HP 255 G5 and ACER TravelMate X359 X359-M Review

HP 255 G5 while slim body design, but the daily application just need some interface has the configuration, this is commendable.From the two pictures above we can see that the right side of the HP 255 G5 fuselage configuration safety lock, VGA port, 2 USB 3 interface and a card reader; the left side of the fuselage is equipped with RJ-45 Ethernet, HDMI interface and the 2 interface of USB 3.

In the final fantasy 14 scenarios, with a strong strength of GTX1060 SAGER, NP8172 1080P in the default settings easily gains 14528 points and the "Extremely High" rating.

The game is to test the test run after all, we were measured with 3 game Crysis, measured in the process of 1080P in the default settings the system specification is set to high, and opened 4 times anti aliasing effect, while running a game, although there are fluctuations in the average number of frames, frames can still reach 57.775FPS, the smooth running the game is no problem.

It can be seen, HP 255 G5 with 4cell HP 255 G5 Battery VGA+HDMI dual video interface, this configuration p is bound to fully consider the user's needs. Usually connected to the display, HDMI can provide a convenient fast video signal transmission, and the need to connect the projector and other equipment, VGA port and can not be directly connected to the direct connection, very convenient for users to use.

Life for the business, more is the middle of the pros and cons of the trade-off between the product, because life and weight, performance (the same generation hardware) is often antagonistic relationship, both results can only be compromised on the one hand. In order to ease the contradiction between the relationship, many manufacturers in the form of the battery began to do the article, which try to a maximum number of ACER. Before V310 will be changed into CD-ROM Yangtian battery, has made great achievements in life. And today's protagonist ACER TravelMate X359 gave us another answer.

C surface treatment and A face a relatively large difference. Although the same type of skin coating treatment, but the surface is presented as a smooth feeling like silk, this feeling is not through touch, but through the naked eye observation. Touch is obviously feel that the friction force is relatively large, compared to the A surface is more smooth and dry, and whether it is around the recessed portion or around the keyboard and no obvious seams, one relatively strong sense.

ACER TravelMate X359 design is a typical ACER style, this point from the A and the rotating shaft part will be able to obviously feel out. At first glance, you may not think this is an aluminum magnesium alloy body of the machine, because whether it is looking or feeling to give a person a kind of skin intimacy. ACER TravelMate X359 with 48wh ACER TravelMate X359 Battery overall appearance is more square, with a black body is particularly calm and steadfast. The front of the fuselage slightly inward tilt, close to the bottom of the wedge treatment. Although the body is founder but does not appear thick and bulky, because the machine is only the thickness of 19.5mm.

A face design extension of the two section of the ACERK series design, according to the top of the A is about a finger width of the position of the dividing line, the A face is divided into two parts, this design makes A face simple but not dull. A surface of the spray treatment, the surface presents a very fine particles, and there are scattered but relatively uniform reflection effect, visual sense of a kind of matte. Surface painting brings as much skin as the touch, very smooth. At the same time, logo also uses the bright surface treatment, and A surface overall temperament is very consistent.

On the screen, the aircraft is equipped with a 12.5 inches of fog screen high-definition screen resolution of 1366 x 768, although not all HD but in 12 inch machine completely acceptable. By software Spyder5 test can be seen, the screen color gamut reached 61% of the sRGB, 45% of the NTSC, the overall color drift in an acceptable range, to deal with the use of business is fully adequate. The actual perception, the screen display is relatively clear, color performance is good, is a comprehensive quality is the screen.

Through the appearance can obviously feel, the whole design is composed of style, although there is no special attraction, but still can feel a simple beauty. The most important is, in the plain appearance below is the aluminum magnesium alloy body design, durable. The design of the inside and outside is very rare.

When you open the X359 with built-in ACER TravelMate X359-M Battery package when you will be surprised to find that the packaging more out of a battery, it can not make a mistake packing line workers let you pick up a cheap, but the machine comes standard with two batteries. The machine is how to realize the hot plug battery without power off, we will be back on the line.


