Newest ASUS G550J G550JK Gaming laptop coming

Mentioned high-end gaming computer brand, I think everyone except think of Alienware beyond, while also think Asus's ROG. Republic of Gamers, ROG for the love of the game in terms of friends, players can say is the best choice. But after the launch of ROG products mostly very expensive, for example, in April this year launched the first G750, its price is not the average consumer can easily afford, so, if there is a number of relatively inexpensive product launch ROG series is undoubtedly the greatest benefits to the players.

Recently, ASUS ROG series G550J market, this 15.6-inch class games of this product has a very superior design, and its price positioning in the final price of 9000 yuan, the ROG entire series is concerned, this can be said to be relatively affordable price pricing it.

With the new product in terms of design new design, with the previous domineering exaggerated coupe design is different, this new use of a low-key and restrained, without losing the individuality of the black and red color, the overall use of the metal shell, for the modest drawing process use has been personalized for clever decorating elements, so this product has become very charm.

In the context of the next review, we will explain to you the appearance of change of this product, also conducted in-depth testing of its overall performance, interested in this product, or no understanding of this product's friend, you can find the desired content through this evaluation, then let us open the ASUS ROG G550J with 8cell ASUS G550J Battery evaluation tour and see why this product is less than one million to become the most cost-effective choice!

It is equipped with Intel's fourth-generation Haswell Core i7-4710HQ standard voltage processor core clocked at 2.5GHz, Core frequency up to 3.5GHz, built-in Intel HD Graphics 4600 graphics card, and is equipped with AMD's new Radeon R7 M265 graphics card , used to meet the higher demand. Other aspects 1TB HDD mechanical hard +8 GB DDR3 memory portfolio to meet the current needs of consumers buy; 2.331Kg 2.865Kg travel weight machine weight and 15.6-inch notebook in performance is moderate.

Intel Core i7 4700HQ is a quad-core eight thread processors, 22nm process technology based on the Haswell architecture, with an initial frequency of 2.4GHz, Turbo Boost can be upgraded to 3.4GHz, 6MB of L3 cache has a maximum TDP of 47W, computing performance is excellent.

Screen resolution is HP EliteBook 755 G2 with HP EliteBook 755 G2 Battery biggest selling point, the author conducted a more detailed behind the introduction, here aside it. HP EliteBook 755 G2 resolution is not only high, but it is a touch-enabled products, the absence of any official references, so I can not determine whether its screen enhanced surface treatment, in accordance with the HP high-end touch the convention, it should be Corning Concore with thin sturdy protective glass, but should also cover anti-fingerprint coating to avoid fingerprints remain.

ASUS ROG notebook series products are generally used relatively thick body design, after all, for the purposes of the game, a large discrete graphics heat, heat the processor also can not be ignored, thus the need for more adequate space fuselage to ensure effective heat divergence, but this G550J fuselage relatively slim design comparison with the normal 15.6 inches entertainment similar, so the overall weight is also light a lot. 

ASUS ROG G550J with built-in ASUS G550JK Battery is a game of the new 15.6 inches, which is after April G750, ROG series in 2014 for the launch of the second paragraph of users of high-performance gaming laptop products. And the biggest surprise of this new product is that the use of a new mold, with respect to the G750 sports car-style designs, G550J design biased in favor of restrained style, low-key revealed a unique personality, which is to the author's most G550J strong feeling. So what is this feeling of what elements constitute it.

For editing mistakes, mistaking other products as the HP Aspire heat diagram in Figure 15 to the heat treatment, to give us some trouble, but also to bring the brand HP troubled apologize. Netizens criticize Yes, our work is not rigorous, solid deleted the wrong heat map and update the original HP Aspire heat of Figure 15. Thanks everyone supervision.

For this game, the users are often very concerned about the situation of their heat, after all, the game is equipped with a graphics card, the heat would be much higher than the average laptop, the cooling effect is not satisfactory or if the thermal design problems, the overall experience will be very bad, here we come to the heat ASUS ROG G550J actual test.

Our testing method is still at room temperature at 25 degrees Celsius, so this notebook running Furmark pager software, allowing GPU to work at higher loads. After twenty minutes or so, to see this books were internal core body temperature and surface temperature.

HP EliteBook 745 G2 with 4cell HP EliteBook 745 G2 Battery back on the right side of the hot zone, but also below 45 ℃, then the remaining portion of the temperature 33 degrees Celsius or less. Overall, HP EliteBook 755 G2 thermal situation is quite good.

Compared to the previous version of the test software, MobileMark 2012 test environment requiring relatively improved, the test must be repeated until the system, but should also be reasonable to install the driver side, otherwise there will be a variety of problems. HP EliteBook 755 G2 laptop uses a 77Wh lithium-ion batteries by MobileMark test the new version, we can see life HP EliteBook 755 G2 is 398 minutes, equivalent to down there six and a half hours or so, this result is quite good, of course 77Wh / 7100mA battery contributed, while performance efficiency value 125 is also very good.

