FUJITSU LifeBook S935 U745 T725 T935 laptop and ASUS PU551LA detail

AMD Kaveri APU can provide at most 12 computing cores (4 CPU core and 8 GPU core), each core can be used independently. Kaveri APU supports Mantle technology, support DirectX 11.2 graphics rendering technology, multimedia accelerator upgrade to UVD4.2\VCE2.0, in addition to audio optimization technology of AMD new TrueAudio, the flagship model also supports the latest third generation PCI-E interface and DDR3-2133 ultra high frequency memory, performance improved tremendously.

Since the "4" for the Dodger hardware requirements higher, so we only in discrete graphics mode has been tested. From the actual operation situation can be seen, even in the Mantle do not open the case, ASUS PU551LA can also run the game more fluent low quality, confirm that the PU551LA-7500 APU and R7 M260DX graphics with the game performance is very strong. In maintaining the quality under the condition of invariable, when the open Mantle, the gaming experience and testing data have a very significant improvement, which can be from the test results that easily, "average" picture frames the Dodger 4 increased nearly 30%. For the game player, Mantle technology brings to the game performance is undoubtedly the revolutionary.

This ASUS PU551LA with 65wh ASUS PU551LA Battery in the fuselage making very carefully, at material, magnesium alloy material to ensure the fuselage of the rugged, various harsh environment specific populations face can easily cope with the fuselage, protection from damage. To obtain ISV certification and adopted the MIL-STD 810G test, the test content includes fall, vibration, shock, dust, humidity, and temperature elevation, high temperature and low temperature impact test.

In addition, using the evaluation of its performance were analyzed by CINEBENCH 11.5 software, the software is capable of single core and multi-core processor performance given on intuitive score, this single core i5 4200U processor soon finished the test of all the content, the final CPU to obtain 2.49pts, single core 0.92pts.

Of course, such a high-end products, so the breakthrough design usually are not cheap, but the price of Latitude 3450 with built-in DELL Latitude 3450 Battery is still quite attractive, the official price of 6999 yuan, and even the minimum allocation models, also provides fifth generation intelligent Intel core i5-5200U processor (the highest with fifth generation intelligent Intel Core i7 processor, memory, 4GB) 128GB solid state drive, 13.3 inch Full HD IPS screen! And not like some products in order to reduce prices in the configuration on the shrink or from working with materials balance, it can be said that the Latitude 3450 is a very worthy of recommendation is an ultra portable super book, the performance to price ratio is quite strong.

Through the test, this processor single core and multi-core score 6470, score of 24277 points, the comprehensive performance is better, is a high performance oriented games this high-end processor, make sure not to give a laptop in the operational performance is peaceful, and power control better.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M Kepler 28nm chip based on GK104, is the GTX 780's successor, has 1536 stream processors and 32 ROP unit, the 954MHz core frequency, and support dynamic acceleration technology, up to a maximum of 993MHz, 256bit and 160GB/s memory bandwidth of the memory interface.

GTX 880M still uses the Kepler architecture, so alone does not appear a revolutionary leap in performance. But can improve the performance of discrete graphics by increasing the stream processor and improve the core frequency, GTX 880M also supports up to 8GB GDDR5 memory. The book from the data perspective, GTX 880M no doubt in single card performance is still the best. Below is a look at the actual test results.

Through the actual test after the GTX 880M in the 3Dmark 11 Performance mode fraction reached P8187, refresh the best results in discrete graphics card, GTX 880M has become a be worthy of the name of the top is equipped with world-class game have a fever.

Fujitsu has released the new super the Lifebook U745 recently, laptop with a 14 inch thickness of the resolution of 3200 x 1800 IGZO Ultra HD LED screen is 1.55 cm, weight of only 1.39 kg, 6cells FUJITSU LifeBook U745 Battery.

In the body surface temperature control, in the room temperature of 25 DEG C under AIDA64 environment, and after half an hour Dell copy machine test, Latitude 3550 keyboard surface only the center of the site of the small area heat accumulation, other regions of relatively cool, feel touched this area only warm daily use process.

Hard disk, 1TB disk Alienware is equipped with a good overall performance, the average reading speed for 85.3MB/ seconds, and the lowest for 52.6MB/ seconds. Access time of 16.3 milliseconds, if will be replaced with mechanical hard disk solid state disk, then the overall performance will be greatly improved.

At the bottom of the fuselage, near the Dell Latitude 3550 disk area and bottom radiating holes exist certain heat accumulation with DELL Latitude 3550 Battery, but the temperature is not very high, even on the use of the legs, and only the warm feeling, better heat control machine.

Flagship product often means is on the extreme pursuit of extreme, this is not only reflected in the performance, design, more important is reflected in the experience. Whether the display panel, comfortable wrist support keyboard touchpad high standard, or excellent audio output, hardware configuration, to achieve the ultimate, is nothing more than to give the user a best experience.

Fuji new release many notebook computer, wherein the attention is the T935 super combo Lifebook. It has a 13.3 inch, resolution of 2560 x 1440 IGZO screen. The contrast reaches 1000:1, the brightness ratio is 250 cd/m2.

lifebook T935 with 8cell FUJITSU LifeBook T935 Battery has a rotatable HD IGZO screen, which also means that it can be used as a flat screen up to. Its screen support touch operation, and has the handwriting recognition function. At the same time in the body in Fuji placed a vibration sensor to protect the hard disk.

