MSI S30 Sleek and ASUS F201E F202E coming

Intel Ultrabook concept has been popularized after 2 years of promotion to the vast majority of users, whether you are an industry business users, recreational users, the thickness of the laptop and the adequacy of performance "pole" has become mainstream users to selection standards. The pursuit of performance, athletic, slim and mechanism in an office users, business super pole has a new concept, it is not only in "extreme" in the business office, but also the pursuit of high-end and taste, in order to meet the rigorous basic business user demands.

A lot of business in this design are somewhat lacking in sound, details of this seemingly configuration in many cases are often directly affect the user's experience. MSI S30 Sleek performance in this area is outstanding, which uses Waves MaxxAudio ® 2.1 stereo sound, clearer sound quality for your music, video and telephone conference. Can provide a more powerful sound via two integrated speakers and built-in subwoofer MaxxAudio, but from this point of view, the MSI S30 Sleek configuration and design more is very user-friendly.

MSI S30 Sleek with 4cell and 8cell MSI S30 Battery Business super this interface is mainly concentrated in the left and right sides of the fuselage. Although its ultra-thin body slender, but does not affect the configuration of the interface. From the left-to-back time I saw one card reader, two USB 3.0 interface, power adapter, as well as anti-theft locking. It is worth mentioning that one of the USB 3.0 interface is designed to shut down state of charge, designed to meet the human needs of business users everyday applications. From the right side of the body from front to back, we can turn to see, audio output / input combo interface, RJ45 cable interface, USB 3.0 interface, HDMI high definition video output interface. In order to allow the thickness of the interface does not affect the thickness of the body, MSI S30 Sleek cable interface with retractable switch, details of the design SleekS30 the body slim reached in the case does not affect the use of the extreme.

As with all ultra-extreme, in order to reduce the thickness of the fuselage, MSI S30 Sleek ultra-pole uses the same short key-way ultra-thin keyboard, but the operating feel in terms of the MSI S30 sleek keyboard pressed rebound larger effort the texture is very strong, beat up and the light and the noise is very small, floating island-style keyboard design to keep the distance between the keycap but also to avoid the entry of dust. MSI S30 Sleek keyboard size is less than a dollar coin, feel good, through accurate calculation of the distance between the Caps allows the user during use without being too beat fatigue, but also reflect the texture of the knock on the Slim keycap strike the rebound efforts to together, MSI S30 Sleek keyboard comfort is still relatively good.

The Samsung NT530U4E battery has also been improved, after up to 1500 times rechargeable, battery power can be maintained at 70% of the original charge, five times longer the trial life than ordinary batteries, effective use of time can be up to 3 years. Windows 7 Power Management estimated test, the battery is 100%, the power management solutions adjusted to the the Samsung power saving mode, the screen brightness to 50%, and ultimately life time of 3 hours and 49 minutes. Samsung NP530U4E all-metal appearance and glass fiber material in workmanship and materials used are very particular about the whole is more stable and sturdy. Processing in some of the details of the fuselage is relatively in place, the 13.3-inch anti-glare screen can be adapted to any use of the environment, will not affect the user's visual experience. Terms of portability is less than 1.5 kg of weight satisfactory performance.

In addition, the generic interface configuration is complete and reasonable and the whole cooling performance is also very prominent, especially in frequent contact with the user's palm rest area ideal control. Hardware configuration, equipped with the Trinity A6 processor core processing capability is relatively weak, are able to respond to simple day-to-day office, but in the face of more complex applications can not provide better support.

The Samsung NP530U4E with 6cell SAMSUNG NP530U4E Battery equipped Trinity AMD A6-4455M dual physical core processors default clocked at 2.1GHz, adopt 32nm process technology, secondary cache 2MB, Core fusion single significant AMD Radeon HD 7500G, support DirectX 11, TDP 17W ( power) to support the instruction set SSE (1, 2, 3, 3S, 4.1, 4.2, 4A), x86-64, AES, AVX, FMA. After that, we use the software CINEBENCH R10 to assess its performance, the software is able to single-core and multi-core processor performance scores given intuitive, Fengyun APU A6 4455M CPU perform the complete, final mononuclear for 2193, the multi-core 3650, the relatively weak performance, entry-level level of processing power, but it is no problem to deal with day-to-day office and simple application.