SAGER NP8151 NP8151-S NP8152 NP8152-S NP8153 NP8153-S Review

This machine is equipped with an Intel Core i7 6700HQ into standard voltage processor, cache 6MB, frequency of 2.6GHz, the core frequency accelerated after can be increased to 3.5 GHz, with eight threads quad core design, the maximum TDP is 45W. We used R10 CINEBENCH to test the performance of the processor, its single core score of 5787 points, while the quad core score of 25060 points, compared with the previous generation of the same level processor has improved.

Next we also adopted the pcmark 8 to the product's overall performance evaluation, test items for home for, which mainly comprises web browsing, word processing, image processing, video processing and games, close to the user's actual application model, from the point of view of final 4634 points results, the SAGER NP8151 is a powerful performance of the game of the product, because the pcmark 8 test can reach more than 3000 points of products is relatively rare, reaching more than 4000 is rare.

In addition on the thermal design, the SAGER NP8151 with 14.8v built-in 60wh 4cells SAGER NP8151 Battery will main heating elements are arranged in the middle of the keyboard by position, which is near the power button, so here to feel obvious heat, and frequent contact with the user's keyboard, wrist support around side of the location is not heating element row cloth, so the overall heat experience very comfortable.

SAGER smart shield disk protection system and 3D sensors can be instantaneous induced shock, immediately and automatically stop hard disk read and write, properly protect the hard disk data, avoid damage and loss, multi range to protect data security, let you feel at ease to work, no longer have to worry about missing data. Coolsense intelligent induction, laptops to detect the surrounding environment, on performance and the air outlet make adjustments, optimum air flow, rearrange the components inside the computer, make your computer run more stable, provide comfortable use experience, for your entertainment Tour Escort.

Early in April this year, Leap Motion and SAGER announced together with cooperation, the manual control technology was introduced for the first time in the field of PC. Manual control technology leap motion can let a person through the finger control a computer, including image scaling, moving, rotating and operating instructions, precise control, vibration free writing, the system for induction interval can accurate to one hundredth of a millimeter (much higher than the Kinect). This sub millimeter 3D manual control technology, almost to the human hand and image integration. This evaluation in the post will also be explained in detail.

In the sound area, we once again saw the book order "beats" logo. Familiar with the notebook's friends will know that in the PC manufacturers, beats and SAGER for the only cooperative manufacturers, to bring the user an excellent audio-visual feast. The keyboard is under the integration of the touch pad, compared with the previous product, the machine does not add a shortcut to disable the touch pad, but also may be due to the reasons for the large body. On the right side of the touch panel is the biggest highlight of the machine Motion --Leap somatosensory controller. Through the Fn+ space bar to achieve rapid opening and closing, but need to cooperate with the software to use. Motion Leap somatosensory controller on the right side of the fingerprint identification, to increase the security of information security.

SAGER NP8152 body is relatively large with 4cell SAGER NP8152 Battery, slightly worse in terms of portability. But everything has both advantages and disadvantages, SAGER NP8152 because of the large body, interior space and naturally there will be a lot of space to set the heat dissipation and leap motion controller. SAGER NP8152 in the interface is also equipped with a relatively complete. Most of the interfaces are arranged on the left side of the fuselage, in turn, is a child lock hole, a heat sink interface, a HDMI interface, a RJ-45 network interface, a dual USB3.0 interface, and a plurality of card reader.

We in the D face is also a simple "Beats" logo sound, with the fuselage C stereo sound at the same time for consumers to bring the shock of hearing experience. Before the evaluation of the performance of the machine, take a look at the hardware configuration of the machine. Equipped with Core fourth generation i7-4702MQ Intel processor, CPU clocked at 2.2GHz, the highest frequency of core frequency up to 3.2GHz, integrated HD Intel 4600 core graphics. DDR3 1600MHz 8GB memory, HDD 1TB x SSD 2+24GB hard disk. 17.3 inches LED display 1920 x 1080 resolution, support ten point touch. Independent graphics GeForce GT 750M NVIDIA (4GB), to meet the needs of consumers to play large 3D games. It is worth mentioning that the machine comes with the latest Windows 8.1 operating system.

