LENOVO ThinkPad X260 and DELL Latitude 13-7350 review

Despite the rise of tablet for the notebook market brought no small impact, but in the field of commercial office, the tablet features and use still difficult to replace the status of traditional notebook computers, so we have no way to in a device which can realize complete PC function, and can attain the use of tablet experience??

Is not, of course, in Intel promotion, home laptop in evolution, business notebook also in evolution, more and more of the tablet PC combo products came to us, especially in October 2014 Intel specifically listed after the ultra frivolous notebook, high performance plate and 2In1 equipment out of the core M series processors in, lower power consumption, better performance and support no characteristics of cooling fan, quickly get the support of partners, with the sale of its new products continuously, we have for you today test is one of the outstanding - latitude 13 7000 combo notebook.

From the point of view of Dell's website and sent to test products logo, latitude 13 7000 combo notebook simplified name for the Dell latitude 7350 with 30wh built-in DELL Latitude 7350 Battery, Dell business people for the launch of the combo notebook, fanless design using, equipped with Intel Core Duo processor m, equipped with 13.3 inches Full HD wide viewing angle display, using pluggable design, equipped with have the keyboard pedestal of the second battery to like an ordinary notebook as deal with the daily office affairs, and screen pull down as tablet PC use, can lead to more efficient office experience. Just ten thousand yuan price for ordinary users is indeed not cheap, but for the annual salary of the number of executives who do not know how many, Latitude 7350 price is acceptable.

But six series of more special, it continues the Dell latitude traditional way of naming, the E6XXX, where the first digit "6" on behalf of the product positioning, the size of the second representative products, processor algebra and the last two on behalf of products, such as latitude e6430 and latitude E6440, similarly is 6 series of 14 inch notebook, but e6430 used is the third generation core, and E6440 used is the fourth generation of core. Of course this naming system can also be extended to 3000 series, Series 5000 and 7000 series, such as the evaluation of the latitude 13 7000 combo notebook, its products, body identification for latitude 7350, meaning the fourth generation core processor 13 inch 7000 series notebook combo.

Latitude DELL 7350 with 3cell DELL Latitude 13-7350 Battery biggest feature is that you can plug the design, compared to the traditional notebook, can be inserted in some applications can bring better experience, such as the following picture shows, and large and heavy traditional notebook is indeed no Latitude 7350 easy.

Today, a small series to bring the DELL Inspiron 5559 metal version is a tendency to practical stability of the high yen, the machine equipped with the Intel fifth generation i7-5500U processor, flexible touch screen and a long endurance is the highlight of its. Dell Inspiron 5559 metal version as a stable and practical high Yan notebook value, silver white metal wire drawing shell fashion and stable needless to say, 15.6 inches Full HD screen can also add more visual enjoyment, and sensitive to the touch can achieve the effect that make the finishing point. In addition, the stability of the Intel i7-5500U processor as well as the endurance of a long life to make the machine become more practical.

A new generation of Inspiron 5559 with 40wh DELL Inspiron 15-5559 Battery total color version of the metal plate and can choose, the two versions in a small series of opinion each have their own suitable crowd, color version is more suitable for friends like the individuality, and this metal version is more suitable for in a relatively steady friend. Metal wire drawing of the shell is stable and not lose fashion sense, through the hand of the vertical stroke will feel the fine lines of the drawing.

By close ups, you can find that the position of the fan is not designed to be arranged on both sides of the fuselage. No wrong, the machine in addition to no other fans, I believe that many people will be a deep concern for the heat dissipation of the machine.

In the drawing shell is also the distribution of the classic DELL brand LOGO. Turned to the back, we will find that the DELL Inspiron 5559 metal version of the one used in one type of housing with 4cell DELL Inspiron 5559 Battery, only two screws can be removed from the bottom of the whole block. Which we will find that the machine's battery is also included in the bottom of the shell, which is part of the obsessive-compulsive disorder friends may not be able to accept this design, but in real life there will be nothing to remove the battery.

