ASUS X550V X550VB X550VC Series tips

Different laptops have different internal structure design, some machines exposed to the cooling module will support easy disassembly, dismantling these machines to clean up the dust is relatively simple, because there is no risk of dismantling the machine. Some products may be it is "all-inclusive" design, manufacturers do not want the user to disassemble and the core hardware module hidden inside, unable to achieve simple disassembly, we are faced with such a machine can only be disassembled in its entirety. Because more difficult, so I do not recommend self-cleaning general users, it is recommended to carry out cleaning operations official aftermarket. This article on a higher difficulty to disassemble the machine, model is the factory in 2011 Lenovo Y470, up to now has been a two-year warranty, so take this be popular products do demonstrations, general strong. The machine allows users easy dismantling fan cleaning dust, but will need to replace the thermal grease all the dismantling machine.

General dismantling ASUS X550V notebook with 4cell ASUS X550V Battery steps: Remove screws, remove the keyboard, scored C face panel, and finally come up with the entire motherboard; certainly not the same as some products disassemble, remove the bottom cover has a direct or direct access the entire surface of the panel under C. Fortunately, however, several steps are basically similar, disassemble logic is the aforementioned four steps, as long as according to the different models to transform ideas disassemble the line. In the teardown process may encounter warranty fragile stickers, which is why we do not recommend the machine is still under warranty disassemble itself, because it means tearing up this fragile stickers warranty, you need to be carefully considered. Of course, some product warranty stickers attached directly to the outermost screws position, usually use process also need to be careful.

Basically, after removal of the C side panel, then the motherboard out relatively simple, simply some of the parts of the screws can be removed. Of course, not all machines are an entire motherboard, USB module, etc. may be placed separately, through flexible PCB connector placed core hardware of the motherboard, so there need to be carried out according to different models in different ways disassemble. Removing the ASUS R505CM Battery and motherboard requires attention to several points: First, remove the motherboard as possible after placed in a softer platform, or on board an anti-static cloth underneath to avoid chips, capacitors and other components of hardware damage; second, split machine needs to be removed before the body's static electricity, the demolition of the motherboard is all the more necessary antistatic wrist strap worn generally can be eliminated; third, even if it is padded on the motherboard under way when you unscrew the screws still need light, reject violence.

The next step is the key tasks disassemble, clean cooling fan in the dust and re-apply thermal grease on the chip. Apply thermal grease, you need to grease or silicone chip Uehara clean then apply, in addition to the replacement of the grease has many species, there are semi-liquid grease, there are massive silica, and even pieces of metal, here you need according to the user's own needs to be replaced. The grease applied in such a way can be considered a "horizontal", this may be counterproductive, not only to improve the thermal efficiency of the chip, perhaps even a lot of heat deposition on the grease and thus affect the heat. Therefore, not too much grease smear, the amount can be overshadowed by the chip surface, another note must be dried after washing brass heat without leaving a little moisture, otherwise they will face burn disaster.

Cooling fan with brass cleaned of dust, while reapply heat grease on the chip, the final step is to "retrieve their full property." How split on how to install the ASUS X550VB and ASUS X550VB Battery back, disassemble step installation procedure that is retrograde version, so in order to disassemble while planning a good time to remember the location of screws is necessary, otherwise they can not go back on the tragedy demolition.

In addition to the traditional gaming experience, DELL Latitude E7240-touch screen, there is a unique touch-screen function, the touch screen, we can also carry out a number of interactive entertainment. Windows 8 touch-screen interface on some games we can actually experience something such as the Paino this piano simulation game, this experience feelings, but physical buttons can not be compared. Simple, touch-screen version of DELL Latitude E7240 laptop is the popular notebook + touch screen + Win8 combination, a collection of popular elements of today's attractive. Actual performance experience, this type of configuration can be said to fully meet all kinds of public users daily operational requirements, games, entertainment, video, work, users are able to find the most suitable mode of operation.

First, if the laptop is still under warranty, do not recommend self-disassemble in order to avoid loss of warranty, you can go to the official brand aftermarket for dust cleaning, the warranty period for this service is usually free.

Second, you need to self-disassemble, pay attention to protective measures such as wearing an antistatic wrist strap so as to avoid ASUS X550VC Battery damage or even personal injury.

Third, try removing the motherboard after removing the softer placed on a platform, or on board an anti-static cloth underneath to avoid chips, capacitors and other components of hardware damage.

Fourth, the approach should be gentle when disassemble, non violence disassemble. Grease should not apply too much heat can be washed brass but note must be dry before replacing.

So herein, this disassemble cleaning tutorial on end here. Summer drops, heat soon come, let us own and use computers to keep cool is necessary, the weather is too hot anger is easy to go wrong. Heat HP ProBook 445 Battery you while inefficiency, but also allow the computer to a crash often irritable, which allows you more irritable. Improve work efficiency, cleaning action on their own.

Battlefield 3 is the last year we regularly test of a game, it uses the Frostbite 2 engine, is to support DX11 effects, and therefore more suitable reaction latest graphics performance. Another Battlefield 3's multi-core optimized better, is also a big party like the benchmark test items measured one. Test can be seen, GT730M performance with the previous generation GT 640M LE almost identical, you can play Battlefield 3 medium quality. Call of Duty 8 is an old game, but the classic Call of Duty series is still very representative, we also tested under at 1366x768, and with the previous generation AMD HD 7690M XT mainstream products were compared, it should be said that performance is quite obvious to enhance the rate even reached 40fps! You can run smoothly on any quality game.

SAMSUNG 270E in 5000 to 6,000 yuan this price segment of the game still find many of our competitors, such as performance-known association tough little Y, Y400. However, the characteristics of the product if we further subdivided in this price segment thin products on a relatively small number. SAMSUNG 270E personally think the biggest advantage is slim and performance will do a better balance. Introduced earlier for the Geforce GT 700M series of products, but also to attract a certain amount of attention.

SAMSUNG 270E, although the light of this, but still can be upgraded interior, simple remove the cover, you can see the reserved one DIMM memory slot and a miniPCI-E full high. Editorial suggestions that can be the case in the budget allows upgrade a 64GB or 128GB of SSD. Windows8 now SSDs have a good system for optimization of the system can be upgraded to speed up boot speed 8s less!

In many manufacturers began full use of low-voltage processor time, SAMSUNG 270E, but still using a standard voltage processor, but also surprising is that high version actually also uses a quad-core eight thread i7 3632QM Processor ! Let us start really can not figure out, 25mm thick, thin and light with a low voltage processor not very good? But after a period of time after the trial and found that our application is not limited to games, or video entertainment.

Many times while I was working with pictures, while doing a document, you may also open a large number of pages at the same time. In fact, for this time of hardware multithreading pressure is very great. The i7 ultra-pole low-voltage processor and ASUS VivoBook S550CB Battery, although you can cope with complex applications (eg i7-3667U), but 6000 yuan price segment to succeed, few can buy i7 version of the low-voltage platform products.


