MSI PL60 PL70 and MSI GE62MVR GE72MVR review

MSI GE62MVR sound system consists of 4 speakers, located at the bottom of the fuselage in front of both sides. Note that the bottom left and no subwoofer, is a mold left. Although there is no subwoofer blessing, but the realization of the 4 trumpet sound performance is still very good, basically in the end game of the external effect in the upstream. Plus we sound software support, making MSI GE62MVR headset or whether it is outside, the sound has a good performance.

MSI GE62MVR is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card is 2GB version from the GPU-Z screenshot we can see that the stream processor of the GPU is 640, 128bit memory interface, using 2GB GDDR5 memory, 1354MHz core frequency.

Then we use the new 3DMark and the "Tomb Raider" of the 10 graphics performance graphics to do a comprehensive test. Through the test we can see that the basic properties of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics in the graphics card at the middle level, obtained 1855 points in the new 3DMark Time Spy test, the theoretical performance has surpassed GTX965M and 4730mAh MSI GE62MVR Battery.

A large area of the bevel edge processing and C surface design is the deepest impression I left. The design focuses on the keyboard around, increasing the C surface of considerable appreciation, the side and bottom of the continuation of this design. With large area treatment increased the cold temperament from the appearance of the game, once again that this is a high performance in this game.

The 15.6 inch fuselage, the keyboard has a numeric keypad. Compared to the previous generation, MSI GE72MVR keyboard feel significantly improved. The first is the key process of the upgrade, the key process provides a larger press feel good, but the key is relatively soft, rebound quickly, when playing the game very comfortable; second is that the machine has 5 monochrome backlit keyboard, more freely in the brightness adjustment. Touch panel changes little, still split, in addition to the power button also has a backlight.

In addition to the feel of the keyboard to upgrade, the effect is also a major feature of MSI GE72MVR with built-in MSI GE72MVR Battery. The two speakers are located at the bottom of the fuselage front position, volume of two horns is relatively large, loud voice is loud, deep and powerful. In addition, equipped with Sound Blaster Cinema 3 audio technology, to provide such as 3D surround sound enhancement and other audio technology. In the use of time can obviously feel the effect of the promotion of the outside, which plays a great role in playing the game atmosphere rendering.

Although the game the market already is a piece of the Red Sea, in the GTX 10 series graphics driven by the 2016 games this market is red and purple... Theoretically stronger performance should have a higher price, but the current market situation is the game of the profits continue to decrease, often at the same price will be buy more games this configuration.

The chaotic market may mean a new shuffle, a new round of arms race has begun, manufacturers in the fight, the ultimate beneficiaries are the consumers, according to the editors of the words in the next few months to the price war is RMB game player. In any case low-key, Acer tyrant temperament revealed no doubt, because Acer has just launched the MSI PL60 game has been the price of the full play.

From the appearance, the machine in the design of the Acer predator series has the same purpose, and even just get this product when the small mistake that this is a new predator series. Although living in different camps, but it is not difficult to see, MSI PL60 in the design of the introduction of a lot of the same design elements with the predator.

MSI PL60 with 6cell MSI PL60 Battery cover using composite material to build the surface after wire drawing process, can reflect a certain metal texture, but if you will be careful, the drawing is not the traditional vertical drawing, drawing it looks more stylish layering is bright, active, very much in line with the product quality, I believe the process will be more complex.

For the players, in GTA 5 you can enjoy entertainment, you can buy a gun to buy a car to buy the company, you can honestly when a Uber driver to make money. Of course, if you want to get enough of the game experience, you need a strong hardware configuration, or you experience the most mosaic world. Since the game comes with BenchMark test, the test results are more objective. Fraps is from the performance point of view, its performance is maintained at 70 frames or more frames, the actual game experience is quite smooth.

Stardock is a real time strategy game. The use of the Oxide Games Nitrous engine to build, the background set in the distant future, when the human ideology completely, people have mastered the power of god. But man has found himself in a war, the enemy is an ideological AI called "Haalee", an attempt to overthrow the dominance of human beings in the universe.

"The League of heroes" (LOL) is developed by the United States Riot Games, China's mainland network games operated by Tencent games. "Hero alliance" in addition to the real-time strategy, operations team, also has more than one hundred different style heroes, rich gameplay, automatic matching map and battle.net platform, including tree, Summoner system, Fu Wen and other elements. LOL has become one of the most popular and influential online games in the world.

With a huge game scene, the picture is very delicate making, "ashes" singularity since the release by the majority of game player's favor, it is also known as the hardware killer title, from which the recommended hardware configuration Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB memory, 6cell MSI PL70 Battery,NVIDIA 16 GTX 970 AMD / R9 390 alone can look out. In this test we will set up its image quality is the highest, BenchMark from the test results, the average number of MSI PL70 at 25.2 FPS, there will be a case caton.