The operating system, it uses the Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 Pro. With the Intel Core vPro or Intel Core processor, memory, graphics card is the highest optional 8GB, selection of Intel HD 4400. The body is provided with HDMI and VGA output, but only USB 2 interface. There is a full high-definition network camera above the display screen, Lifebook T935 will be listed in mid October

Fujitsu notebook kept the process and level of skills, in the early release of flagship lifebook T725 super book is no exception, the fuselage design 13.3 inch thin by using this machine, at the same time the screen support bi-directional use 180 degree rotation, combined with 2560 * 1440 ultra high resolution touch screen, control of the machine to be more extreme performance. In addition to the machine body weight is only 1.58kg, the thinnest at only 16.9mm, with the outstanding performance of portable. Below, we have a look at the specific performance of T725 flagship super book with FUJITSU LifeBook T725 Battery.

For users, Fujitsu the brand may not very familiar with, but this does not mean that Fujitsu products not good enough. At the VMworld 2014 exhibition, foreign science and technology media Tech Radar are simple to use the Fujitsu demo on a 13.3 inch notebook business Lifebook S935.

According to the Fujitsu parlance, the longest life time of up to Lifebook S935 for 24 hours, and this is the biggest one of the highlights of this business notebook. The hardware configuration, the Lifebook S935 is equipped with Intel core i7-4600U Haswell processor, frequency of 2.10Ghz (turbo boost to 2.70GHz), memory is 8GB. 8cells FUJITSU LifeBook S935 Battery,In addition, the user can also select core i5 processor, and memory can also be customized, size from 4GB to 12GB range.


Alienware 17 R2 and DELL LatitudeE7250 E7450 detail

Latitude is one of the most classic commercial computer brand, is Dell its most outstanding works, as well as a symbol of quality. And in the fourth generation intelligent Intel core family processor release, we finally ushered in the Dell second Latitude super book -- E7450.

Can be seen, the surface temperature is not high, the keyboard surface, the average temperature of only 34.5 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature is only 40 degrees Celsius. In addition to the keyboard, the left of centre of some areas, rest position almost no fever feeling; at the bottom of the fuselage temperature control is excellent, with an average of only 33 degrees Celsius, heat radiating window inside temperature is slightly high, when in use, only need to pay attention to the heat radiating window ventilation.

Performance, were detected by CineBench R11.5 software, the multi thread performance as 2.48pts, performance is basically developed, and compared with i7, the difference is not great, to meet the daily online, HD, office document processing, pictures, video clips are not the problem.

Is the so-called slow skilled work, the new Latitude E7450 ultrabook adhering to many business models should have the features, using DELL Latitude E7450 Battery the full metal body (touch screen version for the carbon fiber roof), 180 degrees of retractable metal hinge, spill resistant keyboard, with the United States MIL-STD-810G protection testing standards, have a color of the anti vibration and anti throwing, moistureproof and dustproof, high temperature and other characteristics, can be used in many harsh environment to provide the most stable and reliable performance; with fingerprint recognition, TPM security chip, smart card reader and so on to ensure the safety of user data; support docking; optional Intel vPro technology, user management easy to deploy enterprise.

The focus on the stability of business first, this seems to have been the concept never changed. Business people are often on the notebook choice also happens to be the care stability first, followed by a performance. To meet this trait of commercial this we have seen many, Dell Inspiron series can be said to be very classic commercial this series. Today is the protagonist of Dell Inspiron 5749, the continuation of the series models are still outstanding, the fixing screw every tiny are full, rigorous work materials.

The series in order to meet the use demand differences of business user population, product refinement. Dell Inspiron 5749 a mold has two kinds of type, respectively is the non touch type and touch control type, touch type Inspiron 5749 with 65wh DELL Inspiron 17-5749 Battery cover chose carbon fiber material, the firmness of the stronger, the machine is more light, and today we will evaluate the non touch type type 5749, the top cover is made of aluminium alloy material, from the top on the shallow silver can distinguish.

And compared with the predecessor 6430u, mainly in the following several change: Haswell architecture of fourth generation intelligent Intel core platform, more power; the appearance of a more simple, more practical details of hale and hearty; interface has been enhanced, behind most of the fuselage interface to.

Finally, E7250 also provides configuration optional very rich, network card, memory, hard disk and the screen on the WWAN can be customized. I got this table is the most basic section, equipped with ultra low voltage i5-4200U dual core processor, 4cells DELL Latitude E7250 Battery, 4GB single channel memory and hard disk 500GB machinery, spare a memory slot, mSATA/mini PCI-E slot, the promotion space is adequate.

Mantle is the underlying technology of API AMD for GCN APU/GPU architecture, which allows developers to bypass DirectX/OpenGL and direct access to the GCN hardware resources, but also through the use of programming optimization approach, can bring considerable performance improvements. The principle of the whole AMD Mantle technology for earth structure is described, which is the core of GCN Core is hardware layer, and the lower mantle is Mantle Dirver, the Shangdi mantle is Mantle API, the top crust is the display of the application. The main function of Mantle technology, is the connection to the GCN Core hardware layer and the software layer effect.

ASUS E451LD laptop body using 6cells ASUS E451LD Battery drop design popular, visual and feel are very frivolous, cover using the common plastic material, after grinding polishing processing, ASUS official called the "light textured", its texture is good, but feel relatively general. Because it is a matte material, so it is protective of the fingerprint is quite strong, and take in your hand will not easily slipping phenomenon.

Master Lu is a hardware test now ordinary user favorite and maintenance of software, not only can help white the first time users computer troubleshooting, but also detect the integrated function of computer. In the comprehensive performance test computer Master Lu's own, E451LD score up to 105238 points, the graphics score of 13431 points, no matter is the score or graphic scores are very good performance.

