Newest CLEVO W740SU and Schenker S413 coming

The rapid development of Internet technology, promote education for revolutionary change. More and more Internet practitioners cross to break the traditional educational thinking, with the power of the Internet, open up new commercial play, leading the education sector continues to change. Like 80% of China's Internet companies are using Dell products, this hero - Icanmusic founder Karl Wei Yuan, and Dell also like easy way for China with more than 80% of people who love music brings joy music experience.

Most children learn music share a common experience: music learning process is boring music theory lessons, lessons and constantly playing endless Grading process. "In fact, this process is not necessary for each person to learn music experience again, the Chinese are interested in 95% of the music learner type users, they need to learn from the experience of the joy of music." Icanmusic founder Karl Wei Yuan, said firmly that they is to make children comfortable "play music."

W740SU with built-in CLEVO W740SU Battery in to see details of the design, the first is the back of the fuselage, W740SU in the back near the hinge location, joined a large area of ​​the trapezoid pad skin, turning fur texture feels great, but also very good and in the metal body of the cold, turn fur not only feel good, and play a decorative role, but also to prevent scratching the bottom of the metal cup, in addition to the bottom of the fuselage there are six silicone focus, play the role of shock.

ASUS VivoBook super game series is the flagship product of the system, but also the ASUS targeted at high-end gamers product line, though it seemed expensive, but if you simply look at the hardware configuration, the invincible cost is its greatest trait. It uses a fourth-generation Haswell architecture i7-4700MQ quad-core eight thread processor, built-in Intel HD 4600 graphics core; while it is equipped with NVIDIA launched the GTX 765M discrete graphics, 2GB of DDR5 memory; addition It also features a 120GB SSD +1 TB HDD storage combinations.

In the ASUS VivoBook S551LA with ASUS VivoBook S551LA Battery the body surface, so that everyone has a can not be ignored "VivoBook" stickers in dark gray shell is particularly evident, it seems to remind users to "I am a performance like VivoBook ultra-high-performance notebook the computer. "

Icanmusic to do is put the "class learning music score, fingering exercises," the traditional learning model is completely upside down and become "online learning, line interactive classroom discussions become, targeted counseling" as a new teaching model , which is the traditional music education combined with the Internet, allowing students to enjoy the music through online teaching fun.

Last month, Intel decided to use only high-end chip Z87 motherboards offer the K-series CPU overclocking. After a lot of motherboard manufacturers have the H87, B85, H81 has been upgraded, and then continue to achieve overclocking features. However, Intel chips for this so cheap "steal" the behavior of high-priced chip-specific features are very unhappy.

Karl Wei Yuan always joked, traditional music education is "Yundi Li" teaching, Icanmusic is "Lee Hom-style" education. "We put the staves into a colorful digital spectrum, so that there is no music theory based on the people within an hour playing out a tune." Comes to their invention of the "tone round number theory", the Karl Wei Yuan said, "music learning it should be easy, the more easily will make people want to continue to learn more go, just like I am in the hands of Dell laptop, only lightweight, easy to use up the computer I will have to carry. "

But we also see that the Schenker S413 with Schenker S413 Battery of the roof and non-metallic materials, but in the reinforcement layer of the plastic shell piano paint spraying, sandblasting metal texture that cold is not, although you can paint a certain degree of conservation costs, but easier to scratch, but fortunately this is not paint plastic shell easily contaminated with fingerprints, I believe that the current 6,000 yuan notebook, can use metal materials, no use may be considered in weight control.

Not long ago we showed everyone ASUS "VivoBook" V551LB, presumably all of his decisions based on the hardware configuration have the impression, but there is a more violent S551LA ASUS has not yet appeared. ASUS S551LA is the giant of the big game, because it is a 17.3-inch big guy, and the hardware is the same powerful, and its price also reached between the ASUS product line in the most expensive 7999 yuan, in the ASUS products which claim to high camp on the grade of the atmosphere of the bar!

ASUS VivoBook V551L retains the appearance of the traditional notebook tough style, angular highlights the rigid character, just as "VivoBook" has named as "male" characteristics, ideal for male consumers. ASUS VivoBook V551LB basically the same look and feel, can be regarded as a larger version of the product. ASUS VivoBook V551L with 6cell ASUS VivoBook V551LB Battery screen axis is the traditional style, the screen is probably able to open 150 °, from its body appearance can be seen ASUSVivoBook detail in the body have been many improvements, many of the nuances of the fuselage has been greatly upgrade, strong compact, has no early years of the kind of loose abrasive feeling.

System chip is the Intel Atom C2000 RSA (rack-level architecture, Rack Scale Architecture) part of the plan. The architecture itself is an open network platform reference design based. This mode uses a conventional server and put the server into power, storage, computing and many other modules. This modular approach is designed to allow sharing of modules to reduce costs and increase flexibility.

All the traditional industries and the Internet Internet business combination, is not copied to the traditional model of the Internet, it must be borrowed Internet platform, combined with a unique "new ways" re-creation. Icanmusic video via the Internet in addition to teaching, student interaction, also invented a technique called "X-key" like a keyboard-like tool, by connecting the notebook devices, you can become a musical instrument. "This is the world's first can be moved to meet 3E mobile portable instrument, with it, playing it really becomes like a game as simple."

"We created a digital audio round interest based on the theory of teaching, with humorous instructional videos and X-key such mobile hardware, only the achievements of our Icanmusic online music teaching." Icanmusic create new music education and Dell has been advocated by the "new economy, new ways" coincide, for the majority of music lovers to create happy music experience.

A new generation of laser wave P70t with TOSHIBA Satellite P70t Battery housing design with previous releases, is still so domineering. But I was not able to escape the top part with a common piano paint, in the light is very beautiful. In addition, the roof surface is not flat, the center position is determined by the product logo as the boundary is divided into four parts. I believe that most movie fans to see the roof of this flag will think Batman, TOSHIBA (fire bat) Series appearance throughout this flag is to many of the design details of the body, let the fire bat worthy of the title. Also worth mentioning is that this flag is turned on after the power is illuminated, extremely cool.


ASUS VivoBook S551L S551LA S551LB Coming

ASUS colleague told me a few days ago with a new VivoBook S551L To review, the first reaction is to my mind a year ago, this was not listed on the What? Later I learned that in fact this VivoBook S551L BEING VivoBook S551L, it is not the last referendum that 3999 yuan for sale Ultrabook, but ASUS latest version of the notebook color covers.

I got this laptop model VivoBook S551L, and is the red version. I think this is a laptop most suitable person should be a focus on notebook appearance, the main demand for office Audio and often carry out without the girls to use. Of course, this does not mean VivoBook S551L weak performance of its hardware configuration should be very mainstream, for most 3D games can be competent.

In fact, not as a study of computer-related professional female editor, in this industry, just contact me, I article for evaluating the performance of the test run and other content are ignored and over. I think a lot just to buy a laptop just look at the evaluation of the average consumer, they do not understand this, and I have the same score how much is high, they are more concerned about the appearance of this laptop, and in the course of feel is comfortable. So for this ASUS caike mass consumer-oriented version S551L with ASUS VivoBook S551L Battery , I have more of this review is to describe the use of these days I'm in the process of subjective experience, I hope technology to send netizens forgive me.

Get this ASUS VivoBook S551L, first attracted me is its color. I think a lot of girls will like the color of the notebook is better than black, gray notebook, and I as well. But if I use a long pink, white, sky blue, fluorescent green, and other similar too feminine or assertive colors, I think I would escape, and ultimately choose a black or gray notebook.

But Taiwan ASUS VivoBook S551L does not make me afraid, it's red is both dynamic and elegant, in a lot of gray notebook stand out and would not look awkward, belong engaging type; and the red seems covered with a layer of transparent top enamel-like, so that colors appear more transparent and shiny. If I had to describe VivoBook S551L, is like a great big translucent texture of fruit sugar.

July 26, 2013 afternoon, LENOVO IdeaPad S410 with LENOVO L12S4L01 Battery notebooks in Shanghai next-generation release, LENOVO Product Director Greater China, Mr. Lin Hao, LENOVO Greater consumer and SME Division, Senior Product Manager, Mr. Hu Jianzhong interviewed by the press, mainly from product market and product design connotation answers questions of the media.

I often test notebook weight method is to use their own shoulder bag carrying this this to work, my own 14-inch laptop is probably that I can load a standard line, usually a single back one hour or less should be no big problem. I have also memorized super this, do feel a lot lighter, more than 1 hour is also no burden, and over most of the standards to the "big man" is clearly unscientific.

So I took this bag with their own products, "travel" for a while. 15-inch fuselage just right into the bag, there is also my everyday objects, back feel and usually back their own laptop and there is not much difference in the way more than half an hour of the test was able to withstand, does not particularly stand shoulder feeling. The actual measurement, ASUS VivoBook S551L body weight of about 2.4 kg and a thickness of 32.3 mm, with the ordinary 14-inch notebook similar. In fact, I think VivoBook S551L thickness can be thin point, part of the reason may be limited by the drive and interfaces.

Although compared to some of the claims 8 hours, 9 hours battery life with ultra-pole of this gap, but buy ASUS VivoBook S551L user must usually used for indoor, the basic problem to worry about power, and more short-term use or a sudden power outage emergency, then says to four hours is more than sufficient.

Right side followed by a power connector, RJ45 network interface, USB2.0 interface, notebook security lock port and CD-ROM. The interface problem is to arrange the right does not seem reasonable, power lines and basically have to use the Ethernet port and one USB interface will generally connect a mouse, the right of the interface too full, distributed on both sides better; and computer In the above three locking between interface and drive, but also a bit strange, easy to cause the computer to lock and mouse lines staggered; Also, I usually use the mouse and the radiator, radiator USB port on the right side, so that can not be simultaneous connections on the right mouse and radiator.