Newest ASUS X550C X550CA X550CC laptop tips

Maintenance on the laptop, which has a long history to estimate the birth of the notebook has not someone thought of, not just a screen, a keyboard and a few vents, integrated appearance after the change but the principle remains unchanged, though. In fact, we do not advocate the user according to maintenance guidelines and similar to regular copy their products, because these are personal items, in accordance with their wishes to use the most appropriate practice, of course, occasionally supplemented point electronics knowledge is still needed.

I believe people who use mobile phones now have laptops than many people, from the use of mobile phones is definitely the dominant frequency point of view, or those who play phone to play every day, people with insomnia to where they came from. Protect your phone more convenient, hides his pocket where all no pressure, but the laptop can not do, the phone can be placed in small pockets, the computer giant stuffed pockets you try to be really into them, how can you have the nerve to see people do?

So the ASUS X550C laptop with 4cell ASUS X550C Battery them than the mobile phone, tablet mobile terminals such complex, and usually need to pay attention when using it relatively more. Such way is to use the placing of a typical case, with a gravity sensor cell phone tablet is upside down with no problem, how can this feature traditional notebook, you're not too tired with backwards enough for me dizzy, develop the right habits are placed laptop use compulsory. Recently a number of new laptops banner of "distortion" on the cover, trying to change our habits, but this is another story.

Clean accumulated dirt, use a small brush to clean the cracks, or use high-pressure jet cleaning camera lenses tank, blow the dust, you can use a portable vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris on the keyboard. Clean the surface with a soft cloth moistened with a little cleaner, in the case of gently wipe off the keyboard surface. When faced with particularly stubborn stains need to be removed when cleaning the keyboard, those who have the ability to disassemble, of course, it is not right to go aftermarket.

Maintenance of way too many laptops on the network statement abundance, many methods are similar in practical use, so I will summarize here a few need to pay attention of ASUS X550CC Battery, but one of the more controversial issues that need a battery affirmative reply, can be ambiguous. First of all to remind users to treat their own supplies or to gentle, treat others the same, we can not borrow someone else's computer results are used when the motorcycle ride.

About activate the battery, many online practice is to put the battery inside the power exhausted, until the shutdown, then use the external power supply charge, and then again after the exhaustion of the battery charge, charging time takes 12-15 hours, repeated this procedure three times to fully activate the battery active. However, such an approach is wrong!

These practices are a few years ago for a nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries, does not apply to today's lithium batteries and lithium polymer batteries, overcharge and over discharge Li-ion battery is causing irreparable harm, and therefore should be used with caution ! Another laptop to connect the power adapter, the battery remains in the notebook computer, and will not cause the battery from overcharging, because the laptop has a charge control and protection circuit design, which once fully charged battery will no longer run charge.

ASUS X550CA Laptop with 3000mAh ASUS X550CA Battery case directly exposed, so this part of the body is a notebook of the most vulnerable. There are many kinds of body shell material, the characteristics of different kinds of material, but in fact these materials are easy to scratch in common and easy to leave stains. With piano paint and metal body of the laptop surface is easily scratched, so need to do more to protect, of course, relatively smooth surface is easy to clean stains; while the surface of the skin like paint or frosted body is relatively fragile, But in comparison should focus on pollution prevention.

Clean stains on the body shell, and many people are using clean cloth to wipe, but note that the cloth can not be too rough, such as using paper towels to wipe piano paint fuselage easy to leave fine scratches. Also in general, use alcohol-based organic solvents to clean is possible (try to use water), low concentration, highly volatile and do not have corrosive, but alkaline detergent needs caution. Today, laptops are mostly plastic shell, there are some metals, and those metals present (aluminum) can not use strong alkaline detergent.

Protective housing has a lot of ways from harm, be regarded as the most popular film with two shells. A surface film on a ASUS X550 with ASUS A41-X550A Battery, sleeve, can indeed prevent scratches, but also make the notebook look more beautiful. While some industrial glue plastic surface film with a certain corrosive, not suitable for long-term affixed to the housing, especially metal, but, after all, is a consumer notebook, many details need not be too concerned about, like the film, shelled this personal behavior be personal preference.

In addition, with a laptop sleeve is also a protective housing less harm effective way. For this, it is recommended that you try to choose a soft lining material, feel more delicate interior package or outsourced, as the brand, and so do not advertise here, relates to the capital output therefore also ask you to select and purchase.

LCD display back lighting from the lamp, used for some time, the backlight brightness will gradually decline, and this is the reason why shows yellow. Prolonged heavy use also causes aging of the LCD panel to produce dead pixels. So in everyday use try not to let the LCD screen to work long hours, but it's possible to reduce the display brightness, turning off the display is also environmentally friendly as - power.

In the case of the ASUS K73BE notebook with 9cell ASUS K73BE Battery is not used, do not place heavy objects on the screen cover, otherwise easily lead to distortion of the superstructure, thus causing irreparable surface traces, even severe damage to the internal LCD. Also, do not pointing the LCD screen with a hard object, especially sharp objects can easily result in LCD screen for dead pixels can not be repaired, or even leakage.

Generally, a lithium battery healthy cycles (life cycle) is 500 to 1000 times, using them is actually a very long time, such as by five hours to 100% capacity using frequency calculation, once a day cycle, you want to The half-life battery to even scrapped, they have to take two to three years. So laptop battery is placed in the computer better, little impact on battery life plays a sudden power failure and hardware protection.

Sometimes Do not underestimate the powerful saliva, saliva is with a certain corrosive, it should try to avoid facing the screen mess spray to avoid splashing saliva LCD screen surface to cause corrosion or leaving traces. When leaving the surface of the LCD screen becomes dirty, try to avoid using an alcohol wipe. Should use non-alkaline detergent or water, use a small amount of sticky soft LCD screen cleaning cloth to wipe the screen along one direction.

Also in the south of this high humidity areas, laptops do not use in damp places, too large temperature difference will result in LCD screen, "condensation", then energized serious cause a short circuit. If the LCD screen found in the boot before the mist the surface should be wiped off with a soft cloth or air-dried and then boot, if water enters the LCD screen, it can only be placed on a warm, dry place to dry naturally or use a hair dryer universal.

Finally, avoid the LCD screen is bright light, their laptops on a backlit or used where sunlight is weak, it is necessary to do so, it is a laptop screen backlight brightness, facing a computer you can not see the content displayed , good luck to be able to see yourself.

