LENOVO ThinkPad L440 L550 W540 coming

High-end game this is like a hero in the hands of a sword, help users way. Although they cost on high, although they have a "cold" appearance, although their configuration is high, but also to withstand the game enthusiasts crazy for it. According to the survey, while global consumer laptops have been declining trend, but for high-end gaming flagship game the notebook market is rising, so many oems began to power the high-end game. , of course, can not casually with a notebook, is divided into high-end game, it also has a certain standard. Configuration must be top, set off the appearance of the eye, the screen must be big enough, the three together, to become a strong challenge of high-end gaming PC.

Next, let's look at the product of what the hardware has been adopted. The machine USES the fourth generation Intel core i7-4700 mq processor, (four core eight threads, faster 2.4 GHz, farce frequency acceleration can be up to 3.4 GHz), with 8 gb + 8 gb DDR3 1600 MHZ high-speed memory (maximum extensibility to 32 gb), 1 TB, the large capacity hard disk 3 gb large capacity of high-speed memory GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 m high discrete graphics. In addition, 1920 x1080 resolution of 17.3 inches full hd dazzle colour LCD screen, more able to provide users with more sophisticated visual experience.

LENOVO computers at the end of July launched a new generation of W540 with 9cell LENOVO ThinkPad W540 Battery flagship game notebook ThinkPad series, and now has gone on sale in stores and e-commerce sites. At the end of August, the author of "red" SAO gas "LENOVO ThinkPad W540 comprehensive appreciation", has been announced, the device coming TianJiWang testing room. Today LENOVO ThinkPad W540 came to TianJiWang testing room, please follow the below to go to the very have "feeling" of products! LENOVO ThinkPad series was born in July 2004, naming is combined with the English word "cosmos" (meaning "the universe") in the "cos", as well as in Italian, benefiting (meaning "I"), to create the ThinkPad laptop DianNaoXi, ThinkPad means "my universe".

Announced in May last year, DELL Latitude E7240 and Latitude E7440 two super this series, will have been walking the Latitude series of high-end luxury line, into the mainstream product series, the lowest 5499 yuan starting price, also refreshed the super the lowest quotation, also led to the super this collective diving, for now, at Latitude E7240 changes brought by / 6 now has become a super this "standard", low price, in the end, metal fuselage showing these have become a necessary ingredient to a successful, by 2013, Latitude series, DELL Latitude E7440 Touch line, formal Latitude series into the era of Touch screen, so DELL Latitude E7440 Touch will once again become the next generation using Touch screen super this post?

Super cheap, so the manufacturing cost is about to change, we more care about is not just this time Latitude E7240 Touch what upgrade itself, conventional hardware upgrade is certain, more important is whether the process, and use experience, what are the different one year later, many laptop gradually popularization of new technology, like a backlit keyboard, mix hard disk, multi-point Touch screen operation, etc., these new technologies in the case of production costs must be compressed, whether can guarantee the basic experience.
DELL Latitude E7240 Touch with DELL Latitude E7240 Touch Battery can be seen as Latitude E7240 upgrade, BeatsAudio sound system, E key, mix hard to continue, but also there is too much improvement upgrades, hardware upgrade to the latest Haswell systems, and graphics card is adopted at present relatively mainstream GT740M in the notebook, which makes it super performance in game ahead of other competitors in this one.

Join greatly improves the practicability of the backlit keyboard, multi-point Touch screen also enriched the interaction, in feeling, DELL, these techniques have been running around here like a pro, no need to worry about, and before BeatsAudio sound stewards, E software and hardware features, such as DELL Latitude E7440 Touch basic completed relative to a generation of Latitude series of transcendence.

GT740M performance is showing a surprise, but in the face of the game to degree and order, or demanding, not low calorific value, but most DELL will heat by the clever design of the internal air duct, from the bottom and the shaft out, will not affect the use of the user experience, it's very cute.

