LENOVO IdeaPad 310 510 and ASUS FZ50VW review

In a short period of one and a half years, Lenovo IdeaPad for consumers to bring, Bigger version, excellent version and many other newer versions of the product, which in the past is very difficult to see the development of ideas. The reason for such a high frequency of product updates, on the one hand is to keep up with the step of the Intel hardware update, on the other hand is ideapad gradually improve themselves and make it more in line with the consumer's actual demand.

Today to evaluation room products is from Lenovo ideapad 310 notebook products, it uses Intel's new sixth generation core i7-6500U processor, ordered in terms of performance more on a floor, and also have the AMD radeon R5 m330 discrete graphics, 4GB ddr3l 1600MHZ memory and 500GB mechanical hard disk allocation and combination of. Lenovo IdeaPad has been known for a high price, the price is basically unchanged under the premise of the IdeaPad 310 will be how to do?

Lenovo ideapad 310 this time return this, we can see early ideapad shadow on it, but in the details is different. Lenovo ideapad 310 integral with a matte black design with 4cell LENOVO IdeaPad 310 Battery, cover the surface with special bite flower wear, tie-in black can make up for the lack of non metal material texture, anti scratch and metal material or class of skin coating has the characteristics, can let you in a long time after use also can maintain such as new.

If Lenovo ideapad primary products is still in the exploratory stage of, then the Lenovo ideapad 310 in the evolutionary process, of course, ideapad 310 after all, does not belong to super this category, so in the bottom of the fuselage design still with the traditional notebook similar, but this kind of design let ideapad 310 overall look more slim.

Next we look at ideapad 310 of some physical parameters, from the point of view of comparison with a dollar coin, ideapad 310 is not only look slim, from the actual parameters above see it is indeed more than the previous generation products more slim. Lenovo IdeaPad 310 weight 1.944kg, travel weight is 2.282kg with built-in LENOVO IdeaPad 310 Touch Battery, as the mainstream of a cost-effective, Lenovo IdeaPad portable 310 is commendable, after all, many products can not take into account this point.

Sound and D two forefoot support is intermediate position is equipped with a 2.1 track JBL customized audio, compared to previous generations will be the central place of the subwoofer moved to the bottom of the fuselage, sound more natural and vigorous, paired with Dolby home theater technology, in-depth the situation enjoy more detailed full range sound effects and meet the demanding requirements of some audio and video business enthusiasts.

Equipped with the latest of the sixth generation of Intel Processors Association IdeaPad 510 with built-in 4cell LENOVO IdeaPad 510 Battery respect enjoy edition Yan set value and performance in a body, followed the previous generations of red dot design award, ultra red run shape and hair metal wire drawing perfect binding, to meet the pursuit of individual business internationally the appearance of demand.

D face Dell Latitude E7240 cooling layout is very reasonable in ensuring the smooth flow of the same time, while also taking into account the beautiful. At the bottom of the Docking design to enhance the battery life and multimedia development. In addition, Latitude Dell series sharing the same development of the house, if you are old friends is also Latitude Dell series of products, then you can continue to use the old development of the house. Continue to enjoy the "old friend" legacy of warmth.

As a high-performance business book, Dell Latitude E7240 is equipped with the most commonly used interface and 45Wh DELL WD52H Battery. 1 HDMI interface, 3 USB 3 port, DP interface, RJ45, three in one card reader headset interface, basically meet all your daily needs.

In recent months, ASUS launched a series of players in the country GFX71J, A550JK, Flying Fortress FX50J and other games of this product, and recently they brought to the consumer a new game book - FZ50V. ASUS FZ50V game this using the Intel Core i7-4720HQ as processor and uses the NVIDIA geforce GTX 950M alone significantly, in addition also has 4GB ddr3l memory and mechanical 1TB hard drive configuration.

ASUS FZ50V in the shape of the design is not unusual, the top cover part of the use of two different ways to build. On the left and right sides of the top cover, we see the FZ50V to create a standard pattern, while the middle part, then the use of metal wire drawing process to create, at the same time the iconic logo in the center. Cutting angle of the design from the point of view, in the middle of the roof of the FZ50V with 48wh ASUS FZ50V Battery is more like metal building, but in fact throughout the tectum are used composite material to build, compared to plain odd cover design, FZ50V this change can get extra points.

In this "heavy design, light configuration," the appearance of any one product again fancy also want to focus on two parameters to design, one is the weight of the other is the thickness. Light configuration is not to say that the configuration is not important, but the change is not easy to be found on the configuration, and the unique design of the design can largely determine whether the product can seize the user to buy the psychological. The weight and thickness not only reflect the level of technology integration, but also directly determine the portability of the product.

