HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G3 and SAGER NP7338 NP7339 review

This HP EliteBook 810 G3 in hardware, software, BIOS three aspects have safety protection proud, though compact body but strength really should not be underestimated.

PCMark 7 as a well-known comprehensive test of hardware and software tools, can quickly and thoroughly tested on the performance, and the old version of the software, PCMark 7 is also a set of the latest PC system test suite integrated performance analysis. Contains seven different test link, by a total of 25 independent work load composition, covers the storage, computation, image and video processing, network browsing, games and other daily PC applications. After testing, the HP EliteBook 810 G3 obtained the test score of 4830 points, the results show that, the machine is enough to meet the performance requirements of users daily use notebook in terms of performance.

After testing, the HP 810 with 6cell HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G3 Battery by PCMark Vantage test results for 12733 points, the hard disk test score the highest 57500 points, visible the machine using SSD solid state drive for the machine in the performance to provide a very powerful guarantee.

Lenovo in the commercial sector has been popular with consumers, the product is strong and durable, high safety coefficient and performance excellence, and other features to be recognized by consumers. In addition to the introduction of innovative products, Lenovo also adhere to the update of the old product line, with Intel released the fifth generation core processor, Lenovo G50-75m update version of the product appear in front of consumers.

Lenovo G50-75m with 4cells LENOVO G50-75m Battery this in the roof, in the now popular class skin coating design, it seems quite significant level, and feels feel is very good, but fingerprints on the problem can not be solved, fish and bear's paw topic as we have already said many times, past compound roof material, although there is no problem in this regard, but in appearance did not class skin coating to nice.

The interface configuration of SAGER NP7339 is complete. The left side provides 1 USB2.0 interface, 1 HDMI interfaces, 2 USB3.0 interfaces, and interface Headset microphone. The right side provides DVD burning CD-ROM, 1 USB2.0 interface, a VGA interface and RJ45 network. It is worth mentioning that, SAGER NP7339 is equipped with cable card killer, can effectively reduce the network delay, is absolutely the most professional gaming level configuration.

The new SAGER NP7339 equipped with 6cell SAGER NP7339 Battery and GTX860M 2G alone, the power belongs to the level of high-end NVIDIA in. Daily play HD video, "hero alliance" and "hearthstone legend" this kind of network game can be nothing difficult. Can the performance of Seckill mainstream big games. Although the graphics processor, but with different gaming experience will be slightly different, we together have a look in the actual game performance.

As one of the leading global PC makers, ASUS product line whether in horizontal or vertical direction have very wide distribution, and when it comes to its consumer notebook products, then K series is definitely one of the star product, it is by virtue of the good workmanship, practical and comprehensive performance, fashionable and beautiful appearance design and excellent price, in the consumer market have been very good performance, but also lay a good reputation, in the consumption of the young people is also well received.

Today to pconline testing room is this K series of its new ASUS K553M series products and its in the configuration of the upgraded new, equipped with the fifth generation smart Intel & reg; core it i5 processor, frequency of 2.2GHz, performance can meet the demands of daily use, in the independent video card, the new ASUS K553M with 30wh ASUS K553M Battery using NVIDIA's latest NVIDIA geforce 920M, memory capacity up to 2GB, for daily use and mild game needs can be fully competent; at the same time in storage also by the 4GB of memory, and 500GB mechanical hard disk configuration, for the daily use of the user, is enough.

It is worth emphasizing that, the 911M uses the so-called "aerospace grade aluminum magnesium alloy application" as material to build the machine shell. The characteristics of this kind of material has always been the biggest is lighter, stronger and more durable, now applied to the computer must be SAGER or a great effort. Everyone through the machine at the bottom of the photos can be judged, the bottom machine integrated cover how interesting the business a little thin.

The keyboard, SAGER NP7338 with 5600mAh SAGER NP7338 Battery on the panel also put more effort. First of all from the other in terms of design and smooth section angle combining feature is the largest, the entire layout looks and sports car series brand concept is also very appropriate. Especially under the touchpad also arranged a hand bend inward, it is more convenient for single hand and close to the opening and closing machine. In terms of color, gray, red flames and metal black paint combination makes them look "future concept" sense, by distinguishing the trackpad red line of the keyboard layout on the color of each other.

Master Lu is pconline testing room new introduced a test software, which is considering the cross platform and non professional users demand, Master Lu's evaluation is "fool", users only need to easily can know your PC performance level, which for computer white is best choice.

Next to the science knowledge link, let us have a look of this 911M is made up of those countries and regions together to create: Intel processor is undoubtedly from the memory, America Samsung from South Korea (and the actual shipping machine for Taiwan Adata), hard disk Plextor from Japan, NVIDIA graphics from America, display from AUO China Taiwan, from Taiwan China Realtek sound card. Thus the SAGER is composed of four countries and regions together products.

At the top of the SAGER NP7338 keyboard panel also arranged 4 free setting button, users can edit the definition of these keys here any.First we look at SAGER NP7338 in the performance of biochemical crisis 6 on how the machine, in the resolution of 1920X1080 and the highest level of anti aliasing ARGB8 ran out of 10530 points of the "S" score level, this small series can not help but sigh 970M really is not strong. Even the evaluation software is also given "The game works exceptionally well, even at higher resolutions" (the game even at higher fraction may not run like now so good) high evaluation.

Is a new modern people like the unique, this point in the game itself should be reflected. SAGER NP7338 will not fall naturally, the RealSpeed model and the function keys are set free, making the machine and other products to distinguish.

Known as the ASUS consumer products series, K series, the performance of the new ASUS K553M with built-in ASUS K553MA Battery always maintain the style of the family. Beautiful and stylish design very much in line with the aesthetic needs of young users, at the same time, a new NVIDIA geforce 920M discrete graphics join also let it in performance without dead angle. For the consumer notebook market, K series has not let people down, and this of course is the same!

As a hero alliance is currently the most popular network game, how can small miss it. So Xiaobian always took out a large drill, so it also got 4 killed, with passion while engineer will certainly not forget to contribute to DELL Inspiron 7548 in the number of frames. It can be seen from figure (the effect of games to maximum), the frames of the machine in operation when the league average is 35, it should be said that the performance is very good.

