business users , after all, this is the most user -approved sizes , and P6647 portable but did not compromise in terms of thickness less than 20mm , 1.5kg weight and performance , still let P6647 disdain for the masses, and a power-saving successes in the MEDION, this still did not let us down. Let's look at this Akoya P6647 concrete manifestation of it .

As an editor notebooks , laptops are often asked to recommend a friend request was simply cost-effective, which is called doing more with less , and when asked about their budget , most people would throw to the sentence: "4000 block it, " I know that when you say want to buy a laptop over 4000 when they , in fact, only about 3000 real thoughts , today at this price though optional models more, but equally matched , product most do not have a distinct selling point, and today we got a notebook Asus PU401LA is true , we are concerned at such a low price, so that the user can provide quality assured , which is part of the " cost" .

ASUS PU301LA series with 6cell ASUS C31N1318 Battery by configuration point of view , from low-end Celeron , to high-end Core i7 are distributed using the same mold, but with a slightly different hardware prices from 2500 yuan to 3600 yuan cover which Core i3 version can be purchased for around 2,800 yuan , this time we get is high with i7 version , with a 2GB memory GT720M alone significantly and 1TB hard drive, as the entry-level model , this configuration still show some sincerity .

May 21, 2014 - May 30, 2011 , ZOL 15 anniversary geeks will , there will be half-price spike ten thousand yuan more than the flagship game , the lowest one yuan seconds Lenovo little new to this , special deals mainstream king , preferential purchase pole guest suite and other rich activities. Netizens are welcome to participate as soon as possible , missed really regret it forever !

MEDION Akoya P6647 with 6cell MEDION A32-B34 Battery can be seen as a larger version of the P6643, both have the same family design ID, simple , low-key feel is still the P6647 to the first author , and may those who desperately Bo relative to the market compared to the eye of the notebook , P6647 it is too obscure , but then again, good, only used to know .

From two years ago , Asus equipped to create their own family in ID design , black and white and metallic gray became the main color , the color line in popular today , Asus notebook remains a key and reserved style , from UX series , Y series , A series, all of this, but PU401LA design style gives the first impression is a business , not as a color , but prolonged engaging .

Asus notebook cover is still using a concentric pattern , before the UX series of laser to the floating-point matrix PU401LA with ASUS C31N1303 Battery, are arranged in concentric circles , like , combined with delicate piano paint , very smooth, but in terms of strength and cover with a metal skeleton still has gaps, what seemed more pressing soft , water ripples appear on the screen .

Next, we use PCMark 7 on the consolidated performance of the machine was tested from the test results , MEDION Akoya E7226T final overall score of 6092 points , indicating MEDION Akoya E7226T game is a good performance of this product , integrated configuration performance scores even beyond the same processor to introduce a few days ago , a different game the graphics .

MEDION Akoya E7226T notebook with 4cell MEDION A41-C17 Battery and a hybrid hard drive , mechanical hard drive has 1TB capacity, 7200 RPM , while the solid state drive has 360GB capacity. From the mechanical hard disk test we see that the minimum speed of 57.2MB / s , up to 129.4MB / s , and the average speed of 98.5MB / s , the results point of view , the mechanical hard drive performance is very good .

Intel Core i5 4200M has two core and can support up to four threads via Hyper-Threading technology. The processor is based on 22nm process technology , codenamed Haswell-MB, initially clocked at 2.5GHz, supports Turbo technology , shared L3 cache is 3MB.

Next, we tested PCMARK 7, by half an hour of testing , and ultimately got a total score of 2598 points , this result is not ideal , because this product does not use a solid-state hard drive, so the speed is not fast. NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M is 710M high-frequency version , in addition to the core , GPU Boost, memory frequency has improved , and the remaining specifications exactly the same (GF117 core , 28nm process , 96 CUDA, 64 -bit memory interface ) , the scope of the same 710M, performance reference GT 630M. Belong to the low-end single level.

Dell Inspiron 14 comprises three sub- series 3000, 5000 and 7000 , respectively, corresponding to locate an entry-level , mainstream and midrange . With respect to the 5000 Series , Dell Inspiron 143,000 while maintaining the excellent workmanship , but also more low-key and restrained , pure black paint plus minimalist design style is more pleasing business people , A surface distribution of the lozenge for the whole adds a sense of fashion . In terms of performance, equipped with a fourth-generation intelligent Intel Core i5 processor , so power consumption, battery life and performance has been a relatively perfect balance.