ASUS ZenBook UX330CA and ASUS ZenBook 3 Deluxe UX490UA review

In fact, I think, the notebook is nothing more than the daily office, internet entertainment, audio games, etc., mainly in these areas to share with you on the performance of the final test. This notebook is equipped with pre installed Windows 8.1 64bit (64 Chinese simplified version), the boot steps nothing changes, need to have their own account, you can log in to boot, the first boot time is long, need to be patient, according to this step, nothing difficult, silently waiting for is the.

The core M-5Y71 by 14nm process, lower power consumption and heat generation, TDP thermal design power is only 4.5W, SDP scene design power is only 3.5W, so that no fan design become possible. M-5Y71 has a dual core four thread core, clocked at 1.2GHz, the maximum turbo to 2.9GHz.

As a love love love digital, frustrating, or trial evaluation, or their own start, can change the habit, love to share with others, to explore together, it can be more perfect, more comprehensive understanding of the experience of this product, of course, notebook after all a little expensive, slightly updated slowly, so I share this less, today will come together and discuss the ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501JW with 60wh ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501JW Battery low version of the notebook.

Through the test results of CINEBENCH R15, and compared with other processors, we can find the core M-5Y71 single core performance similar to that of i5-4200U, reached the end of the level, the overall performance is slightly lower than the i3-4010U, but to the family entertainment must be nothing difficult.

The test results, we mainly refer to the CloudGate model, the comprehensive score of 3052, the graphics score 3696, even compared with the entry-level GT820M graphics card, but also have a certain gap, therefore, it is obviously not suitable for the game.

In order to realize no fan design, ASUS ZenBook UX360UAK instead of using i7 core M processor, in order to take care of the weight and thickness, also had to abandon the independent video card, really let the performance down a lot. But from the actual use of the situation, if only the family HD video, or simple business office, UX360UAK with 57wh ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360UAK Battery is still a very good choice.

Since ASUS launched the first ZenBook has already had a history of nearly four years, every year will bring a different surprise, or higher performance, or more thin, or more fashion, but that as a landmark general "concentric circles" can let us recognize that it is ASUS. The new UX330C ZenBook update this year opened the prelude, equipped with a new generation of Intel processor core M-5Y71 how it will perform? Let's take a look at the next evaluation.

From the parameters, UX330C compared with the previous ZenBook, the most obvious is the processor for the downgrade, without the use of Core i7 series processors has been equipped with the interface is slightly changed, only equipped with a Micro HDMI interface, weight and thickness were also lower. The type and configuration, UX330C can be regarded as an upgraded version of U303, and is equipped with fifth generation Core i7 processor UX305 will be launched in the near future.

A ASUS UX330C with 6cell ASUS ZenBook UX330CA Battery inherited the consistent use of a concentric circle drawing texture, is still CNC CNC machine tool by stamping process, maintain a high force as in the past. Although it seems that there is a clear texture of the drawing, but it has not felt a clear sense of stripes, but more like matte.

Like the U303, the ASUS UX330C is still using a 1080P Full HD resolution IPS screen and the use of AUO, matte anti glare technology, not only the color performance, but also to adapt to the more use of the environment. The top of the screen (from left to right) is the light sensor, the camera and the camera. There is a circle around the screen shockproof rubber pad, on the one hand, can protect the screen when the accident falls, you can also cover the cover to avoid direct collision with the C.

In order to test the performance of software test, do keep the flagship light pen electric performance, the application in general, can also maintain a sense of fluency, however, although equipped with GeForce 940MX independent display chip is a major feature, but did not affect significantly the efficiency of ten for help, the efficiency differences between implicit way and the only significant is not large, and the application of thin laptop are not in the performance of the 3D, therefore, the overall performance, in fact do not feel great difference. It is the PCIe interface of SSD, more can feel the file access speed and smooth operation in the usual sense, of course, if you can open memory so that users can upgrade to the overall efficiency will be raised a lot.

ASUS UX330C uses the same as the back of the island with the back of the keyboard, the keys can only be regarded as the mainstream level of touch, which is a common problem of all ultra-thin, after all, it is difficult to provide a long enough on such a small thickness. Unlike other brand notebook is that ASUS UX330C will switch button and button design together, and with the same appearance, only in cap on the design of a power status indicator. This design can ensure the C surface clean, but for the blind friends, more or less increased when the Delete error according to the probability to shut down key.

Although ASUS UX330C is only a 13.3 inch thin, but still provides the integrated touchpad area is not small, support simple gestures, for mobile office friends, really adds a lot to the convenience of operation. The lower left corner of the keyboard tag on the ASUS UX330C to do a simple logo: core M processor; support HDMI multimedia output; by Energy Star (Energy Star certification).

ASUS UX330C with built-in ASUS UX330C Battery at the bottom of the integrated design, in addition to the necessary product label, there are only four non slip mats and a pair of speakers on both sides of the hidden, and the D is very harmonious. After the actual audition, the speaker quality still can be more than sufficient for normal use.

