LENOVO Y700 and ASUS F751M F751LN F751LK F751LX review

Thin body design for the first time to see the lenovo Y50 game is impressive, and the whole machine excellent workmanship and feel it is to let people have a big improvement in his impression. And in terms of performance, lenovo Y50 is not afraid of any market mainstream game. Thin and light design and exquisite workmanship, from the appearance of a single you will be able to attract countless gamers favor, plus it can bring comfortable gaming experience, I believe the market will also get a good response.

This evaluation is a god game the following products, it is 17 inch  V nitro 17, the new name "shadow Knight", although not as a God to remember, but domineering. It uses a 1920 x 1080 resolution IPS display, is equipped with a eight thread Core i7 quad core processor, 64GB SSD. At the same time, it is also equipped with a 2GB of gddr5 memory GTX 860m alone significantly, overall performance is excellent.

In the overall appearance of the design, the G510s and prior to the a god compared to no essential difference, but in the configuration interface, thanks to 17 inch wide body, making the interface more rich, but in the slim, and thermal radiation, G510s with 4cells LENOVO G510s Battery still has a very good performance. It can be said that the lenovo Nitro V series is currently very worthy of consideration of the first-line brand game this product.

A mention gaming notebook, many friends will immediately think of its flowery shell, cool color, and Lenovo just to the show incisively and vividly. Although black Lenovo Y700 looks very low-key far from 911 series that stunning visual experience, but if you thus underestimate it that would be a big mistake, the machine in the shell in order to increase the feeling deliberately used class skin coating, the coating has excellent elasticity and strong friction and can be prevent fingerprints can be easily contaminated. In a word with "contracted and not simple" this sentence words to describe it.

LENOVO Y700 with 4cells LENOVO Y700 Battery pad and no use is now a very popular one design, but the use of the traditional design of the separation, which seems to be a very clear choice, as far as the small series have not met any one very sensitive one type of touch panel, especially around the key is a headache. (I believe that the use of the friends will certainly be shared)

In the LENOVO business notebook computer classification, E series is mainly for high-end business users, and LENOVO achievement series is the main push is growing in small business users. LENOVO recently launched the E40/E50 LENOVO two series of new products, in a slightly different position, respectively, corresponding to different needs of business users.

Our today's hero is from the Lenovo E40 series of E40-80 business notebook, it use the Intel Core i5-5200U as the processor, and equipped with a NVIDIA geforce 820m alone significantly to improve graphics performance, in addition is also equipped with 4GB of ddr3l 1600MHZ memory and hard drive 500GB mechanical combination. From the positioning point of view LENOVO E40-80  belongs to the category of entry level business with 4cell LENOVO E40-80 Battery, then compared to the previous product, which has changed it?

With a wealth of material life, people's quality of life are increasingly high requirements, and now it has already not limited in clothing, housing the, smart phones, tablet PCs, especially penetration rate higher notebook computers are been given a stronger, more beautiful, thinner, lighter hopes. So, the major electronics manufacturers in the past two years have also joined the revolution, from Intel launched a high efficiency, low power consumption, low heat M core processor, you can find a notebook computer has entered a rapid transition. It is worth mentioning that, beautiful appearance has also become an important selling point.

Said the beautiful fashion, I believe many of my friends will think of the main cool young ASUS. Xiaobian today brings this F751L is a cool to the beautiful notebook simply can not stop. This F751L with ASUS F751LK Battery a total of ten colors of the shell can be selected for consumers, of course, the ASUS has a certain understanding of the brand is bound to be a colorful feature of the shell, so the ten choices will not let you feel too surprised. As for the configuration, F751L is still the main family level of entertainment video direction, more content is also invited to look down on the small.