This time we got a Dell Inspiron 14 3442 notebook performance balanced configuration, the Intel Core i5 processor with intelligent entry-level alone was covered from the business office to meet the needs of most home games and entertainment , the more valuable is this workmanship notebook models have a relatively significant progress, and the color has become more beautiful , we can say at this price , 14 3000 series with DELL Inspiron 3442 Battery is very noteworthy .

As a business notebook , MEDION 's "little blue dot " (Accupoint pointing stick ) can be considered one of its marks , and ThinkPad Trackpoint different is its own little blue dot greater friction and inertia to be more obvious , with the touch prosecution of the board left and right buttons , you can achieve the same effect instead of a mouse , a little worse than the red dot .

Compare Unfortunately this MEDION P6647 uses 6cell MEDION Akoya P6647 Battery an ordinary resolution screen , 1366 × 768 looks a little stingy , the overall display to maintain a consistent feature of MEDION , delicate cold , saturation is relatively low, but there is no case of partial white , and matte screen used to prevent glare , coupled with a relatively narrow borders, the entire screen as part of the business office , that was basically qualified .

Keyboard is still a traditional chocolate island-style keyboard , keyboard keys significantly shorter , but still can reach after skilled ideal input speed.

Interface, Dell Inspiron 14 3442 with 6cell DELL Inspiron 14-3442 Battery interfaces are on most of the fuselage on the left , you can see a notebook shrinkage, a power jack, a heat vent , an HDMI video output interface , an RJ-45 interface and a USB3.0 and one USB2.0 interface , in addition, the headset microphone combo jack is also on this side , on the right side of the fuselage is a card reader and USB3.0 interfaces, as well as a DVD burner .


ASUSROG Essential PU301LA and LENOVO M30 M40 coming

Lighter, thinner , faster Intel Ultrabook give you the most intuitive impression , in a standardized framework , the major OEM manufacturers are playing their best imagination and creativity to develop ultra- pole of this product . Prior to this, Asus PU series ultra -pole of this CNC lathe technology to the industry by forging a perfect body and left a deep impression on consumers . To 2014 , Asus PRO family has brought us new blood - PU301L.

ASUS PRO PU301L super pole PU compared with the previous range of products in terms of material or design technology have made a huge change , this change allows PU301L look different , more people seem to love , and while it is in the thickness and weight of the machine has also made some changes . So then we have a detailed understanding of this product under .

ASUS PU301L super pole start from the packaging to maintain the mysterious atmosphere, black and white shell skin class waistline looks very beautiful, after opening the first thing you see is ASUS Logo, the left side of the machine parts, have the power and the right of the vertical position switch interface , underneath the machine also comes with a leather case. Asus PU301L with white and 4cell ASUS PU301LA Battery navy blue are two versions to choose from, today we get products for navy blue .

Dell Inspiron series of 14-inch products are more spiritual classic mainstream high cost notebooks, its sleek exterior design continues plump route, but by 2014 , the new season of Dell Inspiron series revolutionized the design of its predecessor , change to go Stern tough route, like the spirit to introduce more 145447 , silver gray metallic with full black body cover technological sense.

Of course, as the king of a new generation of cost-effective , more spiritual 14 5447 tremendous changes not only the design , but its hardware configuration is also upgraded, especially graphics part , using the latest generation of AMD in the low-end single HD R7 M265, equipped with 2GB DDR3 memory, providing mainstream 3D gaming performance , while 5547 with DELL Inspiron 15-5547 Battery more spiritual Beta equipped fourth-generation Intel Core i7-4510U processor , 8GB memory and 1TB hard drive, not only brought the mainstream of computing power, but also provides ample storage space.

But as a normal user , no need to choose Core i7 version of the model , the official price of 5,299 yuan , with a Core i5-4210U processor , 6GB memory version is sufficient , it is also equipped with HD R7 M265 alone significantly and 1TB hard drive. ?

Dell Inspiron series has been going round shaped design lovely route, but a new generation of more spiritual 14 5000 series completely subvert the previous design , the body shape is more simple, straight lines dominated body looks more tough .

