ASUS ROG GX700VO and ASUS N752VX R752LX X751LN X751LX review

When it comes to the water cooling system, we'll think of the winding tubes and weird coolant colors on the desktop chassis, which will not be linked to a laptop computer. The world is so simple, until the ASUS ROG GX700 laptop turned out.

Yes, ASUS GX700 this laptop can only use the "Crazy" two words to describe. No matter how stressed game performance of laptop and portable is always one of the basic needs, however GX700 but have a thick liquid cooling system. So a paradox appeared: GX700 seems destined to be on both sides of the game performance and portability are not pleasing. What is actually going to be? Let's see it through an early evaluation:

With 980 graphics of the NVIDIA GTX Intel Core i7 6820HK processor and desktop GX700. When connected to the water cooling system and its moment have the coping overclocking ability, open more powerful game performance. If you want to try Rift Oculus or Vive HTC in the future so that there is a high demand for the function of the device, then the game like GX700 this may also really need a good heat.

Not to mention the large cooling system. GX700 with 8cell ASUS GX700V Battery actually is very beautiful, but also very thin, probably only an inch so thick. Appearance, GX700 line is hard, plus the overall dark metal color, very able to discuss the love of those who like the game of male consumers. The most worth mentioning is that it's the back of the radiator interface panel, beautiful design is really very eye-catching.

Familiar with ASUS notebook users on the ASUS series of X not unfamiliar, this series of notebook computer main is entertainment series of high-end products, because the range of products from design to performance are very good can give the user to bring the ultimate enjoyment, and Evny today we tested 17 is the latest product of ASUS, designs do not do too much, it is still inherited the X series of excellent workmanship, it is worth mentioning is that this product supports leap motion motion sensing for users can experience to new forms of entertainment and feelings.

In the disposition aspect, this ASUS R752L with 4cell ASUS R752LX Battery equipped with Intel's fourth generation core i7-4702MQ processor, CPU frequency 2.2GHz, integrated the Intel HD 4600 graphics core. DDR3 1600MHz 8GB memory, HDD 1TB x SSD 2+24GB hard disk. 17.3 inches LED display 1920 x 1080 resolution, support ten point touch. Independent graphics for GeForce GT NVIDIA 750M independent graphics and the latest Windows 8.1 operating system, users can experience a very good application entertainment experience.

In fact it has as to make water cooling radiator is not so large, fine polygonal shape very cool. A glance in the past, do not know what people think your computer is dragging something very tall on the device.

The GX700 with include ASUS GX700VO Battery configuration arrogant, but that cooling system it really attractive place is certainly behind the. In order to alleviate people's rejection of the giant, ASUS deliberately design it is very good-looking, like a flashing light of the beetle. However, the existence of the radiator, after all, limits the portability of the pen, so it should be used in the end where it?

Mentioned "flagship" the word, many people may think of the high-end price, gorgeous appearance, powerful hardware and so on. Although each brand's flagship model is numberless as the sand, but a really full of highlights of the flagship will win the applause of all consumers. In the case of the global PC shipments continued to decline, the various PC vendors, trying to find ways to PC and other new technology integration. ASUS X751L is such a Motion Leap equipped with a sense of the controller's flagship home entertainment.

In fact, we are not unfamiliar to the X ASUS series notebook, mainly ASUS consumer product line to create a stylish Entertainment Notebook series. The X series is jealous, is one of the seven original sin in the bible. ASUS will be named to the high end of the series, it seems very appropriate. 17 inches flagship entertainment, with desktop performance, coupled with the Motion Leap somatosensory controller, ASUS X751L with 44wh ASUS X751LN Battery must be able to consumers a different kind of novel experience.

As asus's had the highest popularity of notebook series, ASUS n video series the exquisite workmanship and excellent video performance is known, although ASUS recently to look to put in the game and super pole of this market, but for the classical n series still does not have ignored, recent ASUS launched the N series of two new products: ASUS n552 and N752 video notebook, in a comprehensive upgrade to Intel Core of the sixth generation processor and NVIDIA GTX 9 series alone significantly at the same time, the design has changed. These two notebooks will be the first to appear in foreign countries in December this year, but the price has not been announced.

New n552 and N752 notebook top cover still using the ASUS classic concentric design, whether it is texture, impressions, and touch are all guaranteed. User selectable 1366 x 768 LED, 1920 x 1080 LED, 1920 x 1080 IPS and 4K level (3840 x 2160) IPS 100%sRGB four specifications of the screen, and with eye protection display technology, it is said to eliminate some of the Blu ray. Keyboard, two machines have adopted the various Silver keyboard design, equipped with white LED backlight chocolate keyboard, and a separate numeric keypad, at the top of the keyboard with two independent speaker, collocation ASUS and world top audio brand Bang & Olufsen ICEpower jointly develop the ASUS exclusive vocal master sonicmaster technology, the integration of ICEpower technology and quality performance quite good.

Hardware, ASUS n552 and N752 notebook with built-in ASUS N752V Battery used Intel newest skylake core processor, user selectable i5-6300HQ or i7-6700HQ two processors, due to HM170 new platform support, two machine supports the highest 16GB DDR4 2133mhz memory (two memory slots), and the highest can be configured 512gb PCIe SSD solid state disk and 2TB HDD Hard disk mechanical combination of. Discrete graphics with in ASUS n552 and N752, include specific configurations of NVIDIA GTX960M and GTX950M, the ASUS n552 altogether has N552VX and N552VW two types, configuration N552VX GTX950M independence (2GB and 4GB DDR3 memory in two configurations). N552VW with GTX960M alone significantly (2GB and 4GB gddr5 memory in two configurations), although domestic licensed version of n552 and N752 not yet officially released, but still hope everybody attention to buy a graphics card configuration.

