HP ZBook 15 G3 15u G3 Mobile Workstation and ASUS ZenBook UX305CA review

We know that the audience of the mobile workstation is mostly some professionals in the field of graphics, animation design population, so in terms of screen resolution for moderately, need to see more and more delicate global picture on a particular screen. Therefore, the mobile workstation resolution has been compared with other models for high.

On the screen, the border is set up with a high-definition camera, and the two sides of the array with built-in microphone, the user in the daily work, meeting communication, you can have a higher quality video guarantee. At the same time, the camera work indicator can readily identify the camera's open state, to further protect the privacy is not violated.

The HP ZBook 15 with 4cell HP ZBook 15 G3 Battery is no exception, 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution, the display effect is clear and beautiful, but also supports 4 times super HD 3200 x 1800 resolution. At the same time, matte anti glare design, timely in the outdoor light, still can clearly display the bad environment, adaptable.

Since ASUS launched the first ZenBook so far, there have been nearly four years of history, every year will bring a surprise, or higher performance, or more frivolous, or more stylish, but it is like a landmark building in general can let us recognize that it is ASUS. The launch of the new UX305C opened prelude to update this ZenBook, equipped with a new generation of Intel Core Duo processor M-5Y71 it exactly how to do? We still have a look at the next evaluation.

Parameters from the point of view, compared to the UX305C and before the ZenBook. The most obvious place is the processor of the downgrade, without the use of consistent equipped with Core i7 processor series, interface slightly altered only equipped with a micro HDMI interface, thickness and weight also decreased significantly. Model and configuration from the point of view, UX305C can be regarded U303 upgraded version of the, and carrying the fifth generation Core i7 processor ux305 with ASUS UX305C Battery should be launched in the near future.

Look carefully, on the edge of the screen frame, a circle of very narrow pad, than the plane of the screen high a little bit, this design does not affect the appearance, at the same time, can better reduce vibration screen opening and closing process and C plane collision.

Chess Benchmark Fritz is a chess test software, but it does not exist independently, but the "Fritz9" this internationally recognized chess program in a test performance. It allows us to complete the X86 computer IBM "deep blue" had done, that is, the calculation of the international chess game, although our personal computers are still unable to 10 years ago, IBM's "deep blue", and whether in terms of processor architecture, nodes or AIX operating systems are a big gap, but Chess Benchmark is currently the best way to calculate and predict the software, but also allows us to see the current use of personal computers in the end to what level. At the same time, the software also gives a reference parameter, which can be 480000 steps per second in the 1.0G P3 processor.

PCMark 8 is a new generation of comprehensive performance testing software, can measure the performance of various types of PC. Whether it is in the hands of professionals, or in the hands of ordinary users, can be through him to understand the system performance, Vantage PCmark is considered an upgraded version. PCmark8 includes a very large number of test data, including seven different testing steps, from a total of 25 independent working load, covering the storage, computing, image and video processing, network browsing, games and other aspects of the daily application of PC to evaluate our hardware capabilities.

The mobile workstation with 6cell HP ZBook 15u G3 Battery C surface, the use of metal material to build, feel very comfortable, it seems to be full of texture. Black chocolate keyboard, feel good, while two of the backlight design, in the light of space, the use is very convenient. In addition to setting up the independent digital keypad, digital input for frequent users, more convenient.

At present, with the continuous progress of the software and hardware technology, notebook computer mobile entertainment center concept has entered the public life. "Entertainment" is the ultimate end of the game, while the other contains the appearance, video, touch, etc., in 2014 the ASUS Aspire flagship P series is one of the best. Especially this time last year during the world cup, "e playing excellent football theme let more people see aspire E15/E14 are rich and unique appearance color and whipped up a colorful fashion.

Must see the P series of good market feedback, in not long ago "entered the future" ASUS new conference, new 2015 models P series laptop colorful appearance in front of the media. As asus's new flagship Entertainment Notebook, P2520L series with high capacity ASUS P2520L Battery have ASUS unique 3D printing appearance + laser etching technique of natural fabric texture design and fashion nowadays color for to select, in paragraph 14 of E15 colored, and 15 new E15 has six colors, respectively is: charcoal grey, white cotton, blue jeans, tropical yellow, purple violet and rose, and 15 kinds of E14 also has a coral pink and glaciomarine blue. Configuration, the screen is equipped with a new blue eye protection technology, the maximum reduction of 54% blue light damage, effective protection of vision. The interior has a faster and more powerful fifth generation Intel processor GF900 Series graphics, so that it is a leader in the mainstream notebook, high-end gaming entertainment also can respond. In addition, in addition to the rich interface, the new shutdown charging capabilities to allow users to mobile phones, tablet PCs at any time to charge gas.

Test results, we mainly refer to the CloudGate model, a comprehensive score of 3696, graphics score of 3052, even with the entry level independent graphics card GT820M, but also a certain gap, so it is not suitable for games.

Using 14nm process core M-5Y71, power consumption and lower heat generation, TDP thermal design power only 4.5w, SDP scene design power of only 3.5W, the fanless design become possible. M-5Y71 has a dual core four thread core, clocked at 1.2GHz, the maximum turbo to 2.9GHz.

