HP ZBook 15 17 Mobile Workstation coming

17 inches notebook laptop in the " Big Mac" , as opposed to 14 inches product it can be like a mother in my arms . But 17 inches laptop size larger than the heavy and the weight has gradually lost the use of laptops should move features, so the market is not more than 17 inches notebook products , merely positioning in the game will have a number of products, household or commercial rarely able to see the large size figure.

Of course, that does not mean no less , HP has just launched ZBook series have a 17-inch products. ZBook new series includes three sizes 14,15,17 inch product , product volume author visually 14 inches 17 inches less than half of the product , we can see if you are carrying a 17-inch notebook is equivalent to two 14-inch notebook , hard , and not convenience is really there.

ZBook series aimed at home users, due to its higher cost and quite individual industrial design , by the majority of consumers, especially the young users of all ages , while the series also HPPC products in the most important series. The author would like to introduce is the new maximum size ZBook series products, with 17 inches of ZBook 15 with 8cell HP ZBook 15 Battery.

HP ZBook 17 laptop with mobile phone -like fashion appearance, if not the cabinet surface obvious HPlogo, I am afraid that will make a lot of people mistakenly think that this is stacked two large version of the iPhone , especially its tough style and satin metal corners . In addition to the bottom panel , HP ZBook 17 body had been wrapped in aluminum case , can play a protective effect on the internal hardware and screen. Of course , there are also disadvantages of metal casing that will add to the total weight, but 17 inches notebook rarely used in mobile use , this is still acceptable .

HP ZBook 17 notebook size is 17 inches , which belongs to large-size laptop, but the thickness of the side has not as thick as the size , 27.7mm thickness has a great advantage in the size of the product , even with " slim " to describe it is not too . The weight , 3.262Kg the whole weight and 3.643Kg travel weight , I recommend that users will still get down to secure it to use it, not a luxury it's moving performance !

The screen is an important part of the laptop , especially for one -touch operation of the product for support. HP ZBook 17 with HP AR08 Battery and screen size of 17.3 inches , the conventional notebook products already with the "great " to describe the common market only after 14 or 15-inch products. It is a full HD screen resolution 1920 × 1080, for the size of the screen , the resolution of minimum standards should at full HD resolution, otherwise it is sorry its 17 inches in size. Meanwhile , HP ZBook 17 is a support touch technology products , equipped with Windows 8 operating system with touch technology can be said to complement each other.

HP introduced a new ZBook series contains 14 inches, 15 inches , 17 inches three sizes of products, they have similar industrial design. ZBook 14 inch new screen where you can achieve the maximum opening of 180 degrees , while the hands of the author of this HP ZBook 17 does not achieve its maximum opening angle of about 135 degrees visual . This design does not mean that HP can not be designed to be open-angle of 180 degrees , but because of its size and weight are larger, designed to be 180 degrees opening angle does not make any sense , but that also increases the damping force shaft , for Lift the screen it has been very laborious , if additional damping force then only pure man or woman man to use.

HP ZBook 17 notebooks with 8cell HP ZBook 17 Battery backlit keyboard, backlit buttons can illuminate translucent symbol , users can also see the dark environment of each key position . However, because the main keyboard surface is bright silver color , with white backlight difference is not large , so I always thought that it is not backlit , key symbols presented also be mistaken for white white paint . HP ZBook 17 touchpad with integrated sink design , so you can achieve a greater range of movement of the cursor .

Although the same size products in HP ZBook 17 is considered a more " slim " , compared with the 14-inch notebook , but it is still a lot of thick , 27.7mm thickness is almost 14 inches with two ultra- pole of this thickness is similar. But also because the thickness of 27.7mm , it has a relatively complete species and the number of interfaces. It retains four USB3.0 data interface, complete cancellation of USB2.0, and one USB interface also supports charging function off . This means that even if HP ZBook 17 is turned off, the external USB devices can be charged via the USB3.0 interface . Video output HP ZBook 17 only one HDMI output , but it also retains a DVD burner , since conditional Why not reserved.

HP ZBook bottom 17 notebook with HP ZBook 17 Mobile Workstation Battery panel layout is very simple and no special design details . It uses a built-in battery design , the battery cover next two screws spin can see the built-in battery , in addition to the mechanical hard drive can also see it with the battery located in the same area. HP ZBook 17 notebook also uses the more popular nowadays hinge heat, heat the advantages of this approach is obvious , exhaust heat will not affect the user , the heat will be discharged along the upper side and lower side of the shaft .

We use Furmark pager software for all products tested , Furmark will heat the whole of the two components up and running full CPU and graphics card , the operating temperature of the meeting to a height limit of 30 minutes, so that we can be more intuitive to see the heat dissipation of each machine at run-time , we also used the FLUKE infrared thermal imager, the temperature of each position were observed warming situation .

Bapco MobileMark 2012 is a new generation of notebook battery life test software , compared with the previous version , MobileMark 2012 for a comprehensive update , including a list of all applications that update to the latest applications , the new package is more in line with current the user's habits , the test results greater reference value for the user , test items include: office , multimedia production , DVD player , pure reading, wireless Internet access .

HP AR08XL Battery capacity of 58Wh, slightly higher than most 14-inch notebook battery capacity , so the software can be realized by MobileMark 2012 battery life 254 minutes after the test , with significant independence for the 17-inch notebook, so the performance is not bad . And because of its large size, the weight of more sedate , generally do not employ the use of a mobile way , the role of the battery only serve as UPS. Like I said in the text of the 17-inch notebook due to the large size and weight, and is not suitable for mobile use , but with a separate graphics card, touch screen, as well as HP ZBook wrapped metal housing 17 laptop is more heavy weight to carry 3.6 Kg travel weight for most notebook users can be regarded as " mission impossible " , I believe that as long as not a last resort, who will not carry a 17-inch notebook , of course , forget the medicine can bring !