Coolsense ASUS can intelligently identify the two major application scenarios - respectively, the working environment and living environment. When it determined that you can use on the table, using composite heat mode using D surface and heat radiation of the heat radiation hole; and when you "assistant" found that you are lying in the sofa leisurely surfing the Internet or keep the machine used in the legs of living environment, will automatically switch to side hole type cooling cooler operation mode.

ASUS X751 series with 4cell ASUS X751LX Battery has a very deep origin. Beats was jointly developed by the famous American musician Iovine Jimmy and the super Rap star Dre Dr.. The key problem is how to keep the audio signal from the audio interface to the signal from the audio line to the headset. The Audio Beats sound system, is a unique high performance technology system, is jointly developed by ASUS and by Dr.Dre Beats, equipped with the technology of notebook computers will provide users with more excellent sound effects. "More"

ASUS N552 and N752 design of the body back to the N550 era. Body above the axis of the above part of the silver frame design, the axis part of the use of black appearance. This design than the fuselage frame design of the N551 "biscuit", more beautiful, the overall feeling more strongly, n552 body thickness reduced to 29.9mm. Although still not N550, but than N551 thin 1.1mm, weight is for 2.53Kg, than n552 low 0.17Kg.

The interface design, ASUS n552 and N752 are equipped with a more complete, read the latest USB 3.1 type-C, USB, HDMI, mini DisplayPort video output, RJ-45 network card interface, multi function, headphone output, and the microphone input interface card are standard.

With respect to the Rog (Rog) under the brand name of the game. In recent years the ASUS (ASUS) this brand of each series of notebook computer name is not significant, only ZenBook series over the shore facade. But it is the price and fame also do not show the products hold up the most of the sales, after all, not all people will to buy a high priced Rog the game, or is a game performance weak ultrabook. Recently ASUS and launched a series of n two laptop new n552 / N752 with 6cell built-in ASUS N752VX Battery, performance is relatively balanced, hit entertainment, but also for casual gamers, price not yet published.


HP EliteBook 820 840 850 G3 and LENOVO ThinkPad L460 L560 review

DELL Vostro 5459 is a design of the atmosphere, simple products, so the whole body is not much detail. But the overall workmanship, quality is very good. To understand the overall appearance, we then look at the design of the keyboard part of the.

In addition, Vostro 5459 also uses the white backlit keyboard, the power button in the upper right corner of the blue light is used, and the front of the fuselage of the backlight hemming silhouetted against each other, in the vision to the excellent user experience, and meanwhile shows the individual efforts of Vostro 5459.

The Vostro 5459 touch control panel design is very delicate, surrounded by a chrome bright surface of the metallic material wrapping, the surface did not use to increase the friction of the grinding process, but by a relatively smooth surface treatment, but the whole touch feel is still good.

In the interface configuration,Vostro 5459 with 4cell DELL Vostro 5459 Battery can provide a practical and complete configuration scheme for the user. The right side of the fuselage is equipped with a card reader, USB 3 interface, HDMI interface, RJ-45 Ethernet port and power jack.

Laptop computers using the latest 802.11ad standard multi band wireless technology, you can use the 60GHz band wireless spectrum to achieve up to 4.6Gbps transmission speed, 10 times faster than the 802.11ac technology. Due to the less delay, 802.11ad technology can play the wireless content of the laptop time delay reduced to only 30 milliseconds. Multi band wireless solution with multi user multi input multi output parallel system (MU-MIMO) supports 802.11ac technology, in the typical multi user case the 11ac standard network throughput increased by three times.

DELL Vostro 5459 weighs only 1.7kg with 4cell DELL Vostro 14-5459 Battery, the thickness is only 2.12cm. Back cover created by high strength carbon fiber and glass fiber, palm support and a bottom cover made of magnesium alloy is made, so as to ensure the light at the same time very hard. The full sized keyboard backlight with splash proof design, in addition to providing comfortable key process, easier to work in a business trip or journey. And in order to maintain its stable operation, DELL Vostro 5459 more DELL exclusive intelligent dust removal fan technology, effectively prevent dust clogging caused by the cooling performance of the whole machine.

The development of chip technology has accelerated the process of frivolous notebook, especially the release of the Pentium M processor, emergence of a group of 10 mm thick ultra-thin products, although many banner to portable business the name, but in fact these ultra-thin notebook in durability, anti breaking capability, limit environmental adaptability, stability, expansibility and so on exist some shortcomings, so the real business notebook tend not to be the light of that paragraph, they will in many aspects: portability, performance, scalability, durability and other comprehensive considerations, like today, we introduce the HP EliteBook 820 G3.

The HP EliteBook 820 G3 is HP a new generation of flagship business notebook 12 inch products, its exterior design continues the EliteBook820G1 design, use black matte texture cover, the fuselage shape is less a few minutes of edges, more slightly soft. In the part of hardware, the EliteBook 820 G3 upgrade to the fifth generation intelligent Intel core hardware platform, can provide stronger performance.

Today I will introduce to you the HP EliteBook 820 G3 is EliteBook 820 G1 upgrade products, the two models are completely identical in appearance of mold, only different is EliteBook 820 G3 with HP EliteBook 820 G3 Battery in the part of hardware, upgrade to the fifth generation core processor.