LENOVO ThinkPad L440 with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad L440 Battery whole exterior design continues the ThinkPad Fit series of minimalist design style, with a strong flavor LENOVO , even removing LOGO can confirm that he is from the quasi- LENOVO. In material terms , ThinkPad L440 using ABS plastic cover , the surface rendering matte texture, cover the central ThinkPad words chrome plated , smooth surface with mirror effect.

As a positioning in the mainstream market, geared to the needs of most users of this product, natural cannot sacrifice for thin body and beautiful appearance and interface configuration, DELL Latitude E7440 Touch on both sides of this time using the interface symmetrical arrangement way, the left side of the fuselage from top to bottom in turn for 1 laptop lock, 1 HDMI interface, 2 see interface, an all-in-one card reader interface and two status indicators.

On the right side of the fuselage from top to bottom, we see have a headphone/microphone dual function interface, 1 RJ 45 network card interface, 1 HDMI interface and a usb interface. All the interface is a standard interface, without having to turn wiring can be used directly. Mobile performance is one of our most audience's index, measured DELL Latitude E7440 Touch the thickest place for 21 mm, due to the use of a wedge structure design, the visual will give the user a feeling of very thin.

Weight, DELL Latitude E7440 Touch with DELL Latitude E7440 Touch Battery stand-alone contain battery weight is 2.173 kg, this results in 14 inches super this mediocre, holding a hand will feel a little pressure for a long time, after all, the whole machine all adopt the metal materials, and using the standard interface, weight is not very easy to control. In terms of configuration, DELL Latitude E7440 Touch using the fourth generation intelligent Intel core i5 processor - 4200 - u, frequency of 1.6 GHz, chipset carrying HD4400 core graphics CARDS, as well as a server-side GT740M independent video card, memory is 4 gb DDR3 1600 MHZ, adopted a 24 gb SSD SSD and 1 TB of mechanical drive hybrid drive, used to improve the boot and speed of dormancy awakening, pre-loaded with Windows 8.

The processor is the current super book is a mainstream one, HD4400 core graphics performance for general office applications, it should be said quite enough, and if the game can automatically switch to the independent video card, GT740M showing in the notebook in the end, but in the super book should be regarded as one of the most powerful graphics card, this is DELL in the two aspects of low power consumption and high performance trade-offs to consider. We through Cinebench R10 has carried on the test to the processor, eventually mononuclear score is 4825 points, multi-core score 9047 points, performance is very good, the author try to use the video, play some 4 k resolution performance is very fluent, and for most applications, the processor on the expression of performance should have been able to meet demand.

Through HDTune hard disk read performance testing, finally can see the highest read speed reached 110 MB per second, and the average rate of 74 MB/SEC, mediocre, but thanks to 24 gb SSD as a cache file, the file system read call speed or ideal. For an ordinary notebook, the cooling performance is a concern for most users. For a super said originally, the cooling performance is even more important, can become a qualified super book, in addition to the fuselage, thickness and weight, heat dissipation is the key.

In order to cater to the new Windows 8, we also to upgrade life software testing, the new MobileMark 2012 compared with the previous version of software are used in the test to make a lot of upgrades. Microsoft Office update into Office 2010, for example, in addition, MobileMark 2007 on the basis of updated software version also added some users often use the software as a test load, for example: Adobe Reader, Illustrator, Microsoft Project and so on.

Compared to the previous version of the testing software, MobileMark 2012 at the request of the test environment is also relatively improve, must redo system before the test, and should also be reasonable in terms of driver installation, otherwise will appear all sorts of problems. LENOVO ThinkPad L540 adopted a 35 wh lithium ion battery, through the new MobileMark test, we can see that LENOVO ThinkPad L540 duration of 215 minutes, or down a three and a half hours of time, but the efficiency of 77 value is not high, to a certain extent affect the performance of the battery life.