Through test results of cinebench R15 and processor and other products are compared, we can found that the core M-5Y71 single core performance and i5-4200u similar to the mid levels, overall performance than i3-4010U slightly low but respond to the family video and music entertainment sure to mention.

In order to realize the fanless design, ASUS ZenBook UX305C with core m processor instead of the i7, in order to take care of the weight and thickness, also had to abandon independent graphics, did make the performance down a lot. But from the actual use of the situation, if only the home HD video, or a simple business office, UX305C with ASUS ZenBook UX305CA Battery is still a very good choice.

Different from before the hair silk texture patterns, the appearance of the ASUS P2520L using 3D printing combined with laser etching technique of natural fabric texture design and the use of the latest 3D printing will be natural texture scan into digital files and precise printing mold, again by laser etching technique makes the fuselage surface flax lines and more close to the real, natural, which is currently the ASUS unique design style. The new ASUS P2520L offers up to six colors for the user to choose, the author got the cowboy blue models.

Compared to the commercially available most laptop anticlimactic design style, ASUS P2520L with ASUS P2520LA Battery are fully used natural fabric texture design and details for the user experience is very important. A Logo and BC surface whether color or feel are complement each other, through the touch of Logo will be able to feel the touch of the BC surface.


Newest LENOVO Yoga 4 Pro and ASUS X302L X302LA X302LJ review

Lenovo E series of classic version of E41 this a return to the classic version, we can see the originals E series of shadow on it, but in the details is different. Lenovo E series classic version of the E41 overall use of black matte design, top surface using a special bite wear resistant processing, collocation black can make up for the lack of non metallic material texture, anti scratch is also a metal material or skin coating not have the characteristics, you can be used for a long time after the new.

Based on the screen display, and not a color of the performance of the test, but for consumers to show the basic situation of the laptop screen, only for your reference.

Lenovo E series classic version of E41 with 4cell LENOVO E41-80 Battery uses a 14 inches FHD Full HD display with a resolution of 1080 x 4000, the price of 1920 yuan, with a full HD display of notebook products is not much, which is enough to see the classic version of the Lenovo E41 B's sincerity, users can enjoy a better visual experience.

As a branch of notebook industry in the cool, the major manufacturers are in their product shape design foot work, let originally party Founder notebook is edges and corners, and it is these edges and corners to attract the eyes of gamers. Lenovo launched this Y700 game with the is similar to the sports car appearance design, on behalf of the sedate black and represents passion red as the color is the finishing touch, make this product only through the appearance to attract the eyes of many game enthusiasts.

PCMark 8 is the benchmark for Windows system performance testing software, home (Home) testing is one of the test patterns (5), mainly to simulate the use of ordinary users of the environment, the test project covers the web browsing, document processing, picture edge, video chat and light load games, and contains OpenCL acceleration and traditional two test modes.

Geekbench is a long history of benchmark testing software, it has cross platform characteristics, support 32/64. In 2013 Geekbench upgrade to Geekbench 3, full support for Windows, Linux, OS X Mac, iOS, Android.

Due to the use of ultra-thin design, ASUS X302L to in the expansion capacity to do some compromise, can see the body only a HDMI video output interface, read two USB3.0 interface, a micro SD card reader, such expansion ability may for business users enough, but for some of the "fixed" users may is it see the elbow. Fortunately, HP is also taking into account the needs of this part of the user, the X302L with 38wh ASUS X302L Battery for the special design of HP, please look at the next page.

The machine adopts the 2560 x 1440 resolution ultra clear screen, as a 12.5 inches this match the resolution is the biggest benefit is that dramatically improves the precision of the show, and preinstalled windows 8.1 have done enough to show the optimization, so no matter word processing or application size menu can more normal display. From the point of view of the quality of the display, its brightness and color performance is excellent, the fog is designed to have a very strong outdoor environment adaptability (unlike the mirror reflects the sun light). In particular, the speaker is small.

A complete interface can meet the needs of the user's business office, video entertainment, whether it is to carry out data transmission or peripheral connection can be easily achieved.

Lenovo's E51 ,14.4V LENOVO E51-80 Battery, 4GB, hard disk storage space for 500GB, with 15.6 inches HD screen. In addition, such as high-definition camera, good thermal design, protection of the hard drive and the old metal bracket to effectively improve the product range, scene, environment, but also to ensure good stability.

We use Furmark pager software for all products tested, Furmark will be operating at full machine two large heating components of CPU and graphics card and run for 30 minutes after the temperature up to a limit of the height, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive see each machine in operation when the heat, we also use the fluke infrared thermal imager, respectively to observe the location of each temperature heating. (temperature span 28 C-50 C: lower than the lower limit of the temperature will be shown in black; more than the temperature limit will show white).

Thanks to Intel Core Processor m ultra low power / thermal design, make ASUS X302L notebook with 38wh ASUS X302LA Battery can achieve fanless design / zero running noise, and the body thickness of only 15.7mm and the weight of the whole machine is only 1.161Kg, match 12.5 inches body, will be able to show a strong carrying capacity, very suitable for often need to fly to fly to business travelers.