Then we look at the Dell Inspiron 7548 with DELL 4P8PH Battery in football on the performance, is extremely high for football picture requirements can be said, this machine in 60 seconds (random detection effect of each aspect of the game was to maximum), final average is about 43, it can be said that the machine performance is very good. Come, let us happy to kick a ball, a sweat flow.


ACER Predator 15 17 Gaming laptop vs MSI PX60 PX70

The new MSI PX60 not only in the A surface with a metal material piece, even the palm rest also used a metal wire drawing process, in the use of color is very soft. The palm rest below the red line decoration makes the whole body is very solid, not because of a large area of black and dull.

The screen is equipped with 720P HD camera and microphone matrix, can provide high quality video call. The keyboard still follows the backlit keyboard peripherals company provides professional steelseries. The backlit keyboard supports 3 regional settings, game player can according to their own preferences to adjust. The keyboard layout and feel quite good, the key process is moderate, good elasticity, good feeling in the notes to. In addition to the MSI game will be on the left side of the "Win" key to cancel, in order to avoid the user in the game against high strength inadvertently causing inconvenience.

MSI PX60 with MSI PX60 Battery the upper left corner, Yin Youdan took a sound mark, and is provided with radiating function keys. In high load running game, open a heat dissipation function, can effectively alleviate the pressure of the radiating body is very smooth, ensure the game. Of course, although the effect is very effective, but the acceleration caused by the volume of the fan is more serious.

In the course of the game, the game's style is the previous generation to appear slightly and some. The game opens on the occasion, is the largest number beating, there appeared two or three times short pause as for the game operation; way although, not too small depth measurement, but the overall feeling is smooth, stable operation is absolutely no problem, and basically did not appear Caton.

DELL Inspiron 5758 with 47wh DELL 6PVJC Battery, equipped with a dual core Haswell architecture Core I3 processor and GT840M 2G DDR3 memory, and can run the memory buffer of 4G, at the same time with HDD 500G storage capacity, comprehensive performance is better is to make a proper standard of low consumption intelligent dual card replacement. At the same time as the laptop positioning business office, DELL Inspiron 5758 is showing its cool appearance side the imprint process design and silver, panel material, relative to its elegance. In addition to this, of course, can not cover up the highlight is DELL Inspiron 5758 price advantage, only yuan break the 3K 2999 - grade. If you need to buy a notebook computer business may, wish to look at the DELL Inspiron 5758

Ordinarily in my childhood, common household and commercial PC are white, or at least still occupy the mainstream of the shallow tone. But more than a decade, "calm" and "fashion" as the representative of the black product is popular, in the PC industry, has been in the white mainstream products fade for a long time, that we want to buy a white box products need to be carefully selected, even to buy a white rack sth. to do the heart of high specification and display.

The thickness and we can feel intuitive, no matter from which end measurement, MSI PX70 with MSI PX70 Battery the thickness of no more than 2.3 cm, can be described as the ultimate slim. As a thin configuration of this game, the performance of PX70 can be brought into full play? Below we have a look at the comprehensive performance of MSI PX70 performance.

In the eyes of many people, AMD graphics card and APU is definitely the brand become an independent school characteristics. Xiao Bian today with this is equipped with a built-in Radeon R6 fusion A10-7300 APU R6 and mono M255DX graphics DELL Vostro 3446 to let people feel the two characteristics of AMD. Although today's protagonist is A10-7300 APU and R6 M255DX graphics card, but we must not forget the purpose of evaluation. The purpose is from all angles to introduce products, so let us start from the appearance to slowly tasting DELL Vostro 3446 notebook computer.

DELL Vostro 3446 with 6cell DELL Vostro 14-3446 Battery shell design can be said to be simple enough, in addition to a corner of the shell "DELL" brand LOGO no other decoration. The machine adopts the cross shaped convex pattern, the friction between asperities can add the machine which is not easy to slide.

USA Eastern time 23 days, Acer at the world trade center in New York new to the global release of the notebook computer and tablet combo contains special notebook, Chromebook, education, computer and projector designed for gaming game player curved screen a variety of new products. As early as 2008, Acer has the Predator series of products, and in 2014 with the outbreak of the gaming market, Acer once again will Predator display in front of consumers around the world.

In the launch of several new products at the same time last night at the press conference held in New York Acer also launched the blockbuster "Predator" series of the latest game console, the product will be on sale in the third quarter of 2015, is committed to providing top gaming experience. Acer CEO Jason Chen said V Nitro series of successful let company is full of confidence in the Predator series of game products, products include desktop, notebook and tablet devices.

The steam engine brought the first industrial revolution, the internal combustion engine has brought the second industrial revolution, the computer brings the third industrial revolution. Xiaobian think the world has ushered in the fourth industrial revolution, its name is Internet or the internet. In this revolution, rising human innovation consciousness is unmatched by any previous period, update the unprecedented speed also makes the computer industry is facing enormous challenges. When creative exhausted, even once very brilliant, almost in a monopoly position of the computer brands will be eliminated, so many emerging brands have to rise up in arms with heaven in stature. ACER Predator is the one.

The launch of the new ACER Predator 15 with built-in ACER Predator 15 Battery, the metal roof involved, with excellent heat dissipation and durability for the machine. 2.3kg body weight plus 30.9mm body thickness, portability has been greatly enhanced. ACER Predatorlogo and the hole in the cap region (CNC drilling technology) application of breathing lamp design, they will automatically adjust the load with CPU respiratory frequency, the design is more eye-catching.

DELL Vostro 3445 is a relatively mature die, so familiar with DELL friends should know. The Vostro 3445 offers a variety of colors, and now to the testing room of this product for the red version. 