PU301L with ASUS PU301L Battery in the top part with a third-generation Corning Gorilla glass as a cover for the production of materials , compared to the metal roof of the build , the third generation of Corning Gorilla glass toughness and rugged extent to superior , and even more difficult to scratch than metal , can fully guarantee the appearance of the machine , but the disadvantage is obvious , it is inevitable fingerprint troubles, compared to white models, blue models fingerprints will be more apparent.

Although the body style has changed, but the spirit of the more traditional series of colorful cover is retained, the more spiritual 14 5000 silver series not only provides basic white models , but also for everyone to prepare a more personalized red and blue cap .

In material part , more spiritual 14 5000 Series with DELL Inspiron 5547 Battery roof surface using metal material, with lateral brushed texture , looks outstanding sense of technology , there is a solemn atmosphere.

In the part of the screen , the more the spirit of this test is equipped with a 14.0 in. 14 5447 1366 × 768 resolution display, the screen display is not as good as full HD looked cool, but the daily application of basic enough . At the same time , friends who want to experience touch , Inspiron 145 000 Series also have prepared a touch screen version of the model selection . ( Click for details )

Understanding the deformation of the Lenovo users are aware , the launch of the multi-series deformation touch allows users to have more choice and deformation touch the change in appearance is obvious , whether for business users still young as entertainment the are very appropriate. Lenovo Yoga series, for example , solar orange color is very suitable for young people to buy , and stylish body with four modes on changes to facilitate the daily operational needs of the user . In addition to Yoga series , M40 with 4cell LENOVO M40 Battery and Flex 15 Series, with the new change in appearance , and the body is very thin .

A new generation of more spiritual 14 5000 more attention to product portability, although it is a 14-inch mainstream notebook , but its thickness of only 24mm, compared to traditional notebook slim 30 to 40%. In addition to the thickness , it is also lighter weight 1.95Kg bare metal some more suitable

We use Furmark pager software for Dell Inspiron 3542 for stress testing , Furmark will heat the whole of the two components up and running full CPU and graphics card to run 60 minutes after the meeting to a height limit of the temperature , in order so that we can be more intuitive the heat dissipation seen each machine at run time , we also used the FLUKE infrared thermal imager, the temperature of each position were observed warming situation .

While Dell Inspiron 5447 notebook with 6cell DELL Inspiron 5447 Battery equipped with a discrete graphics card , but from the perspective of the results of the test or pager ideal . Keyboard concentrated heat source in the left part of the maximum temperature of 43.3 ℃, the remaining portion of the maximum temperature is only about 35 degrees Celsius, in the case of the limit pager , so performance is considered very good. From the back of the machine cooling performance , the maximum temperature of 44.9 degrees Celsius, mainly concentrated in the vicinity of thermal windows , and temperature conditions similar to the rest of the keyboard area. Overall performance of the Dell Inspiron 3542 is quite good in the heat .

3DMark 11 is the industry's first dedicated Microsoft DirectX 11 API to create a comprehensive benchmarking tool , and can play multiple cards full advantage of multi- core processing to meet the needs of PC gaming performance tests . Through the actual test GTX 860M in 3Dmark 11 Performance mode fractional reached P5168, while the GPU score of 4969 , as opposed to more than the previous generation GTX 760M GPU score of 3300 , a 50 percent performance improvement , graphics performance to a new level , not only that , GTX 860M graphics performance better than the GTX 770M graphics card run from scoring .

TOSHIBA Satellite L70-i7 D1 games this equipped 1080P HD display, Intel Core I7-4700MQ quad-core processor , high-end GTX860M discrete graphics , 128GB SSD solid state hard drive, 40% higher than the previous generation product performance improvement . Also in the appearance of this product is also further improved, according to consumer requirements to upgrade the backlit keyboard.

New 3DMark with a new interface design, in addition to test scores , but also to show the real-time curve of each scene during the test , the whole record frame rate , CPU temperature , GPU temperature, CPU power consumption. New 3DMark canceled the traditional E, P, X model , replaced depending on the load of the launch of three different scenarios , which FireStrike designed for DirectX 11 graphics card built on high-end gaming platform, and CloudGate supports mainstream DirectX 10 -based environment hardware , IceStorm DirectX 9 supports entry-level devices , mobile phones, tablet PCs , and so on .