Because of cost considerations, this notebook uses ABS plastic shell, only the center of ASUSLOGO A surface with a silver-white metal. Many people like to use the metal shell of the notebook, I actually prefer the non-metallic materials. On the one hand is relatively cold metal feel; the other hand, I'm using a laptop that is metal A side, because occasionally carried on the package unintentional bump, causing some slight concave surface scratches, becomes not leveled. However, plastic and carbon fiber and other materials relative hardness, do not have this problem. And this VivoBook S551L surfaces contaminated with fingerprints even basically can not see, more to ensure clean and smooth.

Satellite P75 17-inch with TOSHIBA Satellite P75 Battery ultra bright LED backlit LCD display and a relatively narrow border design. Top of the screen is designed with 720P HD camera and matrix style microphone, business people to fully meet the needs of everyday applications and video conferencing. We got sent to test machine does not support multi-touch screen, the official has released two products were also equipped, but the trend in the trend of touch, high-touch version of the model with expected before the end of the market. Meanwhile, the screen border protection protective pad has been completely updated to a higher toughness of the metal material, can be more effectively protect the screen, and to increase the robustness of the whole machine, ensure safety.

In the design, color covers version VivoBook S551L personality types are not angular, rounded lines are basically smooth arc transition, more approachable, slightly wedge-shaped design of the side also reduced a 15-inch big screen this brings heavy feeling. Adhering to the entire body is a simple style, A face only in the middle of a LOGO, C surface in addition to keyboard, touchpad is a rectangular power button and an elongated region of the acoustic hole. Either the A side or the C-plane, all looks particularly full at a glance.

ASUS S551L has a large 15.6-inch screen and 50Wh ASUS VivoBook S551LB Battery , and I usually use the laptop is the most common 14-inch or smaller size, this makes me really feel the big screen also has a large screen as well. VivoBook S551L using a glossy screen, for girls, this is simply a natural big mirror, black screen when watching quite clear, but the work and would worry reflective questions. But I actually use the station completely not the case, and the screen displays particularly clear, color is also very bright.

Here also have to mention ASUS VivoBook S551L resolution problem, its maximum resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels. My definition of requirements is still relatively high, but in my 14-inch laptop when using this resolution does not specifically want to improve demand, and you can see on the 15.6 inches desktop icon text and display a sense of slight zigzag .

PANASONIC Let's Note AX3 with PANASONIC CF-VZSU81EA Battery is designed for mainstream gamers the high-end entertainment. AX3 is first equipped with Tsinghua PANASONIC Haswell platform, Intel's latest model, the aircraft with powerful performance, but also with the latest top Nvidia discrete graphics GTX780M. PANASONIC Let's Note AX3 performance and hardware on both breakthrough performance, trying to become the top game players in mind this is perfect for. In this PANASONIC Let's Note AX3 before the listing, we bring you this first group of the box diagram, concerned friends can be learned in advance of the aircraft product design and detail of the fuselage.


ASUS A450C A550C Series laptop coming

Interface dust also need to pay attention: in fact, for each electronic originals dust are very formidable enemy for some thoughtful CMA port on the machine design rubber jacket, usually do not use that time can be used to Port hooded since invading enemies. For those who are not models of these devices, it can only rely on users pay more attention to cleaning up.

ASUS notebook product line naming rules are relatively clear, we all just a little careful it is easy to interpret it. So today we are going to test this ASUS A550CC For example, it is intuitive subtitle "U" represents the light series, and the number "4" is the notebook sizes 14 inches, followed by the number "1" is not difficult to understand, if attention Over time earlier ASUS A550CA, this figure represents an upgrade of the subsequent models.

Appearance, ASUS A550CC with 4cell ASUS A550C Battery and A550CA looks not much difference, but the roof was still rich paint colors, including cloud sail white, brilliant red and brown Sensation three stylish colors, pink Lolita was previously A550CA Sensation Brown replaced, and this colorful appearance also happens in line with current aesthetic needs of young users.

In the dry climate of the northern winter, using laptop also need to pay attention to static electricity problem: If you are found to undress crackling sound, then touch the laptop at a good idea to wash your hands to avoid static electricity is passed to the laptop. In addition, the winter is best not to U disk, MP3 and other electronic products on the jacket or sweater going round in these places static electricity is very large, not only easy to damage your U disk, MP3 and other equipment, but also easy to damage your notebook interface.

2013 Touch notebooks definitely play a leading role, the major notebook manufacturers have also carried out a strategy to quickly adjust, not only launched a new deformation touch this, and in order to highlight the cost-effective, and further control the cost of the mold, in the original classic series models also have increased the touch screen configured to meet the user experience of Windows 8 operating system replacement touch function's needs.

ASUS A450C in the fuselage interface, good performance. Fuselage on the left there is a button to set the Restore button, heat vent, RJ45 network interface, HDMI interface, USB3.0 interface. The right side is provided with a power connector, two USB2.0 interface, headphone & microphone jack, multi-card reader. On the whole, ASUS A450C in the interface layout is more reasonable, but the lack of VGA interface, connect the projector will be slightly inconvenient aspects. ASUS A450C uses a set of four batteries in series 32Wh lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2200mAh ASUS A450C Battery. Although the battery capacity is slightly lacking, but with Intel's new Haswell processors in the endurance of the upgrade, ASUS A450C insufficient battery capacity has also been filled.

Incorrect insertion mode is caused by damage to the notebook interface is the culprit: Plug action must be stable and fixed. Which is stable when the plug connector prohibited Luanyao, so not only will cause the connector is loose, but if it is pin connector may also cause breakage; while fixing bolt is mainly for the purpose of interfaces, such as serial and parallel and VGA interface, if fixed is not strong, in use, is likely to occur loose interface burn hazard.

The budget is not very adequate, but a higher propensity to buy a practical notebook users, the first is the cost-effective on the first one, and the experience that a fresh touch screen is optional. This part of the user mostly busy with their daily work, are also usually the laptop as a practical tool to use, but some are handed over to the entertainment more mobile tablet.

This part of the user base mostly belonging replacement type, and ASUS launched an upgraded version of ASUS A550CC is a good choice. This notebook is ASUS A550CA with 4cell ASUS A550CA Battery upgraded models, the appearance remains a young state, there are three colors to choose from, Book ID design student atmosphere and generous fashion. While the hardware has been further improved, it is equipped with Haswell Intel Core i5-4200U low voltage processor, performance is more robust, in addition, also equipped with a HD 8570M discrete graphics.

Interface pin damage is generally due to excessive force when inserting or pick the wrong equipment is causing, so the access device interface is the best time to see the first match, if the access process feel significant resistance, you need to look bent pins, leaving the pin to avoid further bending fracture. If the pin has been significantly bent, you can shutdown state tweezers to set right, remember to first shut down, otherwise a short circuit may cause pin interface circuit burned.

ASUS A450C fuselage D surface with one piece design that is increasingly popular in recent years. D surface central body, set up a large area of ??the air inlet, in order to maintain proper cooling to provide a guarantee. ASUS A450C body saw a lot of R408's shadow, but overall, A450C with 4cell ASUS A450CC Battery still there are many things to admire in place. Keyboard, touchpad still has a good experience. A large inlet of the design to ensure a good cooling effect.

Learn basic information about the processor, we use software CINEBENCH R10 to assess its performance, the software is capable of single-core and multi-core processor performance given visual score, Fengyun Core i5 4200U dual-core processor soon completion of the entire contents of the tests, and ultimately get 4919 points its single-core, multicore get 9875 points, a low-voltage mobile processor mainstream models.

The so-called "multi-cover" is actually a kind of helpless protection measures: There are already some notebook manufacturers to notebook design of the interface protection device, usually do when you can cover up; But most notebook interface is exposed, this time you need to do some necessary corrosion protection, the easiest way is painted a little car wax on the surface, to be done after that a good rust inhibitor; should be noted that the wax can only be applied to the surface of the metal part of the interface, Do not apply to the interface pins above; Of course, if you can find a dedicated interface protective cover better.

However, compared to traditional notebook touch the price or more expensive in some, after the replacement of a touch screen. At present, a lot has been listed on touch notebook, in order not to reduce the user's terminal screen and touch experience visual experience, but also are accompanied by a wide viewing angle IPS screen, it will increase the overall cost of the two different screen configurations models, the price difference is quite obvious.

This time we got this ASUS A550CC using 4cell ASUS A550CC Battery and brilliant red coloring, cover the surface of the fine matte texture feel pretty good, and avoid the appearance of fingerprint marks. In addition to the upper left corner above the chrome cover plate LOGO, without adding other decorative elements. The overall shape still continues the family's Book ID style.


MSI GS70 Stealth Gaming notebook coming

MSI GS70 notebook bottom panel using quality plastic material, the surface appear grainy strong grinding process. As can be seen from the figure a square with a rectangular mesh grille, rectangular grille is MSI GS70 notebook's natural cooling louvers, and a square mesh grille is MSI GS70 notebook air inlet, outlet located on its front end side of the trunk, the heat does not affect the user. Because it is equipped with a high-performance NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M graphics card, at full load will have a greater amount of heat, thus good heat dissipation measures are necessary.