ASUS UX490U using double fan double copper tube heat dissipation design, heat sink hidden in the shaft position, to ensure that the body of the left and right sides of the visual aesthetic. The stability of the system testing tools running AIDA64 software CPU, hard disk, graphics and other full after a period of time using thermal imaging test, at the keyboard, the highest temperature reached 58.8 degrees, the heat is mainly concentrated in the two radiating port position, the keyboard area only sporadic heat distribution in two, corresponding to the fan the position can feel the cold wind, the average temperature of 40.2 degrees. 

Compared to the previous version of the software, MobileMark 2012 in the testing environment requirements is relatively high, must redo the system before testing, but also reasonable installed on the drive, otherwise there will be a variety of problems. The notebook with a 52Wh lithium ion battery, through the MobileMark test, we can see the ASUS Zenbook UX490U life time of 571 minutes, amount to 9.5 hours, so the performance is amazing, so long life time is also consistent with ASUS on ASUS Zenbook UX490U propaganda.

ASUS Zenbook UX490U ultra pole on the basis of Z830 made a lot of improvement, Accupoint joined, trackpoint keyboard and trackpad change to fully meet the different needs of consumers to use at the same time, which makes the better in terms of balance. Long life time is also one of the highlights of the ASUS Zenbook UX490U ultrabook, in the business office end this property is very important, 571 minutes of life can bring strong support to users, such results are very rare in the traditional notebook, let alone to light as a selling point super. Port ASUS UX490U with 6cell ASUS ZenBook 3 Deluxe UX490UA Battery super pole in all aspects have a very good performance, but the configuration of the 256GB SSD a little luxury, if there is a low version of the product, I believe there will be considerable appeal


ASUS P2540UA P2540UV and ACER TravelMate P449-M review

Stable, safe, portable, always is the most important reference conditions to buy commercial notebook, but for drawing and tabulation or video clips and other work to buy notebook users, in addition to the powerful performance, the screen size also have higher requirements. ASUS P2540U notebook business has a 15.6 inch screen, by professional users sought after, following follow the author in-depth understanding about this product!

The appearance of ASUS P2540U business notebook adhering to the classic design of the BU series, highlighting the overall simplicity of the atmosphere of the wind. After careful design of the ASUS PRO series keyboard, 2.3mm long bond process (only about 1.9mm of the ordinary notebook) and simple Island keyboard provides a more comfortable and solid typing touch. The keyboard also provides a keyboard with a page up / down key to increase the efficiency of computing and reading long documents. Intimate design, bring great experience.

Mention the business notebook, people first reaction and do not think of ASUS, perhaps because it is in the field of consumer spending has left a deep impression on people. In fact, ASUS in the business sector also has a strong strength can not be ignored. PU series is ASUS launched a series of exclusive business notebook computers, excellent design, exquisite workmanship, unique features, is the ASUS ASUSPRO business notebook has extraordinary performance.

Irresistible 15.6 inch anti glare matte screen, bring in more tension picture performance at the same time, also can avoid unwanted reflections, to reduce eye fatigue, and can prevent the fingerprint stains. In order to improve the efficiency of the machine, the machine uses ergonomic and textured palm support areas to provide a pleasant and rugged feel that allows you to work quickly.

As a business notebook configuration also can not be ignored, ASUSPRO P2540U business notebook with 6cell ASUS P2540UA Battery equipped with Intel Core i7?? 4510U processor, equipped with 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz memory, 1TB hard disk, and NVIDIA? GeForce? GT 820M independent display chip, can bring strong processing capability to the user. In addition, ASUS P2540U fuselage interface is complete, in addition to the general interface of the model is also equipped with 2 USB3.0 interface, can provide 10 times the theoretical data transmission speed of USB2.0.

At the beginning of this year, Acer seems to do a hummingbird series for many years has accumulated enough experience in this business, also turn over in one fell swoop, launched the TravelMate M series of light of this business. Consistent good quality and thin design of the success of thin and lightweight design complement each other, the achievements of the small series to get the hand that "this is very good" beautiful feel. And the business of the interface, design and function, it is not all bad.

In the moment to see TravelMate P449 with 3220mAh ACER TravelMate P449-M Battery, there is a small series of 2011 saw MacBook Air stunning. Although it is used in this way and many, but can be used in the business and design without Acer's first molimen. Abandon the 90 degree chamfer founder using a more sleek design, while the iron grey Aluminum Alloy large area to balance the vision, plus the nameplate type Acer Logo. The first impression of the A face is quite different.

ASUS P2540U to meet the general application of business people at the same time, but also for the user to bring a more clear, broad vision to enjoy, more suitable for drawing, tabulation and other friends. If you are also a big screen notebook loyal fans, then might wish to consider the big screen value of the ASUS P2540U bar.