In 3DMark Fire Strike benchmark, non- Extreme mode GTX 860M Graphics score 3929 points to get really better than the previous generation GTX 770M to be robust in terms of performance number . The game comes in a lot of light into the effects, particularly in conjunction with the global scene rendered in a wide range of light processing , light probe , complex lighting systems, and lighting and particle systems and other scenes played out an excellent performance , such as : the breakthrough when fighting the effects of the sun through the mask , as well as explosions blast site in the ground is also very dazzling .

The M30 is equipped with 4cell LENOVO M30 Battery and a touch of the Haswell platform with four generations of Intel i5 processor , 4GB DDR3 RAM , 500GB mechanical hard drive , and supports multi-touch technology , this product weighs only 2KG, while the body thinnest 6mm, to facilitate the user's daily carry. Next we take a look at how this deformation touch this performance.


DELL Inspiron 15-3542 and DELL Inspiron 17-5748 laptop coming

The evaluation of the Dell Inspiron 3542 3000 series uses a fourth -generation intelligent Intel Core i5 4010U processor , equipped with 500GB 5400 rpm mechanical hard drive, and a single 4GB DDR3 1333MHz memory speed , configuration is mainstream. In the video , the models with discrete graphics , and comes with the processor Intel HD 4400 graphics core consisting of two graphics capabilities . Another machine preloaded with Windows 8.1 operating system.

From the looks of the Dell Inspiron 3542 notebook , relatively strong business atmosphere , and the overall design style and fashion sense , not only colors, detail design also highlights the distinctive of this business . Hardware uses a principle of good enough , the fourth generation Intel Core processor and entry-level configuration of independence was also to meet the needs of most business users , priced at 4000 yuan , very competitive .

Dell Inspiron 3542 of products from motherboard , laptop to the desktop , has formed a product system ,  Dell Inspiron 3542  although there is not much change in appearance, but the performance boost allows  Dell Inspiron 3542  already have enough selling point.  Dell  product manager said at the press conference , in the next game  Dell 14 series will reconsider the design, then the  Dell 14 series will show subversive new look .

Dell Inspiron 3542 notebook 's DELL Inspiron 3542 Battery interior more concise , except in the upper right corner of the keyboard area has a power switch , but no other key settings . I think that the vertical position of the switch button on the inside groove has backlight design , but in fact there is no power switch indicator is set in the front of the right side of the fuselage . The keyboard , the Dell Inspiron 3542 notebook still uses the mainstream chocolate keyboard design , Cap is a matte -style design, the overall feeling after the trial key way shorter , but back to full stretch , the user will have some impact . Touchpad is using a one-piece design , the area is not great , mainly subject to the overall design of the fuselage , from the use of point of view, the key comfort and accuracy is good.

Weight thickness, although the thickness of more than 25mm ultra- pole of this specification, but in a notebook or good results, and this is the ancient Inspiron series , in addition to V130 and V13 thinnest products , the success of the weight control to less than 2KG, overall portability is still relatively good .

Interface, Dell Inspiron 3542 with 6cell DELL Inspiron 15-3542 Battery will most interfaces are placed on the left side of the fuselage , you can see a notebook shrinkage, a power jack, a heat vent , a VGA video output port, an RJ-45 interface and one USB3.0 and one USB2.0 interface , in addition, the headset microphone combo jack is also on this side , using a standard VGA and LAN interfaces or for more business users to consider , after all, there is still no Many companies are using a wired network, and to connect the projector device via VGA.

DELL notebook has been little change in appearance , the new DELL Inspiron 5748 , too , the whole shell is basically the same with the previous generation , but the top part to make some modifications to the original DELL modeling structure more simple straight lines , looks more refreshing.

For the material , in order to give the user the highest price , DELL Inspiron 5748 with 6cell DELL Inspiron 5748 Battery is still a full plastic body, cover the surface with a vertical brushed texture , mold work relatively common . irebat Inspiron 5748 is a 15-inch gaming notebook with 15.6 inches full HD matte display with a screen resolution of 1920 × 1080, using the PLS wide viewing angle panel , the screen displays the delicate color is outstanding, the overall display than ordinary TN panel display a lot better .

