As LENOVO's most active consumer grade product line, Ideapad Series in the market has been a very good performance. And this Lenovo ideapad B41 notebook also has a decent performance, also home also commercial design, also let many consumer itself as their preferred purchase. And today came to the PConline B41 Ideapad evaluation room in the design of the appearance of more stylish, very suitable for young people choose!

The ideapad series mainly for home users, because of its high price and quite personalized industrial design, by the vast number of consumers, especially young users of all ages. Also in this series was also LENOVO PC products the most important series. The review of the Ideapad B41 LENOVO notebook top with bright red color, very suitable for young friends choose.

Lenovo ideapad B41 notebook with 4cell LENOVO B41 Battery top cover for composite material to build, in addition to the red color, texture of the character design for this product is considerably, in increases the handle at the same time also let the whole product looks beautiful many, looks very fashionable.

In March, ASUS released the new ROG brand PU551. From the configuration of the official configuration, the series is more biased towards high performance entertainment, so it can be seen as a supplement to the entire ROG product line.

PU551 series to be released for more than two months since, by the many users of concern, but the evaluation about this product has never seen. And recently, we finally from ASUS official got the series of PU5514720 types of products, so next we will through this product reviews, know about the ASUS this new entertainment in this series.

PU551 overall appearance of the black color, at first glance and ASUS GL55 series is very similar, but careful observation will find the difference between them.The launch of the PU551 with 56wh ASUS PU551JH Battery in cover design ingenuity, you can see a unique region is located in the middle of, this piece of the brushed metal panel, inlaid with ASUS logo. And the rest of the top cover is using a plastic material, the surface using a similar texture of canvas texture processing, this design will obviously stimulate different views, some friends will think there is a great sense of design, but will also have some friends think does not look good.

LENOVO Ideapad is a historical accumulation of the sub series, after the PConline evaluation chamber has evaluated many times this product. The small change Ideapad 15 inches of the silver shell version, and attached a class of metal spray paint, very stylish elements.

We use Aida 64 and Furmark software on the CPU / GPU double baking machine test. After about 20 minutes of time can be seen, the machine core temperature is roughly 84 DEG C, core temperature average at 81 degrees Celsius, for is equipped with a Core i7 4720HQ products for, its thermal performance belongs to the mainstream level.

LENOVO B51 with 32wh LENOVO B51 Battery uses a Ideapad classic silver look, through a lot of arc transition makes the fuselage looks a number of fashion sense. The body is a large number of composite material, and the surface attached to a layer of metal texture matte coating. Touch up very comfortable, and accompanied by a cold feeling, from the visual look there will be a relatively cool metal sense of science and technology.

PU551 is a 15.6-inch level large scale entertainment this, sent to test products part of the screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, anti glare matte screen in bright light still has a very good visual experience. Although there is no standard IPS panel, but according to the official website information display, PU551 support IPS panel selection.

In the interface, PU551 with ASUS A32N1332 Battery provides a complete interface configuration. First, the slot of the reader is configured on the inclined plane of the left side of the fuselage.

The 3dmark 11 P file test can be seen, the GTX 950M alone significantly graphic score for 4440, deal with the mainstream game is no pressure, more suitable for online gamers and PC game player, if want to play "Crysis 3" such a big game, this card afraid powerless.

And cover the same, Lenovo ideapad B41 notebook section of the fuselage also uses a composite material to build, to do so, although it will bring strong plastic feeling, but also can reduce the manufacture cost of the complete machine, for a price, cost control is very necessary. And it can be one of the largest consumers of feedback.

Portability, the Lenovo ideapad N41 with 4cell LENOVO N41 Battery machine weight 1.963Kg, travel weight 2.344Kg, performance is still the mainstream, not to carry cause to worry; thickness, the Lenovo ideapad B41 body thickness of only than the diameter of a dollar coin thick a little.