We use Furmark pager software for all products tested, Furmark will heat the whole of the two parts of CPU and graphics card fully up and running, running for 30 minutes after the temperature at a height limit, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive to see each machine is running out of heat in the case, we also use FLUKE infrared thermal imaging devices, each location were observed temperature heating conditions. (Temperature spans 18 ° C-50 ° C: below the temperature limit may appear black; exceeds the temperature limit would appear white).

After 30 minutes pager run, MSI GS70 notebook with MSI GS70 Battery and keyboard surface maximum temperature of 48 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature of the bottom panel 50 degrees Celsius, for a built-in high-performance graphics card gaming notebook, this is considered a good cooling effect.

The characteristics of the business of the pursuit of performance is not a month to set up another office, of course, its appearance is not "old-fashioned", "rigid" synonymous, although now the appearance of many business really gorgeous, but this is definitely a good business is a design atmosphere. ASUSPRO Series notebook has been designed specifically for business users, for its evaluation we obviously can not just look at performance, appearance. Currently model PU500CA models has come to our hands. We'll start with the business of the following aspects from the perspective of a comprehensive assessment to see if this is designed specifically for the business office of the areas in which deserve our attention.

Rugged magnesium alloy, simple atmospheric black appearance, which is ASUSPRO PU500CA first impression, as a location in the office dedicated business laptop, ASUSPRO PU500CA with 6cell ASUS PU500C Battery in the design and workmanship of not a little more attention to detail on both . He has a three-tier design on the surface of the first layer: smooth layer, the second layer: colored layer, functional exterior layer, showing matte silver flash, this design brings not only have high quality texture experience It also lets have a wear-resistant surface fingerprint characteristics.

Just a few days ago, SAMSUNG global PC sales climb to the top of the news headlines appeared in major IT website in this potential micro PC industry in the context of the day, the news is indeed for SAMSUNG has unusual significance. Today, the PC industry as a leader, SAMSUNG is also in the field of traditional notebook taken an aggressive growth strategy, from the first half of this year we saw the SAMSUNG PC line Jieyou in various new products come out. Of course, in addition to some new products, but also on some existing models were upgraded, for example, today we want to measure the SAMSUNG R408L-IFI.

SAMSUNGR series R408L with 9cell SAMSUNG R408L Battery is R Series R408 upgrade products, appearance still maintained a slim R series features either weight or thickness, do not lose this super hot nowadays, especially the white appearance is quite pretty eyes, in this scorching Summer has brought a breath of fresh wind.

Both notebooks were tested open web pages, web content through a variety of tests. Final contrast detection score, the higher the score proved Html 5 and javaScript processing capacity of the stronger (WebXprt) were open web testing, final contrast detection score, the higher the score, the stronger the evidence javaScript processing capability (WebKit Sunspider) SunSpider JavaScript benchmark is a test platform that can measure a browser's JavaScript engine performance.

Browser testing we have chosen Windows 8 comes with IE 9.0, the final result Celeron 1007U superior performance, in response to Html 5 and javaScript scripts, processing more efficient, so that when the user opens the page display speed will be more rapidly. Both touch notebooks are the latest hot models, not only the higher cost, while increasing the touch functionality Acer V5 series is the biggest selling point, Acer V5 with 14-inch screen size is larger, more suitable for watching high-definition user usually video, and browsing the web. Acer V5-112 this model, smaller sizes, commuting carry very aspect, more suitable for frequent travel of people use.

The highest point and can not be fully representative of the temperature. Absolute temperature cooling vents is the highest, if not, that is the only show that the cooling system is not normal. Through the above two temperature chart you can see, when most of the heat accumulation in the cooling vents near the location of the central region of the keyboard slightly higher temperature, and users often come into contact with the touchpad is good performance maximum temperature of 33.6 ℃, the body temperature at the bottom is relatively normal, overall, the aircraft cooling system design is more reasonable.

Through the actual test, has four core A6-1450 is clocked at 1.4GHz, and Celeron 1007U dual-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz, only a difference of 0.1GHz, A6-1450 final score of 3.06, while the Celeron 1007U final test score of 4.56, the gap is more obvious, albeit 1007U Celeron dual-core processor, but in the multi-core performance has to exceed the A6-1450, we can see that the number of multi-core processor performance and do not represent strong. Both notebooks are not suitable for dealing with the complex, high-load applications, so test session we more emphasis office applications and web browsing test, the following items added WebXprt and WebKit Sunspider two about javaScript processing capabilities.

In addition to excellent appearance outside, its performance has been greatly configuration upgrades. Processor uses the latest fourth-generation Intel Core processor, the power consumption of the whole Haswell platform has been well controlled; graphics cards is AMD Radeon HD 8570M graphics card, so the audio and video entertainment also has a good performance. Here follow along to see exactly how well this new machine.

Obviously, ASUS PU500CA with 6cell ASUS PU500CA Battery appearance of the mold is still using the R408, this point should be considered for cost savings. Material, still using a price cheaper ABS plastic, but gives the overall feeling is very on the grade, feel good.

The songce SAMSUNG R408L is white, officially known as Yun-Fan white. White is a timeless color, giving a very fresh and elegant feeling, whether it is fashion or student group, is very suitable, especially for a female friend more lethal. SAMSUNG R408L fuselage side B there before paint surface becomes matte surface, C surface turns from black to silver, in general, R408L the overall color more uniform, subjective feeling more simple.

SAMSUNG R408L On the screen is still quite satisfactory, with a common 16:9 aspect ratio 14.0-inch LED-backlit screen, the maximum resolution of 1366 × 768. Top of the screen is provided with a 720P camera, can achieve good video call feature. SAMSUNG R408L with 7800mAh SAMSUNG NP-R408L Battery On the screen is still quite satisfactory, with a common 16:9 aspect ratio 14.0-inch LED-backlit screen, the maximum resolution of 1366 × 768. Top of the screen is provided with a 720P camera, can achieve good video call feature.


DELL Precision M3800 M4800 M6800 Mobile Workstation Coming

In China's PC market, people will always think of high cost comes a brand "DELL". DELL PC products launched there were not high performance and low price products, which is it in the highly competitive PC Fengeng the main reason. DELL recently launched a gaming notebook - "Precision" M4800, this notebook price up to 7,499 yuan, which makes the author is no longer the main cost DELL instantly feel a thing? Exactly what will be the truth, why it would have such a high price!

i7, not an ordinary i7, it is the use of Intel's latest fourth-generation Haswell architecture i7-4700MQ quad-core eight thread processor, clocked at 2.4GHz, Turbo Boost Turbo technology in the next can reach 3.4GHz, built-in Intel HD 4600 graphics core; while it is equipped with NVIDIA launched the GTX 765M graphics card, built-in 2GB of DDR5 memory, support for DirectX 11; addition it also uses a 120GB SSD +1 TB HDD storage combination, SSD effectively increasing the speed of the system, gives users more rapid experience.

DELL Precision M3800 gaming notebook with 9cell DELL Precision M3800 Battery features not only the above three points, but I do not intend here to tell you all the selling points of all. Please follow the footsteps of the author in the following article will be a selling point for all further introduction and analysis.

Precision, a very domineering named, aptly named its shape also has "Precision" as domineering volume. If we say that the pursuit of the mobile business notebook portability, then the game is the emphasis on laptop hardware performance, weight, appearance, dimensions are not too much to consider. In the Precision M4800 notebook's body surface, so that everyone has a can not be ignored "Precision" stickers in dark gray shell is particularly evident, it seems to remind users to "I am a performance as Precision ultra high-performance notebook the computer. "

While the M3800 with 8cell DELL Precision M3800 Mobile Workstation Battery is a stress gaming performance laptop, but it does not ignore the appearance of industrial design. It retains the appearance of the traditional notebook tough style, angular highlights rigid character, just as "Precision" has named as "male" characteristics, ideal for male consumers. Maybe it's body size so that many consumers put off, but the price is the Precision M4800 notebook focus, do not lose the greater!

But the whole PC industry malaise is already apparent, but this does not mean that the individual PC has no future, Intel this earnings report, the data of decline, is not alone, I believe that AMD's earnings will be even worse. Although the traditional PC industry malaise, but really booming mobile Internet devices, the ARM and Qualcomm and Nvidia, in cooperation with smart phones and tablet PCs rapid development momentum, which to some extent, also eroded many PC side of the market.

In the above mentioned, Precision M4800 notebook form factor is quite domineering, detailed parameters for the 374 × 250 × 42.7mm. Its thickness is approximately equivalent to three 14 inches over most of the thickness, the thickness of the notebook before I do the comparison is the use of a 25mm one dollar coins were compared, there is little thickness of the laptop will be more than one yuan coins. But can be seen under the Precision M4800 notebook thickness approximates two thick height of a dollar coin, so that if you want to carry the Precision M4800, I suggest you choose a larger laptop bag.

Weight, Precision M4800 notebook with 9cell DELL Precision M4800 Battery machine weighs 2.753kg, with the power adapter is 3.346kg. Configured as a high performance at full 15.6 inches notebook, 2.753kg weight is not as prominent as its size, but it's actually relatively heavy weight of the power adapter to nearly 0.6kg, the reason must be equipped with a high due performance i7-4700MQ GTX 765M discrete graphics processor and caused thereby have the ability to enhance the output of the power adapter.

The Intel Celeron, Pentium, positioned as the entry-level product, the speed and frequency does not compete with the Core Duo, but thanks to good new framework for the optimization of 22nm Celeron processor in the actual performance is better than we imagined. Equipped with Intel HD 2000 graphics core power and performance more balanced and cope with daily entertainment is no problem, but will not have the burden of the whole heat generated. The 4G memory and 500G hard drive for ordinary home users is definitely more than enough, as the performance of the hardware specific performance at the back we will give a detailed assessment of the data.

