HP ZBook Studio G4 and ASUS ZenBook Flip UX370UA coming

For many people, the workstation seems to be a rather vague concept. What is it? Is it the same thing as the server? In fact, it is just a computer only, but it is in the configuration for the professional business work and special combination, from the system and hardware to the safety of the powerful to characteristics of business applications, each cell it seems to have revealed that the business affair. In a word, you can understand the workstation".

In the earlier years of the station just to stay in the tower shape heavy, because the "body" is too large, so in the hearts of many people figure it seems to occur only in the dark studio, with the birth of the mobile station, it can finally go outdoors to "taste" the flavor of the sun. Simple body changes are melting covered by the wisdom and sweat of countless technical personnel, while HP is an important participant in prompting the gorgeous change! Today I give HP Zbook Studio mobile workstation G4 we bring this super is the outstanding representative of the mobile station, said, let us go to see it!

HP Zbook Studio G4 with built-in HP ZBook Studio G4 Battery compared to the previous workstation products in thickness decreased by 27%, reduced by 15% in weight, while the machine Portability has been greatly improved, but it does not discount the value of the yen. The use of metal shell HP Zbook G4 on the gloss to be significantly higher than other mobile workstations using hard plastic material, black rock like color and strong sense of cool cool Studio.

In addition, I need tips here: due to the strong product customization belongs to the workstation, so the actual sales configuration to dealers to provide information for accurate, we need to choose according to their own needs. For details, please click: Jingdong link

Zbook Studio G4 is still a continuation of the classic design of HP, in its A face is located in the center of the "HP" abbreviation LOGO. In addition, the HP Zbook Studio G4 shell are distributed on a little circular hole that we will, this design can avoid like the piano paint that "fingerprint collector" phenomenon, it can also strengthen the friction which are more convenient for users to a single hand held.

ASSD Benchmark test from the point of view, this product is the mainstream level of hard disk performance, much stronger than the mechanical hard disk, to meet the daily use is not a problem.

AMD in the seventh generation APU conference emphasized the overall performance improvement, because equipped SSD,UX370U with 6cell ASUS UX370U Battery platform Pcmark8 performance is good, also proved AMD propaganda, the Home score reached more than 4000, far higher than the previous Carrizo platform.

Type CPU Intel Core i7 4910MQCPU clocked at 2.5GHzI/O interface 2 USB 3 ports; 3 USB 2 ports; 1 HDMI ports; 1 stereo microphone input port; 1 AC power interface; 1 RJ-45 ports; 1 headset / line output port; 1 VGA port Mobile Intel motherboard chipset HM77 standard memory the capacity of (GB) 8GB (GB) 1TB+256GB hard disk capacity of Intel HD 4600 graphics card 802.11b/g/n product size 339.2 x 238.5 x 22.4mm weight 2.1kg

Notebook market is currently the most popular is thin, long life, portable laptops and two in one notebook, which is also in order to combat the impact of mobile devices caused by the situation. But some consumers are still very dependent on the performance and security of the notebook, so like HP ZBook 15 mobile workstation to start living space. HP ZBook 15 has a contrary to the popular heavy, which is equipped with a full keyboard, 15.6 inches Full HD display, as well as the amazing battery life, so that the mobile workstation has a strong appeal.

Bristol Ridge is FX 8800P on behalf of the Carrizo architecture of the follow-up products, upgraded to excavator architecture, optimizing the processor's single threaded performance, built-in GPU chip upgrade to GCN 1.2 architecture of the new R7 series GPU. FX 9830P is the Bristol Ridge family of 35W top model, this product is the biggest change in the technical characteristics of the AMD platform for the first time in each of the TDP equipped with a DDR4 memory controller. Today, we received a ASUS equipped with the seventh generation of APU technology platform products, will be a detailed explanation for everyone.

Small series to get the HP Zbook 15 mobile workstation is black, the overall use of composite materials and metal wire drawing process panel, more calm, solid. And clear lines with built-in HP ZBook 15 G4 Battery, very hard. Give people the feeling is very strong, reliable, and gives the feeling is very professional, win a lot of users and trust.

We still use the AIDA 64 and Furmark donuts tool for the ASUS Game Book carried out the ultimate heat stress test. From the test results, within 30 minutes, FX 9830P to ensure the proper frequency, the maximum temperature of not more than 80, good performance.

This product is made of fine points of the top of the screen, in detail to the machine to bring a delicate temperament. With the previous ASUS A series design ideas are very similar, just add more red texture.

ASUS UX370U with built-in ASUS ZenBook Flip UX370UA Battery uses its own past years to 15.6 inches classic appearance, body cover using mature imprint technology, excellent surface gloss, dark collocation makes top cover is not easily seen fingerprints.


MSI GP62X GP72X and ASUS FX553VD review

We also adopted the overall performance of the PCMark 8 of the product was evaluated performance of some test items for Home accelerated, which includes several Web browsing, word processing, image processing, video processing and other aspects of the game, the actual application mode close to the user, from the final score of 4105, the overall performance is very good at the upper level.

