DELL Inspiron 15-5551 17-5755 and EUROCOM Shark 4 review

Appearance simple and calm is a typical feature of the business, for the office of business people, in the purchase of notebook computer will be considered too fancy type. Focus on consumer grade market business notebook easy to be known, as we want to talk about the Akoya.

Akoya series of notebook products is MEDION's features very distinctive products, and always runs through the unified style of simplicity. Recently, MEDION released a new E6416 Akoya, this Akoya new business, the main thin, relatively easy to carry. ZOL Testing Center today will be the red section of Akoya E6416 evaluation, this notebook in retaining the VGA and all other common interface based, still the thickness and weight respectively do thin level 20.8 mm and 1.85Kg, very suitable for business applications.

In the hardware configuration, a business of this nature will not have applied to the high performance of the game alone significantly, stability is it simply, but the machine is equipped with independent amd R7 m360 entry-level graphics card, add a lot of entertainment properties; processor, Akoya E6416 equipped with the 4cells MEDION Akoya E6416 Battery Intel fifth generation core platform for low voltage U series products, provide enough performance and life assurance.

The appearance of the akoya E6416 at first glance very traditional, to business users, dark red tone is not publicity, but has a lot of personality, suitable for young Internet business groups, vibrant. Is simple and capable is Akoya notebook series has always been the pursuit of temperament, coupled with a soft line design, making a steady style with a touch of smart.

Recently, EUROCOM Shark series of games the new members E God, a "light luxury game" is being affectionately known as Shark 4! This "hero alliance" famous commentary, gaming goddess, see the wooden "Yan Ruyu" to. Here the Eurocom get foreign endorsement, the intention is to reflect the gaming strength or goddess fan, Engineer to garrulous, wonderful later is approaching.

Eurocom shark 4 with 62wh EUROCOM Shark 4 Battery is equipped with Intel's fourth generation core i7-4750HQ processor, the can core frequency to 3.2ghz; built-in iris Pro 5200 core graphics support Dx11 and 4K video output, with up to 40 execution units, and integrate the 128MB embedded cache, comparable to the gt840m nvdia, ADM R7 m270 and other high end alone significantly. Here I need to talk about core graphics, absolute high above the traditional integrated graphics, its performance is not weakness to market under the graphics card. In addition to the 500G hard drive, 8G memory is a strong backing for the large-scale 3D games, you can say to provide users with a good game operation and installation space. Below we have a look at the book.

GTX860M/850M core GM107 graphics cards in the past 2014 years to many players left a deep impression, then what is the change of GTX960M? We through Gpu-z to compare.

In the 3DMark series of testing software, DELL Inspiron 5755 equipped with 6cells DELL Inspiron 17-5755 Battery and GTX960M graphics card, Firestrike EX 3Dmark score close to 2000, with a strong strength.

Backlight is one of the essential skills of the game. It can not only make notebook more cool, more practical effect is that players in the dark environment, also can see the symbol keys on the keyboard.

First of all, this sent for measuring machine 4210m equipped with Intel Core i5 processor, equipped with 4GB ddr3-1600mhz memory and 500GB 7200rpm mechanical hard disk, graphics, using the NVIDIA geforce GTX 950M discrete graphics, and does not shield core graphics, so HD 4600 nuclear also appear to in order to ensure the low power consumption, for users to bring good graphics performance support.

Through the cinebench R15, we can see the core i5 4210m processor performance is quite good, although it is the fourth generation of the core i5 processor, but the performance than the current low voltage processor stronger many. ASUS x555 equipped with NVIDIA geforce GTX 950M significant independence is a end alone significantly, with 640 stream processors and 32 ROP units, 993MHz core frequency, 128 bit memory interface, send measurement models with 2GB of GDDR3 memory.

The 3dmark 11 P file test can be seen, the GTX 950M alone significantly graphics score was 4153, deal with the mainstream game is no pressure, more suitable for online gamers and PC game player, if want to play "Crysis 3" such a big game, this card afraid powerless.

We use Furmark pager software to test the limits of ASUS X555 with 38Wh built-in ASUS X555L Battery, Furmark will be operating at full machine two large heating components of CPU and graphics card and run 60 minutes after the temperature up to a limit of the height, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive see each machine in operation when the heat, we also use the fluke infrared thermal imager, respectively to observe the location of each temperature heating.