Although HP ZBook 17 Dimensions " domineering ", but it is not deep button key way , even with a shorter describe is not excessive . Fortunately, HP has also taken into account that, efforts to optimize its back , even long continuous typing is not easy to produce fatigue . Meanwhile HP publicizing that notebook for HP ZBook 17 commonly used keys were ten million times a key operation on the touchpad buttons operate a million times , but also for the power and multimedia buttons were pressed 40,000 times , both any failure does not occur .

I believe we may ask, since the author denied the HP ZBook 17 mobile portable notebook in terms of significance , then it 's worth and what exists . In fact, HP has given us the answer , ZBook series for home users , ZBook 17 on the positioning for home users , can replace traditional desktop at home . Let you completely away from the host computer , no more space occupied by your Cuntucunjin , not because the host monotonous style or aesthetic appearance of the room influence . When needed you can put it on the table or bed when not needed can think of it as a magazine stand in a corner , and has a stylish appearance of HP ZBook 17 may be your home glittering existence.

In terms of performance , HP ZBook 15 with HP ZBook 15 Mobile Workstation Battery  fourth-generation notebook equipped with Intel's Haswell processor and NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M (2GB) graphics card, performance is not to force the situation will not occur in the home market in such a configuration is already quite high. And it comes with 1TB mechanical hard drive, can give you more room to store your favorite TV movies. The most critical selling point is its large 17-inch full HD touch screen, you see the film to meet the demands of the game.


LENOVO ThinkPad S1 Yoga coming

Lenovo is bent forward in the end make Yoga concept , from 2012 the first generation of Yoga 13 starts , then to 11 inches using Windows RT systems Yoga 11, then Yoga 11s, and the end of the year out of the Yoga 2 Pro, the entire Yoga family finished up and in constant evolution , and Yoga for now, Lenovo is also the most innovative in a series, this time to continue to expand front Lenovo , ThinkPad S Yoga came.

From the naming can see, this should be the ThinkPad S Series with Yoga a " grafting" , is about 360 ° flip screen design into ThinkPad S series , the fine think this is not surprising , ThinkPad S Series design differs from T and X, even has a " consumer " flavor, but also closer to young users , so the final ThinkPad S1 Yoga presented to us is whether it is a creative product or basic design , are dynamic young impression.

While Yoga family Adds a newcomer , the flagship touchscreen plus S series, as well as high-end business ThinkPad X Series , Lenovo basically completed in the new era of mobile Internet , the entire notebook product line transformation, this transition time spanned almost three years, but in two or three years ago, the association is also selling small y, ThinkPad X and T series of these feats veteran back seat and more obvious signs .

Yoga already has 5 products , flip distorted in a way that continues down , indicating that this tablet and notebook switching mode is considered to be relatively reasonable and maturing , Yoga 2 after the arrival of new technologies focused on the ultra-high screen and gesture control , completed a breakthrough, and this ThinkPad S1 Yoga is to bring the system can lift the keyboard , more interesting.

Tablet PC in the business office , especially for the working platform to build on the Windows platform for companies, not obvious , people still rely on traditional notebook to do the job , but also on the ThinkPad S1 Yoga with built-in 8cell LENOVO ThinkPad S1 Yoga Battery, the own weight still insurmountable problems, both hands , although the fuselage relatively stable , but the two hands are far away, the central portion of the touch screen , the hand touch operation stroke is longer, slightly unwell , but this S1 is not a problem , Windows 8 tablet if it should be on the big screen for targeted improvements.

360 ° rotating screen, is the essence of this work by the two bearings of the shaft, through different modes of different division , work status of the switch, such as the following tablet mode , the rotary shaft to open and close at 360 ° the effect , then back the keyboard is inactive, this is one of the rotating shaft to exceed 180 ° when triggered , which in the previous generation of Yoga in somewhat use, we have analyzed many times.

Today, I use a little time before work in the morning on the EliteBook 850 series with HP EliteBook 850 Battery, a product was disassembled , the original feel should not be anything special , but apart after the discovery , EliteBook 850 series internal called a work of art , structured layout reasonable hardware arrangement so I feel the HP launched this product in good faith.

HP EliteBook the recent release of the new series differs greatly from the past . In the XPS series toward deformation and innovative period , EliteBook XPS series seems to take over the mantle of the high- quality, exquisite design of the product to the masses . On the notebook product line in terms of , EliteBook launched 840,850,17 7000 three series , designs have previously XPS shadow , but there is a big difference.

We had already seen through routine evaluation of the overall situation of the 840 series , but for the internal design of these products , but not meticulous quality workmanship to be demonstrated . In fact, HP computers relative to some other manufacturers pay more attention to product quality protection , which is not only confined to high-end products the body, but also extends to even the cheapest products that paragraph who, therefore , EliteBook exactly how the quality of the 7000 series , it becomes a lot of friends want to know the hearts of most problems .

Dell Inspiron 7000 series with DELL F7HVR Battery is divided into 14 inches , 15 inches and 17 inches three product lines, today we see this Inspiron15-7537 ( hereinafter referred to as the Dell Inspiron 15 ) notebook uses the latest generation of Intel's Haswell platform i7-4500U processor , in addition to Intel HD Graphics 4400 core graphics outside comes with a 2GB memory NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M graphics card, while it also has 8GB DDR3L 1600MHz memory and 1TB HDD mechanical hard drive configuration combinations.

Discovered after the start screwing in the two screws are screwed over not down , so long as attached to the bottom cover can be opened with the button from the next chart you can see the red box marked location , EliteBook 850 series will end with a buckle cover fixing up, and buckle design is very reasonable , so buckle with your fingers when there is no pressure .