For business users, a highly efficient and stable office ultra-pole of this is the basic guarantee of a multiplier, for the pursuit of the performance of the fuselage, business users have a certain standard. Let us enter the testing session, after the systematic detection through professional testing software, let us look at the MSI S30 Sleek this business super this final performance in the end. From the above test results, we can be more objectively obtain the MSI S30 Sleek ultra-pole has a very good performance in terms of performance. From the configuration we have enough to feel the strong performance in the software system testing so few and far between for a slim business super pole. The scores of MSISleek is not only reflected in the score, but also reflects the details of the comprehensive test scores. From an objective point of view, the MSI S30 Sleek to have this score, fully meet the needs of business users on a day-to-day office.

We can be found by comparing the MSI S30 Sleek standard touchpad area much larger than the traditional notebook, so that flexibility for the user's touchpad operation have greatly improved. While from the actual use, feel and accuracy of MSI S30 Sleek performance is very good, especially in the key edge design reflects the the high bid workmanship and delicate design, feel very comfortable to use, to bring people metallic have good feelings. We can see from the detection of the CPU-Z, The songce SleekS30 used third-generation intelligent Intel Core i5-3337U processor, which uses 22-nanometer manufacturing process, TDP of only 17W at 1.8GHz Core frequency up to 2.7GHz, a low power and strong performance of the processor. Have it, MSISleek super-slim with an efficient and strong "core" to meet the user's day-to-day needs of the office.

Asus VivoBook F201E thin the body better ensure the complete interface, in the left side of the fuselage design has two USB2.0 interface, an audio input and output ports, an SD card slot. This interface design is basically complete reference before VivoBook S400.

The right side of the fuselage design a USB3.0 interface, an HDMI high-definition interface, a VGA port, an RJ-45 interface and power interface, the layout is also fully with reference to the S400, although no more innovations, but interface design your reasonable, compared to 13.3 inches 14 inches and not reduced, so almost no limit to the space between the interface to ensure that the interface spacing will ensure that the user experience.

The Asus and before and after VivoBook F201E with ASUS F201E Battery body without any interface, which also followed a consistent design VivoBook. Machine showing a wedge-shaped body, gives a very light feeling, the measured thickness of approximately 21mm, another machine uses the C surface and the border with forming one side of the package design, from the side for the whole details of the shape and solid body sex are quite valuable.

Asus F201E more common in light of the rear heat, cooling air intake window in the fuselage bottom cover back-end design, design in another part of the air inlet is hidden inside the shaft, sucked the air through the internal heat sink and fan discharge from the outlet hidden inside the shaft right position, even if the user place the machine in a similar bed uneven surfaces block the bottom of the inlet window, as well as in the body shaft inlet window smooth heat, which is not like ordinary notebook, once the barrier into the air, it will affect the entire body heat. So the rear heat is often used in the design of the light of this, it is not difficult to understand. But also for the core graphics F201E the overall thermal pressure is not, on the design of the cooling F201E is still quite good.

Weighing measured Asus F202E with built-in ASUS F202E Battery 0bare metal weight of 1.78kg, for a 13-inch laptop products did not reach the limit is thin but fairly, fully able to swallow. F201E with adapter travel weight of 2.09kg, visible weight of the adapter or control very good, only 0.31kg.

To sit down with a cup of coffee first-come to talk Samsung 530U4E design, first saw this ultra-extreme, and I believe that your first impression is the same, silver-gray modern minimalist has a minimalist design and generous, rich metallic luster of the surface material looks full texture. Many people believe that there may be the super pole just follow the example of the Apple Air for, and no progress at all. But personally think that the product is as long as it is to provide users with a good experience, learn from each other is also necessary.