In November 9th this year, Lenovo in the International Conference Center announced the grand opening of 360 new YOGA Pro 4 notebook. It came out, let people continue to appreciate the spirit of Lenovo's ingenuity. The get the hand of this yoga 4 Pro is high version, it matches the Intel processor core i7-6500U, 16GB memory, 512gb SSD, a Samsung 13.3-inch 3200 * 1800 resolution touch screen, JBL speakers and so on, and pre installed windows 10 64 bit operating system.

Lenovo YOGA 4 Pro with 5900mAh LENOVO Yoga 4 Pro Battery can be regarded as one of the most beautiful notebook I have ever seen. 14.9 mm ultra-thin fuselage, champagne gold Tu Haojin appearance of color matching, leather texture of the palm rest, bracelet screen shaft, etc. these make this product looks really good. In addition, the Samsung ultra high resolution touch screen collocation JBL audio and video output combination, effectively protect the laptop's excellent audio and video effects.

Portable is the most basic needs of each business trip, and with the manufacturing technology and low power processor performance continues to progress, 1kg level fuselage equipped with mainstream performance has become possible, so when this basic problem is solved, we can not help thinking, ultra thin commercial and what new features can be excavated - material technology and progress space? Platform function can also be more intensified? Whether the battery life is too long to be able to charge the application needs of long...... Many problems, we use HP Folio X302L G2 (hereinafter referred to as X302L SE) for everyone to answer!

Need to tip everyone is, X302L with 4cell ASUS X302LJ Battery is divided into ordinary and SE version, the former weight is 1.2kg, and we are testing the latter, Edition Special special edition. Why is special because it uses a magnesium lithium alloy material to build, by in aluminum adding a small amount of lithium, magnesium and beryllium material for the fusion, the alloy density is very low, but the intensity is very high, so the machine weighs 1.05kg (the ordinary version of the weight in the above 1.2kg). In addition to magnesium lithium alloy, the machine also introduced carbon fiber material, can be said to be a high-tech fit.


LENOVO IdeaPad Y700 Touch pk HP Pavilion Gaming notebook

Branch of the game as the notebook industry sudden appearance of a new force, driven by the rapid development of the gaming industry at home and abroad, not only has a strong development potential, which is completely different from the ordinary notebook design cool, high-end hardware configuration also attracts the eyeball of a lot of people out of the loop, today Xiaobian to introduce as the marine special notebook Lenovo Y700!!!!!!!!!

Lenovo Y700 with 4400mAh LENOVO IdeaPad Y700 Touch Battery the launch of the game this is by professional gaming team LGD helped design and R & D, they according to its own need of all the games for game players create this game the. Lenovo Y700 not only inherited the Y series of tough hardware configuration, more cool in appearance design.

Since the release of the Omen series, the game has been no new news in this regard HP has released the latest version of the game Pavilion Gaming, this game has caused wide attention, because this game is a high limit of the price of the game, the main end users and mild game users, the current price is set at $5709, equivalent to 899 yuan.

In terms of configuration, Pavilion Gaming series with HP HSTNN-DB6T Battery is still able to meet the needs of users of the game, the processor has chosen to carry the sixth generation i5 or i7 processor, the highest 16GB memory, 1TB hybrid hard drive or hard drive +128GB 2TB hard drive, GeForce GTX 950M Nvidia graphics, 15.6 inches 1920x1080 resolution IPS display. It is worth mentioning, this game of the keyboard selection the green light, the Razer logo color also let this game the color values on the floor.

The right side of the machine is a notebook keyhole, large area of heat dissipation, open an HDMI interface, a USB interface and a 3.5mm audio interface is the interface of all. The power and hard disk light opening in the side of the design is very rare, this unique design style is really only HP such mold strong designed capacity of manufacturers to do.

In the body, Pavilion Gaming series of games this is not the pursuit of thin, the body thickness of 28.8mm, weight close to 2.5kg, the body color is selected a relatively stable black.

On 16 October 2015, HP in Beijing held to "unexpected, more fun" as the theme of the brand and new product launches, our today's hero Pavilion gaming notebook game the on the day of Heng Kong was born. Black green color signs, to gamers the most familiar WASD four keys for games on behalf of the spirit of the slogan and HP consistent Seiko secret agents of the workmanship and unique design of combination, in the mainstream game of the market immediately fried opened a piece to belong to own sky. Jingdong exclusive sales of the way in the end of the same time to eliminate the fake goods and transportation quality, the people who are interested in it only need can easily buy. Such a with honor and mission, connected HP and Jingdong this game channel pioneer Pavilion gaming notebook how?? Xiaobian this with you together crack this dark green shell game of the core.

Pavilion gaming notebook product with 4cell HP Pavilion Gaming Battery design still based on HP's basic design styles, a large curved circular chamfer and reflective of the HP logo as label general sworn HP. A surface is covered by the exquisite matte paint coating, feel good and not easy to leave fingerprints, is very practical design.

Thanks to 15.6 inches large size, touch in very big, in the actual testing process also benefits in this large size touch panels and feel crisp feedback clean keyboard, making the whole testing process not because of the unreasonable design of input devices and caused problems.

B surface design is concise and easy with HP HSTNN-LB6S Battery, a block provided by LG 15.6-inch screen combination is almost standard camera, microphone assembly with the HP logo is a part of the side B all.

