TOSHIBA TECRA W50-A and TOSHIBA Portege R30-A coming

Before exposure article has been to show the Haswell processor core specifications and parameters , however , believe that the actual performance of the processor core graphics performance GUP is currently most concerned about everyone , especially the new Haswell platform . In the following article we will use the evaluation software testing tools commonly doubled run points to note is that this notebook is equipped with a processor core ES version , does not represent the official final performance notebook shipments , only just first to experience for everyone .

Standard voltage processor Intel Core i7 4930XM Za Zhi蹜new Haswell platform , with 4 cores and can support up to eight threads via Hyper-Threading technology. The processor is still based on 22nm process technology , initially clocked at 3.0GHz, can be upgraded by Turbo technology accelerates to 3.9GHz, shared L3 cache is 8MB, the overall TDP of 57W, compared to the previous generation of the same grade Core i7 -3920XM higher than 2W.

PACKARD BELL EasyNote TE series with 4cell PACKARD BELL AL12A32 Battery is PACKARD BELL user locate the entry-level cost-effective lightweight laptop, it has a 14-inch mainstream displays , body thickness of 18mm or so, many of the more traditional 14-inch notebook slim , but he also provides a fourth generation Core i5-4500U processor and 2GB memory version of the NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M graphics card, the hardware configuration is more balanced , office games are no problem , plus the price of the mainstream around 4000 , is a very competitive notebook.

According to processor test practice, we first single-threaded computing performance - SuperPi test is basically always been a continuation of the project, and each generation of processors can be before there is a contrast. Here we were chosen 1M -bit and 2M -bit computing during running relatively quickly , which is something few seconds , and the time the results at a glance.

In terms of overall design, TE with 4cell PACKARD BELL EasyNote TE Battery slightly conservative , with dark colors dominated the whole , the lack of a little more clever atmosphere, increasing the feeling of calm and low-key , slightly closer to the overall design business notebook .

Through testing , I believe we will put the excitement in a new generation of core graphics above , and ultimately academic performance HD 4600 also did not let you down. Theory test level, core graphics performance compared to previous generation upgrade about 40-60 % , Core i7 4930XM ES version is likely with the official version , there are some differences in terms of stability , but the graphics processing power is still very obvious upgrade the . Although Haswell CPU performance enhancing modest, but to optimize the core frame structure , with the help of Turbo technology, the single-core , multi-core play even better.

SuperPi test session, clocked at 3.0GHz Core i7-4930XM processor ran 9.609 seconds achievements , 2M bit score is 21.687 seconds . Compared to the previous generation Intel Core i7-3920MX of 9.874 seconds and 22.3 seconds slightly better. Has even surpassed the previous generation desktop Core i7-3770K (3.5GHz) Test 9.875 seconds . wPrime is also a computing performance testing software, which provides support for multi-threaded computing , and Core i7-4930XM quad-core processor , this eight -thread design , so we will test the number of threads in the test set in the eight threads.

Core i7 4930XM in wPrime 32M test the test scores of 8.472 seconds , 1024M score is 232.749 seconds , while the previous generation Intel Core i7-3920XM in a test score is 9.5 seconds ; 1024M score of 241.8 seconds . For comparison multithreading capabilities have minor upgrade .

As the game performance is what we value most. TOSHIBA TECRA W50-A is equipped with Intel's Haswell architecture i74700HQ processor , clocked at 2.4GHz, Turbo can to 3.4GHz, TDP is only 47w, and TOSHIBA TECRA W50-A Battery, 4 core 8 thread is very high , the game is also equipped with a GTX 765M discrete graphics level .
Many online download software is packaged processed through the user can not use the software directly , so we need to run WinRAR decompression , which supports drag and drop and shell extension , the perfect support for ZIP files , built-in program can unlock we often encounter . CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO , and other types of compressed files. This software has provided support for multithreading .

WinRAR test requires attention to some issues that WinRAR version 4.2 and earlier versions on a standard test data is not uniform , which requires extra attention - much higher under normal circumstances WinRAR version 4.2 test data , Core i7 4930XM WinRAR tests in test scores to 8641KB / s, compared to the previous generation Core i7 3920XM slightly, but only slightly .