This new ASUS F751M is 17 inch ultra thin games of this product, uses the Intel Core i7 4720HQ processor, 8GB DDR3 ram, 1TB HDDs and GTX960M Maxwell Zhongduan independent graphics card, below we together see about. Ordinarily in my childhood, common household and commercial PC are basically white, or said at least or shallow tone to occupy the mainstream. But more than a decade, "calm" and "fashion" as the representative of black product is popular, in the PC industry, white has been in the mainstream products in the fade out for a long time that we want to buy a white box products also need to be carefully selected, and the purchase of a white plum high specification display even struggle to accomplish.

ASUS F751M with 4cell ASUS F751M Battery empty weight is only 2.7 kg, almost control in a lot of heavyweight old 15 inch business level, the game was originally said to be 17 inches is very good, plus the adapter,ASUS F751M weight is only 3.3 kg, equivalent to 17 of the empty weight of Alienware.

Xiao Bian believes that all familiar ASUS friends will be very kind of F751L's shell, the feeling of Bling Bling is very attractive to the eye! And it seems that the shell material is actually very rough, but it is more than a lot of smooth, so the ASUS's shell is very unique.

In the very centre ASUS F751L shell located a piece of the brand characteristics of the logo, above the letters "m distribution of the two dots, a lot of friends may be surprised because don't know the meaning of. In a small series of opinion this logo is more like two villains and shook hands with the shape, and the ASUS first letter "m" into the, which play the role of kill two birds with one stone, is full of personality.

Let's look at the bottom of the ASUS F751L with 37wh ASUS F751LN Battery, we can find that the end of the machine is built by one type of machine, so there is only one piece of the case that can be turned on. This form of machine cover both advantages and disadvantages, the advantage is that the design can make the bottom of the machine more reliable and solid, the disadvantage is that the design is not conducive to the replacement of hardware and dust cleaning.

ASUS F751L uses a 17.3 inch FHD wide color gamut of large screen, the screen is 1920X1080 Full HD resolution, 2.8 times more than 15.6 times the visual range. And the 70 degree angle of the screen to let the side to watch the effect better. The ASUS F751L screen is also equipped with a 720P camera, and careful friends will find the camera uses a forward outstanding design. At present, it is not clear that the design of the design in addition to the unique nature of the model, whether there are other functions.

Test model system performance benefit from balanced configuration and excellent performance of SSD. All tasks are to do a job with skill and ease. As for the endurance and strong performance of the CPU the pros and cons, probably need to carefully weigh the. Of course, you can also use standard models. PCMark 7 score: 5011, PCMark 8 score 2834 (Home Edition) and 3905 (working version)

We have been testing the Quadro K2100M Nvidia many times, it can be said that the mobile workstation exclusive. Performance in our internal ranking has repeatedly in the middle reaches of the position. According to the manufacturer Quadro K2100M Nvidia is the 15 inch notebook the most powerful solution, the actual situation really so? Regardless of performance or price, Quadro K2100M Nvidia is far more than FirePro M5100. ADM but AMD is still not available in the P50 optional list, if you like this GPU, can only choose from the DELL M4800 Precision or ZBook G2 15 HP.

After opening the ASUS F751L we can see the keyboard plate and shell is the same with black highlights Hyun color, under the irradiation of light whole keyboard plate which are shell like very shiny. Also simple on the surface in addition to the power button and a touch control board is no longer other key functions, this advocate hit concise style keyboard plate which can be said is now the laptop's consistent style.

Through close-up and you can see used chocolate style keyboard ASUS F751L, although the design has become the standard in laptop but is still the forefront practical. ASUS F751L's ASUS F751LX Battery and touch pad and shell using the same material, which is not a lot of notebook to do. In addition, the machine's touch panel also uses a smart Smart-Pad Elam technology and thus more sensitive.


ASUS ROG G751JL PK ACER Aspire V15 Nitro V17 Nitro

Modeling exaggerated, volume of the game is not a huge volume of the mainstream of the PC products, but is absolutely eye-catching. In this field, DELL's Origin series, PC Eon series, MSI's part of the products, have a very strong configuration and various characteristics, such as with a desktop processor, mechanical keyboard, etc.. Of course, ASUS's G series also can not be ignored.