On the left side of the machine has a power supply, a network interface and a USB 3.0 A USB2.0 interface, USB card reader slot cleverly hidden in the bottom of the USB interface, read, but close to the palm rest part is also designed a play large single game indispensable DVD drive.

Integration of the shell by carefully hollowed out design, the radiating air duct structure, this structure in other products is very rare. And in the design of the D surface, HP again reflects the mold design knowledge, the integration of the shell backplane using 4cell HP KI04 Battery like a matte painting process, radiator holes neat and refined directly on the back shell, and green mat together highlights the characteristics of HP Seiko secret agents.

Below we on the card to the running of the test, the first choice of the new 3dmark mode of CloudGate tested, the overall score for 21953. Graphics score as high as 64878, king not only in notebook computers, the score has gone beyond the many home computer graphics card.

To use new 3dmark fire strike model test. In the test screen can still run smoothly, basically no Caton here almost hair flick graphics performance. Through the above professional to run the software, everyone can see this ASUS X751M performance of very tough, but don't know about tough to what degree, so we use a very grounded run software - Master Lu, let everybody understand roughly ASUS X751M with 44wh ASUS X751MD Battery and other computer comparison.


LENOVO Yoga 700 and ASUS Q502L and MEDION Akoya E6417 E6418 E7417 review

When running 30 minutes after the temperature will be up to a limit of height. We used the FLUKE infrared thermal imager to observe the temperature of each position. Test environment temperature at 28 degrees C.

MobileMark 2012 is the Bapco launch of the notebook battery life testing software, and the last version, MobileMark 2012 for a comprehensive update, including the application list all updated to the latest application, the new software package is more consistent with the current user's use, the test results of the user's reference value is greater, the test items include: office, multimedia production, DVD player, pure reading, wireless Internet, etc..

Can see Lenovo Yoga 700 with 4cell LENOVO Yoga 700 Battery overall performance is still can be, but in the key U, O, I, the regional temperature is slightly higher, but for most users is difficult to apply to the Yoga 700 to the limit, so the heat dissipation problem need not be too worried.

For many users, especially for business purposes, Akoya is definitely an indelible mark. In the notebook after the development process of ups and downs, Akoya has become a gold lettered signboard, appearance, quality, workmanship, performance every point can allow users to keep firmly in mind. At the beginning of 2015, Akoya sales officially broke through the one hundred million mark, which is a milestone for the Akoya brand and many Akoya fans.

In addition, more let many Akoya fans excited, Akoya new listings this year have a common theme -- "regression". Yes, the fuselage design highlight Akoya lineage, the trackpad "back" to the three classic design, experience more than ever. Of course, at the same time there is a full range of product performance. Although the current performance of the notebook market is not eye-catching, but Akoya is definitely one of the alternative. Especially after joining the Medion family, Akoya has more "brother", X series, T series, E series, etc., so that users have more choices. Today, the author of the evaluation of the Akoya E6417 officially many Akoya with 4cell MEDION Akoya E6417 Battery, it can be described as a model of business!

The final test results, the average frame rate is 46.9 frames, the comprehensive level reached B grade, the overall performance is very good.

In addition, body side a delicate matte texture feel very comfortable, the opening and the closing of the computer and finger jointed closely, with appropriate damping rotary shaft can realize single hand opening and closing. Another advantage is the matte surface to avoid leaving fingerprints, perspiration, ensure the body clean.

DELL Latitude 3550 drive hot swappable module, according to the need to insert the DVD supermulti double disc recorder, a second hard disk bracket or Fujitsu weight loss is, installation is very simple. The interface position of E556 and E546 is the same as that of other E products, which makes use of more convenient. In order to meet the needs of the surrounding product connection, E556 provides a special RS232 serial port (port serial), so that the old peripheral devices or network devices can also be used in N150RD with 62wh CLEVO N150RD Battery.

Akoya and logo of and Medion in the upper left and upper right corner of the fuselage A. Logo Akoya subtitles "I" on the little red dot for breathing lights, will be based on the current operating state of the computer flashing, there is a good tip.

As a business classic T series, from the appearance design reflects the steady, at the same time, such as matte surface design details added to product perception, feel has been further improved, more in line with the standards of business people to buy.

Akoya E6418 with 4cell MEDION Akoya E6418 Battery uses a 14 - inch screen with a resolution of 1600:900, which has a good display effect, but also to avoid the side to ensure user privacy. At the top of the screen for the camera, the sides have noise reduction Mike as well as the camera. Can meet the needs of the user video calls, video conferencing, etc., in addition to the camera to effectively avoid the camera.

Even more important, the machine's battery life measured as high as 7.6 hours! Endurance test environment: power mode is balanced, the screen brightness is 50%, volume 40%, to maintain the WiFi network connection, the remaining 100% of the test before the battery is 1 hours 1080P local video after the remaining 87%. Visible, the 6W low-power Celeron N3050 processor although the performance in general, but can greatly improve the life time of the machine, which can guarantee a full day to go out without a power supply can satisfy most of the friends out asking.