Along the bottom edges turn buckle open , we can cover out completely had to go . Can be seen from the figure for the HP EliteBook 850 series with built-in 8cell HP EliteBook 850 G1 Battery at the bottom of a protective thermal windows posted a net, the net effect there are many, such as to prevent some of the large particles into the interior , another example can also prevent some naughty little animals, If xiaoqiang entering the inside of the class to come up with some bad things.

Compared to the previous version of the test software , MobileMark 2012 in a test environment requirements are relatively improved in the system before the test must be repeated , but the driver should also be reasonable to install, otherwise there will be a variety of problems . Dell Inspiron 15 laptop with a 58Wh lithium- ion battery, through the new version of the MobileMark test, we can see the Dell Inspiron 15 notebook battery life time is 337 minutes , equivalent to five and a half hours down to about 135 , the efficiency value performance pretty good for a 15-inch notebook with a significant independence , this type of performance has been good.

Dell Inspiron 15 notebook uses 8cell DELL T2T3J Battery and the latest generation of Intel's Haswell platform i7-4500U processor , in addition to Intel HD Graphics 4400 Core graphics outside comes with a 2GB memory NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M graphics card, while it also has 8GB DDR3L 1600MHz memory and 1TB HDD mechanical hard drive configuration combinations.

In some detail , ProBook 640 G1  ultra-thin or law-abiding , ProBook 640 G1  is not BeatsAudio, but through the DTS | Sound + certification, through the double on the speakers, with a built-in audio equalizer, sound can also get some bonus. Especially when a movie , you can open into a movie scene mode , there will be some surround and bass addition , the effect is a significant upgrade . Other aspects mentioned about ProBook 640 G1  array microphone it, there is little in this price segment array of machines to do wheat , so that the ProBook 640 G1  incidental function is very affordable.

The size of the ultra-thin ProBook 640 G1  only 22.78 ~ 22.86mm, although not super this , but this size at the same price , similar products ( generally in the past that our products are 32mm or more ) you can see the thin 1/4, but they also drive into the original 9.5mm 7mm. Although thin, but has a lot of interfaces , in addition to being phased out except VGA , provides dual USB3.0 + USB2.0 + RJ45 + HDMI + reader readily available.

Earlier we looked at some of the ProBook 640 G1  slim design side of things , that is actually the most affordable place this product or performance to the edge, we get ProBook 640 G1 with HP ProBook 640 G1 Battery configured whole new generation of AMD A10-5745M processor, the new deal as can be seen from the end is " 5 " at the end of the APU is relatively " 7 " at the end of some lower power consumption 35W TDP versions, such as A10-5745M TDP of 25w, suitable for thin and light ProBook 640 G1  products such use , the following are specific configuration : Richland platform A10-5745M quad core design , frequency 2.1 ~ 2.9GHz, 4MB cache, graphics core Radeon HD 8610G, 384 stream processors , frequency 533-626MHz, TDP 25W. Judging from the parameters , and A10-5757M core alone was the same, but in order to reduce the overall power consumption frequencies are different.


LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E440 E540 coming

The last two years , our country education sector increasingly rapid pace of information technology , according to industry reports data indicate that in 2012 the entire education sector to the total size of IT investment in order to achieve 44.22 billion yuan , in 2013 reached 52.47 billion forecast ( data source : CCW Research). This reflects the education sector reform in doing information technology , on the one hand reflects the teachers' demand for audio-visual equipment is rising .

2013 information technology education industry focus "three two platforms ," from the School Link to pass classes and finally to everyone through , in fact, the most basic and most extensive hardware product is the laptop , and coincides with the end of the year , but also a new round of procurement season, following editorial notebook on the education sector demand and procurement issues for everyone to be brief.

In fact, for industry users, are different from our ordinary consumer users , the need for the daily use of the environment demand purchase , the education sector needs proposed several reference points: 1 , the procurement costs ; 2, the quality ; 3, the service ; 4 , the hardware requirements. Here that may be more general , but the cost is definitely any purchase or bidding staff are a matter of concern , in fact, no matter which brand business fixed models have built specifically for the series of industrial users , such as the ThinkPad L series .

In quality, we take the ThinkPad E440 with LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E440 Battery , ThinkPad E440 / E540 through the dust, moisture, shock , impact resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature and other U.S. 8 military standard testing, durability general entertainment non- consumer products can be compared , and the fuselage interior design of the APS hard drive protection technology, fingerprint identification and spill-resistant design, etc. , which are highlighted in the industry custom machine special product value.

DELL Latitude series notebooks we read familiar yuan price , often configured GTX 770m above the top game configuration , the performance level of the product , of course, size is also biased thicker . So it makes a lot like the pursuit of portability , while friends are interested in the game has some problems. DELL finally the market for thin launched a new game , a 14-inch -thin high-end gaming , DELL Latitude E7240.

New product price is not expensive , Latitude E7240 with DELL GVD76 Battery basic version , priced at just 5,999 yuan , equipped with GTX 760M alone significantly , 1600x900 resolution display, size is only 2.2 ~ 2.9cm, 1.9Kg ( including battery ) . And from the appearance in terms of baking black glossy appearance with a brushed metal palm rest design, there are beautiful touchpad , on the whole is more than the Latitude series of compact , more stylish.

While in the service , with Lenovo 's powerful service network throughout the country , ThinkPad E440 / E540 can provide enterprises with exclusive top level service, in order to reduce the risk of post-purchase and maintenance costs : During the warranty period , the warranty for all parts of the machine services ; limited warranty Service ; full-time warranty service online and telephone support, etc., lifted the child 's teacher worries.