4 "thief" is a large 3D game, game player plays the role of a master thief, the shuttle in the city, the main city of steal treasures of molesting overlord Baron, the game uses a first person perspective adventure elements, set by intelligent design, let the game player complete control, free to choose to complete the level way, overcome every challenge.

The game type laptop showing explosive growth in this year, no matter whether in the industry for many years, the traditional manufacturer, or some unknown small manufacturers, have launched their own corresponding products this year, but that didn't seem to disturb Alienware (alien) rhythm, steadily upgrading process, without sacrificing the blind pursuit of price to cater to the market, Alienware has always insisted on, M17x is always the core of Alienware models, the equipment upgrades, again.

This evaluation is Alienware M17x series of new products, the official price of natural high, compared to the previous generation M17x, in the processor upgrade to the i7-4700MQ, graphics card also improved to GTX 880M, in single card games, performance is still very strong, in addition, the outer shell adopts the anodic alumina and aluminum magnesium alloy material, to create a strong and beautiful body, alien head classic standard, alien inscription, AlienFX backlight and so on individual elements, all one one appears in the user before.

From the design style, Alienware 17 R2 with 8cells Alienware 17 R2 Battery still follow the "character first" principle, and using the steel gray to the fuselage of the sense of science and technology completely released, the entire top game in the field, is a unique existence.

In addition to lightweight design, the machine in the hardware configuration is also completely belongs to the current mainstream level, the fourth generation of the Intel core i5 processor can provide excellent treatment efficiency. So in the end how the comprehensive performance of this machine? Today we have a detailed evaluation for everyone to bring ASUS PU551LD.

This session, we were tested by PC Mark8 software, test total score is 2196, the comprehensive performance of the whole machine enough for daily use.

As a lightweight and portable book, ASUS PU551LD not only pay more attention to portability, and the body design is more fashionable. From the application of group point of view, it is not only suitable for higher requirements on the portability of the business people, also suitable for young group the pursuit of fashion, personality choice. Integrated the machine in terms of Suningyi purchase price of 3999 yuan, ASUS PU551LD with 6cells ASUS PU551LD Battery is a excellent design of business this portable, I believe there will be excellent market performance.

The hardware configuration, Dell offers a variety of configuration options for the user. But this evaluation Dell 5749 using the fourth generation intelligent Intel core i5 4200U low power processor, the configuration of the 500GB hard disk and 4GB DDR3 1600MHz high speed memory, graphics cards, the model uses processor comes with the Intel core 4400 core graphics card. Type Dell 5749 appearance design, handsome white-collar van.

Dell Inspiron 5749 by 17 inch LCD screen, 6cells DELL Inspiron 5749 Battery and can choose the 1366 * 768 resolution, the fog screen surface design for business users especially outdoor workers, a very wide range of uses, ambient light even complex can be clearly distinguished screen, more convenient browsing. In addition, the opening angle of 5749 screen can reach 180 DEG, narrow frame design enhance many visual experience at the same time the fuselage volume compared to the traditional 14 inch notebook smaller.


LENOVO U31 U41 and LENOVO ThinkPad T450 T550 detail

For Chinese District, Mr Lanci said at present China area share has to 35-37%, the future there is still room for growth but is not very big, mainly focus on the requirements China region to achieve better profitability level, also can continue to make product more refined, better, put to use high user experience, make products the light is a lot of people to buy, but also to establish a leading position in the market. In addition, Mr Lanci said acquisition of the IBM x86 server, enterprise products do up. In China, Lenovo can put the enterprise products do the relational customers to. This is the association at present in the commercial sector and enterprise field strategy.

Development of David Roman will be the Lenovo brand is divided into three stages, first of all, Lenovo is a China based company, its development in China is very powerful, and incredibly, the first stage should belong to China's development stage; the second stage we can say that after the acquisition of IBM's personal computer division to in 2009 2008, this stage, adjustment stage, belongs to. How to adjust at this stage, how to adapt to the internationalization of the change and the pace of internationalization. In 2008, experienced a very difficult period, with the change of the market environment and the outbreak of the financial crisis, this time the association also in constant adjustment, constantly adapt to the market trend of the rhythm of the game; the third stage is a high growth great period for lenovo. From 2009 until now, the market share from the original global sixth has been developed to become the global leader, to become the world's first, in the high growth period, Lenovo has become a trul
y global company, has truly become a global leader in computer.

Lenovo U41 body with 4cells LENOVO U41 Battery B surface paint surface before into a matte surface, C surface from black to gray, in general, the overall color of U41 is more uniform, the subjective feeling is more simple. Lenovo U41 screen at the still quite satisfactory, using the common 16:9 ratio of 14 inch LED backlit screen, the maximum resolution of 1366 x 768. There is a 720P camera is arranged above the screen, can achieve good video call function.

From the product application, at present the Lenovo PC business SMB, consumer and business three business groups, in the commercial sector is mainly sell ThinkPad products, has been around for a very long time to remain in such a position of a market leading, including both at home and abroad. In the consumer market, Lenovo has reached the first in the world, but also to achieve a profit growth, while in the SMB field, our product line and its products, and products of ThinkPad, Lenovo coverage in the low-end, ThinkPad is in the high-end positioning, in the SMB field, Mr Lanci said Lenovo the main objective is to enhance the market share. In addition to Chinese outside, at present share has not reached such as big business and consumer market share position, so the next goal is to focus on the increase in SMB sector of the market share, especially in areas outside the China.