Because the Q502L with 64wh ASUS Q502L Battery uses no fan design, presumably we are also concerned about the heat dissipation effect. Below, the author through the AIDA 64 software with the system stability testing tools for testing, testing process will be on the processor, memory and other components to continue reading, after 20 minutes of thermal imaging analysis. A thermal imaging can be seen, the body of the C surface heat mainly concentrated in the left 1/3, the maximum temperature of 44.3 degrees; the body of the D surface of the heat is mainly concentrated in the right 1/3, the maximum temperature of 39.8 degrees. Thus, the whole machine is not equipped with cooling fan and the body temperature in a high load state is also more ideal, but also the daily use of the basic will not achieve such a high load, the daily use of the basic need not worry about heat dissipation.

Located in the red spot in the center of the keyboard is still a touch of bright, sensitive and easy to use, habits can get rid of the mouse dependence, greatly enhance mobile application ability of the product.

In the screen around the border is also a long strip of plastic pad, to ensure that the computer is closed when the B surface and C surface will not direct contact, causing screen wear. Akoya E6417's fog face even in strong light has a good display effect, so the use of outdoor also have a very good experience.

Compliance with the using habit of user Akoya E7417 keyboard design and the 4cells MEDION Akoya E7417 Battery, arc cap increases and the contact area of the finger can effectively avoid false touch, entry to enhance the accuracy. In addition, the key to the key, the key is moderate, feel comfortable, press the button to have a clear sense of recognition and rebound.


ASUS GL552VW and ASUS EeeBook E202S E402M review

We use Furmark pager software for all products tested, Furmark will be operating at full machine two large heating components of CPU and graphics card and run for 30 minutes after the temperature up to a limit of the height, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive see each machine in operation when the heat, we also use the fluke infrared thermal imager, respectively to observe the location of each temperature heating.

To ensure that the test of justice, the second thermal test is in the first test after 150 minutes after minutes to ensure that the first test of the heat to be released, the test time is 9 am and 11:30. Can be seen in the open third generation Boost Cooler cooling technology, some of the temperature performance is indeed better than before, but the heat is very concentrated area of the difference is not great.

ASUS GL552V game laptop using 4cells ASUS GL552V Battery the third generation Boost Cooler cooling technology, in addition to their own excellent cooling capacity, but also specifically in the right side of the fuselage design an independent buttons, you can achieve a key to improve the speed of the fan. According to ASUS data show that after starting the Boost Cooler 3, the CPU temperature can be achieved 8-10 degrees, GPU temperature 4-5 degrees lower. As is said, the author of the ASUS GL552V were closed and open Boost Cooler two test.

The larger the size of the notebook, in the design, there is more room to play, and this is often reflected in the wrist and touch pad, or interface expansion. In the case of Inspiron 13 7000, a greater number of volume for it has brought a greater area of the touch pad as well as a wider wrist bracket, the user experience is also more comfortable when using. At the same time, we see that Inspiron 13 7000 to the touch panel around the diamond cutting process of bright surface wrapping, overall workmanship is more delicate.

Next we look at the Inspiron 15 with 74wh DELL Inspiron 7559 Battery . In fact, in addition to the area of the keyboard or so much larger, wrist support, the greater the number of touch panels, overall and the design of the Inspiron 13 7000. And Inspiron 15 7000 of the keyboard is also designed a white backlight, but with the other 15 inch notebook slightly different is, Inspiron 15 7000 and does not set small numeric keypad.

After understanding the basic information of the processor, we adopt cinebench R11.5 this software on its performance was evaluated and the software to the processor single core and multi-core performance are intuitive score, the Star Core i7 4702MQ processor soon of the completed all of the testing content and the final score for OpenGL get 47.64fps CPU get 6.01pts, performance of the still very eye-catching.

ASUS GL552V with 48wh ASUS GL552VW Battery use of this GTX760M independent graphics card, in the positioning of the equivalent of the last generation of GTX660M, then the performance in the end how much to improve it? We tested by 3DMARK11, select the Performance file, the final result is 3588 points, compared with the last generation of GTX660M to improve the magnitude of 50%!

About seven or eight years ago, Intel devaluation netbooks, Taiwan manufacturers ASUS DaTouZhen portable EEE PC Notebook computer to open up the market, but with the passage of time, these products almost disappeared, and now with the mobile Internet / the rise of office, portable PC equipment once again ushered in the spring that belongs to it, and today I want to introduce the ASUS EeeBook E202S is of a product.

ASUS EeeBook E202S with 4cell ASUS E202S Battery is specifically for young fashion groups of light and small, compact and compact design, easy to carry, can easily put into the bag, and then matched with genuine Windwos 10 system with 500GB hard drive, easy to meet the daily needs.

In addition to the processor's built-in HD 5500 core graphics, M50 is powered by the NVIDIA GTX 950M discrete graphics, with 2GB DDR3 memory, a total of 640 CUDA unit. At present, the new generation of NV Maxwell mobile graphics card products are mainly 970M 965M GTX980M, three the latest graphics performance is the most powerful, of course, the price of these graphics card is also very high, while the GTX950M is the only side of the side.