First of all, we use the CPU test, we use the CPU-Z. CPU-Z is a well-known CPU detection software, is the use of the highest degree of detection of a software, in addition to the Intel or AMD own testing software, we usually use the most is it.

Here, we contrast is clocked up a 2.8GhZ Intel Core i7 fourth generation low-voltage processor i7-4558u, and our protagonist Dell Inspiron 3452 equipped with is clocked at only 2.5 GHz Intel i7 new sixth generation processor i7-6500u, despite the relatively low frequency very much, but performance regardless of the single nucleus or nuclei are slightly higher and this certainly does not prove the powerful Intel the sixth generation of a new skylake architecture.

In recent years, since the tyrant gold color spreads, both mobile phone manufacturers, or PC manufacturers are increasingly prefer golden appearance, more and more of such products listed one after another. Single said DELL, the first time XPS 13 micro frame notebook on the launch of the golden version, the top and the bottom cover a double layer of gold design for people at present a bright, for business people is a very good color choice, can reflect a noble temperament. And today's protagonist DELL Inspiron 3452 look like an enlarged version of the XPS 15.6 micro frame, whether it is the appearance or workmanship, are very close to the XPS 13 micro frame.

Now in the workplace, 80, 90 have been occupied half of the country, especially for the innovative industries such as the Internet IT. At the same time, because of the pressure of employment and the strong support of national policy, more and more 80, 90, after graduation or work for a period of time, choose to start. According to market survey, the proportion of the national college students choose to start each year is 5%, which is the highest success rate of Zhejiang is only 4% of the 5%, the success rate is only 1%, while the average level of only 3%. Nevertheless, there are still a large number of have Annals young people hesitate to plunge into the army of entrepreneurship, as Mr Ma's words: "still have a dream. In case of realization of it?"

Although DELL Inspiron 3452 with 4cell DELL Inspiron 14-3452 Battery appearance looks very similar to the XPS 13, but regardless of the configuration or the overall configuration, there are great differences. First of all, DELL Inspiron 3452 is a tailored for the amount of the body to create a small business notebook, belonging to the business, for business people who travel frequently, but at the same time for young and fashionable white-collar workers, students are also very consistent. Overall style with pure gold metal, more beauty, while the collocation and XPS 13 kind of metal and carbon fiber texture comparable, but at least with respect to differences in XPS 13 appearance design, looks quite seductive. Let's enjoy the look of the DELL Inspiron 3452 fashion golden look.

First, Dell Inspiron 3452 machine in addition to the base has two black base and the fuselage is colored black border, the other is the pure gold design, simple fashion; at the same time, metal body is Inspiron series has always been adhering to the design philosophy, Inspiron 3452 with DELL Inspiron 3452 Battery surface cover and C keyboard surface uses the metal wiredrawing processing touch feeling very comfortable.

Lenovo ThinkPad X250 this year to get the update, its successor, ThinkPad X260 has released. What are the characteristics of this computer, compared with the previous progress, today we will discuss from 4 aspects.

Lenovo's ThinkPad X250's ability to have been satisfactory, Lenovo ThinkPad X260's life is more on a floor. Lenovo ThinkPad X260 we use power bridge bridge technology, has a built-in battery and a hot plug external battery, a charging battery life more than 20 hours.

Maybe the Lenovo ThinkPad X260 with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad X260 Battery is not the super slim, but it is very portable. When you go out to work or travel, you don't have too much burden on your backpack and shoulders. In addition, in order to make the body more portable, ThinkPad X260 uses a new narrow frame design, embedded in glass fiber material.


MEDION Erazer X7613 and ASUS R752L R752M R752JN R752JX review

MEDION Erazer ultra-thin game, the game has always been unique in the field, has won praise from many users. Recently, MEDION updated the Erazer product line, launched a new silver white X7613 Erazer, get a lot of attention in the market.