What is the most valuable thing in first Century? Of course, with the rapid popularization of Internet applications, mobile Internet, big data has become a hot topic today, how to maximize the value of data resources, the same determines the future of the enterprise. Therefore, to the enterprise and business users of data mining and confidentiality is crucial, the notebook computer used in daily office work in addition to providing portable, stable operation, the most important is the data protection ability. Create a ASUS commercial P2540U designed for business people, in addition to the powerful external appearance of the portable fashion, the core configuration, the biggest bright spot is equipped with a smart shockproof hard disk, can effectively avoid the laptop in the mobile data loss caused by a knock, drop.

Ordinary commercial notebook hard disk shock is the use of hardware protection measures, such as the use of professional shock absorber, or leather pad and other tools. In contrast with the ASUS P2540U with ASUS P2540UV Battery commercial intelligent shock technology, without increasing the weight of the notebook, can be more effective to build a strong line of hard disk data. It is equipped with G-sensor motion sensor principle is by changing the perception of acceleration, such as shaking, falling, rising and falling mobile changes can be perceived by G-sensor, and then through the calculation analysis of the microprocessor, the detection of the notebook computer body level or drop height, when reaches a certain level will automatically be head separation with the disc, so as to protect the hard disk.

For frequent business trips or engaged in field operations of the crowd, the laptop is often in a state of motion, it is inevitable due to errors caused by falling, extrusion, or water accident. ASUS P2540U commercial in addition to the intelligent shock technology, but also through the ASUS ultra harsh stability test, in the hinge test and panel stress tests have shown excellent performance. With shockproof hard disk, support three data protection mechanism to ensure data security.

Secondly, the intelligent gesture of ASUS P2540U commercial large area of the touch panel, while providing a touch more space and high precision, including two finger scrolling page, zoom / rotate pictures and three finger touch instead of the right mouse button function. In the absence of the mouse can also meet the user's arbitrary control. 2.3mm long island style keyboard key process and simple to provide a more comfortable and solid touch typing, splash design can bring more protection for data.

On the appearance of the ASUS P2540U commercial use of the classic business black wire drawing design, so that it highlights the strong professional at the same time highlight the elegance and decency. Screen with anti glare fog screen, long time use does not hurt the eyes, the screen can be clearly visible under the strong light, especially suitable for larger workload professionals and outdoor workers. Taking into account the user's experience, the keyboard at the sink design, to ensure that the keyboard and palm in line with ergonomic, long time to maintain comfort. In addition, the surface scrub treatment, skin contact comfort, long time wear resistance.

Whether it is a commercial notebook or a notebook, its core configuration is to judge its performance is the most indispensable. ASUS commercial P2540U of the use of Intel core I5-420 processor, 21GB memory card using NVIDIA GeForce GT 820M graphics card supports DirectX 11 specification, that greatly improves the performance of notebook. Storage is the standard 4GB DDR3 memory and 500GB hard disk DVD SuperMulti earthquake and 56wh ASUS P2540U Battery, with double layer, with DOS operating system, the 3 year long warranty.


DELL Latitude 3380 and ASUS ZenBook UX3410UA review

The traditional notebook is at most Intel Core and NVIDIA's GeForce series, not professional, while MSI WS63 is using Intel Xeon E3-1535 and Quadro M2000m such professional hardware, there are far more than ordinary notebook hardware performance. And professional hardware optimization of professional software, is designed to meet the expectations of the computer.

As the impulse rather than performance benchmark products, MSI and WS63 have no hardware parameters gorgeous, it just has a very practical hardware configuration, can ensure that the vast majority of mainstream games can have a more excellent picture experience. The ultimate goal is to provide users with a cost-effective choice, but it is in this notebook using the latest Core i7-7700HQ and GTX 1050Ti, can be described as full of sincerity.

Although the 3380 is only a 13 inch with 4cell DELL Latitude 3380 Battery , but still provides the integrated touchpad area is not small, support simple gestures, preference for mobile office friends, does provide a lot of convenience. The lower left corner of the keyboard label to do a brief introduction to the 3380: the core i5 processor and GTX 940MX graphics card.

According to the actual game experience and Benchmark benchmarks in the medium quality conditions, the average frame rate for the 38.03 game, play a maximum power of 960M. Heat is an important basis for the measure of a notebook computer product quality, test method is still room temperature at 28 degrees Celsius, the copy machine program so this notebook run Furmark copy machine and software with AIDA64, so that GPU and CPU are working at higher load, especially CPU, is almost full speed running. The temperature inside the core and the books are viewing this as well as the body surface temperature.

Inside the fuselage through the screenshot you can see, CPU is controlled in 60 degrees, the performance can be. In order to solve the problem of heat dissipation due to the long-term use of the players, ASUS ZenBook UX3410UA rich bottom heat hole design, even if the long run, but also comfortable and refreshing.

The infrared test way is by fire in various regions of the temperature, AIDA64+Furmak double baking machine for 30 minutes after the test, finally calculate the average, the average temperature of the 9 regions as shown in fig.. According to the test results, we can see that the temperature of the C surface keyboard area is mainly concentrated in the middle of the top, while the bottom of the higher temperature position is basically concentrated in the upper.