Of course as a flagship commercial portable notebook, with strong technical strength and market experience of HP EliteBook 8.2 G3 set a sufficient number of species rich interface, have the ability to pick dock barge, provide guidance rod, fingerprint identification and smart card read card device, matte display screen, the all metal airframe material, through the test of mil-std810g can adapt to the dust, elevation and high and low temperature and other harsh environment... For those who pay attention to practicality, security, do not need to touch, flip and other fancy features of business people is very worthy of recommendation.

LENOVO Protected Workspace L460 function can help users at any time on their own important office procedures and data encryption and protection, away from the bad network attacks. Which includes the browser protection and working documents (office Word/Excel/PPT, adobe reader) door two, the operation is very simple, cut can be at any time to change the running state, so far, this is the business affairs of LENOVO products unique function.

One of the advantages of wireless network management is L460 with bug capacity 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad L460 Battery. Due to the use of intel wireless wireless management scheme, we through hardware and software supporting system can be ready access to real-time wireless network access information, consists of the real-time monitoring did not get approved by the user equipment access, at any time can clean up operation, thus in the equipment of the wireless terminal established relatively safe, confidential work environment.

Hardware, low-pressure the latest generation of core i5 processor, 4GB standard memory and discrete graphics, plus plenty of interface design, can see the HP EliteBook 850 G3 is a standard business, performance is also very good. The price, we refer to the last year price 850 G1, should will in 8000 yuan of above, in this price, without the use of large capacity SSDs, without the use of Full HD IPS screen, let a person have the feeling of a big car Mara unavoidably, in domestic is likely less vulnerable to consumer recognition. Even if it can adapt to a very harsh environment, but compared to the more popular ThinkPad, it still appears to be weak competition.

Since it comes to the office of white-collar workers, so small make up today I have to give you a business notebook that is worthy of attention. Yes, small series today to give you the evaluation is the beginning of this year, HP has just launched the so-called military standard class Super business book EliteBook 840 G3. The so-called military standard level is to say that the aircraft has an army of strict requirements of the quality, regardless of internal and external it is sending a soldier like rigorous temperament. The machine adopts the new Intel Core Broadwell low voltage processor, 14nm production process, standby power consumption reduces by 40%, up to 10% performance improvement, bring faster loading, shorter waiting time, seconds on all kinds of conventional software, so that users can in multiple tasks fast switching, work efficiency step upgrade. In addition, the machine and other business is different from the unique file protection settings, privacy settings, etc.. How on earth, also please follow the small series to look down.

In recent years, the traditional PC market appears to be slightly depressed, so it brought countless tattle and prate. Some people say it has become a sunset industry, some people say the expressive force of the market will continue to slump, even some people said the traditional PC industry has come to an end. But in the heart is still passion behind it, games, business can be said is behind the biggest reason, players in the game of many small series of don't have to say you can glance in the heart, and the use of business the exclusive crowd is absolutely can not be ignored the.

First from the shell, the HP 840 G3 with 4cell HP EliteBook 840 G3 Battery shell is made of special plastic material, the touch up is not difficult to hold a single hand and not the smooth surface of the kind of rough particles feeling. Therefore, it can be called is to take the essence and discard the dross in quality. In addition, the dark color feels like a soldier like strong compressive tough feeling.

In contrast, the ThinkPad L560 is mainly to create a portable, price and performance of the more balanced three portable workstations. On the configuration, ThinkPad L560 equipped with Intel's sixth generation i7 Core processor, according to the needs of the highest matching 32GB running memory, supports Bluetooth 4.1 technology, with a backlight Precision ThinkPad keyboard, four and a card reader, docking port and so on, the screen is the resolution of 15.6 inches 3K screen, using Crystal-Clear technology, can make the image more clear. The Lenovo comes with the Bridge Power technology, making the ThinkPad L560 endurance ability to reach 17 hours, very durable.

ThinkPad L560 will carry Intel sixth generation Core i7 processor, NVIDIA Quadro 500m graphics card, hard drive optional 1TB mechanical hard disk, 512gb SSD or 256gb PCI-E SSDs. L560 with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad L560 Battery maximum memory can be equipped with 32GB, but it does not seem to support DDR4, the system specifications show support for the maximum memory frequency of 1600MHz, which means that the use of DDR3 memory.

HP and ThinkPad, but also has been focused on the design and production of business notebook manufacturers, although it also relates to other products, but has been used as traditional business notebook it retains; EliteBook product line for the U.S. military MIL-STD-810 standard design, can be in some extreme environments still maintain a reliability and performance enough EliteBook; 850 is HP last year launched a 15.6 inch notebook business series, and the introduction of the new EliteBook 850 G3 is mainly aimed at the generation of product updates, in the absence of change ideas, update a new generation of Intel i5-5200U core processor, and equipped with a graphics card and ssd. Next, we will look at it together in the evaluation of its actual performance.

The bottom of the HP EliteBook 850 G3 with 4cell HP EliteBook 850 G3 Battery is very simple, even screws are hidden up, but provide the very convenient disassemble, only need to figure in the red circle in the switch is allocated to the left, you can easily open and remove the rear cover, all internal parts at a glance, both add, replace the memory, or to replace the hard disk, cleaning, are very simple and quick.


MSI WS72 and LENOVO ThinkPad T460 T460p T560 Review

When using a common notebook, the user can put the wrist part in the palm rest area, and the wrist can be bent so as not to affect the use of the typing. However for large size gaming notebook, causes the palm rest area is too long because of the keyboard, users in the use of will will be part of the arm will be put in the palm rest area, when users for a long period of time using arm and in the corner of the notebook form indentation, poor comfort, easy to produce fatigue, it can be said to be common to a large size notebook. However for MSI WS72 this solved the, it will be the keyboard area move down a certain distance, users when in use will still wrist part and the keyboard surface contact angle, so that the user is in the use of ordinary notebook as comfortable completely not fatigue and longevity. The design of such MSI WS72 may seem simple, but it can reflect MSI's nuanced.