In terms of configuration, LENOVO ThinkPad L540 with LENOVO ThinkPad L540 Battery adopted i3-3217 - u processor, Intel IVB platform has integrated 4000 HD Graphics core Graphics, there are 4 gb DDR3 memory and 500 gb HDD combination. This configuration is very suitable for office use. Although the price is not high, but LENOVO ThinkPad L540 notebook didn't give a person the feeling of "cheap", on the contrary, metal fuselage, details of the work and the unique sense of 3 d body solution to let a person feel more content. In addition, the use of IVB processor and interface configuration is complete, can satisfy the general use of user demand. Fly in the ointment is that the range of inadequate performance slightly, but overall, in the 14 inch laptop market, with price advantages, LENOVO ThinkPad L540 still has a certain competitive power.


LENOVO ThinkPad T440p T540p Coming

LENOVO laptop has always been known for aesthetic appearance , today we test the ThinkPad T440p too, it has a variety of colors fuselage , mainly for home entertainment applications , a series of cost-effective, our previous test version of the ThinkPad T440 parity .

On the hardware side , ThinkPad T440p with a variety of combinations, users can choose LENOVO official website . On the send test products, it is equipped with fourth -generation Core i5-4200U low-power CPU, equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M graphics card with 4GB memory and 750GB large storage space, machine hardware performance mainstream .

In the design , ThinkPad T440p users to be able to bring affordable , it abandoned the ThinkPad T440 's metal body and instead invest in plastic casing , although more expensive than the thickness of the body weight of the ThinkPad T440 thick with 4cell LENOVO ThinkPad T440p Battery, but the workmanship , materials and visual effect is good , in the mainstream notebook to achieve excellent level.

DELL Alienware series is to build high-end fashion and entertainment flagship notebook products, this series of products have gorgeous looks and high-end hardware configuration , which also reflects the Alienware ( jealousy , envy ) intended. DELL recently introduced the new Alienware A14 notebook , appearance compared to the previous generation of products have changed, but the overall design style is still the continuation of the classic silver and black color .

In addition to changes in appearance outside , Alienware A14 biggest change is that it is equipped with the third generation of Intel Ivy Bridge processor upgrade for the fourth -generation Haswell processors, that is, we often say " black stockings " processors. And today I want to introduce this model is equipped with a black stockings series Intel Core i7-4702MQ processor, the CPU clocked at 2.2GHz, Core frequency can reach 3.2GHz, it also integrates Intel HD 4600 graphics core , to meet the general office and entertainment needs. If you think HD 4600 does not meet your entertainment gaming needs , the new Alienware A14 also comes with 2GB of video memory NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M graphics card lets you play the big game smooth , here I come to know with all of them after the upgrade DELL Alienware A14 notebook .

See DELL Alienware A14 design with built-in DELL Alienware A14 Battery, I wonder if you kind of deja vu , that it is very similar to a certain product . Yes , Alienware Apple Macbook Series notebook has always been a figure , in terms of overall shape , or corner details of the deal , you can find from the Macbook similar design . Although Alienware series since its launch has been changed, but the figure seems Macbook lingering .

LENOVO ThinkPad is a laptop 's high-end home entertainment , representing the LENOVO top industrial design, once magnificent sensation on the glass surface of the notebook from this series , but we have today to introduce the ThinkPad T540p is ThinkPad? Recently listing of a new product . It is equipped with 15.6 inches 1920 × 1080 resolution, audio and video entertainment notebook , equipped with four speakers, support Beats Audio sound , and strive to provide users with more excellent audio enjoyment.

In the design , ThinkPad T540p with 4cell LENOVO ThinkPad T540p Battery did not like the glass surface of the fuselage ThinkPad T440p as gorgeous , with a silvery-white metallic luster case brief and simple fresh and clean, although it is the body thickness weight than conventional 15-inch thin and light notebook a lot, but did not like the ultra-extreme close up , the configuration of lithium tail thickness increase it , if you use lithium-ion polymer battery , then there would not be such a problem, it 's the body thickness can reach ultra- pole of this level , of course, machine manufacturing costs will be significantly improved.