In short, the battery is very afraid of heat. Therefore, in the summer when using the laptop, remember not to let the computer overheating, do not use the laptop in high temperature environment, as far as possible in air-conditioned room. Otherwise, the battery is not easy damage, the internal components of the computer is also likely to malfunction.

Well, the contents of the laptop battery for you here.. I wonder if you know how to compare the size of different batteries, whether you can change the bad habit of using laptop batteries? If you have any questions or suggestions, welcome to the comments below the column, I will give you a timely answer.

ASUS G751J with 88wh ASUS G751JL Battery is the latest model of its game series, the use of last year's mold, the largest increase in support of G-Sync's Nvidia function, is one of the few non support for the function of the notebook. For game users, the function can eliminate screen tearing and enhance the quality of the picture of the game Caton. So, this price is as high as 2500 U. s.dollars of high-end gaming machines, is a good choice for players?

As a first-line product, whether it is the appearance of the design, configuration, work, or features, software services, ASUS F751L notebook computers are far better than most of the other similar products. It is particularly worth mentioning is that ASUS F751L on standard is the current mainstream i5-4210u dual core four thread processor, GTX640M alone significantly based, special configuration of 17.3 inches 1920x1080 high score screen, which for those like the big screen, high score screen video game entertainment internationally is undoubtedly the most suitable choice.

Currently on the market, the vast majority of games and entertainment are focused on CPU and the only one with a single display, the screen is not enough attention. Not only follow the same pattern are all 14 and 15 inch screen, low screen resolution are 1366X768. And not to say the game, you can not even see a full HD video! ASUS F751L with ASUS F751LA Battery not only standard the latest i5-4210u processor and performance levels alone significantly GTX640M, is also equipped with a 17.3 inch 1920x1080 high score screen can not only meet the game, watch has been popularized in full HD video is no longer under the words.

Acer V15 Nitro Aspire is a lightweight game notebook, saying it's "lightweight" because it's thin enough. Excellent workmanship, cool red backlit keyboard and strong performance is aspire V15 nitro advantage, the regret is less than 2 hours "junk" life has dragged on the overall performance of the hind legs.

The Acer Aspire V15 nitro with built-in ACER Aspire V15 Nitro Battery is the high price of a high performance of the game, although there are some defects in detail, yet powerful. If you are a fan of the game, the game will play as the main purpose of the notebook, then the price of about 6000 yuan of Acer V15 Nitro Aspire really good choice.

Compared with the other games, Asus F751L the biggest bright spot is equipped with a 17.3 inches high score screen. 17.3 inch can be said is the laptop screen the largest, with full HD 1920x1080 resolution can be perfect play full HD video, play game screen effect is better.

Asus F751L with 3070mAh ASUS F751LAV Battery and other games of the different, the standard is low voltage version of i5-4210U dual core four thread processor. The processor core frequency up to 2.7GHz, can meet the needs of performance. And TDP only 15W, less common version of the H series 47W i5 and M series 37W i5 half. Ultra low power determines the ultra low fever and so on cooling more strength can ensure that the summer heat can as usual fun games.

Under the big trend, the game of this product for the appearance of the design is also more and more attention, and from this Acer Nitro V17 game itself, we can see it in the design of the work. Overall, Acer V17 nitro appearance did not go cool route, looks rather low-key, but top vertical lines design, and sense of a surface at the top of the metal part of the shaft is still quite some fashion.

Acer Nitro V17 with ACER Aspire V17 Nitro Battery the whole body is added to the design of the class skin coating, the overall feel quite comfortable and delicate. Viewed from the side, Acer V17 nitro body design is on the market mainstream products is quite thin, coupled with its fuselage streamline form design, give a blade that visual sense. Acer V17 nitro shaft work is relatively good, damping for large hands to complete the opening and closing action, but it also greatly enhance the screen opens the stability.