Intel's advocacy, the major PC manufacturers join forces to promote this ultra-extreme prices there have been ice-breaking potential, some brands will be the first price down to 5999 yuan mainstream price range, such as this recent Jingdong hot sales Samsung 530U4E with 6cell SAMSUNG 530U4E Battery super pole.

I believe many hearts may be in doubt, why is Samsung? Instead of the world's top three PC makers? Mainly due to two aspects: first, Samsung 530U4E with a hybrid hard drive to replace the pure solid state drive, find a good balance between storage capacity, start-up speed and hardware costs; Second, today's PC manufacturing Competition control of the industrial chain, Samsung LCD panel, memory, and hard to become self-sufficient, you do not need to buy supply chain vendors, so can save a lot of costs, so that the final product prices are more competitive.


ACER TravelMate P633-M and Schenker XIRIOS B502 detail

Acer TravelMate P633 shaft part is still mired in a classic sink design, this design was first born in the Y430 on top of the fuselage, and later became a hallmark of the V series. This machine shaft damping is moderate, can open easily with one hand. Many slim notebook to small body, only let some of the components protruding, this machine will be made of the battery compartment frame-like. Install the battery up some space left at the bottom, is conducive to enhancing the bottom of the heat sink (also allows the sound from the speakers is not blocked). But also the formation of the fuselage keyboard certain arc, the palm feels will be comfortable.

Acer TravelMate P633 C-face with a leather paint, but more traditional pure black color, low-key calm sense of color, solid feel very comfortable. Compared ACER Hot TravelMate X1 Carbon is concerned, it did not feel can be described as weak. Be able to see the past, many high-end models only painting gradually into the mainstream price points on top of the machine, intimate more affordable for consumers. ACER TravelMate P633 with 9cell ACER TravelMate P633-M Battery the ACER own chocolate keyboard, the keycap center there is a slight subsidence, more fit fingers. The keycaps surface grinding process can improve the feel. But it keyboard keys shortened compared to the previous M490, knocking feedback intensity decreased to some extent, mainly due to the thickness of the fuselage to reduce the key process can not be done too long.

As a business notebook, a fingerprint reader is essential. The ACER TravelMate P633 also provides a fingerprint reader, compared to the previous product its position to the right side of the location, more humane. In addition, we see the sticker on the wrist rest is also a new look from the upgrade to the Department of GF700, NVIDIA's sticker chart has changed, the color is lighter, more dynamic sense. The ACER TravelMate P633 left and right sides are equipped with 2 × USB3.0, 1 × USB2.0, HDMI, SD card slot and RJ45 network port. This year, the new notebook ACER uniform of removed VGA port, look this year, Acer determined to eliminate the VGA. Acer TravelMate P633 power connector the square power port, power port and TravelMate Ultrabook exactly the same, say it is almost the same with the TravelMate X1 Carbon the adapter. This style power port can foresee the future will gradually replace the circular interface.

Particular note XMG P511 with Schenker BTY-M6D Battery integration of three sets of video output interface (Mini Display Port, VGA, and HDMI), can support up to four displays output at the same time, available to a larger display area, which is a common household notebook are not available function.

Schenker mySN XMG P511 is a high-end hardware configuration, which uses Intel mobile platform third-generation Core processor targeting high-end i7 3740QM processor, equipped with the NVIDIA Quadro K2000M professional graphics card, equipped with 16GB of memory, 64GB SSD solid state hard drive and 7500GB 7200 rpm mechanical hard drive, so the hardware with a more entry in the XMG P511, the price is cheaper than the top with products.

Intel mobile platform Core processor i3/i5 and i7 series of three, i3 locate the entry user, i5 for mainstream users, and i7 high-end products, the test Schenker mySN XMG P511 equipped with a i7 3740QM 22 Nm 3D transistor technology, it has four physical cores and supports Intel Hyper-Threading technology, the TDP of 45W.

