ASUS UX305F G501JW and LENOVO Y50p-70 review

In a new generation of NVIDIA GTX Series graphics cards support, now the game has gradually emerge from the thick to thin notebook, but today we introduce ASUS ZenBook UX305F is the latest GeForce GTX NVIDIA with 960M alone significantly thin video game of the.

ASUS ZenBook UX305F is a 15 inch notebook, with a 15.6 inch 1929 * 1080 resolution IPS wide angle fog plane screen, the screen shows excellent results, both audio and video games or processing picture, it can provide good support.

It designs, ASUS ZenBook UX305F with 45wh ASUS UX305F Battery looks a bit similar with previous N series, but the roof of the concentric circle texture is UX series of DNA, so ASUS ZenBook UX305F is one of N series and UX series together products.

The author in the previous paper has repeatedly referred to the machine body is small, light weight, very conducive to business people carrying business office. Through the actual measurement, the machine body weight is only 1.43kg, very handy.

In addition to the portable notebook, also need to have adequate security. EliteBook 825 G2 with built-in HP EliteBook 825 G2 Battery in terms of safety guarantee, indeed beyond imagination. Based on the first take safety protection in BIOS, EliteBook 820 BIOS can be achieved under attack or damage, auto repair. Thus ensuring its continuous work.

In 2015, we can no longer be retained in the memory 2014, need to do a good prospect and forecast of 2015, have a look which manufacturer will have what "it" products launched! Say so, I believe that everyone has to guess the author's intention, the 2015 ASUS did not stick to the self, although ASUS G501JW bring us great visual impact and enjoyment, but it already is past, 2015 is a new beginning, also is the miracle again opportunity, ASUS today (March 9th) released a the new product in the Tmall ASUS official flagship store, at the same time it is also the first new ASUS game of 2015 -- G501JW.

A day in the morning, in the spring, as the first new ASUS games in 2015, it is the responsibility of self-evident. ASUS G501JW formerly known as ASUS G501J, ASUS G501JW with ASUS G501JW Battery respect to the high-profile G501JWH appears low-key a lot. ASUS G501JWH is a "male die" this game, it's not ASUS independent research and development of mold design, so the overall feel is known and the lack of innovation, therefore, only the ASUS's first private mold product ASUS G501JW.

I7-4600U processor is a widely used in notebook and super book, although with a low voltage processor, performance after castration, clocked at 2.1GHz, but turbo boost to 2.7GHz, is sufficient to meet consumer demand for multi task office.

After the Windows7 experience index can be seen, the HP EliteBook 820 processors on a G1 score of 7.2 points, the graphics memory score is 5.9 points, score of 5.1 points, the game's graphics had 6.5 points, the main hard scored the highest 7.9 points. Thus, the machine in the hard disk is the most outstanding performance.

After CINEBENCH R10 this software for HP EliteBook 825 G2 for the processor performance has been evaluated, finally the single core i7-4600U processor single core to obtain 5919 points, much nucleus to obtain 12182 points, enough to meet the performance demand of multi task processing.

For example, a notebook computer officials claimed to have 10 hours of battery life, but the user in the use of the process found things several hour difference. Of course this is not directly a false propaganda, for providing life time is a predictive value, depending on the usage will have difference nature of the results, but when the user actual use of time than propaganda difference exists between the endurance test time, the factory environment and detailed became consumer reference on the basis of, this is also the manufacturer shall provide.

Give the user the inaccurate information is a big taboo, this also is to brand integrity day challenge. To provide a reliable basis for the test is an important criterion life annotation, the user can according to the test basis and are close to the annotation results, the results of such tests can be identified as effective performance. However, the test environment and related settings this link brings another LENOVO Y50p Battery issue: test mode is close to everyday use? Can not open the screen pure standby endurance as the product characteristics to be publicity, this is the face and no integrity behavior.

WPrime is a prime number test by the calculation of computer operation ability of the software (especially the parallel capability), but Super and Pi only supports a single thread is different, wPrime can support up to eight threads, that is to say can support eight core processor, the test of multi core processor is more accurate than Super Pi.