ACER Aspire V 13 with 4cell ACER Aspire V13 Battery and a fourth-generation Intel Core i7-4500U processor, integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400 graphics card, and comes with 4GB DDR3 memory and 1TB mechanical hard drive configuration combinations, in response to the current needs of the office can be said no problem, more importantly HP EliteBook 755 G2 has a slim body and a strong capacity to support life in the office side can provide strong support for the user.

Most of the calories are deposited on the machine left of the keyboard and the cooling air outlet position, the maximum temperature of only 45.1 ℃, less heat palm rest area, in the long practical experience in the palm rest temperature outstanding performance.

HP EliteBook 725 G2 with HP EliteBook 725 G2 Battery pan using the integrated design, disassembly easier. You can see the internal EliteBook 755 G2 workmanship is very sophisticated, dual fans and heat pipes to ensure a huge first time GTX 860M high-calorie discharged after open pan. Also set aside a memory slot machine easy to upgrade.


HP 340 G1 and FUJITSU LifeBook E734 744 754 review

Global PC sales decline, so that all PC manufacturers are seeking a way out of the changed and unchanged. The author believes that the most feasible way is to launch a full range of family coverage to meet the diverse needs of all consumers. As a well-known PC makers Hewlett-Packard line, polished long time, users need to understand fundamentally. In the field of business PCs, HP maverick, has been a leader in the commercial PC market sit tight spot.

In thin vogue nowadays, mobile office has become the most common white-collar business office way, so lightweight body is very important. More efficient and safe operation. After all, business users in the use of PC, when considering the efficiency of the product, while taking into account the PC must be able to guarantee the security of a long running smoothly and data. Security is also divided into two areas, one for the body's internal data confidentiality protection, on the other hand is the ability of the fuselage durable.

Today, I will introduce the latest Hewlett-Packard HP 340 G1 notebook, which is with 4cell HP 340 G1 Battery and considered a comprehensive and efficient business models, cost-effective, is the perfect choice for everyday use. Before starting the evaluation, is still hardware introduction. HP 340 G1 has a fourth-generation Intel Core Duo i3, i5, i7, Pentium 4, Celeron processor choice; of memory is provided with two memory slots, 2/4/8 GB SODIMM memory selection, with a total capacity of up to 16GB; 320/500/750 GB, 1TB 5400 rpm hard drive, 500GB 7200 rpm hard drive optional SATA3; discrete graphics with optional AMD Radeon HD 8670M graphics card. According to extensive hardware configuration, the user can choose according to their actual situation to the hardware, great choice.

HP 340 G1' HP 340 Battery abandoned in appearance dull black, but instead a very rosy silver, A surface material does not use metal, but silver and white membrane transfer shell provides better feel while but also to a large extent to avoid interference of the fingerprint.

The processor is now a very high degree of integration, which not only integrates the CPU arithmetic unit, GPU computing unit, but also incorporates many specialized modules for processing specific data, such as multimedia accelerator.

In the decoding part, Kaveri supports H.264 / AVCHD w / improve error correction, VC-1 / WMV profile D, MPEG-2, Multi-View Codec (MVC), MPEG-4/DivX, compared with the previous UVD3 improvement is not great, only H.264/AVCHD enhanced video decoding error correction capability.

Since it is a multimedia accelerator, in addition to graphics, Kaveri APU added to the kernel for the first time to deal specifically with audio, providing AMD TRUEAUDIO technology, it can be two-channel analog signal generated more sense of direction, multi-channel audio in a noisy environment able to identify the main voice, reduce ambient noise decibels, enhanced sound clarity, in the field of entertainment and video calls to provide better service for users.

In the understanding of AMD Kaveri APU after numerous updates and features, let's look at how a new generation of mobile APU, including those specific models.

As the first 4K screen notebook, FUJITSU E754 with FUJITSU LifeBook E754 Battery to shake the city can be counted as a benchmark product, which reminds me of my FUJITSU laptop had history - the first notebook manufacturer, FUJITSU seems to exist is that to break with tradition innovation. Appearance FUJITSU LifeBook E754 continues the 2013 FUJITSU notebook series theme, "U-type" look + "Focus FUJITSU" concept, concern PConline notebook channel their friends will not be unfamiliar, especially the "U-type" look at most of the 2013 Products are to be reflected.

Let me talk about FX-7600P. Concern for the FX series is no stranger to the DIY user, it is the AMD desktop processors locate the highest model, also overclockers favorite overclocking tool, but prior to the Kaveri, FX's name never appeared in the AMD mobile platform processors on, while AMD FX-7600P is the first mobile platform APU, AMD is also by far the strongest performance notebook processor, AMD FX-7500 is a low-power APU's flagship, mainly for ultra-thin notebook market.

In the beginning of organized International Consumer Electronics Show CES 2014 in, FUJITSU 744 with FUJITSU FPCBP404 Battery introduced two notebooks with a 4K screen Tecra W50 and LifeBook E754, equipped with NVIDIA Quadro K2100M former professional graphics workstation is a product, which is equipped with a graphics card AMD Radeon R7 M265-oriented high-end consumer market. Now this consumer-oriented market launch LifeBook E754 came PConline evaluation room, the author is the first time we dedicate a comprehensive evaluation.