In order to control players to purchase cost, at the bottom of the fuselage is still traditional strengthening resin material, considering the high configuration, heat a large hardware features. At the bottom of the use of the large area "window" form, installed at the same time the foot high body, to strengthen the operation of the lower portion of the airflow channel flow. In addition, the change in the past more than a window of the hardware upgrade design, only to retain the only battery to take the window, it seems the most simple hard disk, memory device replacement for the general players also need to remove the rear cover only.

Another feature is the game player missed, is "wrapping" technology.So-called "edge" refers to in the cap around the continuation of a surface of the material and production process, aluminum skin directly hot bending, forming the same effect in the side of the top cover, no doubt this design in the visual effect of the whole higher, more beautiful, on the other hand also greatly reduced low dust into the side surfaces of the gaps of the opportunity, also for a cleaner, less care much.

15.6 inches HD full (1920 x 1080) 3H screen through the treatment of anti reflective coating, effectively reducing the reflection effect of the light, especially the interference of indoor artificial light, improve the quality of the picture, but also to the player's vision or eye health provides a layer of effective protection. It is a pity that this NP7255 is not used widely in the field of view, the most obvious shortcoming is that some of the angle of color performance is not satisfactory.

But DELL Latitude 3550 with 3800mAh DELL Latitude 3550 Battery, after all, is a video of the, the 15 inch high-definition large screen and sonicmaster professional bel technology absolutely can bring users the best audio-visual enjoyment. Also large capacity mechanical hard disk and thin light body let this notebook is also very applicable to the office gens, so students, white-collar groups or seek a to meet the family video and music entertainment user can consider to buy.

On the left side of the fuselage were power interface, micro HDMI, Type-c, micro SD a taste right electric earphone microphone combo, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 enough to meet their daily needs.

Finished appearance, below we actual test ASUS EeeBook E402m body weight with built-in ASUS E402M Battery. First we first test the bare weight, the weight of 1.21Kg. This weight in 11 inch notebook has count is a good performance. Next to join the power supply test travel weight. At this time electronic display 1.34Kg, visible compact design of adapter for its elegance.


MSI GS40 gaming laptop and LENOVO Flex 3-1470 Flex 3-1570 review

MSI in the field of the game has diligently cultivated for many years, its GS/GX/GT respectively for different user groups, to create different gaming experience, this number to the traditional game Alienware branded, Rog and OEM Clevo etc. manufacturers some pressure, but before we see all is MSI 15.6 inches or more of the products, and the MSI bring to is GS40, a mainstream of 14 inch notebook products.

14 inches in the game a lot of the, Lenovo y count is named rate relatively high a, but and other games of the same, that is still in thickness not a breakthrough, and now entered the era of Haswell platform, power is controlled by the better, so the MSI hope in the GS series, open a new path, to create a thin body is the core selling point of gaming notebook, in order to win the attention and recognition of the market.

Configuration, MSI GS40 with 4cell built-in MSI GS40 Battery equipped with the latest Haswell chip group, GSForce GTX 760M NVIDIA graphics card, can be considered as the 14 inches of the strongest game notebook, and these are placed in a 1.93kg body, it is amazing, but also really let us worry about the heat.

We use Furmark pager software for all products tested, Furmark will be operating at full machine two large heating components of CPU and graphics card and run for 30 minutes after the temperature up to a limit of the height, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive see each machine in operation when the heat, we also use the fluke infrared thermal imager, respectively to observe the location of each temperature heating. (temperature span 18 C-50 C: lower than the lower limit of the temperature will be shown in black; more than the temperature limit will show white).

Through the above introduction, believe that we have a understanding of the appearance and performance of the ASUS PRO301L with 44wh ASUS PRO301L Battery, it can be said to be a combination of excellent performance and robust design. In fact, for business notebook, the random matching software and services is very important, which is the essence of a product, of course, ASUS PRO301L has not disappointed us, its development of a variety of DELL Inspiron exclusive software: Client Security DELL software suite for encryption hard disk, protect your data; BIOS Protection BIOS technology to protect your G3, so you can run Inspiron 15-7558 DELL Password Manager DELL. The performance, design, software, hardware perfect fusion together to ASUS PRO301L laptop, you gallop business office magic weapon!

Flex, Chinese explanation to "bend", it is straightforward that the series of positioning, deformation, but Lenovo flex multimode the yoga and not deformation that can achieve 360 degree turn, flex can only realize the overturn of 300 degrees, namely than Yoga series less a "tablet form". Today, Lenovo Flex series has been developed to the third generation, the association is also the Flex series to upgrade, the screen can be achieved 300 degrees turn on the open, that is the same as the YOGA series with the same deformation mode.

When the screen is turned 360 degrees, Lenovo Flex 3 becomes a big screen tablet computer. Entertainment is the biggest feature of the application of tablet computers. The tablet mode of both hands to hold collocation's top of the screen HD camera, can communicate with their loved ones friends, but also can be moved at any time to share. At the same time, the model is very suitable for double or more people to participate in the game, leisure time can also be used to send microblogging, check the weather, search map, more suitable for holding hands, fingers sliding, point selection operation more easily.

