ACER Extensa 2510G and MEDION Akoya P7631 P7631T coming

MEDION's Akoya series is introduced for mainstream business users of the product, the Akoya series is very distinctive, in the design often can let a person to distinguish, and now the Akoya series, the design style is more partial to MEDION overall, although the loss of some personal independence of conduct temperament, but it was good effect, make this more pfp.

In our impression, this will often think about business design stiff, dull, and the evaluation of the Akoya E7223 uses a more rounded body lines, so the overall look more household. At the same time, this product is the biggest bright spot is that the overall workmanship, exquisite craft panel, mature together, provides the user with a very refined products.

In the hardware configuration, the evaluation models using the core I3 4030U low voltage processor, 4GB memory and 500GB hard disk standard configuration, for business users, this configuration can be the perfect support for various daily application, of course if you buy high performance notebook money saved to Akoya E7223 with MEDION Akoya E7223 Battery solid state disk configuration. You will get better, use the experience of.

Next, let us through this review together to find out Akoya E7223 is a kind of product! MEDION Akoya series is the mainstream commercial computer old, the launch of the Akoya E7223 is very different from the previous Akoya, because its design is more like the design style home series. However, the traditional commercial product design business, in fact, is not suitable for all users, some young user groups, still need to provide some vibrant design elements, in order to gain their approval.

MEDION Akoya P7631 gives us a new choice with MEDION Akoya P7631T Battery , it 21mm body can be comparable with the ultrabook, at the same time, the whole weight of 1.6kg has certain advantages in the portable. In the disposition aspect, MEDION Akoya P7631 uses Intel Core i3-4030U as a processor, but also equipped with a AMD Radeon R5 M230 graphics card, in the business office and I also can use games to relax, in addition also owns 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz memory and 500GB mechanical hard disk allocation.

The first feeling get Akoya is exquisite, this product both design cover, C surface or bottom, and then to the details of the design, all show excellent process. The machine mainly black, dark gray color, select the top class skin paint coating, C uses the metal wiredrawing panel, bottom and screen frame adopts the common engineering plastics, so the body to condense the material and process are the most common notebook products.

From the side view, Akoya E7223T with MEDION Akoya E7223T Battery is not the kind of product that thin, but the whole body in the traditional commercial notebook, is quite low. The fuselage design part of the arc convex in the tail, the whole machine modeling more dynamic.

In particular, the new Pavilion 15 right above the fuselage with the BeatsAudio logo, that is to say the Pavilion 15 start BeatsAudio audio support! This is before do not have. Through the built-in console, can regulate many different sound modes, to obtain better visual experience.

In the interface part, Pavilion 15 with HP LA04DF Battery on both sides of the fuselage provides HDMI video output interface, RJ45 network interface and Headset Mike interface, 1 USB2.0 interfaces and 2 USB3.0 interface, to meet the basic needs of daily use.

This product is used in the bottom of the design pattern of traditional notebook, hardware replaceable made removable panel design, at the same time, the battery is not built, so the product maintenance, management, hardware upgrades are concerned, is undoubtedly a very convenient.

Overall, although the Akoya E7227t with MEDION Akoya E7227T Battery is a positioning commercial notebook products, but also in the design of household elements reflected to some extent, and the machine's overall quality is very good, exquisite workmanship, is one of the recent very good commercial product.

In addition to the above 4 games, we also use the World of Warcraft as test object, the actual effect of 4K resolution still can run more than 30 frames in close combat, we can see the picture does more fine. But the test environment is just the field only, if people large copy, the superposition of multiple skill effect, perhaps 4K resolution may be tight, but if full HD resolution, so that in the game to show the effect will be more fluent.

We still use the conventional 4 games were tested on the MEDIONX 7829, at the same time we also respectively in 4K resolution and full HD resolution has carried on the contrast test. The gap between the two can be directly stick out a mile in the scores, but from the display effect, at the resolution of 4K, the game in the display effect is to elaborate, depth of field range.

Although World of Warcraft has undergone 10 years of a long road, but today, it is still a classic world of online games, MEDION Akoya P7631T of Warcraft custom version of the game the addition to enjoy sports car design concept of cool, also increased the World of Warcraft two hostile forces insignia, but also has a the only edition of code at the bottom of the fuselage, this is also a way to World of Warcraft for WOWER.

The details, the C surface by the metal design, palm pad part of the metal pull wire lines, not only look more fashionable, and wrist put up is also very comfortable. The palm rest left design running state indicating lamp, from right to left as the caps lock, digital small keyboard, wireless state hard state, battery status, and hard disk running state indicating lamp, can let users understand the running status of the machine.