On the parameter, FX-7600P Fusion Radeon R7 single significant, with 12 computing cores (4CPU core +8 GPU core), the fundamental frequency of 2.7 GHz, the largest smart overclocking 3.6 GHz, supports up to DDR3-2133 memory, TDP 35W, support for third generation of PCI Express, its performance is very exciting.

In addition, A series of standard voltage APU primarily designed for high-performance notebook computers, the maximum thermal design power of 35W, while the low voltage series mainly for ultrathin notebooks, thermal design power of only 19W, compared to the previous generation of 25W, reduces the 6W, while ensuring adequate treatment capacity, while reducing the overall heat, improve endurance products.

FUJITSU LifeBook E744 laptop with 72Wh FUJITSU LifeBook E744 Battery and a hybrid hard drive, mechanical hard drive has 1TB capacity, 7200 RPM, while the solid state drive has 360GB capacity. From the mechanical hard disk test we see that the minimum speed of 57.2MB / s, up to 129.4MB / s, and the average speed of 98.5MB / s, the results point of view, the mechanical hard drive performance is very good.

At the same time we also see a new series, it is a commercial low-voltage AMD A series APU, this is the first time for the commercial market launch of AMD mobile platform APU, compared with the normal version of the APU, his name behind more than a "Pro "These three letters mean AMD Commercial Series APU performance, durability and stability can provide better performance to meet the needs of business users in the reliability and efficiency requirements.

By the previous description, we have a more comprehensive understanding of Kaveri, then we carry out more in-depth test series against Kaveri top AMD FX-7600P APU and FUJITSU FPCBP426 Battery.

This more comprehensive picture above shows the AMD FX-7600P parameter details, its thermal design power of 35W, with 12 computing cores (COMPUTE CORE), including 4 "roller" X86 core and eight GCN GPU architecture core, integrated Radeon R7 single significant.

In addition to the AMD FX-7600P, the prototype of this test with a Samsung 256 GB solid state drive with two Micron 4GB DDR3-1866 memory, storage system has reached its highest level laptops, can maximize the AMD FX- 7600P performance.

Test part of the "paradise" of this game is over, FUJITSU LifeBook E734 with 6cell FUJITSU LifeBook E734 Battery in "Heaven 2" got good grades average 49.3, we can say this in a recent game score is rare in this test, and most are in between 33-36 frames, so that such a high-end GTX 880M graphics card, not every game can play out its optimal level, but more suitable.


ASUS PRO450C PRO450V and EUROCOM M4 coming

Concerned about the business from the start, launched ASUS B series, P series, PRO series, these three series enough to support its entire business in this industry, and we launched the business from ASUS seen, low-key, tough, lightweight, has become a Its exclusive terms, even in other brands we did not find these elements. Today, the re-launch of the Asus Pro Series Business New-Pro450, this product by virtue of workmanship, more stable and low-key colors and configurations to meet the daily office, enough to make it once again became a business star.

    The biggest difference between a business and this is the game, the game primarily for the home entertainment, and the use of fixed-position display, which possess the characteristics of this business is the mobile office, and if the key way long, when the office is typing comfortable. The Pro450 ASUS key business processes of this very long and able to meet the daily needs of business users.

    Configure this product is Intel Pentium dual-core 2117U processor, 4GB memory, 500GB mechanical hard drive, 1GB of video memory NVIDIA GeForce GT 820M graphics card and Intel GMA HD 4000 core significantly, this product has a 14-inch screen with a resolution of 1366 × 768. Here we take a look at how the evaluation part of this product with ASUS PRO450C Battery.

    We received this Asus Pro450, body with a black and gray two colors, two colors belong to business people love the calm understated color, either as entertainment notebook or as office-type use, can be meet the needs of different users. ASUS Pro450 Series is specifically designed for small-medium-sized enterprises, so the appearance looks more refined atmosphere.

As we all know, the video codec is very time consuming system resources, many users will remember that in the beginning 1080P popularity, many computers when playing full HD video will be very smooth, it is because there is no specific time for video decoding core support, thanks to CPU software solution, take up a lot of system resources, so not only enhance the next generation CPU computing power, but also added to the kernel specifically for video codec, which is a multimedia accelerator.

ASUS Pro450 with 6cell ASUS PRO450CD Battery crisp body lines sketched and tough, straight edge at right angles to show the modeling business people prefer simple and capable, and we see on the top cover, this product does not use a line drawing material more ruggedly , but more slender, so touch up and feel more smooth.

In the video encoding engine part, Kaveri upgrade to VCE2, supports H.264 YUV420 (I, P & B frame), H.264 SVC encoding and temporary VCE DEM (Display encoding mode), the new H for 60GHz wireless display .264 YUV444 (I-frame).

The machine's screen size is 14 inches mainstream, the best resolution of 1366 × 768, the screen surface with a matte material, compared to glossy screens used in strong light irradiation, a user watching the screen, does not appear annoying reflective phenomenon. Details, screen junction seamless design that allows the LCD panel is fully protected.

Asus Pro450 with 56Wh ASUS PRO450V Battery overall layout of the keyboard is simple and stylish, metallic gray brushed effect throughout the C surface, especially over very natural process keyboard on the bottom edge of the between. In addition, the keyboard adds dual consideration of ergonomic and comfortable design through precise layout, and has a longer key way, so long typing business users more comfortable.