Believe that careful observation of the users have been found in the DELL Alienware A14 notebook keyboard area with sunken red circle , this is not the author pictures a mistake , but I have got Alienware A14 design is such . The red circle design is very subtle, if an approximate vertical perspective and can not find the red rim ring and "beataudio" logo color similarity , I do not know whether to allow both cross-echoes . In my opinion, is more like a compact design with a hidden passion "burn " action of the heart.

DELL Alienware A17 with 8cell DELL Alienware A17 Battery bottom panel with a wide range of natural ventilation window , with the author of the above mentioned feet thick , a combination that can speed up the discharge of the heat , and natural wind speed into the cooling air passage . And the louver structure within a layer of metal mesh , metal mesh structure set up this layer is intended to prevent large debris or insects to enter into the body interior.

With the same door " Big Brother " T440 compared , T440p significantly more compact and lighter . Moreover, a substantial increase in the ratio of T440 portability while , T440p also retains the same range of body interface , scalability, did not lose to those who can not deformed super pole . If you say is insufficient, probably is then compared with the traditional flat , T440p still seems suitable for use on the desktop . After all, it is more than a standard keyboard, but when we are in bed, on a sofa using tablet computer, the keyboard will no doubt be a somewhat cumbersome accessories.

If you are a plain text worker , M4700 with DELL FJJ4W Battery may be a good choice, it is small and easy to carry , low energy high-endurance , especially for those who often go out for business people as well as a variety of constantly walking " trapeze ", which is a well documented tool , but it is not a good editing tools. In particular, as we have this web series , in addition to the simple text entry and also pay involve various web pages, images processing, and T440p Faced with these for a bit helpless. But even so , I was very happy to use it as my " deputy " in the input text apart when the tablet to play games, look book is a good choice .

At 25 ℃ environment, using AIDA64 system stability tests carried out on Alienware A17 pager after 30 minutes , its body surface temperature as shown above , it is not obvious keyboard surface heat accumulation , to use relatively cool . Go to bottom of the fuselage , Alienware A17 vents near the temperature is higher , indicating that internal body heat was promptly comes out , the whole heat control is relatively good.

Alienware A18 with 12cell DELL Alienware A18 Battery as 18 upgraded version , although there is not much change in the design , but the three video output interface can be easily achieved triple -screen display , which is 18 not available , but it also comes with the fourth generation of Core processors and GTX 770M discrete graphics card , plus three 64GB SSD consisting of RAID 0, did not reach the top , but its overall hardware performance has also been strong enough , can cope with the vast majority of 3D games on the market , is a not fold not withhold the traditional high-end gaming , but its nearly 12,000 yuan price somewhat high.


LENOVO IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro coming

If you care about the mobile Internet era , you will not feel strange for the above two terms . Not long ago , Lenovo tablet laptop has opened up this new field , and the YOGA is one of the most shining one of the products . Innovative flip model, good manufacturing processes, as well as the Lenovo brand effect, making the external media and consumers have of this product has generated strong interest.

In Beijing on 19 October , I had the X86 architecture YOGA did a 13-inch depth evaluation , the excitement was still fresh. Indeed, Lenovo YOGA above innovation is not lip service. However, the place is still some regret : that good ARM version of the 11 -inch YOGA it ? Perhaps out of reserves , perhaps unwilling collided with Microsoft Surface RT . In summary, based on the ARM architecture has become the author of 11 -inch YOGA yearning thing.

Lenovo YOGA 2 Pro with LENOVO IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro Battery is an ARM-based products, so it is not compatible with all applications under X86 platform . Please consumers in the purchase must remember this point , to avoid disputes after purchase . If you look at the appearance of it, probably a lot of people would think , IdeaPad YOGA 2 Pro Yoga 13 but is a smaller version of it , at least I thought it was originally used on an Intel processor . It is not.