MSI WS72 uses the SteelSeries professional keyboard, believe that the user must have heard of MSI notebook this name, the keyboard in MSI products also appeared before. It is a professional level game keyboard, durable than ordinary keyboard to be high, and the keyboard keys to a very strong feedback, feel more comfortable. Although there is a gap between the keyboard and the independent game, but a lot better than the ordinary chocolate keyboard. Similarly, it is also a backlight keyboard, MSI GS72 with built-in MSI WS72 Battery provides a called "KLM" management software to control the backlight, can realize the multi color or monochrome backlight.

What do you think about the game laptop? In this game the impression is usually has powerful hardware, cool appearance and large volume. However, in recent years, the game of this product does not seem to have begun to take the unusual way, on the one hand to ensure that the performance of the tough, on the other hand in the light and portable. Today we get the hand is such a new game by the domestic emerging game manufacturer Akoya E7420 this MEDION. If we say that this game is different, in addition to cost-effective, it is MEDION cooperation with the blue sky to make Akoya E7420 greatly improved the previous games this heavy problem, a great improvement in portability.

Actually for MEDION Akoya E7420 appearance of the atmosphere, texture, light, Xiaobian get it when the first feeling, said it is light phase compared to other games in terms of, 23.9mm thickness and with heavy does not calculate thick. Also want to say is a game notebook is usually has a relatively cool style, here MEDION Akoya E7420 with 45wh MEDION Akoya E7420 Battery the sole mould in the blue sky, which is MEDION's first private template, in addition to the above characteristics unabated cool gas, often this kind of cool, but the game enthusiasts are very popular.

ThinkPad products are mainly for business people to launch, on the one hand reflected in the price of the machine, on the other hand reflected in the work of the product, the configuration and other hard conditions. ThinkPad used to be a lot of people dream business tool. Today, with the expansion of product lines, more and more ordinary users can also relatively easy to come into contact with the ThinkPad products, which with Lenovo's strategic layout has a close contact.

This time we bring this is ThinkPad T560. This product shaft design and previous T series products are not the same, the shaft sinking but can maintain a 180 degree opening angle, with the ThinkPad X1 is somewhat similar.

Internal hardware configuration using the fifth generation core Intel processor, basically can meet the user's daily office needs the overall performance of the i5 5200U. In addition, NVIDIA geforce 940M discrete graphics in graphic processing provides some basic properties.

ThinkPad T560 with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad T560 Battery is a new generation of T series successor, but the body materials and workmanship is somewhat different from the previous T series of high-end standards. The machine body with black and gray fiber reinforced composite plastic, and the top cover is a carbon fiber material support, although not reached before the T series of high-end workmanship standards, but fortunately, the machine materials or more feet.

See details of the prescription motives of MEDION Akoya P7644 in this respect is absolutely the best. This is also reflected in the camera frame structure, Pentagon diamond makes sense of design and cool feeling. As a game of this, the design of the keyboard is absolutely the most important, after all, the players are required to complete the gorgeous operation. Throughout the entire C surface, silver plate and black and white backlight keyboard collocation is very complement each other.

Has the unique spirit of Akoya P7644 with 4cell MEDION Akoya P7644 Battery also played their own ideas on the keyboard on the surface, as shown in the above features photos, black wings radiating port inlaid design in C on both sides, without losing the beauty at the same time also can temperature security escort for the internal hardware, really predicate is kill two birds with one stone.

Through LENOVO very professional, convenient system management plan LENOVO backup and recovery can be at any time will appear the system timely backup and recovery, and even directly to restore the factory settings, including the production of traditional DVD, mainstream U disk, mobile hard disk means the system image backup, which previously seemed very complex professional operation becomes simple exceptions, fool. Of course in addition to the system itself, through this program can be to any user data backup, can be a local backup, can also be a third-party backup device, even is the backup of "cloud" LENOVO, in short, everything is safe and worry free!

the command update using T460 with 48wh LENOVO ThinkPad T460 Battery users can easy access via the Internet to get the full range of their own equipment support information and services, such as simply by installing SupprtAssist, is can be directly in the official website page automatically get equipment all maintenance tools and information, including the driver files to download, install, and such a common demand. In addition, no matter what point you are in the earth, you can get all the real time information online real-time warranty, the absolute intimate experience!

2016 CES show Acer officially released the world's fastest TravelMate P648 laptop, where the fast is not referring to the fastest processing speed, but the fast speed. It is understood, TravelMate P648 in professional business users, is the world's first 802.11ad laptop, the Qualcomm Atheros 802.11ad card, compared to 802.11ac maximum speed can be up to 10 times, and supports the 60GHz band.

Appearance, the notebook uses a glass and carbon fiber material of the shell, while ensuring the overall weight of the body at the same time taking into account the hardness. In addition, TravelMate P648 uses a spill resistant keyboard design, provides a more reliable guarantee for the safe use of the user.

In terms of hardware configuration, TravelMate P648 uses a 14 inch LCD screen with 6cell ACER TravelMate P648 Battery, which is the size of the classic business. Processor which is equipped with a new Intel skylake platform processor, with matching is 512gb SSD, and GTX 840m alone significantly (optional), and we are more concerned about the external expansion capacity. It provides the thunderbolt 3, HDMI, VGA and two USB 3.0 interface, regular use of can meet the user's need.