As a new generation flagship APU, AMD FX-7600P is not only part of the CPU processing capacity doubled, and its built-in Radeon R7 single significant performance is also very eye-catching.

Similar 3Dmark 11, 3Dmark is the latest generation of Futuremark benchmark software, which offers three different levels of the test environment for graphics, which FireStrike DirectX11 graphics card designed specifically for high-end products based design, CloudGate mainstream hardware supports DirectX10 and IceStorm for entry Class DirectX9 equipment to build.

ASUS Pro450 with 6cell ASUS PRO450VB Battery silver touchpad also uses similar colors, surface textures and palm rest position, the finger feels fine silky touch, position the pointer is also more accurate, while the touchpad with anti inadvertently function, intelligent recognition of the fingers and palms Different shapes and feel the pressure to avoid interference situation occurs typing. The control mode touchpad supports multi-finger touch feature, which can effectively simplify the user to browse web pages, images and charts zoom level of complexity.

Although the plastic cover material, but they are not weak under pressure, stress tests cover more than 20% of the ordinary notebook standards, improve the load-bearing capacity from 25kg to 30kg, enough to provide security protection to the screen. Cover the center position with embedded metallic "ASUS" LOGO, after stroking the surface, can clearly feel the exquisite workmanship of the degree, especially visible brushed metal texture, create a texture is excellent.

Meanwhile, ASUS also been conducted on the size of each key layout and graphics optimized ergonomic typing posture can reduce spelling errors, achieve fast and accurate input. In addition, the most noteworthy is the ASUS Pro450 spill-resistant keyboard with a design, after repeated testing, the keyboard can be easily ruled out 30 ml of liquid, while sitting in the office for regular users no longer need to worry too much to drink spilled notebook condition.

ASUS Pro450 with ASUS A32N1331 Battery fuselage interface layout is relatively reasonable, from left to right on the left side of the fuselage is safe lock, power connector, RJ-45 Ethernet port, D-Sub video output port, HDMI high-definition output port and USB3.0 interfaces , and the position of the reader is arranged in the body front left end. Among them, the video output with a more comprehensive, retained the D-Sub interface connecting projectors often used, while also providing a high-definition HDMI output port.

Radeon R7 has eight single significant GCN architecture GPU core, supports Direct X11.2, the maximum frequency of 686MHz, supports Mantle technology, multimedia accelerator upgrade to UVD4.2 \ VCE2.0, joined AMD TrueAudio technology, the highest third-generation models support PCI -E interface, DDR3-2133 memory.

Finally, we take a look at the ASUS G56J with ASUS G56JK Battery overall hardware configuration and performance aspects of the case, this get this product is equipped with a 22nm process technology Intel Pentium 2117U dual-core processor, equipped with 500GB hard drive, and 4GB DDR3 1333MHz memory speed, No machine factory pre-installed Genuine Windows 8 operating system, in addition, the model uses the NVIDIA GeForce 820M graphics card, and supports two graphics.

After a detailed introduction to the front, I believe we already have a more comprehensive understanding of the new generation of AMD Kaveri, you first need to be sure that Kaveri PU in performance over the previous generation does have increased dramatically, so they took the test for the FX-7600P example, 4-core "roller" X86 core +8 nuclear GCN architecture reached its highest GPU core APU with AMD's next-generation, AMD demonstrated the highest technology in the areas of CPU and GPU field, accompanied by the introduction of hUMA HSA architecture technology, the CPU and GPU unified addressing accelerate the integration of CPU and GPU, for the future development of APU clear direction, broadening the road.
Judging from the test results, FX-7600P Kaveri family as a mobile platform in its flagship product, the CPU processing power over the previous generation flagship doubled in the GPU collaborative computing support new applications, FX-7600P will have a huge performance advantage.

At the same time, 47% of the transistors used to build the eight core GCN architecture GPU, as the FX-7600P brings unmatched midrange gaming performance alone was newly added AMD TureAudio enhance the user's listening experience, while Mantle technology upgrade operating efficiency of the game, let the user choose it is possible to get better audio and visual experience in the game.
Undoubtedly, the new generation of Kaveri highlights many significant performance boost, but to play the direction of its full capacity will be needed to support software, which advocated AMD heterogeneous computing is the future of PC development, his greatest advantage that centralized management of the various parts of the whole computing power, rational allocation of resources, it brings performance improvements, at this stage simply upgrade CPU computing power alone can not match. So in the future to support heterogeneous computing software must be getting rich, and heterogeneous computing model is not confined to the x86 CPU and GPU used on the PC now, as it is now the most popular ARM architecture processor chip will also join them.

EUROCOM M4 with 6cell EUROCOM M4 Battery trackpad has also been designed especially modeling aspects and the whole appearance is very sharp match toucASUSad surface using a male players really like black, red, silver and three kinds of dynamic colors, touch buttons simultaneously sharp corners and instructions lines, are fully reflected in its distinctive feel. In addition, the notebook toucASUSad below the status indicator to facilitate users to understand the operation.