Laptop keyboard after long-term use might keycap polished proposal can purchase an external USB keyboard and ASUS K73BR Battery to use in order to avoid such problems, of course, this is not very realistic, or laptop to us to make even the design of the keyboard. Many laptop keyboard is to support the overall replacement or keycap replacement, so we can safely use, but still need to pay attention to some matters. Tells us to play dirty your laptop screen, snacks residue debris is also easy to fall into the cracks in the keyboard, plus the inevitable dust accumulation of daily use, do not prune it, will also affect the life of the keyboard itself. Most laptops today have adopted chocolate keyboard, closed chocolate keyboard clean up more easily, and duckweed as well as traditional laptop keyboard clean up some trouble, but these keyboards are generally keycap can be removed.


DELL Latitude E7240 E7440 Laptop and SAMSUNG ATIV Book 2 coming

Notebook computers, mobile phones, tablet PCs, digital products and so on dismantling initially be fun, but if not installed may be necessary to go back and distressed, disassemble therefore need to be treated with caution, not only because of the problem of the product itself, also involves the risk of destroying the machine and product warranty. Do not have enough guts and feel, or small knife for their own personal items as well, even if only a screwdriver.

I split up to ultra-pole, thin design is more attractive, and the interior design was in line with the needs of curiosity. To later split off some ordinary notebook, similar in fact, the internal structure of these products, particularly fine also relatively common. However, much of the contact of the touch screen, then back to dismantling the touch screen of this.

The dismantling of the computer is DELL E7240 with DELL Latitude E7240 Battery touch screen version, smooth corners style is perhaps notebook design style, and leave alone the Material, the whole corner and the bottom of the fuselage shell has chiseled the visual effects, people feel it is quite mature. In simple terms, this notebook gives the feeling that fortitude.

In fact, the touch screen of the notebook is nothing more than the gap of the screen Logically speaking, the internal structure does not have too many changes, or may only motherboard multi-touch function cable. Specific how the situation was, we take a look disassemble results.

Overall, this board as a whole work decent, after all, the motherboard design is not DELL Latitude's strengths. As previously thought, no onboard memory on the motherboard, although limiting the possibility of users to upgrade their own, but set aside two scalable memory slot is also pretty good. In addition, the BGA package CPU disassembly difficult. Disassemble the end we found that engineers in the design of the internal structure of the machine mainly consider cost control, the various components and modules work can only be considered quite satisfactory. After removal of all the parts when the body shell, strong sense of plastic and soft disposable packaging design, in addition to the touch screen, if the screen is broken under normal circumstances can only replace the entire screen. The the SAMSUNG 270E with SAMSUNG 270E Battery touch screen version of dismantling and first thought, the first internal structure is not complicated, but the cable, fixing screws, the focus is on the wire is relatively thin, the slightest mistake is easily broken, such as speaker connection, USB connection of the module with the motherboard, you want to the E7240 touch screen version dismantling friends need attention.

In fact, the touch screen of the notebook difference is not large, the main change is nothing more than a touch-screen to join the internal structure of the fuselage can be seen after the disassemble it is no much change. After all, the the E7240 touch screen version only on the screen a number of improvements, not like the XPS 10 as a fully integrated.

Disassemble the laptop is a very pleasant thing to remember as a child like on an electronic product, may be tempted to pieces, to explore its interior design. Perhaps this is curiosity at work, often dismantling the last difficult to recover, to the later is after they grow up very little "violence".

Open view, the the SAMSUNG NP270E4E with 9cell SAMSUNG NP270E4E Battery touch-screen version of the screen, the keyboard surface and cover design style complement each other, is also surrounded by silver borders, the overall feeling is very strong. 14-inch LED-backlit LCD screen, is still 1366 × 768 pixel resolution, and the the classic screen ratio 16:9.

Against the sofa can relieve neck discomfort in the knee. At the same time, the arm can be placed in the top of the keyboard to reduce the impact on the touch operation. Weekend, many people began to look forward to the day from Monday. Finally coming to the weekend in bed, of course, to be able to stay here, will stay longer. Watching movies in bed holding a Tablet PC? Lie down and you have to hand on, although the notebook Tablet PC compared to cumbersome, but it has a natural bracket (keyboard part), even if it is lying down or leaning against the bed can easily meet your needs.

Leaning against the bed with not only comfort, but also to maximize the use of the touch screen, watch movies, play touch games is the most suitable for this position. Tummy is a very comfortable posture, appear in front of a bed, lying above the United States and the United States squint would very much hope that when you are tired. But tummy touch computer does not seem an uncomfortable thing.

Some people say, no touch Win8 computer is not complete, then this is equipped with touch screen classic series of new models of DELL Latitude - DELL Latitude Inspiron E7440 with DELL Latitude E7440 Battery touch-screen version will bring how to experience it. Behind the GT 730M new generation of graphics card test!

The thinnest point 25 mm more than the Spirit of previous generation products thin, there is no advantage in this ultra-pole of this era of flying, but as a main home entertainment products, will account for fixed time the vast majority of the thickness and weight of the user experience minimal impact. In contrast, the more well-off body size can allow the various components of the internal space for heat dissipation better run will be more stable.

Weight aspects of, and ultimately to measured weight of 1.342kg, as a the a 11.6---inch all-metal notebook open be said this was remarkable, the case of the middle and upper, portability on the still be able to be competent generally go out to Travel, the asking-for-leave and and so on on. Lenovo at the aspects of of the screen IdeaPad Yoga adopt the IPS technology, provides a a higher level of the the brightness of the backlight and a more brilliant and vivid colors, the Viewing Angle for the 170 ° viewing angle, regardless of the user in the what kind of the point of under the of to watch The do not be interested in the visual caused by affect the. The screen's largest a resolution of 1366 × 768. In In addition, the the capacitive screen also support for the latest 10 refers to the touch technology to, making the the man-machine interactive applications more liberal, the Food GamesGirl Power GamesGrab Bag screen has also become more easy to. Such of the musical instruments of the similar to the simulation flower application, multi refers to the can to the trigger induction at the same time in the after pressing.

Used to go to the store to buy this, people are asked what brand you want and what price. Among these issues have to add a "new member", that is, whether the need to purchase touch products. Touch laptop can be described as the IT sector is now one of the hot topics in touch products, however, the hottest have to say is "Transformers" are at least two modes of use of the tablet and laptop, to spend a price buy two kinds of experience. But this is a price even higher than some high-performance Tablet + high-performance laptop prices of the two devices.

The keyboard is still an important operating area of ??the laptop, floating island keyboard is currently popular design. Key way to experience feel shorter, but the percussion sound is very quiet, not like the keyboard "noise" should be Italy. The hardware performance of a notebook product is still the focus of attention, this SAMSUNG NP270E5E with 9cell SAMSUNG NP270E5E Battery touch screen notebook, equipped with a Inte Core i5-3337U processor, which is a Ivy Bridge ultra-low voltage platform products, clocked 1.8GHz, dynamic acceleration up to 2.7GHz, three cache 3MB, integrated graphics core HD Graphics 4000. To standard GeForce GT 730M discrete graphics models, the 28 nm process technology, 2GB independent memory.