Different than the small size notebook, 15 inch big screen notebook with broad vision, clear picture and all-around performance, more and more receives the user's favor. Recently, Dell once again leading the new wave of large customers notebook, 15.6 inch provid all-round business notebook, the Inspiron 5555 launch. New product is equipped with a 15.6 inch Full HD screen will visual area increased by 25%, and in maintaining the thin body at the same time, equipped with a fifth generation Intel Core Duo processor and discrete graphics, to provide users with extraordinary visual experience and high-performance all-around office experience.

In order to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of the user experience, Inspiron 5555 is a perfect balance between portability and wide screen. New products through a 15.6 inch wide screen, not only will visual area increased by 25%, bring broad eyeshot for users, in order to improve the efficiency of the office, the 1920 * 1080 Full HD display, in image processing design application scenarios for users bring lifelike visual experience. In addition, taking into account the business users are likely to face complex office environment, the screen with a matte particles of the matte screen with, can effectively prevent the reflection of light, even in bright sunlight can also be normal office. In portability, Inspiron 5555 with built-in DELL Inspiron 15-5555 Battery is 15.6 inch models to achieve the light break, with its weight and 24.7mm and 24.5mm drive model only 2.2Kg thickness, with its excellent full HD 15.6 inch display, can at any time to provide users with a broad vision of the office experience.

Tomb Raider 9 by Crystal Dynamics development, Square Enix issue. New focus in Laura young period, get rid of the Superman before being set, the player can see more real Lara's image in the game. Because the engine upgrades, the higher the picture, is the "Tomb Raider" series of the most transformative work. In 1920 x 1080 resolution (the highest resolution), high quality running the game in the benchmark program, the measured average frame rate is 39.0fps.

ASUS X555 although there is no membership of the series, but we can see the shadow of the ASUS game on its body, it is it whether the essence of the product set in a body? From the point of view of shape design, ASUS X555 did not stick to plain design, instead of using a design in two different ways in the cap, greatly increased the degree of beauty products. In C, X555 with ASUS X555D Battery the more rich sense of science and technology of pattern to be decorated, with black and red color style, looks cool. In the disposition aspect, though the fourth generation Core i7 and GTX 950M sole combination of isn't the strongest, coupled with the price of only 5999 yuan, its performance in terms of price is still very prominent.

We use cinebench R10 to evaluate its performance, can see, Fengyun single core processor score is 6225, quad core score for 22443 and operation speed is excellent, high-end processor class mobile processor.

Equipped with DELL Inspiron 5551 with 4cells DELL Inspiron 15-5551 Battery NVIDIA geforce GTX 950M significant independence is a end alone significantly, with 640 stream processors and 32 ROP units, 993MHz core frequency, 128 bit memory interface, send measurement models with 2GB of GDDR3 memory.


LENOVO B51-30 B51-35 laptop pk SAGER NP2670 NP6679 gaming laptop

Now the mainstream notebook thickness becomes small, battery using the built-in non removable design, so now in electrical use laptops had better pull out battery's argument has basically disappeared. But this argument in the era of battery can be replaced is quite common, I was in the university dormitory also found, not willing to install the batteries using the notebook computer of the students there are plenty of people who. So what's the bad habit?

First of all, the battery belongs to the vulnerable products, for the consideration of the protection of the battery, while the plug in the use of laptop computers, unplug the battery, this argument and nothing wrong. It can be explained that this kind of person is very treasure thing, and have no good. However, if the battery is not long, then the battery charge about half the battery charge (why is half the electricity? Following the 47th floor users to explain in detail), also need every once in a while the battery is charging, otherwise if batteries placed inside the time too long, long in the state without electricity may also will damage the battery, wait until to use, it is likely that there will be filled into electricity. Not using a battery is also likely to be scrapped, and simultaneously pull off the battery of notebook computer lost against blackout defense force, running the important information will be lost, unexpected power outages may also will damage the hard disk. In general, the use of laptop computers more than disadvantages, so we recommend that you use a laptop or do not take the battery.In addition to some very cherish battery reluctant to use a friend, there is a class that is, energetically users of laptop batteries, feel no bondage of power line is very convenient, often using a laptop battery to work, until the system low battery alarm only reluctantly plug, in fact these two kinds of extreme user use, for the battery are damage.