Although Dell in the same size product Vostro 3445 is considered more "thin", but it is still a lot of compared with the thickness of 17 inch notebook, the thickness of the 27.7mm with almost two 17 inches super thickness is similar. But also because of the thickness of 27.7mm, which has more complete interface type and number. It retains 4 USB3.0 data interface, the abolition of the USB2.0, and one USB interface also supports shutdown charging function. This means that even if Dell Vostro 3445 with 65wh DELL Vostro 14-3445 Battery is in shutdown state, external USB devices can be charged through the USB3.0 interface. Video output Dell Vostro 3445 has a HDMI output, at the same time, it also retains the DVD burning CD-ROM, since there is why not retained.

Predator has a total of 15 inches and 17 inches in two versions, with programmable buttons at the same time also will be equipped with more powerful cooling system to ensure smooth operation is still in the high-speed operation. Two laptop models will be available in the fourth quarter of this year.

Intel core i7-4720HQ processor, NVIDIA GeForce, GTX 970M/980M, 16GB DDR3L 1600MHz alone, 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD memory, this configuration is not exaggerated, with a new mold, the Acer Predator game price geometric? Definitely something to look forward to.

engineer today to ACER Predator 17 with 8cells ACER Predator 17 Battery is just 911M from US evaluation of the notebook, here also emphasize: small to get the machine for the engineering machine, the engineering machine configuration for the i7-4720HQ processor, 16G memory, 128G SSD hard disk +1TB disk and NVIDIA GTX970M 3G alone, 15.6 inch HD free highlight IPS screen. The corresponding model for the ACER Predator 151, but the actual shipment of products for 256SSD, 6GB memory machine factory.


DELL Inspiron 14-5458 15-5558 17-5758 coming

This part of the consumer, they just need a computer to complete the Internet, electricity suppliers to buy even the net audit common requirements, for them, they have a mobile phone, tablet, would need a relatively low-cost computer to achieve the functional requirements. It is such a demand, a new entry-level machine has more attractive for them.

On the other hand, due to the current mainstream digital consumption has begun to tend to the mobile terminal equipment, the "big time", many computer manufacturers for the high cost type layout also happened a series of change, they are more willing to launch a series of high price than models to attract consumers, high space for the professional function of consumers (such as modeling, design etc.). And when the two needs agree without prior without previous consultation, will be born out of a series of cost models, DELL Inspiron 5558 is such a product, high ratio of performance to price and it is clearly a label.

To the PConline Lab products today is DELLInspiron 15 series Inspiron 5558 notebook with 6cells DELL Inspiron 15-5558 Battery, in the configuration, it has selected Intel Celeron N2940 quad core processor, and equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce 820M graphics card, in addition also has 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz memory and 500GB HDD mechanical hard drive configuration. Since the Inspiron 5558 product number, the small series is not in official found this product pricing, but now the electricity supplier price in about 2400~2600, the price is very prominent.

Thermal testing links, we copy machine through the stability of the system testing tools in AIDA 64 software, testing process to processor, memory, hard disk, the only significant for continuous full load, thermal imaging analysis was performed after 30 minutes. As can be seen in the heat of the fuselage, C mainly focus on the left side of the keyboard, the maximum appeared in the "S" button near 46.5 degrees, the corresponding D; body heat concentrated in the area on the right side of the fuselage, the highest temperature appears in the cooling air outlet, 49.8 degrees. In general, in such a high load under the condition of Inspiron 14 5000-5458 heat is still relatively good, but we are in daily use environment is not up to the load is so high, so we also need not worry about the cooling performance of Inspiron 14 5000-5458.

The internal factors of the computer game or a game of this brand are improved obviously. In the configuration of convergence, constantly through increased product or brand value to expand the influence of game player and the right to speak in the future under the background of Inspiron 14 5000-5458, this step is to brand their own good, or to the development of the industry, has a positive significance.

Inspiron 14 5000-5458 is not only the body more easily, but also more stylish, beautiful colors, to meet the needs of young group preferences. From the perspective of hardware configuration, the mainstream i5-5200U processor performance, sufficient to meet the daily learning, office, entertainment, and their only 4199 yuan price is more close to the people, but also not too much burden for the majority of the students. To sum up, Dell the new Inspiron 14 5000-5458 with 6cell DELL Inspiron 5458 Battery can be thought of as for students, office workers and young groups tailored models, my young group is a very good choice.

Inspiron series aimed at home users, because of its high price and industrial design is personalized by the vast number of consumers, especially young consumers, at the same time, the series of PC products is the most important Dell series. The author will introduce the new Inspiron is the maximum size of the product in the series, with 17 inches of the Inspiron 17 5758.

Talk about interesting game, let us look at the performance of configuration. As mentioned earlier, the new Inspiron 17 5758, equipped with Intel core i7-4720HQ processor, 128GB mechanical hard disk SSD and 1TB, 8GB DDR3L memory, 4GB memory DDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M graphics card, Intel HD 4600 graphics core. Also equipped with 17.3 inches 1920 x 1080p Full HD display.

Dell Inspiron 17 5758 notebook has a mobile phone like fashion appearance, if not the shell surface was Dell logo, I will let many people mistakenly think that this is the two large version of the iPhone stack together, especially its tough style and METALLIC BRIGHT SILVER edges. The bottom panel, Dell Inspiron 17 5758 with 6cells DELL Inspiron 17-5758 Battery whole body was wrapped in aluminum alloy, can play a role in the protection of the internal hardware and screen. Of course, the metal shell some disadvantages too, that will increase the weight, but the 17 inch notebook rarely used for mobile use, this is acceptable.

Compared with the prior version of the software, MobileMark 2012 in the testing environment requirements is relatively high, have to redo the system before testing, but also reasonable installed on the drive, otherwise there will be a variety of problems. DELL Inspiron 5558 uses a 56Wh lithium ion battery, through the MobileMark test, we can see the DELL Inspiron 5558 of the life time of 491 minutes, equivalent to down nearly 8 hours, the result is quite amazing.

DELL Inspiron 5558 notebook with high capacity DELL Inspiron 5558 Battery in the configuration selected Intel Celeron N2940 as the processor, and equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce 820M graphics card, in addition also has 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz memory and 500GB HDD mechanical hard drive configuration. Some of the current run of data has been predictable, mostly belong to the level of entry.