After 3DMARK testing, this model is out of reach 17442 GPU independent divided into 26,522, the overall performance is good, can easily cope with the mainstream of the big game. Mobile phones and flat-panel touch operation habits of the people, when this habit extends to the traditional notebook, the notebook can touch the need to show out. Touch simplify operation does training a group of "lazy", "touch can be relaxed feeling" more in line with the fast pace of modern life. It is said that the The touch Win8 computer is not complete, then this is equipped with the touch screen of the classic series of new models of DELL Latitude - DELL Latitude Inspiron E7240 touch-screen version will bring what kind of experience do?

Silver surrounded by large Ling Yue series of iconic design, DELL Latitude Inspiron E7240 touch-screen version of the same perfect inherited the family style, no significant different SAGER NP6165 with SAGER NP6165 Battery version. Sleek lines, mild corner shape reflects the humane part of its design philosophy, user security. Cover made of metal and wire drawing process to create, feel good, do not leave fingerprints, and excellent abrasion resistance. A strong metallic gray cover, accompanied by chrome bright silver DELL Latitude logo, the atmosphere seemed calm.


Newest I5 LENOVO IdeaPad Yoga 11S coming

Six months ago, Lenovo launched the IdeaPad Yoga 13 officially opened the prelude of the ultra-pole 2.0, after a period of time, the deformation of ultra-pole showing explosive growth trend, after a lapse of six months, Lenovo has laid the status of rivers and lakes in the Yoga 13 after the launch of Yoga 11 did not cause much reaction, but we set our sights on the body of the Yoga 11s.

The Lenovo Yoga 11s and Yoga 11 than, the biggest difference is the hardware architecture, which uses the ARM architecture processor can only run Windows RT operating system, not the complete Windows 8 system, we are familiar with the Windows environment can not be installed applications, which makes not very practical, first, whether the system in the future how to develop X86-based Core core processor for now Yoga 11s is the Lenovo Yoga series under the command will decide a war situation.

First got Yoga 11s with 6cell LENOVO IdeaPad Yoga 11S Battery feel in appearance and before Yoga 11 basically no difference, still inherit Yoga series of four types of operating modes: notebook mode and tablet mode, tents mode and stand mode, we first through a small video simple understanding of Yoga 11s.

And Yoga 13, Yoga 11 is rotated 360 ° through the screen to achieve ultra-pole switch to tablet PCs, but different weight and thickness are reduced a lot stronger overall portability, many want to buy before Yoga 13 friends and even for Yoga 11s delay the purchase plan is to wait for it, then this Yoga 11s in the end how?

Acer TravelMate series of business product line, for different types of businesses provide different solutions, such as high-end users of the 8481 series, and thin Series B113, today we introduce TravelMate another star product P6 series, the same for the SMB SME users, B113, P6 series with a mainstream size, suitable for office as well as a variety of circumstances to go out and other business applications environment.

HP 430 series with HP RA04 Battery body screen size of 13.3 inches and a weight of 1.9kg, portability is very good, in the same level of product line, only the super pole this a fight, but the price is clearly not dominant ultra-pole, in addition to the P6 family has a number of very specific business features, such as enhanced signal and shock system, equipped with a 87Wh removable lithium battery, these features are very important for users who travel.

The Lenovo Yoga 11S many details of the appearance and Yoga 13 is exactly the same, bright and in good health, the body lines of the book-style cover with metal, so you can play better on the screen the protective effect. The surface of the thin frosted feel comfortable, we get daylight orange version, the overall appearance is very dynamic.

A side of the body in addition to Lenovo LOGO logo, there is no other superfluous decorative elements. Open the top cover, will soon see the boundless a 11.6-inch screen, and the other pole of this product, on the border embedded in 720P HD Webcam. Super traditional difference is that in the the shaft central location, placed more than a play a role in navigation Windows Home button, press it helps users to quickly return to the main interface of Metro.

I do not remember when to begin, the crisp sound of mouse clicks and keystrokes gradually disappeared, replaced by a silence, people touch fingertips coaching, launched a silent waltz on the big or small screen. From the phone to the tablet, to laptop, one computer, touch off a huge wave, with the Win8 pre-installed as standard, more and more OEM manufacturers will be the flagship model of its own screen were upgrades.

Experience this ASUS K55 with 6cell ASUS A32-K55X Battery version, is the most popular model upgrade section. Laptop is a very clear positioning for different needs someone to office, then choose a business model with enough professional; Some people used to play games, then this will certainly be able to meet the needs of many high-performance high-end gaming; Some hope can be used books online, watch movies, play games sometimes, perhaps points at home, the mainstream mid entertainment model is a good choice, the ASUS Inspiron K55 touch-screen version is such a a comprehensive range of products.

Acer TravelMate P-series flagship full-featured, standard voltage processor and mainstream size, also joined a the multiple very unique business functions.

The modern mobile phone is the first tool to keep in touch with the outside world. Business consume the phone battery charging power supply and also the most difficult to find. TravelMate P series camera body with a USB3.0 interface at shutdown to charge small electronic devices, laptop strong backing for power protection. TravelMate P series with multi-functional docking station can be extended to four high-speed USB3.0 interface, four display ports, Gigabit Ethernet ports, audio ports. Body compact, space-saving while still expanding. In addition, together with a "docking station", can simultaneously support multiple screen display, the port is VGA, DVI, Display port (DP), can support multi-display output, screen sharing and more convenient.

HP ProBook m4 touch screen with HP HSTNN-YB4M Battery ultra-extreme Core i7-3517U processor, 8GB of dual-channel memory, 256GB solid-state drive, Intel HD 4000 Graphics Core; Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.0 module ; button glass touchpad supports gestures integrated 1.3-megapixel Webcam; 47 watts when the 6-cell battery, pre-installed the Chinese version of Windows 8 64-bit operating system. HP ProBook 200(XPS12D-1708) flip touch screen super pole of the biggest selling points is the natural flip touch screen, you can freely switch between tablet PCs and mainstream super pole the use of modes; This hardware and software configurations also quite to the force: Core i7-3517U processor, 8GB memory, 256GB SSD solid-state hard drive to meet the needs of high-performance tasks.


Newest HP ProBook 200 series laptop coming

HP sudden emergence in the field of high-end gaming notebook is that many people have not thought of, from the middle of last year, and frequently release new products before the GTX675MX graphics GT70 after GE60 the GTX660MX graphics, and at the professional level gaming notebook products Online establish their own flag, and this time we introduced ProBook 240 the previous several different top AMD APU platform A10-5750M processor quad-core processor, and with a HD8650G and HD7970M double-card crossfire, people full of expectations of its performance.