In the small time ordinarily, common household and commercial PC are white, or at least still occupy the mainstream of the shallow tone. But more than a decade, "calm" and "fashion" as the representative of the black product is popular, in the PC industry, has been in the white mainstream products fade for a long time, that we want to buy a white box products need to be carefully selected, and even struggle to do buy a white heart high standard display.

This Erazer is X7613 with built-in MEDION Erazer X7613 Battery new 17 inch ultra-thin game this product uses the Intel Core i7 4720HQ processor, 8GB DDR3 memory, 1TB hard disk and GTX960M Maxwell Zhongduan mechanical graphics card, we look together below.

I believe we are not unfamiliar to cut the rope game, and this is not nonsense. Motion Leap version of the operation is also very simple, just to the screen across the air waving fingers, you can complete the operation of cutting rope, very simple. FC platform to use the application of light guns to play ducks believe you have played, this application is similar to the only light gun to change your fingers, the duck forward, you can complete the shot. As for the actual game experience, you see the natural clear video......

Finally, according to the information provided on the Internet, Motion Leap can simultaneously track hundreds of thousands of targets, accuracy is also much higher than the Kinect such a sense of equipment, but from the current stage of performance, the software level is clearly there is optimized space, especially for the user's effective instruction knowledge.

At present, Leap Motion play a small application in the hands of some new exotic individuals only, such as a variety of somatosensory games, and for the special field of aviation, medical treatment is not convenient to use the keyboard and mouse, taking the precise mode of operation Leap Motion is undoubtedly more suitable, foreground is very bright. In the future, I believe there will be more and more equipped with Motion Leap technology notebook, over the very present, it is worth looking forward to.

In order to provide the ultimate big screen entertainment experience, to bring more joy to the family user, ASUS R751 with 4cell ASUS R751JN Battery directly with a large 17 inches body, although the Portability has been reduced, but this large screen with high quality Audio Beats audio system brings shock visual experience, not 15, 14 inch notebook. The appearance of the atmosphere, the silver metallic body is a grade, but one thing should be pointed out that the cover is not only a kind of metal material, metal coating on the surface, and joined the grinding process, but they feel are almost the same.

The machine B, C design and other consumer class ASUS to maintain a high degree of consistency, with one integrated package glass panel touch screen, the fuselage C surface shell is used in a luxurious aluminum alloy molding manufacturing process, the material is still very willing to work absolutely can make you satisfied.

Its fuselage bottom design is relatively general, the use of the most common black plastic bottom shell, the battery is removable design and with a dedicated hard disk, memory expansion window. In addition, the bottom of a large area of heat dissipation window, believe that the heat dissipation effect is still relatively satisfactory, we will mention the following.

ASUS R752 notebook with built-in ASUS R752L Battery interface types and number is relatively rich, providing four full USB3.0 interface and support for the shutdown charge function, at night when the rest of the mobile phone can be connected to complete the charging task. The body retains the RJ-45 network interface and HDMI interface with CD-ROM HD, and support the reader, daily use have no problem.

Power supply, R751 uses a large capacity of 6 core lithium ion batteries, the total power of up to 62Wh, the battery is more than 6 of the general. Taking into account that the machine does not need to be frequently used, so the capacity of its configuration as well as a large screen is still relatively appropriate. Adapter rated output power 120W, far exceed its maximum operating power, configuration is very in place.

As a 17 inch Laptop with built-in ASUS R751JX Battery, you don't expect it to be light. The measured maximum thickness is 33.80mm, bare metal containing battery weight up to 3.37Kg, calculate the power adapter weight reached 3.940Kg, is a relatively heavy, often not recommended with me, fixed on the family or the company more appropriate.

ASUS R751 laptop screen size is quite good, 17.3 inch screen for video playback, the game experience has a significant increase, the resolution of the full HD with a better color performance in the visual is very pleasing, bright and not greasy, watching quite comfortable.