The performance, we test by 3DMark software, test scores in the Cloud Gate mode is 5509, the only significant fraction of 7401, the performance of normal, graphics performance at the entry level, but to deal with the daily study, office is still no pressure.

Different from the traditional notebook PC camera, support for RealSense 3D camera with two camera hole (three holes in one of the camera is a necessary indicator). In the understanding of this so-called 3D camera to play before we start to understand what RealSense is, what.

Inspiron 14 5000-5458 with DELL Inspiron 14-5458 Battery is equipped with a capacity of mechanical hard disk 500GB disk read speed, we tested by AS SSD software, reading speed test to 93.94MB/s, write speed is 92.41MB/s, the speed is normal, the level of mechanical hard disk.

Of course, does not mean that there is no Dell, has just launched the Inspiron series is a 17 inch model. Inspiron series of new products including 14, 15, and 17 inches in three sizes of products, the author visually 17 inches product volume is less than 17 inches of half of the product, if you carry a 17 inch notebook is equivalent to two 17 inch notebook, hard and convenient is really some.

"SpaceAstroBlaster" is the traditional flight game, combined with gesture control, real sense of 3D cameras can identify the user's hand moving up and down, to control the aircraft operations, and the default "V" gestures for missile command.

Dell Inspiron 17 5758 notebook with 6cell DELL Inspiron 5758 Battery size is 17 inches, which belongs to the large size of the notebook computer, and the thickness is not as thick as the size, the thickness of 27.7mm has great advantages in the same size of the product, even with "slim" to describe is not excessive. The weight, the weight of the whole weight of travel with 3.643Kg 3.262Kg, the author recommends that users still do the regular use of it, don't expect the mobile performance!

The notebook computer is the "Big Mac" 17 inch notebook, compared with the 17 inch products it like a mother can be in my arms. But the 17 inch notebook is large in size and the weight is heavy, has gradually lost its mobile notebook computer using characteristics, so the market 17 inch notebook products is not much, only in the game location will have some products, household or commercial rarely see big figure.

DELL Inspiron 7548 with built-in DELL Inspiron 15-7548 Battery on the back of the keyboard zone temperature control performance is remarkable, the most concentrated in the high temperature reached 53.5 degrees heat near the window, and the highest temperature is about 51.4 degrees in the middle of the back, and the rest of the control performance is very good. In general, the DELL Inspiron 5558-571G in the cooling performance is quite good.


SAGER NP7155 NP7170 pk LENOVO Z41-70 Z51-70 laptop

Someone evaluation go cold presentation style, some evaluation Go Fresh act loving someone walking style, simple style of evaluation. The evaluation of a small series of go is comprehensive, surrounded by large everybody style, perhaps some people will say that small somewhat "praise the goods one sells praise one's own work or goods". However, there is a saying: "there is no diamond do not embrace porcelain live" small since putting the word out there must be a right for everyone to see. Today Xiaobian for everyone to bring the evaluation from SAGER ace game protagonist is the NP series of NP7155.

In fact, engineer think now many manufacturers blindly in the game the appearance of large articles for performance but less investment ideas somewhat lost watermelon picking sesame, appearance is cool it is important but the game still pay more attention to the practicality of this simple appearance, the change does not mean that the product hot. NP Series in the hand, or do very well, you inherit from it like appearance can interpret it -- that is to build brand awareness, but follow the same pattern appearance may indeed need to change.

SAGER NP series can be said to be the trump card game in this series, it represents the highest SAGER technology show in the small, from a laptop to a desktop computer, and then to the motherboard, video card, monitor, mouse, sound, headphones and other NP series has its own brand production lines, such as the brand is now complete the mode of production has been more and more electronic game manufacturers are learning to follow. This time, the SAGER NP7155 with 6cells SAGER NP7155 Battery has not only inherited some of high processing speed, NP series high graphics and other features, such as the static part of the silence of the cooling machine is worthy of praise.

Packaging design is with the God of War series laptops are basically the same, but different. The outer packing CLEVO N150SD uses flip front take in cover design, not a positive side of pen electric seal take. But it did not affect the stability of CLEVO N150SD -- the white foam covered on both sides. In the fitting, belonging to the same standard -- in addition to the host, battery, power adapter, user manuals, installation disk.

CLEVO N150SD did not follow the God of design drawing pen in the design of A, instead of using the HP imprint process (transfer of Technology), the surface looks shiny, but very smooth and soft lines. Believe that the user with CLEVO N150SD for business office, it is certainly the atmosphere on the grade. From the A surface around the machine (CLEVO LOGO is attached to the A side), sexy measurements parameter CLEVO N150SD with 62wh CLEVO N150SD Battery is: 384mm*254mm*25.9mm. Net weight of 2.4kg was a little business office in terms of portability, and 25.9mm thickness was also just to make up for this disadvantage, business office journey begins.

Intel Core i7 4720HQ belongs to the Haswell platform, based on 22nm process, using the four core eight thread design, the initial frequency of 2.6GHz to 3.6GHz, turbo, the sharing of three level cache is 6MB, TDP is 47W.

Personal point of view, NP series of brand LOGO is pretty cool, the overall shape is similar to the shield, the red flag which is like a flying fire phoenix. Below the mark is arranged "REPUBLIC OF GAMES" NP series of English letters, the match was pretty cool.

Through the observation of SAGER NP7170 with 11.1V SAGER NP7170 Battery at the bottom of the fuselage as you can see, the machine adopts an open design of the shell can be removed. At the same time, it is also equipped with six ventilation holes so as to protect the hardware from overheating and damage.

Finally, in the CINEBENCH R15 test, the multi core processor 661cb, single core 136cb, integrated three software test results, the test results show that the processor is the processor of mobile platform for high-end models, excellent performance.

GTX 860M 28nm Fermi architecture based on GM107 chip, with 640 stream processors, 4GB GDDR5 memory, with 128bit memory interface, and the 1020MHz core frequency, and support for NVIDIA four acceleration, can be said to be a true in the end stage of high performance alone.

The new Schenker XMG A505 with 6cells Schenker XMG A505 Battery is still equipped with GTX 860M graphics card, the card game of graphics performance point of view, GTX 860M is the most mainstream games can achieve smooth support.