As part of the design, the design of the position of the air outlet is very careful, there are two fans inside the fuselage, and the double air outlet gives people feel like a very large space vehicle propulsion system. In addition, the advantage of the air outlet placed in the rear of the fuselage is the heat emitted by the body does not directly contact with the body, does not affect the player's gaming experience. Now we will limit the heat of the test, to see how the heat dissipation.

MSI GP62X with 6cell MSI GP62X Battery although the positioning of the game in the end, but its performance has exceeded the previous generation of high-end game. MSI GP62X not grab GTX1050, but by virtue of excellent design and excellent workmanship, carefully grinding out a very good in all aspects of the game, which makes it in many equipped with GTX1050 graphics in the game still rise above the common herd.

In the light of the sun, we can clearly see the location of the two fans, fans and fans around the gap are the air inlet. It should be noted that, in the lower part of the fuselage and did not see the fan and air inlet, such a design can also ensure that the keyboard surface also has a good cooling effect? Don't worry, the test is now on!

With a strong performance and the appearance of the character, the game in recent years has become one of the most popular PC products on the market, in addition to the high performance core processor and GTX graphics card game, the game how to do out of the ordinary becomes suspends in front of each game of this brand will in the configuration of convergence, and ASUS recently it gives a new answer, ASUS FX553V the new concept of the game.

Although the ASUS FX553V is a new product, but you can still recognize it from ASUS, this is not only because of A ASUSlogo, because it is about two and about two texture lights with a rear air outlet shape, although none of the 911 series of games the fierce appearance, but retained FX553V with 48wh ASUS FX553V Battery  game design of this gene family, the overall perception is more soft, but not 911 games this kind of tense feeling.

Weight, after our actual measurement, the weight of the MSI GP72X is 2552g; the travel weight is 3120G (PS: the official given weight is 2480g, due to the different weighing tools, there may be errors). Overall, compared to the other 3kg games started at this product, such weight control is undoubtedly quite good. I believe that for the majority of gamers, this weight can be accepted.

For notebook products, the heat dissipation capability of it is very important, we use Furmark copy machine software testing of the MSI GP72X, Furmark will be two heating parts CPU and the full graphics work, run 30 minutes after the temperature up to a maximum height, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive to see the heat each machine at runtime, we also used the FLUKE thermal infrared imager, were observed in each position of the heating temperature. (temperature span 28 degrees C-50 degrees C: lower than the lower limit of temperature will be black; more than the temperature limit will show white).

From the consumer's own point of view, if you are not very demanding performance requirements, then such as MSI GP72X equipped with GTX 1050Ti enough to use, there is no need to spend more money. Because the machine graphics part also provides GTX 1050 options, but these days from our test results, its performance can also be in the face of most mainstream games easy to handle, if your budget is tight, then start to consider the 1050 version of GTX, is also a good choice!

From CPU-Z you can see this product is equipped with the basic information processor. The Intel core i5-7300HQ processor core named Kaby Lake, 14nm process based on the quad core four thread design, the initial frequency of 2.5GHz, turbo 3.5GHz, shared three level cache is 6MB, the TDP (thermal design power) 45W.

From the temperature distribution map we draw, MSI GP72X fuselage is concentrated in the high temperature region near the right area and the heat radiating window, the maximum temperature of 54.8 DEG C, which is often used in the course of the game WASD keyboard area and built-in MSI GP72X Battery, the temperature control is quite good; on the back of the fuselage high temperature region in the same distribution of the radiation window near the highest temperature is 52.9 deg. On the whole, the temperature is very satisfactory.

After the boot, the two texture lights and logo lights will light up, the color is ASUS iconic newborn blue, which logo lights with breathing effect. A FX553V uses one-piece alloy material, the vertical drawing texture is very obvious, the metal texture, while the A side is also multi line, make the A more three-dimensional. This design inspiration from the planet aircraft, compared to those ordinary A face to be more attractive.

ASUS FX553V has a 15.6 inch 1080P IPS screen, and has a wide gamut of 72%, for gamers, this high-quality screen can bring better visual experience of the game. At the same time, the C surface of the FX553V is also made of alloy material with vertical wire drawing texture, the top is the speaker area, while the power button and touchpad shape has changed.

Triangle power supply using mirror plating process, also supports 16 million color RGB light. Shield design of a fully integrated Aurora touch panel, do not be frightened by the name, it can also achieve a variety of color backlight adjustable, fully meet the individual needs of the players.

In the default state, the whole backlight are new blue color, the player can also be built in the control center based on personal preferences. FX553V keyboard support RBG backlight, but also the use of surface carving technology, the key process is moderate, the feedback is clear, while maintaining a good feel at the same time in the face of impeccable value.

In addition, the entire C surface also has a circle around the keyboard and touchpad lines, so that the metal C face a lot more sense of power. The left side of the fuselage, from left to right is the power jack, two standard USB3.1 interface, the headset microphone jack and the three lights.

The right side of the fuselage, from left to right is the reader, USB3.1 Type-C interface, miniDP interface, 15v ASUS FX553VD Battery, standard USB3.1 interface, HDMI interface and RJ45 cable interface. In the back of the fuselage, the left and right sides have a cooling air outlet and styling also retains the ASUS has consistently run the design style.