Turn the LCD screen back flip 315 degrees can become a standing mode, the biggest advantage of this model is to save space, and adjust the visual angle is more free, more suitable for the crowded environment and need to be placed when using. The notebook, you will find the use of space has become cramped, but this time the Lenovo flex 3 in a standing mode will become more relaxed, even touch screen in a small space, can also be no awkward to enjoy convenient.

The third generation of Flex has become the same as YOGA "," of course, this is only limited to the deformation, in many other aspects of the two or more obvious differences. The new Flex 3 contains 11, 15, three dimensional version, which is the first time in 11 inches Flex products, in addition to a variety of body color is also a red, white, black three colors. So it seems that the third generation of Lenovo Flex has been upgraded to the civilian YOGA, just a slight decline in performance and price.

Lenovo Flex 3 with 45wh LENOVO Flex 3-1470 Battery fuselage with a more mainstream composite material, rather than a more high-end metal or skin material, but composite material also has a more obvious advantages, the quality is lighter, not easy to leave fingerprints, but also save costs; screen Lenovo Flex 3 specification is also reduced to 1366 x 768 specifications of HD standards, of course, is essential to touch.

This is the last year in Japan and the European market in Japan and the European market to explore the success of a service. According to the application of key business users of the environment, Fujitsu set up a dedicated project team, for the enterprise to change the design of the original computer or directly for the user to design a unique computer. The personal custom program services, effectively improve the success rate of Fujitsu in Japan and European market projects, also won the high recognition of customers. In addition, Fujitsu can also be based on customer and enterprise professional needs to transform, the whole aspect of the enterprise IT design needs.

The configuration, ASUS PRO301L laptop with 11V ASUS PRO301LA Battery equipped with Intel core i5-4210M processor (2.60GHz, 3M cache, using turbo boost up to 3.2GHz), 4GB DDR3L (16GB), 1600 memory, 500GB 7200 rpm SATA hard drive, Intel QM87 chipset, built-in 9.5mm DVD Intel HD Graphics CD-ROM recording, 4600 graphics, with Intel Wireless-N 7260 (a/b/g/n) wireless LAN and 1000/100/10Mbps Ethernet card, Bluetooth 4, built-in dual stereo speakers, support DTS Boost, built-in digital microphone, support biometric fingerprint encryption, anti glare HD 13.3 inch LED backlit display (resolution of 1366 x 768, 200 lumens), built-in HD HD camera; in addition, equipped with 6 core lithium ion battery, preloaded with Windows 7 Professional Edition operating system.

Below we actual test airframe weight. First of all, we first test the bare weight, weight of 1.89 kg, the weight in the 14 inch notebook has been considered good performance. Next to join the power supply test travel weight. At this time electronic display 2.22Kg, visible compact design of adapter for its elegance.

Overall, Flex 3 with LENOVO Flex 3-1570 Battery in the design of the impact of the modern minimalist fashion, as far as possible the design to achieve the simple direction, while in the same size of the notebook, the performance of the light weight is still very good, if the user's mobile use, it is more convenient to bring.

In this "re design, light configuration," the appearance of any of the products to be more than the appearance of the two parameters to design, one is the weight of the other is the thickness. Light configuration does not mean that the configuration is not important, but the configuration changes are not easy to be found, and the appearance of the unique design can largely determine whether the product can seize the user's psychological. Weight and thickness not only reflect the level of process integration, but also directly determines the portability of the product.

As multimode products Flex 3 with built-in LENOVO Flex 3-1120 Battery biggest advantage is that a variety of use patterns, and therefore the series has been implementing flip screen design concept, no touch screen is also no more than the traditional notebook in this era of touch is very embarrassing, multi mode on the user experience is indeed a certain improvement, Flex 3 provides four modes of operation.


FUJITSU LifeBook E736 E746 E756 and Schenker XMG A506 A706 Review

Fujitsu Fujitsu in diversified business pen electric products in the field in recent years, the recent launch of the LIFEBOOK E series of products, models were E736 (13.3 inch) /E746 (14 inch) /E756 (15.6 inches), the LIFEBOOK E series by Intel fourth generation Haswell i5-4200M Intel processor collocation QM87 chipset, memory 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz part of the original plant collocation module, maximum support to 16GB capacity, using Intel HD Graphics 4600 graphics card, most notably LIFEBOOK E series comprehensive built-in Smart Card card reader (gold card reader), convenient business people use; another special function, LIFEBOOK E series of built-in Shock Sensor, can be avoided in the the mobile robot is caused in the process of hard disk damage, improve data security; weight E736 (13.3 inches) battery contains about 1.69 kg, and the battery usage time up to 15 hours and 20 minutes endurance, very suitable for business people to carry and use, the following LIFEBOOK E series.

Fujitsu Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E736/E746/E756 the Three Musketeers basically hardware configuration is roughly the same, the main difference in screen size, to facilitate the use of various types of business people, plus the collocation 6cells 63Wh battery, can provide up to 15 hours and 20 minutes endurance (13.3 inches), in many small details on Fujitsu Fujitsu have noticed, like Shock Sensor can prevent the hard disk in the process of impact caused by the movement of the machine and improve the endurance of damaged data, Power Saving software, you can easily operate the maximum endurance, the most worth mentioning is the built-in Smart Card card reader, so that business people do not need to bring their own chip card reader, can save a lot of trouble; in appearance it is more low-key appearance design is restrained, after all business models do not need too fancy design, although low-key introverted, but without losing the texture, is a very good business models for the whole, the needs of business people.