The bottom of the fuselage design with an air inlet, the left side of the fuselage for air outlet, the larger body design, the machine is not in the back of the fuselage design more air inlet and outlet, which makes the more clean and tidy. In order to ensure that the cooling machine, the machine C surface with a metal material design, can help the heat to a certain extent. At the same time, it also uses the LENOVO exclusive IceCool cool cooler cooling technology, through the reasonable distribution of the motherboard precision transformation and internal cooling components, effectively solves the problem of excessive heat in the palm rest position problem.

PCMark is a good tool to measure the performance of personal computer, or a new product and the most advanced workload characteristics, including the HD video decode, digital music code, advanced threading and hard disk performance test based on track.

The fifth generation of Intel core i5-5200U using the most advanced second generation 14nm 3D three gate transistor technology to create the core structure, upgrade to Broadwell, integrated Intel HD Graphics 5500 graphics core, TDP 15W, from the model point of view is the fourth generation of Intel core i5-4200U alternative products. The fifth generation of Intel core i5-5200U basic frequency of 2.2 GHz, the maximum frequency of 2.7GHz core, compared to the fourth generation core i5-4200U, based on the frequency of a slight increase, Rui frequency range has been reduced, but the fifth generation intelligent Intel core i5-5200U support Intel SpeedStep dynamic enhancement TDP-down energy saving technology, the frequency of 600MHz can be configured, configurable TDP-down power as low as 7.5W. As the fifth generation intelligent Intel core U Series in the backbone, the main performance of core i5-5200U, the CINEBENCH score of R15 than the previous generation of the same location of i5-4200U slightly, with the test results of fourth generation core i7-4500U, to deal with the daily application is no problem.

LENOVO Z41 with built-in LENOVO Z41-70 Battery at Radeon R5 M240 AMD laptop with 2GB discrete graphics, the graphics graphics performance is excellent, with the new R series of significant nuclear component enhanced dual card crossfire technology, double experience, no Caton, high stability, to provide you with super realistic visual experience and comprehensive performance, meet new user the required.

First, the author used PC Mark 8 graphics card test, PCMark 8 test is a comprehensive consideration of the overall platform. PCMark 8 is a performance benchmark testing software for the Windows system, which provides a total of 5 test mode, respectively (Home), the creation of home testing (Creative) test, the work memory test (Work), (Storage) (Applications) test and application test, the first three tests and battery test optional mode, the user can choose according to the actual needs of the appropriate model to the test. Therefore, including disk, graphics, and the calculation of performance will be the PCMark 8 test, so the PCMark 8 test result is very important for a motherboard, the test can reflect the performance gap between the motherboard design brings. Test scores LENOVO Z41 2703 points, scores in the middle business.

The back of the fuselage design pattern with a chrome bright surface materials for the edge of the package, and the painted products name, at the same time in the texture of the treatment, in favor of the metal effect, so that the whole machine looks more a sense of quality.

From the overall design, Schenker XMG A705 with Schenker XMG A705 Battery is still very good, regardless of the differences, or the details of the deal, or a combination of materials and technology, reflects the great sincerity, we can see that Schenker is very hard to do in the launch of the product, and the product is really people feel no small surprise.

Two regions around the corner of each dot decoration of a large circle, looks like a two advanced audio (in fact only in the close two shaft at the two small area is the speaker holes), in order to highlight the Bang&Olufsen ICEpower and the common development of the LENOVO vocal master audio technology with LENOVO, N series has been a subwoofer, although not in the visual enjoyment of professional audio, but embedded in the notebook in the sound should be superior.

At the top of LENOVO Z51 keyboard and LENOVO Z51-70 Battery panel is arranged to video production company, here is somewhat in the movie "special thanks".


HP 350 G2 pk ASUS X751LA X751LAV X751LD X751LDV X751MA laptop

HP in business has been difficult to be beyond the details, in addition to Elitebook such a high-end business, Probook so amiable and easy of approach and cost-effective business also has its own modest and low-key charm. Calm atmosphere has the connotation of performance is high, excess, moderate price and good reputation, two and this is the reason why many large enterprises for their employees HP computer.

HP Probook 350 G2 business notebook equipped with the fourth generation of Intel core i5-4200U processor core Haswell, clocked at 1.6GHz, built-in Intel HD Graphics 4600 graphics core, and is equipped with 2GB DDR3 memory AMD Radeon R5 M240 graphics card, can fully meet the needs of daily office. At the same time, HP Probook 350 G2 notebook business also uses a combination of 4GB DDR3 memory storage and 500GB mechanical hard drive, the overall performance of medium.

The top 350 HP Probook G2 with silver metallic material to build, integration design no fancy modified excess, reflects the professional, serious attitude in a minimalist. At the same time, the design of the HP Probook 350 G2 business with HP 350 G2 Battery is also very simple, silver and black color collocation, very suitable for the pursuit of fashion and steady temperament of the user's choice.

In recent years, the notebook computer is moving towards the small fiber thin flower development, but it is undeniable that the big screen notebook with a more broad perspective to get a lot of users of the pro gaze. But unfortunately, the high-end products currently on the market 17, 18 inches large screen notebook mainly concentrated in the million, according to 5000 yuan mainstream users 17 inch large screen notebook is very rare, and we today we tested this Asus X751L was recently listed a 17 inch big screen Entertainment Notebook, the price of 5200 yuan, the price of the rich 5000 large screen market. Its specific performance? Please see the following details.

As a large screen products as a selling point, Asus X751L equipped with 17.3 inches Full HD matte screen, the screen size than the ordinary 14 inch notebook 34%, 1920 * 1080 resolution to Asus X751L display content than the traditional 1366 * 768 resolution 49.4%, very suitable for those in need of large screen display, while the need for mobile use user.

In the hardware part, due to Asus X751L with ASUS X751LD Battery daily entertainment, so not as expensive as those gaming notebook with top of the line CPU and graphics card, but the choice of the fourth generation Intel core i5-4210U processor GeForce with low power consumption, 840M card, 4GB memory, 1TB large capacity mechanical hard disk, the overall performance can basically meet the needs of the need for daily use, 1TB hard disk storage space is relatively abundant.