On-demand , ThinkPad E540 with LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E540 Battery can be achieved for large customers demand the freedom to customize the hardware , demand for teachers is not high on performance , usually running Office to do so it is not necessary configuration demonstrates significant independence or additional modules , and for university lecturers , according to the operating procedures to adjust the configuration , the configuration professional graphics , display , and so can be freely customized . This allows the basis of performance without wasting cost savings .
Since it is a game of this, we should have to say that with the CPU and graphics card , you can say that the price of 5999 , in addition to the Shenzhou Ares K650C-i5, you rarely find such a powerful configuration , even if the same is known for its affordable Acer V3 Series the same configuration also 6200 yuan or so. DELL so I think this is a big benefit to the consumer .

One might ask , why not on resolution 1600x900 1920x1080? Actually graphics and resolution is needed for a match . Want to 1080p high-definition GTX 760M graphics cards in the next one to kill the game is difficult , such as the Elder Scrolls , Battlefield 4 , the island three such games after effects full 30fps frame rate will fall below so 1600x900 resolution is a more appropriate resolution, you can guarantee the highest possible effects of 3D games run smoothly .

In general , Latitude E7440 with DELL PFXCR Battery dimensions in a balanced performance and good price is not expensive, than the game more than 12% of the light , it should be said that the price of mainstream games , high-end gaming performance. And Latitude E7240 also has a wealth of custom extensions ( its internal reserve a SATA3 HDD hard drive, 2 m-Sata SSD drive bays ) can choose to upgrade SSD demand , etc., edit comparison recommend students , or portable gaming entertainment needs friends to buy .

AMD gesture control (Gesture Control): This feature is unique to AMD , which through the use of APU shader instead of x86 implementation , which can effectively reduce power consumption and extend the standby time . AMD landing face (Face Login): use facial recognition algorithm analysis eyes, nose, cheekbones and chin, the relative position, size and / or shape , to identify facial features , AMD will accelerate the process .

New products to edit biggest impression is a lot of thin , according to our measurements , this machine where the thickest only 2.9cm, and wedge-shaped design make it more tighten the front and rear ends of some energy into 2.2cm, so the grip would be better on the other side in the front edge of the child C is also designed to have a tilt , have used a lot of games this , play Games for a long time , the wrist will often be separated out Indian children . The test of the DELL Latitude E7240 is not the case .

Indicator is designed to be unique and placed in front of the touchpad , and blue lights affixed to the top with a layer of acrylic facet , the night will not look so dazzling , DELL Latitude E7240 lights more, a total of six , more commonly used hard drive status lights , Wifi lights are on it. As an entertainment platform , the interface naturally a lot of left VGA, HDMI 1.4, RJ45 , and other key interfaces have . With 2 * USB 3.0 +1 * USB 2.0 interfaces, especially for the external monitor set up entertainment family entertainment center.

Earlier we looked at the LENOVO ThinkPad X140e with LENOVO ThinkPad X140e Battery  some frivolous game design side of things , that is actually the most affordable place this product or performance to the force , we got this product configured i7-4700MQ quad-core processor + GeForce GTX 760M significant independence , CPU than the basic version of the core i5-4300M dual-core processor higher, of course, to pay an additional $ 680 upgrade fee .

ThinkPad brand quality, keeping ThinkPad features, powerful service system, fully customized hardware platform , complete interface , all this constitutes a ThinkPad L series of the same distinctive features , is ideal for industrial users to purchase, especially for precise control purchase cost of the education sector , not only to meet work requirements faculty , while with HP ProBook 640 g1 's HP ProBook 640 Battery, be flexible with, so that the entire procurement program easier to make the trip.


LENOVO IdeaPad Z710 and Ideapad Flex 14 15 Coming

In the wave of mobile Internet , PC industry fall again is an indisputable fact , but faced with such a situation , the traditional PC vendors still has not stopped the pace of progress , such as in the traditional form of products on many manufacturers have continued struggling to reform , so we also see more and different forms of tablet PC combo products . In these products , Lenovo's Yoga series either in the market or on the reputation it has a very good performance, as is currently the world's largest PC maker Lenovo has not stopped the pace of innovation , in 2013 on the launch of yet another flip notebook series : Flex.

In English , flex meaning " buckling , bending " means , in fact, the word we can find it in different ways with Yoga deformation . In a way that we can think of it as a simplified version of Yoga , for example, in terms of flexibility on the screen flipped 300 degrees Flex is slightly inferior Yoga , and the other in the price performance is also more user-friendly Flex .

Flex Series Total Flex14 with Flex15 two products with LENOVO L12L4A01 Battery, today I got is this 15-inch Flex15. In the configuration , Flex15 Haswell platform using the latest processors, discrete graphics card also has two types of configuration options with integrated graphics , the songce Flex15 is using HD 4400 Core Graphics .

This comment from an ultra -pole of this news is that although most people are very sensible points against , but it also reflects the mentality of some people , one kind can have both fish and bear's paw of mind , and that is both to thin but also performance , if for this comment , I think he is probably a need with a single explicit Ultrabook , for example , today I will be evaluating this station DELL Inspiron 17-7737.

DELL's V-Series has been the main light characteristics, such as previous V3, V5 , etc., in reputation and sales have achieved good results , but although the light of this, but did not reach the ultra- pole of this standard , and today I take to this DELL Inspiron 14-7437 with DELL Inspiron 14-7437 Battery regardless of weight or thickness is very thin, and got Intel's Ultrabook certification , is a real super pole .

This product surely we face a lot of the same questions with the author : For example, how its flexibility , its performance and how and so on. Here we follow the author went together to understand what this super this , I believe after reading everyone can find the answers they wanted .

Get the product when , Flex15 left me the first impression is thin with simplicity. As a 15-inch notebook , so thin and light design can be counted on is very good , the machine uses a black and orange color , A surface skin class for the piece of black material , the design is very simple, only a lenovo logo, orange sideline fuselage design is used , this color suddenly broke the dull sense of black , look stylish and younger.

Flex15 uses LENOVO L12S4F01 Battery and a 15-inch display, the resolution is the mainstream of 1366 × 768, support 10- point touch . It is commendable , Flex15 uses a narrow frame design , so good reduced body size , making it more lightweight design .