The the HP ProBook 240 this another big selling point is that you can add three screen, these games are played in the traditional DIY market is not uncommon, but in a notebook, the concept of three-screen output is indeed full of attractive, HP ProBook 240 The gaming notebook has a display port, HDMI and D-Sub the three graphical output interface, the design of the the Eyefinity display output Full HD output.

This HP ProBook 240 notebook with 6cell HP ProBook 240 Battery was unveiled at Computex 2012 Taipei International Computer Show, was named "Best Media Choice" award for "best choice" as well as international media. Its biggest feature is to support the highest resolution of the three full HD display is set to meet the requirements of high-performance multi-screen output.

For the gaming experience, HP also done a lot of work, such as Killer (killer) card is specifically designed for the game some optimization can release the processor resources, reduce ping value, in addition to output sound quality enhancement technology, using a expensive conductivity Gigabyte plated, enhanced oxidation resistance, and the other a more pure sound quality, better restore, in addition to Cooler Boost technology to reduce body temperature when running the game, some tests and experience behind us also on the temperature.

Appearance and details of the continuation of the basic design of the predecessors. The HP ProBook 240 notebook with HP FP06 Battery and machine all-black coating, roof paint smooth and delicate, very chic styling, using three-dimensional modeling, the aircraft for a large 15.6-inch size screen full HD resolution, the visual effect is very good. Especially in the actual game, the more delicate sense of the screen.

It is worth mentioning that the HP ProBook 240 with anti-glare screen design, but different from the matte screen, reducing the diffuse reflection of light at the same time, but also to screen showing a transparent sense of convergence with the edge of the screen do good, does not give a very cheap feeling, and the key is that we play the game will not be reflective affect mood.

A side top part of the very simple, large angle arc and four Cutaway do the full vigor of an HP Logo flag in the top of the brushed aluminum top cover, the whole rough mad strong, the full sense of muscle back design style, a professional gaming notebook makes it easy to integrate into the context.

Look at the back, in addition to several grille, you can still see a battery compartment, with a long strip of the traditional notebook,HP ProBook 250 Battery block, placed in the corner of the fuselage, in addition to woofer and rubber feet, even in the fuselage below to see environmental protection and energy saving stickers, ProBook 240 environmental rating for the level of energy efficiency and the same level of product comparison, fairly energy efficient.

The keyboard, the HP gaming devices brand SteelSeries, professional gaming keyboard, 10-key input reaction design and high-speed detection, the game fighting more efficient. Disk usually smaller design of the Ctrl and Alt keys, playing first person shooter, press these buttons as required from time to time, then it is easy to inadvertently to other buttons next to the button, so the Ctrl and Alt keys, reducing gamers to press the wrong button probability.

Shortcut keys, the HP ProBook 255 with 9cell HP FP09 Battery maintained a tradition of such products super shortcuts. Experience performance is not enough when you can press the cold light touch P1 located above the keyboard to the processor at full load operation, will be able to immediately improve performance. In addition, it also equipped with HP Cooler Boost technology, the same as long as the touch luminescent shortcut, you can start a powerful cooling capacity, so that the two fans at full speed, quickly cooling system, strengthen the stability of the system. Terms of sound, according to official statistics HP ProBook 255 manufacturers Dynaudio speaker design philosophy, the location of speakers and users have a lot of distance theory to show the higher the sound quality, plus built-in top-level speakers. In addition, it also has Audio boost audio solutions, built-in headphones power amplifier chip (AMP), with the use of expensive gold-plated connectors. Able to achieve a more clear and accurate sound localization in the increase of anti-oxidation, transmission efficiency, and the intensity of the noise canceling, the game is quite practical. In the trial can clearly feel the unique sound effects.

Is no stranger to most readers PCMark Vantage can measure all types of PC's overall performance from multimedia home entertainment system to the notebook, from professional workstations to high-end gaming platform, whether it is in the hands of professionals, or belonging to the ordinary user, can by PCMark Vantage understanding of system performance. PCMark 7 includes seven different testing session, consists of a total of 25 independent workloads covering storage, computation, image and video processing, web browsing, games and other PC all aspects of the day-to-day applications. Compared PCMark Vantage PCMark 7 test environment has changed into DX10, a variety of test software are upgrading, more in line with the current user's use of the environment and habits.

The touchpad area is not great, but the surface of the touch of the drawing process is still very good, the damping is also more appropriate the plating process left and right buttons for the integrated, and some common function indicator design in the bottom, at a glance. Take a look at the interface in the right side of the body in addition to a common set of headphone and microphone jacks, GX 60 more a set of audio input and output interface, you can regard the connection amplifier or analog input In addition, in the next also joined a USB2.0 interface, and a CD-ROM drive.

Because the configuration of the HP ProBook 255 with HP ProBook 255 Battery is higher, so the fins is very great, a huge block of aluminum plus two thermal conductivity of pure copper tube covering the graphics body, while the lower side of the fan processor overlying the two thermal conductivity tube, with double outlet vents, allowing rapid heat dissipation. Let's take a look at the specific cooling effect. We use Furmark Kaoji software of two heat-generating components of the test, the HP ProBook 255 Furmark the machine CPU and graphics card all up and running, running for 30 minutes after the temperature to a limit at the height, so that we can see more intuitive each machine at runtime cooling, we also use a Fluke infrared thermal imagers, were observed warming of the temperature of each position. (Temperature spans 21 ° C-50 ° C)

HP ProBook 430 440 450 455 470 series laptop coming

The concept of the "super pole" today has been more and more consumers accepted, lighter, thinner, faster, which we were able to see the most notable feature, which is the majority of ordinary consumer at the time of purchase demand of the first points to consider: light, thin - even more portable to carry around, quick - bringing the work efficiency, the performance of most people no longer consider the the focus, because for most people is sufficient to deal with the day-to-day applications.

Because I work close friends often want to I consult some notebook aspects. Such as election this ultra-extreme often ask me: the SSDs what? Why are so small capacity? So today I here just like we talk about those things between the ultra-pole of this with a solid-state drive.

Relative processor, graphics card HP 440 with 6cell HP ProBook 440 Battery is definitely the biggest bright spot, it uses the NVIDIA GeForce latest flagship New GTX675M alone significantly by GPU-Z test results, we can see its core using 40nm process production, bandwidth up to 256bit has 2GB DDR5 large capacity memory, GPU core clock up to 663MHz, called the absolute flagship mobile platform with significant independence.

The solid-state drive (Solid State Disk), hard disk, made of a solid-state electronic memory chip array by the control unit and a storage unit (FLASH chips, DRAM chips). Solid state drive interface specification and the definition of the function and use exactly the same with ordinary hard disk, on the shape and size of the product is also fully consistent with the ordinary hard disk.