It left the power supply, HDD LED, users can easily view the machine running condition. In addition, the two sound units are designed in the vicinity of the battery. Raised to leave enough space for sound because the battery compartment, so the volume of the notebook is still very full. The ACER TravelMate P453 with ACER TravelMate P453-M Battery back design is not integrated, the overall design does not look good, but it is really very user-friendly, especially for the need to replace the hard drive, the memory of the user. It wireless module, memory, hard drives are placed under a baffle.

The demolition is also more convenient, unscrew the two screws you can see the inside of a few key parts. You can see that it has two memory card slots, the user can add a memory. Bios battery, wireless module, 2.5-inch hard disk can be seen. In addition there comes standard with a 16GB M-SATA solid state drive SSD. This SSD capacity is small, but it means that consumers can be replaced by a larger capacity SSD, leaving room for future upgrades. ACER TravelMate P633 back there is a large hollow, which is to the fan suction used. See it has done so much to enhance heat dissipation design, the specific effects and what should be done, take a look below the limit thermal testing.

To send test version Schenker mySN XMG P511 is equipped with LG Philips production LP156WF1-TLF3 LCD screen size of 15.6 inches, the screen resolution of 1920 × 1080, a-Si TFT-LCD screen viewing angle 60/60/50 / 50 degree (vertical and horizontal), the maximum brightness of the screen 261.2cd / m², from the point of view of the mobile workstation, the screen quality of the performance was not good enough, but for color less demanding work perfectly adequate. As you can see from the above heat map Schenker mySN XMG P511 AIDA64 System Stability Test for 30 minutes pager test, the keyboard surface and the bottom surface of the body most of the area is still a blue color, which shows its body surface temperature control is ideal for daily use is relatively fresh.

Schenker mySN XMG P511 i7 3740QM processor configuration is not a top model, but the strong performance than ordinary household notebook equipped with Core i5 many, can provide good processing power, coupled with 64G SSD, the whole office applications reflecting the rapid implementation of high efficiency, but Quadro K2000M graphics performance is limited, so Schenker mySN XMG P511 more suitable for lower applications rely on the GPU.

Schenker mySN XMG P511 4-screen display, a display through the VGA connector, so the screen display as good as HDMI, Mini DP digital interface as clear. Schenker mySN official website said the XMG P511 with Schenker XMG P511 Battery the light wide gamut display, but we tested this prototype is not a wide gamut screen, which covers 66.61% of the NTSC color gamut, color better than most laptops 50% color gamut fresh, but it is able to render effects and wide color gamut display is still a wide gap.

We use Furmark Kaoji software for all products tested Furmark will machine the two heat-generating components of the CPU and the graphics card is full up and running, running for 30 minutes after the height of the temperature at the meeting to a limit, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive look each machine at runtime cooling, we also use a Fluke infrared thermal imager were observed warming of the temperature of each position. (The temperature spans 18 ° C-50 ° C: lower than the minimum temperature will be displayed in black; exceed the maximum temperature will appear white).

This mold has a few features can not be avoided: big, stupid, stupid, so no advantage at all in terms of weight and thickness. Schenker XIRIOS B502 whole weight of 3.415kg, travel weight of 4.442kg, where the thickest of 5.5 cm. But for professional graphics products, it does not need to do too much movement, even a mobile much more convenient than the traditional desktop, so do not need too many requirements in this regard. B502 with Schenker C4500BAT-6 Battery, XIRIOS of a full-size chiclet keyboard, but also has a numeric keypad, which is due to its wide body. Touchpad and palm rest part of the consistent use of aluminum-magnesium alloy material to build, browsing the web in the right side of the touchpad surface pulley, but other parts of the touchpad does not have the intelligence capabilities.