In addition, it also supports up to 10 points of touch function, Windows 8.1 style interface and the corresponding magnetic paste version of the application to provide perfect support. The top of the screen is still the traditional HD network camera, with the status indicator and an array of microphones.

ASUS R752 with 4cell ASUS R752M Battery is equipped with four full frequency speaker and a bass unit, located in front of the fuselage, the front end of the screen and the position of the bottom, to create a surround sound effect. In addition, the machine also supports Audio Beats sound. After the actual audition, the volume is adequate, middle and high frequency part of the excellent performance of the low frequency part, relatively moderate, in the audition process did not feel obvious bass effect. As a result, as long as you are not a serious rock or heavy metal music lovers, this R751 can meet your requirements for hearing.

The left side of the fuselage also has an SD card slot, you can easily plug the SD card, convenient daily use. In addition, in the top of the SD card slot, there are two green state indicator, even if the screen is still able to quickly see the running state.

ASUS R751 notebook with 44wh ASUS R751LB Battery and black chocolate keyboard, square cap, visually very pleasing, but because it does not have the kind of soft coating surface skin, in touch or some slightly jerky. Fortunately, the key process is very adequate, press the button press, rebound strength is controlled by the right, in general, feel is more comfortable.


LENOVO ThinkPad T460s and EUROCOM Shark 5 coming soon

Canadian firm Euroco has introduced a depth of customization of the ultra portable notebook - Shark 5. In addition to 15.6 inch IPS screen, 1080p, it also comes standard with a core i7-6700HQ processor 2GB memory GeForce GTX 960M alone significantly, Quad / eight threads (2.6-3.5GHz), 4GB DDR3 memory (up to 32GB), 500GB 7200 RPM mechanical drive (optional 2.5 inch 9.5mm large capacity HDD and PCIe X4 M.2 SSD).

In the network, the machine provides Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth, and optional mobile phone network module. The expansion, which provides 4 USB, VGA+mini Displayport+HDMI 1.4A video output, standard DVD recorder (optional Blu ray recorders).

Shark 5 and Shark 4M have similar volume, external interfaces are basically the same, but the internal interface Shark 4M to enrich a lot, but it is not CD-ROM. Shark 4 is the blue sky to the end of the W series of models corresponding to the design of thin and light. Configuration size will not conflict with the P65/67, the thickness is not dominant, but compared to the change in W355SSQ is still very big, single fan fan, a large body of heavy and light body, the design also has a certain increase. This model makes the end of the blue sky also have a new choice.

Provides a backlit keyboard Shark 5 with 62wh EUROCOM Shark 5 Battery by default, users are given extensive customization options, such as M.2 and SATA SSD (CD-ROM also can be removed to install HDD, Wi-Fi, 802.11ac) and even TV tuner. The size of Shark 5 is 15.2x10.6x1.1 inch (38.5x26.8x2.9cm), weighing 2.5 kg. The machine comes standard with a starting price of $964, matching the words can easily exceed $6000.

If you need to install memory, after the big split, over the motherboard to see the memory slot, only a memory slot means that we can only expand the memory to 12GB, and in the top of the slot, we can see the four memory chip on the motherboard.

The evaluation of the machine specific model for the 5-i78172S1 Shark, D1 version of the upgrade model, the model of the i7 core Intel I7 processor, 8 representatives of 8G memory, 1 on behalf of the 1TB mechanical hard drive, 7200 on behalf of the mechanical hard drive, S represents a solid state hard drive, the final version of the 1.

Interface, Shark 5 external interface contains 4 USB3.0 interface, 1 reader interface, 3 audio interface, 1 SIM card slot, 1 RJ45 cable interface, 1 DP Mini interface, 1 HDMI interface and 1 VGA interface. The machine built-in DVD-RW CD-ROM. Sim card slot is actually empty, can not be used.