The 11.6-inch tablet notebook Although Yoga 13 from the same one , but genes are completely different : it uses the ARM architecture processor , the system is Windows RT. Speaking, it is also the Lenovo launched the first ARM architecture. Specifically , then , IdeaPad 11 equipped we are familiar with NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor , clocked is 1.3GHz. Tegra 3 on November 9, 2011 officially unveiled , is the world's first quad-core mobile processor . Up to now, not only have a variety of Android tablet using this processor , and even Microsoft Surface RT also used it .

Tegra 3 Although known as the "quad " , but in fact , it can be called a " five core" : In the four processor cores , there is one called " companion core (Companion)" processor core . Note that this " companion core" is not a "half -core ." NVIDIA will this architecture is called "vSMP", or " Variable Symmetric Multiprocessing ," and had applied for a patent .

Official information from NVIDIA , we learned that this " companion core" with the other four core , just as Cortex-A9 architecture , using TSMC 40nm process . However, the four main cores using high-performance process (G) manufacturing, for the higher frequency operation optimization ; while nuclear , compared with low-power process (LP) to build, lower leakage current , low frequency operation optimization , the maximum frequency is only 500MHz.

NVIDAI this vSMP architecture , high performance and low power consumption in a balance between , which allows Tegra 3 in different situations with different number of processor cores . Such as standby , play music and video , it will use only with nuclear ; when running the browser , play 2D games , then , as the case turned on one or two main cores ; if it is large-scale 3D game play , then this will four main All core run . Need to emphasize that, when the main core opens, with nuclear also closes . This design will undoubtedly reduce the power consumption can be very good : in the eyes of the operating system , with nuclear does not exist , it will only see four core performance balance , but will not find low- load operation, the actual work is lower power with nuclear .

TOSHIBA Satellite NB10 with 4cell TOSHIBA Satellite NB10 Battery is a 11.3 -inch business notebook tradition , in order to provide greater impact resistance , it is equipped with magnesium alloy internal frame , so the whole thickness and weight and ultra -pole of this there is a big gap , subject to certain mobile portability impact, but its security , robustness , stability , scalability and rich interface and a comfortable keyboard is ultra-extreme difficult to achieve.

Having a processor , let's look at the memory . In this tablet PC 1GB RAM general era , YOGA 2 Pro will upgrade to memory 2GB. This figure for the Tablet PC is no longer small , but if you bring compare it with the traditional laptop is not enough. Well , 2GB RAM, they really help with " tablet laptop " appellation YOGA 2 Pro smooth running Windows RT? Look together .

In design terms , Satellite NB10 with TOSHIBA Satellite Pro NB10 Battery get rid of the once dreary dark gray , cover selected fresh and bright silver-white , with black carbon inside the fuselage , give us a simple and capable of temperament .

In YOGA 2 Pro has just started, do not open any application in the case , its memory footprint was only 23% , this figure is to get in the words of the traditional notebook , small enough to " despise " about them. And a few procedures in the open , it 's memory usage rates have been significantly increased . We can see from the figure , the author opens a Word, an Excel, a PowerPoint, a One Note and two IE window , count the Task Manager , then while there are six software running. At this point its memory is occupied by 41%. However, if it is a traditional laptop , open the software , memory usage is far not the figures. So, for Windows RT is , YOGA 2 Pro 2GB of RAM, enough to use.

In the past, the Tablet PC scalability - whether iPad or Android Pad - seem not worth a mention. iPad Needless to say , only one data interface and a headphone jack only. The Android Pad, generally only guaranteed to have a Micro USB ( or mini USB), 1个Micro SD card slot , a 3.5mm headphone jack , and some models may be equipped with a Micro HDMI, support 3G function will be more a SIM card slot.

For hardware configurations , TOSHIBA NB10 with TOSHIBA Satellite NB10t Battery relatively free , the user can customize according to their needs , they send test version of this , in addition to not use outside SSD solid state drive , CPU, memory , graphics cards are relatively high , especially I7- 4800MQ processor provides ample capacity .