In the backpack travelers, if there is this one thickness only 12.3mm, is connected to a power source is not more than 1.4Kg of the high performance portable the carrying, must also be a reassuring happiness. U306UA, just like a portable book that can make people feel at ease.

Open the SAGER NP8153 exclusive bags, from top to bottom in turn we can see the SAGER mouse, is exclusive SAGER NP8153 with 60wh SAGER NP8153 Battery multi-layer protective foam covering this game and the most mysterious water dock, the overall layout is rational. Will be used to fix the laptop body and water expansion dock of the "sticky buckle belt" open, you can go smoothly from SAGER NP8153 exclusive bags will be removed from the two. Here need to be reminded that, due to the water expansion dock front was a prominent, take off the first to be covered in the protective foam around them. Complete the box part, then we Hollywood part of a detailed understanding of the SAGER NP8153 and the expansion of water.


ASUS ZenBook Flip UX560UA UX560UQ UX560UX Review

ASUS ZenBook UX560U is also the continuation of the drawing processing of ZenBook series, the fuselage for the silver color, the new high end models. The screen has reached 15.6 inches IPS UHD 4K screen, the color display is very good. The light of the shape and thickness can compete with apple, mold silver concentric style workmanship, elegant atmosphere, suitable for urban trendsetter purchase.

In convenient configuration, ASUS UX560U is equipped with GTX960M and Intel Core i7-4720HQ strength models. It is equipped with a Intel Core i7 4720HQ processor, 16GB 512GB memory, SSD hard disk; graphics for the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M.

ASUS's ZenBook series has been a top product in the notebook area, elegant design, excellent portability and good price, so ZenBook has a very high competitive. Like the first ZenBook five years ago, the same, and now the UX560 with 15.2v ASUS UX560U Battery is also the star of the product.

But not only is the ultra, in fact, 15 inch notebook also has a lot of loyal users, although 13 inches of ZenBook is more common, but does not mean that 15 inches of products do not have the market. ASUS also did not give up the 15 inch notebook market, for example, in the last year released ZenBook NX500 is the first equipped with quantum dot technology notebook, and now the new UX560U has become a substitute, and more cost-effective.

From the configuration point of view, UX560U is impressive, including the Intel core i7-6700HQ processor, 16GB of memory to run, GeForce GTX 960M and 2GB GDDR5 memory card, 512GB SSD and 4K Ultra HD display, which makes UX560U super competitive. Of course, its price is only $1500 (about 9800 yuan), a lot cheaper than the same specifications of competitors.

If you need a guaranteed performance notebook, and the budget is not so abundant, then the ASUS UX560U is the market price of the flagship notebook. Of course, in portability, UX560U also lags behind XPS 15 or Pro MacBook.

As a digital love photography, love toss about people, whether it is a trial evaluation, or their own, and can not change the habit of sharing this habit. Together to explore, so that it can be more perfect, more comprehensive understanding of the experience of this product. Today to share with you is the ASUS ZenBook Pro UX560U (4K high version screen notebook).

Maybe UX560U seems so perfect that it's incredible, so is it really so good? We can look at it together.

Although UX560U is a lot cheaper than the NX500, but also the use of metal silver, which some of the lack of new ideas, while watching is also good, but compared with Apple's MacBook Pro, the lack of more texture, but also like DELL XPS15. Overall, ASUS UX560U is like a car in the field of Toyoda Kamimizu, outstanding, but mediocre.

The UX560U with 8cell ASUS ZenBook Flip UX560UA Battery weighs 5 pounds, compared to 15 inches MacBook Pro 0.5 pounds, 1 pounds heavier than the DELL XPS15, a thickness of 0.8 inches, but overall the UX560U feels not bulky, or even on the market more portable 15 inch notebook.

On one side of the UX560U, we saw three USB3.0 interfaces, Type-C/Thunderbolt USB 3 structure. At the same time also includes the HDMI interface, the microphone interface and 3.5 mm headphone port, of course, SDXC card reader. These almost identical with XPS15, although Pro MacBook less than the USB 3 interface, but it has two Thunderbolt 2 interface, which is superior to each other to see the individual needs of users.

