LENOVO G70-70 G70-80 and DELL Latitude E5450 review

Since the establishment of brand, is also the high performance to price ratio characteristics of main pragmatism, LENOVO in the market has a more obvious price advantage. Of course, in addition to the price, the LENOVO in the display with is quite hard, just full hd 1080p, screen size of IPS, so that LENOVO has a fairly good visual effect.

The graphics, LENOVO G70-70 is a continuation of, is equipped with 8 lines in the end the independent video card -- GT 840M.NVIDIA GeForce GT 840M 28nm Maxwell GM108 chip based on GT, is the successor to the 740M. With 384 stream processors and 8 ROP units, 1029MHz core frequency, support dynamic acceleration to 1124MHz frequency, memory interface 64bit and 2GB DDR3 vram.

Understanding the configuration parameter LENOVO G70-70 machine with 41wh 4cell LENOVO G70-70 Battery, so in the end how its performance, or through the software testing, with the most intuitive figures to reflect.

Although the body mask such things very cool, but in the film shaft part is difficult to smooth this kind of thing is inevitable. On the map we can already see behind the film produced cracking, but this should be the official design trade-offs for blade, a feeling of small crack and looks pretty fashion (out of the box when the author thought that the shaft crack).

As the TOSHIBA Satellite R50 laptop with TOSHIBA Satellite Pro R50-B-12R Battery, to meet the diverse needs of the use is of course necessary. In the extended interface of the fuselage, can see the common market interface TOSHIBA Satellite R50. The radiating port, VGA, RJ45, HDMI and USB provided in the body of the left side; and on the right side of the fuselage is audio port, USB and CD; of course in the notebook left palm rest below and multi-functional SD card reader, is next to the hard disk power supply indicator lamp.

We use the evaluation of the performance of the CINEBENCH R10 software, the software is capable of single core and multi-core processor performance given on intuitive score, this single core i5 4210M processor soon finished the test content of all, at the end of the single core to obtain 5891 points, much nucleus to obtain 13207 points, belonging to mid-range models mobile processors.

3DMark Fire with a new interface design, in addition to test scores, but also show the real-time curve during each scene test, the whole record frame rate, CPU temperature, GPU temperature, CPU power. The new 3DMark cancel E, P, the traditional X model, replace sb. is based on three scenarios of different load by the introduction of the FireStrike, which designed for high-end gaming platform DirectX 11 graphics card based on CloudGate, and supports the mainstream hardware based on DirectX 10, IceStorm supports the entry level DirectX 9 equipment, mobile phone, tablet computer and so on.

For such have no gorgeous appearance design, focus on cost-effective products, they are facing the market is the pay more attention to the practical and the price of the user. LENOVO G70-80 with LENOVO G70-80 Battery after the first generation of products, i5 core products have launched a new, cheaper price, also can meet the price sensitivity of the user, the demands for the products. Apart from the price value of LENOVO products, and cognate Shenzhou, won a good reputation in the screen with respect, this point compared with some so-called Dachang low-level screen, or the very conscience.

LENOVO G70-70 notebook computer design plain steady, simple lines, using machine color black. The top cover is used imprint technology processing printing, appear very smooth, this is also the overall design low-key the brightest place. However, this does not fancy style but also in line with the characteristics of the product itself.

ACER TravelMate B115P uses 4CELL ACER TravelMate B115P Battery and a 11.6 inch screen, the highest resolution up to 1920 x 1080 Full HD standards, show the effect is quite good, the screen is equipped with a high-definition camera. Shaft design of TravelMate B115P is thin and small damping, single hand can complete the opening and closing action, but the stability is also play a little difference, the screen more easily swinging.

Open view, B the black border using the same processing mode and cover the same, appears to be more uniform, and the C surface is black with silver color + Chocolate keyboard, classic silver black color, are vividly reflected in the surface and the C. And the four angle appears to be designed rounding, while protecting the organism itself, but also to protect the safe use of the user, a humanized thinking.

LENOVO Z70-70 is using 2900mAh LENOVO Z70-70 Battery and the black matte texture design notebook computer often used, the functions of anti scratch effect, also is convenient to move when the grab. The back design with 5 rubber pads are respectively arranged on four corners and the middle. We can see that the back shell is a whole, very convenient disassembly, lets the user be able to easily carry out DIY and subsequent upgrades.