The internal interface consists of 2 memory slots, 2.5 1 inch SATA3 (9.5/7mm), 1 M.2 2280 (x2/x4 SATA or 6Gbps PCIe), 1 M.2 2230 (wireless network card, PCIe1x or USB), and 1 M.2 3042 (USB), but Shark 5 is not selected and thus leads to the slot is empty. CPU and graphics card directly on the motherboard, not to be replaced. In addition CD-ROM an interface for SATA3, 9.5mm thickness, and the general 12.7mm is not the same, need to pay attention to want to use a CD-ROM hard disk bracket.

In addition, ASUS X750JN notebook with 44wh ASUS X750JN Battery is also very hard in the details. The appearance of the mainstream of black as the main color, the overall style is slightly low profile. But the shell of high quality bite flower craft design, in the increase of the shell and the fashion of the same time, not easy to leave fingerprints, so that the whole machine more clean. At the same time, the screen also supports anti glare design, which can effectively reduce the visual reflection, so that the user's visual experience more comfortable and clear. Keyboard is also used in the back mounted keyboard design, the keyboard panel using a metal wire drawing process, on the one hand, the keyboard can ensure the stability and beauty of the degree, on the other hand can improve the overall heat effect. Next, the author will be a comprehensive introduction of this notebook, interested friends can come to pay attention to!

ThinkPad in the history of the notebook has created countless classics and creation, to maintain its high quality and technological advantages, is considered to be the best laptop brand". The T series as the initial ThinkPad positioning in the small size of the flagship series, to become the volume, performance and price of the most balanced ThinkPad series, and today I evaluate this product is a combination of many traditional design and the latest hardware core T460s.

ThinkPad T460s with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad T460s Battery light of this business, equipped with Intel Core i7 5600U processor, the highest frequency of the 2700 NVIDIA Geforce core, equipped with 940M alone, able to deal with daily business office software operation, in addition to the performance, the machine collocation 14 inch LED backlit display, visual experience more perfect, the five key one touch plate. To bring a new interactive experience.

Last year, ASUS released a 17 inches large screen video: X750L, the machine with high performance, full HD screen and other advantages to win a large number of users welcome. Recently ASUS for the machine to update, the new X750L is equipped with a more robust performance of the 950M GTX, while equipped with Core i5-5200U Intel processor, the performance is more robust. Therefore, the new X750L can not only meet the video needs, but also to meet the needs of everyday games, the advantages have become more obvious. Below, the author will bring ASUS X750L big screen video games this evaluation.

The specific configuration of this evaluation Asus X750L: i5-5200U processor, 4GB memory,4cell ASUS X750L Battery, 1TB hard disk, 2GB memory GTX mechanical 950M alone, matte screen 17.3 inches 1920 x 1080 resolution, factory installed Windows 8.1 operating system, the overall performance is the mainstream. As the machine has not yet officially on sale, the price is not determined, interested friends can pay attention to the official flagship store ASUS news.

In the course of the drawing, the high-definition big screen can let the picture details get more fine display, perfect to meet the needs of the professional work. ASUS R751J is equipped with 17.3 inches HD Full Full HD screen, with a resolution of 1920*1080, can make all the images become more clear and bright. At the same time, the display screen is better than the ordinary HD more than two times the visual range, providing a full range of WYSIWYG HD perception for users.

In addition to such a clear and bright visual effect, ASUS R751J is also equipped with a powerful large capacity ASUS R751J Battery and memory with 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GT840M extreme defended remarkable release, sharp image quality and fine realistic picture performance. High quality graphics output to the mapping process of every detail has been vividly demonstrated, better to ensure the user in the graphics production and processing of professional requirements.

We use Furmark copy machine software testing for all products, Furmark will be the two heating parts CPU and the full graphics work, run 30 minutes after the temperature up to a maximum height, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive to see the heat dissipation of each machine at runtime, we also use the FLUKE thermal infrared imager, were observed in each position of the heating temperature. (temperature span 28 C-50 C: lower than the lower limit of the temperature will be shown in black; more than the temperature limit will show white).