In general, Flex 3 1480 with 45wh LENOVO Flex 3-1480 Battery in the design may be influenced by the modern minimalist fashion, as far as possible the design direction, simple to achieve, and in the same size notebook, the light degree to the weight is very good of, if uses the mobile user, so that the carrying is also more convenient for.

Used bevelled design at the front of the fuselage of the ASUS FZ50V, decreasing from top to bottom slope, and more convenient user one hand opening and closing the cover. The second half of the fuselage with a fillet transition, similar to the previous product, so the design is more suitable for hand grip.

Memory Latency evaluation software, through the evaluation of memory latency, intuitive display memory subsystem performance. It is worth mentioning here is the use of aircraft is the sixth generation i7 processor, itself is a graphics core HD530, single to pursue higher graphics processing performance of the machine is also equipped with NVIDIA GTX 960m discrete graphics, can say GTX 900 series, and the use is the most advanced architecture, also dual graphics configuration can also according to the specific use of the user to select video, save power consumption and can also prolong the service life of the hardware.

Here we use 3Dmark to do graphics test on this card. 3dmark except gives the test scores also give each scene during the test of real-time curve, the whole record frame rate, temperature of the CPU, GPU temperature, CPU power. The new version of 3Dmark is the first choice to run the card.

Because ASUS FZ50V is entertainment oriented notebook, so is to carry out the possibility is very large, so the life time is critical. From the PCmark8 endurance test, close to 3 hours for the notebook is still good, of course, still need to use the specific circumstances prevail.

ASUS FZ50V not to light as the main, so we see it there is no advantage to speak of compared with one dollar coins, and from the point of view of the weight, 2.552kg, the weight of the complete machine performance for the 15 inch fuselage can only be considered quite satisfactory. FZ50V travel weight 3.098kg with 4cell ASUS FZ50VW Battery.


Schenker XMG U705 U716 A716 pk ASUS ZenBook UX305UA

In recent years, electronic athletics continued hot, major events bonuses are very impressive, attracted a lot of master on the same stage. As a master of the game, must have excellent equipment, for example with a notebook computer, can often carry out, and other athletic small partners to work energetically. However face a variety of high-end high performance gaming of the high prices, many early into the arena of small partners may feel slightly difficult, no economic ability to win. However, there are always exceptions to everything, there is always some of the high price of new products to the players bring passion and hope. For example today to introduce this Schenker XMG U705, continuing the series of classic styling and excellent material to build, using the new sixth generation i7 processor and 6GB of memory GTX970M alone significantly, in addition to the new DDR4 memory and large 512gb SSD blessing, so that the whole non general fast cool, is also a the full use of the latest hardware of the game Oh!

First look at the appearance of this XMG U705, the basic continuation of the overall design of the U705 series, and the material is quite high. A surface cover is still familiar with the XMG logo, the surface of black metal wire drawing, taking into account the appearance and heat. Open XMG U705 with 82wh 9cells Schenker XMG U705 Battery, we still see a lot of familiar design, B is a 1080P Full HD IPS material screen, the actual effect is beyond doubt. Screen top frame center with a network camera and a microphone, etc., the effect is better than the ordinary notebook computer. The bottom border of the screen is the Schenker Hasee logo. Ping shaft is connected with differences in ordinary notebook sinking of the design, in order to ensure the rear radiating duct patency, and C surface leave a little gap.

For this 3K level resolution of the screen, is not really able to bring the value of the value of the problem still remains to be discussed, high resolution picture is clear, but for 13.3 inches Windows platform notebook, this resolution brings practical experience and its parameters are not consistent, we still need to zoom font can be easier to see the screen content, which is not consistent with the high resolution of the original intention is not.

ASUS UX305 will be hard to put on the right corner of the keyboard, the user can very quickly understand the hard disk state. ASUS UX305 uses a large area of the touch panel design with 11.31V ASUS ZenBook UX305UA Battery, support Windows 8 touch gestures, gray matte material in the use of the process, the touch is comfortable, around the silver frame around the touch panel looks very stylish. Interface, ASUS UX305 in the left side of the fuselage with two USB3.0 interface and a SD reader.

On the right side of the fuselage, which is provided with a USB3.0 interface, a HDMI interface standard size, a mini DP interface, a power interface, a headset, microphone combo interface. Although ASUS has not set aside the VGA video interface and RJ45 network interface, but in the packaging of random with a DP VGA to the mini connection line and a USB to RJ45 cable. In fact, in a wireless network is gradually popular today, using the RJ45 cable network interface rate is more and more low, in order to reduce the thickness of the body to remove the RJ45 interface and the USB interface is through a solution. The same is true of the VGA interface, transfer line standard to ASUS UX305 in the interface is relatively rich models.