Configuration of the ASUS GL552 with ASUS A41N1424 Battery directly equipped with GeForce GTX 950M NVIDIA independent graphics, in the game performance has a good performance. In addition, the machine has multiple configurations are available, main difference in with a processor, get the evaluation models equipped with Intel Core i5 5200U dual core processor, and the main push products then is this is the price of 5000 yuan of models.

SAGER held a new conference in May 7th this year, released its Z series K series and elegant series of products. The Z series, K series SAGER gaming laptop all updated NVIDIA new GTX9 series of powerful graphics card, power consumption is reduced at the same time also significantly enhance the notebook game performance.

This evaluation SAGER NP2670 with 6cell SAGER NP2670 Battery equipped with a quad core i7-4710mq processor, GTX950M discrete graphics and 1TB 7200 RPM mechanical hard disk, equipped with 1080p IPS wide viewing angle HD display, the official price for RMB 4999. Can be said is the most affordable 15 inch GTX950M this game the.

In the final test of R15 259cb, the core of the processor is obtained from CINEBENCH, the single core 95cb, and the individual test results of the processor are located in the mobile platform processor..

For the hard drive performance we choose Tune HD to carry out, the final test results for reference only.

The evaluation of the Inspiron DELL 7746 with 58wh DELL Inspiron 17-7746 Battery equipped with a 1TB capacity mechanical drive, the maximum read speed reached 109.9MB/s, the average speed of 80.0MB/s, the overall performance is moderate.

Today, the game industry is increasingly like the smart phone industry, almost every time there will be some new brand birth. The reason for this phenomenon is because the game is still the most users are paying attention to the product, also like the God of war, Thor, etc. these brand fast, from a certain extent, also contributed to the occurrence of this phenomenon.

Today, the evaluation is a brand new product - SAGER NP6679 with 6cells 5200mAh SAGER NP6679 Battery. This machine uses a blue sky classic metal drawing die, the overall hardware performance is good, for online games players and entertainment users. The LOGO design of the machine is very personality, and the brand of "SAGER" complement each other.

SAGER NP2650  is a more cost-effective products. The B is equipped with a 15.6 inch Full HD screen, resolution up to 1920*1080, has a more excellent picture presentation ability. The hardware configuration, the NVIDIA geforce 940M discrete graphics support 2G DDR3 memory, with performance superior to the core i7-4710mq. At the same time it also with 500GB mechanical hard disk.

As a 15.6 inch model, SAGER NP2650 laptop has a large screen, whether it is playing games or watching movies, will bring than 14, 13 inches laptop more shocking visual effect. There are, of course, must be the loss of income and its portability as small size notebook that suitable to carry out, but for games, hardware performance is the most important, but also do not often carry a mobile notebook.

LENOVO both from the brand or from the design are very personalized, from the beginning, to provide users with the most personalized products. The Lenovo B51 in part of a top cover design the logo in red and black collocation, internal joined the backlight design, to make it look even more features.

Lenovo B51 notebook is more robust performance of the products, in addition to the Core i7 quad core is equipped with eight threads high-end processor, also equipped with double 128G m.2 SSDs raid0 storage system, equipped with GTX 960m independent graphics. This hardware configuration for the current 90% of the game are able to give good support, but also can be said to be the most cost-effective configuration. Raid 0 is also named as the core speed technology by LENOVO.

LENOVO B51 with 4cell LENOVO B51-30 Battery shell main body of the use of light gray, the details of the selection of red decoration, the top of the middle of the design of red light Logo. this classic color matching is also common in computer products. The biggest feature of the B51 shell comes from the aviation aluminum material, it can guarantee the machine has good robustness, at the same time, can effectively reduce the weight of the machine.

Here we have the actual thermal testing, our testing methodology is still under the room temperature 28 degrees Celsius, let this books run Furmark pager software and aida64 system stability test, so that the GPU and CPU work under high load, almost running at full speed.

Core temperature, the average temperature of the core of this evaluation LENOVO B41 notebook with 32wh LENOVO B41-30 Battery can be maintained at 80 degrees Celsius below, but there is a more serious frequency reduction should be related to the engineering prototype of the BIOS.