Appearance , P450C with 4cell ASUS P450C Battery looks very elegant. Machine uses a very simple design , cover design and keyboard frame is silver , and the screen and keyboard keycaps border color is black. Body material with a plastic material , thus effectively reducing the body weight. Machine design simple , decorated with silver spiral texture on the cover , increasing the friction part of the roof , feeling pretty good . A middle position has a shiny surface of ASUS logo.

Of course, there are games gamers want the performance of a desktop machine , but not so heavy, you can easily move ; business people expect nothing more than to have a powerful performance, stylish appearance , convenient to carry this business . Whether we used to do , and hope to have one of the most effective , there are many aspects of the comprehensive advantages of good assistant. Is there a laptop that has desktop gaming experience , while not so heavy ? Eventually, the 17-inch ultra-thin large- screen TOSHIBATECRA W50-A came.

Thickness aspect , TOSHIBA Portege R30 with TOSHIBA Portege R30-A Battery has a staggering performance , even less than 23mm for a 14 -inch notebook , can be considered a very good score , you know almost less than 22mm into the ultra-extreme standards of for such a stylish, thin and light notebook, and even friends do not play the game the girls will more Kanji Yan .

SYSmark 2012 is BAPCo launched last year a new generation of PC performance benchmarking software , its biggest feature is the use of real load , simulated users in different usage scenarios for testing. 

In addition , P550 also designed the white keyboard backlight , which is necessary for high-end business notebook functionality . ASUS P450C with 4cell ASUS P450CA Battery is a partial reason why traditional to commercial products , but also because it is in the upper right corner of the keyboard design some independent function keys , as in the traditional business notebooks , the independent function keys are often essential. From the button icon above we can clearly understand their role, such as WIFI switch, microphone switch , while the middle of the P button after I actually use is to quickly open the "Computer ( My Computer ) " button .


LENOVO IdeaPad Flex 14D 15D Coming

The introduction of high-cost game, holding the most fundamental needs of gamers, and filled the 5,000 yuan to 7,000 yuan price of the game in this market gap. Recently, we saw a code for the "ASUS" products, just from the name of view, it is very domineering. Will there be more in the future "god class" product appears we do not know, but the emergence of ASUS, perhaps this is the beginning of Clash of the Titans.

So in the end with a kind of ASUS hardware configuration? Whether its design bright spots? What are its noteworthy features? Let's sell off a child at the beginning of the article, the next evaluation body, will answer these questions one by one.

First saw ASUS, we more or less have a familiar feel. Yes, because the mold is provided by ASUS sky, but in fact, look closely you will find, ASUS is still in great detail Aspect. According to official reports, the blue sky as the exclusive ASUS provides a mold, the overall design is carried out according to the characteristics of ASUS.

The ASUS product songce model X552EA with 4cell ASUS X552EA Battery, by the well-known blue sky foundry hand crafted. ASUS will also be officially enter the high cost gaming laptop market pioneer, after the official listing of this product, it will be quick to follow up the product line, the introduction of other sizes, but also will be the first time under The new generation platform upgrade from these actions of view, ASUS for 5,000 yuan to 7,000 yuan games this market has a high degree of attention.

Today , Windows 8.1 is launched to prove that Microsoft let the system continue to improve and better improve the PC, tablet combo product experience. And what kind of PC hardware progress? In the body of the new generation of distortion products , we can see what kind of improvement?

?!?! IdeaPad new heavy launch , IdeaPad Flex 14D to IdeaPad essence , flip the Flex 's LENOVO IdeaPad Flex 14D Battery world body in this product , we can see that the first generation of deformation of the product 's masterpiece - the essence of Lenovo Flex , while in many adjustments done , then we take a look IdeaPad Flex 14D performance.

Speaking Flex, a lot of people think of that paragraph must remember that a new generation of 360-degree flip distortion products in the deformation wave just off that time , Flex but hot. Joe closer to an iPad then show in front of the world , started Apple empire has a path. Intel PC hardware in promoting the core process, thrown Ultrabook concept. After placing him while Microsoft will not , at the time of the launch of Windows 8 operating system over the same period , bringing the Microsoft Surface products. Revolutionized Windows 8 Tablet PC manufacturers led the super combo products boom, a time of new kinds of deformed layers of touch , deformation mode is varied . But Lenovo YOGO 360-degree flip , is undoubtedly the industry leader.