HP EliteBook 725 745 755 series coming

HP EliteBook business elite to create professional high-end products, as HP's flagship business notebook series, the HP EliteBook series brings together the top technology and craftsmanship, in terms of performance but also to meet a variety of business applications. By the end of 2011, HP took the lead for the business world demand for ultra-pole to take a positive response, which was launched Folio 13 has a lightweight and slim body, superior battery life and a strong safety performance, brings to the business elite more portable and efficient full mobile office experience.

After this, HP also introduced the Folio 9450m commercial Ultrabook, designed in appearance to let us refreshing, while performance in all aspects of it are very good. This time, HP has brought us a new ultra-pole design business this product - 755 G1, it is the biggest change in appearance HP EliteBook EliteBook thickness of the body is to be a significant reduction, 15.9 mm The design in this series is unprecedented, and simple design style is very low-key style in line with business professionals.

HP EliteBook 755 machine using 6cell HP EliteBook 755 Battery and a metal alloy material to build, to cover matte painting process, feels more affinity, corner transition tough part is not a continuation of the previous style, but with slim body selected arc over the design, Let the whole look more beautiful, even so, the HP EliteBook business sense 755 is still full.

In fact, this game is not worth the heat topic of concern, but for ACER Aspire E14 is not the same, slim body in the case of the limit pagers in the end what kind of heat can be done? ACER Aspire E14 will position the window into the heat inside the shaft, which is more popular in recent design approach, the main heat source keypad also concentrated in this section, the maximum temperature reached 56.7 ℃, while the CPU as well as by the impact of significant independence, the left half of the keyboard local temperature reached 50 ℃, for the user will still be some impact. Relatively speaking, the right half of the keyboard area, trackpad, and the thermostat is relatively good performance of the palm rest.

ACER Aspire E11 with ACER Aspire E11 Battery bottom thermal conditions better than the keyboard, except that the temperature of the shaft portion reaches 57.4 ℃, the temperature around 45 ℃, the remaining parts are kept at the temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. The game itself is a high fever representative products, Aspire E14 with its slim body can get this performance has been regarded as good.

Screen, the HP EliteBook 755 uses a 14-inch LED-backlit matte display with a resolution of 1600 × 900, the screen frame design with rubber material measured, to some extent cushion the external pressure and prevent the keyboard, palm rest of friction on the Screen damage, in addition, we can also see the top of the screen dual microphone array, such a combination of both to achieve a stereo pickup function, but also play the role of noise, so that the video conference clearer vocals .

HP EliteBook 755 in appearance than the thickness of the most amazing parts of the machine, the whole thickness of 15.9 mm seemed very slim compared with a dollar coin, while the whole weight is 1.531kg business people aspire. As a 14-inch ultra-pole of this product, in addition to the maximum degree of reduction of its own weight, while joint power adapter along with portability is also quite good.

HP EliteBook operating area came to 745 with HP EliteBook 745 Battery, we seem to feel the breath of the past EliteBook classic, it still follows the ultra-extreme minimalist style, provides only two position on the right side above the keyboard, the function is still a wireless switch, volume on / off. As for the other shortcuts, still rely Fn + F1-12 keys to open. In addition, the HP EliteBook 755 also has a fingerprint recognition module.

In order to cater to the new Windows 8 operating system, we also tested for endurance software has been upgraded, the new MobileMark 2012 software used in the test, compared with the previous version made a lot of upgrades. For example, Microsoft Office update to Office 2010 version, in addition, MobileMark 2007 updated version of the software based on the number of users has also increased the software frequently used as a test load, such as: Adobe Reader, Illustrator, Microsoft Project, and so on.

Compared to the previous version of the test software, MobileMark 2012 test environment requiring relatively improved, the test must be repeated until the system, but should also be reasonable to install the driver side, otherwise there will be a variety of problems. ACER Aspire E14 this game uses a lithium-ion battery 54.7Wh by MobileMark test the new version, we can see that ACER Aspire E14 game of the life time of 277 minutes, equivalent to down there four and a half hours or so, the efficiency value of 144 performance is quite good.

ACER Aspire E14 with 6cell ACER Aspire E14 Battery this game uses the Intel Core i5-4200H as the processor, clocked at 2.8GHz, it also equipped with a whole new generation of Maxwell Nvidia GTX 860M discrete graphics architecture, but also integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600, in addition Aspire E14 also boasts 4GB DDR3 memory and 1TB HDD hard drive configuration combinations. Whether from the software testing or the actual gaming experience, NVIDIA GTX 860M significant independence have demonstrated the ability to come out pretty tough, killer graphics card tested Lost Planet 2's Aspire E14 also seemed at ease.

Compared to the previous version of the test software, MobileMark 2012 test environment requiring relatively improved, the test must be repeated until the system, but should also be reasonable to install the driver side, otherwise there will be a variety of problems. HP EliteBook 745 notebook with a 45Wh lithium-ion batteries by MobileMark test the new version, we can see HP EliteBook 745 life time of 116 minutes, equivalent to about two hours down there.