Hard disk, ACER Extensa 2510G notebook with 6cell ACER Extensa 2510G Battery and a capacity of 1000GB Hitachi 5400 rotating mechanical hard disk. Through the HD Tune software was tested, the hard disk read maximum transmission speed of 84.2MB/S, the average transmission speed of 49.9MB/S, achievement is the mainstream level.

C the whole panel features a brushed metal panel dark gray, vertical metal wire drawing texture makes the machine texture is very clear, C surface panel and the bottom panel has obvious seam, but the gap is tight, neat, embodies the MEDION outstanding workmanship quality.

Akoya E7223 C with MEDION Akoya P7631 Battery is not too much function key design, in the upper left corner of the shoulder is arranged on the upper right corner of the power button, set the WIFI switch to the shoulder position and the mute button, the power key area is relatively large, so the very convenient, at the same time the power key and the function keys are designed white backlight.


Newest DELL Alienware 13 and HP EliteBook 720 740 750 G1 coming

Since the generation of Alienware notebook has been released for a period of time, the current Alienware notebook mainly include the 14 inch, 17 inch and 18 inch models, and these three models are still some more weight, and has been criticized by many consumers. Earlier and industry sources, Alienware will launch a 15 inch models, but this news has not been confirmed by DELL relevant personage. But many people did not think of is, the DELL Alienware new 13 inch gaming notebook was the foreign media exposure. The new look thinner and lighter, and the performance is still strong.

According to the introduction, the 13 inch Alienware 13 gaming notebook with 8cell DELL Alienware 13 Battery have improved greatly in the thickness and weight, the body thickness of 2.54 cm, weight only 1.99 kg, compared to the 14 inch Alienware game in this light a lot. And the screen, the machine offers three options, including high version is equipped with 2560 * 1440 resolution, 400 lumens brightness IPS touch screen.

Recently, ASUS launched a very powerful Entertainment Notebook, it is ASUS's classic A series pays homage to the notebook. A series is the ASUS for the mainstream market launch of the series, the series notebook had a record global sales of 51000000 Taiwan sales miracle, in 25 years, ASUS has launched the ASUS 25 anniversary tribute series A550JK (hereinafter referred to as the ASUS A550JK) notebook, is a tribute to the classic A, on the other hand is consumer feedback. Today, I will introduce you the appearance of this notebook part.

With the ASUS A series notebook, A ASUS A550JK notebook using the very fashionable bright diamond Anna concentric design and ASUS A550JK Battery surface feels smooth, dot design design of circular concentric around the center of the "ASUS" around like diffusion, highlights another "Zen" charm.

Familiar with ASUS people all know, ASUS chairman Shi Chongtang has been on Buddhism is very interested in, so we both operations at ASUS, still a lot of ASUS notebook products have many relations with the concept of. While the A surface with concentric dot pattern design of charm, is the interpretation of the "Zen" infinite nature, dynamic and mutual interest, show Wu infinite pole.

Screen, ASUS A550JK notebook is equipped with a 15.6 inch Full Hd 1080p screen resolution of 1920*1080, the display effect is outstanding, very suitable for such as audio and video HD need. The top of the screen with a 720P HD webcam and microphone, can satisfy daily network video applications.

HP back EliteBook 750 G1 keyboard and HP EliteBook 750 G1 Battery zone temperature control remarkable performance, the highest temperature reached 47.6 degrees in the heat radiating window, and the highest temperature is 45 ℃ around the middle of the back, and the rest of the temperature control performance is very good. Overall, the HP EliteBook 750 G1 on cooling performance is quite good.

If you have to play like horror game in darkness or dim light, so the backlight keyboard EliteBook 740 G1 equipped with is very suitable for you, and create the atmosphere, while the other side can locate keys very accurate position, plus ONKYO brings the sound effect is very good, can fully meet the actual needs lovers of the game.

In the HP EliteBook 740 G1 keyboard and HP EliteBook 740 Battery to the upper left and lower left we can also see the two row of lights, convenient for the user to use, in the right side of the fuselage front is a card reader, this position is more convenient and practical than the left and right sides, not the machine the whole exchange the position to the card is inserted.

SYSmark 2012 is the latest BAPCo benchmark, it brings many properties of new graphical user interface, a separate test execution and strengthen the internal configuration management, performance reflect such as office efficiency, data analysis, system management, media creation, 3D modeling and web page development system, suitable for corporate users as reference.