DELL Latitude E5450 has done very well in the price, as a 15.6 inches of this game, with full HD 1080P level IPS screen, which is almost the other brands in 6000 yuan of above the level of configuration, and still use a standard voltage core processor, and GT750M graphics card a mainstream, let the whole the performance is very good, plus 3799 yuan official offer, make it become the darling of the college students' family.

As for the change of each aspect, we see E5450 with DELL Latitude E5450 Battery GT750M alone was still using the DDR3 memory, but not DDR5, and once a frequency reduction problem of E5440 users to reflect, after upgrading the power supply has been resolved, moreover this set of mold present after reprint after relatively mature, only short board only in the hard disk, can upgrade the SSD after the overall cost less than 4500 dollars, then this set of configuration Xingjiabi really only use "become frenzied" to describe it.


ACER Aspire R14 and LENOVO G70 Z70 laptop detail

In the domestic notebook computer market, the main cost-effective products and brand to meet the eye everywhere, and their performance has also been a lot of consumer recognition, and ACER Aspire is one of the performance is quite outstanding brand. Following the ACER AspireK3 after this time, the series of R14 came to PConline testing room, compared with K3, the Aspire R14 not only in size become larger, but also made a great promotion in the configuration and performance, but also have the price performance more powerful.

Aspire R14 notebook computer with the Intel fourth generation of core i7-4710MQ processor, frequency of 2.5GHz, integrated with Intel Graphics HD4600 core graphics, active energy saving can be started automatically; also equipped with a 4GB DDR3L high speed memory, equipped with 1TB mechanical hard disk; with 15 inch screen, maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080; at the same time, in order to improve the 3D performance of the whole machine also, using a piece of memory capacity is 2GB NVIDIA GeForce 840M graphics card, used to deal with the daily demands of the game more than sufficient.

Although it is a comparison about cost-effective products, but Aspire R14 with 6cell ACER Aspire R14 Battery is quite good in the appearance of the work on the performance, and did not give a person a kind of very cheap feeling. From these we can see the Aspire brand attitude, the pursuit of price should not sacrifice the quality and user experience as the price, the Aspire performance in this area is desirable.

Today, came to the testing room is this LENOVO G70 game this product, this product is LENOVO's new 9 Series graphics cards with one of the series of products, the configuration is absolutely be called top. Intel core i7-4710MQ processor LENOVO G70 with core speeds up to 2.5GHz, and integrated with Intel HD Graphics 4600 core graphics, while in alone, LENOVO G70 uses a new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M top game graphics card, memory capacity up to 6GB. While in storage, LENOVO G70 uses 8GB DDR3 1600MHz memory, 1TB 5400 rpm and mechanical hard disk, the overall performance of blasting table, can end a variety of games on the market.

When we saw LENOVO G70 with 41wh LENOVO G70 Battery, we will find that it comes from a very classical mold, and the use of mature die, also has a very mature and excellent performance in heat dissipation and structure. And from the author observation on this product details, LENOVO G70 in the work details or something, showing the performance of a high-end products should be.

As a main video gaming notebook computer products, essential good keyboard feel, LENOVO B50-70 keyboard using chocolate keycap design standard, key process control is good, percussion and feel comfortable.

Because has the advantages of large size DELL Inspiron 15-3531 comes with a 6cell DELL Inspiron 15-3531 Battery and small keypad operation also provide considerable convenience. The power button on the upper right corner of the function keys, is the only keyboard surface, with a white light effect.

Expand capacity for a game originally said is very important, because there will be a lot of players will for their beloved books with some peripheral products, if the development ability is not strong enough, players will also feel troubled. LENOVO G70 due to its wide fuselage, also very to force performance in development, as shown above, generally in the game of life often use interface and DVD drive, LENOVO G70 are equipped with, therefore also omits the players then expanded structure of trouble.

For a better performance for the game of this product, portable performance has always been a weakness, while LENOVO Z70 with 4cell LENOVO Z70 Battery is no exception, 17 inch size destined to make it and no portable. Thickness, we can see from the chart a dollar coin standing beside it seems does not display the thickness; and in weight, the weight of the whole trip weight and 4.885kg 3.839kg must also won't let you want to walk around with it back. But for those who truly love the super game the players, these will not be the them to the true love of the resistance.

