MSI GS43VR GS63VR GS73VR and MSI GS32 Gaming laptop coming soon

2016 is an extraordinary year in the PC industry, one of the most important point is the release of Microsoft's new Windows 10 system, which for the market downturn in the PC industry has undoubtedly injected a new vitality. More and more application, less energy consumption is to win 10 for the PC industry leads to the development of new issues, and 4K and even more and more high picture quality will undoubtedly become the echo of this trend.

According to IDC's study of the Chinese consumer notebook market in 2015, in the context of the overall decline in the notebook shipments, with a large size and high resolution screen notebook but an increase of more than 10%. At the same time, in the possession of a notebook of urban residents, more than 80% will use the notebook to play HD video. Therefore, IDC think HD audio and video will be the Chinese notebook consumer market in the next fine differentiation and specialization of product form, will further promote the growth of the notebook consumer market. And clearly pointed out that the HEVC/H.265 is equipped to support the hard decoding technology processor, is an important standard to measure the high definition audio and video. And today Xiaobian for everyone to bring evaluation this MSI GS43VRGS43VR is equipped with a 6th generation amd APU, first joined the / h.265 hard decoding technology support, and has a full hd 1080p display, is a real sense of HD video of the, the performance of the machin
e how or please with Xiaobian down carefully Guanqiao.

MSI GS43VR although is the flagship of the AMD performance brand, but in the Yan value age if looks really do not see the past, also won't have too good of the market. GS43VR with 8060mAh MSI GS43VR Battery in the MSI surface using a silky black shell, feel the touch in addition to the subtle sense of the bump will be felt at the same time it's smooth feeling. In a different perspective, the machine's outer shell is very fashionable.

In order to let everyone can better understand the ability of AMD virtual super resolution, Xiaobian also used the 4K video frames of VSR open before and after contrast. Xiao Bian is resolution 3840x2160 music MV, through real-time FPS (frame number) test we can clearly see: before the open virtual super resolution, frame average numerical probably at around 34; and after the opening of a virtual super resolution, its average frame numerical probably reach about 31. In the quality has to improve but also does not reduce too much the number of frames, this is a virtual super resolution expert.

For the detection of the quality of the picture, it can be said that the most vividly reflected in the number of computer games. A high-quality computer game it is a collection of the consideration of a variety of hardware graphics, processors, a screen, a sound card and card, then Xiaobian how can not on AMD's virtual super resolution a big test? First, in the "dead space 3" test, we through the comparison of above two groups screenshots can found in the opened a virtual super resolution image quality with higher promotion (and the number of frames and did not decrease too much, still can smooth game). By observing the flame in the figure and the figure of the snow on the shoulder, you can clearly feel the difference.

MSI GS43VR although the appearance on the icy black, but the machine on side B and C surface is used red hot magma. Red and black classic hit the perception of color is very full, the same strong color makes chocolate style keyboard like stones as dolphin mosaic on the keyboard on the surface of the plate. On the screen, the aircraft is selected a 15.6 inch standard size.

With NVIDIA geforce 920M/930M/940M/GTX 950M/GTX 960m arrival of the NVIDIA will be the ninth generation geforce graphics cards fully filled, the GTX 950M and GTX 960m belonging attribute level game alone significantly, they release also is for the game of the market has injected fresh blood. As the game of the market senior brand, MSI in the first time launched the MSI GS63VR 2QD Apache eSports games this, it uses is the latest NVIDIA launched the geforce GTX 960m alone significantly, let us together to learn this product.

For MSI GS63VR interface design, the author felt a little confused. On the one hand is in GS63VR with 8cells MSI GS63VR Battery on the right side of the fuselage also retains a USB2.0 specification of the interface, I do not know what is the interface to preserve the; also in the left side of the fuselage of three USB3.0 interface why are separated, the goal again is why! MSI GS63VR were equipped with a CD-ROM drive, we can through located on the right side of the fuselage of the CD-ROM to install. This is a worthy of praise, and support a fool "one click installation".

The 4 game player plays the master Garrett, the legend of same series. Steal treasures, molested main overlord Baron, the protagonist is also equipped with a belt special function arrow bow, stick, catch cable, lock picking tools and other equipment. The game uses the first person perspective, a collection of adventure elements using intelligent design, so that players completely control, free choice to complete the level of the way to overcome every challenge.

Metro 2033: the subject of the subject based on Russia's best-selling novel Glukhovsky Dmitry. Developed by the Ukraine 4A game studio, using the 4A game engine, and the PC version of the NVIDIA support PhysX physical effects. 2033, due to the large area of nuclear war, resulting in almost all human beings have been eliminated and the ground has been pollution can not survive, a handful of survivors live in Moscow depth underground shelters (Russian subway station in the beginning of the construction is air defense anti explosion design on nuclear radiation preventing) human civilization into a new dark age. Until 2033, a whole generation of people born and grew up in the ground, they have long been trapped in the subway station in the city.

As a big screen game, MSI GS73VR and not because of the large screen and upgrade resolution, but still use a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution. In fact, many of my friends have a misunderstanding, a resolution, though, the higher the better, can make results more clearly), but not all people are suitable for ultra high resolution. For ordinary consumers, full HD resolution is sufficient, high resolution will only increase the cost, will drag the computer performance and compatibility also some problems.