From product positioning and design point of view , Flex15 is a practical Ultrabook . Material on the work it performed very refined and comfortable, especially the use of skin-like material used to increase the man-machine affinity . Black color on the host with orange embellishment, so that whole sense of fashion doubled. 300 degree flip screen design can use as much as possible to meet a variety of environments , and because of differences in emphasis and Yoga product line to avoid direct competition . Of course, the price is quite close to the people , at 4000 - 5000 this price range is also up for Yoga under the price range , so that Lenovo's products cover more user groups.

Lenovo Flex 15 this product I feel pretty good. 15-inch large screen and full keyboard design , so I tested this in over most of the time , I feel very comfortable. Big screen brought me a better view , the audio and video playback and web browsing with the author obviously feel the difference yourself 12.5 inches notebook . Haswell and powerful core , not only to provide powerful performance , it also brings a good endurance . In addition , this product is a unique 300 ° screen opening and closing , but also left me a deep impression. The two rear fuselage back pads well-designed , properly used, it is the Ottomans , the screen open , it is a powerful screen anchor . This design is fundamental to avoid the user to use the touch screen , the screen instability.

Top of the screen there is a camera, there is a Win8 button below to facilitate the immediate return to the main tent mode interface . In the top left of the screen is also engraved with the lenovo logo, but I think this is a little redundant design , breaking the screen and feel the full degree , after all, LOGO in the fuselage appeared once is enough.

Fuselage on the left , followed by power interface , a USB2.0 interface and the power button, the right side is a USB2.0 interface, a card reader slot, and a headphone jack. Many people may say that this interface is also how little of it ! Do not worry, the original in the back of the fuselage there are things around. Here we focus on the common extension interfaces : for example HDMI interface , USB3.0 and RJ-45 Ethernet port , etc. Basically, the daily required interfaces are available.

Comprehensive point of view , Inspiron 7537 with DELL Inspiron 15-7537 Battery and not because of the thin body and scalability of the fuselage to make sacrifices , on the contrary it is not only a good control of the thickness of the body , commonly used interfaces are also readily available, sufficient meet our daily needs. DELL Inspiron 17-7737 my first impression is light, thin, and this is a major feature of the V series one . However, its thin fuselage Exactly what we use professional tools to measure it.

We can see that in my open simultaneously so much the case of software and web pages , the memory usage of the machine will only reach about 30% . From this 8GB of memory, enough to meet the needs of our daily normal use . In addition, Lenovo Flex15 this product 's screen is 15 inches , so in actual use than the small size super this operation more convenient and better visual effect . In a web browser and analog office , I can see in the picture for more information , video playback , they can bring more shocking audio and visual effects .

As a 17-inch large-size ultra-extreme , relative to the performance, the author is more worried about its life, after all, the larger screen will give battery causing no small pressure. LENOVO IdeaPad Z710 equipped with a 4cell high quality LENOVO IdeaPad Z710 Battery , battery slender watching this , I really began to doubt Lenovo Flex15 endurance capability.

Of course , in addition to ensuring excellent light givers , DELL Inspiron 17-7737 in configuration also has a good performance, Intel Core i5-3337U processor , Nvidia GeForce GT740M graphics card , 24G SSD + 500G HDD hybrid hard drive , so with in the audio-visual entertainment will have this good performance.

The first impression is to get the product thin, light , and of course this is a consistent feature of DELLV series . The whole set is simple , with silver color tone , A face only a DELL logo. A face in the process design panel using the drawing process , but although very metallic fancy , but in fact you will find that feels ABS plastic material, and this can be a good lower body weight .

The machine is equipped with a 17-inch LED-backlit screen, support for 1366 × 768 resolution and 6cell DELL Inspiron 17-7737 Battery, at the top of the screen has a high-definition camera for convenient video communications . Bottom of the screen there is a DELL logo.


DELL Inspiron 7437 7537 7737 coming

Today 's products are tested Dell Inspiron 147 000 laptop , which grew out of Dell's flagship home series XPS, completely out of the spirit of the more series to our stereotype , more slim, stylish body , the whole large area metal material, fine workmanship, solid materials .

On the hardware side , the more spiritual 147,000 Series package introduced different price for different hardware of your choice, the test of this price of 9999 yuan of high-end products , the choice of the fourth generation of Intel Core i7-4500U processor , providing 256GB large-capacity SSD solid state hard drive, 8GB DDR3 memory onboard , the hardware configuration is quite good , the program runs smoothly , responsive , data processing quickly .

Of course, in addition to powerful hardware and sleek appearance, the more spiritual 15 7000 with DELL Inspiron 7537 Battery also provides 14.0 inches 10-point touch screen, the screen brightness of 300 nits , with the Windows 8 operating system , provides a very good touch experience and display effect, and Corning Gorilla NBT glass has a stronger wear , extending the life of the touch screen .

Keyboard for notebook computers is very important , although many people may use an external keyboard, but using a notebook laptop keyboard users themselves are also many . Keyboard layout , feel will directly affect the user experience , so if you feel bad , then the keyboard , the product itself is not a good thing.

X550L entire C surface layout is very simple, the upper left corner to set up the power button, SonicMaster logo printed on the upper right corner , which is ASUS 'vocal master " sound system , optimize it from the bottom of the notebook computer's audio output , so the sound quality aspects , are essentially different . X550L with 4cell ASUS X550LB Battery wrist rest area in today's perspective is not too big, but not small, the case of prolonged typing , wrists will not feel tired , but very soft touch wrist rest , wrist mounted on top also feel very comfortable.

We in this machine is listed, has carried out regular performance tests , but today, as we bring the editor to use this machine recently when some of the experiences that are mainly from two aspects of performance and functionality come, including a new processor performance increases , machine vision experience and the experience of some of the subjective evaluation , etc., so that we hope to be able to go more in-depth understanding of this excellent product.