On the right side of the fuselage is equipped with a safety lock, DVD burning CD-ROM, 1 USB 2 ports and 1 sets of Headset / microphone jack.Fuselage left is the main area of the interface, including power jack, VGA port, HDMI port, RJ-45 Ethernet port and 2 USB 3 interface. In addition on the interface layout, PU551 although not very scientific, but the basic user does not affect the normal use of the experience, the overall calculation is quite satisfactory.

In addition to the game book, the user's ability to heat its cooling is also very concerned, we have the following PU551 heat test, to see the specific situation:

ASUS PU551 with ASUS PU551L Battery design inspiration from the F-22 stealth fighter streamlined design, so you can see the machine as a whole feels very attractive. After opening the cover, we can see the overall design of the keyboard part, then we look at the keyboard area of the PU551 which need to focus on the place?

As one of the leading global PC makers, Lenovo's product line whether in horizontal or vertical direction have very wide distribution, and when it comes to its consumer notebook products, then n series is definitely one of the star product, it is by virtue of the good workmanship, practical and comprehensive performance, fashionable and beautiful appearance design and excellent price, in the consumer market have been very good performance, but also lay a good reputation, in the consumption of the young people is also well received.

Pcmark 8 is for Windows system the whole performance of the benchmark system, home (home) test is one test pattern (5), mainly the use of ordinary user environment simulation and test project covers the web browsing, document processing, image edge, video chat and light load game and so on, and contains OpenCL accelerated with the traditional test mode, in the choice of endurance test software will cycle operation until the battery is depleted.

With the release of the Windows 8 system, Bapco has also released the 2012 new SYSMark, it still continue testing method using the 2007 version of - by the actual installation office or the software industry and run the built-in demo to simulate the real environment, the results still hold has very high reference value.

Today to pconline testing room is this n series of its new Lenovo N51 series products with 32wh LENOVO N51 Battery, the in the configuration were upgraded new, equipped with the fifth generation smart Intel & reg; core it i5 processor, frequency of 2.2GHz, performance can meet the demands of daily use, in the independent video card, the new Lenovo N51 by NVIDIA latest NVIDIA geforce 920M, memory capacity up to 2GB, for daily use and mild game needs can be fully competent; at the same time in storage also by the 4GB of memory, and 500GB mechanical hard disk configuration, for the daily use of the user, is enough.


HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G3 and SAGER NP7338 NP7339 review

This HP EliteBook 810 G3 in hardware, software, BIOS three aspects have safety protection proud, though compact body but strength really should not be underestimated.

PCMark 7 as a well-known comprehensive test of hardware and software tools, can quickly and thoroughly tested on the performance, and the old version of the software, PCMark 7 is also a set of the latest PC system test suite integrated performance analysis. Contains seven different test link, by a total of 25 independent work load composition, covers the storage, computation, image and video processing, network browsing, games and other daily PC applications. After testing, the HP EliteBook 810 G3 obtained the test score of 4830 points, the results show that, the machine is enough to meet the performance requirements of users daily use notebook in terms of performance.

After testing, the HP 810 with 6cell HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G3 Battery by PCMark Vantage test results for 12733 points, the hard disk test score the highest 57500 points, visible the machine using SSD solid state drive for the machine in the performance to provide a very powerful guarantee.

Lenovo in the commercial sector has been popular with consumers, the product is strong and durable, high safety coefficient and performance excellence, and other features to be recognized by consumers. In addition to the introduction of innovative products, Lenovo also adhere to the update of the old product line, with Intel released the fifth generation core processor, Lenovo G50-75m update version of the product appear in front of consumers.

Lenovo G50-75m with 4cells LENOVO G50-75m Battery this in the roof, in the now popular class skin coating design, it seems quite significant level, and feels feel is very good, but fingerprints on the problem can not be solved, fish and bear's paw topic as we have already said many times, past compound roof material, although there is no problem in this regard, but in appearance did not class skin coating to nice.