B51 in display uses a 15.6 inch 1920 x 1080 Full HD wide viewing angle IPS panel. For gamers, large size and full HD has been able to obtain very good visual experience, wide angle added more let game entertainment colorful. In addition, LENOVO official commitment VP540P monitor will not exist bright spot, bright and other issues.

The LENOVO B51 with 4cell LENOVO B51-35 Battery shell surface is treated by metal spraying coating, and the residual amount of fingerprint is avoided.. The overall design of the machine as a whole inspired by stealth fighter, polygon corners quite F117 to circumvent the radar reflection section style.

How to distinguish the heat dissipation, the highest temperature can not represent what. The temperature of the cooling vents is the highest, if not, it is the only show that the heat problem. When most of the heat accumulation in the position which is near to the cooling vents and other parts of the temperature no higher than 40 DEG C, it can determine the cooling system design is more reasonable.

As a flagship video game of notebook computer products, good keyboard feel indispensable, LENOVO B41-35 Battery and LENOVO B41 keyboard using the standard chocolate keycap design, key process control is good, percussion feel comfortable.


MSI GP62 GP72 Leopard laptop PK ASUS N552V N552VX

As a major game of the Taiwan manufacturers, MSI has been a company with deep cultural heritage. Whether in the DIY aspect, or in the game field, are the entire industry leader. MSI often uses a similar mold, while the leading role is particularly special today.. This MSI superfortress gp62 game this not only uses the new metal wiredrawing silver body, is equipped with the latest GTX 960m discrete graphics, really is there are.

The MSI super air fortress GP62 is able to call the commercial entertainment of the product, mainly its stable performance and excellent design. 960M GTX graphics card can be said to be the most cost-effective high-end game graphics cards, even the demanding video game killer games can also run smoothly in the middle and high quality. In the office, the white backlight keyboard and metal drawing design of the stable design are won office workers favor.

The configuration is very balanced, the price is relatively close to the people. Of course, this product is not only a good configuration, the design of the above appearance is extremely concise. The silver metal wire drawing machine so that the whole is resolute and without losing the sense of science and technology. Let's go first and see the details of the MSI super air Fort GP62 with 6cells high capacity MSI GP62 Battery.

ASUS N552V fuselage D face has four circular raised pad, to avoid the machine directly touching the surface of the desktop appear scratches, but also for the heat dissipation ventilation left a lot of space. The four rubber mat protruding height is not the same, near the rear of the fuselage, two pieces of rubber pad significantly than in front of the two high, so when users use natural body formed a slant, so when in use will more comfortable. At the same time, the heat into the air inlet is located in the second part of the fuselage, this pad design also for its more heat dissipation space.

Fuselage D front end two pad outside ASUS N552V speaker. The front body of the body is curved, so the user will pick up the notebook from the desktop, and compare the human body..

For business people and ordinary consumers, the interface is essential. In particular, business people, every day may have to carry out the transmission of file data frequently, there is no complete and efficient interface configuration, will very much affect the office efficiency and application experience. ASUS N552V with built-in ASUS N552V Battery in the interface configuration is very adequate, almost equipped with a variety of common user interface.

In recent years, the popularity of online games and stand-alone games, most of the friends will refer to you play games ". Today's PC game circle with the variety of games, the quality of the game is also higher and higher, the required hardware is also higher, so that many small partners are starting to struggle. Although desktop is the best option, but because of mobile inconvenience makes the choice of desktop machine limited, the game began to become a better choice for players. Here is the MSI MSI game notebook 2QD-018XCN GP72 game performance testing.

MSI GP72 fuselage A face with the keyboard face all metal material design, feel very good, the keyboard area of the palm area of the design is great, very suitable for typing and playing games. MSI GP72 with 8cell MSI GP72 Battery also used anti glare screen design, but different from the fog screen, reduce the diffuse reflection of the light, while the players in the outdoor time to play games will not be the interference of sunlight. The screen is 17 inches, 16:9 Full HD display, resolution of 1920 x 1080, and with the SteelSeries keyboard and Dan speakers, to bring a very high gaming experience.