Pcmark 8 is for Windows system the whole performance of the benchmark system, home (home) test is one test pattern (5), mainly the use of ordinary user environment simulation and test project covers the web browsing, document processing, image edge, video chat and light load game and so on, and contains OpenCL accelerated and traditional test mode.

LENOVO ThinkPad series has been a versatile representative, different sizes of products can respond to the actual needs of different consumers. This time the LENOVO ThinkPad T460p with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad T460p Battery equipped with Intel's new sixth generation core processor, also equipped with AMD radeon R5 m335 alone significantly, the performance than previous generations of products have certain promotion. Piano baking shell regression let ThinkPad T460p much a stylish atmosphere, black and white contrast color formed a strong contrast, shows the whole fortitude character. Such a product pricing is only 4399 yuan, in this price has a full competitiveness.


ASUS ROG GL552VX GL752VW PK MSI GS72 Gaming laptop

In the past few years with the mobile phone, tablet more energetic and laptop manufacturers in the sales at least steady. In the PC cultivated years of ASUS is also true, but with tablet phone application bottleneck and gaming craze continued to rise, today's PC vendors and ushered in a turning point, the various strategies are directed at market segmentation. In the past, the game, ultra-thin, business from the appearance of material to the internal configuration must be fully upgraded!

Actually since last year, the ASUS slim gaming the shadow Knight available is a signal, is on December 13, "ASUS gaming big lie" activities, ASUS, general manager of China He Qianyong accept the celestial pole net interview. The interview ASUS He Qianyong: Gaming center comprehensive foreshadowing development "and talks about the ASUS umbrella strategy, the umbrella of the most sophisticated is the high-end gaming the predator series top-down full coverage level to meet the needs of users.

In 2016 at the Consumer Electronics Show (IFA 2016), ASUS high-end gaming brand Rog predator series product appearance in Berlin, the ASUS Rog series actually display, projector, notebook, tablet and desktop. The evaluation of the ROG 15 (specific models GL552 with 48wh ASUS GL552VX Battery, hereinafter referred to as ROG GL552) is one of the series. The appearance not only to fill the embarrassment of the past without high-end gaming, soaring more depending on the sense of that, make full use of the characteristics of product line length full sprint, this can only let other manufacturers prohibitive.

ASUS Rog series has always been the pursuit of the ultimate gamers are chasing one of the Chong brand, nine years has been low-key and pragmatic products and "only to transcend" brand philosophy of making the a classic product, the brand step by step to build to become the true price of goods "Rog". And at the end of 2015, the brand created for the players update their flagship game the mold, contrary to the usual low-key style. This name for the GL752 top game this is equipped with the before a lot of unprecedented appearance design and new features, to pull the wind and strong, the ASUS for their once exceeded.

The GL752 mold and under the metallic silver and orange lamp strip interwoven a surface hide how much surprise, the new design of the ventilation system and before and how many similarities and differences? Xiaobian this to you to uncover the mysterious veil of GL752 with 4cell ASUS GL752 Battery and price to enjoy the various meanings of "second generation game the" style.

To say that GL752 compared to the previous generation of GFX71's biggest change, then it must be in the shape of color and material on the self evolution of the material. A million years of constant black skin material with red logo of a surface, metallic silver space with full sense of science and technology of the orange echo each other, quite handsome and threatening.

Splicing C surface is 2015 notebook of a popular elements, but can use the manufacturers are not many, GL752 is Xiaobian see using mature a stitching program. After the opening of the fuselage surface C keyboard also has a considerable change and greater keyboard area, metal and skin texture of black and white mosaic and Rog series is the most classic red and black keyboard declared a is still the classic Rog.

GL752 with 15V ASUS GL752V Battery portion of the keyboard through the special design, the five can be custom programming quick keys, long 2.3mm keys and 30 key does not conflict with the anti ghost key design combined with subtle red light, make the keyboard Yan value and strength of both, become the ASUS Rog series the most practical a keyboard. Type of skin touch pad area design of large area surface and C profile, all blend into one harmonious whole background, have excellent feeling.

In the right side of the machine, from left to right distribution of a SIM card slot, a SD/MMC card slot, a USB 3 interface, a VGA interface and a network cable interface. As shown above, in the SAGER NP9755 the back of the fuselage from left to right in order to distribute a USB 3 interface, a HDMI interface, a DP Mini interface and a power interface.

A person to succeed, we must have a good mind, and a computer to have a good performance on the need to have a good processor. SAGER NP9755 is equipped with a new generation of Intel Skylake system processor i7-6700HQ, the biggest feature of this new system is to be more economical in power consumption and in the performance has been further improved. Different from the previous TDP value of up to sixty or seventy of the processor, 82Wh SAGER NP9755 Battery, i7-6700HQ power consumption is only 45W, which for a processor is undoubtedly a leap.

And in the interface, rapid charging the four support USB3.0 interface seems to be the standard and type-C and lightning 3.0 interface both joined the expansion performance is greatly enhanced the. Here have to mention a word of ASUS really is the popularity of type-C interface pioneer, last a period of time to launch a new almost all standard in it.

And other such as HDMI, RJ45 interface and audio interface, and so naturally do not have to say, one of the other is not absent. BD CD-ROM reserved also love nostalgia, provides a very convenient tube plate has a large number of game game player old gun. Finally to boast of, and a surface light Sao style echoed, the radiating part of the hollow using acrylic material, combined with a large number of see lines in the sense of science and technology make people feel quite stunning, network also called GL752 with 4cell ASUS GL752VW Battery"has the most beautiful D face the game".