On the whole , the Dell Inspiron 147,000 overall quality is high, the 14-inch notebooks and ultra-extreme has a highly competitive , especially for white-collar workers for higher quality requirements and digital Daren choose. Dell recently introduced the Inspiron 147 000 series with DELL Inspiron 7437 Battery, can be said to craftsmanship Dell once again appear in front of people. The overall use of metallic materials to create products, although from the spirit of the more mainstream consumer-grade series, but its quality , workmanship, performance have reached the level of high-end XPS level , perhaps Dell Inspiron series to promote the high-end market the first attempt .

Notebook trend is light and thin and simplistic , gradually began to focus on the user experience , while in terms of hardware to make targeted changes , into , this is the user 's needs, improve performance blindly been unable to meet the needs of users , but while in the pursuit of frivolous users are unwilling to sacrifice basic functionality , minus a few millimeters thick and a few hundred grams of weight sacrifice the drive / common user interface, is clearly unacceptable , and this is ASUS ASUS F552C build out a lightweight , high-performance notebook models .

Through the official website we have seen some information about ASUS F552C , F552C this is still the first self-developed version of the ASUS motherboard, through the 8 -layer PCB layout optimized arrangement and cooling system components , to achieve the optimal thickness , followed by the use of embedded lithium battery design, so that the body slimmer , while also avoiding the traditional plug-in battery is easy to loose drawbacks. You can see , ASUS F552C is still the product in the first place , there is no touch screen and deformation other gimmicks , the real deal to reduce the thickness and enhanced user experience.

The ASUS F552C with 4cell ASUS F552C Battery shape is another big selling point, using a unique "U" shaped design and impressive , it is easy to differentiate from other brands , but this design can reduce the risk of injury notebook accidental bump probability , while the membrane transfer technology and superb snow crystal white color, fully demonstrated F552C series have fashion sense .

In fact, before the adoption of netizens after routine evaluation feedback, everyone for Dell Inspiron 147 000 series design , workmanship , quality is extremely recognized . The next article , the author mainly through the use of their own these days , as we show you what Ling Yue 14 7000 Series features in the application , to see such a configuration , this feature can bring to the user's application experience What kind of help ?

Dell's Inspiron 17 7000 series uses 58Wh DELL Inspiron 7737 Battery and a 17-inch 1366 × 768 resolution display , support for multi-touch, although not popular IPS display panel, but Dell 147 000 Series Configuration screen piece of children or to than the average laptop screen a lot of high quality , at least in the color saturation has done relatively well, so the screen does not display partial white , and in color reproduction is also very good, there is no obvious phenomenon of color cast .

3DMark Vantage is the industry's first dedicated based on Microsoft DirectX 10 API to create a comprehensive benchmarking tool , and can fully play multiple cards , multi-core processing advantages of PC gaming performance to meet the testing requirements . Through the actual test, in Entry mode, eventually won 23,702 points.

I believe we are very concerned about ASUS F552C cooling performance , the machine further optimize thermal design , the heat-generating components concentrated in the rear fuselage , and the use of rear cooling design , so that the keyboard and palm rest area remains cool , has a long comfort . Our testing method is still at room temperature at 25 degrees Celsius , so this notebook running Furmark pager software , allowing GPU operate at a higher load, almost running at full speed . View this books were internal core body temperature and surface temperature .

End up seeing , graphics cards or some pressure, temperature reached 100 degrees, while the experience of watching from the body surface , the palm rest and keyboard position most areas is still relatively cool , does not affect the use, etc. overheating . Finally we HDTUNE software to test ASUS F552C in the hard disk 's performance , and ultimately get the score of the lowest 38.1MB / s , the fastest of 105.2MB / s average speed of 74.5MB / s, access time of 19.2 milliseconds , the overall performance qualified.

Battery life , ASUS F552C equipped with 4 -cell lithium ASUS F552CL Battery 44Wh new polymer lithium battery, then life is how successful it ? We selected test software is still PowerMark, it PCMark, 3DMark , just as developed by the FutureMark launched . It will run a continuous loop of test scripts , including four common applications : Internet browsing, word processing, video playback , 3D games, so as much as possible close to the vast majority of the user's actual usage.


LENOVO Yoga 2 Pro coming

Notebooks and ultra-extreme difference a little easily be overlooked , the degree of attention , the notebook more emphasis on performance, while the ultra -pole of this greater attention to structural design and new materials selected from the deformation of the second generation of ultra- pole of this started , this difference will be more obvious , the second generation ultra- pole of this variant design , and notebooks will use a completely different mechanical structure , which is almost a push to the reconstruction process.

Here talk about national character and creativity relationship, but Chinese companies seem to regard the PC has never let such exotic surprise over the world ( in addition to several acquisitions and effect except cottage ) , the reason is obvious, in the notebook era , the core technology Intel, rests in the hands of a few upstream company , product design can only follow the evolution of the chip to go, but now Intel's identity from a single chip suppliers , into a rule-makers , to meet the characteristics of a large ultra-pole premise, design becomes a semi- propositional , Windows 8 touch operation count blessings role over most of the more open , it also gives China a Chinese manufacturer offers the possibility to create .

October 12 , we met at the conference site Yoga 2 with LENOVO Yoga 2 Pro Battery Deformation super this , this distortion products as early as the beginning of CES, it appeared , at the time this can flip the screen 360 ° freedom , form weird super this very exciting , not just enough exaggerated design, more people can not believe that this design is actually from Lenovo, from a Chinese company.