In fact, even Surface RT plus a keyboard protector , we can feel it in the weight and no significant change : After measurement , Touch Cover only 210g. Moreover, in thickness , Surface RT should go one better : only 9.3mm, even with 3mm thick Touch Cover, a total of only just a little bit more than 12mm , 15.6mm with YOGA 2 Pro 's still not a small gap . 

If you want to compare the interface type and number of words , the Tablet PC will defeat to the traditional laptop . This aspect is the traditional tablet thickness of the body has too much limit their interfaces, and we need to relate to the system and processor support . However , Windows RT birth , let us see the Tablet PC with a USB port , which is undoubtedly a good news: We are always easy to use a variety of USB devices, such as U disk, mobile hard disk drives. As WinRT tablet , YOGA 2 Pro and Surface RT tablet while retaining the traditional interface has the same time, there is no reason not accompanied by the USB interface . However, in the kind and number of the interface body , and also there is a difference between the two .

In material terms , TOSHIBA NB10 with TOSHIBA Satellite Pro NB10t Battery is still a metal body , with a magnesium alloy internal frame , powder coated hardened steel shaft and base, can significantly enhance the computer's anti-wrestling , seismic and other capabilities by MIL-STD-810G testing, ensure that users can cope with a variety of adverse working conditions .


LENOVO ThinkPad T440 X240 Comiing

After entering the second half , TinkPad each new release , we have today is a recent test T440 will be listed on a ThinkPad Ultrabook . View from the name , it is like an upgraded version T430s , but in fact it should be T430s with T430u combination, because, according to the ThinkPad naming , T430s is an upgraded version of T440s. Well before the release of a new generation T440s ThinkPad bring us what surprise? Following evaluation to answer your questions .

Perhaps it is because T430u ThinkPad T Series is the first ultra -pole of this , so T440 shape temperament and T430u somewhat quite similar, but there are many different, such as roof material , T430u selection of traditional aluminum , while the T440 carbon fiber and glass steering fiber composite materials, surface rendering matte , feels relatively smooth .

Not only is the material on the changes , T440 with LENOVO ThinkPad T440 Battery  also uses a sunken shaft , while the previous traditional ThinkPad T / X / W series all use common shaft , the occurrence of such a change is due to make the body become thinner , part of the screen as well as the gap between the screen and keyboard further compressed. While the ordinary hinge side of the keyboard there is a bulge, and its height is slightly larger than the thickness of the screen also is not conducive to the body thickness of compression, so the ultra-thin notebook usually sunken shaft .

SAGER NP Series SAGER are targeting high-end product line , designed for gamers , HD enthusiasts and students , with some cost-effective portable game of this type . SAGER NP8235 pull God Extreme Edition is equipped with Intel's latest fourth-generation Haswell Intel Core i7-4930MX processor, graphics card for high-end NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M, the graphics card built-in 4GB memory, this configuration can bring strong performance user experience .

See SAGER NP8235 appearance I believe we all feel familiar , yes , SAGER NP8275 is the use of this tool , and even the previous generation NP8265 also used this mold , in addition to some changes in some of the details outside , NP8235 with 8cell SAGER NP8235 Battery and NP8265 can be said to be exactly the same. The reason for this , one is similar to the mold through a very long period of market tests, cooling and other aspects of workmanship you can trust the other hand, lower cost of such public mode , allowing the final price a lot lower , but also allows benefit of consumers . So we see that kind of shape similar products in the local modification later as new products introduced to the market phenomenon.

Although sunken shaft , but ThinkPad T440 screen can still be completely flat , which not only provides users with a greater adjustment space, but notebooks and smaller opening angle than opening and closing angle of the shaft is more durable few because when we open the top cover is usually a little too little , if the maximum opening angle is small , there will be the shaft has reached its limit , but we still continue to push back the lid , increase the burden on the shaft , and can be opened 180 ° of the shaft does not have that problem .