NVIDIA's new GTX840M card, belonging to the end graphics cards, the biggest feature is compared to previous generations of similar products performance is stronger, while the power consumption is greatly reduced. This card can meet the general game user requirements, the specific performance will be specially introduced in the next. This laptop computer in the A and C surface of the wrist part of the use of a special process, it is said that the type of skin paint process, and some say the matte process, I think it is appropriate to simulate the process of leather. Because look closely like the leather, feel is similar:

ASUS F751LB Battery and ASUS F751L keyboard surface design of is different, the drawing surface of metal plate, each key through the metal base plate drilling exposed, it feels like the popular chocolate keyboard, but due to the button and the bottom plate without gaps, dust and debris from nowhere, certainly also has the a waterproof function:

Asus F751L adopts shaft sinking, characteristics of this way is the largest opening angle, up to 160 degrees. But part of the shaft is very strong, can be perfect under 17.3 inch large screen: on the ASUS F751L function and interface configuration, is also very rich. Not only the configuration of the common network card, audio, and more than a card reader interface, but also with a special configuration of the three USB3.0 and HDMI+VGA video output interface, fully meet the needs of users:

Asus F751L bottom design as one type, in addition to the front opened a small inlet opening, the bottom surface without any window. Such a design, although the user to upgrade a little bit of trouble, but a higher degree of firmness. In fact, for the user, as long as the open the bottom cover, you can clean the ash upgrade, but also very convenient:

The laptop standard Yingwei of GTX840M the latest of the graphics, belongs to the end graphics cards, the biggest feature is compared to previous generations of similar products performance is stronger, while the power consumption is greatly reduced. With the high resolution 17.3 inch 1920X1080 screen, playing games watching HD are good. Also, in addition to the only significant, but also can use the nuclear show. But now the only significant and significant nuclear in the application of daily power consumption performance is almost the same, graphics switching is not meaningful, significant nuclear is decoration:

The memory of a single channel DDR3 4G 1600 memory, the general application is enough. Is 1TB 5400 RPM mechanical hard drive slow down, or your best plus a 128G SSD better. CD-ROM now rarely used, but there is a DVD burner is better than none:

In the configuration of the battery and other accessories, ASUS F751L law-abiding, in addition to sound particularly well, and other aspects of the ordinary notebook almost, no what too big bright spot: by all kinds of tests visible, ASUS F751L with ASUS F751L Battery in the hardware configuration is in end category. Can meet the needs of users daily learning office, family entertainment. Especially the standard 17.3 inch 1920X1080 high resolution screen, is provided great convenience for watching high-definition video and games. Compared with the ordinary display, large screen, high screen play game effect is better, watching HD video more cool!


ASUS P2710J P2710JA PK SCHENKER W505 W705 S403 S405

With the past two years, the domestic game of the popular, both domestic and international manufacturers are starting to focus on the game market. ASUS launched the 50J FX series of games in the last year to get good results, this year and then launch P2710J series models, the series models using 15 inches of the fuselage design, exterior design and the players 71J GFX has some similarities. At the same time, the body also uses the 50J FX in the emergence of the Maya texture design, the overall design style more young. Believe you and I like to this new model is full of interest, the following with the essays together to take a look at the performance of the ASUS P2710J.

The specific models of the evaluation P2710J: P2710J-4720, the specific configuration: Intel Core i7-4720HQ quad core processor, 4GB of ram, 1TB HDD mechanic and 2GB DDR3 memory GTX 950M alone significantly, 15.6 inch 1920 x 1080 resolution screen, factory installed windows operating system 8.1, the overall performances are enough mainstream.

From the perspective of the fuselage,P2710J with 9cells ASUS P2710J Battery and the players 71J GFX design is somewhat similar, the fuselage shell are black, while the middle area has a silver wire drawing process, which is printed on ASUS's logo, the overall design is more simple. The middle wire drawing area looks like a metal material, in fact the whole shell is made of composite material, don't be fooled by the appearance of it. P2710J shell of black area with a bump texture design can not only increase the frictional resistance in the shell with the palm of the hand, to improve the grip handle, can also serve to reduce the effect of fingerprint residues.