Precision M4800 notebook's screen size is 15.6 inches, the standard resolution 16:9 aspect ratio Full HD 1920 × 1080. For the players, the screen resolution is very important, because in a higher resolution, the screen can show more of the game screen. For example, when a resolution of 1024 × 768, you might just see the game character from the neck to the knees this section, however, when a resolution of 1920 × 1080, you will see the full game characters, or even is more of a display.

I can say from experience on this a few years ago when playing online games in order to pursue more display content, buy a 24-inch 1920 × 1080 Full HD LCD display, with the previously used 1024 × 768 resolution CRT display contrast, display content to get a very large increase, even a doubling of the upgrade, so the PK in the game, other players may not see you discover you've been to seize the opportunities, so for gamers Full HD resolution is indispensable.

For M4800 gaming notebook with DELL Precision M4800 Mobile Workstation Battery webcam is also essential, because some games require exchanges between players, such as Boss of the class to play the next copy. Although traditional voice mode can achieve a similar effect, but the relative voice video communication more image. Precision M4800 notebook equipped with 2 million pixel camera, you can achieve full HD 1920 × 1080 resolution video recording and photo taking pictures, to meet the needs of users.

And Intel, as the PC industry's big brother, in this emerging field of mobile Internet had not good, and is equipped with its Atom core products are also very few, so Intel's overall profit decline is inevitable. No way, Who Intel Mobile Internet so car did not catch it?

2012, individuation, the strong performance of "DELL Precision" left us with a deep impression, this is from DELL OEM products foundries draws Alienware alien product concept, and in the shape of his own design derived style, while the ultra-high performance configuration brings strong and can do any brand's flagship gaming notebook on an equal footing. With the release of new processors and graphics cards, "DELL Precision" has also been upgrading, let's take a look.

Precision is the DELL OEM foundry products in mainland China. Dell Alienware alien being before the acquisition, that is, by the OEM DELL computers. Since the acquisition by Dell Alienware. DELL Precision in mainland China launched its own brand this. The Precision is also the OEM DELL computers. Precision (DELL) is currently in the world and Alienware, Origin PC to match the top computer manufacturers. Over the past few years, many are sold to Europe, only in recent years in China to open sales channels, so visibility is not high. DELL M6800 with DELL Precision M6800 Battery name in various places: Mainland China: Precision; Europe: DevilTech; North America: Sager.

Since Precision (DELL) in recent years, before entering the Chinese mainland market, so the purchase channels is not much. The country's only seven authorized store, the majority of Precision computer through the network channels. So also recommend buying directly from the official website.

DELLPrecision M6800 Mobile Workstation (hereinafter referred to as DELL Precision M6800) using the current top Haswell Intel Core i7-4700MQ quad-core eight thread processor, and equipped with the strongest performance of NVIDIA mobile graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M, 32GB of memory and 256GB SSD (dual 128GB SSD) +2 TB (dual 1TB HDD) hard drive combinations, so that the hardware configuration allows DELL Precision M6800 performance reached an unprecedented height, I believe we its appearance and performance can not wait, the next we'll look at in detail.

DELL Precision M6800 with DELL Precision M6800 Mobile Workstation Battery lid is ABS plastic material, but to let the whole class delicate skin coat up, not only to enhance the grade of the fuselage and feel better. In addition, it has also been the roof side specially modified, this design with the ASUS G series gaming notebooks stealth fighter styling has the same purpose, additional lines also allow the machine more futuristic.


TOSHIBA Satellite S75 S75D S7t Coming

There is no doubt that we are entering the post-PC era of rapid development. Light, fast, interconnected, easy to use, these are post-PC era personal mobile products must have the condition. Today, the PC industry has been more than just a simple product replacement, and even the PC form, usage patterns, are undergoing great changes. Wearable devices have begun to enter people's attention, the future may become a new alternative mobile devices now "PC". However, we also noted that in addition to these morphological changes of hardware, software applications have become an increasingly important part of the PC, and may even become an important factor in the development of drive hardware. Then, in the post-PC era, competitive hardware and software vendors, in the end should be driven by software hardware, or software-driven hardware? This has become a question worth considering.

Recently, we have seen an exciting "hardware renaissance" wave. Google glasses, grand watches, music boxes, many of the original non-visual hardware company, began to start a hardware device and the hardware is unprecedented high degree of innovation. Original hardware manufacturers, is also working to break through the traditional constraints, to create a more innovative products. Take wearable devices, there are already dozens of factory production plan, and I believe the popularity of these devices in the market day is just around the corner. So, in the end is what brought so crazy hardware revival frenzy?

Best way notebook cooling thermostat should be BIOS strategy according to the user's actual situation to be automatically switched. This is Coolsense Chilean cool cooling software main design philosophy - "Auto Adjustment." In order to switch automatically, Coolsense wisdom cool cooling software not only monitors the temperature sensor, but also by the acceleration sensor to determine the laptop is currently in a fixed or moving state, and combination of these two sensor data to select the most appropriate temperature of the current situation control compensation parameters. For example, when users use the laptop on the table, the machine is fixed, and to maintain the level of basic state, so the acceleration sensor readings are essentially unchanged. At this point Coolsense Chilean cool cooling software will give priority to low-noise mode, while maintaining stable operation of the machine under the premise of the fan turn slowly to reduce noise. When the user of the laptop on the legs, the body have a slight jitter, and the notebook is not the horizontal position, then the acceleration sensor will detect a slight movement in the machine. Coolsense Chilean cool cooling software will give priority to high-performance mode, the fan speed is increased in order to reduce the temperature of the chassis, so as not to make the user feel unwell.

In some small details, this notebook is done very carefully, first, TOSHIBA Satellite S75 using 6cell TOSHIBA Satellite S75 Battery and the usual sunken shaft design, this design is to ensure there is enough time on the touch screen support, so that the screen has a certain rotation resistance, will not easily roll. Secondly, in touch, I found the notebook surface through a non-slip handle, so that we in opening and closing the notebook screen more smoothly, but also reduce the time for closing the laptop screen to bring pressure.

Of course, this phenomenon is caused by many factors, such as hardware technology development, production costs decline, the industry flow of funds and so on. However, it is undeniable that there is a most important factor and must not be ignored, is the software application development and maturation. In other words, the rapid development of software applications spawned a hardware innovations. Hardware revival behind the powerful rich software and applications, so that the use of increasingly sophisticated cloud and big data behind. Imagine if no-use search service and rich applications, Google glasses also left much value? If there is no foundation of Android as an application, the grand watch also can play its proper role? If the content is not rich source of music, as the case and whether to become a meaningful entertainment device?

Come talk touchpad, ASUS R550CA with ASUS R550CA Battery and trackpad can be said that the author's notebook on Windows systems the most satisfying one. First, ASUS R550CA touchpad can be based on user needs a custom color background, and use the up and feel very smooth, the response speed is also very timely. I've used include Chromebook Pixel MacBook Pro and other systems such as notebook touchpad, ASUS R550CA touchpad really inferior compared with them. But ASUS R550CA in the default setting seems to shut down most of the gestures, if a user needs to use it, to note that the settings interface to be turned.

Ubiquity of the Internet, easy to use operating system, rich application software, a huge data systems, it is these "soft" part, just let the "hard" part with innovation. The rapid development of hardware technology, no doubt, but also to the development of software applications setting up the growth of greenhouse. When the hardware technology has not developed to a certain level, the growth of the software will be subject to many restrictions.

As mentioned above, S75 notebook with 6cell TOSHIBA Satellite S75D Battery equipped with Intel Celeron 1007U dual-core processor, clocked at up to 1.50GHz, with Intel HD 2000 graphics core, with 4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM, 500GB 5400 rpm mechanical hard drive. In fact, as an entry-level touch notebook, I think consumers are more concerned about is its high cost and not performance, with the advantage of touch screen and friendly price, and fully able to meet the everyday needs of consumers: watch HD movies, video audio, browse the web, etc., will certainly win the hearts and minds of consumers. So we only had about its performance also simple test.

In the PC world, we can roughly promote the development of software to hardware period is divided into three phases: the first phase, from the 1980s to the birth of personal computers before the rise of the Internet, because the PC products are also confined to the local task processing, almost no interaction, hardware-driven operating system is only part of the development and the development of software-based computing tasks; second stage, PC hardware platform products gradually have more powerful computing capabilities, coupled with the rise of Internet technology , which led to a more feature rich software applications, Internet-based software applications quickly spread; the third stage, the rapid development of mobile hardware platforms, PC computing performance further strengthened further reduce costs, bringing mobile Internet applications based on the rapid explosive growth.

HP Pavilion 17 with 6cell HP Pavilion 17 Battery in the game's performance is very good, I deliberately selected several configuration requirements of the machine called "harsh" game in the HP Pavilion 17 runs, including "Battlefield 3", "Max Payne 3", "No Man's to 2 "and other variety of game, and were transferred to the maximum configuration, the resolution on the 1080p, HP Pavilion 17 are able to run smoothly, whether it is the game of blood, guns effects, are able to very fine show.

Let us boldly predicted that hardware driven software development to the next stage will be to bring wearable devices, infiltrated into all aspects of people's lives application development, as well as more mature cloud applications. When calculating the chip has a variety of tools can be loaded, that day is not far.

Traditional hardware vendors have developed to this stage, as long as the past glory. We will find the hardware more low-profit, more competitive, more easily replicated production. For PC vendors concerned, it is facing an unprecedented grim situation, PC shipments worldwide dropped for two consecutive years, has allowed us to see this field by the challenge.