ASUS X750L uses a side wind way and built-in ASUS X750LA Battery, the wind will blow to the left side of the user, will not affect the use of the right hand of the mouse. And this product is equipped with the latest GTX950M NVIDIA graphics card, let us use the limit of 30 minutes later, to see how the heat and heat of the ASUS X750L.


LENOVO ThinkPad P40 Yoga,P50s Mobile Workstation pk PANASONIC Toughbook CF-54

Notebook computers in our daily life is a pivotal position. For ordinary consumers, however, the most common cause of damage to the laptop is breaking down and flooding. If you have a Panasonic Toughbook series three laptop, to drop and splash is simply not worth mentioning. Recently, Panasonic Toughbook series were an update, launched the latest model CF-54 in ensuring anti-corrosion characteristics based on further increasing the portability.

Although with the Dell XPS 13 so the weight is less than 1kg super this cannot place on a par, but body weight of CF-54 1.99kg to than the previous generation models CF-53 light 700g and thickness also reduced by 25%, the slim margin can be fairly large. However, thanks to the solid magnesium alloy body, CF-54 can resist falling within 1m. And the honeycomb structure of the shell can also bear the 100kg of the external weight and the point of 20kg pressure. It is worth mentioning that there is a CF-54 on the fuselage of a portable handle, easy to carry. In addition, the lowest working temperature of CF-54 is minus 10 degrees, the body (including the screen and keyboard area) completely splash.

Hardware configuration: CF-54 with 3220mAh PANASONIC Toughbook CF-54 Battery can choose a resolution of 1366 x 768 or 1920 x 1080 non touch screen and a touch screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, or even a touch pen for the touch screen collocation. CF-54 equipped with Intel fifth generation Broadwell core i5-5300U vPro processor and 4GB of memory, and can be equipped with Core i7 processor, 16GB of memory. Hard drive, the user can choose according to their own needs to choose the size of the mechanical or solid state hard drive, and CF-54 also equipped with a surplus space to install second pieces of hard disk or other hardware. Connectivity, CF-54 equipped with USB 3.0 interface, HDMI interface, Ethernet interface, support 802.11ac Wi Fi and GPS, in addition also optional add 4G LTE module and AMD graphics card, the life time is 11 hours, and then after the second battery can up to 18 hours.

In the rugged notebook on performance of Panasonic has always been very good, recently, Panasonic is in the United States released the rugged notebook Toughbook CF-54, equipped with 14 inches of high-definition screen, Intel Core i5 processor, providing semi solid protection level, can satisfy the need to enter the construction site or field trips and other working personnel demand. While in terms of weight, this product has made a considerable change, Panasonic said CF-54 with PANASONIC CF-VZSU0LW Battery is lighter than the same product weight 50%, the thickness is also thin 25%, the product will be released this month.

Before entering the body necessary to introduce you a Panasonic Toughbook series about the classification, which is divided into commercial firm and industry of rugged, commercial firm is to often carry for a presentation of the user, in the positioning and consistent with the traditional business notebook, industry strong type is only for harsh environment (such as oil and gas drilling field it operation), and for the solid or semi solid type, positioning different solid type products in the level of protection has Gao Youdi, today to introduce Panasonic CF-54 belongs to fully rugged products -- its protection level of IP65.

In December 2, 2015, the Active ES Wacom technology will be applied in the new creative mobile workstation P40 Yoga ThankPad, the technology is a unique capacitive stylus solution.

ThinkPad P40 YOGA with built-in LENOVO ThinkPad P40 Yoga Battery is an outstanding workstation for ISV certification, through the Active ES Wacom solutions to provide top digital graphics capabilities, as well as the 2048 level of pressure can let users enjoy the creativity.