Master Lu is PConline testing room new introduced a test software, which was given to the cross platform and the demand for non professional users, due to the simple, convenient and intuitive features, Master Lu has been net friend or non professional evaluation staff preferred software on the performance of the test, evaluation of Master Lu is completely "the fool" users only need to relax a little, can know the grade of PC performance, for users can be more intuitive display of measured performance of notebook computer more image.

In the 3DMark Fire benchmark, because the processor core of the machine configuration for the Haswell Core i7 4710MQ. Cloud Gate mode GT 840M to obtain 7609 points, in response to the daily entertainment, as well as the general aspect of the game, still has a good performance.

The price has been a commonplace vocabulary notebook computer market, but the price is also becoming an important reference data for the purchase of notebook computers, after meeting the dazzling, various price laptop, I believe everyone's aesthetic also have a certain sense of fatigue. And Aspire R14 but let consumers know that the super price, still have a meticulous work, still can have a more beautiful appearance, still can have the use of more comfortable experience, and this is the product of the most attractive places, so the performance and super price, who can don't love.

Above we can see, LENOVO B50-70 with LENOVO L13L4A01 Battery has achieved a score of 2661 in here, because there is no solid state disk, in the part of performance will suffer more, though I didn't get the special prize of the data, but that the overall performance, in response to the daily work and entertainment side, or no problem.


ASUS ROG G751J gaming laptop pk ACER Aspire R13 Series

ASUS ROG series of games from the sale has experienced several generations of products. Which not only has accumulated considerable experience and technology, cultivating the good reputation and loyal fans. Perhaps you will find the entry-level ROG series of games this just so so, but the new G751J am afraid I'll surprise you. This section of the metal shell, equipped with i7-4710HQ processor +GTX860M alone significantly games this now Tmall only 1200USD.

ASUS used the user should know before the ROG series of games, the more use of plastic material shell, rarely use expensive metal. This not only at the cost of the A and C surfaces of all use the brushed metal shell, added before only the high-end models with Dynaudio acoustics. If you are a game fancier, so this is an absolutely worth of products.

This new 17.3 inch game in this G751J with 8cell ASUS G751J Battery, not only retains the high quality of the hardware configuration, but also in the quality control and design and materials, fully meet the flagship game this product standard. The GTX860M+i7-4710HQ processor combination of basic enough Seckill market most mainstream games, while the 8G memory +1T 7200 rotary mechanical hard disk also ensures that the level of mainstream games.

The new ASUS G751J game, 1080P fog screen surface, not only retains until the killer NIC by cable and one click radiating characteristics configuration, adding Rui colorful backlight keyboard, color appears only in high-end GT models will Dynaudio sound. The ASUS is full, absolutely is thousand yuan of the following games this choice.

ACER Aspire R13 with ACER Aspire R13 Battery is a lightweight notebook products ACER recently launched, the machine continues the ACER consistent products style and market positioning, silver white alloy roof on the collocation of silver white body with the keyboard, give a person a kind of pure simple visual experience. The machine with the price of other products advantages compared to embody in the screen display effect, 1920 * 1080 resolution IPS display makes this 14 inch notebook products have display effect is very good, the fourth generation I3 processor and SSD+HDD double disk configuration, the machine has high performance price ratio.

Screen configuration of 1920 * 1080 resolution full HD fog face screen. Not only the brightness and color performance is very excellent, but also in strong light glare proof effect is very prominent. In the exquisite degree of the screen, also did not appear cheap fog face screen that excessive grain.

The new ASUS G751J with ASUS G751JM Battery game of the A surface by the metal wire drawing process, and the use of edge cutting design, make the whole body is very resolute and cool, is not a cheap plastic shell that crudely made. In addition, ASUSA the LOGO design is also very simple, classic red +ASUS letters will be the design to a new level.

The keyboard still follows the backlight keyboard professional peripherals company Rui provide. Backlight keyboard support 3 regional settings, the player can be freely adjusted according to their own hobbies. The keyboard layout and feel quite good, the key regulation is moderate, good elasticity, in the notes belong to the good feel. In addition, ASUS game will be on the left side of the "Win" key to cancel, to avoid user in high strength game against false touch the inconvenience caused.

From the exterior view, TOSHIBA Satellite Radius P50W adopted a more mainstream shape design with TOSHIBA Satellite Radius P50W Battery, machine element for composite material in large numbers, in the ABC three surface attached green film, official store have optional color more, a fashion model. Both the TOSHIBA Satellite Radius P50W basically appears in any situation, you will be its color to attract.