X240 with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad X240 Battery is defined as the direct super pole , this setting means some sudden change of ThinkPad product line . In fact, it changes very large, even with the T430s styles are different. Perhaps in order to meet the needs of more users , so the models at the end more than a " 1" is used to distinguish T430s and X240.

Currently the mobile version of the processor and graphics technology has been rapid , quad-core processor and dual graphics card configuration on a laptop has become more mature , and now once again the performance of the notebook has been a qualitative improvement, the platform update also spawned a large number of gaming notebooks have appeared . Although the momentum of the entire PC industry downturn, but because of the special positioning , irreplaceability relatively strong reasons, such as high-end products like the impact is relatively small, so we can see a lot of competition for PC manufacturers began to force this apparent difference market, and at this stage has introduced its own gaming notebook products.

Intel Core i5 3337U IVB platform belonging to the new low-voltage processor with two cores and Hyper-Threading technology can support up to four threads. The processor is based on 22nm process technology , the core code-named Ivy Bridge, initially clocked at 1.8GHz, Core frequency up to 2.5GHz, shared L3 cache is 3MB, the overall TDP of 17W.

Gaming notebook has its own seasonal , as well as the introduction of new product launches game has a great impact on its sales , with such a unique property , PConline notebook Channel early evaluation of the recent notebook products , accounting for a large proportion of are positioning game products, such as the Asus ROG , MSI, radium wave , the earth , and of course also includes cultural heritage deepest SAGER. SAGER introduced this year at the latest 14-inch , 17-inch notebook product, today we once again bring you this 18-inch flagship model - SAGER NP8265, it offers a larger screen size and greater hardware performance , both in terms of weight and price also reached a " Harbourside " level.

Before PConline evaluation room for everyone to gradually bring SAGER NP8235 and SAGER NP8275 detailed description of the design aspects are similar in appearance , simple terms is the difference in size , the protagonist SAGER NP8265 with 76Wh SAGER NP8265 Battery is 2013 SAGER new notebook maximum number of products, each person will see it amazed by its huge body .

Most aircraft are deposited on the cooling vents heat and central location keyboard , palm rest area of the heat is not high, but also in the actual experience of comfort is more appropriate , in the super pole this is not bad . In the hardware configuration , this evaluation of this ThinkPad X240 is equipped with 22nm process technology Intel Core i5 3337U dual-core low- voltage processor , equipped with Intel QM77 chipset , equipped with 1TB mechanical hard drive with 24GB SSD solid state hard drive, and a single 4GB DDR3 1600MHz speed memory , graphics cards, this model comes with a processor with Intel HD 4000 graphics core .

I believe we are concerned about the S540 with LENOVO ThinkPad S540 Battery  cooling performance , here we have the actual test. Our testing method is still at room temperature at 25 degrees Celsius , so this notebook running Furmark pager software , allowing GPU operate at a higher load, almost running at full speed . Then , after more than an hour , respectively, see this notebook 's internal core temperature and body surface temperature.


LENOVO IdeaPad Flex 14 15 coming

LENOVO IdeaPad series of positioning portable business , to build a low-key appearance , strong performance, safe and reliable business partner. In people's increasing demand for mobile office today, over most of the weight and thickness to become the focus of consumer purchase . Today songce LENOVO IdeaPad Flex 14 notebook , do the same in thickness series of the most thin, the thickness of only 18.3mm, the same level in other notebooks considered mainstream level.

Taking into account the complexity of image processing and in the business office operations increased demand , in many cases low-voltage version of the processor does not meet the needs of all users , LENOVO IdeaPad Flex 14 Despite the use of thin body design, but also in terms of performance without shrink, with a normal voltage of the processor and graphics card, following through the system under evaluation to understand the overall level of this notebook .

Talking Win8! Have to say win8 arrival , coupled with the integration of touch , so we changed the traditional single mouse and keyboard operation. New user interface impact our vision, a variety of applications brought us efficiency , more efficient approach enables us to operate more convenient. LENOVO IdeaPad Flex 14 with LENOVO IdeaPad Flex 14 Battery and the traditional business of the different colors , with a brushed metal with dark red color, so the business of the elements into fashion , more dynamic . LENOVO metal shell center LOGO, thanks to the metal material, improved significantly compared with plastic texture .