Before NX500 keyboard reputation in general, but there is not much change on the UX560U. The UX560U cap is white, the same lack of contrast with the body, looks mediocre. In fact, ASUS could have made more improvement to the keycap contour, and make more rounded edges, so the keyboard texture, can improve a lot.

In the feel, the whole is more reasonable, but according to the end of the feedback is relatively small. The gap between each button is relatively large, so I feel that the design of the button is somewhat small. In addition, ASUS cut the UX560U with 50wh ASUS ZenBook Flip UX560UQ Battery digital keyboard area, which is often for users of Excel digital input is not very convenient, but it can simplify the body size, and to bring more space for the touch panel.

Keyboard backlight UX560U provides three levels of transparency, basically can meet the requirements of most users, but some of the key light is not uniform, it seems contrary to the flagship notebook location.

Touch panel, UX560U around the space is very large, the response is much smoother. Although the occasional use of the area beyond the problem, but usually brought about by the use of habits, and slowly can be resolved.

In addition, when we see the display panel and the glass screen, the problem becomes more serious, in fact, from a point of view, even almost no picture

We test the UX560U is equipped with a 4K ultra high-definition display, currently on the market with such resolution models is not much, but the UX560U screen or let us see a vexing problem: that is the screen glare. In any high brightness light, the UX560U with built-in ASUS ZenBook Flip UX560UX Battery screen is like a mirror, especially when we use the back of the window, the problem is very serious.


HP 240 250 G5 and ASUS ZenBook UX330UA review

This time we evaluate to bring you is the series of a new model, it is HP 240 G5. Since Intel in August 30th officially released the seventh generation core platform, PC manufacturers have gradually started to update the product configuration. Although the seventh generation core platform in the process, power consumption, but the operation performance still has a certain degree of ascension. As the saying goes, "do not buy the old buy new", the next year, PC users will no doubt from the sixth generation to the seventh generation core core comprehensive platform forward. HP 240 G5 is notebook computer, the first batch of products to the seventh generation core platform.

Next, let us through this review, a comprehensive interpretation of the characteristics of HP 240 G5 models, but also let us look at the performance of seventh generation core processors in the end what?

HP 240 G5 series notebook with 41wh HP 240 G5 Battery a total of three kinds of different color models, in addition to the wisdom of the blue, bright eye gold two kinds of color, we have today to get the evaluation of products using a deep color matching. The body uses a deep gray metal panel to build, A surface did not do special processing, and C surface is used to make the metal wire drawing texture decoration. The whole machine gives a person's first feeling a bit like XPS 15, but the details are very different.

This machine is equipped with Intel core i5 7200U for low voltage processor core i5 6200U processor, corresponding to the previous generation. Its three level cache for 3MB, the main frequency of 2.5GHz, the core frequency can be increased to 3.1GHz after the accelerated to, the use of dual core four thread design, the maximum 15W of TDP.

First, we use the CINEBENCH R10 on the performance of this processor is tested, the single core score of 6499 points, two score of 14573 points, the overall performance is very good, with a variety of mainstream applications currently can provide excellent operational performance. And the single core score with a generation of standard voltage processor Intel Core i7 6700HQ.

Next, we also adopted the overall performance of the PCMark 8 of the product was evaluated, test items for Work accelerated, which includes several Web browsing, word processing, image processing, video processing and so on, the actual application mode close to the user, from the final score of 4229, HP G5 250 is a very good performance the notebook products, can deal with all kinds of office applications.

We followed up on the core i5 7200U conducted comparative test of CINEBENCH R11.5 and R15, please see the following column chart:

From the test results, thanks to higher and stronger frequency and with the frequency of the small increases give i5 7200U performance significantly behind the previous generation product i5 6200U, very close to the higher positioning of i7 6500UCPU.

The seventh generation core platform HP 250 G5 was upgraded in graphics core, core i5 7200U equipped with HD 620 core display and 4cell HP 250 G5 Battery, through the 3DMark 11 test can be seen, P file the graphics score of 1311 points, compared with the previous generation HD 520 differences and unlike operation performance so much.