In appearance, the overall design of the X751L Asus relatively simple, not too much decoration, shell is made of plastic material to build, has a different texture surface, enhance the body texture to a certain extent, the sale price of 5200 yuan is reasonable, the price is relatively out of sudden in similar products.

X751L is a relatively simple Asus large screen notebook, its appearance design is more traditional, carbon black plastic cover surface after bite flower craft processing, uniform distribution with the three-dimensional lozenge, reducing the impact on the appearance of fingerprint residual stains, and improve the wear resistance of the top cover.

Lifted the lid, 17.3 inch large screen display Asus X751L with built-in 4cells ASUS X751L Battery equipped in front of us, it's the resolution to 1920 * 1080, matte effect appears on the surface, compared with the mirror display can be reduced due to the influence of the reflective screen.

In the part of the screen frame, plastic frame Asus X751L with matte texture, it can enhance the wear resistance of the frame, not prone to scratches affect appearance. Asus X751L is equipped with a back mounted keyboard, the keyboard surface casing made of plastic material to build, the keyboard and palm rest area with different texture segmentation. For the use of experience, chocolate keyboard spacing Asus X751L equipped with a reasonable, moderate elasticity, key process than the general chocolate keyboard slightly longer, up to 2.3mm, it feels better than traditional chocolate keyboard typing.

Next we look at the distribution of Asus interface X751L, due to the use of shaft sinking, so the interface is mainly focused on both sides of the fuselage, which make arrangements for the RJ45 network interface, VGA video output interface, HDMI 1.4 video output interface, three USB3.0 interfaces and a microphone Headset hole composite interface, has a 17 inch large body, but coupled with keyhole and outlet, Asus X751L with ASUS X751LAV Battery interface on the left are densely distributed.

On the right side of the fuselage, Asus X751L provides DVD burning CD-ROM and power interface, from the number and variety of interface, Asus X751L basically meet the daily use, but the interface layout is not reasonable. Design of low-key and simple interface focused on the left side of the fuselage design low-key and simple interface on the left side of the fuselage shape design, shape design, low-key low-key simple simple

Although equipped with a 17 inch wide screen, but the ASUS X751L is not particularly big, 25 ~ 33mm thickness of the body looked okay, 2.6kg weight or backpack carrying. ASUS X751L home entertainment, it is not like the same size as the processor is equipped with high-end gaming notebook top and top alone, but chose to compare the benefits of the fourth generation Intel core i5-4210U low power processor, NVIDIA GeForce 840M graphics card, 4GB memory, 1TB large capacity mechanical hard disk, the overall performance can basically meet the needs of daily use. 1TB hard disk storage space is relatively abundant.

The fourth generation Intel core i5-4210U processor is the second quarter of 2014 listed CPU, i5-4200U upgrade products, has 2 Physical cores, support Intel's hyper threading technology, the maximum power consumption of 15W design. The performance of the mainstream, is currently the most notebook choice CPU, deal with daily text editing, image processing applications such as no problem.

In the graphics part, X751L with ASUS X751LA Battery is equipped with ASUS Geforce 840M is a new generation of NVIDIA 8 series graphics card in the end product, the use of Maxwell architecture, GM108 core to date, with 576 processing units, memory interface 64bit, with 2GB DDR3 memory, the 3Dmark 11 graphics item score of 2329, with the previous generation GT740M compared to significantly enhance.

But Asus X751 also has some shortcomings, first of all the interface configuration although it is relatively abundant, but the layout is compact, and the left side of the fuselage; secondly, it provides only 4GB of memory, although the basic operation is similar enough, but it is best to upgrade to 8GB.

As Asus carefully built a new masterpiece, X751LN not only has a 17.3 inches FHD Full HD screen, but also strong with Intel fourth generation Haswell platform of i5 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT840M, and 1TB was extreme defended large hard drives and other high-end configuration. Top combine Full HD screen and a strong performance, create a cool earthshaking audio and video entertainment experience for you!

For the actual effects of the game, there is a certain gap between the Geforce 840M and GTX series, but in full HD quality under low such as "the 4", "Tomb Raider 9" and other mainstream 3D game, of course, you can also be appropriate to reduce the resolution, set the screen up. As for the "Crysis 3", "the last dawn" the killer graphics Geforce 840M operation is more difficult.

ASUS X751 body is large, the cooling effect is more outstanding, after 30 minutes of running, the surface does not appear overheated areas, its key disk center left and right palm rest position has certain heat accumulation, but the temperature is not high, only feels warm feeling.

At the bottom, the ASUS X751 with ASUS X751LDV Battery is not open cooling hole, the integrated design of the bottom of the. Temperature distribution from the above chart, ASUS X751 had small air heat accumulation and hard disk area, the maximum temperature of 40 degrees up and down, do not have too much influence on the daily use.

In the part of the screen, Asus X751 although not equipped with a wide angle of panel, but it uses 17.3 inches Full HD reality effect is good, the maximum brightness of 74% NTSC 312cd/m2, display color gamut, viewing angle is 70/70/60/60 (left / right / up / down), the performance of color than many ordinary notebook (a strong laptop display color gamut is about 50% NTSC).

As a $5000 17 inch large screen notebook, Asus X751 with ASUS X751MA Battery overall configuration is relatively affordable, low power consumption of i5-4210U processor and GeForce 840M alone significantly from mainstream hardware performance; 17.3 inches Full HD matte screen provides a wide field of vision; 1TB hard disk to ensure adequate storage; the price of 5200 yuan is also equipped with a genuine Windows 8.1 operating system, is indeed more competitive.


ASUS UX305F G501JW and LENOVO Y50p-70 review

In a new generation of NVIDIA GTX Series graphics cards support, now the game has gradually emerge from the thick to thin notebook, but today we introduce ASUS ZenBook UX305F is the latest GeForce GTX NVIDIA with 960M alone significantly thin video game of the.