Accupoint pointing stick can cater to different consumer needs for the use of the habit, you can achieve seamless switching between computers. The touch panel, ASUS Zenbook UX3410UA with 11.4v ASUS UX3410U Battery compared to the previous product made some changes on the design of group key can fit well with the manipulation of Accupoint pointing stick, and the touch panel around the two corners also respectively has a touch control panel and switch mode switching function, just can double-click to achieve. As a specially designed for business to create products, ASUS Zenbook also deliberately joined the fingerprint identification module, which can ensure the maximum security of data UX3410UA.

When the notebook design end, two different camps (games and mobile office) the design direction is completely different. The game design style is more tough, and mobile office is more thin. This game as an indispensable field of high-end notebook category, its importance can not be overlooked. ASUS each product line has a professional design team, ZenBook UX3410UA sports car appearance is worthy of our recognition. The appearance of material design quality is not only to see whether they have cool appearance, more fundamental is to use composite users really want to experience.

Affected by the slim, ASUS Zenbook UX3410UA speaker size and cavity cannot be large enough, but for a position in the business office use of the product, not on the quality of the excessive demands. We can also be found at the bottom of the fuselage ASUS Zenbook UX3410UA supports docking, thus can greatly increase the ability to expand it, in a small body can play a greater energy, but the dock when purchasing the product is not included, the needs of consumers consider the purchase separately.

Cross wire drawing can prevent fingerprints, skin like material to provide a soft touch, the bottom of the subwoofer to increase the sound field effect, these are ASUS ZenBook UX3410UA in order to enhance the user experience the feelings of the excellent details. It is worth mentioning that the ASUS ZenBook UX3410UA frame design in many games this also is one of the highlights of the screen frame and highly integrated, the most prominent is the lateral edge to better protect the screen.

In order to achieve the greatest degree of thin ", and to avoid the extrusion to the screen, ASUS Zenbook UX3410UA keyboard" concave "on the C surface, which makes the key process shorter, while the" convex "the palm is helpful for text input. UX3410UA keyboard for splash design and ASUS ZenBook UX3410UA Battery, and joined the backlight function, can be opened by Fn+Z. The adjacent two buttons allow the user to locate accurately even in a light dark environment, and can operate with one hand.

As for the battery life performance is not as good as expected, the official website of the marked with 7 hours of endurance, but with PowerMark power test, balance mode on the screen bright, open wireless network, 3 hours and 49 minutes, and then to simulate general clerical work and browsing the Web context productivity model test the performance of 39 hours and 4 minutes, in order to emphasize the light machine models, there is still room for improvement.

Light pen electric market has always been very lively, IdeaPad series tend to the consumer market under Lenovo Yoga A12 with 4cell LENOVO Yoga A12 Battery to update the product line, while the maximum with a 710s difference, is to add a fingerprint identification function, and can be used in conjunction with the Windows Hello, to enhance computer security protection mechanism, and equipped with GeForce 940MX independent display chip, to improve performance.


MSI GL62M, DELL XPS 13-9365 and TOSHIBA Tecra X40 review

Familiar with the game's friends know, MSI game in the work or in terms of performance, are walking in the forefront of the game industry. Not long ago, Intel and NVIDIA have released its latest chip, as the old game manufacturers MSI certainly will not miss, launched with the seventh generation of Intel core i7-7700HQ and NVIDIA graphics system GTX1050 10 new MSI GL62M this game, the key to the end of the game the market. How to look at the specific performance of the machine.

MSI GL62M is still very strong in the appearance of the MSI style, which is in the market with a lot of public models GTX1050 game is very different. MSI GL62M die in line with the listing of MSI GL62 in early 2016, belonging to the upgrade of the model. Of course, the die in some places or make changes, such as the abolition of CD-ROM is one of the most obvious. However, the overall appearance style and material selection is not much change.

Because it did not use too exaggerated design, coupled with the appearance of black skin texture, so that the overall GL62M MSI seems very low-key, which is still relatively rare in the game inside. But when you look at the rear of the two large air outlet and the bottom hole revealed by a number of copper, you will immediately realize that MSI GL62M with 4730mh MSI GL62M Battery powerful game performance.

MSI GL62M A and C is used in coating of skin texture, either visual or tactile are very delicate, low-key, especially when it feels, can provide very comfortable touch experience, this is very obvious in the normal use. Although the machine uses a combination of i7-7700HQ and GTX1050, but because of the use of the fuselage edge curve, making the MSI GL62M in the visual than the same configuration of the game.

At the very beginning of the super pole, which has the characteristics of thin indeed attracted a lot of consumers, but it has a unique fast start technology in the business office of the performance is also impressive. In the early years, Toshiba launched the super pole of the Z830 made the lightest super pole of the title, after this, this series of products has not been continued, had to say is a pity.