Overall, TOSHIBA Satellite S75 Corporation is a user-designed for low-end low-priced entry-level model, as a notebook equipped with Win8 touch, easy to accept the appearance of everyday applicability is not the greatest advantages, the biggest bright spot is its price, less than 4000, whether it is cost-effective, or from a practical point of view is a very affordable models. As a touch of this, both to deal with the usual office, web browsing, data computing, storage, and multi-tasking, and can replace the Tablet PC as an entertainment device, but also can experience the Windows 8 touch human-computer interaction entertaining. Satellite S75 with 6cell TOSHIBA Satellite S75t Battery price so close to the people, and yet fun touch prerelease price advantage, well worth buying.


Newest DELL Alienware 14 17 18 Coming

Now the notebook market, all in the pursuit of ultra-thin, ultra-light, ultra-portable. See hundreds of notebooks available in the market, is not some feel that it fits no features? In fact, in the notebook field, there is not one that can be reckoned with, it is the pursuit of performance, the pursuit of the appearance, size, weight but did not considered within the scope of that Dell Alienware (alien) series gaming laptop, notebook sector Tanks products.

Recently, Dell and Alienware series of games for the upgrading of the products, the introduction of Haswell platform equipped with Intel's new processor successor Alienware M14X an upgraded version of the portable gaming Alienware 14. Alienware 14 whether it is exterior design or internal structure, compared with before are not there has been a small improvement.

Alienware 14 with 8cell DELL Alienware 14 Battery design and overall style compared to previous generations is quite similar, but also adds more facets and edges, looks more sedate and refined. The notebook cover is open, regardless of the keyboard panel texture, cracks, keyboard, touchpad, or the bottom of the light bar in the run up after the work is really like an alien device, futuristic.

For the Alienware family, the appearance is definitely one of the highlights is very eye-catching, for Alienware 14 is no exception. Although Alienware 14 foot thickness of 1.6 inches (40.64 mm), than a full two MacBook Air still thick, and the overall style and different Apple products, but this does not prevent the Alienware 14 became a distinctive feature of the notebook product .

14-inch screen size, the metal alloy appearance, body weight of 2.77 kg, these features may not make you one looks very tempted. Especially with the current market compared to ultraportable notebooks, it is much more cumbersome. But the premise is that it is a game of this, with superior performance, equipped with the latest Intel Haswell processor, these features enough to make it stand out in similar products, well received. Currently Dell Alienware 14 games this has been shipped from the sale price of $ 1,199 (equivalent to about 7354 yuan), Alienware enthusiasts or gamers can saw the opportunity shot.

Alienware 14 weight reached six pounds (2.7 kg), a thickness of 1.6 inches (40.64 mm), which can be regarded as a notebook product is a giant. But its new magnesium alloy frame is the author seen consumer notebook products in the most rugged and powerful, even careless directly onto the ground, it basically does not cause too much damage to the product itself. Alienware 14 abandoned before the plastic material used metal alloys, although to some extent increase the weight of the product, however, the consolidation of robustness and reduce the bending of the screen, but also adds a stylish atmosphere.

New Pavilion 15 with 6cell HP HSTNN-LB4N Battery, it uses the new mold and new design, and ease of use, hardware performance and sensory appeal has also been a big breakthrough: it is equipped with 2GB of video memory, AMD Radeon HD 8670M graphics card, with a new DTS Digital theater sound system, and built a variety of human caring process, please follow the author of the following text it to do a comprehensive analysis.

Judging from the endurance, the aircraft in large-size notebook's battery life performance is good, but with the current mainstream notebook market, the results still have some gaps, but for a top gaming notebook, more than three hours of life is pretty good. In addition, thanks to dual fan cooling design, the whole surface and no significant heat, but there is a little bit of noise, the problem needs to improve.

Appearance, Alienware 17 notebook has exaggerated shape design and decorate with a variety of lighting effects, the machine looks stylish, he also brought some domineering, with large rear double thermal window, absolutely domineering enough! Specialty areas, as Alienware gaming notebook one, 17 inherited almost all the selling points of the series notebook, large using the latest hardware configuration, small colorful light effect keyboard, multimedia shortcut keys, four memory slots with dual hard disk storage, drip filling 17 between the nature of the game was born. Alienware 17 with 9cell DELL Alienware 17 Battery is undoubtedly even more domineering, i7-3820QM and GTX 675M mix also appears impeccable, respond to all current mainstream games is no problem!

Open the top cover, Pavilion 15 is equipped with a 15.6-inch TN display, with the market most of the same consumer notebook, its screen resolution of 1366 × 768, but BrightView technology to enhance the brightness, watching movies or viewing pictures can bring more brilliant colors. HP Pavilion 15 against the fuselage portability do some optimization, compared to the previous non-ultra-extreme Pavilion series products, and its average thickness is controlled to 31mm, while weight is bland, relative to the market most of the 15 inches products, such performance quite satisfactory.

Although not the 28nm Kepler architecture, but it is undeniable, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M is definitely regarded as second in single NV camp performance king (ranked first in the GTX 680M performance is unknown), and all the performance of the game through to kill it chasing, so the more reason to make us believe, 17 mainstream in full HD quality, the response to the current almost all games no problem.

Endurance test using MobileMark 2007 software, which can simulate the general common office scenarios, including Office related, Vegas video clips, etc., which these software are often used in our daily life's. After testing, Alienware 17 notebook battery life of 199 minutes (3 hours 19 minutes), the remaining battery power is 0%, with the current market mainstream notebook's battery life is still a certain gap, moderate 3 hours 19 minutes continuous performance means 1-2 hours of severe, mild day almost four hours of battery life. Life does not look to the force.

Came Pavilion 15 with 6cell HP PI06 Battery handling and interior, with its palm rest cover echoes still starlight texture and dark spots similar style design with piano paint, so palm on top of friction relatively small and easy to leave perspiration, Of course, to some extent, advantage is looking to enhance texture. Its keyboard is still maintained before the island-style design, giving the actual feeling is soft and the key way shorter, but matte-button design will earn back some points for it, at the same time, Pavilion 15 is also equipped with separate numeric keypad, touchpad and the use of the projection of small particles to improve the texture.

In wPrime V2.00 computing performance testing session, 17 32M primes in arithmetic aspects of the score of 7.409 seconds, 1024M op score of 223.874 seconds. Graphics part, the aircraft is equipped with the latest Intel HD Graphics 4000 Core Graphics. In order to better increase their performance, Alienware 17 also provides users with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M graphics card with 2GB GDDR5 memory capacity. Memory, sent to test the prototype is equipped with four 4GB DDR3 1333 memory, a total of 16GB, provided by the South Asia, the timing 11-11-11-28 support dual channel. After measurement, the memory read speeds of up to 17612MB / s, write speed of 18743MB / s, the delay time of 47.5, outstanding performance.

Alienware 18 notebook with 12cell DELL Alienware 18 Battery offers two drive bays, support Raid. And songce this machine provides us with two 1TB hard disk rotation speed of 5400rpm, and formed a 2TB Raid 0. After measurement, 2TB mechanical drive that reads minimum speed 83.7MB / s, maximum 187.4MB / s, an average of 127.5MB / s, seek time of 17.6ms, performance was satisfactory.


ASUS K550CA K550CB X750JA X750JB Coming

Mentioned business notebook computer or laptop for business users, ASUS is the brand must have first thought. In recent years, ASUS also change themselves, frequently launch flagship entertainment features of the product, but the brand product makes the most impressive thing in this business, such as PRO series, and the recent flagship product from the K Series series.

PRO as compared to high-end positioning, K Series is biased in favor of the mainstream market. ASUS has always been in the commercial field has a fairly extensive product line, from high-end PRO to mainstream K Series, ASUS business notebook covering almost the entire market demand. Today, say K Series Series New - K550C.

ASUS K550C with 4cell ASUS K550CA Battery and APU platform is the use of a commercial product, it is equipped with the latest AMD A8 processor, although the business of this, but with HD 8750M alone significantly high in the entertainment games can also have a good performance. Appearance of a low-key calm, efficient hot heart, which can be considered K550C characteristics, then this product is in the end how?

MobileMark 2012 MobileMark 2007 is the upgraded version, it will be used by the test program to upgrade to the latest version in order to simulate the use of the environment at this stage. MobileMark 2012 has three test modes: Office Productivity, Media Creation & Consumption and Blu-ray, they will be called, respectively, the daily office, producing pictures and video and Blu-ray playback application. PConline evaluation room will be unified in the Office Productivity test environment, in order to measure the production of PC in the office of the life time and efficiency. Lenovo S440 has been tested and given 236 minutes of continuous office hours (about 4 hours), so the performance quite satisfactory.

CineBench use of film and television industry, Cinema 4D special effects engine, you can test the CPU and graphics performance. Relative to the previous version R10, R11.5 version last point more potential drain system, accurately reflects the system performance. Tests include two, respectively, for the processor and graphics performance. 3DMark Vantage is the industry's first dedicated based on Microsoft DX10 API to create a comprehensive benchmarking tool, and can fully play multiple cards, multi-core processors, in the current and future period of time to meet the needs of PC gaming performance testing .

ASUS K550C designs considered standard business style, you can also call ASUS classic design. This product is 14 inches business notebook, so the machine is equipped with 14-inch display with a resolution of 1366 × 768. Although the screen resolution is not high, but considering the price of the machine is fairly acceptable, in addition to a certain extent this resolution to ensure a good gaming experience, even if it is the business of the.