PCMark 8 is a performance benchmark software for Windows system, which provides a total of 5 testing modes respectively household (Home) test, creation (Creative) test, (Work) testing, storage (Storage) test and application (Applications) test, the first three tests and battery test optional mode and users can select according to actual needs of model test.

Master Lu is the PConline studio new introduced a test software, which was given to the cross platform as well as the demand for non professional user, evaluation of Master Lu is completely "fool", the user only need a little easier to know the grade of PC performance, it is the best choice for computer white.

HP EliteBook 740 G1 with 4cell HP EliteBook 740 G1 Battery interface is located on both sides of the fuselage, the right side is 3 USB3.0 interface, HDMI HD output interface, VGA video output interface and RJ-45 cable network interface; on the left is the 1 USB2.0 interface with 3.5mm audio input and output interface.

The D, HP EliteBook 720 G1 set aside a piece of detachable baffle, the baffle is opened, the user can easily add memory, or replace the faster SSD hard disk.

CINEBENCH R10 test consists of two, respectively, the performance index for the processor and graphics card. The first test simply use the CPU rendering a high precision 3D scene picture, in a single processor single thread only run once, if the system has multiple processor cores or support multithreading, is the first to use only one thread, second times running all the processor core and thread. Second test the performance of OpenGL graphics.

Next is the evaluation of HP EliteBook 720 G1 with HP EliteBook 720 Battery in terms of performance. We'll review the machine's hardware configuration. This machine adopts Intel Ivy Bridge platform i3-3110M processor clocked at 2.40GHz, 22nm technology, TDP 35W. 4GB DDR3 memory, 750GB HDD mechanical hard disk. The graphics for the HD4000 core graphics + NVIDIA GeForce 820M graphics card.

The i3-3110M processor in the comprehensive performance does not lose to the generation of i5 on 2520M, compared to 22nm 3D and i5 2520M transistor technology advanced, energy consumption reduced by 14.2%. GeForce 820M graphics card is NVIDIA latest GeForce 800M series notebook card of the first type, belonging to the entry-level products, using DDR3 memory, support for DirectX 11.2, OpenGL 4.4, OpenCL 1.1, PCI-E 2, Optimus, PhysX, CUDA, 1080p video decoding and so on technology, flow number of processors, the core frequency, memory size / capacity / frequency and so on are not raised, this history is also rare in the graphics.

On the right side of the fuselage, the HP EliteBook 720 G1 are equipped with a DVD drive high capacity HP EliteBook 720 G1 Battery, dual USB2.0 interface. Interface configurations for such a low price products have been quite sufficient, the basic demand for notebook interface can satisfy the daily use environment.


HP 345 355 G2 and HP 240 245 246 256 G3 laptop coming

HP recently launched more than 300 specifications EliteBook series notebook products are facing the consumer market, HPE series notebook listed at the beginning of the color design of the rich to attract a lot of consumer attention, and these products are positioned on the lower level, and the performance is very competitive.

This time came to the studio is the product of HP 345 G2 notebook, in the configuration of the Intel core i5-4210M processor, graphics cards is selected NVIDIA new 8 series GeForce 840M graphics card, in addition also owns 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz memory and 500GB HDD mechanical hard disk allocation.

HP 345 G2 laptops are available in multiple colors, and this time we came to the studio's product is the black version. A HP 345 G2 with HP 345 G2 Battery uses a composite material to create, between textures between metal wire drawing process and membrane surface of the imprint, compared to pure style is more beautiful, the firm degree is pretty good, and make a strong support for the screen. The cover design of HP 345 G2 can effectively prevent the fingerprint residue, gently rub can be wiped, but this design doesn't scratch proof, so when in use, still need to be careful.

Through the actual test after GT 840M in the 3Dmark 11 Performance mode fraction reached P2383, and the GPU score is 2381, by contrast, the previous generation GT 740M GPU score of 1800 or so, to improve the performance of 20%.

As a lightweight and portable business, the weight of the body is a very important factor, after weighing, ProBook 430 G2 bare weight is about 1.25Kg, plus a travel weight power adapter is about 1.53kg, portability is very good. As a lightweight and portable business, the weight of the body is a very important factor, after weighing, ProBook 430 G2 bare weight is about 1.25Kg, plus a travel weight power adapter is about 1.53kg, portability is very good.