"Tomb Raider 9" by Crystal Dynamics development, Square Enix is responsible for the issue of cross platform action game, in 2013 March began selling. This focus on Laura young period, abandoned before a few play superman setting, game player can see more real Laura image in the game. Because the engine upgrades, as compared to the previous works have more excellent picture, is a "Tomb Raider" series of the most transformative works.

Although the ASUS G751J with ASUS G751JT Battery configuration and heat dissipation are very good, but not very much heap allocation games this as it is very bloated. There is a fairly good thickness in 15.6 dimensions in the game. The bare weight is 2.402kg, plus a travel weight adapter for 2.938kg. Although not say he is thin, but can be put to work in a bag on.

"Tomb Raider 9" this action adventure game TPS. "Tomb Raider 9" is a whole series of exchange transfusion for, not only quality reached the mainstream game over standards for graphics requirements also reached the level of demand for high-end graphics graphics card game. The resolution was adjusted to 1920 * 1080, using the game automatically recommended medium graphics, can be very smooth running, the average frame rate achieves stable performance of 60 frames, almost no excessive fluctuation.

"Watchdog" is a class 3A Ubisoft in 2013 of heavy work, the adoption of open world sandbox gameplay, the game tells a very exciting story, this game uses the new AnvilNext engine, to create a vast huge world, the open world adventure game took place in Chicago, electronic the device then has been built in almost all the items, the whole city was dependent on them.

"Watchdog" this game although the quality that was not a top level, but by virtue of optimization and the city of rendering of complex and not well, make it become a downright card game killer. We will be quality adjusted to medium resolution adjusted to 1600 * 900, got an average of 41 frames of the outstanding achievements. Even the lowest when also reaches a level of stability of 36 frames.

Through 30 minutes of running, ASUS G751JY Battery and keyboard surface the maximum temperature of 54.8 degrees, but mainly concentrated in the outlet position, does not affect the operation and operation feel. At the bottom of the high temperature 56.9 degrees, also focused on the radiator grille position. Since the machine configuration is high, the consumption is relatively than ordinary audio notebook are also much higher, so the proposal under high load operation of large game, can consider to open a radiating to ensure stability.


HP OMEN 15 and ASUS G771J laptop detail

November 5, 2014 -- HP today officially launched specifically for the game player to create the HP Omen pride super game, has the super game performance and ultra thin delicate appearance, uncompromising fashion.

"We hope that in the game game player in the war and win, they for the game this is so." HP consumer personal information products management division vice president Mike Nash said, "HP Omen pride ultra games this with excellent design and super performance, can let the game player who enjoy the ultimate gaming experience."

In the game, the performance is made and excellent graphics processing processing ability, smooth frame rate, fast download and a series of key attributes cross balance. HP Omen with HP OMEN Battery pride super game core raw power source of the self NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M alone (full power 50W) and fourth generation Intel i7 quad core processor (strong full power 47W), effortlessly can run the latest games, even the most stringent game also can easily run.

The machine in order to meet the needs of most users use, still retains the standard RJ-45 network interface will be used often, so the thickness of the body TravelMate P276 must make a sacrifice. Of course, if change to do transfer interface mode, believe that the ACER TravelMate P276 in the thickness of the body can also be made thinner.

Bottom panel of the ACER TravelMate P276 using ACER TravelMate P276-M Battery and the integrated design, and provides no easy disassembling module for the user. The bottom panel is provided with a plurality of cooling air cooling vents, and the machine was installed and the fuselage rear end, below is the screen.

In order to meet the full HD most games (1) quality requirements, HP Omen pride super game bent is equipped with a 15.6 inch Full HD FHD IPS touch screen to ensure a smooth picture display, 72% color gamut, 300nit brightness can be vivid, full color, enjoy the exquisite vision bring acme delicate. HP Omen pride super game the selected 256GB/512GB SATA M.2 SSD solid state drive, the game loading speed 6-9 times faster than the traditional mechanical hard disk. (2) the HP Omen pride ultra games provided the 8GB DDR3L and 16GB DDR3 two specifications of memory available.