ASUS P550 WITH ASUS P550C Battery rearward position of the left side of the docking station is provided with three audio jacks , and comes with RJ-45 Ethernet port and a power jack , using the interface on the docking station will be connected to the case, will make the cable easier to comb , because the interface P550 docking stations are located on one side , so long as a beam splitter can put up all the cables neat .

As a laptop , the keyboard is also a very important part in the daily work of the state , the operation of the keyboard to experience a direct impact on the efficiency and mood. Therefore, manufacturers will see the C surface is very important .

Light from the appearance point of view , in addition to special shaft part , the whole seems that IdeaPad? Classic styling. Angular body , which is the style of the black over the years . Black box, the same classic !

The IdeaPad Flex 15D uses a 4CELL LENOVO IdeaPad Flex 15D Battery Lenovo's high touch chocolate keyboard keycap concave curved design , more ergonomic , comfortable to use , misuse rate is greatly reduced. While the design of the backlight in a dark environment can also have a very good experience.

Also worth mentioning is the ASUS mold design and production of this by the blue mold is ideal for high-performance gaming laptop, because it is the result of a long-term test of the cooling structure of the market, by the game players alike, ASUS use After this mold, in the heat can be said without any worries.
Throughout the current game market beyond traditional mainstream games aside, the most compelling than ASUS Ares kind with mainstream price slightly, but far less than premium-priced product. And the field of products, each with a significantly different. For example, MSI is the way to go personalized with a cool design; another example, people on earth, it is in a fever and can be customized to walk the road; while ASUS, is in the higher cost routes to 5000-7000 yuan slightly higher than the price of mainstream price for the user to create an excellent gaming platform.

After seeing the heat, we look at the ASUS endurance. In fact, for the purposes of this high-performance gaming, life is not a standard measure of its merits, after all, the overall power consumption was there. So, this one is just life as we provide a reference. Testing the software we use for PowerMark, it PCMark, 3DMark, just as FutureMark developed by the company launched. It would continue to run a cycle of test scripts, including four common applications: Internet browsing, word processing, video playback, 3D games, so as much as possible close to the actual use of the vast majority of users. Here we look at exactly how the test results?
Taking into account users usually need to extend notebook battery life time, will power management set to power saving mode, so we set up before the test is true, while prohibiting the notebook automatically after a period of time to reduce the brightness, turn off the screen backlight ban prohibiting automatic sleep. At the same time, we let the WiFi kept open, in order to simulate the user's real use.
From this evaluation, as well as personal use editing view, ASUS overall workmanship is very solid, the game experience is also very good. The vendors will provide users with ASUS's perfect ASUS P550CA Battery after sale and launch-related policies, and therefore the whole, ASUS and various games of the currently marketed strengths, and users can take what we need.


ASUS X552C X552E Series laptop coming

From the current development trajectory of the entire technical point of view, the association raised and is vigorously promoting the development of multi-mode concept is undoubtedly the direction of the PC industry over the next five years , the PC industry is able to help reshape its former glory , this needs to be verified , but it is indeed timely move. No one can refuse a while with notebooks, tablet PCs , mobile phones and even camera features multi-mode products , Lenovo not only predict the future demands of consumers, but also ahead of other vendors . In fact , the notebook computer into a multi-mode era , its core meaning is to achieve a shared hardware resources , but also the impact of the traditional concept that eliminates the boundaries of electronic products , you can not give to join the communication function , high-definition camera function Lenovo MIIX successor to give a precise definition , but apparently a cost-effective integration of consumer products are most needed.

For any industry, found that the future is not difficult, the difficulty is how down to earth to find the future , and now all of the things we have in this era of fast as a standard , this appeared to speed worship , such as built in 6 days a 15-story hotel on the network has been passed to a story . Of course , in this era of fast , speed, innovation apparently become a stumbling block , and the entire PC industry is in the pursuit of speed gradually toward the homogenization , so the PC 's ASUS X552C Battery future development pattern, we need to allow sufficient innovation time and space , not to repeat the mistakes of instant success .