From the above temperature distribution map view, under high load after playing 30 minutes , the outlet portion DELL Inspiron 5748 keyboard on the left side there is a small range of heat accumulation, prolonged exposure to this area will have a warm feeling. As to the underside of the fuselage near the core components DELL Inspiron 5748 with cooling holes , after a long run of high load , high temperature near these vents , which shows DELL Inspiron 5748 cooling effect is very good, the internal body heat is discharged in time body , is conducive to a long and stable operation.
DELL Inspiron 5748 with 65Wh DELL Inspiron 17-5748 Battery is equipped with a GTX 780M discrete graphics , large-scale 3D game performance to meet the basic requirements for the graphics card in medium quality , lower resolution of 1920 × 1080, can run smoothly "Metro : Last Dawn" very demanding kind of graphics card high 3D games , plus the excellent screen and excellent sound effects, players can bring superior gaming experience , a commercial version of the price of 8,999 yuan in the same location notebook compare competitive.

TOSHIBA game of the series so far has been listed six months time, this series of products sold in the market and user awareness of their products have a good result. And this time the TOSHIBA series of games and got a hardware upgrade , which is a few days ago in our mall to buy the TOSHIBA Satellite L70 games of this aircraft with dual hard drives still have the advantage of strong processor , high-performance graphics cards.

So this evaluation Satellite L70 with TOSHIBA Satellite L70-B Battery, equipped with the latest NVIDIA 800M series graphics card , using the Maxwell -core architecture, graphics performance has a lot of improvement , it also fits TOSHIBA Satellite L70 games of this positioning. The aircraft still equipped with i7 quad-core processor and 8GB of RAM and SSD + HDD dual-drive configuration, the combined market price in the cost is still outstanding .

The first series will have four GTX800M products, namely GTX 880M, GTX 870M, GTX 860M, GTX 850M, and TOSHIBA Satellite L70 uses GTX 860M, for users , the adoption of the top GTX 880M, GTX 870M means paying more of the purchase cost , and GTX 860M graphics cards in the mainstream game , be more cost-effective choice.

After enabling a new graphics card, we are more concerned about this TOSHIBA Satellite C40 with TOSHIBA Satellite C40t Battery and cooling capacity , after all this is related to the user's gaming experience , the same , we have to combat through some games , and strive to show this notebook complete game performance. Well, then let us look TOSHIBA Satellite L70 TOSHIBA compared with the previous generation of those changes .

TOSHIBA Satellite L70 using the improved version of the previous generation dies , handling more rounded corners , while giving the impression is still strong. Overall design lines are relatively rigid , angular without missing smooth handling , although can not be called the color of the shape, but its simplicity and retro image or meets some people 's tastes .

Right side of the fuselage is a RJ-45 Ethernet card interface , two USB ports , headphone and microphone combo interface a Displayport interface , in general ,  TOSHIBA c40t interface is very complete , multi- card reader on the side of makers, and docking connector at the bottom , you can meet a hundred percent of your business needs, but also to achieve 32 hours of battery life via a second battery .

The machine uses a full-size keyboard , suspension keycaps manipulate feel good, key-way medium rebound comfortable. TOSHIBA products in this generation , the backlit keyboard has become the standard configuration, while the keyboard is TOSHIBA Satellite L70 compared to the previous generation product also has no small change , percussion feel really improve a lot .

Shaft part , TOSHIBA Satellite c40t with 5200mAh TOSHIBA Satellite C40t-A Battery design is quite rugged , damping, and opening and closing angles are quite good , because the screen is not sunken shaft , so the maximum open angle does not block the cooling vents behind the fuselage , does not affect the thermal performance of the machine.


ASUS G56J G56JR and DELL Vostro 3446 detail

Today came to our test room is Dell Vostro 3000 series, the latest models Vostro 14 3446, as a market -oriented mainstream notebook series and SMEs play an important role , excellent value for money in Dell 's commercial product , a relatively reasonable configuration , and excellent product design, is the core of the selling points of this series , after several mold update, Dell Vostro 3446R once again return to the classic , minimalist design in a way to cater to consumers, and in the configuration also achieved a new generation .

Business users in the procurement of PC product, the cost is certainly the most attention paid to get due returns , and this return on the one hand the value created from the product as a tool products , notebook computers are easy to use one , and this includes several useful aspects of comfort , ease of use , security, stability and ease of maintenance , etc., and from the other side, if they can meet the requirements of colleagues to lower the cost of capital to buy the right notebook products, I believe this is the CIO of the most happy to see each department thing .