HP Omen with HP OMEN 15 Battery super game industrial design of the attached great importance to the gaming experience, but is typical high temperature performance killer. So the HP Omen pride super game from the early stage of design will heat dissipation design as a very high priority, with subversive design ideas, to improve the heat dissipation effect as the core direction structure design. The four core technology power and bring new experience by cold - 1, shorten the duct can accelerate the removal of heat; 2, dual fan design makes the air more; 3, U type outlet design can greatly reduce the core components of heat; 4, post heat as the center of gravity of the design, ensure the air channel unimpeded, while reducing the effect of hot air on the use of.

The influence on the heat: since the engine vent design under the rear fuselage, blowing hot air will pass through the shaft sinking, so in the screen is connected with the base appear at a heat accumulation of the situation, but the top metal material can quickly heat is dispersed, so not too much impact on the cooling effect.

Through the thermal imager, we on the fuselage C surface and D surface to surface temperature test. From the thermal distribution map we can see, the highest temperature of the red area, the surface of the keyboard, the Red areas concentrated in the middle and upper right keyboard heat radiating window position, while the bottom is concentrated positions in the radiating port. In addition to high temperature heat vent position, other parts such as the palm rest position are more comfortable temperature etc..

Thermal performance test actually to thin this is the biggest test, itself inside the body space has been very small, coupled with the heat radiating large original, patency became a test of a notebook Internal KungFu, in accordance with the convention we use FurMark software to make this machine in high load operating condition.

In order to test ACER TravelMate P276 with 6cell ACER TravelMate P276-MG Battery this extremely the endurance test software, we chose PowerMark, which is the same as PCMark, 3DMark, is developed by FutureMark company. It will continue to cycle running a set of test scripts, including four kinds of common application: Internet browsing, document processing, video playback, 3D game, so as far as possible to the actual use of the close of the vast majority of users.

First we were set on the test environment, the highest quality using laptop mode test, the screen resolution was adjusted to 1920 * 1080, let us look at the test results:

The use of ROG G771J to run the "Final Fantasy 14" test process is very satisfactory, although the picture frames have reached more than 60fps, but most of the time are maintained at more than 30fps, can run the game smooth, and the final test result has reached 4882 points, performance rating to "High" (up to Extremely High) the results indicate that G771J with ASUS G771J Battery can successfully, the operation of the game, and the game similar to the game, such as "blade", "monster hunter OL" etc..


ASUS ROG G771JM G771JW and ACER TravelMate P256 P276 detail

In July 31, 2014 the upcoming Chinajoy 2014, as the top gaming notebook brand Asus ROG naturally will not miss this event, it will join the new top G771J games this jointly Blizzard game masterpiece "hero" innovation storm together exhibitors, ROGG771J will be the strong performance and super excellent engineering design showcase its most perfect "posture". In Chinajoy 2014, two days before the opening, the Asus top ROG games this G771J came to PConline testing room, we finished the evaluation of it in depth for the first time you ahead of the secret!

By using the Fraps software carries on 3 times of 60 seconds average beta, in the 1920 * 1080 resolution of the highest quality setting, the average frame rate is 194.3fps, the minimum number of frames 189, the highest number of frames in 209; 1366 * 768 resolution of the lowest quality setting, the average frame rate is 267.3fps, the minimum number of frames 221, the frame rate of 324.

ASUS ROG G771J is equipped with Intel fourth generation Haswell core i7-4860HQ processor, the core frequency is 2.4GHz, Rui frequency can reach 3.6GHz, built-in Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200 core graphics, and equipped with 8GB DDR5 memory of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M graphics card. Not only CPU and GPU G771J also has excellent performance with ASUS G771JM Battery, Asus storage combined super, it is equipped with two pieces of 256GB SSD solid state drive consisting of a Raid 0 array, can achieve extremely the like system startup and running speed, is a strong support for the large 3D game, at the same time it is also equipped with 32GB DDR3 memory and 1.5TB HDD machine hard disk, providing enough game operation and installation space for the user, without the need to upgrade second!

The mention of domestic notebook computer, ACER's TravelMate series absolutely can not be ignored. With respect to those who seek cost-effective products, ACER TravelMate is not cost-effective products, but this is not because ACER cannot do price, but pay more attention to product quality, internal therefore, notebook computer ACER most are very durable, such as the purchase of the 06 years of TravelMate640m, in addition to run fast enough, still no any fault, the remarkable quality.