On the screen, the HP 246 g3 notebook with HP 240 G3 Battery using a 15.6 inch LED backlit screen resolution of 1366 × 768, the resolution is not what we want to see, but given the location of HP 345 G2 product and price, this resolution is acceptable.

Design in the interior of the HP 345 G2 is relatively simple, in addition to the upper left corner is provided with a power switch key, no other independent quick key setting, the C appearance in a certain extent. The recent popular notebook products will heat radiating window in shaft inside, but the 345 HP G2 still maintain this series of tradition, will the battery is arranged in the shaft, and the radiating window is still placed in the left side of the fuselage.

HP 355 G2 keyboard and HP 355 G2 Battery is still the mainstream chocolate type design, the key process and force feedback is moderate, sink style design allows the user more handy in operation, small keyboard to set more in line with the professional users as well as the game player's actual demand, no matte texture of cap is not very tall on the. One touch control board is still the mainstream choice, from the actual situation, the pointer positioning is accurate, the left and right buttons to use relatively smoothly.

The first run is I most loves football game "football 2014", from the overall running game, very smooth, although from the view, "soccer" the game is not high for the computer configuration requirements, but can achieve the effect of open is not much, but  HP 355 has done this.

Playing live, to feel it under the FIFA, since the "football 2012" and "football 2013", more and more K to EA powder, from the game operation, all aspects of quality, now FIFA is better, this let me this live old fans too much to handle. When running FIFA, HP 355 is still good, frames remain at 40, experience very smooth.

If you want to ask I most like HP which product, is with "slim" small HP series. The HP game: small HP, HP and super HP class three, HP is the common game, super HP is the top of the game, and the small HP is a petite body 13 inches of the game, although the performance can not be compared with the super HP, but the characteristics of compact portable or that I particularly like. Recently the latest HP G3 D1 came to the 256 game PConline testing room, in the first time to depth evaluation all offer this product.

First to report to HP 245 G3 with 4cell HP 245 G3 Battery D1 configuration in detail: it with Intel Core i7-4710MQ processor core frequency is 2.5GHz, built in Intel HD Graphics 4600 core graphics card, graphics card for the 2GB DDR5 memory of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M; storage using the 8GB DDR3 memory and 128GB SSD+1TB HDD storage, the user need not two upgrade (HP 256 G3).

As a cost-effective brand the PC market, HP has always been a "price killer" the laudatory name, the blue mold HP series is in the price based on the provided quality workmanship. But it also created a small problem, is the mold of serious homogenization, therefore HP specially in the latest HP 256 G3 games on die design was improved, launched the cover design more aggressive.

The HP 256 G3 with HP 256 G3 Battery games this still use the parent class skin texture layer, provides comfortable touch also show tall. At the same time, increase the convex modeling a tap on the roof, with LED backlight color red eyes and forehead full of totem meaning "HP" two characters, like a king like style.

With the business computer can control costs, prices are also gradually decline, the emergence of a large number of the entry-level business notebook. These users of business without excessive demands, the budget is limited, and requires only the Almighty, portable. For these consumers, HP launched the entry-level business computer HP 240 G3. From the model of G2 can be seen, this product is new products for 2014 (2013 products for G1).

Today, HP EliteBook 750  came to the celestial pole net evaluation room. The initial HP of 240 G3, the feeling in the cost control aspect is outstanding, trying to hold down costs at the same time, and will not decrease the quality of the products. The hardware performance of rapid promotion today, basic can meet, multi task processing have been able to easily deal with. In a portable, HP EliteBook 750 G1 with HP EliteBook 750 Battery although no high-end flagship commercial portable book, but has the "burden" of many white-collar elite. Now, please follow the together in-depth understanding of the high price of the business.

In the evaluation before the start, still with everybody first introduce the hardware information. The measuring send HP 240 G3 uses Intel's new Haswell platform i3-3110M processor in hardware, frequency is 2.40GHz, 22nm technology, TDP 35W. 4GB DDR3 memory, 750GB HDD mechanical hard disk. The graphics for the HD4000 core graphics + NVIDIA GeForce 820M graphics card.

HP 246 G3 with HP 246 G3 Battery on the A surface by the business the more common black appearance, is made of engineering plastics, frosted, played a very good skid resistance, provides a good feeling. The centre of the "HP" logo is more conspicuous, in addition to the A surface and no other elements of decoration, particularly the introduction of naive. The machine around after the smooth processing, not like other business computer as it is relatively rigid.


