FUJITSU LifeBook S936 and CLEVO N150RF N155RF N170RF review

CLEVO N155RF uses Intel Core i5-2410M processor (high version uses i7 configuration), this processor uses the latest 32nm process is released by Intel in early 2011 native dual core 32nm processors products, 2.3ghz frequency support core frequency acceleration technology, processor cache is 3MB processor for the dual core and support HT hyper threading technology, with four dual core thread processing capacity and thermal design power TDP 35W.
PCMark 7 is specifically for the Windows7 operating system to create a new generation of machine performance test software, no longer support Vista/XP Windows and other old systems. The entire test suite contains 7 different test angles, and then down and can be divided into more than 20 different test load, you can accurately measure the overall performance of PC from various aspects. After testing, CLEVO N155RF finally received a total score of 1954 points PCMark 7, which shows that CLEVO N155RF can handle a variety of applications in the future for a long period of time.

Pcmark vantage overall test scores from the point of view, the CLEVO N155RF with the 6cells CLEVO N155RF Battery higher configuration is key to good results, for users higher scores on behalf of the home entertainment applications for there will be more outstanding performance is beyond doubt, we in this test has more than 5500 points test scores also showed that this notebook configurations to meet the needs of high-end entertainment internationally.

Personally think that the game is not a simple notebook hardware stack, after all, there are many can influence machine experience, such as cooling performance, software humanization, keyboard comfort etc, these factors are often not run and the data can be directly displayed, apparently CLEVO N150RF in addition to the the superiority of performance, taking into account the actual needs, game player game players, to reverse dust, professional keyboard, flexible switch configuration, powerful sound and other useful features, game notebook standard upgrade to a new level, taking into account the CLEVO products consistently high price and brand appeal, believe to be able to obtain a large number of game player favorite.

In recent years, the development of mobile gaming equipment has become more and more powerful. Although their prices are much higher than similar personal desktop computers, their sales are still growing. Manufacturers are careful to refine the market. The three Principal company in the game market are CLEVO (CLEVO), DELL (Dell) and MSI (MSI). After the two companies in recent years on their models were slightly refurbished, updated after the product is equipped with a new type of Intel working platform. And CLEVO is not going to do that. They are prepared to showcase their achievements, and prove to the market: "who is the real ruler of this field".

The upper part of the notebook is made of wire drawing aluminum, it is also equipped with a few plastic insert, it is also equipped with a red orange lighting function. The ROG flag of the housing center can also emit light. Although equipped with almost the most powerful components on the market, but the thickness of the notebook or successfully maintained at between 33-35 mm. This is a performance of the notebook, it is a good parameter.

In addition, N150RF with 62wh CLEVO N150RF Battery equipped with three fan design, the outlet position are concentrated in the fuselage behind, on both sides no longer with the air outlet, promise not to roast hands, also in the use of the palm rest and keyboard temperature is further reduced. On cooling technology, N150RF have two unique cheats, one by Coolboost will be the fan speed is improved by 18%, 10% reduction in CPU temperature; second is the exclusive CLEVO intelligent inversion dust removal technology, fan timing intelligent inversion allows will to exclude dust from a particular location to avoid notebook is used for a long time due to the impression of dust cooling effectiveness.

On the interface this CLEVO laptop has four USB interface and HDMI interface, SD card slot, a CD-ROM drive, a power interface and a common interface, for the consumer interface is quite rich, can be easy to use. As CLEVO top entertainment series, this CLEVO N170RF equipped with Intel's fourth generation core i7-4702MQ processor, CPU frequency 2.2GHz, integrated the Intel HD 4600 graphics core. DDR3 1600MHz 8GB memory, HDD 1TB x SSD 2+24GB hard disk. 17.3 inches LED display 1920 x 1080 resolution, support ten point touch. Independent graphics cards NVIDIA geforce GT 750m discrete graphics and the new windows operating system 8.1, such a configuration for the user of office and entertainment have very good experience, even after some of the 3D games can cope with.

also we use gpu-z watching this CLEVO laptop graphics card information, it is not difficult to see this CLEVO N170RF with 6cell CLEVO N170RF Battery and combination of NVDIDA the 750m discrete graphics and hd4600 core graphics, for the user this 750m independent graphics to deal with ordinary game, or ease.