The HP ProBook 470 with 9cell HP ProBook 470 Battery equipped with a NVIDIA Quadro the K200M professional level graphics card, the latest Kepler architecture, energy-efficient. The NVIDIA Quadro K2000M has extensive ISV certification, CATIA, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Inventor, 3ds Max, Maya, Revit, Pro / E and other industry software are included. The Quadro series located in the field of professional graphics workstation. The core of most products is essentially the GeForce identical position in the field of personal, but compared with the GeForce Quadro stressed with industry software compatibility, stability and high efficiency. Its driver corresponding optimization industry software and programming interface. NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards can be full support for anti-aliasing of the wireframe model, integrating a hardware engine designed for AutoCAD smooth lines, high-performance Gooch shader. It also has a UMA technology, high-speed hardware interoperability with double-sided light, 3D dynamic cut technology.

1 quick start, no motor to accelerate the process of rotation.
Without heads, fast random read, read minimal delay. In accordance with the relevant test: two computers in the same configuration of the computer, laptop equipped with a solid-state hard drive from the boot to the desktop appears a total of only 18 seconds, and equipped with a traditional notebook hard drives with a total of 31 seconds, both of which almost nearly half of gap.
3 fixed relative to the read time. Addressing time has nothing to do with the data storage location, disk fragmentation will not affect the reading time.
DRAM-based solid-state hard disk write speed very fast.
5 no noise. Noise at work because there is no mechanical motor and fan, a value of 0 dB. Some high-end or high-capacity product with a fan, and therefore will continue to generate noise.
6 low-capacity flash-based solid state drive lower power consumption and heat in working condition, but high-end or high-capacity energy consumption will be higher.
Internal does not exist any mechanical moving parts, no mechanical failure, but also afraid of a collision, impact, vibration. So that even in the case even accompanied by high-speed mobile flip tilt will not affect the normal use, and the laptop accidentally dropping or collision with hard objects to minimize the possibility of data loss.
8 Operating temperature range is greater. Typical hard drive can only work within the range of 5 to 55 degrees Celsius. Most solid-state hard drive for -10 to 70 degrees Celsius, some industrial grade SSD also at -40 to 85 degrees Celsius, even a larger temperature range.
Low-capacity solid-state hard disk is smaller than the same capacity hard disk volume and light weight. However, this advantage with the capacity increases gradually weakened. Up to 256GB, solid state drive is still common than the same capacity hard disk light.

Why do we use solid-state hard drive?
The biggest advantages is the solid-state hard disk read and write speed. SSD sequential read and write speed and random read and write speeds are very high mechanical hard unmatched in our day-to-day use of the most obvious manifestation is the fast boot software to open fast file copy speed, is the most direct experience.

At this point you can see the heavy body and the benefits of the heat sink, the HP ProBook 450 Battery and keyboard maximum temperature of just 40 ° C, in the palm of your hand frequently touch the surface area, body temperature is not very high, the highest body temperature The location is in the location of the outlet temperature of this position on the use of experience is not significantly affected. The MSI GX70 hardware configuration high and wide color gamut screen is power-hungry, want to achieve a moderate level of life we ??must enhance the battery capacity, it is equipped with a 87Wh battery. In the highest performance, consumes 93% battery, obtained through the the PowerMark test after 2 hours and 11 minutes of battery life time, the life in this configuration, the result is more excellent. Who says big man there is no ability to move it?

In addition to reading and writing speed, solid-state hard drive, there are other advantages. Due to all-electronic circuit, for example, no mechanical components, so there is a very good shock resistance, do not worry like mechanical hard bumps cause damage to the hard disk as the data is lost; fever with noise is also much lower than the average hard drive. It is based on such reasons, solid-state hard drive back a large number of applications to the super pole up.

The trial the HP ProBook 430 2306AU1 of a 12.5-inch LED screen design, built-in Intel Core i3-3110M, 6cell HP ProBook 430 Battery , 2GB memory, 500GB hard drive, built-in Intel GMA HD 4000 Core graphics card, Bluetooth function, the top of the screen with a high-definition camera, built-in 4-in-1 card reader (SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC), standard 6-cell lithium battery, is a the ThinkPad S431 series of the most classic.

See here, perhaps many of my friends will ask, since the solid-state hard drive so many benefits, why not an ordinary notebook all practical solid state drive it? Involved here a few questions.

In addition to these interfaces, the HP ProBook 455 one designed for the game was born design: Bigfoot Gaming LAN (Killer Gaming Networking). Bigfoot Gaming LAN (Killer Gaming Networking) compared to the general LAN, can shorten the online game delay time, to ensure smooth online gaming experience, as well as the effective exclusion of the delay caused by the instruction error, network transmission speed is slightly stronger, in a race against time to network Battle may be able to have a decisive impact. HP ProBook 455 Battery SteelSeries professional keyboard, using the professional-grade gaming keyboard, According to official sources, this keyboard is designed for game design, the keyboard's durability than ordinary keyboard higher. This keyboard is a strong force feedback, keycap surface has a slight concave curvature, feel more comfortable, compared to independent gaming keyboard is still lagging behind, but a lot stronger than ordinary chocolate keyboard. The keyboard is built-in to see the five keyboard backlighting scenarios mode: Normal, Gaming, Wave, Breathing, and Dual Color with regional variable light, 7 colors change, can be formed into more than 1000 kinds of color vision.


LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E431 E531 laptop and battery tips

Equipped laptop cooling pad is a good idea, compared to the previously mentioned do-it-yourself, buy cooling pad a capital output. As for the cooling effect, various manufacturers have various characteristics, regardless of the product, the end result has made some contribution to the heat of the laptop.

The most basic principles of the cooling pad is actually the bottom of the laptop to increase the air flow, so essentially all of the cooling pad fit the bottom side of the notebook are ventilation design. Some products do not have a fan, driven by natural wind air flow; most products are equipped with fan air, there is a two or more. Because most laptops bottom of the fuselage will be designed hopper windows, booster or a combination of the cooling pad can really fuselage internal cooling fan sent more cold, to enhance the cooling efficiency.

LENOVO ThinkPad E531 with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E531 Battery in addition to the bottom of the need for cooling, the body of the keyboard surface is also heat the main part. As we all know, the upward movement of hot air, the heat generated by the laptop internal hardware can be distributed out through the keyboard surface. Accordingly, the notebook keyboard is not completely close the design of many products keyboard has a louver-like grid design, this is in order to be able to emissions of internal heat through the keyboard oriented.

After all, natural heat dissipation efficiency is not fast, and sometimes we will find using a laptop palm rest or keyboard position particularly high in calories, some time even ridiculously hot, with the heat source position and the internal cooling fan exhaust. The factory already so Preferences Unable to change its nature, then give its external force is feasible to improve heat dissipation.