LENOVO M40-35 with 32wh LENOVO M40-35 Battery is a big screen entertainment in the LENOVO upcoming, during an appearance on the M40-35 extension of the concentric design LENOVO classic, cover full texture, simple yet stylish. At the same time, it also uses the AMD flagship FX-7600P APU with AMD R5 M230, independent graphics card can easily achieve dual graphics card crossfire, machine has more excellent performance in terms of performance. In addition as a video of this, the machine is also equipped with LENOVO SonicMaster bel master technology, can provide more comfortable audio-visual, game experience. Below we have a look at the specific performance of the M40-35.

David Roman think of a company, the process of an excellent brand building, it must first be a brand, and became a brand which can be based on this success, after a very successful and powerful brand, it can have a foothold in this market.

David Roman said, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing decided long ago, Lenovo is not only to gain market share, but also in the brand's success, it is going to be a great brand globalization. A great company and a great brand is different, if you want to become a great company, you need to have a strong supply chain, strong shipments data, you need to have very good financial data. As a great brand, you in addition to have these, you also need to have a and user, there is a good relation between and your customers, have a good interaction. You need to let all consumers will think you are a great brand, this is a great company and great brand is not the same place, Lenovo is undoubtedly towards a great brand forward.

And to achieve this goal depends mainly on the following points, the first is the association in three years ago began to consolidate the market foundation. If we look at the distribution of European countries, it should be said is very fragmented, there is no one like China and America of a country, a channel forming can cover a large market. So the main management mode is to take root to each country, every country has its own national local sales and management team, continue to build the local channel relationship, guarantee it has a strong operation system in each country, are successful in all of the product line to guarantee it. Secondly, it should be said that from the initial acquisition, the business field from Lenovo, IBM based view is strong, the past three years the consumption of products, including PC products, including flat so also do together, we have implemented in all countries, a situation in all channels and all market segments are full the blossom.

Lenovo U31 with LENOVO U31 Battery adopts the type of shaft sinking is very common screen design, the maximum opening angle of about 130 degrees. Lenovo U41 the overall style is the most popular style of simplicity, dressed in white, the appearance of a lot of extra points for this machine. Especially for the fashion Master and MM, having a greater temptation. Because of cost considerations, ABS engineering plastic body is adopted, it has little effect on hand.

Cloud Gate test model is designed according to the basic notebook computer and household personal computer, suitable for DirectX device 10 compatibility, efficiency score is 21208 points, the efficiency ranking just below a high order PC game, and the performance scores are also not much difference.

As a new product of TOSHIBA L50-B series with TOSHIBA PA5185U-1BRS Battery of games electric pen of the third generation, Satellite L50-B continuation of many Satellite L50-B series laptop design style fuselage configuration, thickness and weight also is almost the same as that to maintain the design style consistent perhaps for consumers, is not easy to forget about the laptop products impression, but also of course will let the advantages and disadvantages of original products continue. The first Satellite L50-B excellent thickness and weight design for portability, it is really a bonus points, this is the recent for high performance common game pen electric fuselage structure design, but as a game notebook, aiming at the design of the actual game experience is also inadequate, such as the keyboard can provide a set of hotkeys etc., are to enhance user convenience in using the laptop. But the electric pen, see LENOVO placed a connection management software, with the previous Smart software such as Manager, for considerable attention to game player network efficiency, is helpfu

In the left side of the fuselage, ThinkPad T450 is equipped with a One Link interface (port replicator interface), USB 2 interface, Headset / charge off microphone combo interface, and the card reader interface. Can meet the daily needs of the business. This evaluation of the ThinkPad T450, with the Intel core i7-4510U processor, 8GB of memory, 6cells LENOVO ThinkPad T450 Battery, large capacity 512GB solid state drive, GT 840M graphics card. With the Intel core i7-4510U, is a Haswell architecture based on the fourth generation of Core i7 low voltage processor, using the 22nm process, with 4MB level three cache, clocked at 2.0GHz, turbo boost after can ascend to 3.1GHz, uses four threads design of dual core, the largest TDP 15W, is a low voltage processor an energy saving type.

Compared with the fuselage silver appearance, body B, C on both sides of the species used carbon black design, including screen frame for scrub treatment, and in imitation of metal wire drawing design for the body surface C, the overall feel better.

At the bottom of the fuselage design of Satellite L50-B is relatively simple, and has 4 large pads, edge part of left and right sides in the fuselage front-end respectively have a speaker, stereo sound can be realized easily. It also can be seen, Satellite L50-B uses 4cells TOSHIBA PA5184U-1BRS Battery, so you can more easily achieve thin fuselage design.

Mixed mode graphics professionals is one of the 14 "features, although the technology is not very new, but the application is rare in the workstation level. Dynamic switching of AMD graphics technology is AMD's first seamless handover solution, similar in function to the NVIDA Optimus, seamless switching between integrated graphics and the graphics card, graphics card switch can automatically select the application configuration file. To open, closed when not needed, can prolong the life time of the battery. This is particularly suitable for mobile group, usually placed in the office can rely on high performance ThinkPad 14 as a desktop machine, and mobile use, switch to more power saving mode, you can have it all. This part will be introduced in the test section.

The speaker part ThinkPad T550 with 56wh LENOVO ThinkPad T550 Battery relatively good results, but also do not have too high expectations, because no matter how high-end laptop speakers whose sound is like that. Although sound in general, but it is still very comfortable keyboard, the keyboard has a large key process and high resilience, typing on the keyboard allows users to enjoy the pleasure of.