Like I mentioned in the article, HP EliteBook 725 with HP EliteBook 725 Battery is designed for professional photographers, graphic designers, 4K movie lovers and other users of the launch of a professional high-end consumer notebook, its existence is not to meet the general consumer who needs to buy, so please use the condemnation way to look at it matches your level. And it is an industry benchmark-type products, the laptop screen resolution to a higher level, although to some extent be a drag on overall hardware performance, but also with 4K bring higher quality, higher clarity, greater viewing experience is unmatched. But the same is due to its high resolution, the price will be taken to a higher level, I can not guess what will be many small partners may wish to review its price under discussion will be how much!

In the AS SSD test, we see that the SSD read and write speeds respectively read 1154.81MB / sec and write 749.27MB / s achievements, and 4K random read speeds of up to 27.58 / s, the overall performance is very good compared to traditional mechanical hard disk upgrade is obvious, especially 4K random read speed, the program is loaded, the system is running, such as great speed.

New 3DMark with a new interface design, in addition to test scores, but also to show the real-time curve of each scene during the test, the whole record frame rate, CPU temperature, GPU temperature, CPU power consumption. New 3DMark canceled the traditional E, P, X mode, replaced depending on the load of the launch of three different scenarios, which FireStrike designed for DirectX 11 graphics card built on high-end gaming platform, and CloudGate supports mainstream DirectX 10-based environment hardware, IceStorm DirectX 9 supports entry-level devices, mobile phones, tablet PCs, and so on.

 Our testing method is still at room temperature at 25 degrees Celsius, so this notebook running Furmark pager software, allowing GPU to work at higher loads. After twenty minutes or so, to see this books were internal core body temperature and surface temperature.
ACER Aspire E15 with ACER Aspire E15 Battery and body thickness of only 23.8mm, and really slim compared to many previous generation products, the typical wedge-shaped design makes the whole look more stylish.

In the beginning of this year's CES show, ACER has brought a new small Y notebook, the new Y brought very little significant change. Today, we want to say this Aspire E14 uses slimmer body, a great change compared with the overall design of the previous Y series, full of red and black sports car styling looks domineering. The new GTX860M discrete graphics and ultra-high-performance i5 processor also allows the brightest players are looking forward to its game performance, did not talk much to bring this new small Y's professional evaluation below.

ACER Aspire V11 using 4cell ACER Aspire V11 Battery and ACER had never had to use the Y series thin design, streamlined fuselage looks like a supercar firmly anchored, the classic red and black color to highlight its extraordinary combat, body Lines surface also brings a good impression.


MSI GT72 Gaming laptop and ASUS ZenBook UX303L coming

Computex 2014 Taipei International Computer Show in front of reports, msi MSI gaming notebook showing a mysterious new GT72, this product is the most significant feature is the appearance of a new mold, cover for high-end carbon fiber material, configuration msi MSI did not disclose terms of time to market expected in October-November this year!

But for many users, small risking peeked under configuration, CPU clock speed of 2.5GHz i7-4710HQ, memory is 32GB, while viewing the video card is blocked staff, should be at least above the level of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M graphics card, We look forward to it!

MSI GT72 with MSI GT72 Battery appearance before a change of old-fashioned mode, the new mold design more angular, accompanied by black and red colors make the body lapped great tension in the overall performance. Fuselage material selection by the user of the current favorite forging, as the sense of touch and metal are very good.

In recent years, many manufacturers no longer launch the game will focus on how to pile on the configuration, but will be more refined look cool, but with the MSI brand, for example, we see that MSI's GT, GS, GE series mostly in appearance with a brushed metal material, and this material is widely used, and to increase its exquisite sense, and does not allow consumers to feel the game is just a big, could not move, and has a rough appearance products.

DELL Inspiron 15 with DELL Inspiron 15-3541 Battery entire body with magnesium alloy build, on the one hand to ensure the strength of machine, but it also allows the machine to maintain a fairly lightweight gesture. DELL Inspiron 15 cover with a full black color style, in the middle we can see DELL iconic logo, the overall design is consistent with the business people's style.

In the notebook product categories, business notebook is a rather special type, the reason for something special, because it requires all aspects of notebook products are very high. Among the many brands, as well as the degree of concern DELL ThinkPad relatively high, their performance in work, operating experience and data security and other aspects very well.

DELL has been a long time did not give us a new product, and this time they will be brought to the latest 3541 notebook PConline evaluation room. DELL Inspiron 15 with a fourth-generation Intel Core i7-4500U processor, integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400 graphics card, and comes with 4GB DDR3 memory and 1TB mechanical hard drive configuration combinations. Speaking DELL, for everyone to leave the deepest impression than its excellent workmanship, and this time it also brings us a kind of products?

DELL Inspiron 15 uses 6cell DELL Inspiron 5521 Battery a score of 13.3 inches display with a resolution of 2560 × 1440, just slightly lower than the Macbook Pro 13 of 2560 × 1600, but from the weight, the 3541 can be said to victory. In the top of the screen is also equipped with a high-definition camera, for business people, in far way video conferencing is very common.

"Heaven" is a professional software testing DX11 effects, it is generally only encountered graphics spike copies, GTX880M face of the game in the end could respond? Is able to run smoothly, "heaven" mean? We'll see.