LENOVO B4400s B4450s M4400s and HP ProBook 430 G2 coming

Intel core I3 4010U belongs to a new processor, also is at present we reviewed the first Haswell core I3 low voltage processor core, the processor has 2 core and the hyper threading technology supports up to 4 threads. The processor core based on 22nm process, code named Haswell-ULT, the initial frequency is 1.7GHz, do not support the turbo boost technology, shared level three cache for 3MB, TDP for 15W.

At this time, the countdown for 45 minutes, then we look at the Windows 8 system power display case. Battery percentage has risen to 73%, a rough calculation, the effect of charge 45 minutes could probably be done notebook 70%, compared with the traditional laptop battery charging speed is faster. Although the actual data and the official slightly in the early, but if it is completely shut down charging it, the data will be more accurate.

If calculated in accordance with 80% of the electricity, Lenovo B4400s with 4cell LENOVO B4400s Battery life time can reach about 6.4 hours, at this time if the user needs to go out running state of mobile use, basically can maintain a longer period of time. Thus, quick charging technology can achieve notebook power supplement in a short time, business users by virtue of this function can be more relaxed at work.

Finally, we run the recent very hot, still more "FIFAonline3", in IT media, nature has such priority to get the activation code benefits, the author advance the experience under the attractive football games, online games are now also more and more high quality, internal character surface patch is far better than the reality series single game, excellent quality, high-quality game fun, LENOVO B4450s always run smoothly, B4450s series games this is indeed full of awesome.

Evaluation summary: MSI EX627 series with 9cell MSI EX627 Battery has in fact does not need too much description of the light, delicate appearance, full of awesome configuration for B4450s series become non local game player choice, if you want the world cup big screen to watch the game, leisure flow experience in football game, so the LENOVO B4450s it is your choice!

In the resolution of 1366*768 in Webpage ordinary notebook display content was significantly lower than the 1080 resolution B4440s. The gap in everyday use experience is enormous. The above table shows and Webpage browsing contrast can be found, 1080 resolution is not only in the picture clarity, content display has a common screen incomparable advantages. But the B4440s screen while the resolution enhancement good painting, still some regret. Some white screen color performance, and mirror screen in most time is just passable performance. However, due to price constraints, such a compromise is understandable. After all, this price with the 1080P screen is an unbelievable things.

B4440s Touch's LENOVO B4400s Touch Battery charm is not only reflected in the screen resolution and the hard disk's ascension, 4000 price of notebook can configure the i7 processor is also a very exciting. B4440s Touch uses i7 4510U processor, in the promotion of temperature control and life is paramount, low voltage processor is more and more mainstream notebook manufacturers favor. I believe a lot of friends will be very curious, the i7 4510U processor can bring what what experience ascension for the user. Below small make up will be through with a i5 laptop and B4440s, the video transcoding a size of 934mb to make a performance comparison of MP4 format.

Graphics performance, we tested by 3DMark software Cloud Gate mode and Fire Strike mode, Gate mode in Cloud score of 9639, the only significant fraction of 12473. In the Fire Strike mode for a total score of 1827, between 650M and GT performance between NVIDIA GT 750M. The card if you want in the effects of smooth running 3D games would need to reduce the game resolution.

The stability of the system detection tools we incidentally through the software AIDA 64 HP ProBook 430 processor, HP ProBook 430 G2 Battery, memory, graphics cards are full of.In the last 30 minutes after the copy machine (room temperature about 26 degrees), through temperature imaging showed positive body heat concentrated on the keyboard right part, the maximum temperature of 41 degrees. At the back of the fuselage heat concentration left cooling outlet, the maximum temperature of 46 degrees. Note that the C surface right wrist rest and keyboard part of the regional temperature is higher, the direct touch feeling slightly ill, suggest that external keyboard and mouse. Note that the C surface right wrist rest and keyboard part of the regional temperature is higher, the direct touch feeling slightly ill, suggest that external keyboard and mouse.

In the summer of June this year is different from the past, a global sporting event, a man festival -- a world cup! Whether you football fans, this global event you won't want to miss! About the small partners to watch football, playing football, playing football! LENOVO B4450s ultra high configuration, both FIFA and the live can high smooth running, through the HDMI line, connecting the projector is also like a watch. If you want to change a awesome notebook before the world cup, perhaps you finish reading this blog LENOVO B4450s evaluation is the answer!

This came to the celestial pole studio is B4450s with LENOVO B4450s Battery , the overall is still a continuation of the previous appearance style B4450s series of simple texture, drawing design using A surface, smooth to the touch, hierarchy, do not need too much description of the author, and delicate style let anyone see it has the feeling of love at the first sight, the right side is A the traditional LENOVOLogo, as in the past to enhance the brand impression.