Semi rigid type laptop though unable to provide plates such as the most senior of door, but compared to the standard laptop can still provide a considerable degree of three proofings increase. In terms of configuration options, users can choose the LTE 4G network connection support, a backlight keyboard, a fingerprint scanner, and a touch screen model. In terms of battery life, standard battery can adhere to 11 hours of use. Support for heat exchange of batteries, but also can choose to two batteries at the same time.

Mention Panasonic notebook, we will surely think Toughbook "three defenses" series, the laptop can be very harsh environment to deal with the field operation, not only waterproof and dustproof hit almost plates standard, which has become the many special industry under any of the conditions to achieve it required equipment, and because of its poor dissimilation strong military quality, Toughbook at home was also housed in a lot of PC enthusiasts -- very representative Toughbook is absolutely "three defenses" notebook as a benchmark for the products.

Toughbook released in 1996, Panasonic will called the rugged notebook computer, and in the ads were highlighted the "three defenses" characteristics of this product, for example, in the morning television broadcast to get the jeep Toughbook computers, threw them on the ground, or advertisement is pouring coffee on the computer. At the same time, in the Panasonic factory, TOUGHBOOK need to be able to eventually go through a rigorous testing, which includes the use of water spray test waterproof, experienced 50 degrees of high temperature baking and minus 20 degrees of cold test, and finally a drop test of all angles. Development to today, Toughbook has become a leader in the field of "three defenses" notebook, its products are service in many specialized professions.

A a the Toughbook 54 with PANASONIC CF-VZSU0PW Battery need after almost harsh testing to the final factory and multimedia in the test of time to try to fall, a pressure, a pouring pouring pressure, everything is to let a Panasonic Toughbook "siwuquanshi", good by good also principles reflect the Toughbook completely not in, but every time "retreats" of it will also utmost torture into comfortable massage.

Mentioned Panasonic Toughbook the NBC will think, encountered such a military grade notebook products must also "cruel treatment", which seems to be the evaluation of the unwritten rules, but I do not want to repeat most media in the evaluation process of mistakes, let us to change a point of view, dig up a Panasonic Toughbook for "three defenses" design insights, and in the face these stringent test is how the head off a danger.

ThinkPad P50s uses a 15.6 inch screen with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad P50s Battery, the screen has three options: IPS 1080P screen, 1080P touch screen and 2880 x 1620 (3K) screen, but still no mention of color performance. The internal configuration is the sixth generation of Core i7 processor, the maximum 32GB1600MHz memory, 512SSD. From the point of view of the frequency of memory should be DDR3, power adapter power 65W, it seems that processor is not too strong pressure models. Video card and NVIDIA same ThinkPadP40Yoga (Ying Weida) QuadroM500M. The overall weight of 2.2kg, the battery can be optional 3 core or 6 core, the maximum capacity of 72WHr, can provide 17 hours of battery life.

Through infrared imaging, we can see that after more than 30 minutes of baking test (room temperature 20 degrees), the main keyboard area of ASUS UX305LA in the region of the temperature or body temperature below (especially in the palm area), but the right side of the top part is clearly more than 40 degrees Celsius, which shows that although the processor's fever is not high, but the design of the heat is still a relatively large impact on the efficiency of the heat. Of course, in normal circumstances, we don't use it so high, so we don't feel obviously uncomfortable in normal use.

ASUS UX305LA lack the Core i7 processor, performance than previous generations ZenBook indeed decreased the some, but whether it is fanless design, lighter and thinner body, or CNC machine stamping process and for up to 10 hours of battery life that have made it still positioning in the high-end market, price of 6000 yuan also from the side illustrates the it. Pentium M processor performance is only suitable for use as a simple business mobile office and HD video, so ASUS UX305LA with 45wh ASUS ZenBook UX305LA Battery more suitable for some of the quality of life requirements higher, but not with a laptop to do some very complex work of business people, and on performance have higher requirements could be considered a friend of ASUS will launch with the fifth generation Core i7 processor ZenBook ux305.