Screen resolution has been criticized by many users laptop is too low , 1366 × 768 resolution can not meet their needs - especially those with a large screen notebook like playing games, watching movies users , low-resolution screen is indeed to a certain extent , affected the experience. Fortunately, in recent years , laptop score screen , full HD screen and even the ultra- high-definition screen, emerging, currently the highest resolution notebook has reached 3200 × 1800, 1366 × 768 resolution upgrade over more than five times , with the "big leap "to describe not an exaggeration.

More and more high score screen notebooks to some extent to meet the needs of some consumers , but we have to ask a question : On a 13- inches or 14-inch screen is necessary to upgrade to a 3200 × 1800 resolution so high rate it? This was analyzed in two ways : on the one hand , high-resolution screen prices are more expensive than mainstream resolution screen Price : Whether you want a small or large -sized screen, you have to pay for those extra pixels this means buying ultra- high-definition screen notebook friends must have better economic capacity.

This is a very important factor is the " line of sight " - " from the eye to the screen ", and now even the 13.3-inch , 3200 × 1800 resolution screen notebook its only 275 ppi , not as good as the phone seems clear . But in fact this is a misunderstanding : the average person when using a laptop , distance between eyes and notebook screen is generally about 50-60 cm , and the larger laptop screen size , the farther the " line of sight ." If you look at a 1366 × 768 resolution 14-inch laptop screen distance of half a meter , the human eye can not distinguish pixels.

Of course, if you conspire eyes away from the screen when only 5 cm , 3200 × 1800 resolution screen is certainly better than 1366 × 768 resolution screen clear a lot, but the question is how many cases you will do it ? From the above two points of view, both ultra- high-definition screen brought no small burden , but for most users, the significance is not large , then the ultra- high-definition screen, and under what circumstances the use? If you are a photographer , often need to deal with high-resolution photos, so this time the ultra-high resolution for your work laptop to help - the higher resolution screen , photos look sharper detail after amplification also more clearly.

X552 with ASUS X552V Battery songce this fourth-generation Intel Core i5-4200U processor , clocked at 1.6GHz, Turbo can to 2.6GHz. Graphics using Intel HD 4400 graphics core , the largest share of existing as 1750MB. Memory is 4GB DDR3-1600, the hard disk is 32GB SSD +500 GB SATA, this hybrid hard disk can be more efficient to read the file , reducing the waiting time to boot . We use Windows 8 Assessment of X552 test , wherein the processor score of 6.9 points, the highest score overall , thanks to the graphics core , so the graphics scores scored only 4.6 points, but still higher than normal core graphics scores.

On the other hand , the screen resolution upgrade and notebook processors , graphics performance requirements are directly proportional to the higher screen resolutions require higher hardware configuration to support , which increases the cost of the purchase of this notebook - we see the use of 3200 × 1800 resolution, the cheapest laptops have 7,999 yuan , far exceeding the mainstream notebook prices . In addition, high-resolution screen also increases the energy consumption of notebook battery and shorten the battery life.

ASUS X552 cover and wrist rest part of the extensive use of a metal material, this design not only looks seem able, in terms of its durability and heat also increased . X552 with ASUS X552CL Battery On the screen is 14 inch HD -hyun color screen also supports 10 -point touch, combined with pre-installed Windows 8 operating system , operating in a variety of ways to deal with more use of the environment. Also in the use of anti-fingerprint screen coating ASUS coating , everyday use of the touch screen is extremely difficult when the contamination fingerprint marks, this design is very practical. Interfaces provided , while small, but very comprehensive, basically meet the daily use .

In general , the use of ultra- high -resolution screen laptop for ordinary users or " overkill " : with such a high -resolution 13-inch or meaningful 14-inch notebook ; If your job requires and more adequate budget , then buy a large screen , ultra- high -resolution notebook is worth it.

If you are a financial officer of a unit , often face a flood of data , tables, this time super- high-definition screen allows you to open more Execel documents, improve your work efficiency. But this premise is the screen size should be large enough - at 13 inches E1 with 4cell ACER Aspire E1-532 Battery or 14 inches in the eyes of the laptop screen too expensive

Let everyone familiar with this concept thanks to the ppi Steve Jobs : Apple released using the retina (Retina) screen of the iPhone 4 and MacBook Pro notebooks in 2010 , when Jobs said : "When you take something from you 10-12 inches ( about 25-30 cm ) when it reached 300ppi resolution as long as this ' magic number ' ( 300 pixels per inch ) or more , you will not be able to distinguish the retina pixel point . " this is Apple " retina screen " was originally defined , iPhone 4 screen pixel density reached 326ppi.

