HP Spectre Pro 13 G1 and HP 250 255 G5 review

High-end, the atmosphere, the quality of this kind of words often appear in our lives around, in the notebook market also there is no lack of use these words to describe the products, but for the vast majority of consumers, and not to pay attention to those products, after all, for their own is the best. In the major manufacturers are in to overstating the grade of product when, ASUS does not forget the actual needs of consumers in general, in the production of high-end products at the same time, it also updates its other product lines.

This time came to pconline testing room of the product is from ASUS notebook F756U, in the disposition aspect, it use the Intel Core of the sixth generation i5-6300HQ as the processor, and powered by the NVIDIA geforce GTX 950M discrete graphics, besides it also has 4GB DDR4 memory and mechanical 1TB hard drive configuration. From these parameters, we can see that it is a game of notebook, but I prefer to think it is a versatile notebook, both office, but also to achieve the purpose of entertainment.

ASUS F756U is not positioning high-end, so in the design of the return of our familiar style. ASUS F756U with built-in ASUS F756U Battery in roof, in the imprint printing design style, showing a metallic luster performance, but also to the classical point like concentric circles supplemented by modified, thus making machine is more beautiful, fashionable, and dark color style let the machine looks full of texture.

As a diversified product positioning, ASUS F756U selected a 17.3 inch large screen size, resolution is reached a level of 1920 x 1080 Full HD, both playing games or watching high-definition video can clearly show. Select screen is touch matte matte screen, in direct light fog can occur diffuse reflectance and does not produce reflective phenomenon, from any angle are not glare, are able to see light reflection to come over. And the fog screen less radiation to the eye, is not easy to leave fingerprints and other dirty things.

As a 17 inch notebook products, ASUS F756U with 6cell ASUS F756UX Battery performance although not stunning, but also pretty good. In terms of thickness, it is slightly higher than the diameter of a dollar coin. And weight and the whole weight of the ASUS F756U 2.293kg, travel weight 2.788kg. For this kind of large - size notebook products, such performance weight calculation is satisfactory the.

In order to meet audio enthusiasts desire for excellent quality, ASUS F756U the joint development of world top audio brand Bang & Olufsen ICEpower ASUS sole master of the bel canto sonicmaster technology, combined with audiowizard optimization software for your entire range with crystal clear sound. But in the fuselage around and did not find the location of the speaker. It may be embedded in the keyboard, from the practical experience can obviously feel the sound to the ASUS F756U really good, than those who do not have enhanced the notebook sound box better.

Intel Core i5 6300HQ processor belongs to skylake platform products, 14nm process based on the four quad core thread design does not support hyper threading technology, core code for Skylake-H default frequency is 2.3ghz support core frequency to 3.2ghz, level 3 cache 6MB, TDP is 45W.

HP yesterday launched the world's most thin notebook computer -Spectre Notebook . It uses carbon fiber to do the bottom, so the equipment is very thin, durable, and very light, so the overall weight of the notebook is only 1.11kg (but still did not break the 700g Sony records). The hidden hinge of the piston is very novel, the design is better, people first thought that this device does not use the pivot. There are innovative hybrid battery split, so that the device is thinner, becoming the world's most thin notebook, but still able to adhere to the maximum length of about 9.5 hours of life. Full HD IPS side to side display, using Corelle gorilla glass, excellent visual angle. But because of the reasons for controlling the thickness, the design of the touch control is not added.

Processor performance, we use the same series of test software CINEBENCH on its performance testing, the results are only for reference. The first is the test results of R10 CINEBENCH, the processor to obtain a single core 4690, multi-core 16419, belonging to the mobile platform processor high-end models.

The main configuration using the second generation Intel Core i5/i7 processor, and maximum 512gb PCIe SSD, 4cell HP Spectre Pro 13 G1 Battery, the largest 8GB of RAM memory, using Intel 88cases cooling technology. B&O provided by the stereo speakers, with Audio Boost HP technology; three Type-C USB interface, two of which support the thunder and lightning.

The upper part of the keyboard is the area where the sound is located. The advantage is that the sound can be directly delivered to the user's ear, the sound effect is very clear when viewing the impact. In the sound of the left side of the field for the power button on the right side of the flight mode, mute button respectively. This is for people who often travel by plane, can be more convenient to shield all wireless signals, including Bluetooth, the entity silent key is often used. Incidentally the feeling is also very good. Press the square more easily.

In the above we have a taste of the advantages of HP 250 G5 design, the following we will test the performance of the software, let us look at how this notebook can achieve the degree. First of all, we use CPU-Z to make a brief understanding of CPU. HP 250 G5 with 41wh HP 250 G5 Battery Intel sixth generation intelligent i7-6500U processor, the use of excellent 14nm process, although the previous generations, although the performance is not significantly improve, but greatly reduce power consumption, increase life time.

Compared with HP's other laptops, the company's latest Spectre 13 Pro is completely different style. Unlike the notebook computer HP candy color Chromebook and pure silver, Spectre inspired jewelry and women's handbag. In fact, HP did not choose CES such science and technology exhibition, but chose to hold the fashion event in Palace of Versailles released Spectre 13 Pro.

HP Spectre 13 Pro body thickness of only 10.4 mm, is almost equivalent to a 7 battery, which also makes it become the history of HP's most thin notebook computer products. Spectre 13 Pro is considered to be HP's response to Apple's 12 inches MacBook, but it has a larger screen, more powerful performance and more stylish, elegant appearance design.

From the photos, Spectre 13 Pro design with built-in HP Spectre 13 Pro Battery is great, but in fact it's kind of more amazing. Yes, it is very, very thin, although it is not the lightest weight of 2.45 pounds, but it is still very easy to hold. 

The screen shaft adopts 180 degree folding structure, is very suitable for the data on the screen and share the results, but also reduce the possibility of breaking the notebook from middle. Screen resolution is still 1600 x 900, support 1080P resolution. The fog screen can weaken the external light effect on the display effect, and microphone array and camera component at the top of the standard can not only support video conferencing, in peacetime can also assume the entertainment demand =.

In 255 G5 with 4cell HP 255 G5 Battery, HP classic red dot again continued down, in addition to the mouse and touchpad, a mode of operation is not a bad thing, keyboard layout, and the previous generation of products is not much difference, old users can easily get started.