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E736 with 72wh FUJITSU LifeBook E736 Battery is a lightweight all-around business notebook, using stable and durable metal body, equipped with anti glare HD led backlit display, built-in four generations of the core i5 processor, 4GB of ram, 500g hard drives and other combination, outstanding performance, at present, the market price

Fujitsu new enterprise class business class LIFEBOOK E5 series of new communication will be held in Shanghai in Shanghai 17. Fujitsu computer grand launch of two new LIFEBOOK E5 series commercial notebook - - - E756 and E746, designed for enterprise customers and build, solid black stable shell design, fully meet the mainstream business users need, equipped with multi-function expansion base, and other components, with belonging to the same e LIFEBOOK series of other types of notebook computer use (such as E736, E746, E756), meet those exchanges in different office mobile office gens easily conveniently for any work. Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E5 series unified interface design, flexible parts connection, can save a lot of ICT expenses for the enterprise.

With xMg A506 with Schenker XMG A506 Battery this fine brushed aluminum finish laptop thickness less than 1 inch, weight than the previous generation models much lighter, and has ideal size, you can easily put your carry on luggage, backpack or travel bag in. Is the official website ex special offer for 3999, the intention to buy.

LIFEBOOK E756 and E746 respectively 15.6 inch and 14 inch LCD screen, equipped with the latest Windows operating system 8.1, the internal use of the same components, such as the main version and BIOS, external part can also use multi function expansion base and drive a hot swappable modules. E756 E746 very suitable for some non permanent seat allocated to the office and shared parts make the enterprise savings for each computer to buy independent external parts of expenses, save a lot of ICT and administrative costs. In addition, the same extension base can be used for other high-end E LIFEBOOK models, including E756, E746 and E736, etc., when the purchase of more notebook, can still use the existing extension base, fully in line with cost efficiency.

In the touch panel, FUJITSU E746 uses 6cell FUJITSU LifeBook E746 Battery a split design, touch panel part of the metal wire drawing process design, the left and right buttons on the design of a raised lines, the difference is quite obvious, the probability of error is greatly reduced. The most surprising is that NP9758 is still around the key to set up the fingerprint identification module, so that the purpose is to protect the user's privacy? It's not necessary to play this game...... But it's better than nothing!

But when you open the notebook will be IPS wide viewing angle of 17.3 inches screen, compared with the same price range of products from the 1080p screen is indeed obvious advantages, at the same time, this product is also equipped with a red backlight keyboard, so that the original low-key appearance also show the passion and pursuit of the game.

Today brings Schenker xMg A706 gaming notebook with Schenker XMG A706 Battery, the machine uses a black skin coating shell is made of a vertical texture, feel good at the same time holding stability, in the part of the shaft the silver matching, and other games of this different is xMg A706 appearance fairly low-key.

Will, in addition to the released new LIFEBOOK E5 series, Fujitsu also display the full line of commercial products, product line covers including notebook computers, tablets, desktops, display, workstations, thin client, all products, further interpretation of the rich Shi Tong in Chinese market "deep commercial" overall development strategy. It is worth mentioning that the Fujitsu business computer series not only has a rich product line, the majority of its products are still insist on the original import, notebook and tablet PC from the Japanese original, and desktops, workstations, etc.. German imports of technology precision and industrial manufacturing, Japan imported perfect, making Fujitsu products in the quality is unparalleled.

As is known to all, Fujitsu is a company that provides a full range of technology, solutions and services to ICT companies, the market generation after generation of classic Fujitsu business computer, which is based on the technical background through their own factory development and production. Support Fujitsu cultivating a ABCD four core competitiveness of the main business:

Fujitsu has a comprehensive product line. The ultimate thin, long life, strong performance, excellent safety and durability are synonymous with Fujitsu's classic commercial computer, these features are also Fujitsu to expand the high-end business market's trump card.

FUJITSU LifeBook E756 with 6cell FUJITSU LifeBook E756 Battery by removing the battery design, 47Wh for a built-in alone significantly 15.6-inch notebook capacity is not big and choose it or mobile version of M (37W) processor, TDP thermal power consumption compared with ultra low voltage U (15W) processor increased by as much as twice as naturally has a great influence on the endurance performance, so the results are only 202 minutes.

We use Furmark pager software for all products tested, Furmark will be operating at full machine two large heating components of CPU and graphics card and run for 30 minutes after the temperature up to a limit of the height, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive see each machine in operation when the heat, we also use the fluke infrared thermal imager, respectively to observe the location of each temperature heating. (temperature span 28 C-50 C: lower than the lower limit of the temperature will be shown in black; more than the temperature limit will show white).

Schenker H506 with 6cell Schenker H506 Battery actual cooling effect and the official propaganda is basically consistent, the keyboard most of the regional temperature can be guaranteed in the body temperature, only in the L, O, P,, and other key and the nearby area, the temperature is about C degrees 40-45, as for the right corner of the actual use of the players has no effect, the test environment is about 23 degrees C.