Overall, the design is relatively simple shape, K550C did not have too many dazzling colors, the combination of black and silver color theme of this product. Throughout the aircraft's body, whether it is roof, side or bottom of the keyboard design, are unified simple style, but the machine is not the bottom of integrated design.

I do not know when to begin, business just like metal end of the edge, ASUS X750J with ASUS X750JA Battery who have metal material participation. And this part of the metal material is mainly distributed in the aircraft C-face, like the keyboard and touchpad part hollowed metal panel fills the same, the surrounding silvery metal material itself particularly distinctive metal palm rest is also a touch feel cold .

In addition, the weight K550C regarded as standard 14-inch models, so the actual measurement results obtained 2.12kg is also expected. ASUS K550C touchpad feel very good, left and right buttons are more flexible design, flexibility is good, but compared to the keyboard keys feel a bit lacking, and good resilience can be the key way shorter. Sound machine hidden in the bottom of the panel above the keyboard one hundred holes, the left is the power button, while the right side is a wireless network with the ban tone switch.

Since it is a business location of the notebook, this product is safety equipment must be equipped with the fingerprint reader on the design on the right palm care. And the entire palm rest is very simple, a touchpad and fingerprint reader have no other redundant design. From K550C with 4cell ASUS K550CC Battery side looked, this machine seems to have been divided into two layers, like, especially the faces of the cooling air outlet location, on the border with silver vents and black areas are also nearby. Although this design is not a problem, but it still looks a little awkward.

Finally, it said that this product interface configuration. As a standard business book, CD-ROM and is still equipped with the right side of the fuselage design, and this side there are two USB2.0 ports and audio input and output interfaces; On the left side out of the cooling air outlet, there are business persons VGA video output port, RJ-45 Ethernet LAN port, HDMI high-definition interface and two USB3.0 interface.

For gaming notebook, in the large-scale 3D game play, when the various components inside the notebook are in a high-load state, so the heat will increase substantially the whole, for the AH502 concerned, there are also such a problem. In AIDA64 system stability tests, uncheck the case of GPU project, pager 30 minutes later, AH502 left part of the keyboard surface fuselage appeared small heat accumulation, the maximum temperature of 43.8 ℃, outlet temperature near the bottom of the fuselage slightly high, the highest position 44.5 ℃, there is a long time to warm feeling office applications, if playing the game, the machine will also be an increase in heat.

In order to ensure a strong hardware performance and headroom UltraBay components, FUJITSU AH502 with 6cell FUJITSU LifeBook AH502 Battery does not reduce the thickness of the body, is a traditional 14-inch laptop, body thickness of 29.3 ~ 33.8mm, bare metal weight 2.474kg, more suitable for use Backpack carry.

Adjusted to the power saving mode after a period of testing, the final 3 hours 55 minutes to get the test results, so that battery life results in 13.3 inches notebook performance is fairly good. Of course, the practical application of the theory test with some differences, in short, should be improved endurance capacity. (Note: The figure represents 80% of the amount of test used, the final results are estimates, there are some errors)

ASUS X750JB with 6cell ASUS X750JB Battery configure IPS is a full HD touch-based notebook, count one of the few currently available IPS notebook, ASUS has launched the second half of several representative touch this very worth the wait. In addition, under the guidance of ASUS Full HD IPS touch screen will further accelerate the rate of adoption. Compared to traditional notebook TN screen, IPS wide viewing angle and sharper color performance, are the best choice for touch notebook.


LENOVO ThinkPad S440 S3-S440 ultrabook coming

Lenovo ThinkPad S Series is the introduction of new products in 2012, including 13, 14, two kinds of body size, the main low-end portable notebook market, and over most of the extreme compared to although the lack of spirit, but mainstream hardware and approachable prices for consumers real benefits.

After entering 2013, both intel or AMD have launched a new hardware platform, but also to the older generation laptop replacement, we tested today for everyone ThinkPad S431 ThinkPad S440 is an upgrade, although little change in appearance, but the core hardware is completely different, ThinkPad S440 enabled Intel developed for thin and light notebooks fourth generation low-power processor, then it's about performance? How about battery life? Next evaluation to answer your questions.

ThinkPad S440 with 4cell LENOVO ThinkPad S440 Battery and S431 is basically the same exterior design, the fuselage cover is not too much modification, just like the body is very concise. In the material, subject to cost constraints, S440 does not use metal chassis, but chose the more common ABS plastic, its strength as metal lid, shake vigorously screen will appear a certain deformation, accompanied by water ripples, daily use vigorously pressed body should be avoided.

Open the top cover later, S440 keyboard surface and screen surface casing with silver-gray plastic material, though, and the dark body cap fit is good, but do not seem as bright, and some dirty feeling, and a sense of the plastic casing heavier. On the screen, S440 upgrade to a matte screen, and the glossy screen compared to the light environment can reduce the effect of reflection on the show, but he is still in use 1366 × 768 resolution display, and screen colors good, the picture looks somewhat partial gray, and there is a big gap between desktop monitors, used for general everyday office is not much problem, for image processing of color-sensitive work, it is recommended to use an external monitor.

As a main light portable products, ASUS V550CA with 4cell ASUS V550CA Battery and the same size by nearly 30 percent compared to a thin, nearly 40% lighter! Has been close to 14-inch ultra-extreme levels, but due to still use lithium batteries, so it's more than 14-inch rear fuselage alone significantly over most of the slightly thick that. ASUS V550CA entire keyboard surface is relatively simple, raised above the keyboard a battery, the power switch on the left to set up round the keyboard area above a smaller space does not set any shortcuts, save the original one button system moved to the fuselage the left.

The use of touch on the keyboard, S440 using Lenovo's unique curved floating island-style keyboard, although from the appearance of the keycaps with ThinkPad T series is somewhat similar, but the feel is completely different. Affected by the thickness of the body, S440 keyboard keys shorter, press down feel somewhat more rigid, and T-series keyboard there is a big gap, but with the same type of ultra-pole of this comparison, S440 keyboard experience was not bad. With the popularity of WIN8, most notebooks are in transition have not yet upgraded to touch our daily operation without a mouse is still need to rely on touchpad. From the use of an area of ​​view, S440 configuration integrated touchpad is indeed not small, matte texture surface display, slide your finger up and relatively smooth, but the cursor moves slower, and the touchpad buttons feel very hard, force feedback inadequate.

With laptop prices continue to decline, coupled with the Windows 8 touch technology gradually, consumers in the purchase of the traditional notebook, also began to slowly shift our attention to the low-cost touch itself. This part of the user, the actual demand does not want to chase the high performance of the hardware configuration, do not play a large 3D games, laptop use, simple response is usually the main office, on the Internet, look at the news of the type of application. And if you joined the touch screen, with Windows 8 operating system, fingers can also get a better experience.

And more slim Ultrabook compared to the fuselage slightly thick ASUS V550CB interface configuration more complete, it provides a USB3.0, 2 个 USB2.0, 1 x HDMI, 1 x RJ45 and audio interface, basically meet daily use, but the lack of VGA projector when connecting some trouble, but one can not achieve two USB3.0 USB 3.0 high-speed data transmission device directly. Hardware, ASUS V550CB with 3000mAh ASUS V550CB Battery comprehensive upgrade to the fourth-generation Core platform, he used i5 - 4200U low-power processor with AMD Radeon HD 8570M discrete graphics, 4GB memory and 500GB mechanical hard drive, then his hardware performance how? See below for the actual test results.

S440 is equipped with fourth-generation Intel Core i5-4200U has two physical cores, with four threads processing capabilities, clocked at 1.6GHz, Core frequency up to 2.6GHz, using 22nm 3D transistor technology, TDP of 15W, compared to the previous generation of U-series CPU reducing power consumption 2W, is designed for ultra-thin product launch of the CPU, a single-chip architecture, PCH chip and CPU packaged in a BGA package arrays, further reducing the overall power consumption, reduced board space.

In performance, we use CINEBENCH R10 for G405 with 6cell LENOVO G405 Battery were tested. CINEBENCH R10 test project simply use a CPU processor rendering a high-precision 3D scene screen to test out the single-threaded and multi-threaded CPU processing power. Through the test results with the previous generation of contrast, in the multi-threading capabilities, the fourth-generation Core i5-4200U is less than the previous generation Core i5 low-power processor, and the third-generation Core i3-3217U at the same level of processing performance not great, but the overall lower power consumption, can bring a longer battery life.

In performance, HD 8570M performance is not to force, its 3DMark VANTAGE E Mode GPU score of only 15,921 projects, such results in the mainstream notebook graphics cards to lower middle level, running large 3D game more difficult, but can be in response to low quality "Call of Duty 8" less demanding on the graphics card such games and the vast majority of online games. PCMark7 is 2011 Futuremark for Windows 7 operating system, the new generation of the benchmarking tool, which contains seven different test areas by 25 independent workload composition, covering storage, computation, image and video processing, web browsing, games and other aspects of everyday applications, the test results may reflect the overall performance of the tested models.

To get a better mobile portability, Lenovo ThinkPad S440-IFI is configured with only three core 32Wh 14.8V lithium battery, but by virtue of the fourth-generation Core Duo processor power control optimization, it is in screen brightness 40% in the case, its MobileMark 2012 score of office mode 290 minutes (4 hours 50 minutes) than the previous generation of products to extend more than 30%. Pager after 30 minutes after the test, the left side of the keyboard surface Lenovo S440 there is a small range of heat accumulation, the maximum temperature of 42.8 ℃, prolonged exposure to this area will be warm feeling. The underside of the fuselage, S440 cooling holes near the high temperature, but a temperature of about 42 ℃ still acceptable, just to try to avoid prolonged use of plug placed vents in the legs.