On the right side of the fuselage are computer cooling air outlet, the keyhole, support USB interface and interface charge off the Headset Mike combo.The left side of the fuselage is two USB 3 interface, a HDMI interface, the cable interface, the power interface and the docking port. ASUS N552V body weight of 1.895kg, plus the adapter after the travel weight of 2.248kg, the average body thickness of 23.52mm.

In interface configuration ASUS N552V with ASUS N552VX Battery fared well, with users of all kinds of common interface, also whole body weight, and thickness control also than the previous generation products further, there can be very good to meet business people demand for mobile office.

The hand is a new product N551J series and types of ASUS N551J, its equipped with Intel Core i7-4710mq processor, 4GB ddr3l memory, 500GB of large capacity hard disk and a 15.6-inch display, resolution to 1920 x 1080 pixels. The card is equipped with the 2GB NVIDIA GeForce 940M graphics card memory.

N551J can be seen as an extension of a40l family in succession to be Core i7 processor 4710mq, increase the memory and update the Geofrce 940M alone significantly and provides a selection of updates for consumers. Since the appearance of the design and mold continuation of the previous generation products, this paper we focus on the performance of the hardware performance.

Hardware configuration, ASUS notebook N551J with ASUS N551JB Battery, equipped with 22nm Process Technology Intel Core i7 4710mq a quad core processor, configured 500GB hard drive, and a single 4GB ddr3l 1600MHZ high-speed memory, graphics cards, the models using the built-in processor Intel HD 4600 core display card and NVIDIA geforce 940M independent graphics card.

SAGER NP Series appearance design is similar, after all the basic mold is provided by the blue sky, today is no exception evaluation of this SAGER NP2650 notebook and the overall design is always a familiar feeling.

SAGER NP2650 gives the first impression is ably, texture. Cover part although as engineering plastics, but the use of the surface of a wire drawing process, and to highlight the metallic silver gray color, it looks like a metal is the same. But if you touch with the hand will find that the SAGER NP2650 notebook with 6cells SAGER NP2650 Battery feels a bit like the same texture wallpaper.

Intel Core i7 4710MQ processor, with 4 core and the hyper threading technology support to 8 threads. The processor based on the 22nm process, the core code is Haswell-MB, the initial frequency of 2.5GHz, core frequency to 3.5GHz, the shared level of the three cache is 47W, the overall TDP is 6MB.

As the following example of the capacity of up to 12000mAh of the mobile power, according to our comparison of the habit, its capacity is higher than the apple 6559mAh much higher. But by conversion found: 5V*12000mAh/1000=60Wh, in fact, is more than the built-in battery capacity of apple RMBP13.

Under voltage, MA (MAH) to compare the capacity of the same battery size is feasible, but if it is to compare the two different products, batteries, their working voltage is not the same, must use the kilowatt hours (WH) for comparison. If cell without kilowatt hours (WH) tagging, you can by MA (MAH) multiplied by the working voltage (V) divided by 1000 conversion a kilowatt hours (WH).

Give you a finished battery capacity in the wrong idea correct, below we list several notebook use may be serious damage to the battery of bad habits, to see if you got caught?

Kept the resolution of 1920 x 1080, adjust the picture is high, but turn off anti aliasing, the average number of frames for 34 frame, the highest number of frames for 41 frames, and will be able to run smoothly. "Watchdog" optimization of the game is not successful, so some relatively low frames is also normal. In the actual experience, there is no feeling of Caton.

Graphics, ASUS GL551JX  with 6cells ASUS GL551JX Battery is a new life, equipped with 9 series of low-end graphics - 940M Geforce.GeForce 940M 28nm based on Maxwell GM108 NVIDIA chip, is the successor of 840M. With 384 stream processor and eight ROP units and 16 texture units, 1072MHz core frequency support dynamic acceleration to 1176MHz frequency and memory bitwidth 64bit and 2GB DDR3 independent memory.

Below we actually thermal testing, our testing methodology is still under the room temperature 28 degrees Celsius, let this books run Furmark pager software and aida64 system stability test, so that the GPU and CPU work under high load, almost running at full speed.

Core temperature, the average temperature of the core of this evaluation SAGER NP2650 notebook with 6cells SAGER NP6659 Battery can remain at 80 degrees Celsius below, and does not appear to be decreasing frequency. It can provide stable and high output performance in high temperature.