LENOVO ThinkPad Yoga 15 and LENOVO ThinkPad X250 T450s L450 review

ThinkPad always give people are business notebook computer image rules, professional, and in recent years it is also through the new design and new ideas, to convey some different ideas, fashion and modern into the old commercial this. Different from the traditional classic T, X series, S series ThinkPad, from its inception to positioning in the more fashionable young business people, it will ThinkPad the connotation remain and continue in appearance, also changed the black traditional style, adding a lot of innovative thinking.

We use the CINEBENCH R10 performance of the processor are tested, the single nuclear score is 6013 points, binuclear score is 11062 points, the overall performance is very good, deal with all kinds of mainstream applications are currently can provide excellent operation performance. NVIDIA GeForce GT 840M 28nm Maxwell GM108 chip based on GT, is the successor to the 740M. With 384 stream processors and 8 ROP units, 1029MHz core frequency, support dynamic acceleration to 1124MHz frequency, memory interface 64bit and 2GB DDR3 vram.

On the last night, ThinkPad released a new series of commercial this product -- ThinkPad Yoga 15 with 8cells LENOVO ThinkPad Yoga 15 Battery, not only show the side of S series of elegant fashion, but also will flip design Yoga series of fusion. We get our hands on the ThinkPad Yoga 15 is currently the top with series products, with the Intel core i7-4510U processor, 8GB of memory, large capacity 512GB solid state drive, GT 840M graphics card. The 15 inch screen, the resolution to 1920 * 1080, and support for touch operation. In addition to hardware performance mainstream, 360 degree flip screen into Yoga design concept, but also one of the highlights, this new product next, we have a look at this product what kind of performance.

The specific models of the evaluation of the ASUS X552LA: VM590Z7600, the specific configuration: AMD FX-7600P processor, 4GB memory, 1TB hard disk, 2GB memory of the mechanical AMD R5 M230 graphics card, touch screen 15.6 inches 1366 x 768 resolution, the machine pre installed Windows 8.1 operating system.

X552LA with 4cells ASUS X552LA Battery cover adopts concentric design classic ASUS, with ASUS "ASUS" logo, in the middle of the only style of simplicity, black top raises the overall style. In addition, the circular cover covering the surface texture also is generous enough to let the whole feel more comfortable. In addition, the top cover rich texture also makes the body not easily sell, also not easy to stick leave fingerprints.

ThinkPad X250 is listed after X240, the difference is less than two months time. Basically X250 is introduced as the popularity of the X250s version of the machine, the hardware configuration and the latter is almost the same, while the screen is weaker than that of the latter, X250 and not X250s Full HD or IPS.

With the "practical" to describe the X250 of the business of the business is not too much, the stability and security, design some time as frivolous at present is not suitable for the course of business, the future will be more and more thin notebook. In short, X250 with 6cells LENOVO ThinkPad X250 Battery is definitely ThinkPad style relatively strong product, perhaps it than before the change is very big, but it can not shake its position in the field of business.

The hardware configuration, the Intel core i5-4210U dual core processor the ASUS four thread X552LA super book is equipped with the 22nm process, integrated Intel HD4400 graphics standard 64GB SSD core, solid state disk +500GB mechanical hard disk combination and single 4GB DDR3 1600MHz high speed memory, can sufficient strong.

This link, we tested by the software of PCMark 8, a total score of the test was 1788, the overall performance can be daily entertainment and office use.

This session, we were tested by PC Mark8 software, to maintain the WiFi network connection during the test, the screen brightness to 50%, the software will simulate video browsing, Webpage browsing the daily operation. After testing, the software gives the life time of 1 hours 50 minutes, after all, the machine equipped with only a piece of 44Wh lithium battery, so the overall endurance performance relative to the general.

In the heat the test link, the stability of the system testing tools we use the software of AIDA 64 were tested in the testing process, continuous full load in processor, memory, hard disk, and after 30 minutes after thermal imaging analysis. In the cooling effect, the body heat of C mainly concentrated in the cooling air outlet and a touch control board area, the highest temperature in the cooling air outlet, is only 37.1 degrees; mainly concentrated in the corresponding region in the D cooling fan body surface heat, most of the temperature is 45.7 degrees, other regional heat well, overall thermal performance is excellent.

This evaluation of the ASUS X552LA with ASUS X552LAV Battery standard 64GB SSD solid state drive. In order to facilitate testing of its performance, we choose AS SSD Benchmark this specifically for the SSD test software designed. You can test out continue reading of solid state disk write performance, including small 4KB file transmission performance and so on, show the performance can be divided into two kinds, one kind is the MB/s form, the other is a IOPS form.

The machine shell with a matte matte process, with "little red" ThinkPad LOGO is this a series of identification. ThinkPad series of changes in the larger local than the keyboard, ThinkPad L450 is using a new chocolate keyboard, but "Little Red Riding Hood" is still in the.

ThinkPad T450s with LENOVO ThinkPad T450s Battery still used a fog screen, the anti reflective ability makes the enterprise users can also take time for in the face of light discomfort office environment. The rotating shaft can also study the ThinkPad L450's "heart", metal hinge shaft characteristics, not only can make the screen opening and angle reaches 180 degrees, looks more rugged, durable.

How to distinguish good and bad heat dissipation performance, the highest temperature can not represent what. Ventilation vent temperature is the highest, if not, it is only that the heat dissipation problem. When most of the heat accumulation in the cooling vents near the location, and other parts of the temperature not higher than 40 DEG C, it can determine the cooling system design belongs to a more reasonable.

ASUS X552LDV 15 inch 16:9 HD fog screen surface effectively reduce the light reflection, provide better visual enjoyment for users. Just below the screen is Lenovo logo a. ASUS X552LDV with ASUS X552LDV Battery body C surface still has many bright spots. What first attracted the author is concerned with logo clusters located in the lower right corner of the frame of C. The new logo red, blue Intel logo and new logo product characteristic.