Since Windows 8 release , we see more and more of the super pole with a touch screen. Touch screen not only provides people more mode of operation , and gradually reduce dependence on people for the touchpad . ASUS notebook manufacturers as one of the veteran , now brought a Seiko -for -ASUSSatellite X552.

ASUS X552 with ASUS X552E Battery large- scale use of metal material , look tough , it is consistent with the simple style of ASUS . In the details of the office , ASUS did not put your request in the corners convergence at X552 workmanship is very detailed, bridging the gap close , rounded corners . ASUS X552 roof made ​​of metal material, the surface of the drawing process , only a bright silver ASUS LOGO on the roof would be no modification of the . As can be seen from the picture , X552 rounded corners , but not stupid , visual over very comfortable.


SAGER NP8275 NP8275-S Gaming Laptop coming

SAGER is a top business notebook series , the combination of SAGER laptop 's top technical aspects , has been recognized by the majority of users, but this series of laptops has been very expensive in terms of price , and now SAGER for entry-level users to launch 3000 series models , priced around 4000 to 5000 , more than half of the 6000 series cheaper !

During the test , always keep a notebook screen is the brightest , wifi turned on, the volume is 50%, the power plan balance. Ten minutes of web browsing test , in minutes non-stop browsing the web , power drops to 95% from 99%. Therefore, the average hourly power consumption can be estimated at about 30%. Then I conducted a 10-minute office document entry work , ten minutes non-stop entry of text and excel, power consumption dropped from 95% to 92 %. Finally , the author has conducted a 10-minute HD movie test , in which ten minutes , the battery dropped from 92 % to 88 %.

Today, I will introduce the SAGER NP8275 with 8cell SAGER NP8275 Battery, a 17-inch notebook , which uses Intel's fourth-generation Core i3-4010U dual-core processor , 2GB RAM , 500GB 5400 rpm mechanical hard drive , using the HD4400 graphics card, is the SAGER NP8275 low version , the processing capacity to meet basic daily needs, but not enough to require some really 2GB memory upgrade to 4GB or more.

15-inch business notebook seems the volume in the market is not too high , most of the business elite would prefer 13 inches of Commerce of the fuselage , but everything is not absolute . 15 inches business notebook also has a great consumer demand. There are also a lot of consumers prefer more generous vision, strong performance, and impressive office properties. Although 15 inches compared with 13 inches fuselage fuselage , portability poor. But for those who want a larger field of view , more robust performance, and a certain demand for mobile office users , 15 inches LENOVO G510s Touch is definitely a good choice .

Even LENOVO G410s with LENOVO L12S4E01 Battery is not to lift the keyboard , 360 ° rotating screen as a selling point , that it is still an excellent notebook , the keyboard feels good , exquisite workmanship, excellent shape as well as endurance and cooling capabilities are in the current business notebooks become leader , 256GB SSD based configuration instructions Lenovo is not like this product will go to hit the mainstream market , the price is also slightly widened the distance with the mainstream market , the T-Series and X1 series in between leaving a good selection .

DELL Inspiron island-style keyboard design uses 14 , scrub the surface with tiny particles . Through the entry of text, we feel the same keyboard and toucDELLad key process shorter , more rigid feedback intensity , but the key design reasonable distance , less prone to misuse and other issues when input text. If a long code word , then it is recommended that you configure a comfortable keyboard.

In the upper left corner of the keyboard Inspiron 3737 provides a set of indicators and DELL 970V9 Battery , namely caps lock , wireless network switches , hard disk status indicator . In fact, we are more inclined to the edge of the light design in a notebook , so that when engaging the notebook when the notebook can also know the relevant state. The upper right corner of the keyboard is the power switch, the power switch is bright silver metallic, bright light in the button will be issued in the notebook boot neighboring states. Although the design of the power switch on the Delete button , but its touch hard , so do not worry about the appearance of the case by mistake .