On the right side of the fuselage is sequentially provided with a power supply interface, docking interface, RJ-45 interface, 2 USB3.0 interfaces, 1 DisplayPort1.2 interfaces, Headset Mike interface. SD card reader is arranged in the USB3.0 interface below, a more subtle.

HP EliteBook 825 G2 by MIL-STD 810G America harsh military standard test, shock, humidity, low temperature, high temperature, temperature shock, dust, high altitude fall, under such circumstances, still can use normally. Here, the author is like a few times a limit challenge to 852 G2 with HP EliteBook 825 Battery.

ll of these interfaces can provide convenience for business people, several kinds of interface but also their high frequency of use. LENOVO S41-35 on the right side of the fuselage is in turn the power button, volume control key, lock button, USB 2 interface, USB interface and a HDMI interface 3. LENOVO S41-35 front end of the body is a wedge, so the user can easily move it from the desktop to pick up.

Performance is stable, heat depends largely on the fuselage. Have a large number of cooling air inlet LENOVO S41-35 D on the surface of the rubber pad body, and convex, can let there is enough space between the computer and the desktop, accelerated cooling. The machine cooling air outlet is placed in the axis of rotation, so as to radiate heat directly from the rear, so even if long time high frequency user computer, palm rests will not have glowing feeling.

LENOVO S41-35 with 4cell LENOVO S41-35 Battery interface can be called complete, especially for business people, a lot of excuse is very convenient. For example, the left side of the fuselage were machine interface, SD card slot, Headset Mike combined interface, SIM card slot (directly into the network card, easy to use), support the charge off USB 3 interface, power interface and computer lock.

Upper fuselage A top of the same as a small slope, the convenient user switching. Provides a convenient interface design LENOVO S41-35 for business professionals, SIM card slot, the design of USB interface can charge off have reflected the intimate side products humanization.

In terms of portability through the measurement LENOVO Y50p-70 Battery body weight: 2.27kg, a travel weight: 2.58kg. A striking feature of LENOVO S41-35 is Thinkpad can rotate 360 DEG, thanks to its strong metal coach type rotating shaft and durable.


ASUS G750JY GL552JX pk ASUS ZenBook UX501J

Battery life virtual standard? Many consumers in the purchase of notebook computer, will find this a problem during use: endurance performance and computer manufacturers computer practical propaganda results vary, different level under the official gives the service time of the battery, thus called "virtual standard" title. Don't look at the battery life is just a string of small numbers, but will bring no small problem, is the manufacturer of integrity biased? Improper use or consumers? Today we discuss something notebook computer battery life time tagging.

If you have not seen it may think that doing so will not appear body too dim, but when you go recently observed words can feel to it that black shiny, if you do not believe you can have a good look at the picture above.

In the ASUS GL552J with 4cell ASUS GL552JX Battery shell top inlaid with unique LOGO of the brand, in a small series of opinion the regiment like some in diamond drill into a bat, diamond is a symbol of wealth, "bat" and "Fu sound" blessing of italy. Don't know when the design is ASUS design icons of any other interpretation.

Today to measure room is the ASUS UX501 game, not only in terms of design and work quite well, but in the configuration on the performance is quite good. Intel core i7-4720HQ processor and ASUS UX501 game of the use of nuclear core frequency is 2.6GHz, the performance is very strong. The independent video card, the ASUS UX501 with a memory capacity of 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M game alone, the card was evaluated as 9 Series graphics cards in the most cost-effective products, very suitable for game fans choice. Storage, ASUS UX501 uses large capacity 8GB memory, HDD hard drive with 128GB SSD+1TB combination, fully meet the gamers demand for large capacity storage, but also eliminates the trouble to upgrade the two times.

ASUS UX501 with 8cell ASUS ZenBook UX501J Battery machine using the appearance of silver grey color, full metal texture, design coupled with a thin, one eye will make people think of MacBook Pro shape, looks very beautiful. I see in the front position of the airframe can see three lights, the user can observe the operation situation of the computer according to the indicating lamp.

As a section of this game, cool appearance, hot color seems to have become the people's minds it color. But Xiaobian want to tell you is a beauty, called plain, there is a cool called bright black, there is a beautiful called be as solid as rocks. Don't worry, look down you will understand what is called the game of the inside of the tough guy image, what is called a low-key beauty.