It is worth mentioning that, ThinkPad L450 can also be customized as needed, customers can not only in the Intel vPro Technology (Intel vPro), to select the port locking, trusted platform module, and other types of enterprises, can also purchase LOGO, the most important is to provide 14 different product combination Lenovo, provides give customers a variety of options.

ThinkPad L450 with LENOVO ThinkPad L450 Battery there is a big advantage, is the built-in software, including QuickCast, QuickControl Beta, Fingerprint Manager, Music Association and so on, these software for enterprise users in the use of ThinkPad in the process of L450 to provide more quality services.


Alienware 15 and LENOVO Yoga 3 14 review

As the ASUS ROG G series of a member under eSports laptop, GL771JM does with many e-sports ROG elements in the fuselage design, of course, the most eye-catching is the black body, relatively bright red color, as a brand representative color, make the product itself identification also increased a lot. But the fuselage structure design of GL771JM, but not as the traditional ROG G series laptop was full of ambition, but with a family N laptop series mellow and soft feeling, with the ROG G series, the whole body structure and design and G56 series electric pen, there are different approaches but equally satisfactory results of the wonderful design. In fact, a careful comparison of the two paragraph of the aircraft, and more can be found even in I/O terminal configuration is quite similar, but GL771JM RGB terminal into mini DisplayPort, adds support for three display screen output function. As for the G56 series advantage pen electricity, from from the sound technology N series laptop, collocation Headset / micro
phone independent audio jack, and subwoofer random bonus, in the overall sound will experience more better than GL771JM.

If less on pen friends electric sound presentation, GL771JM in the overall hardware specification configuration, than the G56 series of high order several more prominent, whether in the processor or independent display chip, has greatly promoted the efficiency, perhaps you can think of GL771 as the G56 series of hardware Enhanced Edition, may be easier to understand the laptop. But in the hardware configuration, the GL771JM with 6cell ASUS GL771J Battery or the existence of a few areas in need of improvement, in the portion of memory, the biggest support capacity if can go to 32GB, for the love of high hardware specifications of the game player, perhaps even more add a few minutes of attractive, after all, the fuselage bottom cover provides convenient replacement and upgrading. Moreover is the storage disk configuration, 7200 turn 1TB HDD configuration, you really don't know where to start it, if only to cost considerations, may wish to consider hybrid should disk configuration, for there will be some help performance, of course, if you re
ally like this pen electricity, reluctantly replaced it SSD solid state drive, is an efficiency way to upgrade.

Notebook computer is usually used for mobile office, both in people's work life, play a very important role. Since the super this appears, more to meet the needs of the mobile office business people, get of consumer love. Recently, ASUS brings ASUS X550LNV series of gold, silver, minimalist coat with 14 inch thin body, we can see that the ASUS computer has been in the production of computer technology, has been upgraded to a new level. Introduce today the ASUS X550LNV-i5 4572 S1 (hereinafter referred to as ASUS X550LNV) has the excellent materials and workmanship at the same time, it also has both high performance!

ASUS X550LNV with 41wh ASUS X550LNV Battery continues the ASUS consistent products style and market positioning, the appearance compared to previous products have certain progress. The 1080P screen and the fourth generation i5 processor and SSD+HDD double disk configuration, to provide strong support for the daily office, high cost, the natural self-evident.

AIDA 64 in the memory and cache memory performance test, delay the timing of main memory is 66.7ns, L3 cache memory latency time sequence is 12.6ns, is the performance of normal performance. The built-in storage hard disk for the 1TB HDD hard disk configuration, using the SATA III transmission interface, 7200 RPM hard disk speed architecture. CrystalDiskMark hard disk performance test, the measured average read and write speed of 136.0/121.1 MB/s (read / write). ATTO Disk Benchmark measured mean 137190/126322 MB/s (read / write) speed. The test of Parkdale hard disk performance, can see the average read and write speed of 107.1/110.1 MB/s (read / write).

The OpenGL efficiency of CINEBENCH in R10 was 6654, single core CPU acceleration efficiency is 6469 points, multi core CPU acceleration efficiency is 23578 points. The OpenGL efficiency of CINEBENCH in R11.5 was 51.78 FPS, which belongs to the better performance in the same system ranking. CPU hardware acceleration performance is 6.72 PTS, in the same system ranking fell in the middle of the position, the performance is quite satisfactory. CINBENCH R15 performance testing software, obtained 77.42 FPS results in the OpenGL performance test, the same performance in the same system performance.

As for the CPU hardware acceleration performance test, the effectiveness of CB in 611 fractions were obtained, the effectiveness of ranking also falls on the central position. 3Dmark for the Ice Storm test patterns with mobile device and entry-level computer design, obtain the efficiency score of 95459 points. Ice Storm Extreme test mode, then get efficiency scores showed 85131 points.

GPU-Z can be seen in the Intel HD 4600 display chip information, FPU clock 400MHz. It also can be seen in NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M independent display chip, with 4GB GDDR5 independent memory, GPU clock is 1020 MHz.

This Asus GL771J with 56wh ASUS GL771JM Battery uses is FX-7600P processor AMD of Kaveri architecture, with DDR3 4GB memory and 1TB mechanical hard disk, the independent video card graphics for the APU built-in R7-Graphics with R5-M230 hybrid crossfire. The FX-7600P processor codenamed "Bald Eagle" translated as "vulture" (how many a little bit 90's TV drama, the villain of the taste), it uses the socket FP3 slot, built-in Kaveri architecture of four physical cores and 8 graphics core, thermal design power 35W, the maximum frequency of 3.6Ghz.