What kind of laptop has both a slim and stylish and beautiful appearance , but also has a strong unmatched performance ? The answer of course is the Asus X550LA/X550LC! Uses the Intel third-generation Core i series of highly efficient processing cores Asus X550LA/X550LC notebook , not only has a 21mm slim body , but also equipped with strong high capacity 2GB of video memory NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M independent display chip. Strong performance , intimate configuration , Asus X550LA/X550LC let you enjoy a more efficient light with the ultimate experience !

Using a unique cold gray brushed designed ASUS X550L with ASUS X550L Battery, stylish simplicity , it is the view of the heart. In addition to such a stunning appearance , it also is designed for Windows8 developed a series of exclusive features to maximize the advantages of convenient Windows8 operating system , provides users with a more personalized human-computer interaction.

LENOVO 's popular enterprise business computer users welcome , and for the individual business crowd launched products , is also in the hands of business users, the most commonly used products. In LENOVO extremely perfect business product line , IdeaPad series can be said to be very classic in a series , the series overall layout , entry-level users, the mainstream users , where high-end users can find their own products.

Recently , LENOVO IdeaPad Z410 series with LENOVO IdeaPad Z410 Battery introduced a business notebook , this product uses a traditional laptop design specifications , primarily for the mainstream business crowd launched the product , so the price, hardware, design , etc., are the traditional notebook no qualitative differences.

Most aircraft are concentrated in the rear fuselage heat dissipation vent position , the right palm rest , keyboard and touchpad section has central heat distribution , but because of its thermal efficiency is very high, so the temperature is probably the highest point only 36.2 ℃, and the temperature was flat , so the overall usability is quite good .

ASUS X550L with ASUS X550LA Battery is a traditional laptop, but it is equipped with touch screen, enhance the overall ease of use , while also has a unique thermal design , so the overall feeling is very good to use .

In fact, how to determine the thermal performance is good or bad , the maximum temperature not represent anything . Absolute temperature cooling vents is the highest , if not , that is the only show that thermal problems. When most of the heat accumulation in the cooling vents near the position, and the other parts of the temperature is not higher than 40 ℃, it can determine the cooling system design is more reasonable.

Simple to the user , so that everyone can use barrier , the complex task left to the designer , with a simple way to solve complex problems , in fact, this is the micro-innovation . Good design is not brain instantly burst out of a great idea , but from out of the vast majority of irrational, inappropriate, no durability, soulless bad design begins , Lenovo's Yoga team in the development process will be recalled said that they had on the wall filled with their own ideas, and then one by one to demonstrate and eliminated. From the outset, did not follow the inertia of thinking to understand this has extraordinary significance of the product , but through constant communication with the user , and then in the group brainstorming , research and development process not very specific about the design, but to discuss the future shape of the computer should be like .

In addition, business computers often face some maintenance and upgrades , then for business notebooks, we should let everyone more convenient to upgrade the hardware , so the bottom of the machine design , it is very important. IdeaPad Z410 front of the fuselage near the bottom part of the design of the removable panels , the use of a screw , easy removal , replacement memory drives , dust is very convenient for business users, is undoubtedly a very good design.

Next we again Z510 weight were assessed with 6cell LENOVO IdeaPad Z510 Battery , you can see it with battery weighs 2.085kg, and because of its compact adapter , so travel weight did not reach the traditional 14 inches 2.6kg notebook around , but remain at of 2.390kg, the overall weight of the traditional notebook computers are still in the mainstream level .

Our test is Asus power management software comes under the environment , and ultimately measured life time of 2 hours 19 minutes , taking into account its with a separate graphics card, so this results in the traditional laptop , it is quite normal. Next we again X550L weight were assessed , you can see it with battery weighs 2.264kg, and because of its compact adapter , so travel weight did not reach the traditional 14 inches 2.6kg notebook around , but remained at a 2.493kg, the overall weight of the traditional notebook computers are still in the mainstream level .

In addition to concerns beyond endurance , many users of notebook cooling is also very concerned that if the cooling effect is not ideal either thermal design there are problems , the overall experience will be very bad, here we come right X550L with ASUS X550LC Battery actual test. Our testing method is still at room temperature at 25 degrees Celsius , so this laptop running Furmark pager software , allowing GPU operate at a higher load . After an hour or so of the time, respectively, view the laptop 's internal core temperature and body surface temperature.


ACER Chromebook C720 and DELL DELL Inspiron 3437 3537 coming

The songce DELL Inspiron 3537 gaming notebook with Intel latest generation Haswell platform i7-4702MQ processor , clocked at 2.2GHz, integrated HD Graphics 4600 graphics card, in addition comes with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760M discrete graphics (2GB DDR5 graphics memory ), 4GB DDR3 1600MHz memory, and 750GB HDD mechanical hard disk , for the general purpose of the game , DELL Inspiron 3537 's performance is satisfactory , but the 1600 × 900 resolution and can not play its greatest power .

Gaming notebook has been the focus of a class of consumer products , while the major OEM manufacturers are also in these product lines under the foot work , product design styles. Today we see this DELL products before 3537 with 65Wh 6cell DELL Inspiron 3537 Battery is an updated version of the mold and did not make too many changes , still follows the classic model design, but really to the force in the configuration , the new generation Haswell platform i7 -4702MQ processor allows the use of a substantial increase in product performance , and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760M discrete graphics configuration letting the product has a higher gameplay.

Alienware A17 is a 17-inch , it is equipped with a 1920 × 1080 resolution, 15.6-inch matte display, the screen color is more excellent than the ordinary notebook . Alienware A17 strong sense of three-dimensional surface of the entire keyboard , especially when the light illuminated from above , cut reflective obvious. Personally feel 17X speakers and control of design is very good, especially the power button that can change color , according to the system load status turns red (Turbo mode or fan when the afterburner ) .