Will have to lose, in pay attention to quality at the same time, in order to obtain the ultimate price of course will be very difficult, therefore, if you focus on a product is durable enough, then choose ACER is absolutely no problem.

This evaluation, we introduce the ACER TravelMate P246 with 6cell high capacity ACER TravelMate P246-MG Battery of a mainstream level product -- TravelMate P256. This product at first glance is very much like a business, design of black color plus steady, make it difficult to believe that it is a from the domestic TravelMate series products, although its overall design did not have too much concern place, but after careful observation will find, this is a detail and quality excellent products.

"Glorious mission" was developed jointly by the Nanjing military region and the Wuxi giants of China's first with independent intellectual property rights of military games, at present the military version has been in the army service, China more than 200 active duty officers forestalls to experience the liberation. As for the troops of PLA training, entertainment of the first military game "glorious mission" birth carries a special mission, its outstanding quality attention and look forward to an unprecedented, including CCTV news broadcast, the domestic and foreign media has carried on the long-term concern and reported on the "glorious mission".

ROG was a famous ASUS motherboard series, it originated from the ASUS G771J Series with ASUS G771JW Battery to the extreme in the pursuit of quality, the game series notebook main push personalized and differentiated product concept, it can be said that ROG has now become the representative of high-end PC games , in the hardware is always the highest allocation, and the shape is strongly fit players like different individual needs.

"Lost Planet 2" game stage is before EDN-3rd after warming change the story happened after ten years, here will add new jungle scene, the protagonist is not before that as a man, but to "snow thieves" are different from the perspective of story. The same with before, "Lost Planet 2" by CAPCOM company original engine MT Framework the latest version of the VER.2.0 development, the game world performance will be more detailed and beautiful. And not just on the screen of the evolution, the works will be on the basis of a large number of new players require additional elements in the front, new scenes and new roles, new weapons since Needless to say, the role of action is also more colorful than before.

The hardware aspect, TMP256 uses the 6cell ACER TravelMate P256-M Battery and the basic hardware combination core i5 low voltage +AMD Radeon R5 M240 alone, and equipped with a 8GB memory, 1TB hard disk, the whole practical route, and strive to bring about a cheap practical product for the user, so the overall feel of TravelMate P256 give people is low-key benefits.

In fact, how to distinguish good and bad heat dispersion, the highest temperature can not represent what. Ventilation vent of the absolute temperature is the highest, if not, it is only that the heat dissipation problem. When most of the heat accumulation in the cooling vents near the location, and other parts of the temperature not higher than 40 DEG C, it can determine the cooling system design belongs to a more reasonable.

The right column is very interesting, is a creative and attempt to enhance user experience. We can see the My Favorites column, which is corresponding to the user a list of commonly used applications, and the most creative place is, its contents are based on the product model of automatic switching. Such as notebook mode commonly used Word, Outlook, Evernote, here will appear. When you change the tent mode, it will be for you to push the application for tent mode, such as watching video, when you cut the tent model here is player application show.

Because the core M platform just issued soon, the market also does not have this platform product based on another computer, so most of the test software can correctly identify the platform of information.

For laptop computers, users are often very concerned about the situation of heat dissipation of them, if the cooling effect is not ideal or thermal design question, the overall use of experience will be very bad, here we come to the TravelMate P256 with ACER TravelMate P256 Battery heat actually test.

Our test methods is still at 25 degrees at room temperature, let this laptop runs Furmark copy machine software, so as to make the GPU work in the high load. After half a hour, the internal core temperature were to view this books and the body surface temperature.

From the temperature distribution of the above point of view, most of the keyboard parts of heat are concentrated in the middle and the right, the left and the touch panel, the left side of the keyboard wrist rest part of almost no heat distribution, so that users in the use of the machine, the left hand will feel very cool.

First of all, from the temperature sensor AIDA 64, TravelMate P256 with 6cell ACER TravelMate P256-MG Battery whole is very good, basic core temperature at about 64 DEG C, good heat dissipation efficiency.

We through the CINEBENCH R10 on its performance has been evaluated, as you can see, this processor single core dual core score is 4955 points, score of 10282 points, the computing speed is good.

Intel core i5 4210U is a dual core four thread mobile stage low voltage processor, with 1.7GHz initial frequency, turbo boost can be upgraded to 2.7GHz, it 22nm the process of Haswell framework based on 3MB design, with three level cache performance is good, but the power consumption is 15W.