The ASUS X552W is a very high value products, the machine core i7-4558U processor, the Intel Haswell platform, equipped with fourth generation intelligent Intel core seamless fusion sharp torch graphics card, 4GB DDR3 memory, 500GB hard disk and 8GB hybrid mechanical SSD. There has been a great improvement in the product performance, and low power design and make new outstanding performance in the aspects of life.

Strong inner need more corresponding packing to foil, light using designed ASUS X552W with 4cell ASUS X552W Battery appearance fashion, a total of berries, vanilla, cocoa brown color optional white. Then let the feelings of this product excellences and everybody.

This part, through our online play online video to test, test process to keep the screen brightness to 50%, connect to the network through the WiFi, and close the Alien FX lamp. Before testing for 100% of electricity consumption, the remaining power 30 minutes after playing for 86%, estimated 13 Alienware in non game mode using the high load condition, the whole life can reach 3.5-4 hours, than other alien games this is not a small upgrade.

Alienware 15 with 8cells Alienware 15 Battery the top of the screen has a 2000000 pixel camera, with a shaped body indicator light, convenient for checking the running state. In addition, the machine is also equipped with a stereo pair of digital microphone can effectively filter the noise, in the voice and video call can bring better entry effect. In addition, the screen frame is adopted on the rubber protection layer, can effectively avoid accidentally scratched off the screen when the screen.

Appearance is a major highlight of the ASUS X552W to attract customers, but not all of his. Body performance comprehensive promotion is effectively for users to enhance the experience, core i7-4558U processor Intel Haswell new platform, hybrid hard disk 500GB mechanical and 8GB SSD, not only increased the graphics capabilities of the machine, but also makes the data transmission, the boot start more quickly and efficiently.

ASUS X552W has a priority for many consumers are concerned, the high value so that the product is popular. If the use of friends want to get the portability of feeling, and the application of smooth complete experience, then ASUS X552W with 4cells ASUS X552WA Battery will be a good choice.

In the AS SSD test, 64GB solid state hard disk read and write speed to read and write 264.41MB/ seconds 161.25MB/ seconds, and the 4K random read speed reached 24.80 MB/ seconds, overall performance is quite well, compared with the traditional mechanical hard disk upgrade is very obvious, especially the boot speed, contrast only adopts mechanical hard disk products quickly, and after the boot will not have Caton feeling, in short, SSD solid state drive make the ASUS X550LNV quickly into the work of the state.

We use the Furmark copy machine software for limit test of association of YOGA 3 14 with built-in LENOVO Yoga 3 14  Battery, Furmark will be two large heating components CPU and graphics card machine fully up and running, running 60 minutes after the temperature up to a maximum height, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive to see the heat dissipation condition of each machine at runtime, we also the use of FLUKE infrared thermal imager were observed, each position of the heating temperature.


ASUS GL551J GL551JK GL551JM and ASUS PU451LD PU550CA review

ASUS in the recently launched a new PU550C game notebook, body appearance of architecture design of previous generation PU550, body shape and almost no change in the situation, the new PU550C is built on the hardware, intensive, with the Intel fourth generation of Core i7 series processors, 16GB memory, 2 128GB SSD RAID 0 1TB HDD schema match hard disk configuration, the most important is the PU550C from the previous NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M independent display chip, direct upgrade to the current electric pen drawing chip the highest order GTX 980M independent display chip in the computer, the overall effectiveness, does have a certain growth. In addition, 15.6 inch display screen is also from the previous Full HD 1920 X 1080, the replacement for the current use of WQHD+ 2880 X 1620 real screen resolution, also have certain effect to visual experience points.

From the Pirfiform Speccy software, you can see the hardware specifications, detailed, contain Intel Core i7 2.50GHz processor, 16GB memory, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M graphics chip, Raid 0 architecture of 256GB SSD and 1TB HDD hard drive configuration.

Internal packaging also does not have too big difference, can avoid the vibration and impact of sponge tightly clad electric pen body, the rear is equipped with a special transformer box. Special transformer for the separation cable configuration, the volume of the transformer seems a little small than before. By the transformer old Delta Electronics manufacturing, to provide international standard 100-240V~2.34A/50-60Hz voltage configuration, the output voltage is 19.5V/9.23A. But in the weight of the transformer, special transformer ASUS PU550C power- ASUS PU550C Battery cable with weight about 818g, compared with PU550CA 586g, weight 232g, about a HTC M8 with the last of the protection shell weight, but for there will be substantial influence not convenience, the truth will not be too big.

With the electric pen body protection bagged up, in the first picked up the feelings, in fact, with the previous generation models gaps. With the built-in lithium battery weight is about 2.51Kg, the weight of the body, more of a 1TB 2.5 inch hard disk PU550C, PU550CA more than the weight of about 242g, of course, also include other hardware configuration of different.

Rechargeable lithium battery for the design of detachable, installation mode and the same general electric pen. Rechargeable lithium battery for 6Cells / 56Wh ASUS GL551J Battery set. Rechargeable lithium battery weight is about 312g, the design is also not too heavy. Come back see fuselage design, fog surface texture coating while creating good visual texture, but still easily stained fingerprint oil need often to wipe, can keep clean. With metal hair texture in the light screen cover can see detailed texture, with metal ASUS Logo and ROG Logo with respiratory lamp design. Pen electric fuselage black ROG identification of red body lines, which is almost equal to represent the design of ASUS ROG.

