ASUS A550VC A550LC and DELL Latitude 13 Education Series-3340

ASUS A550 is distinguished from the similar business is one of the most special place with ASUS intellectual exchange center, the integrated application software for the user to provide application, all kinds of business office include: system application, device collaboration, security applications and cloud services. All this allows users in office application is more convenient, fast, so as to further improve the efficiency of.

The appearance of the whole ASUS A550 still maintained a steady business style design, gray shell with nano imprint technology. For business people, although steady is always needed in the first place, but the appropriate add some bright spots will not affect the overall tone, but will bring different freshness, gray shell A550 with nano imprint technology is roughly such a feeling.

B surface A550 with 4cell ASUS A550V Battery is 15 inch LED display a resolution of 1366 x 768, using black matte style, design 90 degree corner, highlighting its business tough nature. Fog screen surface was standard on many business book, A550 also used this design, this is for business people often go out of office considered, fog screen surface can have more show excellent results in the outdoor light environment.

DELL as the PC market veteran manufacturers, has launched a large notebook on the mainstream consumer market, which DELLA series notebook had hit its notebook sales record. Therefore, DELL also recently launched a commemorative edition models have been the concern of consumers. Although, this laptop uses a mold of the original A series of products, but the performance with a standard voltage of the core processor i5 and the latest GTX 850M graphics card, it is a very prominent product price.

However, DELLA series are not so high, but it is more focused in the low-end market consumers. One of the upcoming DELL Latitude 3340 with 43Wh 4cell high capacity DELL H4PJP Battery is the flagship in the low-end market crowd products, it adopts the diamond grain new designs, but with Intel core i5-4210U processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT820M graphics card and 15.6 inch LED LCD, which is a good choice to the market price of 4000 yuan. Today, we also got the laptop, then the author to introduce you to!

The bottom of the screen, A550 uses a shaft sinking, although compared to metal hinge a bit short, but still able to withstand long opening and closing. In addition, A550 at a rotating shaft also set aside a portion of space, the protruding part for placing the battery, so that the design can be said to be very clever, which reduces the thickness of the body and without any loss of power.

A550 with ASUS A550VC Battery C continues with 6 rows of keys to design a family tradition, a glance is very simple, in addition to the keyboard body area and power have no any other key. Regional, the power button design in the upper left corner away from the keyboard is very eye-catching, but also to prevent false touch.

Design of DELLA series notebook has above of avant-garde fashion features, or colorful or low profile design style, let it become a lot of the pursuit of fashion the user's preferred. Recently, DELL introduced a model for Latitude 3340 notebook, in the succession of the A series of fashion design style at the same time, has changed the traditional concentric design elements, the new diamond lattice patterns to join them, the whole machine is worth more.

Asus A550V is a balance between fashion and mainstream performance notebook, the machine appearance continues Asus notebook commonly used concentric design, so no matter your appreciation of the angle at which can have different fashion photo. As a mainstream notebook, the machine in the configuration is more practical. The machine is equipped with a AMD extreme quad core A10-5750M APU processor, graphics integrated AMD Radeon HD 8650G graphics card, and further equipped with 2GB DDR3 memory of the AMD Radeon HD 8670M graphics card, combined with AMD very good fighting techniques, can bring the game better experiment. Through our testing, application of this notebook is more suitable for daily entertainment and HD video, coupled with the appearance design is very good, very suitable for students and ordinary white-collar daily application. The concern is, the machine or the DOTA2 World Championship Edition models, performance in the game's performance is also very good, so you usually like to play some mainst
ream games, then this notebook is also very worthy of you to consider.

In appearance, the design can be described as DELL Latitude 3340 notebook is very low-key, 65Wh DELL JR6XC Battery and primary hues with seemingly low-key but worth more black brown, highlights another mature beauty. And before the DELLA series notebook is different, the design of the new DELL Latitude 3340 and a "British style", low profile design with slightly but not the same as the beauty of fashion.

Part of the keyboard, A550 uses a chocolate keyboard design, does not use ASUS unique high touch keyboard, a little regret. But A550 keyboard keycap medium range, also compare with the hands, the overall feeling is good. Touch control board A550 adopts the integral design style, this is the mainstream of design in recent years, the touch area large another operation becomes more convenient, more accurate. Touch panel below the key area with thin wire by a separate, convenient user identification keys around. Touch panel in the round, A550 added a circle of metal binding, is very eye-catching in the light against the background, personality.

Touch board integrated design by ASUS A550 with ASUS A550L Battery, compared with the split can greatly enhance the cursor moving range, and the ASUS A550 is still a touch panel manipulation into intelligent gesture technology, can achieve a pinch to zoom the image and Webpage, drag and drop objects. But according to the use habit of the author or the more like split type touch panel, feel compared to operating it, it mainly depends on personal preferences and.