The three point UX330UA ASUS ZenBook can be said to be common nowadays the ultra-thin, mainly the trial groups than the market for business travelers, greatly reduce air travel during loading, want to buy a laptop for business use, the machine is now one of the best portable selection, performance strong enough, lightweight enough.

As everyone knows, computer show in Taipei, ASUS ZenBook UX330UA with built-in 57wh ASUS UX330U Battery and 3Pro Ling Ling Huan Huan three new products have already appeared in the world, however, was not the name, then the name is still the continuation of the ASUS ZEN series notebook product naming, respectively is: ZenBook 3, ZenPad 3 and ZenPad 3 Pro, why the Chinese conference will ASUS with a new Chinese named China to show to consumers?

To this end, ASUS said: "the reason is the market reaction to the name of our past, we have been using English name, but give me feedback channels, it is difficult for users to resonate, which is why we want to use the Chinese name, this is the end of the market feedback. ASUS has its own layout in each product line, each product has its own positioning, like ZenBook with smart, beautiful, brilliant, represents a kind of taste, is the pursuit of high quality; and the spirit of the pursuit of the ultimate shine continuously, constantly breaking and value seeking new opportunities and new."

In fact, not only is ASUS, some PC manufacturers other recent new products also increased the new Chinese, this naming is not only in order to make better China identification of users, even in the most simple words summed up the essence of the series notebook, ZenBook and Ling Hwan these two words to think I feel Reiki full.

I do not know when to start, ASUS has fallen in love with the concentric circle design, every classic flagship is always the design, ASUS UX330UA ZenBook will be so. ASUS UX330UA ZenBook has three kinds of color, respectively, royal blue, rose gold and quartz dust, this time we test is the rose gold version of the machine, but also the majority of girls, and even boys are preferred color.

ASUS UX330UA A ZenBook face can be said to be full of texture, with a slight downward slope of the four makes the machine overall look very delicate.

ASUS ZenBook UX330UA body is very small with 4cell ASUS ZenBook UX330UA Battery, a piece of A4 paper will be able to cover this small, I believe every real people will love to see it, and put in the briefcase is a very easy thing.


ASUS FX502V FX502VM and ASUS ZenBook UX510UW UX510UX review

Don't be thin body thickness of 0.9 feet of it to cheat, ASUS Asus ROG FX502V game player country's a monster, but this game notebook equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX970M graphics card, at a starting price of $1399 (about 9298 yuan), this test machine is priced at $1599 (about 10627 yuan this ROG FX502V yuan), there is a perception of good 1080P screen, high speed SSD and a range of other games to shame laptop battery, but also some short board such as playing games when the overheating temperature and sound more mediocre.

After testing so many games, I have the appearance of their visual fatigue, basically every vendor of the game is a black shell with a number of red color. But this time ASUS to a point not the same, black shell and orange combination. Most of the housing material used is brushed metal surface, A two orange line is very eye-catching, black sheep eye orange Logo embedded in the two line, looked full of faith. But you will definitely need a clean rag time beside the computer, because this laptop is simply a fingerprint collector, every time you touch, will hand in his notebook.

Open the notebook shell, you will see the touch panel of the right side there is a prodigal eye Logo, faith almost everywhere, the black cap above letter is carved with orange WASD, these keys are holomorphic orange, very eye-catching, playing the vanguard to watch absolutely not forget how to walk.

The ROG FX502V with 8cell ASUS FX502V Battery weighs 4.85 pounds, body size is 15.3 x 10.5 x 0.9 feet, than the Gigabyte Aorus X5s V5 (5.5 pounds, 15.4 x 10.7 x 0.9 feet) and 15 Alienware (6.6 lb, 15.2 x 10.6 x 1.3 feet) to light, but compared to the Razer Blade (4.2 lb, 13.6 x 9.3 x 0.7 feet) it has to be a little.

ASUS to provide a lot of FX502V interface, you can connect a number of peripheral equipment, to create a perfect playing machine environment. The right side of the fuselage has two USB3.0 interface, SD card reader, earphone hole and anti-theft lock. On the left side there is a USB, Type-C USB3.0 interface, Display Mini interface, HDMI, Ethernet interface and power interface.