So what do you know about the laptop? Which unit should the different laptop computers use to compare the size of the battery? What bad habits do you have when using your laptop? In this paper, we will discuss in detail..

For example, when we play the 4WD rechargeable battery, mobile phone battery, mobile power battery. So the author of the last time when the new MacBook evaluation, but also for the use of Ma when this unit compares the two computer battery capacity. This error was soon referred to the user, because I did not take into account the two CLEVO W840BAT-4 Battery voltage is not the same, in particular, thank the friends of the timely correction!

P2710J equipped with a 15.6 inches of the fog screen, the screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 Full HD level, the display is clear, the color is more gorgeous, the overall results are fairly good. Although not IPS screen, but it is still a good visual angle. Through inside the fuselage, B and C both sides still in black tones, also the keycap subtitle color still red, the overall design style and Rog (Rog) is very similar. Not only that, in the body of the top of the keyboard is also in the FX 50J C in the emergence of the Maya texture, style is more young, full of young consumer groups to meet the preferences. In addition, the machine's two speakers are also placed in the top of the keyboard area.

As you said, the battery belongs to the consumable, so long as you use the battery alone, the battery has a loss.. Generally speaking the design of lithium battery use the number of cycles is limited, a charge cycle means that the total battery power, but not necessarily mean a charge. For example, one day you may use a laptop for an hour or longer, and then full of half of the electricity after the re. If the second day is still the case, then can be charged once (rather than two) charge a loop, so the completion of a charge cycle may take a few days.

So number of cell cycle is often used computers to the extent of the use of an important reference factors, for example below the author of the MacBook Pro batteries have cycled 131 times, for a computer with almost two years of notebook computer is, lighter degree. And the actual capacity of the battery will gradually become smaller with the increase of the number of cycles, which is why the battery used for a long time, the shorter the time of the computer's life.. The size of the actual capacity of the battery can reflect the health of the battery.. For example, the author of the laptop battery health for 7859/7981=0.98, which is 98%.

Corresponding to the fuselage surface C Maya texture, at the bottom of the fuselage has a lot of circuit patterns, neat layout, looked full of sense of science and technology. ASUS P2710JA Battery uses a detachable design, battery capacity of 85Wh, on the specific life time of the machine we have a detailed test below.

With the previous generation P50-B different, this product's boot key is hidden in the small keyboard area, the same as the G58J series ROG. The keyboard is used for the whole of the chocolate design, the strength of the medium is slightly soft, the bond process is generally a little long, the overall feel is good. The left wrist supporting edge part design the six function indicator, logo icon has been very clear, will not repeat them here.

Need to point to point is that this SCHENKER S403 with Schenker S403 Battery inherited the Flying Fortress of the red back of the keyboard, the night view of the visual effect is excellent, is a kind of identity authentication game players.

Machine screen is provided by LP173WF4-SPF1 LG, 17.3 inch, 1080P resolution, 6bit color gamut, AH-IPS technology, visual angle 80/80/80/80. The overall performance is very good.

For the SCHENKER W505 interface design I feel a little confused, on the one hand is the right side of the Pro P5 fuselage also retains a USB2.0 specification interface, I do not know what the purpose of this interface is to retain; in addition to the left side of the fuselage, why should be separated, the purpose is why! SCHENKER W505 with 82wh SCHENKER W505 Battery were equipped with a CD-ROM drive, we can through located on the right side of the fuselage of the CD-ROM to install. This is a worthy of praise, and support a fool "one click installation".

Metal and composite, is the notebook top two commonly used material. Metal material: you can make the notebook more texture, but also to effectively protect the screen security; composite material: the production process is relatively low, can reduce the cost of the notebook, but the lack of texture and strength of metal material. Two kinds of materials have their own characteristics, there are corresponding adaptation of the crowd. However, if the location of the game in the classification, selection of metal cover material seems more appropriate, after all, the game players to the majority of men, metal material can bring more texture to enhance the players taste.