In the hardware configuration , the new Dell 3446 with DELL Vostro 3446 Battery is not only the use of fourth-generation intelligent Intel Core Duo low voltage processor, and the graphics have also been updated , the entry-level independence was guaranteed basic multimedia and entertainment performance, and in addition , 14 inches the standard screen and mechanical hard drive is to help further control the cost of the product , from the electricity supplier price, the price of 4,000 yuan to succeed , you should be able to make Vostro 3446 have a certain competitiveness.

Forthrightly say that I was a loyal user of Dell , Dell for this typical American design style, very fond of , but previous generations Vostro series began , Dell's designers seem to have changed the taste , pure color tough Dell tangent style is not, and this time the new Vostro 14 3000 series be completed a return , the machine is only one color, carbon black cap barely see any modification, while the C side is also true , simple to extreme approach is also very pleasing aesthetic contemporary consumers.

TOSHIBA Satellite C40-A is a with 6cell TOSHIBA Satellite C40-A Battery and 14 -inch 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen notebook , which has a resolution of 1920 × 1080, allowing users to get in the game or entertainment when the picture is very clear , and can run perfectly mainstream online games , the effect of rendering the still very desirable , and it has a very clear camera, online chat and more convenient .

The screen had to look again tucao , even to control the cost , then 1366 × 768 should quit the stage of history , on a 14-inch screen with a resolution of low disadvantage is quite obvious , but fortunately for distinguished business notebook rate is not high, then use an external monitor , basically will not cause any effect, and the border areas is not thin, but good strength , I feel there is no separation of the screen .

Roof strength is very good, and this is a consistent feature of Dell , but showing a matte surface matte texture, fine lines above solid feel well, firmly press the screen does not appear water ripples , in addition, this notebook uses high sunken shaft , damping, basically unable to open and close with one hand . The maximum angle of more than 150 °, the screen does not use IPS panel , so viewing angle is limited.

We use PCMark 8 Asus G56J and ASUS G56J Battery test, because PCMark 8 more sensitive to the processor and hard drive speed, we measured into 3317 points, regarded as the mainstream level , if replaced by SSD hard drive, there will be some improvement scores .

Surface temperature , we use specialized equipment to detect the temperature of the notebook 's cooling performance testing. In order to facilitate the distribution of temperature we observed the whole , we get the temperature distribution through the instrument to detect , record and mark various parts of the temperature , illustrated as follows :

From the temperature distribution on the map view, most of the heat is accumulated in the aircraft ventilation holes and the left area of ​​the keyboard , the keyboard and other heat care right palm area is not high, most of the actual experience of comfort position better comfort left part of the body have reduced .
Next we will look together TOSHIBA Satellite C40-A notebook appearance , this product mainly uses 6cell TOSHIBA Satellite C40D Battery and a lot of brushed metal material , and is equipped with magnesium alloy , the overall showing exquisite atmosphere , and silver-gray body looks more stable, screen and link shaft C surface is bright silver , very prominent , but also showing its luxury side.

The fourth -generation intelligent Intel Core i5 4010M processor belongs to the new platform , with 2 core and can support up to four threads via Hyper-Threading technology. The initial clocked at 1.7GHz, supports Turbo technology with 3MB L3 cache. Performance, we use old software CINEBENCH R10 test for treatment , and ultimately get the results mononuclear 5047 points, multicore 10040 points. Graphics , the machine uses the Intel HD 4400 discrete graphics and Core Graphics . As is known , this entry-level discrete graphics positioning , but for multimedia processing and some basic games can still play some role in testing by 3DMARK 11 , 2213 the final score obtained in E mode , in line with the performance of entry-level performance.

Hard drive tests, finally got an average read speed of 83.5MB / s , while the minimum is reached 40.4MB / s , while the access time of 18.5 milliseconds is reached , the overall performance for a mechanical hard drive is still very good . Here we look at the actual test case of the Dell Vostro 3446 's heat . Our testing method is still at room temperature at 28 degrees Celsius , so this notebook running Furmark 1.92 AIDA64 software and comes with pager pager program , so that the GPU and CPU are working at high loads , especially GPU, almost a full run . Then an hour later, the books were to see this internal core body temperature and surface temperature .