Although ASUS Zenbook UX305 positioning light and portable, but from the perspective of hardware configuration, it is not strictly a super product, which uses a i7-4510U processor from Intel (graphics core HD4400), 4GB memory, 500GB hybrid hard disk, the cache is 8GB, the most surprised is that although the thin body, but ASUS is still in the place of a graphics card from NVIDIA 840M.

I7-4510U using Haswell architecture design, dual core four thread, clocked 2.0GHz, the maximum core frequency 3.1GHz, TDP is only 15W. Performance aspects we use R15 CineBench for testing, the results of its single thread of 121, multi-threaded performance is 280, performance and even better than i7-4550U.

ASUS UX305 uses a combination of common Intel HD4400 graphics core NVIDIA 840M graphics card, the NVIDIA 840M uses NVIDIA's new Maxwell architecture, GM108 core, which has 384 CUDA units, 1029MHz core frequency, video frequency 900MHz, the memory capacity of 2GB DDR3, 64Bit memory interface, the overall specifications are entry-level standard.

The core of CPU CPU, XMG U716 uses Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor, can be said to be the top level of the mainstream models. The i7-6700HQ is a four core eight thread processor, 14nm process, the default frequency of 2.6GHz, the largest single nuclear turbo 3.5GHz, with 6MB three level cache.

Look at the most concern independent graphics part, equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M graphics card, 82Wh Schenker XMG U716 Battery, the performance of the game player is bound to believe that the pursuit of love. This GTX970M has a stream processor, 6GB gddr5 memory, a 192 bit memory interface, in the notebook computer is equipped with high-end, the performance of the game strong extraordinary.

If you are on this game concept still in large thick, it proves that you have not paid close attention to this industry for a long time, now this product has been in a lot of games to go on the road of small light. Topics such as the, the protagonist, Schenker xMg a716 blood edition notebook is a lightweight products, he by the cutting-edge mold blue sky N550RC exclusive, cancelled after the drive to significantly reduce the volume and weight, portability greatly improved.

Specific types of this Schenker is xMg A716 with 6cell Schenker XMG A716 Battery , and before the same paragraph xMg a716 quad core i5 version of common mold, the appearance of a small difference (the appearance of joining the red elements, game style is more prominent, boot key more personality) and configuration equipped with video mobile terminal of the sixth generation Core i7 6700HQ, 8GB ddr3l memory and GTX950M D5 2GB of.

After CES and MWC two big science and technology, do you find that there is a common electronic products? It is simple and lightweight agile model. Whether it is a mobile phone, PC or tablet, car, the more simple style is more popular with consumers, of course, this is only to stay in the appearance of the. Because in terms of performance, and now pay attention to the function point is to more and more performance to become increasingly strong, seemingly difficult requirements are manufacturers to win the heart of the hard needs of consumers.

Talking about the game, the impression is often "unwieldy, grandiose appearance" such vocabulary. However, Schenker flex F516 is a of a main light characteristics of gaming notebook, whole body only 23.9 mm thickness absolute claim is game industry rarely made. In addition, equipped with Intel i7-6700HQ processor, NVIDIA GTX 950M Schenker Flex F516 with 6cell Schenker Flex F516 Battery graphics card in terms of performance is awesome. The next, please with the small make up to see its true elegant style!

We used chess, cinebench series software tested this product of CPU performance theory. In the testing process we found body direct contact with the desktop will lead to heat into the lack of the wind, so the performance testing under the official rubber foot pad of the Ottomans can raise airframe 2.5cm).

Warm blooded version Schenker W706 uses the sixth generation i7 6700HQ processor, 8GB ddr3l memory and GTX950M GD5 graphics. The standard version of the hard disk with double 128GB SSD raid0 system is established, send test version of paired with double 256gb SSD. 6cell SCHENKER W706 Battery, In addition, this mold provides additional built-in M.2 Pci-E solid state hard disk interface to facilitate users to upgrade more advanced M.2 hard disk.

Read the keyboard, we have to look at the interface of the machine. In the right side of Schenker flex F716 as shown in Figure top-down followed by a network interface, two USB 3.0 interface, a card reader, card slot. In the left side of the Schenker flex F716, top-down followed by distribution with a computer lock, a VGA interface and a set of earphone microphone audio interface, a USB 2.0 interface. In addition, everyone from the side of the close-up photos can feel the machine's thin, 23.9 mm thickness can ensure that it is unique in the field of the game.

In the Flex F716 Schenker back from left to right distribution of a power supply interface, a USB 3 interface, 62wh Schenker Flex F526 Battery, a mini DP interface, a HDMI interface. Due to the need to run a large number of high occupancy rate applications, so the heat of the hardware and software has become the key to the safety of temperature. Flex F716 Schenker in the back of the use of a dual cooling fan, two fans at the same time can work to ensure that the FlexF716's internal hardware has always been controlled at a safe temperature.