The interface configuration of SAGER NP7339 is complete. The left side provides 1 USB2.0 interface, 1 HDMI interfaces, 2 USB3.0 interfaces, and interface Headset microphone. The right side provides DVD burning CD-ROM, 1 USB2.0 interface, a VGA interface and RJ45 network. It is worth mentioning that, SAGER NP7339 is equipped with cable card killer, can effectively reduce the network delay, is absolutely the most professional gaming level configuration.

The new SAGER NP7339 equipped with 6cell SAGER NP7339 Battery and GTX860M 2G alone, the power belongs to the level of high-end NVIDIA in. Daily play HD video, "hero alliance" and "hearthstone legend" this kind of network game can be nothing difficult. Can the performance of Seckill mainstream big games. Although the graphics processor, but with different gaming experience will be slightly different, we together have a look in the actual game performance.

As one of the leading global PC makers, ASUS product line whether in horizontal or vertical direction have very wide distribution, and when it comes to its consumer notebook products, then K series is definitely one of the star product, it is by virtue of the good workmanship, practical and comprehensive performance, fashionable and beautiful appearance design and excellent price, in the consumer market have been very good performance, but also lay a good reputation, in the consumption of the young people is also well received.

Today to pconline testing room is this K series of its new ASUS K553M series products and its in the configuration of the upgraded new, equipped with the fifth generation smart Intel & reg; core it i5 processor, frequency of 2.2GHz, performance can meet the demands of daily use, in the independent video card, the new ASUS K553M with 30wh ASUS K553M Battery using NVIDIA's latest NVIDIA geforce 920M, memory capacity up to 2GB, for daily use and mild game needs can be fully competent; at the same time in storage also by the 4GB of memory, and 500GB mechanical hard disk configuration, for the daily use of the user, is enough.

It is worth emphasizing that, the 911M uses the so-called "aerospace grade aluminum magnesium alloy application" as material to build the machine shell. The characteristics of this kind of material has always been the biggest is lighter, stronger and more durable, now applied to the computer must be SAGER or a great effort. Everyone through the machine at the bottom of the photos can be judged, the bottom machine integrated cover how interesting the business a little thin.

The keyboard, SAGER NP7338 with 5600mAh SAGER NP7338 Battery on the panel also put more effort. First of all from the other in terms of design and smooth section angle combining feature is the largest, the entire layout looks and sports car series brand concept is also very appropriate. Especially under the touchpad also arranged a hand bend inward, it is more convenient for single hand and close to the opening and closing machine. In terms of color, gray, red flames and metal black paint combination makes them look "future concept" sense, by distinguishing the trackpad red line of the keyboard layout on the color of each other.

Master Lu is pconline testing room new introduced a test software, which is considering the cross platform and non professional users demand, Master Lu's evaluation is "fool", users only need to easily can know your PC performance level, which for computer white is best choice.

Next to the science knowledge link, let us have a look of this 911M is made up of those countries and regions together to create: Intel processor is undoubtedly from the memory, America Samsung from South Korea (and the actual shipping machine for Taiwan Adata), hard disk Plextor from Japan, NVIDIA graphics from America, display from AUO China Taiwan, from Taiwan China Realtek sound card. Thus the SAGER is composed of four countries and regions together products.

At the top of the SAGER NP7338 keyboard panel also arranged 4 free setting button, users can edit the definition of these keys here any.First we look at SAGER NP7338 in the performance of biochemical crisis 6 on how the machine, in the resolution of 1920X1080 and the highest level of anti aliasing ARGB8 ran out of 10530 points of the "S" score level, this small series can not help but sigh 970M really is not strong. Even the evaluation software is also given "The game works exceptionally well, even at higher resolutions" (the game even at higher fraction may not run like now so good) high evaluation.

Is a new modern people like the unique, this point in the game itself should be reflected. SAGER NP7338 will not fall naturally, the RealSpeed model and the function keys are set free, making the machine and other products to distinguish.