ASUS ZenBook UX305F is a 15 inch notebook, with a 15.6 inch 1929 * 1080 resolution IPS wide angle fog plane screen, the screen shows excellent results, both audio and video games or processing picture, it can provide good support.

It designs, ASUS ZenBook UX305F with 45wh ASUS UX305F Battery looks a bit similar with previous N series, but the roof of the concentric circle texture is UX series of DNA, so ASUS ZenBook UX305F is one of N series and UX series together products.

The author in the previous paper has repeatedly referred to the machine body is small, light weight, very conducive to business people carrying business office. Through the actual measurement, the machine body weight is only 1.43kg, very handy.

In addition to the portable notebook, also need to have adequate security. EliteBook 825 G2 with built-in HP EliteBook 825 G2 Battery in terms of safety guarantee, indeed beyond imagination. Based on the first take safety protection in BIOS, EliteBook 820 BIOS can be achieved under attack or damage, auto repair. Thus ensuring its continuous work.

In 2015, we can no longer be retained in the memory 2014, need to do a good prospect and forecast of 2015, have a look which manufacturer will have what "it" products launched! Say so, I believe that everyone has to guess the author's intention, the 2015 ASUS did not stick to the self, although ASUS G501JW bring us great visual impact and enjoyment, but it already is past, 2015 is a new beginning, also is the miracle again opportunity, ASUS today (March 9th) released a the new product in the Tmall ASUS official flagship store, at the same time it is also the first new ASUS game of 2015 -- G501JW.

A day in the morning, in the spring, as the first new ASUS games in 2015, it is the responsibility of self-evident. ASUS G501JW formerly known as ASUS G501J, ASUS G501JW with ASUS G501JW Battery respect to the high-profile G501JWH appears low-key a lot. ASUS G501JWH is a "male die" this game, it's not ASUS independent research and development of mold design, so the overall feel is known and the lack of innovation, therefore, only the ASUS's first private mold product ASUS G501JW.

I7-4600U processor is a widely used in notebook and super book, although with a low voltage processor, performance after castration, clocked at 2.1GHz, but turbo boost to 2.7GHz, is sufficient to meet consumer demand for multi task office.

After the Windows7 experience index can be seen, the HP EliteBook 820 processors on a G1 score of 7.2 points, the graphics memory score is 5.9 points, score of 5.1 points, the game's graphics had 6.5 points, the main hard scored the highest 7.9 points. Thus, the machine in the hard disk is the most outstanding performance.

After CINEBENCH R10 this software for HP EliteBook 825 G2 for the processor performance has been evaluated, finally the single core i7-4600U processor single core to obtain 5919 points, much nucleus to obtain 12182 points, enough to meet the performance demand of multi task processing.

For example, a notebook computer officials claimed to have 10 hours of battery life, but the user in the use of the process found things several hour difference. Of course this is not directly a false propaganda, for providing life time is a predictive value, depending on the usage will have difference nature of the results, but when the user actual use of time than propaganda difference exists between the endurance test time, the factory environment and detailed became consumer reference on the basis of, this is also the manufacturer shall provide.

Give the user the inaccurate information is a big taboo, this also is to brand integrity day challenge. To provide a reliable basis for the test is an important criterion life annotation, the user can according to the test basis and are close to the annotation results, the results of such tests can be identified as effective performance. However, the test environment and related settings this link brings another LENOVO Y50p Battery issue: test mode is close to everyday use? Can not open the screen pure standby endurance as the product characteristics to be publicity, this is the face and no integrity behavior.

WPrime is a prime number test by the calculation of computer operation ability of the software (especially the parallel capability), but Super and Pi only supports a single thread is different, wPrime can support up to eight threads, that is to say can support eight core processor, the test of multi core processor is more accurate than Super Pi.

On the right side of the fuselage is sequentially provided with a power supply interface, docking interface, RJ-45 interface, 2 USB3.0 interfaces, 1 DisplayPort1.2 interfaces, Headset Mike interface. SD card reader is arranged in the USB3.0 interface below, a more subtle.

HP EliteBook 825 G2 by MIL-STD 810G America harsh military standard test, shock, humidity, low temperature, high temperature, temperature shock, dust, high altitude fall, under such circumstances, still can use normally. Here, the author is like a few times a limit challenge to 852 G2 with HP EliteBook 825 Battery.

ll of these interfaces can provide convenience for business people, several kinds of interface but also their high frequency of use. LENOVO S41-35 on the right side of the fuselage is in turn the power button, volume control key, lock button, USB 2 interface, USB interface and a HDMI interface 3. LENOVO S41-35 front end of the body is a wedge, so the user can easily move it from the desktop to pick up.

Performance is stable, heat depends largely on the fuselage. Have a large number of cooling air inlet LENOVO S41-35 D on the surface of the rubber pad body, and convex, can let there is enough space between the computer and the desktop, accelerated cooling. The machine cooling air outlet is placed in the axis of rotation, so as to radiate heat directly from the rear, so even if long time high frequency user computer, palm rests will not have glowing feeling.

LENOVO S41-35 with 4cell LENOVO S41-35 Battery interface can be called complete, especially for business people, a lot of excuse is very convenient. For example, the left side of the fuselage were machine interface, SD card slot, Headset Mike combined interface, SIM card slot (directly into the network card, easy to use), support the charge off USB 3 interface, power interface and computer lock.

Upper fuselage A top of the same as a small slope, the convenient user switching. Provides a convenient interface design LENOVO S41-35 for business professionals, SIM card slot, the design of USB interface can charge off have reflected the intimate side products humanization.

In terms of portability through the measurement LENOVO Y50p-70 Battery body weight: 2.27kg, a travel weight: 2.58kg. A striking feature of LENOVO S41-35 is Thinkpad can rotate 360 DEG, thanks to its strong metal coach type rotating shaft and durable.


ASUS G750JY GL552JX pk ASUS ZenBook UX501J

Battery life virtual standard? Many consumers in the purchase of notebook computer, will find this a problem during use: endurance performance and computer manufacturers computer practical propaganda results vary, different level under the official gives the service time of the battery, thus called "virtual standard" title. Don't look at the battery life is just a string of small numbers, but will bring no small problem, is the manufacturer of integrity biased? Improper use or consumers? Today we discuss something notebook computer battery life time tagging.