By ADIA64 software system stability testing tools processor, memory, graphics, all loaded with some time (at room temperature 26 degrees), we used a thermal imager to detect them. Can be seen, the maximum temperature of the bottom of the body 55.8, the average temperature of 35.8 degrees, the heat is mainly concentrated in the thermal window position. Its keyboard surface maximum temperature was 51.6 degrees, the average temperature was 39.2 degrees, the highest temperature point is still cooling window position, the player to the right of the most commonly used keyboard and palmrest touchpad is the coldest place. In general, for having such a high specification hardware and body so thin and light notebook, the cooling performance has been good enough.

uring the test, Benchmark program will display the number of frames and real-time scoring, and the final program will be given an overall score and an evaluation for player reference, assessment is divided into S / A / B / C / D five levels, S High, D minimum. In this test experience, GTX 880M ran 7923 points rating of S, in fact, the score does not represent the strongest, ran before the GTX 870M over 8000 + good results.

DELL Inspiron 15 with 6cell DELL Inspiron 3541 Battery chose silver interior color design to match the black screen border and in stark contrast keycaps. In the Keyboard, DELL Inspiron 15 still uses the mainstream chocolate keyboard design, large keys spaced, easy to produce inadvertently, key-way medium, the general resilience. As the body receives the fuselage area constraints, the entire C surface 3541 is very compact.

In early 2014, ASUS at CES to show us its next-generation gaming notebook, and today it officially came to our PConline evaluation room. ASUS ZenBook UX303 compared with Y510P this game has made significant changes in appearance, the new design and color scheme make it more domineering, powerful configuration so that the user can also swim in the sea of ​​the game. So ASUS ZenBook UX303 in the end game of this kind of a product is it? Then we take a detailed look at this product.

When the game got the ASUS ZenBook UX303 with ASUS ZenBook UX303L Battery this, it gives the first impression is the author of a thin, if this is defined in the super 21mm or less, then the game has instinctively close to 21mm and ensure good heat dissipation, then even if it is quite good a product. ASUS ZenBook UX303 top with alloy material to create intricate metal wire drawing process designed to make the machine looks very resolute, very much in line gaming notebook this feature.

Since the first half of 2014, songce countless games of this product, but there is no update on the mold and odd ideas, while ASUS ZenBook UX303 body we have seen something special. ZenBook UX303 cover on the side of the tangent prescribe obvious, so I could not help but think of the famous American F117 stealth fighter, the same angular styling and solid black color, coupled with intricate decorative brushed metal stripes, quite dazzle cool.

ECO mode is DELL 15 with DELL Inspiron 3531 Battery  MAID technology to reduce energy consumption in the use of terminology. MAID is 'Massive Disk Array' acronym, when the low frequency of access unused disk drives, MAID by stopping spindle rotation to reduce power consumption. Any type of disk array or RAID group can be set ECO mode. After 30 minutes of idle time, the drive will be stopped to reduce power consumption. ECO button to set most of the features can be turned off to conserve power has been to achieve the purpose.

If you only see the surface tangent, maybe you still do not think ASUS ZenBook UX303's design anything special, but to see the tail design is not to think of what? Yes, ASUS ZenBook UX303 foot on both sides of a honeycomb mesh design like most of the car's taillights, plus a tangent on both sides, so I could not help from ASUS supercar design. Game of the market in the current environment of large bulky, ASUS ZenBook UX303 to the emergence of the market into the game a shot in the arm, the manufacturers do not rigidly adhere to identical in design, completely independent to achieve innovative design.

ASUS ZenBook UX303 with ASUS ZenBook UX303LN Battery dual fan cooling design, disassemble from the above figure can be seen in the design of its cooling system is very sophisticated, location vents in the middle of the screen hinge position, two cooling fans has its own ventilation window, also It is such a simple design makes the machine more sides.


Newest LENOVO IdeaPad Y430p and HP Pavilion g14 g15 g17 coming

For laptop users extremely concerned about the heat , because the heat of high-performance processor itself is not small , the effect is not satisfactory or if the heat is a problem , then the thermal design , the overall experience will be very bad , here we have the actual test . Our testing method is still at room temperature at 25 degrees Celsius , so this notebook running Furmark pager software , allowing GPU to work at higher loads. After an hour or so, to see this books were internal core body temperature and surface temperature .

In fact, how to determine the thermal performance is good or bad , the maximum temperature can not represent anything. The temperature of the cooling vents is absolutely the highest, if not , that is the only show that the heat problem. When most of the heat accumulation in the cooling vents near the location , and the temperature is no higher than in other parts of 40 ℃, it can determine the design of the cooling system are relatively reasonable.

LENOVO IdeaPad Y430p with 6cell LENOVO IdeaPad Y430p Battery to the author than the most impressive work , although manufacturers are constantly squeezing manufacturing costs, but PU401LA ensure the basic details of manufacturing quality , the seams between the plate surface and interfaces , are doing relatively fine, fly in the ointment is soft cover , to protect the screen deficiencies. In performance, for most users , that is good enough , and entry- Core processor with significant independence , and then replace a solid state drive on their own , can make PU401LA performance has a qualitative leap , overall, 3000 multi-block buy such a laptop , or a very cost-effective.