PU550C uses the dark body color gray, unlike A all black color, basically the two colors have the same visual experience, in actual use, shallow gray if leave fingerprints oil, than black more obvious to some, so diligent cleaning becomes a very important thing.

The material of metal ASUS brand Logo is inlaid on the screen cover, and unlike the eSports laptop has design breathing light gorgeous (mean as a sub brand of AORUS have no such design...). In the front of the fuselage of the visual sense of view, PU550C does have the main thin capital. The front end of actual measurement fuselage not containing rubber anti-skid pad thickness is 20.95mm, compared to the previous PU550CA with 6cells ASUS PU550CA Battery 21.21mm not a big difference.

A dedicated input voltage transformer as the standard international supply voltage, output voltage 19V / 6.32A configuration. The actual measurement of special transformers and power cable weight of about 524g, with the eSports laptop isn't design is too heavy, but also enhance the convenience for carrying

ASUS has for its ROG gaming brand launched many new products, including the fuselage shape quite distinctive eSports computer host G20, and a positioning in the high ranks of eSports laptop GL551 series. Small make up the secondary test this ASUS ROG GL551 series gaming laptop with 6cell ASUS GL551JK Battery, equipped with 15.6 inch screen, the DVD composite CD-ROM GL551JM, in body weight and thickness comparable with previously tested ASUS and ROG G56JR, as ROG GX500 series laptop before seeing more thin. Built in Intel fourth generation of Core i7 series processors, 16GB memory, NVIDIA GeForce GTX, the largest independent 860M display higher order level hardware drawing chip with the highest 256GB SSD hard drives and other configuration hardware specifications, the overall point of view, many game player can really meet the needs for efficiency.

.But in the thickness of the body like this, the laptop is still provided removable hardware architecture, the original factory default is DVD composite burning CD-ROM, the user can also change into 2.5 inch hard disk, providing more diverse product expansion. The front end of the cover can also be seen on the screen slightly protruding device architecture, is used to make the screen cover to open more convenient. Almost as high a fuselage structure, match body edge design of circular arc, little eSports laptop despot, but more of a calm technology texture. The body right has DisplayPort image output terminal, two groups of USB 3 port (a group of support charging function). The rear and HDMI terminal, VGA computer output terminals and the power input socket.

Circular arc design edge folding angle also provides laptop overall sense of mellow. Fuselage end provides double cooling hole configuration, basically the current commercially available game electric pen or the eSports pen electricity, all with double heat radiation hole configuration, in order to increase the heat dissipation of the whole. Fuselage end not containing rubber anti-skid pad thickness is 21.48mm, and the 21.16mm fuselage end thickness ASUS PU451L with 5200mAh ASUS PU451L Battery, in fact, no big gap. The left side of the fuselage with anti-theft lock, RJ-45 cable network terminal and the two group USB 2 port. Finally, you can see the microphone sound source socket, earphone sound source socket and SD memory card slot.

The front end of the left configuration has SD/MMC memory card slot. Two holes in central lamp configuration, used to identify the starting state and battery state. On the right side of the fuselage can see Headset / microphone composite audio plug and a USB 3 port.

The arc body waist line so that the original should be thick body look thin many, one can see on the right side of the DVD composite CD recorder. You can also see the anti-theft keyhole configuration. Fuselage end did not deploy any I/O terminal, can only see the rechargeable lithium battery slot.The fashion of the dazzling silver, cutting-edge technology exquisite, luxury blend with global wisdom science and technology with the ASUS GL551J with ASUS GL551JM Battery the Intel.

In the hardware configuration, since it is positioned in the eSports electric pen, for the needs of network connection is particularly important, after all, now there are many games will tie line function, RJ-45 cable network terminal as a fixed specification configuration, of course no problem too big, but only 2.4GHz of the wireless network specifications, let a person really there is a spring feeling. Temperature control parts of the performance, people can not help but think of long ago ASUS laptops overheating tradition, perhaps some exaggeration, although not overheating situation in the game, but if we can use the system of double cooling fan, make the overall stability and more ascension, as the battery capacity is part of, uh! Suggest you or even a special transformer together bring out more comfortable. Overall, the ASUS ROG GL551JM to meet the most hardware of high order the needs of users use, additional game experience is quite complete, with less than 45 little friends want to taste the price ba
nd, perhaps for eSports pen electricity consumers, is a good choice.

Single fan, single copper tube design using the cooling system of ASUS PU451L, the stability of the system testing tools are running AIDA 64 software processor, graphics card and other components will be full after a period of time using the thermal imager were tested in the keyboard surface, the maximum temperature of 41.5 degrees, the average temperature of 36.4 degrees, although most of the heat accumulation in the keyboard right part, but feels just a warm feeling, will not affect the use, but is located on the right hand side of the heat radiating window will bring great distress to the normal use. At the bottom of the fuselage, the maximum temperature of 46 degrees, the average temperature of 28.3 degrees, only in the radiation near the mouth of the heat distribution, performance is quite good. Puts forward Beats Special Edition 15 on the right side of the screen frame some let hand temperatures up to 40.5 degrees, without much heating assembly position temperature is so high it is difficult to satisfactory, but that the daily use almost no influence.

If the perfect standard requirements for this ASUS PU451L, it does have a groove point full, from outside to inside everywhere is not perfect, but as an entry-level notebook, setting apart on the right side of the air outlet opening, it will all weigh very well, screen, keyboard and so on are in line with the pricing, coupled with a thin body, the HP brand ASUS PU451L with 6cells 56wh 5200mAh ASUS PU451LD Battery , in my eyes, can be called the model home introduction.