This screen is FX502V although unlike other notebook so smooth, but also feel very good, the resolution of 1080P 15.6 inch screen, rich color, high contrast, I see in the "Star Trek: beyond the stars", is also very rich in detail. This full HD screen in my play "doom" when left me a very deep impression, can see the game protagonist armor perplexing details.

As with ASUS's own notebooks, FX502V with 15v ASUS FX502VM Battery installed a Splendid Utility visual adjustment software, there are four kinds of results are available: standard, soft, warm and cool, and can adjust the screen color, I use a warm mode, I think the best impression.

The sRGB color saturation of this screen is 109%, higher than the Alienware 15 (98%) is higher, but compared to Blade (120%) is still a little bit worse. At the same time the color of FX502V is also very high, Delta-E value is 0.49, which is a very good result (Razer Blade 0.95). In the test of screen brightness, the brightness of 273 nits in mean FX502V.

IDC recently released data report predicts that 2015 PC market will shrink further, it seems that in one of the major vendors if you want to get a good result needs to be more hard to do. Veteran PC manufacturers ASUS 9 this month in Beijing released its latest notebook and combo products, ZenBook UX501 is the product of this conference is the largest in size, it also seems to be the ASUS U series of the first 15.6 inch products, to ensure thin body at the same time it also has a powerful hardware performance, bring the following comprehensive evaluation of it.

ASUS UX501 full metal body design, in addition to the screen surface is plastic material with magnesium alloy with higher strength and feel better. Silver color the low-key but not luxurious, for pragmatic, business sense. UX501 body A surface using ASUS commonly used concentric circles of texture design, but compared with the previous product is not very obvious circular texture.

And most of the same product, UX501 with ASUS ZenBook UX510UW Battery camera is located above the screen, dual array microphone on both sides of the microphone, the camera status indicator is located on the right side of the camera.

Although the thickness of the body than the previous 15.6 inch products significantly reduced, but the number of ASUS UX501 interface does not shrink, on the left side of the fuselage, which is equipped with a USB 3 interface, HDMI interface, a standard size, a mini DP interface and power interface; on the right side of the fuselage, which has two USB 3 ports SD, a card reader and a headset / microphone combo interface. Such an interface configuration is absolutely able to meet the needs of most users of daily use.

ASUS UX501 bare weight 1.876 kg, travel weight of 2.43 kg, compared with the mainstream 15.6 inch notebook a lot of light, but this weight can barely be portable, and large body size also doomed it is not the flagship portable models.

ASUS UX501 compared to claim 18 mm thickness of Pro15 MacBook thick some, but such a thickness in the 15.6 inch notebook is definitely a thin type of products.

ASUS UX501 with ASUS ZenBook UX510UX Battery has a variety of screen versions available, we get the machine is equipped with a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution IPS fog screen, consumers can choose the highest resolution 4K resolution (temporarily uncertain whether to support the touch).


ASUS ZenBook UX410UA UX410UQ and LENOVO YOGA 310 review

Obviously, the six generation core +Win10 can bring the use of more efficient, safe and stable long term experience, but also save the cost, which is entirely consistent with the enterprise demand for PC, so your old equipment upgrade is undoubtedly correct.

The 4 game player plays the master Garrett, the legend of same series. Steal treasures, molested main overlord Baron, the protagonist is also equipped with a belt special function arrow bow, stick, catch cable, lock picking tools and other equipment. The game uses the first person perspective, a collection of adventure elements using intelligent design, so that players completely control, free choice to complete the level of the way to overcome every challenge. In the 1920 x 1080 resolution, high quality running game Benchmark program, measured the average frame rate is 24.7fps.

Compared to an eye to see the overall appearance, the details of the part of the deal is no doubt more able to reflect a notebook is enough intentions, but also more able to show the style and quality of the machine itself.

LENOVO YOGA uses a CNC 3 diamond cutting process, we can see the whole body aches and touchpad, even the fingerprint reader has peripheral edge surrounded by silver. Give people the most intuitive visual perception is that it is very delicate, full of sense of scale, rather to discuss the love of young users.