Home entertainment properties and finally we use PCMark 8 to TravelMate P256 was tested in PCMark 8 Home mode for the product will Web browsing, photo processing, document processing, video codec, ACER TravelMate P276 Battery, game performance and other daily used to simulate test, comprehensive performance evaluation so as to give the machine.


ASUS G551JK G551JM and ASUS G771J Series coming

ASUS products have many series, and the market positioning of L series can be said to be the product of neutralization of E series and T series, and T series high for the shape and configuration of hardware cost is similar, with similar E series. This product is the practice to a certain extent to the part of the user demand, today we got the L series G551 ASUS.

ASUS G551 game of the exterior design of the T series are very similar, but in the use of materials and workmanship is not up to the standard of T series of high-end. The machine body is made of black engineering plastic material, the top cover is also so did not use metal materials, although did not reach the level of high-end work, but fortunately the machine materials or compare feet.

ASUS G551 with 6cell ASUS A32N1405 Battery uses a 15.3 inch screen, but the machine body size than the standard 15.3 inch models slightly bigger, this is due to the screen frame of the machine is wide. In the pursuit of narrow frame and frivolous era, a retro thick frame products shows its own characteristics, although the border thickness but no acosmia feeling.

Worthy of recognition is the G551 screen surface after grinding processing, this fog face screen advantage is particularly important for a game to had said, good anti reflective ability to ensure better work comfort and efficiency. G551 although the workmanship is not so sophisticated, but the screen shaft design is not careless, the machine is equipped with a standard ASUS features metal hinge shaft, the opening angle of 180 degrees screen, sturdy and durable.

Downwards see again, ASUS G551 the keyboard surface design belongs to continue TP style keyboard, but is not a traditional button design, but by last year replaced island style reform. Overall, the work is not refined, but the others have, shortcut keys, little red riding hood, fingerprint recognizer were equipped with.

The keyboard surface details, G551 with ASUS G551 Battery uses the same board design touch with the S series, the use of hand and comfort are equipped with high quality. Keyboard, the aircraft is not equipped with a backlight function, and the top row of keys by heightening ladder design, night blindness when also can easily distinguish key area.

Overall, ASUS G551 body materials or more sufficient, the screen shaft with metal hinge durable, keyboard region partition design and using ladder island style design, feel as always.

The interface, network interface G551 with 56Wh ASUS G551J Battery will put in the fuselage rear, thus connecting cable network will not be in the side of a cable to be thrown out, let the desks appear more relaxed.

At the same time, it also has a capacity of mechanical hard disk 1TB, the performance of our tests were carried out by HD Tune software, the average score of the test was 89MB/s, the maximum read speed of 118MB/s, the overall performance is in the normal level.

This link, we test by PowerMark software, to maintain the WiFi network connection during the test, the brightness of the screen maintains the 50%, in the process of software will simulate for web browsing, video, the final test result is 2 hour 39 minutes, the overall performance of the general.

This link, our tests were carried out by PC Mark8 software, the test score of 3177 points, in the normal level for a high performance gaming said originally, its performance sufficiently smooth running most of the game.

Recently, ASUS made a small change to the models, launched a new model -- ASUS G series G771, the mechanical hard disk speed up to 7200 rpm, and cancelled the now less commonly used CD-ROM, while the price is compared before more affordable.

ASUS G series G771 with ASUS G771 Battery, with Intel core i7-4710MQ processor, 8GB ram, 128GB solid state hard drive, as well as the mechanical hard disk 1TB, 15.6 inch IPS screen, resolution reached 1080p Full HD level. The graphics of the models using the Intel HD 4600 core graphics and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M graphics card.

In the left side of the fuselage, we see the cooling air outlet, on this side for most right-handed mouse users, will not be hot burn, which is currently the most laptops common practice, in addition we saw the VGA interface and DP interface, and two UBS3.0 interface, the smart card and a card reader interface.

G551J with ASUS G551JK Battery top Logo modelling the continuation of a consistent design of ASUS, just a reflection type skin surface and light is not strong, therefore G551J is not strong, showing plain.

After understanding the basic information processor, we use the evaluation of the performance of the CINEBENCH R10 software, the software is capable of single core and multi-core processor performance given on intuitive score, this single Core i7 4710MQ processor soon finished the test content of all, at the end of the monocytes obtained 6705 points, won multiple nuclear 24048, belonging to the mobile processor models.