MSI GS73VR keyboard and MSI GS73VR Battery area of employs a concave design, so that we can increase the distance between the fingers and the key, in a certain extent can enhance the feel of typing keyboard for more mainstream chocolate keyboard, keys of resilience is moderate, key process better, small keyboard set for gamers to have a richer shortcut keys set (but did not see the exclusive shortcut), in WSAD four standard game direction key we also see the special red logo, this is the game the exclusive set.

hat is a virtual super resolution? Let Xiaobian to you first about science: visual virtual super resolution is also called super resolution that VSR "amd launched independent game and engine technology and in the game does not support the SSAA can simulate the SSAA effect. VSR is also able to combine the game itself with anti aliasing technology to carry out a more powerful game image control. VSR can render the game at a higher resolution, and then adjust it to lower original display resolution. When using the technology, the 1080p display can be presented with a 4K resolution comparable to the quality, so that the quality of the game screen is greatly improved. One of the biggest features of VSR is that it can make the performance of the common display and 4K display exactly the same and there is almost no loss in image scaling. Make a 1080p display incredible visual quality can be obtained and the number of frames per second and the ordinary 4K display exactly the same.

So "VSR" in the open before and after what different changes? We can see the top of the screenshot, before the virtual super resolution does not open the highest resolution of the machine can only reach 1920X1080 standard HD resolution.

And when the small series turned on the virtual super resolution, the miracle happened. With the opening of the 6400mAh MSI GS32 Battery, the peak of the resolution of the machine has also come to the level of 2560X1440.


Newest MSI GE62VR GE72VR and AUS ROG G752VS Gaming laptop review

The MSI GE62VR 2QD Apache eSports games the (hereinafter referred to as the MSI GE62VR carrying Intel Core i7-4720HQ processor, core frequency of 2.6GHz, the maximum core frequency up to 3.6ghz; graphics is mentioned above, the NVIDIA geforce GTX 960m alone significantly (2GB of gddr5), and Intel HD graphics 4600 graphics core, two cards will according to the different load demand automatic switching; storage with 8GB ddr3l 1600MHZ memory + 1 TB mechanical hard disk combination, to run and boot speed requirements of friends can install their own SSD.

Charcoal grey metallic wire drawing style has been the MSI gaming the usual style. MSI GE62VR with 6cell MSI GE62VR Battery naturally can not escape the fate of "bound", but had been different, MSI GE62VR on the surface of the top cover increased four symmetric convex type design and pairwise presents to closing in the middle of the trend, like sports car gallop, and like a rocket launch, always give a person a kind of slowly upward to enhance the sense of, by the author will be named "air force".

In order to let MSI GE62VR look more cool, MSI set up a number of red elements in the body. First is located in the position of the center of the top cover of the red dragon logo, which is MSI game this is inherent in the design and dragon shaped and white backlight; in the waist before and after the two sides have two red trim, the embellishment of the overall shape of a lot of extra points. On the keyboard surface also has some of the details of the red dotted, introduced in the next page will see.

Shown in the above table game test data is test results obtained in the game "high quality", in order to facilitate the comparison with all the previously tested other games in the performance, is pconline notebook channel uniform standards. And the fourth page of the game testing is testing in the "highest quality", in order to exquisite NVIDIA geforce GTX 960m graphics showed the strongest, please everybody do not the two results confused.

Master Lu is pconline testing room new introduced a test software, which is considering the cross platform and non professional users demand, Master Lu's evaluation is "fool", users only need to easily can know your PC performance level, which for computer white is best choice.

At present most of the game the design are integrated into the car elements. MSI GE72VR games of this nature also not exception, can see whether it is on top of the line design, imitation or MSI GE72VR "rear brake lamp design of outlet are will be a large number of car design elements into one. And top cover material is also a choice of skin material, feel very comfortable.

From the initial G150 series of products, most of the MSI top cover LOGO on the use of the "DIY" approach, will be affixed to or do not stick the option to the user. Currently on the MSI GE72VR with built-in MSI GE72VR Battery top cover is only a white printed Logo, in random accessories there is a paste of metal Logo, the back of the use of 3M double-sided adhesive, metal Logo can be perfectly fixed.

As a 17 inch big, MSI GE72VR portable ability of the certainly greatly shrink, not suitable for often the portable or mobile use. In my opinion, it is more suitable for 17 inches to just stay at home, instead of bulky desktop OK. Well, we look at the relevant parameters of the MSI GE72VR game: the whole weight of 3.054Kg, travel weight 3.625, the thickness of the 36mm up and down, so it seems, MSI GE72VR this figure is not suitable for regular mobile.

ROG G752 keyboard based on no red 30 key technology to build, this technology is very common in the game, no matter how fast the user's fingers, it can ensure that the keyboard to read the user's every click. Button below the middle of the touch panel, the touch pad feels like a matte texture, I always feel that it is good to use. But I believe that most players will still choose to use the mouse.

Rog G752 game the heavy 9.6 pounds, using a 17.3 inch 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution screen and NVIDIA geforce GTX mobile GPU, is typical of the "monster". ROG G752 game is the use of hinge type design, the screen can be a variety of angles. This screen anti glare effect is very good, because no matter what the angle of view, can clearly see the contents of the screen.

ROG G752 is basically the most suitable for use on the desktop, although not heavy to the extreme, but at least not long time to put on the legs.

ROG G752 game is not used to touch the display, but the integration of the G-Sync Nvidia technology. This technology can monitor refresh rate and geforce GTX GPU synchronization, maximize reduce Caton display and input delay, provide players with the smoothest gaming experience. After a period of trial, we found that G-Sync technology in the ROG G752 game play well with 90wh ASUS G752VS Battery, and it is a kind of fun to play games.