Dell 7520 is equipped with a CD-ROM drive, internal body most of the space is occupied, so that the battery thickening, and the overall along with thickening. Of course, with a mechanical hard disk is the machine is not so thin, the machine uses mechanical hard drive design and equipped with discrete graphics, taking into account the internal body heat problem requires more space. The disassemble Dell 7520 with 6cell DELL Inspiron 15R-SE-7520 Battery did with mechanical hard disk with SSD solid state drive combination, we can see from the removed hard disk mechanical hard disk SATA III interface, the motherboard the mSATA interface position, but does not set aside the interface, This may take into account the cost and give up the mSATA.

Sometimes light superficial and internal factors, it is better to think about it. What is the main heat source for the notebook computer? Answer is processor, graphics, memory and mechanical hard drive, as long as the power of the equipment there will be varying degrees of fever phenomenon. CPU development has been for decades, chip manufacturers energy-saving power consumption and environmental protection is a relevant consideration, so in the processor design energy-saving features, thereby reducing power consumption and heat.

But this is not the hardware will be able to solve the problem alone, and need software to fit. The laptop preinstalled operating system has a very important function, that is, power management, Windows, Linux, OS X, and so are equipped with power management features, its role is to adjust the hardware running state based on user usage, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing power consumption and heat. Therefore, the correct power management drivers or software installed in the system, can improve the heat of the laptop.

Seeing summer approaching, the kind of hot people can not stand, take off the heavy dress, put on cool clothing to keep cool in the summer season. Shopping and insisted umbrellas, to play wipe sunscreen, under the hot sun sunburn. Temper temper, electronic products, in the face of high temperature and became angry, but difficult to digest, like, such as laptop cooling problems, so bad is the computer you anxious.

If the laptop palm rest and keyboard surface temperature is too high, we can place a small fan in the notebook around here do not recommend using USB small fan connected to the computer, because the motor voltage instability will cause a short-circuit the USB interface, or even damage the motherboard , so the previously mentioned cooling pad is not recommended directly connected to the computer via USB, the best way is to use an external power supply.

LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E431 Battery and keyboard surface hair can really take away a lot of heat, at least be able to raise a lot of user experience. At this time, many users will think of a question: Since the laptop keyboard is not fully enclosed design, some time is likely to water or into the gray, or lead to hardware failure or dust backlog affect the heat. Thus, the user gives a solution that is covered with a membrane keyboard.

Such practices are not bad, but not highly recommended. In order to prevent water and covered with a the keyboard film or other obstructions, has its merits, there is not much need to do so for some keyboard with spill-resistant design; doing to prevent dust from entering, some superfluous cover keyboard film is to affect the practice of cooling.

In addition to the cover keyboard film, some users will get used to using an external monitor laptop screen closed. This approach the advantages and disadvantages are obvious, laptops have the qualifications together on the screen, but not all computers are applicable, if the machine itself, the keyboard surface temperature has been far too high, in which case cover screen should be careful because computer monitors operating temperature is -20 ° C to 50 ° C. If the temperature exceeds 50 ℃ is very likely to cause damage to the hardware.

The dismantling of the Dell Inspiron 7720 with DELL Inspiron 17R-SE-7720 Battery and first thought, the first internal structure is not complicated, but the cable fixing screws, the focus is relatively thin wire, the slightest mistake is easily broken, such as speaker cables USB module with the motherboard connection the 7520 dismantling friends want to need attention.


MSI GX70 Gaming laptop and LENOVO ThinkPad S431 notebook coming

There is news that Intel's Wireless Display (WiDi) technology and 4GB DDR3 memory will be the third generation of ultra-pole of this standard. But which articles have not been confirmed, If that is true, the operation is not difficult, after all, has become the standard 4GB of memory, Intel only need to provide OEM manufacturers to purchase their brand of wireless card required.

Light and thin electronic products have become the mainstream trend, a string of thickness, weight-related figures are always the most prominent position in the notebook leaflets, the notebook is not really need to do a small thin Dell Inspiron 14 touch-screen of the but always different road. The selling point is not the body of the notebook is not too price, not even the strong performance, we still love in a short time, because it is very good and comfortable, it gives the feeling is a practical.

Of course, the Dell Inspiron 14 with 6cell DELL Inspiron 14-3421 Battery this product is the selling point of the price of some relationship. The notebook with 14-inch mold design, compared to the traditional notebook, its biggest feature is the addition of a capacitive touch screen, and factory-installed Genuine Windows 8 operating system, and the third-generation i3 processor configuration market price of 3999 yuan. In addition, there Ubuntu system version, the lowest price to 3099 yuan, the price is still more prominent.

In the interface area, the left side of the fuselage of the Dell Inspiron 14 two UBS3.0 interface, an HDMI 1.4 interface, a microphone and a 3.5mm headphone jack, heat vent is also on this side. The right side of the interface is relatively simple, just a USB 2.0 interface, the thickness of the standard DVD drive on this side. The front of the fuselage is a multi-card reader interface.

Compared to the previous models, this MSI GX70 gaming with 9cell MSI GX70 Battery screen and keyboard can be split into two parts. By pressing a dedicated button, the green indicator light on the screen can be detached from the keyboard base, the split portion of the screen is the equivalent of a Windows 8 tablet PC.

This Haswell ultra-pole of this prototype is very thin, the whole thickness of only 17mm, that part of the split screen is only 10mm thick. Life is also quite a force, connected to the base of the whole life of up to 13 hours, a separate part of the screen to use life can be up to 10 hours.

If the standard of the rumors are true, then the current value to count, ultra-pole of the overall cost will rise by at least $ 100. However, consumers can get more applications, experience from the ultra-extreme corresponding to enhance. If you do not buy the ultra-pole of this, the light of the purchase money, can also be obtained with the current ultra-extreme functionality and experience.

Dell Inspiron 15 with 6cell DELL Inspiron 15-3521 Battery who many places out of tune with the current mainstream design, the fuselage is not frivolous, who seem to have the charm of old Dell design, such as the plastic bag on the border, this retro feeling in the notebook rare, Dell Inspiron 14 the keyboard and screen the most so I satisfied in touch and visually reflects the respect for the consumer.

It is understood that, in order to adapt to the flat-panel usage patterns, Intel specifically for ultra-extreme Haswell increase a "magic" button. In notebook mode, start the "magic" button, the black border area of ??the screen can also be sensitive touch operation; when the tablet mode, turn off the "magic" button, black border areas will not be able to sense touch, prevent handheld tablet by
mistake operation.

IDF this year than last year on the PC side must interesting. April 10, 2013 Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in turn held in Beijing, compared with last year's cloud computing play a leading role, innovative applications on the PC this year will be more focus on the show, this year's emphasis on experience . Especially in ultra-pole of this is expected to be many changes, after all, in 2013, Intel strong throw touch card, ultra-pole of this innovative product is bound to run ahead.

We predict in advance the 2013 IDF (Beijing) is likely to occur in the PC field of new technologies, new specifications, new products, and as a forward-looking Recommend to Tell me what you hope for all of us concerned about the IDF some guidance and help.