In just the past SAGER technology anniversary, SAGER not only summarize the achievements over the past year, also preview the about future development, both because of the joy of SAGER and because of SAGER "for the game and life" concept and practical action and proud. Is in this grand ceremony, the science and technology of SAGER also released a new gaming laptop, the SAGER NP9775, let it SAGER past Lunar New Year's painting a perfect full stop!

The game in the yen value play and half, this is the new game the NP9775 have temperament! Not hype can headlines this game should grow this kind, is not has according to cannot bear the heart is the combustion and expansion of desire? Let's go, to see the "yen value help" said the true face of Mount Lu!

A game of the brand, not to say that it is the pursuit of the idea of what it is. Look at the products in the appearance of work materials can feel its attitude, used in a SAGER NP9775 is after anodic oxidation coloring process of aluminum alloy material, in addition to the friction resistance, corrosion resistance characteristics in the glare of the shining it is light abnormal, very domineering texture.

As a game notebook, how the game experience is the essence of it. So small make up on the selection of several popular computer games to test the SAGER NP9775, what is its performance, let us speak with the facts. Call of Duty: advanced war is a movement shooting game developed by Games Sledgehammer. Can support the split screen game function, but it is part of a multiplayer game or only in a task to achieve, Condrey did not disclose more details. In addition, this version at the time of sale also has 13 game modes, and won the Japan game awards the global award in 2015. In a small series will be the quality are transferred after the highest, SAGER NP9775 in the course of the game average frame numbers probably reached 40%.

2015 so to hurried and we said goodbye, the traditional PC market in the years can be said is questionable, sales record low enable many people have constraints to switch to other industries. However is also in this year, in the game live, under the impetus of the e-sports competition gaming notebook has ushered in the new spring. After countless bits have joined the army to buy the game's future is still worth looking forward to.

We put the lens closer, we can see the NP9775 A SAGER face another big feature, that is, through the eight lines will be divided into six blocks of the shell, so you can feel it in any angle of the shining luster. In addition to the three-dimensional surface modeling, SAGER NP9775 with 12cell SAGER NP9775 Battery a side also hidden the a big surprise, it is in the picture above the row of holes, it is SAGER exclusive patent innovation slot antenna design, dual band wireless network card, support wireless 802.11 B / g / N protocol can meet the fans of the game is no longer the Caton troubles.

Traditional concept, gaming laptops has been accompanied by a large body, like the well-known Dell alien series, ASUS Rog series, Toshiba Qosmio series and so on, they invariably has a beyond regular laptop size and weight, the relationship between the dimensions of the gaming performance and notebook like fish and bear's paw, the two can not be achieved concurrently. Recently, however, the MSI MSI launched a "small size" gaming notebook GS72, as it is in gaming notebook "ultrabook", have only 21.8mm slim body design, let the subversion of the previous cognition of gaming notebook, below I with you together to recognize this product.

MSI game notebook is divided into GT, GE, GX three series, and the launch of the GS72 with 5400mAh MSI GS72 Battery should belong to the new GS series, exclusive ultra-thin game notebook products. MSI China's official website has not yet this product and series, can only use the search to find an English page on the GS72. English page display model of the full name of the STEALTH STEALTH, GS72 means secret action or stealth aircraft, the official did not give a formal name, the author or simply called it GS72 bar.


LENOVO IdeaPad 700 710S Y900 and LENOVO ThinkPad X1 Yoga Review

As a notebook channel editor, always meet my friends on weekdays for the recommended product model. In the various demands of the encounter, regardless of the specific details of how the majority of people's psychological costs are located in the five thousand floating up and down. Combined with ZOL's consistent data analysis, the five thousand files of the notebook audience crowd is the most. At the same time, along with the time development, users for notebook performance requirements continue to increase, a lot of users or does not pursue this form of the game, but he looked comfortable products have close to the performance of the game, in this trend, many image delicate high to Entertainment Notebook in our field of vision. Today, we are going to bring you this product is Lenovo IdeaPad 700.

Lenovo ideapad 700 follow the game player favorite exquisite design lines and understated luxury black body, the notebook the sixth generation Intel Core i7 quad core processor, graphics card equipped with a NVIDIA geforce GTX950M the independent video card and with a 15.6 inch screen, can meet the needs of gamers. Challenge game this frivolous new standard of heavy said bye bye! Weighs just 2.3kg (including battery) thin body to 22.7mm, speakers use metal material and bevel design, in addition to the enjoyment of hearing, sense of the full three-dimensional, dynamic fashion. Integrated chocolate keyboard design, compact and not only a good dust function, the key is more accurate, feel more comfortable. Now also launched a new listing appointment sweepstakes awesome activities, what are you waiting for? Come and buy this super thin high performance game book.

"First generation" of ideapad products from 2014, Lenovo ideapad this notebook product line has been greatly enriched, both performance and size, or in the design and use of color, the ideapad will continue to give users more choices space. This sent to test the ideapad product for Ideapad 700 new types with 4cell LENOVO IdeaPad 700 Battery, a combination of standard voltage of the sixth generation Core i7 6700HQ and GTX950M high performance graphics card. The whole positioning are very balanced.

In addition, due to the frame design, in the course of the game, the screen will have good visual extension of a sense of can help players get immersive experience, better play the game and feel the fun.

At the top of the screen there is a camera, you can meet the needs of users of video calls. In the left corner of the B plane and the lower right corner of the white ASUS R752M logo.