Next, the software still choose to test endurance PowerMark case, it would continue to run a cycle of test scripts , including four common applications: Internet browsing, word processing, video playback , 3D games, so close to absolute as possible most of the user's actual usage.

HP g14 with HP Pavilion g14 Battery this machine is equipped with a high-performance Intel Core i7 4700MQ processor, equipped with 2 × 8GB DDR3-1600MHz memory , and hybrid drives, graphics 1TB +360 GB solid state is using a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M is currently the most top graphics, and not shielded core graphics , so HD4600 core was also able to ensure low power consumption in the case in order to bring the best graphics performance support.

"Resident Evil 6" Benchmark program has two parts , the first part is the test content , instant calculus through two scenarios to evaluate the current system's hardware configuration meets the needs of the game ; contents of the second part is the two promotional videos, are "Resident Evil 6" the actual game demo .

In "Resident Evil 6" test which with LENOVO IdeaPad Y530p Battery, GT720M performance in general, but taking into account such an entry-level graphics card, running at a relatively high quality , have been able to get such a performance is not easy, for most games, reducing quality can be relatively smooth running.

3DMark Fire Strike with a new interface design, in addition to test scores , but also to show the real-time curve of each scene during the test , the whole record frame rate , CPU temperature , GPU temperature, CPU power consumption. New 3DMark canceled the traditional E, P, X model , replaced depending on the load of the launch of three different scenarios , which FireStrike designed for DirectX 11 graphics card built on high-end gaming platform, and CloudGate supports mainstream DirectX 10 -based environment hardware , IceStorm DirectX 9 supports entry-level devices , mobile phones, tablet PCs , and so on .

Thermal performance testing of ultra-thin notebook is actually the biggest challenge is , by convention we use the FurMark software make this machine run at high load conditions , after nearly half an hour , the processor temperature rose to 79 ℃, the hard disk temperature reached 38 ℃, just from the temperature sensor , Lenovo M40 thermal performance is still very good .

Intel Core i7 4700MQ is a quad-core eight thread mobile -class processors , with the initial 2.4GHz clock speed, Turbo Boost can be upgraded to 3.4GHz, its 22nm process technology based on the Haswell architecture , with 6MB of L3 cache , a good performance , but the power consumption of only 47W.

We conducted through CINEBENCH R10 to assess its performance , you can see , this processor is single-core score of 6390 points, a score of 24,291 points quad-core computing speed is still very good .

Dell Inspiron 11 3135 with DELL Inspiron 3135 Battery despite a slimmer body thickness than the previous generation , but still control their body heat more spiritual continuation of the series of consistent outstanding performance , the right side of the keyboard surface there is a small range of heat accumulation, regular contact with the human body place at a temperature between 38 ~ 40 ℃, feels there is a warm feeling.

Some areas of law-abiding keyboard design , see generally work fine , cancel most of the shortcut keys , for business notebook, like a mute button and a shortcut key like WIFI is still necessary . C-face or entire style of Japanese products , whether it is a keyboard , power button or trackpad are seamless , it is difficult to single out the problem , the palm rest is a composite material , corner arc transition naturally soft, good visual experience .

Have to say, if you want to buy a nice laptop keyboard , then in addition to ThinkPad, MacBook, HPZ series is almost the only choice, and with the first two is different , HP g15 with HP Pavilion g15 Battery although the use of standard size Cap, but obviously the key way much longer , so we can see the gap below keycaps , does not rebound as fast as the ThinkPad, but will be very Sculpted keycap , easier to control.

Interface , HP interface distribution g15 is fairly balanced, on the left you can see a VGA port, a USB3.0 interface , an HDMI interface and a multi-card reader , the right is the power jack , RJ-45 Ethernet interface and two USB3.0 ports and a headphone microphone jack , power jack on the top edge of its not , but on the middle rely on location , how many people surprised, the other from the Z830 start , HP will stick with the full-size connector on the kind of super -thin products , giving users the convenience is obvious.

Dell Inspiron 11 3137 with DELL Inspiron 3137 Battery fuselage design simplicity tough technological sense, and a new generation of low-end single HD R7 M265, providing mainstream 3D gaming performance , but more spiritual 11 3137 Beta fourth generation Intel Core i7- 4510U processor , 8GB memory and 1TB hard drive, not only brought the mainstream of computing power, but also provides ample storage space.

How to determine the thermal performance is good or bad , the maximum temperature can not represent anything. The temperature of the cooling vents is absolutely the highest, if not , that is the only show that the heat problem. When most of the heat accumulation in the cooling vents near the location , and the temperature is no higher than in other parts of 36 ℃, it can determine the design of the cooling system are relatively reasonable.

HP Pavilion overall performance is relatively comprehensive, now, because of the pricing g17 with HP Pavilion g17 Battery can not be regarded as a universal product , its positioning or partial end , whether it is the work process or hardware configuration, and even life and thermal performance, and their prices are match for such a handsome notebook, stability is the most critical in this regard , HP the dry well.