Schenker S405 game the cover with a metal material and metal surface is passed through the wire drawing process, in the light to show a strong texture and unique to the male style -- tough, resolute, so like Schenker S405 this notebook with 4cells Schenker S405 Battery is more suitable for male users. Top center position is Schenker brand logo, the design of the embedded, rather than the usual paste logo and SchenkerLogo also uses the red backlight design, dark environment reveals the cool later. For everyone to show the reality pat.

Through the small series of close-up shots you can more intuitively feel the computer's chocolate keyboard, the game's unique long key way to upgrade the percussion experience, and the machine in the classic game keys, WASD, also made a special deal so that users can be more feel.

In SCHENKER W705 keyboard and SCHENKER W705 Battery plate which is at the top of the distribution of a trapezoidal power button, a circle of white projection lamps is designed at the edge of the button. And on top of the power button located a rectangular sound, it basically in speaker regulation department transferred to 30 or so when voice has been greater for those who like immersed in the game graphics and sound of the friends will like it.


FUJITSU LifeBook A555 A514 and TOSHIBA Satellite P50-C P50D-C P50t-C

FUJITSU Celsius and Lifebook two series of products are mainly in fashionable element, also broadly by the consumer praise, this time the Lifebook a514 is still a continuation of the elements of fashion and video, and compared to previous generations in the mold has certain change, the Lifebook is Fujitsu's classic long product line, so when this came to pconline testing room, we feel it is not strange.

Fujitsu Lifebook a514 cover part adopts the composite material and surface coating technology build, the Fujitsu Lifebook X360 is somewhat similar, the machine on a surface the grinding process design, further enhance the feel, and effectively avoid the beset by fingerprint and stains, but due to the damping rotation shaft greatly, making the single hand folding screen is difficult.

As a main fashion products, color a514 with FUJITSU LifeBook A514 Battery choice to red as the main color, red almost wrapped the visible to the whole body, such a bold color to bring a warm and full of beauty of first impressions.

We have previously demonstrated the appearance of the Satellite P50-C, far from seeing it really has a unique temperament of the product, it is precisely because of its thin let us on the TOSHIBA this time performance has been very big expectations. But when we really feel it, disappointed or occupy. Satellite P50-C is not only "far view and not disrespectful plays" a word can have products, it carries a breakthrough in Toshiba, perhaps a step and Toshiba, Toshiba believes that it is not perfect, but here in the US, it is actually just pass.

Satellite P50-C machine with silver appearance, the use of a large number of shell materials used in metal alloy material, the body strength is still very considerable. If it is not TOSHIBA, this design does not make us too amazing, silver white, wedge structure is apple many years ago has been used in the process. But the Toshiba is the first time, the overall perception of the satellite P50-C with 4cell TOSHIBA Satellite P50-C Battery is excellent, but it is a the details of mining products, although Wu Haijun at the press conference said a lot of Toshiba to design the ultimate pursuit.

For business people, high computing power, long running stability, security data protection and longer life time is their most valued. Fujitsu Lifebook notebook business in the field of commercial PC always enjoy great popularity among the people, the solid work and humanized design details shows his deep knowledge of industrial design.

Today to pconline testing room products is Fujitsu Lifebook series A555 business notebook, it inherits the mantle of Fujitsu traditional business notebook and be modified according to the current business environment. FUJITSU LifeBook A555 business with a variety of options, including touch screen, backlight keyboard and fingerprint recognition module, etc., today we see this LifeBook A555 with 6cells FUJITSU LifeBook A555 Battery is only an entry-level configuration, of course, its price is still very attractive.

We have to get this test machine should have been on a media or users have been dismantled, the back of the bottom of the shell is a bit of a bit, this phenomenon in the right side of the shaft, in other words, the entire bottom shell has a serious distortion. Under the cover, there is a huge gap between the right side of the notebook and the C surface of the B, and the rubber pad is set up on the border.