The power button on the edge and the palm rest right is the keyboard lights, the hard disk read and write WIFI, charging, the size of the state stick out a mile, the palm rest sand texture can increase the friction effectively, let the finger force more natural and comfortable.

Weight, for 15.6 inch notebook. The whole weight of about 2 kg is absolutely a good score, this is not a small point LENOVO M4400s, lets hope at a low price to buy is frivolous notebook users one more choice, and M4400s of the whole interface function design, factors also attract users.

Experience in the application of Beema extension of the APU, in the streaming media technology and human-computer interaction on the edge, to support heterogeneous computing, video stabilization technique, image enhancement technology, gesture control technology and facial recognition technology, meanwhile AMD and BlueStacks cooperation, provide virtual Android operating system, users can use the application as Windows system based on the same application interface, and the Android system based on the use of the virtual system, let the user experience of Windows and Android two system in PC products at the same time.

HP 246 G2 with HP 246 G2 Battery belongs to ATIV Book series, and the body fluid lines, the use of plastic material to create, workmanship is fine products in the same price, relatively solid materials, pure white body particularly strong, filled with the spirit of youth.

The maximum opening angle LENOVO M4400s more than 150 °, shaft damping distribution is very average, is a low-end price a few can open and close with one hand products, border is not thin, but the screen package is very tight, the entire B surface is fully closed, unlike some entry-level products, the screen and the frame of the middle layer, can even into things, this M4400s do very well.

M4400s with LENOVO M4400s Battery full-featured notebook, both interface configuration or hardware are taken into account the public needs of the user, with CD-ROM, using the built-in battery, and there is a certain degree of uplift, the body up to more suitable for the user typing point of view, the back can see the rubber gasket, good protection of the body back, also played a certain role of a buffer.


LENOVO V4400 M4400 M4450 B5400 Touch laptop coming

Lenovo V series for business users, but also suitable for small and medium enterprises. We this time to introduce products for Lenovo Yang days V4400, this is a mainstream 14 inch ultrabook products. The machine body adopts all metal materials used for grinding processing, business products, using metal material can make products look more stable atmosphere.

When meeting the question, the user need not be time-consuming to customer service consulting, open the Lenovo service can be obtained. And also set up such as mobile phone, computer housekeeper gadgets and automatic repair utility function.

Often mentioned Lenovo Yang days series, the author will be in contact with ThinkPad together. Although Yang has become commercial notebook product line is independent, but the many classic quality is borrowed from ThinkPad. Compare. Compared with the four four party ThinkPad appearance of pure black, appear design Yangtian series of more freedom and young, early release of the 13 inch and 14 inch B4400 with 6cell LENOVO B4400 Battery made a deep impression, but also for female users launched a red appearance.

Through 30 minutes of running, can be found in B5400 Touch back the highest temperature is 50.8 degrees, the average is 37.3 degrees; the keyboard the maximum temperature of 48.3 degrees, the average temperature of 40.7 degrees. Due to the size limit of 14 inches, in long time no air conditioning in the use of the environment temperature is relatively high. Xiaobian recommended if no indoor air-conditioned, try to configure the cooling pad, and do not use on the leg.

Many users buy a new computer to the Internet, must keep on all software download website one by one commonly used software, the whole process can be very difficult. The app store Lenovo built-in can quickly find a common software you need, application domain involves is very extensive, for the user to save a lot of trouble.

In addition, in addition to the whole series with fourth generation Intel core processor, Lenovo Yang days V4400 with LENOVO V4400 Battery also provides some business features, to meet the special needs of ease of use and security of user. Including the fast charging, hard disk protection, fingerprint recognition, Dolby cinema, new network card and Lenovo Solution for Small Business and other functions.

Let us together to understand in detail the natural V4400 commercial ultrabook. V4400-ITH (WIN8) Lenovo notebook computer 2 appearance: commercial atmosphere thick straight edge at right angles clear-cut. Appearance: commercial atmosphere thick straight edge at right angles to a crisp

As a business notebook, appearance do not need too many words, simple and elegant. Business professionals in daily use environment and office space, secure the should be practical, able style, more in place of Lenovo's new Yangtian V4400 super book in this aspect to do. This machine adopts deep gray matte metal roof, full texture, handling straight edge at right angles to make the complete machine looks clean and neat. Overall, the detail work than their predecessors Yangtian finer V480s.