HP ProBook series business notebooks mentioned , I believe we it is not strange, boxy shape and heavy body is that it gives us the impression left by the most direct , but it does have it in the business performance of the extraordinary Department . 2013 , with the new generation of Intel processors Haswell platform release , HP 's ProBook will also be redesigned , came in front of us .

Come today PConline evaluation room product is HP's ProBook 430 G1 with 4cell high quality HP ProBook 430 G1 Battery from business notebook ( hereinafter referred ProBook 430), it uses the latest generation of Intel Haswell platform i5-4200U processor , integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400 graphics card, addition in addition with 4GB DDR3 RAM and 500GB HDD mechanical hard drive combination.

Part laptop screen with TrueLife technology uses a 14-inch high-definition display, the top of the screen for the camera and microphone , the upper left corner of IdeaPad model identification , below is LENOVO LOGO, screen frame with matte material handling and is equipped with six cushion rubber , to avoid screen opening and closing of vibration damage to the screen . Section with a sunken shaft design , the damping designed for easy one- handed operation.

For a 15.6 -inch notebook, Flex 15 with LENOVO IdeaPad Flex 15 Battery interface configuration is still relatively good . Fuselage on the left followed by VGA port, HDMI port , two USB3.0 interface , headphone microphone interface and multi-card reader , the fuselage on the left and the far right there is hard power indicator . Location convenient USB port keyboard input when performing unplugged and then plugged the USB device needs , HDMI interface to meet Useful notebook for HD player TV output needs. Once the right body for the power connector , RJ45 network cable port , USB2.0 interface , notebook lock and drive.

Laptop keyboard part is a chocolate keyboard design , the key is very large , comfortable operation . For the three status lights above the keyboard , the computer can detect real-time operating state , the power button to set the border on the right side of the keyboard . Beneath the keyboard and palm rest and touchpad with the same brushed metal casing material, touchpad with buttons integrated design , increasing the touch area,so that the software runs in Microsoft Windows7 operating system. PCMark 7 includes seven different testing session, by a total of 25 independent workload composition, covering storage, computation, image and video processing, web browsing, games and other aspects of daily application PC.

The bottom of the notebook with integrated compact design , the center on the side for the thermal window , the lower right corner as having Waves MaxxAudio4 separate woofer sound , with the bottom of the speaker , presenting high-quality sound. This notebook while positioning the business office , but used some gaming notebooks are not separate woofer, trying to give heavy business office, adding fun colors, to create a new audio-visual experience .

HP ProBook 470 with 6cell and 9cell HP ProBook 470 G0 Battery overall style and appearance of the product before the same strain , red and black color seemed full of strength , but also with a touch of mystery , die just like the previous generation 455 G1 is not the kind of multi-angular design , back part two red lines, like wings to fly wings , dynamic, top part with a large area of piano paint , without any metal parts of the modification, and the center embedded with white LOGO.

In the black keyboard area outside the gray part , HP 242 G1 using metal materials to build a matte surface effect, the sunlight reflects warm metallic luster, looks particularly texture. 

equipped with two separate lithium battery, the capacity is 23200mWh. Through testing, life time of about 7 hours 30 minutes, so the performance is excellent.

LENOVO B490s with 4cell LENOVO B490s Battery Positioning fashion crowd , dynamic flow line body with a variety of colors can make this notebook fuselage fore , configuration, though only moderately at the same price level , with a third-generation Core I5 ​​processor performance tough, just slightly less than the card , it is suitable for the shape and the pursuit of cost-effective brand demanding users to buy , audio-visual entertainment is the main characteristics of this product , HDMI high-definition interface and DTS sound when watching movies are the greatest degree realism and expressive necessary equipment .