LENOVO notebooks in addition to people familiar ThinkPad series , as well as IdeaPad series , this notebook product line, the company is family-oriented LENOVO , students and the introduction of user groups , but also the home of the entertainment features of this and integrate , formed a relatively unique series.

The LENOVO IdeaPad series with LENOVO L12M4E01 Battery shortly before just listed, the main cost subsection frivolous entertainment , priced at around 5,000 yuan. This notebook factory-installed Linux, the hardware configuration is basically similar to other ThinkPad 5470, the aircraft also equipped with a separate graphics card , providing a stronger graphics performance .

Because it is a 15.6-inch notebook , so the C plane has more space. C eliminates the switch , other than the keyboard and touchpad it did not set other shortcut keys , so the whole gives a sense of the atmosphere clean . Palm rest more lenient , because it is metal, it will feel the slightest cool meaning when placed above the elbow . Chamfered edge position using a design with bright metallic luster.

15 In addition to the more spiritual keyboard said before frosted design, to the body slimmer , shorter will be the key way , but a great deal of influence on the text entry . At least the author on the keyboard to edit the article or no problem . Let's look at the more spiritual side D 15 . More spiritual batteries 15 are built-in settings , so that you can make the body become thinner. This side does not use metal, but convergence design closely , tightly surrounded by metal edges.

Then I experienced this from various angles spirit more Dell Inspiron 15  aptop to see if it has enough value in use, so that more consumers to pay for ! Firstly , I experience its office capacity . Worst office software used by none other than the fees office , I use the more spiritual way short of the 15-key keyboard for text entry , entry time is one hour. When entry begins, and do not adapt to its mechanical keyboard keyboard feel and are very different but after half an hour of experience , become familiar with the keyboard 15 more spiritual , and therefore after the operation will be more relaxed.

In addition to using Office software outside , Photoshop is one of the many users commonly used office tools . 15 When I use the more spiritual experience, but opened the 13 size at about 3M's picture , when you open relatively fast , slightly Caton phenomenon during the operation , but no way affect the operation. Dell Inspiron  15 has a 15.6-inch high-definition screen, do not use it to watch movies or play games is not it a pity ? Then I would experience 1080p HD movies, play HD movies seems to have become a mainstream notebook comes standard , if this ability is not, really Nabuchushou . 15 watch HD movies with more spirit , what is clear and smooth without pressure.

Dell Inspiron 15 equipped with 6cell DELL 9TJ2J Battery and Intel Core i5-4200U low voltage processor , and is equipped with 6GB RAM , 500GB hard drive and NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M graphics card . This configuration definitely considered mainstream , so use it to play some big games that they do not open the maximum effect , enough to run smoothly. I would chose the NBA 2K13 game , after entering the game to take effect by default run , run to 60 frames , extremely smooth.


LENOVO G410s G510s Touch coming

Lenovo set up a new Digital Marketing team, which allowed a lot of advertising partners felt the full pressure. Because of its internal meeting, Chen Xudong, vice president of the association told this to say: "We spend a lot of money on marketing, but our brand indicators for monitoring and no significant improvement which is why we established Digital Marketing for important reasons. . "

If you understand some of the more popular, Chen Xudong said Lenovo is a lot of money boondoggle child, you did not really fall in love with Lenovo, so you need to change the mindset of doing things. All in all, Lenovo is not satisfied with the existing marketing model, or feel the potential crisis, and therefore will set up a new digital marketing team.

For example today I got this LENOVO G410s with 4cell LENOVO G410s Touch Battery, although listening to the name is a " new man" , but if we see the true capacity , then certainly not unfamiliar. Should a single point from the abrasive because then it LENOVO with the A / X Series products are no different , but it had a big upgrade - adding a touch screen , which is also in this entry-level model the biggest bright spot .

From October last year after the release of Microsoft Windows8 , new notebook is not only out in the form of a class of deformation of the birth of this new product , but also have very different operating habits - that is added to the touch operation . Major OEM manufacturers are also devoting himself to seize this opportunity , in addition to the deformation of the kind of cutting-edge product launch to expand the market beyond , for some models also are selling by upgrading Windows8, adding touch-screen operation to further stabilize the market and achieve secondary product upgrades .

From a hardware point of view , 3737 upgrade to the latest Haswell platform, using a standard voltage processor and entry-level GT720M alone significantly , apparently not appropriate for gamers , this is a downright business notebook .