If you have not seen it may think that doing so will not appear body too dim, but when you go recently observed words can feel to it that black shiny, if you do not believe you can have a good look at the picture above.

In the ASUS GL552J with 4cell ASUS GL552JX Battery shell top inlaid with unique LOGO of the brand, in a small series of opinion the regiment like some in diamond drill into a bat, diamond is a symbol of wealth, "bat" and "Fu sound" blessing of italy. Don't know when the design is ASUS design icons of any other interpretation.

Today to measure room is the ASUS UX501 game, not only in terms of design and work quite well, but in the configuration on the performance is quite good. Intel core i7-4720HQ processor and ASUS UX501 game of the use of nuclear core frequency is 2.6GHz, the performance is very strong. The independent video card, the ASUS UX501 with a memory capacity of 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M game alone, the card was evaluated as 9 Series graphics cards in the most cost-effective products, very suitable for game fans choice. Storage, ASUS UX501 uses large capacity 8GB memory, HDD hard drive with 128GB SSD+1TB combination, fully meet the gamers demand for large capacity storage, but also eliminates the trouble to upgrade the two times.

ASUS UX501 with 8cell ASUS ZenBook UX501J Battery machine using the appearance of silver grey color, full metal texture, design coupled with a thin, one eye will make people think of MacBook Pro shape, looks very beautiful. I see in the front position of the airframe can see three lights, the user can observe the operation situation of the computer according to the indicating lamp.

As a section of this game, cool appearance, hot color seems to have become the people's minds it color. But Xiaobian want to tell you is a beauty, called plain, there is a cool called bright black, there is a beautiful called be as solid as rocks. Don't worry, look down you will understand what is called the game of the inside of the tough guy image, what is called a low-key beauty.

Although it is a simple design, but ASUS GL552J with li-ion ASUS GL552J Battery in shell around also joined the slope slide design, four inclined planes in the light displays makes the whole machine become more solid, more full make people both in the hand, put on the desktop will have a thick but not significantly boring sense experience.

If you also love to "V for Vendetta" and "the phantom of the opera" the two classic words, then you must and small alike will be ASUS GL552J shape such as rock solid black phantom are firmly attracted the. This game is like this, not only has the market some limitations but also have large fixed consumer groups, no matter how ASUS GL552J is a worthy of your consideration of this game.

As a focus on the video display notebook products, Asus GL552J expression can be regarded as the outstanding. The classical simple appearance beautiful and not tacky, work also has a higher level. Performance Asus GL552J performance is still good, to mainstream games and video demand all is not a problem, is not especially difficult. But in the video performance, Asus GL552J show their strength, not only in the display of outstanding performance, but also on the quality of the sound has also regarded as the current commercially available products in the leader, which let audio-visual seeking consumers find it difficult to refuse, but also Asus GL552J with 4cell ASUS GL552 Battery a trump card, believe when you the experience will attract audio-visual performance for its unique.

This time, came to this table game evaluation room this is the classic G551 game of the upgraded version of the -G551J. The difference in G551J, G551J is ASUS with SSD for the same blue sky high version, die CW65S04, appearance is domineering leakage, work is also very too to.

This came to evaluation room is ASUS G551J with 6cell ASUS G551JW Battery  (hereinafter referred to as G551J) this game, it is equipped with Intel fourth generation Haswell core i7-4710MQ processor, the core frequency is 2.6GHz, built in Intel HD Graphics 4600 core graphics; independent display core is upgraded to 9 Series graphics --2GB DDR3 memory of the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M the independent video card, very strong and has high performance price ratio; and the storage also need not worry too, with 4GB DDR3 memory, 500GB HDD and 64GB SSD hard disk of the mainstream combination.

Die here naturally do not do much introduction, as the abrasive ASUS classic, it has to withstand manufacturers technical engineer and test of the vast number of consumers, the count is the upgrade of a classic capital. The G551J uses the design planning and excellent heat dissipation fan Lu reasonable internal, not only in appearance under the foot of the effort domineering exposed, in the interior design of old OEM factory is also not a good foundation. If small compiling it, would rather choose a classic old die, the new product will not buy the kind of the design of the new meaning is greater than the actual combat.

There is a seemingly loudspeaker pattern above the ASUS G551J keyboard, but this is only used to avoid a monotone color, its speakers are arranged in a machine body bottom surface. You can see the power button next to the three light, compared to some brand cost cutting machine has only one power light practice, ASUS G551J although the traditional design more susceptible to the old customer welcome.

Came to the region of ASUS G551J control of the game, a 15.6 inch fuselage so that it has enough space to set up small keyboard area, for the game player small keyboard is very important, can use the small keyboard keys set shortcuts in the game, players in the game to enhance the operating speed, especially in a sports game. This is only a little true senior game players to know the importance of it. As for the feel of the keyboard, in general although not with the professional game keyboard compared to ASUS, but in this price G551J control handle is fairly good, and touch panel using or more split accurate, there will be no integrated touchpad touch the disadvantages of easy mistake.

G551J also has some of the game in this tough lines, even the product of the process of drawing (A surface) we have seen many times, but if you haven't seen this product, this product really can let a person feel eyes; of course if you before is used in G551J with ASUS G551JX Battery and other products, the products are with you hands without any difference that Taiwan's appearance, but Xiaobian is understanding mold this stacked configuration approach, after all, in the long run, open abrasive R & D finally take also consumers money.

GTX880M is the Kepler architecture of mobile flagship graphics card, which belongs to the GK104 core, and desktop GTX770/680 belonging to the twin brothers, have 1536 CUDA unit stream processor, but the frequency decrease. 3DMark 11 X 2854, 3DMark Firestrike EX model of x2764 performance, basically is slightly better than the desktop GTX660TI graphics card, with the male version level similar to GTX760, GTX880M strength.

The new ASUS G750JY with 5900mAh ASUS G750JY Battery, return to the classic design, performance is maintained a consistently high level of ASUS series. For like the game, and the budget but million users, is indeed a very good choice.