Although it is a simple design, but ASUS GL552J with li-ion ASUS GL552J Battery in shell around also joined the slope slide design, four inclined planes in the light displays makes the whole machine become more solid, more full make people both in the hand, put on the desktop will have a thick but not significantly boring sense experience.

If you also love to "V for Vendetta" and "the phantom of the opera" the two classic words, then you must and small alike will be ASUS GL552J shape such as rock solid black phantom are firmly attracted the. This game is like this, not only has the market some limitations but also have large fixed consumer groups, no matter how ASUS GL552J is a worthy of your consideration of this game.

As a focus on the video display notebook products, Asus GL552J expression can be regarded as the outstanding. The classical simple appearance beautiful and not tacky, work also has a higher level. Performance Asus GL552J performance is still good, to mainstream games and video demand all is not a problem, is not especially difficult. But in the video performance, Asus GL552J show their strength, not only in the display of outstanding performance, but also on the quality of the sound has also regarded as the current commercially available products in the leader, which let audio-visual seeking consumers find it difficult to refuse, but also Asus GL552J with 4cell ASUS GL552 Battery a trump card, believe when you the experience will attract audio-visual performance for its unique.

This time, came to this table game evaluation room this is the classic G551 game of the upgraded version of the -G551J. The difference in G551J, G551J is ASUS with SSD for the same blue sky high version, die CW65S04, appearance is domineering leakage, work is also very too to.

This came to evaluation room is ASUS G551J with 6cell ASUS G551JW Battery  (hereinafter referred to as G551J) this game, it is equipped with Intel fourth generation Haswell core i7-4710MQ processor, the core frequency is 2.6GHz, built in Intel HD Graphics 4600 core graphics; independent display core is upgraded to 9 Series graphics --2GB DDR3 memory of the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M the independent video card, very strong and has high performance price ratio; and the storage also need not worry too, with 4GB DDR3 memory, 500GB HDD and 64GB SSD hard disk of the mainstream combination.

Die here naturally do not do much introduction, as the abrasive ASUS classic, it has to withstand manufacturers technical engineer and test of the vast number of consumers, the count is the upgrade of a classic capital. The G551J uses the design planning and excellent heat dissipation fan Lu reasonable internal, not only in appearance under the foot of the effort domineering exposed, in the interior design of old OEM factory is also not a good foundation. If small compiling it, would rather choose a classic old die, the new product will not buy the kind of the design of the new meaning is greater than the actual combat.

There is a seemingly loudspeaker pattern above the ASUS G551J keyboard, but this is only used to avoid a monotone color, its speakers are arranged in a machine body bottom surface. You can see the power button next to the three light, compared to some brand cost cutting machine has only one power light practice, ASUS G551J although the traditional design more susceptible to the old customer welcome.

Came to the region of ASUS G551J control of the game, a 15.6 inch fuselage so that it has enough space to set up small keyboard area, for the game player small keyboard is very important, can use the small keyboard keys set shortcuts in the game, players in the game to enhance the operating speed, especially in a sports game. This is only a little true senior game players to know the importance of it. As for the feel of the keyboard, in general although not with the professional game keyboard compared to ASUS, but in this price G551J control handle is fairly good, and touch panel using or more split accurate, there will be no integrated touchpad touch the disadvantages of easy mistake.

G551J also has some of the game in this tough lines, even the product of the process of drawing (A surface) we have seen many times, but if you haven't seen this product, this product really can let a person feel eyes; of course if you before is used in G551J with ASUS G551JX Battery and other products, the products are with you hands without any difference that Taiwan's appearance, but Xiaobian is understanding mold this stacked configuration approach, after all, in the long run, open abrasive R & D finally take also consumers money.

GTX880M is the Kepler architecture of mobile flagship graphics card, which belongs to the GK104 core, and desktop GTX770/680 belonging to the twin brothers, have 1536 CUDA unit stream processor, but the frequency decrease. 3DMark 11 X 2854, 3DMark Firestrike EX model of x2764 performance, basically is slightly better than the desktop GTX660TI graphics card, with the male version level similar to GTX760, GTX880M strength.

The new ASUS G750JY with 5900mAh ASUS G750JY Battery, return to the classic design, performance is maintained a consistently high level of ASUS series. For like the game, and the budget but million users, is indeed a very good choice.