The new 3DMark released on February 5, 2013, which supports cross-platform testing of mobile platforms, support for widows, Android, iOS and Windows RT platform test, it is more suitable for 3D performance comparison of different devices. (Android, iOS, and Windows RT the three mobile platform version requires further testing, so Futuremark first released version of Windows for the desktop platform, other versions fix a day issue.) PCMark 7 includes seven different testing session, by a total of 25 independent workloads, covering storage, computation, image and video processing, web browsing, games and other PC all aspects of the day-to-day applications. Compared PCMark Vantage PCMark 7 test environment has changed into DX10, a variety of test software are upgrading, more in line with the current user's use of the environment and habits.

Schenker Room B502, XIRIOS of shortcuts also has good performance, multiple luminescent shortcut keys above the surface of the machine C, respectively the Cooler Boost Speed ​​cool backlit keyboard switches, wireless network switch, optical drive switch function, at the same time users can also use according to their needs, set up shortcut keys, which greatly simplifies the user in the use of the procedure. High load operation, the Cooler Boost one-touch cooling allows the fan at full speed, you can quickly cooling system, which is Schenker XIRIOS the B502 with 5200mAh Schenker XIRIOS B502 Battery, one of the reasons to have a good heat dissipation. Schenker XIRIOS B502 Denmark's THX-certified speakers, a speaker in the top corner of C on both sides, and bottom of the fuselage there is a 3W Subwoofer. In the actual audio-visual experience, you can obviously feel the Schenker Room B502, XIRIOS of significantly larger than the product much better.


ACER TravelMate P273-M and CLEVO W370ET coming

Super pole driven, not only is the traditional home, business notebook slowly getting thin, but it also stimulated the great size of the high-end gaming development towards more portable, as we tested last week Razer Blade 17-inch large screen coupled with the GTX660M graphics can control body about 21mm, indeed unprecedented.

Screen opens, 14-inch matte anti-glare screen in front of us, a resolution of 1600 × 900, relative to the common 1366 × 768 1600 × 900 can provide more content and more delicate picture. And 14-inch notebook, SAGERG NP6370 part of the screen is fairly robust, open the top cover can feel the screen shaft damping greater than the average notebook, which allows us to screen can be parked in the range of 5 to 120 ° any one angle, and docked stability is very good, basically as long as you let go will be fixed.

The rear fuselage thick front of SAGERG46 thin, open the screen, the keyboard appear before emerged in a 5 ° angle of inclination, this design will be more comfortable. Weight SAGERG NP6370 with 9cell SAGER NP6370 Battery killer, 17.6 to 37.2mm thickness is thin enough, but the bare metal weight of 2.49kg is even lighter than the same size M14x can be said is the lightest 14-inch game this configuration GTX660M graphics.

Next focused its attention to GNP6370 keyboard, you can see from the picture below, the space of above the GNP6370 keyboard is very small, so it does not provide a separate shortcut keys, commonly used shortcuts are integrated in the F1 to F12 on. As for the use of the keyboard feel, most of the chocolate keyboard, such as the key way short rebound insufficient, but SAGERG NP6370 keyboard to use the feeling of giving a new look, it's key to have longer, moderate force feedback, paragraph obvious sense, the overall performance is comparable to traditional long key process high-touch keyboard, we tested the best touch chocolate keyboard.

SAGERG NP6350 with SAGER NP6350 Battery not only the chocolate feel comfortable backlit keyboard, its touchpad has been carefully tuned, The super wide use of the area, not only for multi-touch operation convenience, while also providing a smoother to the touch, and sensitive response and accurate positioning, greatly reducing our reliance mouse.

To make the machine more unified style keyboard surface GNP6370 chassis, power button, and the shape of the camera portion of the edge of the screen mat continuation of the tough design, it can be seen GNP6370 is a great emphasis on product quality and detail high-end gaming notebook. And most notebook above the GNP6370 screen center position placed the camera, on both sides of the small hole for the digital array microphone, video call can get a better effect. In addition, above the border of the GNP6370 camera has a small groove when we open the top cover, it can give a focal point fingers.