Known as the ASUS consumer products series, K series, the performance of the new ASUS K553M with built-in ASUS K553MA Battery always maintain the style of the family. Beautiful and stylish design very much in line with the aesthetic needs of young users, at the same time, a new NVIDIA geforce 920M discrete graphics join also let it in performance without dead angle. For the consumer notebook market, K series has not let people down, and this of course is the same!

As a hero alliance is currently the most popular network game, how can small miss it. So Xiaobian always took out a large drill, so it also got 4 killed, with passion while engineer will certainly not forget to contribute to DELL Inspiron 7548 in the number of frames. It can be seen from figure (the effect of games to maximum), the frames of the machine in operation when the league average is 35, it should be said that the performance is very good.

Then we look at the Dell Inspiron 7548 with DELL 4P8PH Battery in football on the performance, is extremely high for football picture requirements can be said, this machine in 60 seconds (random detection effect of each aspect of the game was to maximum), final average is about 43, it can be said that the machine performance is very good. Come, let us happy to kick a ball, a sweat flow.


ACER Predator 15 17 Gaming laptop vs MSI PX60 PX70

The new MSI PX60 not only in the A surface with a metal material piece, even the palm rest also used a metal wire drawing process, in the use of color is very soft. The palm rest below the red line decoration makes the whole body is very solid, not because of a large area of black and dull.

The screen is equipped with 720P HD camera and microphone matrix, can provide high quality video call. The keyboard still follows the backlit keyboard peripherals company provides professional steelseries. The backlit keyboard supports 3 regional settings, game player can according to their own preferences to adjust. The keyboard layout and feel quite good, the key process is moderate, good elasticity, good feeling in the notes to. In addition to the MSI game will be on the left side of the "Win" key to cancel, in order to avoid the user in the game against high strength inadvertently causing inconvenience.

MSI PX60 with MSI PX60 Battery the upper left corner, Yin Youdan took a sound mark, and is provided with radiating function keys. In high load running game, open a heat dissipation function, can effectively alleviate the pressure of the radiating body is very smooth, ensure the game. Of course, although the effect is very effective, but the acceleration caused by the volume of the fan is more serious.

In the course of the game, the game's style is the previous generation to appear slightly and some. The game opens on the occasion, is the largest number beating, there appeared two or three times short pause as for the game operation; way although, not too small depth measurement, but the overall feeling is smooth, stable operation is absolutely no problem, and basically did not appear Caton.

DELL Inspiron 5758 with 47wh DELL 6PVJC Battery, equipped with a dual core Haswell architecture Core I3 processor and GT840M 2G DDR3 memory, and can run the memory buffer of 4G, at the same time with HDD 500G storage capacity, comprehensive performance is better is to make a proper standard of low consumption intelligent dual card replacement. At the same time as the laptop positioning business office, DELL Inspiron 5758 is showing its cool appearance side the imprint process design and silver, panel material, relative to its elegance. In addition to this, of course, can not cover up the highlight is DELL Inspiron 5758 price advantage, only yuan break the 3K 2999 - grade. If you need to buy a notebook computer business may, wish to look at the DELL Inspiron 5758

Ordinarily in my childhood, common household and commercial PC are white, or at least still occupy the mainstream of the shallow tone. But more than a decade, "calm" and "fashion" as the representative of the black product is popular, in the PC industry, has been in the white mainstream products fade for a long time, that we want to buy a white box products need to be carefully selected, even to buy a white rack sth. to do the heart of high specification and display.

The thickness and we can feel intuitive, no matter from which end measurement, MSI PX70 with MSI PX70 Battery the thickness of no more than 2.3 cm, can be described as the ultimate slim. As a thin configuration of this game, the performance of PX70 can be brought into full play? Below we have a look at the comprehensive performance of MSI PX70 performance.

In the eyes of many people, AMD graphics card and APU is definitely the brand become an independent school characteristics. Xiao Bian today with this is equipped with a built-in Radeon R6 fusion A10-7300 APU R6 and mono M255DX graphics DELL Vostro 3446 to let people feel the two characteristics of AMD. Although today's protagonist is A10-7300 APU and R6 M255DX graphics card, but we must not forget the purpose of evaluation. The purpose is from all angles to introduce products, so let us start from the appearance to slowly tasting DELL Vostro 3446 notebook computer.