DELL Inspiron 3737 with 17-inch screen and 65Wh DELL Inspiron 17-3737 Battery, but the aircraft fuselage volume is slightly larger than the standard 17-inch models some of this is due to the machine's screen frame is wider. In the pursuit of narrow frame and thin times, a thick border retro products show its own characteristics, although the border illegally and thick but no sense .

Then look down , DELL Inspiron 3737 design of the entire keyboard surface are always TP style, but the keyboard is not a traditional button design , but was replaced last year began to reform the island-style . Overall, although not exquisite workmanship , but the others have , function keys , Little Red Riding Hood , etc. are equipped with a fingerprint reader .

Disk details , 3737 and S series uses the same toucDELLad design, feel and comfort are equipped with high-end quality . Keyboard , the machine is not equipped with a backlight function , while the top row of keys with heightening ladder design , night blindness can easily tell when the key area. Overall , DELL Inspiron 3737 body material is quite enough , the screen shaft using durable metal hinge , keyboard design and the use of regional ladder partitions island-style design, feel always.

Interface , 3737 network with DELL Inspiron 3737 Battery interface on the rear of the fuselage , so a wired network to connect a network cable will not be thrown to the side and let the desk even more refreshing. On the left side , we see a cooling air outlet , in which the right-hand side for the majority of users who use a mouse , not hot air burns, which is currently the most common practice notebook , we can also see the VGA interface and the DP interface, and two UBS3.0 interfaces, smart cards , and a multi-card reader interfaces.

Taking into account users usually need to extend notebook battery life , the physical power management is set to power saving mode , so we set up before the test is true , while prohibiting notebook reduce the brightness automatically after a period of time , turn off the screen backlight ban , prohibit automatic sleep . At the same time , we let WiFi kept in the open state, thus to simulate the user's actual use. Adjusted to the power saving mode after a period of testing , the final 17 minutes to get eight hours of test scores , achievement in life so many two together in a very good job . Life is good.

LENOVO M5400 with 6cell LENOVO M5400 Battery has followed the ThinkPad black appearance , looked business atmosphere , calm black with brown , showing a wise solemn atmosphere , and yet without losing the dignified, and the previous generation IdeaPad Yoga orange color is completely different, as a positioning business users of the product , LENOVO M5400 giving the impression to be more stable . In material terms , LENOVO M5400 shell using aluminum- body fine , cover great strength , pushing down the screen without any changes , cover with a matte , solid feel better, and the C surface blasting texture, greatly improved wear resistance , but also to feel better.

Mobile Internet era , the traditional PC world have had a great impact. Global consumer PC sales continued to decline, so that many PC makers began to focus business areas . And according to Gartner data shows that some of the better performing PC makers in a relatively stable business market has begun to rebound. LENOVO computer in the business world has always had a very good performance. At the end of October this year , held 2013LENOVO new types of business IT business notebooks new conference in the fall , LENOVO Commerce released a whole new generation of mobile Internet features EliteBook series and LENOVO series business notebooks. We all know EliteBook series is for high-end consumer market , while LENOVO series is aimed at small and medium business procurement and in the end the individual market .

Inspiron size 15 is 33.9x23.7x2.1 cm and weighs only 1.62 kg . Interface, which has three USB3.0 interface , a USB3.0 charging port , DisplayPort, microphone jack , RJ-45, VGA interfaces , and Jacuzzis . It also has a fingerprint scanning technology to protect the security of data. Its waterproof design uses the same keyboard .
Terms of connectivity , it has Intel dual-band Wireless-N7260NB802.11a/b/g/n (2x2) WiFi, Bluetooth4.0, WWAN: DELLhs3210HSPA +, DELLIt4112LTE/HSPA + Gobi4G and DELLIt4111LTE/EVDO/HSPA + Gobi4G. Almost all network access methods readily available.

Today came YORK evaluation room was just released in LENOVO new types of business IT conference in the fall of a new product - LENOVO G510s Touch. Compared with LENOVO 440 G1 with LENOVO G510s Touch with 4cell LENOVO G510s Touch Battery, only differences in terms of product size . LENOVO G510s Touch using the 15-inch body, and LENOVO 440 G1 14 -inch body .