Because not equipped with SSD solid state hard drive, so the disk performance tests are more sensitive to PCmark7 ASUS K550C and ASUS K550C Battery score is not high, but the 2623's gotta show he could meet our daily needs, if the user to upgrade their own SSD, its overall operating speed will be much improvement.


ASUS R505C V550C Series Laptop coming

Friends often ask me: What brand of laptop is best? My answer to this is that most brands have been successful models and the failure of the product, and therefore can not be generalized. Some people say that Apple is best, but I've seen more than once, colleagues and friends around, after buying the Apple laptop, for various reasons and finally sold. One very important reason is that the big name products may not be the most suitable for you.

Let's start with the easiest to start, choice of operating system. If you like the Mac OS and its software partners are small, then the option is basically two, Macbook Air or Macbook Pro, former lightweight portable but the performance in general, the latter strong performance but slightly thick. Of course, if you want it both ways, then, Apple's new out of the Retina Macbook Pro is undoubtedly the better choice, but it needs to become rich some of your wallet.

Before I bring over a ASUS Vivobook R505C with ASUS R505C Battery super this test article, the aircraft for mainstream business users to create, with slim metal body, a more comprehensive kind of interface and hardware specifications, the overall performance is better. Today show to everyone is R505C regular edition, with Core i5-3230M standard voltage processors, so the performance is better, the mold has not changed, but changed to red appearance, partial fashion.

And do video contrast, 80 percent rely on graphics card to play the game, so how to identify graphics performance has become compulsory for gamers, here we introduce from shallow to deep. If you can not read graphics parameters, then we can roughly determine the model name on the card level. For example in NVIDIA graphics, GT 750M this card represents the first digit of 7 This is the first generations of products, and of higher performance.

It is worth mentioning that in recent years the performance of Intel's Core Graphics leaps and bounds every year to more than 50% growth rate for the two brands have a severe impact graphics card. The latest Haswell platform Core graphics, performance has been and the previous generation GT 640M, HD 7650M this level midrange graphics card flat, many popular online games and some stand-alone games can run smoothly. If we still have "integrated graphics laptop can not play the game," the old concept, it is really OUT.

If you're like me, only use the Windows system, then the following article is prepared for you. Since the same software, we can only concern the hardware. Of course, there's also a lot of knowledge, and if you continue to pursue the most high-end configuration, resulting in a waste of money and performance is not that often have to endure the heat and noise of the state. As another example, you want to play the big game, yet most of the money spent on the processor, ignoring the graphics card, then the result is certainly not desirable. To avoid this from happening, we have summarized the eight consumer notebook crowd, and analyze them separately should choose what kind of laptop, please pigeon-holing it.

Previously ACER P273-MG with 9cell ACER TravelMate P273-MG Battery provide i5-3337U processor options, but now ACER official website has canceled the option remaining two standard pressure i3, i5-3230M processor and Fengyun. I believe everyone on this processor are already very familiar with, so it is first introduced to the appearance of it.

Whether at work or hobby, if you often need to do a video post-processing, with the Premier, Edius, VideoStudio these software to edit, compress, and rendering HD video, then for you it will never exist "Processor Performance excess "of the word, because the last generation process works takes time, video resolution is higher, the program longer, more complex effects, we have to wait for the longer side, and if this level is to produce 1080p HD movies length of the video, and sometimes even need to wait five six hours or even overnight. Therefore, in order to reduce the waiting time, we should be looking for within the budget the best notebook processor performance.

This ASUS VIVOBOOK R505C uses 4cell ASUS R505CA Battery and a flame red body color, color, dark, hence the "beautiful" to describe clearly not appropriate. Its shell designed to emphasize skills-oriented, without any deliberate decoration, just the simple were brushed style capable, more able to bring out the "strong woman" unique temperament. As for male users, you can choose R505C graphite silver version.

For video editing, in addition to the processor, the second most important is the memory, because in the video production process, will produce a large number of temporary cache file if insufficient memory will lead to the so-called memory overflow, resulting in work can not proceed, serious When the software will automatically shut down, or even restart the system, let us elaborate the results for a long time wasted, no doubt will make people crazy. So do complex video, 8 GB of memory is safer, if sufficient funds are not too many 16 GB. Here the way to add one, so that large memory only necessary for video editors, ordinary users 4GB is enough memory for temporary storage boxes like a home, if you do not have much need for temporary storage of things, but also a waste to buy more storage bins .

Material on, DEVILTECH Fire DT14 with 6cell DEVILTECH Fire DT14 Battery top cover and palm rest used the aluminum alloy material, the intensity is very good, feels very smooth, comfortable feel. The remaining parts of the composite material, keyboard frame location is also deliberately carried out rubber paint handling, delicate touch, very carefully.

There is a good processor and large memory, video editors basically like a duck. But if you want something more comprehensive, I think this notebook also need a solid state hard drive and USB 3.0 interface for easy large volume of video files that import and export, reduce our waiting time. . . Perhaps users ask, how can you not mention the graphics card thing? Indeed, after we have repeatedly tested in the video card do not we imagine that important, only came in fourth place around. As we all know, the card body has a video codec chip, the chip card in the high-end and low-end cards are the same body, and gaming performance has nothing to do, so for video editing, in fact, do not be too concerned about the graphics card configuration.

It represents the second digit five performance levels, from 1-9 in ascending order (but not uniform growth oh), here are five stated that this is a mid-range graphics card, this level of independence was the barely be called a gaming notebook, or price can be accepted by the majority of the game, GT 750M happens to be in a balance of performance and price points, so the more popular. But for those who require a relatively high players, GTX 765M graphics card so it is ideal, if it should be funded preferred GTX 780M.

Come talk about the AMD graphics, HD 8670M among the second digit 6 represents performance level, behind the third digit 7 is more granular level of performance, there is not much significance. It should be noted that, where the number 6 and above N card number 5 are not comparable, the test data from the point of view, AMD's overall graphics performance is weaker, HD 8670M GT 740M equivalent level.

To facilitate the users to use, ASUS V550C with 4cell ASUS V550C Battery provide a more adequate body interface, including three USB3.0 and supports charging function off, a standard size HDMI output, RJ-45 cable interface, as well as the more common reader , headset jack, security keyhole, etc., perfectly adequate for everyday use.


ASUS PRO P56C P56CB Series coming

Although now buy a notebook computer is not a new thing, but many users in the process of using the notebook there is still a lot of misunderstanding. Such as: laptop external power supply if you want to remove the battery? On the move can use the notebook? Notebook screen film you need? Screen saver for laptops as a whole? ...... These problems in our daily use of laptop computers are often encountered, but not everyone is used are correct.

Many people choose a laptop external power supply, for the "protection of the battery," the purpose of removing the laptop battery store, they often hear these rumors - "only a few hundred times a laptop battery charge and discharge life" in the external power supply do not remove the battery equivalent to the battery charge, shortening battery life.

ASUSPRO P56C with 4cell ASUS P56C Battery did not like the PRO P46C did with i7 processor and high-end GTX 765M graphics card, the price of the aircraft to 3,299 yuan as a selling point, and is equipped with the latest GT 740M discrete graphics. Although the paragraph does not GTX 765M graphics performance so strong, but that is in the end alone, performance is sufficient to face some big games.

Although, now most laptops use lithium-ion batteries self-discharge phenomenon exists, but this is a relatively slow process: If a notebook computer lithium-ion battery 100% full power, was after about two weeks to a month's time will be reduced to 90% of the original charge, or 95%.

Right side of the touchpad, we see the recent TOSHIBA products are able to see all kinds of NFC near field communication technology, which can be much more relaxed interaction between devices, while users with more speakers and other accessories when convenient, from the expansion of areas to enhance the user experience.

This section of the mainstream 14-inch laptop screen size, ten-point touch screen with a borderless design, glossy material, a maximum resolution of 1366 × 768, case with screen fit very closely. Touch feel very smooth. Because it is the relationship between the glossy screen, touch will leave some fingerprints, but this does not affect the touch, it is also quite simple and clean. LENOVO ThinkPad L440s touchpad using chocolate keyboard, feel exactly the same with the ordinary version of the ThinkPad L440s. Larger distance between the Caps key, you can reduce the misuse finger tapping, but it also brings some operational accustomed to, the key process is not long, under the pressure of feeling more general. Cap size a bit thin, knocking it will be some small noise, occasional knock to the key bit awkward gap, but will not affect the normal use. The bottom row of the keyboard keycap size is enlarged a little. Rectangular buttons larger contact area, often used when the user typing Ctrl key, Fn key, Windows 8 interface evocative key to open the key and Alt keystroke more accurate, from the traditional keyboard cramped feeling.

ASUS R550C with 4cell ASUS R550CB Battery and not because WIN8 and touch screen caused by rising costs, while reducing overall workmanship and materials, it still uses the back-mounted seamless divided island keyboard, the entire keyboard surface casing made of metal materials to build, all of the above voids individually carved by CNC drill, stitching and general notebook keyboard surface, this kind of technology for processing keyboard surface more beautiful, higher strength.

Many laptop power control circuits are battery reaches 90% or 95% will be automatically charged, that the battery on the notebook and then plug in the AC not every one will start charging once, but have Over two weeks to a month time the battery is below 90% or 95% will be automatically charged once.