HP EliteBook 740 G2 845 G2 855 G2 laptop review

The rotating shaft is passed through the careful training of damping, damping almost no linear change, very smooth, one hand opening and closing operation can be completed, which the screen has no deformation, visible metal top cover and hinge of protection for the screen is quite in place.

In addition to say is, HP EliteBook 845 incorporates a backlit keyboard and keycap, higher brightness, because of some high, light will be from the gap through to.

HP EliteBook 845 Accupoint equipped with a pointing stick, friction trackpoint is much larger than the ThinkPad, increase the friction also helps to improve the pointing rod precision, with keys around, can be used as a temporary alternative a mouse.

HP EliteBook 845 with 50wh HP CM03XL Battery is currently the top business super, interface to retain the most abundant, before travel, received the highest rate is Z830, has the advantages of light weight, but also rich interface, for office people, this is very important, the left side of the 845 did not arrange the air outlet, as can be seen from the top to the bottom followed by the power jack, VGA interface, HDMI interface, 1 USB3.0 interfaces and a Headset microphone jack.

On the right side of the fuselage 2 USB3.0 interfaces and 1 RJ-45 Ethernet interface, in the front also has a SD card reader, in general, three USB3.0 interface fully meet our external equipment work requirements, while the standard size of the VGA and the Ethernet interface is the thickness of note this is difficult to achieve the.

Next we adopt the evaluation on the performance of CINEBENCH R10 software, finally the processor single core to obtain 6307 points, much nucleus to obtain 11270 points, good performance.

In order to facilitate testing of its performance, we choose AS SSD Benchmark this specifically for the SSD test software designed. You can test out continue reading of solid state disk write performance, including small 4KB file transmission performance and so on, show the performance can be divided into two kinds, one kind is the MB/s form, the other is a IOPS form.

In the AS SSD test, equipped with HP 256GB SSD solid state hard disk read and write speed reached 518.08 MB/ is read and write 460.16 seconds MB/ seconds, and the 4K random read speed reached 21.21 MB/ seconds, overall performance is quite well, compared with the traditional mechanical hard disk lifting is very obvious, especially 4K random read speed for program loading, system operation, such as high speed.

Thermal performance test is actually the biggest test of the notebook, itself inside the body space has been very small, coupled with the heat radiating large original, patency test a laptop inside Kung fu. Using metal fuselage and the fan is in how the HP 845 with HP EliteBook 845 G2 Battery cooling performance at a rotating shaft? By convention we use FurMark software plus AIDA64 system stability test to this machine in high load operating condition.

Surface temperature, we adopts the temperature detecting equipment of the professional notebook cooling performance testing. For the convenience of our observing the machine temperature distribution, we get the temperature distribution through the detection apparatus, recording and various parts of the marked temperature, illustrated as follows:

From the point of view of temperature distribution, most of the machine heat accumulation in the cooling air outlet position, the highest temperature is only 49.6 degrees, the palm rest area less heat, palm temperature performance support outstanding in the practical experience in the long time.

The power supply is adjusted to the HP HSTNN-IB4R Battery saving mode, after a period of time after the test, finally got 13 hours and 26 minutes test scores, such endurance performance in many super this performance is very amazing, almost single cell ultra endurance performance in the longest product.

Endurance test software aspect, we choose is PowerMark, which is the same as PCMark, 3DMark, is developed by FutureMark company. It will continue to cycle running a set of test scripts, including four kinds of common application: Internet browsing, document processing, video playback, 3D game, so as far as possible to the actual use of the close of the vast majority of users.

Mirror design HP 855 with HP EliteBook 855 G2 Battery screen use, although not by fog screen surface anti reflection effect, but in the picture on the permeability has absolute advantage.

HP's EliteBook series are positioning high-end business notebook, designed for America military standard MIL-STD-810, performance in terms of security is very good, extreme environment has very high reliability and outstanding performance, including harsh temperature, altitude, humidity, dust, shock and vibration conditions.

The thickness, the thickness of the 18.56mm is not a particularly good results, but is not important, after all, similar products such as XPS13 thickness in 18mm or so, and this design to some extent to both interface of volume, and weight, 1.19kg score very out of color, fully meet the requirements of portability.