What is worth mentioning is that due to the adoption of the glass cover design, in ASUS R752M with 4cell ASUS R752MA Battery around the screen are equipped with continuous convex strip-shaped adhesive strips, can avoid screen closed and C surface contact caused by wear and tear.

Lenovo ideapad before being well-known is because it is a regular laptop price killer, but this time the new launch of the Lenovo ideapad 710S but with the price of 5000 yuan file came to this area of the game, this let Xiaobian again refresh for the ideapad understanding, but a mule is horse to pull out yo ah, right? Now the next small series as we face to it will be.

In fact on the laptop have the understanding friend of Lenovo ideapad this series of products are not unfamiliar, a comprehensive upgrade of the Lenovo ideapad 710S equipped with the Intel i7 of the sixth generation 6700HQ quad core processor, BUILT-IN LENOVO IdeaPad 710S Battery, 4GB of memory to run and 500GB of storage space, NVIDIA GTX950M 2G display card in the configuration in full compliance with the positioning of the game, but the thickness and weight in the level of business, we can imagine Lenovo heart and talent in manufacturing. In the software side, Lenovo also gave the user a lot of support. But a good machine is far from the accumulation of data, so now have to look at it.

Input, the device does not use Toshiba more high level design of the keyboard, so relatively speaking comfort is not outstanding, another point, touch panel can operation area is relatively smaller, so more wasteful use may feel a bit cramped.

At the same time, ASUS R752M on the keyboard and ASUS R752MD Battery was still standing in the player's level has set three adjustable red backlight function, and in the WASD internationally micro keys are brightening treatment, is convenient for the user in the dark of night environment can also operate freely.

Most of the game players are more like the desktop PC, because the desktop PC is equipped with a more powerful performance of the hardware and more advanced cooling system, and the price of their assembly is also very cheap. But if you want to consider buying a game, you have to choose a good one. Lenovo in the current CES released this IdeaPad Y900 is worth considering the product.

IdeaPad Y900 is designed for gamers to build the game notebook, equipped with a 17.3 inch display, and provides a variety of different resolutions from 1080p to 4K. To know the super HD resolution on the 17.3 inch screen can bring quite amazing results. Also the core configuration, ideapad how equipped with Intel Core i7 processor and the highest 64GB of ram DDR4, and equipped with 4GB/8GB NVIDIA geforce GTX 980m graphics and 8cell LENOVO IdeaPad Y900 Battery.

ASUS R752M C using the class of skin material, after three times with rubber coating paint and into, the benefits of this material is able to bring soft and smooth to the touch, also summer heat will not feel the winter will not feel cold, say it is like skin delicate touch may be slightly exaggerated, but soft tactility is definitely not exaggerated talk. The touch panel will touch the touch region and button, and the middle of the dark red line is used. The overall feedback of the button is obvious, and the key process is more soft and comfortable.

R752 with 44wh ASUS R752MJ Battery Association on the right side of the fuselage, with two USB3.0 interface, to and the whole of the red and black colors consistent characteristics will be changed to red, in order to make the overall style to maintain a high degree of consistency. There is one for the external HD display standard HDMI interface, network interface and notebook lock.

Beijing time January 5th news, Lenovo ThinkPad series notebook with its solid work and exquisite design and much of the consumer favor. In the CES conference this year, Lenovo has brought the new ThinkPad X1 Yoga deformation. It not only combines the X1 and Yoga series of advantages, and also for the first time with the OLED display, display is quite amazing, and further reduce the thickness of the screen and the body weight.

In addition, the Association for the first time introduced the handwritten pen design, resembling Microsoft's surface series products in the system interaction layer of bread containing the keyboard, touch, hand in three ways, can adapt to more usage scenarios and for business people is definitely very worthy of attention of a product.

Starts with a ThinkPad X1 Yoga still stressed its business location, open traditional packaging is the appearance of the familiar black and as a 12.5 inch screen notebook computer, the weight of X1 Yoga thickness 1.94cm fuselage and 1.58kg control decent. Although aluminum metal outer cover but not sharp, it still very modest comfortable to touch, this to feel is very have help, both mobile computers or cover take in hand are especially.

Although the emphasis on light, but X1 yoga as well the identity of the main machine, connecting port is readily available, on both sides of the fuselage were read two USB 3.0 ports (including a charge off) and HDMI, 3.5mm headset, SD card reader card slot, flat supply support both sides in. If the connection to pull open next to the lid can support Onelink dock, for severe work users still use the. Also because of X1 Yoga of the use of a variety of forms, on the right side of the fuselage on the outside position provides the power button, decrease the volume and the locking keys -- the follow-up we will think, even if it's just for a regular laptop form, this button to set the equally convenient.

In this year's Computex Taipei Microsoft booth to attract me in addition to windows 10 new system, as well as Microsoft to demonstrate windows 10 ThinkPad X1 yoga with 8cell LENOVO ThinkPad X1 Yoga Battery, although two years ago, Lenovo has also launched the products with similar characteristics, ThinkPad office efficiency and Yoga series of a variety of product form together, but in the year Lenovo updated this product, and with more efficiency elements, so that the new ThinkPad X1 Yoga still can be said to be one of the best productivity tools moment, and from a certain extent, this, too, is associative camp "master".


LENOVO B55-50 G70-35 B71-80 review

Notebook experienced years of development so far, market is already mature, the industry has entered a segmentation stage, such as light, the super, deformation and other products began to quickly into the market and made. Throughout the notebook market, a kind of product can be called a "heterogeneous", that is the game! In the notebook market sales of ups and downs, the game of the like an evergreen tree maintained strong vitality, which is called the heterogeneous of one of the reasons.