The back support of YOGA 310 is very unique, and different Surface type bracket Mandaijie, this machine adopts the hollow bracket design, which can support the angle between 0-165 degrees. The bottom of the bracket is provided with a magnetic force, and can be firmly arranged on the surface of the machine when not in use. And the side of the support pattern of laser in appearance but also played a decorative role. But we do not have to worry about breaking the hollow bracket will be such a problem, and the same bracket made of metal material, and the bottom of the bracket is also very reliable reinforcement.

Limited to a very thin body, in this aspect of the interface YOGA 310, USB 3, Type-C Micro, 4cells LENOVO YOGA 310 Battery, USB SD card slot, 3.5mm headset interface a lot, these interfaces are concentrated in the right side of the machine. Micro and SD socket just to see its key, key focus on the left side of the power button, volume keys were in, and LENOVO YOGA 310 Win key has become a key entity, these keys overall feel hard, the key process is relatively long, it is still very comfortable.

ASUS ZenBook UX410U notebook looks beautiful and lovely, the notebook cover with anodic aluminum oxide, the thickness of 12.3 mm, it is clear that this is a thin notebook.

However, the ZenBook UX410U design also has its own bright spot, for example, its air intake and exhaust fan is very consistent with aesthetics. Like Air ZenBook, UX410U Macbook's edge of the body is not an ugly grille.

The rich port is one of the key advantages of ZenBook UX410U notebook. It is equipped with 3 USB 3 ports, 1 micro-HDMI ports and 1 SD card reader ports. As for the connection, ZenBook UX410U with 7.7V ASUS UX410U Battery supports standard Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Gigabit ethernet.

At the beginning of the trial, I was very ZenBook UX410U laptop power interface for a while, because the port looks very loose, and the connection line will often fall. And then I found out that it was only a temporary problem. I suspect that the internal design of the ZenBook UX410U laptop might have happened to be in the power jack.

ZenBook UX410U notebook is the biggest feature of course, 3200 x 1800 pixel resolution screen, on this point I will be described in detail later. If you think this high score screen is not necessary, you can also spend less money (550 pounds) to buy 1080p resolution.

Other configurations of the UX410 with built-in ASUS ZenBook UX410UA Battery also include optional 4/8GB memory, SSD 128/256GB. ZenBook UX410U notebook's highest configuration price of 815 pounds.

I believe that, for the majority of consumers, is the most worth to buy ZenBook UX410U laptop is the core M3-6Y30 processor performance. I can only say that the processor performance than the previous generation UX410U equipped with a lot of processor performance. In addition, ZenBook UX410U notebook graphics performance is also improved by 40%. ZenBook UX410U notebook keyboard is very common, there is no backlight function, in the dark environment, typing is not smooth.

Superb screen is clearly the biggest advantage of ZenBook UX410U notebook, it is equipped with the sub light IPS panel provides a good visual angle, the screen brightness and color saturation are also very impact. But the problem was that when I tested the ZenBook UX410U laptop with a chroma meter, I found that it was not as impressive as it was.

Test results show that the contrast of ZenBook UX410U laptop screen is 476:1, which is the lowest level in the high-end notebook I have recently tested. In general, the high-end notebook screen contrast should be around 1000:1.

In addition, ZenBook UX410U notebook screen blackness is 0.8nits, brightness of 403nits, it is arch-criminal blackness pulled down the entire contrast level. Strangely, in practical applications, the performance of the above test results is not obvious. I try to play a few widescreen movies, and will play the same movie ViewSonic VP2700 place in the side, the difference is not obvious, but the color ZenBook UX410U notebook will be green.

So my opinion is that, for most users, the ZenBook UX410U laptop with buillt-in 8cells ASUS ZenBook UX410UQ Battery screen is good enough. Of course, this is only for the daily watch video, photo requirements, if you need to edit pictures, video files, or make a detour.


ASUS F555L F555LA F555UA and ASUS X555LA review

ASUS's F series has been one of the most popular consumer welcome a series of models, in addition to the performance of the overall hardware players in the country series, is almost the highest configuration. And relatively more close to the people of the price to become a F series of competitive performance. Now F series push new products, the new F555 can continue the F series of good work performance and good performance? Today we'll have a look.