Today, we get the HP EliteBook 845 G2 with built-in HP EliteBook 845 Battery, compared to the previous generation products, thickness decreased by 40%, reduce the weight of the 27%, also brought a lot of important enterprise characteristic, enable the company to provide extremely the TM experience for all employees. This series of products mainly for the user design often travel, paired with an optional battery, battery life up to 33 hours, and the product has passed the most stringent MIL-STD 810G USA military standard test, to ensure that the products of high reliability.

How to distinguish good and bad heat dissipation performance, the highest temperature can not represent what. Ventilation vent temperature is the highest, if not, it is only that the heat dissipation problem. When most of the heat accumulation in the cooling vents near the location, and other parts of the temperature not higher than 36 DEG C, it can determine the cooling system design belongs to a more reasonable.

The appearance, HP 740 keyboard and HP EliteBook 740 G2 Battery face contracted design style, using the same alloy material to create, color also is metal silver, but with the top cover is not the same. Keys and touch panel and C surface to maintain a unified style and color, the overall performance is very strong.

As a notebook, appearance design, heavy thickness are just the surface of Kung Fu, priority among priorities it is inevitably the performance configuration. Xiaobian believe that every time at this link you will look forward to, because in front of the screen, the keyboard, the interface appearance, introduced are only foreshadowing, the real climax in the performance evaluation of the final link. This small make up respectively by PC Mark, 3D Mark 11, CPU Z, GPU Z, Street Fighter 4, a total of five kinds of software of HP 855 G2 configuration and performance is presented.

HP 855 G2 with 6cell HP EliteBook 855 Battery in 3D Mark 11 score was 1363 points, the scores can be said is not very high, but for daily watch HD movies, video conference will have a greater impact.


ASUS Zenbook NX500JK pk TOSHIBA Portege/Satellite Z30 series

Since the birth of flat computer, traditional PC has been on a downward trend, but undeniable is a point: PC is still the mainstream of productivity tools. In our daily work, especially in the business field, PC has always played an important role. Nearly two years of traditional PC especially changes of notebook computer is very obvious, touch screen and deformation has almost become a new notebook computer standard. But for ordinary users, or think that the traditional notebook use.

Toshiba Satellite Z30-A magnesium alloy material of the top cover of the first impression will be remembered Toshiba first super book Z830, 13.3 inches of body weight is only 1.3KG, very thin, and the interface is complete, including VGA, HDMI, RJ45 Goods are available in all varieties., fuselage and screen with a honeycomb structure reinforcement. Look from the exterior, is still the classic iron gray, except Logo electroplating and metal shaft, no extra color.

Toshiba although no behind the trend, but has also maintained a low-key calm, from the beginning of the end of 2013, Toshiba is ready to get back to the business line, recently launched a thin Toshiba business notebook Portege Z30 with TOSHIBA Portege Z30-B Battery , NetEase digital conducted a detailed evaluation of the.

In super book appeared at the beginning of the light characteristics, indeed attracted a lot of consumers, but also its unique quick start technology in business office end is impressive. In the early days after the launch, Toshiba ultrabooks Z830 made "the most light ultrabook" of the title, this, this series of products have not been perpetuated, have to say is a regret.

Today at PConline testing room is Toshiba portege series Z30-A super book, although upgrade products it is not Z830, but the products we can see a lot of Z830 shadow, it in appearance and configuration made some changes, although the most frivolous titles have been lost, but this time we got the Z30 with built-in TOSHIBA Portege Z30t Battery super the pole in the test with good performance. Next we close observation of this product.

In the hardware configuration, the Intel Core i7 4600U processor of this evaluation of the Toshiba Satellite Z30-A equipped with 22nm process, a 8GB DDR3 1600MHz high-speed memory, and the 256GB SSD solid state drive, graphics cards, the model uses a processor comes with the Intel HD 4400 core graphics, pre Windows 8.1 operating system.

As a business notebook, portable is very important, Toshiba Satellite e Z30-A in integrated traditional VGA interface, a standard HDMI interface and RJ45 interface Ethernet cable under the premise, but also to achieve the 1.3KG weight, have to say in industrial design under a great effort.