Shortcuts Acer TravelMate P273-M also has good performance, has a plurality of luminescent shortcut keys above the surface of the machine C, respectively the Cooler Boost Speed ​​cool backlit keyboard switches, wireless network switch, optical drive switch function , and users can also use according to their needs, set up shortcut keys, which greatly simplifies the user in the use of the procedure. High-load operation, the Cooler Boost speed cooling fan running at full speed, you can quickly cooling system, which is the Acer TravelMate P273-M with 9cell ACER TravelMate P273-M Battery has one of the reasons for good heat dissipation.

Interface settings, GNP6370 three USB3.0 interface, a RJ45 network interface and mini DP interface, VGA port and HDMI three video output interface, the overall interface configuration generally satisfactory, but the USB interface if you add a little extra the better. SAGERG NP6370 bottom of the chassis by the plastic material to create, the opened memory upgrade bezel removed, the memory can be replaced, but would like to replace the CPU, hard drives and other components, need GNP6370 the machine apart, for ordinary users difficult, but SAGERG NP6370 hardware configuration is quite good, must not upgraded.

The ACER TravelMate P273-M Denmark's THX-certified speakers, a speaker in the top corner of C on both sides and on the bottom there is a 3W Subwoofer. The actual audio-visual experience, you can obviously feel the Acer TravelMate P273-M with 7800mAh ACER TravelMate P273 Battery is significantly larger than the average product is much better.

The lightweight design W370ET she can only choose such a low voltage processor like the i5 3317U performance has been shrinking, such as a lower frequency, Turbo limited, but still able to maintain the multi-tasking capabilities. Others, such as memory, hard drive are considered mainstream design, NV GT 610M graphics official positioning low-end entry is able to compensate for the set of significant deficiencies in the entertainment, but as a significant independence CLEVO and HD 4000 with.

The third generation of Intel Core i5 3317U processor using 22nm 3D transistor technology, basically all the thin and light and ultra-pole of this, from CINEBENCH R10 test results, the i5 3317UM single-threaded score of 4332, multi-threaded score 8734 normal performance.

As a special game users to create thin and light notebook, GNP6370 with NVIDIA's high-end gaming graphics card GTX series GTX660M Kepler architecture, the core frequency of 835MHz, has 384 CUDA cell, equipped with 2GB GDDR5 memory, GTX600M series of entry-level products.

The other hand, VGA, HDMI a lot, RJ45, SD / MMC-card reader dual card a drive, DVD drive and only a headphone / microphone composite interface. Here to say: the reader does not have design dust plug easily into the dust and debris.; USB Fortunately, unless you use some large card reader, under normal circumstances does not appear crowded interface phenomenon.

Are not the same and most frivolous of the W370ET with 9cell CLEVO W370ET Battery In addition to using the HD 4000 graphics card, also used the GT 610M significant independence, such a set of significant nature a score of 12441 in 3DMark Vantage test GPU project, and the machine with comes with the HD 4000 when testing the same project a score of 12654, the two results are almost at the same level, which shows the positioning of the two cards close performance imitation imitation, audio and video applications are good!

In addition, 3DMark Vantage graphics test ranking, GT 610M it is in the "Getting Started Getting Started Product ranking performance is currently the lowest level alone significantly less than NV GT 620M (another low-end entry graphics). Simply put, the two cards with the GT series high-end alone significantly lags behind the game performance is not too strong, but low-quality the smooth mainstream children play online games like World of Warcraft, League of Legends stand-alone section of the Street Fighter 4 game is not a problem!

Due to the lack of SSD, CLEVO W350ETQ and CLEVO W350ETQ Battery the test results to the ordinary 2292, is not contrary to edit expectations, is still kind of configuration notebook mass level, compared to call the shots with a SSD hard disk or cache models results, W370ET hard disk performance is indeed usually very general, if you want a better response and faster speed, this original hard disk is useful to be replaced necessary!