DELL Vostro 3446 with 6cell DELL Vostro 14-3446 Battery shell design can be said to be simple enough, in addition to a corner of the shell "DELL" brand LOGO no other decoration. The machine adopts the cross shaped convex pattern, the friction between asperities can add the machine which is not easy to slide.

USA Eastern time 23 days, Acer at the world trade center in New York new to the global release of the notebook computer and tablet combo contains special notebook, Chromebook, education, computer and projector designed for gaming game player curved screen a variety of new products. As early as 2008, Acer has the Predator series of products, and in 2014 with the outbreak of the gaming market, Acer once again will Predator display in front of consumers around the world.

In the launch of several new products at the same time last night at the press conference held in New York Acer also launched the blockbuster "Predator" series of the latest game console, the product will be on sale in the third quarter of 2015, is committed to providing top gaming experience. Acer CEO Jason Chen said V Nitro series of successful let company is full of confidence in the Predator series of game products, products include desktop, notebook and tablet devices.

The steam engine brought the first industrial revolution, the internal combustion engine has brought the second industrial revolution, the computer brings the third industrial revolution. Xiaobian think the world has ushered in the fourth industrial revolution, its name is Internet or the internet. In this revolution, rising human innovation consciousness is unmatched by any previous period, update the unprecedented speed also makes the computer industry is facing enormous challenges. When creative exhausted, even once very brilliant, almost in a monopoly position of the computer brands will be eliminated, so many emerging brands have to rise up in arms with heaven in stature. ACER Predator is the one.

The launch of the new ACER Predator 15 with built-in ACER Predator 15 Battery, the metal roof involved, with excellent heat dissipation and durability for the machine. 2.3kg body weight plus 30.9mm body thickness, portability has been greatly enhanced. ACER Predatorlogo and the hole in the cap region (CNC drilling technology) application of breathing lamp design, they will automatically adjust the load with CPU respiratory frequency, the design is more eye-catching.

DELL Vostro 3445 is a relatively mature die, so familiar with DELL friends should know. The Vostro 3445 offers a variety of colors, and now to the testing room of this product for the red version. 

Although Dell in the same size product Vostro 3445 is considered more "thin", but it is still a lot of compared with the thickness of 17 inch notebook, the thickness of the 27.7mm with almost two 17 inches super thickness is similar. But also because of the thickness of 27.7mm, which has more complete interface type and number. It retains 4 USB3.0 data interface, the abolition of the USB2.0, and one USB interface also supports shutdown charging function. This means that even if Dell Vostro 3445 with 65wh DELL Vostro 14-3445 Battery is in shutdown state, external USB devices can be charged through the USB3.0 interface. Video output Dell Vostro 3445 has a HDMI output, at the same time, it also retains the DVD burning CD-ROM, since there is why not retained.

Predator has a total of 15 inches and 17 inches in two versions, with programmable buttons at the same time also will be equipped with more powerful cooling system to ensure smooth operation is still in the high-speed operation. Two laptop models will be available in the fourth quarter of this year.

Intel core i7-4720HQ processor, NVIDIA GeForce, GTX 970M/980M, 16GB DDR3L 1600MHz alone, 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD memory, this configuration is not exaggerated, with a new mold, the Acer Predator game price geometric? Definitely something to look forward to.

engineer today to ACER Predator 17 with 8cells ACER Predator 17 Battery is just 911M from US evaluation of the notebook, here also emphasize: small to get the machine for the engineering machine, the engineering machine configuration for the i7-4720HQ processor, 16G memory, 128G SSD hard disk +1TB disk and NVIDIA GTX970M 3G alone, 15.6 inch HD free highlight IPS screen. The corresponding model for the ACER Predator 151, but the actual shipment of products for 256SSD, 6GB memory machine factory.