The mainstream consumer notebook market, has been the major PC manufacturers the most competitive battlefield. If a few years ago manufacturers compete for capital is notebook hardware configuration, so now in the performance of serious homogenization of today, the PC manufacturer of competition should be price and consumers with different aesthetic.

The fuselage design due to the large size of the DELL Latitude 3340, this machine with 6cell DELL 7WV3V Battery has also used the plate design of large touch, so it can bring more comfortable experience effect. At the same time, with the intelligent gesture technology, assist the touch area command, can obtain more accurate and more intuitive input experience. In the lower right corner of the fuselage, DELL Latitude 3340 is also designed with computer state, battery status and flight mode indicator lamp, is convenient for the user to timely understand notebook state.

Gaming performance, we chose the "Street Fighter 4" and "2" Lost Planet two leisurely classic game testing, at a resolution of up to 1366x768, "Street Fighter 4" final test is a grade, fraction is 6457, the average frame rate 43 frames or so, games run smoothly; the resolution in 1360x768, "Lost Planet 2" average frames can reach 17.1 frames or so, at the C level, obviously when the machine running larger games will a bit difficult, but the mainstream network game or stand-alone game or can easily cope with.

A550 with ASUS A550LC Battery do make people feel good faith place in the performance of its process. This machine adopts C panel type skin paint coating, the hand feels very delicate, but also the inevitable corresponding class skin coating defects, is that if you compare love sweating hands, after then feels will be left clear fingerprints.


HP ZBook 15 17 G2 and HP EliteBook Folio 9480m coming

HP ZBook 15 G2 the left side of the machine body comprises a remote assistance HP shortcut keys, a heat radiating groove, a RJ-45 network interface, a HDMI interface and a USB interface 3. HP ZBook 15 G2 on the right side of the fuselage has a 1 SD card reader slot, 1 headset interface, 2 USB 2 interface and a power interface.

Memory affects the computer stability in a certain extent. The machine memory uses the mainstream 4GB DDRE single channel memory, so you can let the user more stable for all kinds of work.

"The book to use square hate less, you never know how difficult", when to buy a lightweight laptops, but because of lack of interface increases the trouble at work, think of this sentence. The extended interface notebook rich can make work easier to already became a truth.

HP ZBook 15 G2 with 8cell HP ZBook 15 G2 Battery in has to meet the business office interface at the same time, to create a very thin body, not only for business users to travel to ease the burden, but also convenient for business users of all kinds of daily data, signal transduction.

Intel core i3-4030U low voltage processor HP ZBook 15 G2 with is a member of the Intel fourth generation core processor, dual core four thread, the frequency is 1.9GHz, based on 22nm manufacturing process, with 3MB level three cache, the overall TDP (thermal design power) is only 15W.

MEDION Akoya S6415T with 4cell MEDION Akoya S6415T Battery and AMD with extreme quad core A10-5750M processor, the default frequency of 2.5GHz; the machine also offers 4GB memory, 500GB hard disk and DVD CD-ROM machinery. Graphics cards, in addition to the aircraft equipped with integrated processor AMD Radeon HD 8650G graphics card, also equipped with 2GB DDR3 memory with AMD Radeon HD 8670M graphics card.

First of all, the author chose the CINEBENCH R10 software to test it, the software is to use a test software for the film and television industry in the development of the Cinema 4D specific software engine performance can be drained, multi core CPU, test results are directly. Through the CINEBENCH R10 test we can see, the single nuclear test score of 3466, multi core score of 7926.

Since it is the business of the HP ZBook 17 G2 with 75Wh HP ZBook 17 G2 Battery, then the future of the main battlefield of nature will shuttle between various office software, but should be no business people will work 24 hours a day in the front line, relaxation is also less ah. So comprehensive, Xiaobian decided from, office applications, video game entertainment and leisure these three aspects to the experience and endurance of HP ZBook 15 G2 "assessment".

On both sides of the fuselage is connected to its area, for most of the users habits to consider, on the right side of the fuselage is only a support double layer CD-ROM with a USB2.0 interface, the rest of the interface are arranged in the left side of the fuselage; the left interface contains two USB3.0 interface, a RJ-45 cable network interface, a HDMI interface and a VGA HD video interface close to the shaft, then up the director about 7cm is its cooling air outlet, the design will not affect users of such.

LENOVO M40-70 with LENOVO M40-70 Battery and keyboard button areas still adopt the design of sinking A series, than the C frame plane in a certain distance, this design than ordinary flat keyboard playing characters easier. According to the data, LENOVO M40-70 uses the back loading design seamless type keyboard, compared with ordinary keyboard it promotes fixed quantity of screws, ensure that the key position precision. At the same time the keyboard layout using the golden ratio distribution, text can be input in the long time decreased when the finger fatigue.