The new 3DMARK , the Asus G56J with ASUS G56JR Battery in CloudGate single display mode , the score before the crossfire , crossfire after 5111 points respectively , 5532 points, 4040 points, which can explain G56J can run smoothly like Devil May Cry 5, DOTA2 and other large game .

Through pictures can be seen in just approach it as 92 frames , frames of 59 at the time of the general fight in team battles , when the number of frames to 39 , the performance is very good .

WOW has swept the world for many years, but the players love it unabated , which is the benchmark game benchmark tests . In World of Warcraft - Mists of Pandaria expansion pack , Blizzard is not only to change the game environment , but also to strengthen the delicate textures of nature , so that if your computer can play World of Warcraft, the year may not be able to run smoothly now World of Warcraft .
TOSHIBA Satellite C40D-A notebook , which use TOSHIBA Satellite C40D-A battery the Intel Core i5-4210U as the processor, but also equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce 820M graphics card, in addition also has 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz memory and 500GB HDD mechanical hard drive . It appears consumers can solve the high cost business needs? Next we take a look at this product .


LENOVO B50 Touch and TOSHIBA PORTEGE R30 coming

Intel Core sharp torch core graphics card is currently the leader, it will not only allow users to feel the introduction of high-definition enjoyment , and compete directly with the GT 650M . Although the graphics are not sharp torch just launched , but has not widely used in laptops , so allow us to come into contact with very few products using the card . But today I bring you the TOSHIBA PORTEGE R30 game The torch is powered by Intel Core sharp graphics, its performance can allow mainstream users satisfied with that?

Most notebook TOSHIBA PORTEGE introduced to the game configuration -based, high-end exquisite workmanship plus GTX graphics cards , adding affordable prices, so TOSHIBA PORTEGE the brand quickly became popular . This year , TOSHIBA PORTEGE With the game on the design change , will focus on the upper body weight and thickness , this R30 with TOSHIBA PA5162U-1BRS Battery weighs only 1.9kg, the brand of the game , so the weight is not common, coupled with its use of the latest Intel graphics torch sharp , full of highlights .

For the crowd : Actually, through the evaluation we can basically tell people to buy a quad-core Pentium and Celeron platform aimed at, if you do not ask for notebook gaming performance , but the office with a laptop , daily entertainment , while the pursuit of cost-effective experience , then select quad-core Pentium and Celeron platform of products , you will get a better experience.

Most of the previous dual-core Pentium processor design , but in the fourth quarter of last year on the launch of the Pentium N3520 Fengyun computing chip, Intel can say is the first platform for Pentium -class nuclear power plant equipped with a four -thread design , so that the Pentium series Mai into a new era , but also allowed the actual performance has been substantially improved.

TOSHIBA PORTEGE R30 notebook with 6cell TOSHIBA PORTEGE R30 Battery configuration is relatively rich, equipped with Intel Core i7 4750HQ processor , 8GB memory , 128GB solid state drive and Intel GMA HD 5200 integrated graphics , this product is the screen is 14 inches , vision is OK, with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 , clarity has improved. Then we went evaluating the overall performance of this product.

LENOVO very unkind and cooling in the bottom window and put up a connection labeled " tear warranty void " sticker , that is, open the back cover will void the warranty if the user also think twice before upgrading . LENOVO B50 the game play is very prominent, the game is not very high hardware requirements can easily play . The official directly and not very practical for optical drive into the drive bay is very user-friendly upgrade. It should be noted that during the operation of its keyboard shortcut will pop up a translucent screen prompt window to block content , if you switch more frequently will maddening .

The aircraft can be purchased easily online store Suning 4399 yuan price of the reservation , the reservation success can also receive a $ 400 special vouchers large S , in the April 15 rush can use this voucher to enjoy 3999 yuan appointment of the purchase price , more details please click LENOVO B50 appointment buy View .

In the bottom of the machine are mainly concentrated in the vicinity of the cooling temperature window , reached 52.9 degrees Celsius , and the rest is relatively cool , the performance is satisfactory. As already mentioned LENOVO B50 can be used directly to expand a second 2.5-inch drive bays mechanical hard drive or solid state drive , while at the bottom of the machine LENOVO B50 also set aside a thermal window , open can see on the motherboard has a spare memory slot , users can upgrade directly to memory .