Today came to the PConline evaluation room is Toshiba Portege series X30 ultrabook, although it is not the Z830 upgrade products, but the products we can see a lot of Z830 shadow, which in appearance and configuration to make some changes, although the most frivolous title has been lost, but this time we get X30 super in the test a good performance. Next we look at the next distance this product.

By 2014, the idea of focusing on Toshiba continues. Toshiba Portege X30 ultrabook without 43wh TOSHIBA Portege X30 Battery and U type body design adopted before, but return to the classic design style, in the shape of Z830 with similar body still using magnesium alloy materials to build the honeycomb structure, making the body more durable, but also can ensure good smooth wireless signal.

To tell the truth, since the four generation core start I didn't pay much attention to performance notebook processor, usually games to play too much, what a dota2 run even low mobile processor 15W is duly completed, greater bottleneck has actually been in the video card. From the beginning of the four generation of Haswell Macbook Air 1.3GHz 15W low i5 felt daily application is smooth, then update the 15 section of the 13 inch Macbook Pro, 28w i5 5287U is to allow PhotoShop to open RAW file speed more on the floor. At the same time, the main Zbook15G2 Quad Core i7 4710MQ is even today is still a variety of applications with ease, open a Matlab training a neural network complete sense of what not to bottleneck.

So naturally, renewed focus on energy consumption. From the beginning of the fifth generation Broadwell, Intel update at the end of the notebook focus on low power consumption. A knife cut notebook Broadwell dual core processor standard voltage, line down to the low voltage end of u, but at the same time i5 5287u with low power 28w dual core i5 4210H to draw the performance as a selling point of the previous generation. Now after the two generation, i5 7200u 28w i5 5287u with ultra low power 15W again. So it is no need to worry about performance.

XPS 13 deformation of the model is XPS 13-9365, the appearance of only in the rotating shaft and the screen frame part of the difference. But the ultra narrow border blessing, XPS 13 deformation of the still maintained a considerable volume, weight only 1.24kg with 46wh DELL XPS 13-9365 Battery, and the ordinary version of the XPS almost 13. Or the so-called "13 inch screen 11 inches into the fuselage" machine, turning touch this feature is icing on the cake for them. However, with the iconic double shaft: this can help it to turn to the limit position, and in this position closely fit. Screen can choose 1080P and QHD+ (3200 x 1800) one of them, on the left and right are very narrow border, the border width below the lower than the 9360 also has a certain reduction. The camera is still in the bottom, but changed to the center position, but also a dual camera design, compatible with Windows Hello biometric system.

2016 for AMD is undoubtedly of great significance, whether it is Ryzen processor or Vega graphics, are related to the future of heavy AMD products. Although it is only part of the parameters, performance, but in any case shows the determination of the AMD to return to the high-end market.

Of course, in addition to the high-end market, APU is also the focus of AMD layout. APU in 2016 to update to the seventh generation, while also improving the performance of HEVC HD hard decoding, VSR, dual graphics and other technical exchange. Recently, AMD Tecra launched with the AMD seventh generation APU Tecra X40 notebook, exactly how performance, we see the following.

Tecra X40 with built-in TOSHIBA Tecra X40 Battery is still a continuation of the Think family of the calm, sophisticated. A surface with a black design, in addition to the only "Tecra" and "TOSHIBA" logo, there is no other decoration, the whole is very simple, feel very delicate.


MSI GE63 GE73 and DELL Latitude 12-5280 7280 review

In recent years, cold in the entire notebook industry shipments decline situation, but the game notebook market and sales of upstream A new force suddenly rises.. Based on this background, a number of new brands have sprung up, and have achieved good results. However, the notebook manufacturers did not sit still, like the old as the game maker MSI, is constantly in the mainstream games market, like the recent listing of MSI GE63.

As MSI in the mainstream game of this market launch heavyweight product, MSI GE63 decided to go in front of the times in the hardware configuration, whether it is the latest NVIDIA 10 series graphics card, or just released the seventh generation of Intel processors, all show the machine on hard power strength. So, this veteran of the company's heavyweight product performance of the game exactly how it's all aspects of design in a level? Then let us witness together.

MSI GE63 with 6cell MSI GE63 Battery C also has irregular line design, the design language show tough. Black and white color is many add to the machine keyboard and trackpad. This machine adopts the floating keyboard design, each key is independent, and have sufficient to reduce the key space, in the course of the game as the touch of a button button mistake could lead to too close. After the author's personal experience, found that the keyboard feel good, 2.3mm bond process rebound strong, full of sense of recognition. It is worth mentioning that the keyboard with backlight design red, five support brightness adjustment, in the light of unfavorable conditions more conducive to the game player use, but also make the machine more cool. In the lower left corner can be found Intel 7th Gen labeling, which means the machine is equipped with the seventh generation of Intel Core i7 processor, and it also allows the performance of the machine is more interested in.