If the consumer notebook exquisite is the business management, product cooling / gaming notebook emphasize overclocking capability, so business notebook is to see PC firm grasp of the situation of comprehensive a whole industry, the only truly understand the business users end use demand, can be pushed out of their satisfaction with the product, but the words easy, difficult realization process is, so some in the consumer / game market do wind PC vendors have not encroach on the commercial market, the reason is that they lack in relevant fields of information and the ability to accumulate, only limited several PC manufacturers can make a real business notebook, and has a long history and experience the HP inevitably among them!

HP business notebook currently has three series, respectively is EliteBook, ProBook, and Essential Business, a series of three position from high to low, the Essential Business series is the literal translation of basic business series, illustrate its positioning can meet the ordinary commercial demand for a new job, and the high volume commercial procurement localization; ProBook positioning is higher than Essential Business series, belong to high-end business notebook products, but generally it is limited to commercial notebook positioning; EliteBook is the current location HP highest business notebook products, it not only has the exclusive commercial software localization supreme advantages, and the series of products are the basic for extremely the product, hardware advantage is high, suitable for top business users.

For business users, choose a suitable own notebook should be the first to bear the brunt of the security capability is exquisite, rather than the performance of the hardware respected like other products like that, of course, here is not to say that this does not consider the commercial performance, but that the degree of attention to the hardware should be placed in the second position, after all, a better performance but also to business users a precondition to realize high quality use, then we will see the first HP EliteBook Folio 9480m ultrabook any special technology in the safe use yeast (EliteBook Folio 9480m the following will be referred to as Folio 9480m).

From the system selection Folio 9480m with 8cell HP EliteBook Folio 9480m Battery  chose the more perfect, the 64 bit Windows security 7 Pro, relative to the new Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 has been well improved, all aspects of vulnerability, means of defense has done better than Windows and Windows in 8/8.1 system, software compatibility 7 can get better support. HP Client Security, HP Support Assistant, HP Connection Manager, HP GPS and Location software application in addition HP developed, under the protection of Windows and Folio 9480m to use safety, convenience of sublimation, it will be in the commercial aspects of the surface perfect.

As the world's leading PC manufacturers, Asus has been in the PC market has a product very strong foundation and a broader audience. The Asus end in facing A series notebook users to launch, with two major characteristics of the strong performance and appearance of fashion is known to all, it is also one of the most classical Asus notebook series, has a very good sales.

Appearance design Asus A550V with 4cell ASUS A550V Battery and a generation of similar products, using the same concentric design style, supplemented by the hair texture design, make the machine more fashion scene in the sun. While the idea of the design from the laser beam for inspiration, not only in the sun looks very fashionable, and also very delicate and comfortable touch.

LENOVO Y70-70 cover part adopts engineering plastics and paint spraying type of skin solution, and adopts a vertical stripes do processing, makes the top of a very good feeling. Simple design atmosphere throughout the tectum, left by the central position design of chrome bright face of LENOVO LOGO, with black color rendering, the overall feel more like a business. After this is before you see leaked out of the picture, question whether this is the main reason for a game of this.

Y70-70 bottom with LENOVO Y70-70 Touch Battery adopts integrated design, the battery is built in the fuselage inside, this design makes the whole of this product more prominent, but also ensure the machine texture and a sense of quality. In fact, if you do not tell the author if the price, I would think that this is a 7000-8000 yuan price segment in high-end notebook, and the actual 6699 Yuan prices really let me feel beyond expectation, but if you participate in the order of words in the ZOL, the final transaction price is only 5699 yuan.


LENOVO B50-30 Touch and LENOVO ThinkPad E455 E555 coming

Since its establishment in 1984, the LENOVO computer has a home business gold only 1000 million new Taiwan dollars (about 2500000 yuan) of small companies, has become an annual turnover of tens of billions of dollars of world-class digital giant, its product line covers notebook computer, motherboards, display cards, optical storage, servers, cable / wireless network communication products, LCD, handheld computer, intelligent mobile phone and other 3C products across the board, but also in the consumer notebook computer market has become one of the world's top three. 2014 in the 25 anniversary of the establishment of LENOVO computer, LENOVO is particularly introduced LENOVO25 anniversary tribute series B50-30 Touch notebook, use the new technology of homage to the classical!

ThinkPadM series is the typical representative of many elements of symbols, the series by virtue of the business temperament and personality style of the perfect fusion, let professional life become monotonous, make people can "live" from my.

LENOVO B50-30 Touch with 4cell LENOVO B50-30 Touch Battery is equipped with Intel fourth generation Haswell core i7-4710MQ processor, the core frequency is 2.5GHz, built in Intel HD Graphics 4600 core graphics, and equipped with 2GB DDR3 memory of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M graphics card; storage is the use of 4GB DDR3L memory and 1TB HDD mechanical hard disk mainstream collocation, and pre installed genuine Windows 8.1 Chinese operating system.