The PRO P56C with 4cell ASUS P56CB Battery and 15.6 inches with a resolution of 1366 × 768 display, the processor is the third generation of Intel Core i3 processor, from the configuration point of this product is indeed locate the entry market, 3299 yuan plus such hardware configuration, the whole cost is quite prominent. Compared to the appearance of this product, performance, and perhaps more compelling, then Benpian Comment article first to introduce the product's performance.

If you still find the time to give two weeks to a month charging it once too often, then I do not say anything. I just want to remind you - sudden power for laptop and notebook users is much larger than the losses caused by the consumption of laptop batteries: If you are writing theses, but not timely dormitory sudden power saving papers, then you will regret not Attach the battery to the laptop.

R550C is VivoBook the 15-inch products, equipped with 15.3 inches 1366 × 768 resolution, 10-point touch screen, use an ordinary TN panel, the screen display and mainstream notebook basically the same. In addition, in order to guarantee that the stability of the touch-screen operation, R550C damping screen slightly larger than the average laptop, its screen opening and closing angle of about 150 °. Weight in size, the ASUS R550C with ASUS R550CM Battery products are relatively modest, although it is not as 11.6-inch S200 compact and lightweight, but 15.3 inches display screen to bring greater effect, and 15-inch body and bare metal weight 1.78kg , letting R550C slightly lighter than some of S400.

Sudden power supply situation in unstable regions, or during peak summer months often, a sudden power failure has not only hurt your laptop, you can not restore the data is too late to repent. In addition, remove the laptop battery, battery exposed positions, doing so is also easy access to the large amount of dust and cause the battery to use poor contact.

Office workers, business people, often need to the customer, the boss demo PPT, holding a laptop computer from the office went to the conference room, or on the plane, train using a laptop, this situation is very common, everyone seems to have become accustomed. Many users get feedback asking "my notebook with hard disk protection", "my laptop using a solid state drive" not afraid of vibration and so on.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding: The laptop comes with a "hard disk protection" system is mainly to deal with unexpected situations - such as a sudden drop, etc., some of the hard disk will fall state is detected early and forced homing head, or make hard power to protect the internal hardware. However, the "HDD Protection" system is not a panacea, we still have to guard against shock impact for laptop hard drive - ranging from bad sectors, while in hard scrap.

And VivoBook other products, R550C with 4cell ASUS R550C Battery is not equipped with a graphics card, instead of using the HD4000 graphics core, items from 3Dmark VANTAGE GPU score of view, HD4000 graphics core with HD3000 graphics core compared to the previous generation, the performance improvement is obvious, but mainstream discrete graphics compared to the actual game is more limited capacity, only to meet the "Street Fighter 4", "live football" and other less demanding 3D games on the graphics card.


LENOVO ThinkPad T540s L440s Coming

TOSHIBA this summer launched a variety of new notebooks from thin and light TOSHIBA Satellite Pro Series, DUO series to entertainment flagship model TOSHIBA Satellite Pro series has new products come out, so beloved TOSHIBA laptop products, consumers are able to under own needs choose the most suitable for their own use of the product. Not long ago we brought for the business office people often need to carry a laptop and go with the crowd of TOSHIBA Satellite Pro 11 over most of the evaluation, this product weighs only 870 grams is absolutely the best choice for carriers, and for entertainment users , TOSHIBA Satellite Pro also introduced a series of notebook products, two products have completely different positioning.

Today we received this TOSHIBA Satellite L75 notebook products, then followed the editors to come and take a look at this video entertainment flagship product, whether as TOSHIBA Satellite Pro 11 as stunning, bringing a completely different experience. First, as a flagship entertainment notebook must naturally have strong hardware configuration as a support, we found that TOSHIBA Satellite Pro Series notebook with Pro series of the same product, the user can also be carried out at the official website of custom hardware configuration, according to their own needs to choose the most suitable and also the most cost-effective configuration.

First League, this is now the most fiery MBOA games on the market with a high share, also has WCG, TGA, S3, and many other electronic competition support, so this product also occupies an extremely eSports important position. Use TOSHIBA Satellite L75 We will adjust to the effects of high and adjusted to the same screen resolution 1600 * 900, edit found this notebook is fully capable to run the game smoothly in the course of the game can always maintain 60fps, users full not feel Caton, such conditions can even meet the players of the game with a gaming machine needs.

Evaluation Summary: As TOSHIBA entertainment this year launched a new flagship book, although not able to carry Intel Haswell processor with some regret, but it is undeniable is still worthy of this TOSHIBA Satellite L75 entertainment flagship positioning, performance is quite strong, big game can easily do to run smoothly even for the high performance requirements League of Legends, StarCraft 2 and so be able to run smoothly in high definition. And Clear Audio + alcohol sound technology allows TOSHIBA Satellite L75's performance in the video is also very prominent, the user can clearly feel this notebook is different from other products, for movies, music and other aspects of performance is very impressive, ultra- strong expressive force shock enjoyment, restore the most authentic music.

We received this TOSHIBA L75 notebook uses TOSHIBA PA5120U-1BRS Battery Intel Core Duo third-generation Ivy Bridge processor, the specific model i5-3427U, the default clocked at 1.8GHz maximum Turbo can reach 2.8GHz, has a very good performance. In order to enable users to have a better entertainment experience, we received this TOSHIBA Satellite L75 uses a nvidia GTX 740M graphics card, the user can customize according to their needs in selecting 2G or 1G large memory version of the ordinary version.

In addition to these TOSHIBA Satellite Pro series laptop also has a very strong hardware support, as a home video and audio entertainment in this totally more than enough, it is possible right from its flagship brand positioning, let's learn more about all aspects of this product. We received this TOSHIBA Satellite L75 laptop body with a pink color, this color is a major feature of the brand TOSHIBA, TOSHIBA and other brands have pink rosy different feeling, I heard that the color of tune TOSHIBA is specially selected color tuning engineers come.

LENOVO ThinkPad L440s notebook with 4cell LENOVO ThinkPad L440s Battery and a consistent design style, elegant atmosphere. Body and cover both with a plastic material, moonlight silver coating, refined and elegant atmosphere spontaneous, bottom, and black shaft and a keyboard is used as a match. Light-colored surface of the fuselage did not embossed texture as background, but the use of smooth, delicate matte texture processing, HP Imprint technology, touch, feel very smooth, this design will not be modified and sophisticated look soon become obsolete, it is confirmed a proverb, simply for the United States.

In the shape of TOSHIBA Satellite L75 notebook with a traditional design, although this notebook is equipped with Windows 8 system and can be chosen to operate the touch screen, but still use the traditional TOSHIBA laptop design does not use those variant design or special design , which is more in line with user's habits. Meanwhile touch screen only in order to enrich the user's habits, as well as a better experience Windows 8 system brings a new experience.

In terms of portability Satellite L75 with TOSHIBA Satellite L75D Battery nature is not before us with the evaluation of the TOSHIBA Satellite Pro 11 compared but the machine weighs about 2.2 kilograms, in the same 14-inch notebook still belongs to good, if necessary, the user can also choose portable. Unique circular frame design allows users to more easily portable, as well as whole texture raised a notch.

TOSHIBA Satellite L75 notebook A surface chosen as a whole aluminum alloy material, the design of the continuation of the classic series before TOSHIBA TOSHIBA Satellite S series sleek minimalist design, the overall smooth yet highly textured, in the middle panel imitation diamond cutting process The Satellite Logo shine, for the overall appearance considerably. Followed by a screen, TOSHIBA Satellite L75 uses a 14 inches 1600 * 900 resolution IPS wide viewing angle touch screen, speaking from the use of feelings, visually speaking very comfortable, with about 270 ° opening angle, to meet the user from Use a variety of perspectives on the laptop needs.

In some small details, this notebook is done very carefully, first, LENOVO ThinkPad T540s using 6CELL LENOVO ThinkPad T540s Battery and the usual sunken shaft design, this design is to ensure there is enough time on the touch screen support, so that the screen has a certain rotation resistance, will not easily roll. Secondly, in touch, I found the notebook surface through a non-slip handle, so that we in opening and closing the notebook screen more smoothly, but also reduce the time for closing the laptop screen to bring pressure.

win8 system release, the notebook into a new stage of development - notebook touch era. As we all know, Nokia era ended, smart touch phone swept the globe. This is not then tell us a signal? Touch screen will lead us to the next one either phone or computer peak. Whether phone or tablet, from which we can read that, that is, the touch screen is already into the minds of consumers. Notebook manufacturers is to see this, rushed to seize the initiative, wants to share a piece of notebook touch.

Today, SAN FRANCISCO evaluation room fortunate to receive a LENOVO ThinkPad L440s touch notebooks, like the touch screen laptop for most consumers, this is a great boon, why, because as long as 3699 yuan this touch this . $ 3,000 touch this, it should be on the market by far the most affordable win8 operating system equipped with a touch of the a. Product design, materials and hardware configuration of materials are good. This 14-inch ThinkPad L440s touch notebook though slightly inferior in terms of configuration, but with the biggest selling point and touch the heart of the price enough to attract the attention of consumers.

This product is equipped with a touch screen with the Windows 8 operating system, better able to experience everything with your fingers control the operation of a sense of touch operation for users accustomed to still be able to use the keyboard and touchpad, in short, a variety of use habits of users of this TOSHIBA Satellite L75 can meet. TOSHIBA Satellite L75 keyboard design is still the most commonly used chocolate laptop keyboard, the user customize the chosen configuration can also be selected when the keyboard backlight at night, low light and some other special circumstances, still can be very convenient to use this TOSHIBA S70 notebook with TOSHIBA Satellite S70 Battery, for a flagship entertainment notebook in terms that can be said is necessary, while the backlit keyboard also makes this product a lot of high-end display.