If the video transcoding, compression, high temperature rise! The highest reached 90 degrees, the fan turn up later, stable more than 80 can be said, if it is severe, XMG A516 temperature will be more than 70, but it is better than apple MAC heat dissipation performance is good, or worth recommending.

Schenker XMG A516 C uses the same metal material with Schenker XMG A516 Battery wire drawing process to create, in the upper right corner of the keyboard area, we can see that there are three shortcut keys, on the left is a key cooling button, design a new dual channel bridge to heat in the heat more awesome. The middle of the shortcut keys for the backlight of the switch button, the user can switch in a variety of backlight program.

HP ProBook 440 super this is HP's smallest 13 inch enterprise class super. The device uses the commonly used in aircraft and aerospace multilayer one-way 40 ton carbon fiber material, so ProBook 13 series to withstand harsh high load commercial application operation, yet at the same time charm (users can choice mechanism of aluminum). As a concept of the use of micro scale enterprise super screen, the screen around the thin border to demonstrate the video and the video brings a pleasant luxury viewing experience. In addition, ProBook 13 is also equipped with the industry standard Type-C USB interface, just a cable that is to achieve docking, charging, audio and video and data transmission. It is also equipped with a thunderbolt "3, download speed and the speed of data transmission than USB 3.0 8 times faster, allows the user to can two 4K display at the same time, the charging. The notebook computer to extend the battery life is perfect working partner for employees to travel frequently and 

And HP ProBook 440 with 4cell HP RO04 Battery also revolutionized the touch board function, reducing the possibility of false touch, especially when the palm of the hand accidentally touched the touch pad, will automatically activate the defense technology to prevent the occurrence of false contact. At the same time, the touch sensitivity is improved, and the phenomenon of the cursor jumping or floating is reduced.

In addition to the ultrabook Lifebook U745. Recently, Fujitsu also launched a high-end laptop Lifebook S936, black and white color models, palmsecure patent palm vein recognition technology support and more comprehensive data security technology Clearsure. Results1. The Hong Kong dollar price of the most high-end models, will be in February listed.

According to reports, Fujitsu Lifebook S936 laptops Intel fifth generation core i5/i7 series processors, the highest 12gb ram, 512gb SSD solid state drive, built-in DVD drive, 13.3 inch QHD touch screen (with a resolution of 2560 x 1440), built-in HD video camera and microphone, three USB 3.0 interface, LAN interface, VGA, HDMI and 3.5mm headphone jack and SD card slot, and SIM card slot, mix batteries can be 30 hours of FUJITSU LifeBook S936 Battery life, weighing about by days.

I believe that the use of a laptop and a small series of friends will be very concerned about the issue of heat, because of what is the most annoying thing is the most troublesome thing. So today we will look at the HP ProBook 440 on cooling performance, the machine at the bottom of the distribution of the six hollow heat radiation hole and through the photos everybody can also see where the hollow area or larger, so we do not need to worry about it in terms of hardware will overheat and cause a loss of.

Through the small series of close ups we can also find in the bottom of the machine also for the internal line focus on the arrangement of a convex type of heat sink, so that the protection of the external interface is also done in place. Let us look at another set of small series of close-up shots, where it should be considered to be the HP ProBook 440 with 44wh HP HSTNN-PB6P Battery is very characteristic of the place. That is located at the bottom of the machine is arranged at the upper end of the machine cover lock key, as long as the press slide to the left and the bottom Gellar and convenient to accumulate in the dust inside the fuselage for cleaning and hardware replacement and maintenance.