Ultra thin and standby time this often can not have both, Toshiba Satellite Z30-A ultrabook through more internal design reasonable, carrying a piece of 52Wh high energy lithium polymer battery, NetEase digital screen brightness in normal circumstances, the actual test Toshiba Z30-A with TOSHIBA Satellite Z30-A Battery continuous working time more than 430 minutes.

The power supply is adjusted to the power saving mode, the final test and get 11 hour 51 minute test scores, endurance performance this absolutely stunning, almost single cell ultra endurance performance in the longest product.

Toshiba Satellite Z30 Accupoint equipped with a pointing stick, friction trackpoint is much larger than ThinkPad, this is not only conducive to improving the trackpoint accuracy, with the keys around, can be used as a temporary alternative a mouse.

Toshiba Satellite Z30-A with TOSHIBA Satellite Z30 Battery not only have the mainstream hardware configuration, but also retains the common interface, rare is also has exquisite solid and ultra light thin fuselage, coupled with excellent endurance, is indeed a recommended practical business super. This notebook is currently in Jingdong on price is 9999 yuan, interested friends can look at.

The power supply is adjusted to the power saving mode, the final test and get 11 hour 51 minute test scores, endurance performance this absolutely stunning, almost single cell ultra endurance performance in the longest product.

Toshiba Satellite Z30 Accupoint equipped with a pointing stick, friction trackpoint is much larger than ThinkPad, this is not only conducive to improving the trackpoint accuracy, with the keys around, can be used as a temporary alternative a mouse.

Toshiba Satellite Z30-B with TOSHIBA Satellite Z30-B Battery not only have the mainstream hardware configuration, but also retains the common interface, rare is also has exquisite solid and ultra light thin fuselage, coupled with excellent endurance, is indeed a recommended practical business super. This notebook is currently in Jingdong on price is 9999 yuan, interested friends can look at.

In the hardware configuration, the Intel Core i7 4600U processor of this evaluation of the Toshiba Satellite Z30 equipped with 22nm process, a 8GB DDR3 1600MHz high-speed memory, and the 256GB SSD solid state drive, graphics cards, the model uses a processor comes with the Intel HD 4400 core graphics, pre Windows 8.1 operating system.

Intel Core i7 4600U belongs to the Haswell platform with low voltage processor new, dual core four thread, the processor supporting hyper threading technology, 22nm process based on the core technology, code named IHaswell, the initial frequency of 2.1GHz, Rui frequency to 3.1GHz, share three level cache is 4MB, the whole TDP 17W.

The Dodger 4 players play master thief Garrett, legend inherits the series. Steal treasures, the main protagonist overlord of molesting Baron, are also equipped with a special function arrow bow, stick, grab, picklock equipment. The game uses a first person perspective, set adventure elements using the intelligent design, allows players to fully control, free to choose to complete the level way, overcome every challenge. In the 1366 x 768 resolution in high quality, run the game within the Benchmark program, measured the average frame rate is 17.1fps.

As MEDION main series of products, a new generation of Akoya E7416 notebook still maintained a fashion design elements, but also more heavy note color choice, like a red version of the time to send test is very consistent with all of the young people to use. MEDION Akoya E7416 notebook with fifth generation of Intel core i5-5200U processor in the first time, its performance in CPU and GPU aspects compared with past has certain promotion, it is also equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce 830M graphics card, although the performance is not very strong, but to a certain extent, the game machine performance promotion. Although specific price MEDION Akoya E7416 with MEDION A41-D17 Battery have not yet been released, but the overall price should not be more than 5000 yuan, so it still has a certain cost.

The palm rest part on the keyboard, we can see multiple stickers, and that more comprehensive so that users have a first understanding of Flex. Today, the word "Flex" in Logo has become its unique identity, is the representative of high performance and low price products, believe that with the development of times, Flex will once again bring us surprise.

We use the Furmark copy machine software for limit test of ASUS Zenbook NX500JK with 8cells ASUS Zenbook NX500JK Battery, Furmark will be two large heating components CPU and graphics card machine fully up and running, running 60 minutes after the temperature up to a maximum height, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive to see the heat dissipation condition of each machine at run time, we also the use of FLUKE thermal infrared imager, respectively were observed at each position of the temperature heating.