As the author of the ultra-pole of this product, Intel has been leading the super this trend. Recently, Intel abroad show the latest generation of ultra-pole prototype, the prototype has a detachable screen keyboard, equipped with the next-generation Intel Smart Core processor code-named LENOVO ThinkPad S431 with high capacity LENOVO ThinkPad S431 Battery, and the world's only four.

Some special design, not on the surface, such as interface with two USB 3.0 and the HDMI1.4 are the product generous than directly enhance the configured lower prices, more helpful to use. Overall, the Dell Inspiron 14 is still high handsome rich non-Apple camp, it has its own original stuff, hard to come by in the moment, with a touch screen and the price of 3999 yuan indeed worthy of the expectations of the audience.

In the hardware configuration, the evaluation of this Dell Inspiron 14 touch screen of the equipped with the 22nm system process technology, the Intel Core Duo i3 3217U dual-core low-voltage processor, equipped with Intel HM76 chipset, configured with a 500GB 5400 rpm hard drive, and a single 4GB DDR3 1600MHz speed memory, graphics cards, the models use Intel HD 4000 Graphics Core processor comes.

Obviously, this DELL 17 with 6cell DELL Inspiron 17-3721 Battery is a shock to the low-cost market touch notebook, price controls in 3699 yuan, whether it is cost-effective, from a practical point of view is a very affordable models. Perhaps some people think that, in accordance with the same price, why not buy an Apple iPad tablet? Will find compared by the actual use of the Tablet PC as a pastime entertainment kind of equipment is very appropriate, but does not replace the function of the notebook, and respond to the usual office, browse Web pages, data computing, storage and multi-tasking obviously notebook more smoothly, increased DELL Inspiron 17-3721 touch function, not only have the basic productivity can also experience the Windows 8 touch entertaining social interaction.


LENOVO IdeaPad P400 Touch laptop coming

Touch screen mobile phone has spread a large area, and this trend seems to be spreading to the notebook segment, as the industry heavyweights Intel has begun to take action. According to foreign media reports, Intel will be equipped with touch screen as the basic requirements of the third generation of ultra-extreme.

When Intel first-generation ultra-pole of the main light and long life, the second generation ultra-pole of the main deformation the one hand Haswell platform can significantly improve notebook performance and lower power consumption, fully able to support more arithmetic operations; On the other hand The latest generation of Microsoft Windows 8 system more suitable for touch-screen operation, so the third generation of ultra-pole of the main touch screen is also the trend of the situation.

Although the LENOVO IdeaPad P400 Touch with LENOVO IdeaPad P400 Touch Battery screen is the future trend, but there are still some problems. Touch screen panel shortage, the explosive growth of the demand for touch devices touch screen panel production gap of 20%, which also pushed up the price of touch screen panel.

Another important point is to feature on the touch screen, ultra-pole of this product costs will increase by $ 70 to $ 80. But this ultra-extreme overall prices are still declining, Intel also want to control the ultra-pole of the sale price, which will result in the decrease in profit of the OEM manufacturers. It is understood that Intel's concerns in order to eliminate vendors marketing subsidies increased 20%, to compensate for the profits of manufacturers.

Our previous experience Dell Inspiron 14R Turbo this product, the IVB platform and 640M significant independence so that we learned that this notebook will be located in the games and entertainment, evaluation notebook today belong to the same Dell Inspiron same IVB platform, but between them the positioning is different. This product is the Inspiron 14R with DELL Inspiron 14R-5421 Battery, and is a touch-screen version, which is doomed to fight side by side with Microsoft, and the life of the product is still very good.

According to most industry estimates, Intel will release Haswell platform in early June this year, the third generation of ultra-extreme is likely followed onto the market. If the touch screen notebook comes standard, users accustomed to touch the mouse perhaps be gradually eliminated.

Long heard rumors, Intel to exceed the very the standard specifications of the upgrade in the near future. Expected point in time, 20% may be April IDF (Beijing), the remaining 80% appears at Computex, jointly issued with Haswell. Because the new ultra-pole of this specification is likely to be closely linked with the new platform.

I also interviewed on the matter of Intel's staff, the current situation is not yet clear, to disclose the specific name of the person. He said that Intel will touch as necessary criteria to join the new specifications of the super pole inside. That is, if there is no touch, it is not a super pole. After Acer hummingbird S3, MEDION Akoya E2312 with 9cell MEDION Akoya E2312 Battery, the Samsung 530U such products name is likely the light of this. Similar to Acer V5, Asus S200 such with touch screen, but slightly exceeded the thickness of the product, is still possible to follow the touch of the name.

In addition, there is news that Intel is likely to price in accordance with this ultra-extreme products into third gear. Specific information this laptop industry sources said, Intel has announced to the upstream and downstream partners its third-generation ultra-pole of this plan, it intends to from the price point of the third generation of ultra-pole divided into three grades, meet the needs of different consumers. It is reported that the third generation of ultra-extreme Haswell processor with Intel's latest price of three grades: 599-798 U.S. dollars, 799-998 U.S. dollars, more than $ 999, the size of the display 11.6 inches to 15 inches. "

In addition, it is worth mentioning, DELL Inspiron 15R-5521 with high quality DELL Inspiron 15R-5521 Battery also supports dual hard disk design, can effectively increase notebook computing speed, high-efficiency large-capacity storage requirements meet the HD multimedia, dual hard disk RAID 0, double the capacity and double the read speed. If necessary, the user can follow-up single addition of hard disk RAID 0 hard combinations.

Re-adjust the game settings again to restart the game, because the material resolution higher need to reset to take effect. Re-enter the game, now you can see the change game settings, vertical sync is still not open, but the anti-aliasing mode is adjusted to SMAA (2TX) other material resolution set, the other did not change.

GTX 660M after overclocking benchmark performance improved about 10%, while in the actual game, we do feel the performance boost. Be able to choose to maintain the same number of frames in the case of higher game settings, such as open antialiasing mode, high material resolution, the game screen to get better. Or more than 30 screen during the game as a whole, but occasionally appear instantly dropped frames, perhaps because of overclocking graphics instability.

Laptop internal structure closely, thermal design is relatively closed, if equipped on a high-performance graphics cards, cooling problems so concerned. Therefore, the original has been sent GTX 660M huge heat again after overclocking, fever, how will the performance even more people care about.

Simple and crisp, the appearance of DELL Inspiron 17R-5721 with high capacity DELL Inspiron 17R-5721 Battery moonlight silver styling is also very popular, it is easy to be accepted by the user. Controlled by the thickness of the body is also in place, very close to the ultra-extreme specification. Interface with comprehensive and competent business office use. In addition, the detail and scalability consider also more thoughtful. Material cost control, material selection also made some compromises, but the overall quality workmanship worthy of the price.