Satellite P50D-C with TOSHIBA Satellite P50D-C Battery every are using the splicing process, not a connection using a one-piece, such design but not beautiful besides the biggest disadvantage is structural instability, or D surface and the opening and closing of the screen will not have so serious crack appeared.

Fujitsu Lifebook a514 although it is a very high price products, but it in product design and workmanship did not any shrinkage, can be seen from the overall design to the details of the processing, Fujitsu Lifebook a514 display manufacturers should have the quality.

Portability, FUJITSU LifeBook A514 machine weight is 2.349Kg, travel weight is 1.974Kg. The following figure shows a FUJITSU LifeBook A514 with 6cells 108v FUJITSU FPCBP416 Battery and a dollar coin, the diameter of a dollar for 25mm, FUJITSU LifeBook A514 is a little more narrow than it.

The screen frame of the satellite P50-C leave the 10 rubber cushion is used to separate surface B and C, in the overall appearance of the design, the 10 rubber pad is the biggest flaw, serious impact on the beauty of the whole machine (we got the machine in the lower right corner of the rubber pad even still crooked). Real scene before us release, users in the comments area also pointed out this point. TOSHIBA does not seem to know how to arrange these rubber pad is more appropriate, the bottom of the four rubber pad does not seem to have any sense of beauty.

We use Furmark pager software for all products tested, Furmark will be operating at full machine two large heating components of CPU and graphics card and run for 30 minutes after the temperature up to a limit of the height, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive see each machine in operation when the heat, we also use the fluke infrared thermal imager, respectively to observe the location of each temperature heating. (temperature span 28 C-50 C: lower than the lower limit of the temperature will be shown in black; more than the temperature limit will show white).

From the point of view of thermal imaging, ASUS k501 keyboard face most of the area is in the upper and lower temperature, especially the key area basically not affected by the heat, then ASUS k501 is how to achieve such a cooling performance (mode power supply for high performance, environmental temperature at 26 degrees C screen opening angle for maximum opening angle)?

Can be seen, the ASUS k501 and not the mainstream of the left side, the right side or the rear side of the wind cooling, but the air outlet is arranged at the inner side of the rotating shaft, of which a small portion will along the screen to discharge, and most of the remaining heat will along the rotational axis and discharged downward to the desktop, then we must rely on with the desktop space created for the ASUS k501 in the bottom panel of the stepping, stepping the thicker thermal dissipation space is more abundant, and realize better heat dissipation effect.

In appearance, there is also a small detail, Satellite P50-C will be placed on the right side of the keyboard microphone interface, we do not know the intent of this design TOSHIBA, but it is like a keyboard right side of what food residue. Thickness, satellite P50-C with TOSHIBA Satellite P50t-C Battery MacBook Air with comparable, body and the thickness of the roughly equivalent to the thickness of the two iPhone 5S, such performance for notebook is very good. In addition, Satellite P50-C uses a wedge body design, so it will give people a sense of light in the visual.

Interface shows the Fujitsu Lifebook A555 commercial positioning, RJ45 of conventional size at this stage easier integration in office environment, and with the interface DisplayerPort more and more applications to the projector, but also can replace the old VGA. In addition, Fujitsu Lifebook A555 also provides HDMI interface in order to achieve three screen display) and three different positions of the USB 3.0 interface and multi card reader. As a business book, the number and types of its interface can meet the needs of the daily. The power supply and other indicator light is arranged at the right side of the front of the fuselage, which is convenient for the user to observe the running state of the whole machine.

We use Furmark pager software to test the limits of the Fujitsu Lifebook A555 with FUJITSU FPCBP405 Battery, Furmark will be operating at full machine two large heating components of CPU and graphics card and run 60 minutes after the temperature up to a limit of the height, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive see each machine at run time for heat, we also use the fluke infrared thermal imager, respectively to observe the location of each temperature heating.