Mention of the workplace, many people's mind will be the first to jump out of the words: serious, rigid, steady, low-key, seriously... Yes, 80 years of working life may be so dull as ditch water. However, this dull as ditch water is destined to survive in that era, the new generation of professionals will tell you is, business should not be so boring. So, in the Cenozoic era in the workplace, we see more full of personality symbols, see more full of vitality element, add these elements and symbols of the business, make life more colorful.

ThinkPad E455 uses 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad E455 Battery and the Journal ID style in appearance, make notebook close like read books like. Although the machine tend to simple design, but A, C surface with nano imprint technology blessings, and his steady yet personality.

The high price of the market game Redubujian, however, can let a person really interested products are becoming less and less, a series of die to Ares, Thor as the representative of the blue sky of the game from the product, after more than a year of baptism, the user has gradually produce aesthetic exhaustion for this type of product, and in hardware performance, many products even with the game in this banner in the sale, but cannot realize smoothly in full HD resolution support all kinds of games, the game player is not able to satisfactory things.

Recently, LENOVO combined with ZOL opened the LENOVO Z40-75 game this crowdfunding project with LENOVO Z40-75 Battery. After a series of voting, users are given the game they want this scheme. In the end, the current user requirement for processor is not so extreme, but there is a higher demand on the graphics performance, solid state disk and use experience, at the same time, in terms of price, but also keep the high rationality.

After small make up test, ThinkPad E555 not only excellent performance in office applications. At the same time, for every business people, hard work of course is the priority among priorities, but leisure entertainment games, film appreciation is also essential, this point LENOVO ThinkPad E555 also did not disappoint. Xiaobian believe, sense and beauty in form of ThinkPad E555 whether it is from the workplace or leisure to relax, can get many consumers love and support.

The details, HP ZBook 15 with HP HSTNN-IB4H Battery around a circle without too much stuff, the overall design is very simple, just like the double cookies. This machine adopts semi shaft sinking screen design and damping medium one hand opening and closing, so the fuselage rear end not equipped with interface, while the cooling air outlet is located on the left side of the fuselage.

We chose the 1920  1080 resolution in the game in the test environment, and are in the highest quality under the corresponding game or program, from the contrast can be seen, GTX 860M alone and GTX alone significantly while 850M stream processors in same number, but GDDR5 memory can play a stream processor's potential, therefore the difference between the two in the actual performance is still obvious.

Evaluation summary: LENOVO Z50-75 with LENOVO Z50-75 Battery is based on the actual needs of the game player, the best scheme vote, do the performance and price equilibrium, build up a platform game high performance to price ratio for the user.

Since the launch of HP game since 2013, with not one price to become a game player favorite brands, PConline studio in nearly a year have to introduce dozens of ASUS models, the attention degree is very high. According to HP Envy 14 configuration / size can be divided into three categories: ASUS, HP Envy 14, super HP super HP Envy 14 configuration with the highest. To 2014, the launch of the new 8 series mobile graphics in NVIDIA, 

HP ZBook 15 as a business, its design to improve significantly in shape, the silver shell with a narrow frame screen, the whole looks more fashion. The machine adopts the mainstream APU processor and AMD R5 alone, the whole performance enough to deal with the daily office work. Can use, the portability is relatively high, in general, HP 14 with HP HSTNN-DB6I Battery is a good entry-level business. 

Audio and video entertainment, small make up will use LENOVO ThinkPad E555 to watch the movie for 30 minutes. In order to better test, small make up still will be the power set to high performance, at the same time on the volume images were selected as the best experience.

Watch the video of 30 minutes, small make up not for any other operation, the final battery consumption is 15%.Casual game, small make up running current popular game "legend" by LENOVO ThinkPad E555, did not change any settings in the process of operation, the operation is very smooth, no any carton phenomenon.

The notebook has become an indispensable tool in the work, the life, the user can configure affects what to do with it. Usually, the same types of notebook will provide a variety of hardware collocation, for the needs of different users to choose, LENOVO ThinkPad and E555 is no exception.

3DMark 2013 is the latest version of the 3DMark series of products, the software on the fact needless to say, the graphics card to run into the first choice. The 3DMark test to join the three different test scenarios: "Fire Strike" (fire attack), "Cloud Gate" (Cloud Gate), "Ice Storm" (Bing Bao). Each scenario run down will get a separate score, and different scenarios of the score is not directly comparable. And now 3Dmark is not just a measure of graphics performance of the software, it has become a measure of the performance of the whole machine software.

The evaluation of ThinkPad E555 with 5200mAh LENOVO ThinkPad E555 Battery and the Intel core i3-4030U processor, also equipped with 4GB of memory, hard disk, AMD 500 Radeon R5 M230 graphics card and Intel core graphics. Pre Chinese version of the Windows 8.1 operating system.