The user can at any time to backup the system state, when the system problems can always read your backup or restore factory settings. The operation is very simple, is a very human utility software.

Metal material in the current commercial super this extremely popular, a slim body and a display screen can be better protected, on the other hand, texture and wear has also greatly increased. Lenovo B5400 with LENOVO B5400 Touch Battery body with all metal design, the wedge-shaped, and Asus UX series super this somewhat similar. However, Lenovo V4400 also has its own characteristics, especially before and after treatment with sharp edge, tangent parallelogram design, the side looks very thin, line becomes more and more clear.

As long as the users in "my user" set password, and open the desktop file can be set for face recognition. Face recognition and authentication automatically after reboot. If the user does not feel too will use, also can be in the "about" instructions to quickly understand the options. Because B5400 Touch uses the mirror screen, prone to facial recognition dark embarrassment in strong light environment, but overall it is still a useful set.

Lenovo M4400 used 4cell LENOVO M4400 Battery and a 14 inch matte screen, resolution to 1600 * 900, the display effect is very good, but accurate color restoration, full screen and fine. Fog screen is very useful for frequently engaged in outdoor work under strong light users, watch the screen, does not appear obvious reflection phenomenon.

The B M4400 of most concern is the 1080 resolution enhancement, only 4000 out of 14 inches in the price on the market basically is unthinkable. The brightness of the screen legend more mirror screen good, practical experience in the visible range is very good, although is 14 inches, but adjusted by different fonts and sizes icon, can more adapt to the demand of user.

For the protection of the screen,the Lenovo M4400 with LENOVO M5400 Touch Battery do very place, have a circle of rubber pads on the inside of the frame is embedded, and the details of the deal are very careful, basically be the dovetail. The opening and closing of the screen when the rubber ring can play a buffer role, not to the whole bring excessive vibration and noise. In addition, 720P HD camera above the screen is embedded, can restore the scene more realistic, both training video or video conference all can be competent, travel and meeting two not mistake.

Although B5400 with reasonable prices and new features allow users to find everything fresh and new, but there are still many shortcomings, such as screen is still general screen 768 resolution, mechanical hard disk limit daily reading and writing and boot speed etc.. These problems in the B5400 Touch association gives a new solution. The screen resolution to upgrade from 768 1080*1920 resolution, the hard disk is replaced by the mixed hard disk 8G SSD+500G solid state combination. With the i7 4510U processor +R5 M230 2G alone, 4G memory still control the price at 4299 yuan, in the market 14 inch notebook products appears to stand head and shoulders above others. But this price with this configuration, work and practical experience in the end there is no discount? This is also a lot of netizens concern, small make up will be targeted at the hot question for all one one test.

Products: M4450 (WIN8) Lenovo notebook LENOVO M4450 Battery: 3 high touch keyboard with white backlight. · keyboard: high touch chocolate keyboard with white backlight

Lenovo B5400 launched, many users. In addition to the beautiful appearance, solid work and cost-effective configuration is people love this new series of reason. B5400 series Strike while the iron is hot. flagship young group users launched the B5400 Touch products, will not only enhance the 1366*768 screen resolution to the full 1920*1080 HD resolution, also provides the 500GB +8GB SSHD hard disk, greatly enhance the starting and running speed.

When E4430 with LENOVO E4430 Battery was released, the full topic series has been subject to the attention of many friends.


HP ProBook 440 445 450 455 470 G2 laptop coming

HP ProBook 450 with the Intel core I3 4030U, is a Haswell architecture based on the fourth generation of core I3 low voltage processor, using the 22nm process, with 3MB level three cache, frequency is 1.9GHz, do not have turbo boost function, uses four threads to design low voltage processor core, is a type of energy saving.

Finally, we use the office properties of PCMark 8 on the product is evaluated, from the final performance, the comprehensive score of 4049 that this machine business performance is very good, the general document processing, image processing can perform very well.

Provides performance data to support the software testing, but the actual user experience how? Below we through some practical application test, to find out exactly how ProBook performance of 430 in the actual office applications?

First we ProBook 450 with 6cell or 9cell HP ProBook 450 G2 Battery on a file compression speed test, to have a look the following specific test results:File compression test can be very good to show the multi thread processing machine, and many business applications can use multiple threads. We are packing compression of 1.48GB video files, and eventually use only 1 minutes and 23 seconds, the speed or satisfactory.

From the test results, ProBook 450 conversion of 4K ultra clear video is 8 minutes and 53 seconds, better performance.From the two office test can be seen, ProBook 450 in document processing, picture deal with general treatment, and even ordinary video processing, can provide users with better performance support.