In the author's opinion and said the game is heterogeneous as "alien". Because the game from design to performance configuration did not seem to belong to this planet, but rather is an alien from outer space. Of course, also because of such a multi player was attracted by the game. In many games of this brand, the small y is a lot of players and game enthusiasts love a series, it can be said that tough is its label, cool is its symbol.

Now Lenovo again lit a small Y game blood boiling, heavy launch Lenovo ideapad G70-35 with 41wh LENOVO G70-35 Battery (hereinafter referred to as Lenovo G70). The Rossoneri fusion run cool appearance and sturdy strong hardware configuration of Lenovo G70 will from the multiple dimensions of visual, tactile, and experience for users bring high-end gaming experience!

15 inch version uses pure black engineering resin shell processing, the entire surface of the body through the three-dimensional texture engraving process, this kind of processing method in the equipment of 3000-4000 yuan this year very much, is characterized by gives the product a concise and full of change of appearance, delicate texture and feel very level.

Compact body consequent is standing interface design, including USB 3.0 x 1/2.0 x 1, Ethernet, HDMI output, 42wh TOSHIBA PA3965U-1BRS Battery, audio output composite, SD card reader, the DVD drive, simple to deal with the work shouldn't be a problem. What is worth mentioning is that in addition to cancel the old VGA output. The DVD side did not arrange any interface, all feeder operation from the left to complete. In addition, the boot key position at the bottom of the left, very much in line with the usual right-hand truncated cover, left index finger at a time starting operation characteristics.

Development of the computer today, it is no longer had the figure is huge, only limited to government departments to enjoy the big guy. It is now a small but strong performance, fashion and lack of perfect details, the most representative is the product of notebook computer. Appearance design, material structure and keyboard interface are in the decades of time becomes more and more advanced, more and more practical, and like processor and graphics so that the core hardware becomes the main battlefield of world science and technology competition, and AMD is the battlefield of one of the protagonists.

In many people's eyes, AMD graphics and APU is definitely unique features of the brand. Today Xiaobian is using this equipped with a built-in radeon R6 fusion single significant A10-7300 APU and R6 M255DX discrete graphics Association B55-50 with 4cell LENOVO B55-50 Battery to let everyone feel.

In the machine, on the left is followed by the distribution of the a power interface, a key to restore key, a radiating port, a video transmission interface, a network interface, a HDMI interface, two USB interface. Therefore, the machine in the interface is still relatively rich,

Although today's protagonist is A10-7300 APU and R6 M255DX graphics card, but we must not forget the purpose of evaluation. The purpose is from the perspective of for everyone to introduce products, so let us start from the appearance to slowly tasting Association

Lenovo B55-50 with 4cell LENOVO B55 Battery shell design can be said is simply the, in addition to the shell in a corner of the Lenovo brand logo no other decoration. The machine adopts the cross shaped convex pattern, the friction between asperities can add the machine which is not easy to slide.

The although not experienced gamers, but I for each a product or a certain force requirement specification, performance is not necessarily high outrageous but the appearance absolutely or a stock. The monotony of the elegant appearance design although low-key, but it is not fit with my style. I pursue the combination of beauty of sports and muscles, coincides with the recently Department sent a Lenovo B71, its appearance moment let me want to touch it desires.

Notebook is different from the flat phone. Our general users update the replacement frequency probably very difficult to achieve in two years or a year for a change. In 2015 to the sixth generation Intel core processor, look at the hands of the ThinkPad or two generation processor...... There is no doubt that the new skylake platform can give the user a more smooth experience, the sixth generation and the second generation gap, maybe I really should change a laptop.

On the sound effects, Lenovo has always been on their products box configuration and calibration are doing very hard, even if is it Yoga tablet, too. Lenovo B71 equipment group after a major adjustment 2.1-channel JBL audio, ascendants D surface subwoofer moved to the central location, sound more three-dimensional nature. The actual process, also can obviously feel a deep bass from the bottom of the fuselage. Collocation Dolby home theater technology, bring shock sound. Water chestnut speaker symmetrical design clear, red and black mesh very texture.

Regardless of appearance design, hardware interface design has become the only channel of the notebook computer and the external device communication, location and quantity will directly affect the user's feelings. For the association of demand B71 consider very comprehensive, in on both sides of the fuselage reasonable layout includes USB interface, including many commonly used interface, equipped with a 128GB solid state drive +1TGB high-speed mechanical hard disk and DDR4 16GB of internal memory to ensure that users use it efficiently.

Lenovo B71 uses 4cell LENOVO B71-80 Battery to build a new mold, machine consists of red and black color cover sporty, excellent lines outline the cool modeling of ultra running; performance and appearance upgrades in the round, emphasizing performance and the game experience and pay more attention to the details of the deal.

Read the keyboard we take another look at Lenovo B55-50 in the interface, and from the right look orderly distribution with: a computer lock interface, a DVD drive, a USB interface, an SD card slot and a headphone jack.

In the hardware configuration with Intel issued skylake platform, Lenovo B71 also homeopathy has been updated, can satisfy the usual gaming needs. 4GB of gddr5 VRAM also let graphics performance can play a maximum, the highest resolution can be to 4K no wide frame angle IPS screen lead game experience like be personally on the scene; 4cell LENOVO B71 Battery, 16GB DDR4 memory and hard disk configuration is a combination of a 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD is ensure efficient functioning in any game. All of these are combined in a cool housing built by all metal, very hard for me to say no to it.