But one thing less than that , Surface RT stand back and not adjustable, which means you can not according to each person's height , posture and other factors regulate the use of angles. The 3437 is not so simple, it 's screen and keyboard can be rotated 360 ° through shaft connected together , you can put into a traditional notebook with no different form, can be folded to stand tent mode or modes supported in table also allows a, D sides coincide turned into tablet. However, when the 3537 with DELL Inspiron 15 3537 Battery into a tablet form, in hand is not as comfortable as when using the Surface RT , this is because , at this time, in direct contact with the palm of your hand , is no longer a smooth fuselage , but into the keyboard area .

The same processor , the same memory , the same SSD solid state drive , probably to distinguish between the two power consumption , leaving the screen Although the use of different display technologies, but also how 11.6 inches wanted no more than 10.6 inches and more power. Taking into account under Windows RT currently no PowerMark such testing life of the software, so I decided to adopt the simplest and most direct way to measure the endurance of both : in use within the same time observing the power consumption . Although there is no evaluation software so precise, but more fitting to our real life .

Because not graphics workstations , so Satellite NB10 is not equipped with professional graphics , but the game using AMD HD 8790M graphics card ,

in attending meetings, DELL CoolSense cooling system will be controlled at normal levels, as little as possible to create a fan noise; while lying in bed at home, will be placed on the legs DELL 3437 with 6cell DELL Inspiron 3437 Battery enjoy blockbusters, DELL CoolSense will take into account the user feelings, switching to high-performance cooling mode, so users will not be affected because its temperature films and pleasant mood.

C720 is very thin, with a 12-inch mainstream entertainment alone was the only 21mm thick, which is to enhance Acer workmanship , but also shows the processor and GPU power and performance balance better. Enough to make such a thin notebook built a conventional voltage APU. Four speakers, audio surprises . In general, the light of the mainstream entertainment or not so kind configure the four units , so at this point it affordable enough C720 , of course sound quality, four speakers stronger sense of energy , coupled with Dolby cinema sound addition , the stereo effect when playing the game can feel it , in light of this belonging is very good.

The rear part of the interface of three USB enough. Or the video interface , network interface , USB3.0 interface, such as into the rear edge of the child , such a design with sunken screen , and further compression of the thickness of the fuselage . However Editing think , plug the network cable when some inconvenient , if you can be moved left and right side , it would be perfect . APU brought here mainly refers to combining several features, including Gesture control , facial landing , AMD screen mirroring , AMD Nora , video image stabilization, HD decoding , and more. Especially the face and gesture controlled landing , in practical applications impressive performance .

AMD gesture control (Gesture Control): AMD gesture control three feet from the farthest outside on the media player , browser, e-readers and other popular applications for basic operations, including before and after the content switching, multimedia content playback and pause etc. , during the PPT or watch the video will look very practical. This feature is unique to AMD , which through the use of APU shader instead of x86 implementation , which can effectively reduce power consumption and extend the standby time .

AMD landing face (Face Login): use facial recognition algorithm analysis eyes, nose, cheekbones and chin, the relative position, size and / or shape , to identify facial features , AMD will accelerate this process , the login process instantaneous, almost no latency. If you are a student , or have entertainment needs of users, and just buy the first laptop , then the C720 is a good choice . Because 3437 with DELL Inspiron 14 3437 Battery features a more comprehensive , and the performance is good, with significant independence , interfaces variety, there are gesture control , face registration and other innovative applications. In the configuration , thanks to the AMD Extreme quad-core A10-5757M APU + Radeon HD 8750M AMD established exclusive Crossfire dual graphics system performance in the game than the dual-core i5 + (GT 740M level ) mainstream independence was the better.

Even the fight volume , Acer C720-552 also refused to yield , 18.7mm ~ 20.51mm about body and ultra- pole of this belongs to the same level, which allows you to move the portability and performance to make a good balance out the words can be very easy to carry , while at home or dorm with 15.3 -inch screen, watching movies , playing games like DOTA2, Tomb Raider 9 such a large games are able to run smoothly , very good !

C720, using 2013 new high-performance AMD Quad-Core Extreme A10-5757M APU, built HD8650G fusion single significant , TDP power consumption 35W, reference frequency 2.5GHz, the highest frequency 3.5GHz, 4MB cache, integration of a single display has 384 stream processing device , GPU frequency 720MHz/600MHz (A10-5757M APU, supports gesture control , face logon screen mirroring and other innovative applications ) . In addition C720 is also equipped with AMD Radeon HD8750M graphics card , GCN architecture , support for dual -card crossfire , stronger performance .

From the point of view of Windows8 system score , C720 good performance of this machine . From the sub- fraction of view, equipped with AMD A10-5757M + HD 8750M performance of the C720 is very balanced, suitable for mainstream entertainment and gamers . PCmark 7 results reflects the performance of the integrated media , points of view from the media productivity , CPU computing scores belong to the mainstream level , for our daily use , the Acer C720 can easily cope with.

Basemark CL is Rightware launch of the new benchmarking tool , which is mainly based on a multi-core system to create an open standard OpenCL general purpose computing design , the software can provide a variety of performance testing methods used to test and optimize OpenCL technology . Baseware CL workloads used in the application can be realistic manner OpenCL, so truthfully and objectively measure the performance , and the ability to support multi-core processors and GPU graphics card, to maximize the speed advantage of heterogeneous systems . A10-5757M BASEMARK CL test scores of 57 , can be more easily accomplished using the GPU rendering performance for general purpose computing work .

Open the top cover , because the screen size is larger, in order to give users a better visual experience , The bottom of the fuselage came ACER C720 with 6cell high capacity ACER C720 Battery , where the design still maintain the previous style, we can still see the machine nameplate shadow , the user can choose the time of purchase engrave different text to express individuality . While above the nameplate with separate bass sound device , not only can enjoy the game , powerful sound , the same can watch videos and listen to music to experience the immersive feel. The area becomes larger thermal windows , can faintly see through the dust screen three cooling fans, which correspond to the three outlet .