Through the CINEBENCH R15 test showed that this processor i7-7700HQ OpenGL score reached 97.01fps, multi nuclear test scores CPU reached 734cb, while the single nuclear test score reached a score of 158, followed once the flagship desktop CPUi7-4770K, in similar products, this is a very top grade. At the same time, it also reflects the surging performance of the seventh generation of Intel core i7-7700HQ processor, also from this aspect of the CPU is to lay the foundation for the machine.

Then for the graphics card test, test software, the author chose the famous 3Dmark11 and THE NEW 3Dmark. 3Dmark is a professional graphics test software, because it represents the most advanced display technology, its built-in test scenes is not the use of a number of the most cutting-edge special effects or display technology, so as to the performance of the hardware requirements are very high.

A surface of the machine is made of a metal material and black with bright silver wire drawing process, the brand LOGO and the metal wiredrawing black collocation is indeed very beautiful, give a person with neat handsome feeling. In addition, the design of the inverted V line is like a sports car, in terms of aesthetics on the machine a lot of points, it is very suitable for the use of male players.

With the fashion elements continue to enter the field of PC, the appearance of delicate and beautiful thin notebook computers are increasingly popular among young people. The performance of the PC hardware upgrade, so thin notebook also gradually get rid of the performance of the strength and value of Yan became chicken ribs, both the new darling of fashion. Then over time, after new year's Day Festival is getting closer, you give your little princess ready to spring "beauty ritual"?

DELL Latitude 12 thin notebook with DELL Latitude 7280 Battery main light portable new listing, in color and body shape of a lot of concentric texture design Aluminum Alloy material shell with rose gold and quartz gray two kinds of colors attract young people's eyes. The machine matching 14 inches wide viewing angle FHD display, 6mm ultra narrow frame allows the body to maintain a large screen while still slim. At the same time the screen uses DELLEye Care technology to protect the eyes from harm. In performance, DELL Latitude 12 in addition to the conventional graphics card also added a NVIDIA GeForce 940MX independent graphics card.

The appearance of MSI series has been criticized, as a representative of highly cost-effective, many people buy MSI are directed to the appearance of the hardware, but not so care, MSI GE73 may change the idea. MSI GE73 is still a continuation of the classic black series MSI series, but the overall style is more game fan, and its line processing has a great relationship.

MSI GE73 with 6cell MSI GE73 Battery changed more shapes in the body contour and the surrounding lines are more aggressive. Especially the body contour, the edges are not using linear design, in the front and rear with a small angle oblique symmetry, tail high uplift like car taillight plus general, texture and surface modification for MSI A line, GE73 has been the end of the game feeling.

From the information point of view, DELL Latitude 12 is really in line with the girls use demand, if it is not your best to give the little Princess Jasmine "beauty ritual"? As a little princess, I'll give you a try. This time we got the rose gold color DELL Latitude 12 notebook built-in Intel core sixth i5-6200U processor and NVDIA GeForce 940MX graphics card, support 4GB GDDR4 memory and 256GB solid state hard disk storage.

With fashion elements gradually penetrated into all walks of life, more fashionable began to appear in the notebook computer cold mechanical body, which also makes a lot of consumers in the purchase of notebook computer are keen to choose a more exquisite and beautiful light of this. So what are the features of the DELL Latitude 12 notebook, which is the same as a lightweight notebook? We have to lay it out.

The initial DELL Latitude 12, this is it with the "DELL" logo A. DELL Latitude 12 is used as the roof of the solid Aluminum Alloy crafted silver "DELL" logo, at the same time in the center of A printed parts, the cover with a concentric hair pattern design, delicate texture in the middle of the logo as the center to spread around, in the right light, the light will also logo the center to spread around, there is a sense of casts a thousand beams! At the same time, the machine uses a stylish and playful rose gold color, can be more attractive to women's eyes.

Since the main light, then DELL Latitude 12 waist should also be very delicate, its thickness is only 18.85mm, less than 1 cents coin size, the weight is only 1.4kg, small volume and weight of the little princess love travel is convenient to carry, not to cause unnecessary burden to the luggage.

Opened the cover, the eye is DELL, Latitude 12 with DELL Latitude 5280 Battery B bright eyes and white teeth. In the B above, HD HD camera and microphone array with a 720P, can be used for daily use of high-quality video call, the conference call can be used between daily and family affection and contact with customers.


DELL Latitude 5480 7480 and MSI WS63 WT73VR gaming laptop review

Endurance and heat is our usual discussion of a laptop is good enough for the two important criteria. Game relative to the life is not the core factor, but with excellent performance is still a plus. However, the heat dissipation performance is extremely important, the impact on the game is not negligible. In addition to affecting the player's actual gaming experience, more about the performance of the machine itself. MSI WS63 uses a new 14nm+ technology of i7-7700HQ, the GTX 1050Ti practical collocation, I believe there will be a good performance, it is worth noting that the Thor MSI WS63 tail right only outlet, left only decoration.