In terms of hardware configuration, ASUS F555 continuation of the F series of high-end grade style, in the mainstream notebook can be said to be quite luxurious. This test of the ASUS F555 engineering prototype is equipped with a i7-4700HQ quad core eight thread processor, the default frequency of 2.4GHz, up to 3.4GHz after the core frequency acceleration. In addition, the aircraft is equipped with 1600MHz 16GB memory, 750GB Seagate hard disk and a superior performance of the GT750M independent graphics, hardware performance is absolutely guaranteed.

In addition to the performance of the hardware configuration, we see F555 with 37wh ASUS F555L Battery as compared to the previous N56 the biggest change from the screen, compared to the N56 1080p Full HD TN screen, the new F555 is equipped with a better 1080p display full HD wide angle IPS hard screen for the user, and support for touch, with Win8 system more reliable. But it is worth noting that, due to receive this ASUS F555 engineering prototype, in the compatibility of hardware and systems have some problems, so in the actual touch screen of this prototype is not good, please choose to ignore. The next official listing of the case is generally the case, the first batch of the first listed models will not be equipped with a touch screen, and the second batch of models in the F555 will be equipped with a touch screen. So we can according to their needs to decide whether or not to wait with the touch screen model. Said such a practical problem, we look at the following from the details of the ASUS F555.

In the body material, compared to the previous work has also been significantly improved, the new F555L overall all of the use of metal materials and discarded before the bottom cover engineering plastic material. In addition to the new F555 screen to upgrade to 1080p Full HD resolution IPS hard screen really is not a small upgrade, and the subsequent second batches of listed models will have a touch function also allows F555 to have a more fit with the Win8 interaction.

The appearance can be said to be the first impression, if the product performance is needed long time to be able to appreciate the difference in performance is shrinking today, appearance is often the important factors to urge consumers to buy desire, let's take a look at the ASUS F555 appearance and body which has the features.

ASUS's overall use of magnesium alloy shell to build, top style and F555 with built-in ASUS F555LA Battery style similar to before, but there are different, the exquisite degree of magnesium alloy wire drawing process further, and cancel the top plastic strip on the cover of N56, show a complete visual system cover.

In addition to the top of the central Logo F series of the continuation of the previous design, Logo can be reflected by the transparent engineering plastic inlay, usually off the state will show a dazzling reflection. And after the boot, the top cover Logo radiation out of a uniform soft white backlight, the design and the N system is almost exactly the same.

The interface design of ASUS F555 is quite rich, 15.6 inches of the body is covered with a variety of interface, but the interface between the distance control is still relatively good, the user should not have to plug crowded phenomenon when in use.

There are 1 integrated headset microphone interface and 2 USB3.0 interface on the left side of the fuselage design (one with a charge off function), 1 miniVGA ports, 1 HDMI high-definition interface, RJ-45 network interface, external fat black speakers special interface and power interface.

After ASUS F555 did not design any interface at both ends of the front of the fuselage design, with a status indicator, indicator 5, respectively, indicating switch state, the state of charge of the battery, the hard disk read and write state, wireless connection status, sensitive switch.

In addition, the ASUS F555 with 4cell ASUS F555UA Battery uses the rear heat radiation design, the engine's cooling air outlet and the air inlet channel are all in the rear axle of the back end of the fuselage. So there is no obvious heat sink in the rest of the body. The heat sink is hidden in the rotating shaft for the appearance of the whole machine is quite helpful, more concise and uniform is who are willing to see.

The right side of the machine body has a 3.5mm headset microphone interface, 2 interface, USB and DVD CD-ROM safety lock. Although DVD is now CD-ROM for ordinary people and not what use, but for some specific user groups is still very necessary.

Thermovent design, ASUS X555L with 7.5V ASUS X555LA Battery uses a conventional left cooling air outlet, and at the D surface of the base part of the design of two cooling air inlet, the heat dissipation effect is very good, in the test and the actual use of the process, the machine does not have hot feeling, hands in the cooling air outlet the position of the air flow can feel good.