Evaluation summary: HP ProBook 445 series with HP ProBook 445 G2 Battery of word of mouth is always good, by business users, in addition to the product itself quality, higher ratio of performance to price and perfect after sale service is one of the biggest bargaining chip.

We use the CINEBENCH R10 on the performance of a processor is tested, the single nuclear score is 3724 points, two score of 8112 points, the overall performance is good, with all kinds of office applications are currently operational performance can provide better support.

From the graph, we can also see the right CD-ROM bit CD-ROM docked, reduce weight, after all, now even on desktop machines, and few people will use CD-ROM this classic some old parts. But also reserve position, convenient you with anything you want in here, such as CD-ROM, hard disk, but also save a redo mould cost.

Next,we evaluated the hardware performance of 455 with HP ProBook 455 G2 Battery, first let us have a look these machines are equipped with what hardware configuration?ProBook 450 is a used Intel core I3 4030U processor, 4GB DDR3-1600MHz memory, 500GB hard disk as well as the Intel HD4400 mechanical core graphics business notebook computer. These hardware combined with what kind of performance together can? Below we together to have a look.

Evaluation summary: HP ProBook series of word of mouth is always good, by business users, in addition to the product itself quality, higher ratio of performance to price and perfect after sale service is one of the biggest bargaining chip.

This evaluation of ProBook 440 using 6cell HP ProBook 440 G2 Battery the core I3 low voltage processor, the overall performance of the utility, 13 inch screen has good visual experience, but also good portability, small volume brings, at the same time in the design, the overall quality, also have very good guarantee, can be said to be ordinary office workers is very good the choice of business.

The HP ENVY series is always a representative product of HP high performance gaming notebook, launched last year, HP ENVY 17 gaming notebook also widely by the users of the pro gaze, this year HP further, the launch of the UHD IPS touch screen with 4K resolution HPSatellit 470 and the product also has the performance of more powerful, let us together know about the new HP flagship machine emperor HP this year to launch a new.

HP ProBook 470 notebook with HP ProBook 470 G2 Battery as the launch of the HP computer this year's flagship product, the biggest bright spot is that it has up to 3840 * 2160 resolution is now the most fiery 4K UHD screen, high resolution screen nature to give users more exquisite quality and more visual experience, especially for film, games have more powerful expressiveness.

Thanks to use good metal shaft to the switching point, damping coefficient is appropriate, can open and close with one hand, but also more durable. Opening and closing of the maximum angle can reach 165 degrees, the rotating shaft sinking type design has been quite good, but also because of this design, there is no design outlet and any jack.

C uses a and A surface of the same color, in addition to the keyboard, uniform light blue, the keyboard is chocolate keyboard on a black background, the key process of 1.7MM feel very good, just on the left and right arrow keys as small, with not too easy.

The front of the card reader interface for the frequent use of the SD card of the people, especially the camera user, is used, if there is a lid is better, after all, enveloped in the capital of high strength gray haze, it is can hardly be avoided.

D and most of the notebook, using the integrated cover black, concentrated most of the vast heat radiation hole, so the use of time to set aside a ventilated space, in order to achieve the better radiation effect. If you have a need to disassemble the just needs to screw down the side of all the screws can be.

Today I bring you a product is HP 810 with HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G1 Battery (type 810 G1), this is a HP in June this year, the launch of new products. As always at very good price and known for HP, has been in progress, in an effort to show everyone what price high enough product, the EliteBook Revolve 810 also is such, the laptop is sold in Jingdong, offer 4099 yuan, pearl white, black, bright red, Coffee gold, steel grey, sapphire blue color optional. [buy address (16 person of interest)

Interface more rich and practical, a row of cooling holes in order to take care of big angle of the screen and left greatly, interface are arranged into position near the bottom, although somewhat compact, but also ensure the long time work under C the comfort, the interface includes three USB interface, including two USB2.0 and one USB3.0, a HDMI interface, a VGA analog video output interface, a RJ45 standard network interface, and a Headset microphone composite interface.

Hold in the hand, the first feeling is "simple", no excess color, drawing texture plastic shell A blue block with a shiny silver "HP" standard, drawing make popular feeling with plastics, good-looking and easy, not easy to leave fingerprints, silvery "HP" standard and HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G2 Battery both obvious and unobtrusive. Simple design although the visual impact is not strong, but makes it in with our many years of circumstances, is worth more than.