We use Furmark copy machine software testing of the MSI WS63, Furmark will be two heating parts CPU and the full graphics work, run 30 minutes after the temperature up to a maximum height, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive to see it at run time for heat, we also used the FLUKE infrared the thermal imager, were observed in each position of the heating temperature. (temperature span 28 degrees C-50 degrees C: lower than the lower limit of temperature will be black; more than the temperature limit will show white).

The final picture of the resets becomes 3, which means that MSI WS63 with 8cell MSI WS63 Battery successfully stuck for 72 hours. At the same time, we can see the temperature did not change greatly, and the machine did not appear crashes, closed software after some baking machine daily operation or any other card Dungan, dual fan area temperature remains at a low temperature of terror.

Or that sentence, we are in an era of excess, but only the excess performance / stability brought by "good" experience is a real enterprise and the pursuit of the studio, "enough" can't take us further.

But as the 3 * 24 hours of full load in the actual scene does not appear too, can pass this level of baking machine testing means that the quality and stability of MSI WS63 are at a high level, the studio and design departments of the enterprises the high performance and high stability of professional equipment should be preferred, but also studio and enterprise IT decision makers should pay close attention to the most. In the studio or business in large and very tight project period, the stability of PC tend to become a decisive factor, after all, who does not want to work hard for several days because of the sudden crash results cast to waste PC. This will not only bring the loss of business and reputation, but also will greatly increase the operating costs of enterprises invisible.

Since the first DELL Latitude products come out so far, has been more than 5 years, every year will bring us surprises, or higher performance, or more thin, or more fashion; however, concentric circle drawing texture design unique "ceramic like pelvic floor", to maintain a consistent noble sense of luxury.

The PChome evaluation room in the hands of Latitude 7480 is not high version of the processor, this machine is the sixth generation i5 processor, can reach a maximum of seventh generation i7 configuration; memory can reach a maximum of 8GB, solid state drives this machine is 240GB SSD, the official with a maximum of up to 512GB. 4cell DELL Latitude 7480 Battery, Graphics card is GTX 940MX, it can be said from the file read and write to the system to run, to map the game, can give the user the extraordinary experience.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the AMD in the end of 2015 to update its version of the driver, the new driver interface is no longer as complex as the catalyst driver and trouble, we can visually and quickly set the graphics card. The ASUS also preset a number of easy to use computer management software in the system, the real do boot on the use of".

Autodesk Maya is the United States Autodesk company produced the world's top three-dimensional animation software, the application object is a professional film and television advertising, character animation, film stunts, etc.. Maya function, flexible, easy to learn and easy to use, the production efficiency is very high, rendering a strong sense of reality, is a high-end film production software, the vast majority of visual design studio are using Maya. In the Maya test, we choose a 103MB small yellow man model, open daily operation such as: rotation, move, zoom, open software frame rate display, record the number of frames per second, which is fps.

Rendering has a professional graphics MSI WT73 with 12cell MSI WT73VR Battery advantage is obvious, time-consuming, more than three times the lead. Like 3DS Max, what we are testing is just a rendering of a small yellow man, and the rendering of a scene like the motion picture CG, takes a lot of time, not just a few hours, but a day. Save time and large project rendering preferential increase according to the proportion of rendering 2/3 consumption season, means to enhance the work efficiency, shorten the duration of the project, design studio or enterprise also can undertake more projects. Similarly reflected in the studio or enterprise, the same time output value, greatly reducing the operating costs of the studio or corporate design department.

But these are just to attract the studio and the designer of the computer to replace the hard power, and the key lies in the replacement of the proportion of return and expenditure. After all, designers and design departments of the enterprises to upgrade itself is equipped with a burn things, and for the MSI WS63 of this equipment is more professional. Can decide to replace the studio owner and enterprise IT purchasing manager should know, designer and enterprise IT department is necessary to replace ordinary computer. Whether it is from the aspects of stability, performance, the studio and the operating costs of the design and maintenance of the enterprise design department or the use of the designer to consider the experience, this is not a simple choice. But the real price is to use the money in exchange for higher efficiency and more professional stability, which is equal to the project can be connected, there is a better future. MSI WS63 fully meet the needs of the studio and the corporate IT Department on the designer's computer, while the average PC down Qian Yeyuan is less than the late efficiency loss and maintenance costs.

In the shooting angle is relatively large, although the brightness of the screen has been reduced, but the details of the screen are shown one by one, the color is still very rich. Overall, 5480 in the display of progress and outstanding performance is obvious to all.

The test of Latitude 5480 using the i5 processor of the sixth generation; memory of 4GB, the solid state drive for 240GB SSD, the official maximum up to 512GB. Graphics card is GTX 940MX and 4cell DELL Latitude 5480 Battery, it can be said from the file read and write to the system to run, to map the game, can give the user the extraordinary experience.