The solid black color is a symbol of a business notebook , covered with a heat concise beauty , without any exaggeration modification, which is very much like the author , regardless of the surface of the keyboard cover or C are the traditional Japanese style , no pursue too concise, but very practical, blue TrackPoint, touchpad moderate size and status indicators on the touch panel metal strip , can allow users with little cost to master the learning and use, for enterprise users, do not bother to learn the new features , B50 Touch is a very easy -to-use product , simple and low-key .

this could explain why the B50 Touch with LENOVO B50 Touch Battery to the quick success of the pursuit of frivolous reasons. The traditional shaft design with all-metal hinges give a lifetime guarantee this product , while a solid shaft to the top and the screen is a kind of protection , the maximum opening angle of about 150 °, and the damping is very fit, single hand opening and closing is not a problem , cover toughness is relatively large , hard pressed screen did not appear ripples .

In fact, for most computer users, they are not too high for the performance requirements , but that does not mean you can ignore the product user experience , " fluent " I think every computer user to pursue basic demand , if even the most basic needs can not be guaranteed , then the user is undoubtedly an injury .

TOSHIBA PORTEGE and launch of new products in the past , like this R30 is also different in appearance , so that not only gives the user enough freshness, but also through new design style , can show R30-A with TOSHIBA PA5163U-1BRS Battery in appearance reject the idea of ​​homogeneity . Since it is new, it is in every detail to achieve breakthrough innovation and allow consumers to buy when you can identify by the appearance of which it is a model .

In the hardware configuration , this test prototype equipped with third-generation Intel Core i3-3110M processor , providing 4G memory , 750GB 5400 rpm hard drive , equipped with NVIDIA GeForce 820M (1G memory ) alone significantly , although not yet on sale, but currently 2799 yuan 

NVIDIA GeForce 820M is a new generation of entry-level significant independence from the 3Dmark score of view, compared with the previous generation GT 720M, its graphics performance is slightly improved, but still at the level of entry-level and high-end graphics cards are still large gap, but you can deal with " Elder Scrolls 5 " at 1366 × 768 resolution, low -quality, " Thief 3" and other mainstream 3D games and "World of Warcraft ", " sword of the Spirit " and the vast majority of online games.

Limited by the mechanical hard disk performance , ASUS X552L PCmark composite score in 7 of 2465 with ASUS X552V Battery , although the machine speed and greater use of SSD product gap, but at a high level at the same price products . For the whole temperature control , the environment at room temperature 25 ℃ , the use of AIDA64 System Stability Test , under the premise of not checked GPU through pager test after 30 minutes , about ASUS X552L keyboard surface palmrest and keyboard With its central location there is a certain range of warm accumulation, especially in parts of his left hand care , long-term use will test hand feeling, especially when large 3D game play .

The underside of the fuselage , there are some large vents ASUS X552L heat accumulation area , where the red zone up to 58.3 ℃, try not to use the process on the legs , and do not use on soft surfaces . As entry-level commercial products , ASUS X552L in order to allow the user to get the most value for money, it is equipped with a third-generation Intel Core i3-3110M processor , providing 4G memory , 750GB 5400 rpm hard drive , equipped with NVIDIA GeForce 820M (1G memory ) alone significantly , such a configuration the notebook market in 3000 with a strong competitive edge.

Next, we also TOSHIBA Satellite C40 endurance test were first adjusted to the power saving mode after a period of testing , finally get 4 hours 27 minutes of TOSHIBA Satellite C40 Battery , so endurance performance is still very good . There will be some differences with the practical application of the theory test , of course .

Lift the screen 15.6 inches large screen appeared in front of us , and this notebook with matte anti-glare design, which can also see in bright light the screen image. The most advanced is that the screen uses 150 -degree wide viewing angle display technology , from whatever angle you can experience the best visual experience.

In the top of the screen for the camera and microphone , to meet basic daily use in the upper right corner of the screen there are two stickers backlit keyboard and a wide viewing angle of 150 degrees .

In view of the keyboard surface ASUS X552V with ASUS X552VL Battery, notebook keyboard with island-style design , as mentioned earlier, provides a keyboard backlight . By tapping , we feel that the keyboard keys moderate feedback efforts soft, long text entry can be considered good enough.