ASUS G771 notebook with 10.8V ASUS G771JK Battery using the hybrid drive, mechanical hard disk has 1TB capacity, 7200 speed, and solid state disk with 128GB capacity. We see from the mechanical hard disk test, the lowest velocity for 69.1MB/ seconds, the highest 144.8MB/ seconds, and the average speed of 114.3MB/ seconds, this one achievement view, the mechanical hard disk performance is very good.

The machine part of the keyboard feel very good, for daily use, the game application, without the need of extra purchase an external keyboard, which can meet the demands of users for the requirements of the hand.

Performance, ASUS G551J series with 6cell ASUS G551JM Battery fourth generation Intel intelligent core i5 processor, speed operation, excellent performance, is nowadays mobile processors the most cost-effective choice.


MSI WT60 WT70 and MSI WS60 Workstation detail

MSI as a professional brand after the game, in the first release of MR GT60 and MR GE60 in the two game, welcome and praise of many users because of high performance and high performance price ratio as a selling point. At the same time, MSI also has introduced new products to meet more consumers welcome, WT60 is a new game, WT60 in the appearance of more cool, I believe everyone is looking forward to the specific performance of the evaluation of WT60 game, today we will bring you MSI WT60.

From the initial release of MR GT60 and MR GE60, MSI products always maintain the higher profile in the configuration, the new WT60 is not exceptional also, the machine adopts i7-4710MQ quad core processor and 2GB GDDR5 memory GTX 860M alone, at the same time also come standard with 16GB memory, 128GB hard disk SSD1TB machine, fog screen 15.6 inches 1920 x 1080 resolution, the official version is pre loaded with Windows 8.1 operating system, the performance of the whole machine intrepid enough.

Compared to the MSI before the WT60 products, the appearance of more cool, it adopts the two tone appearance, visual effect is more outstanding. In the top part, WT60 with 9cell MSI WT60 Battery uses aviation aluminum alloy material, have a matte coating the surface of machine of comfort, not only feel comfortable, but also let the more strong. At the same time, the body shell also owns MSI logo, and the two red lights, they will shine in the boot, in the evening looks more outstanding.

In the start screen, see is still red and black collocation, black all over the body, at the same time, there are red decoration on the surface of the keycap, touch around the plate and radiating touch mouth, looked the visual sense is more comfortable.

But in the top part, MSI GT60WS with 7800mAh MSI GT60WS Battery adopts rhombus fine-grained decoration, median set up MSI LOGO, machine side angle radian is relatively large, but the whole body style and to appear calm, rigorous, it can be said that the overall design of the MSI GT60WS regulations in the moment, not too bright to speak.

At the bottom of the fuselage also adopted the two tone design, also at the bottom of the fuselage and a lot of the wind inlet hole, and fully guarantee the heat dissipation effect of the fuselage.

As a section of 15.6 inches of this game, MSI WT70 with MSI WT70 Battery bare weight is 2.67kg, the total weight and add power adapter for the 3.2kg, as a professional game the weight in the average performance of this.

This machine uses a 15 inch screen resolution of 1366 x 768, the screen chooses glass panel, color performance is more outstanding, the visual angle as large IPS panel. In addition, the screen frame part of this product adopts a narrow frame design, especially the border around the sides of the very narrow, so even the overall use of the engineering plastics materials, also won't let users have the awkward feeling.

Most of the keyboard parts of the heat are concentrated in the middle and the right, the left and the touch panel, the left side of the keyboard wrist rest part of almost no heat distribution, so that users in the use of the machine, the left hand will feel very cool.

Next, MSI GT70WS Battery capacity was evaluated, believe this is many users are very concerned about the problem. Test the software we have chosen is the PowerMark, it and PCMark, 3DMark, is developed by FutureMark company. It will continue to cycle running a set of test scripts, including four kinds of common application: Internet browsing, document processing, video playback, 3D game, so as far as possible to the actual use of the close of the vast majority of users.

Although it is a mainstream product, but the MSI GT60WS in the control of the thickness of the body on or under a lot of effort, but the overall thickness of the screen than the average notebook computers are slightly thicker, but the body part of the thin sense also make up the engineering plastics materials showing the clumsy disadvantage.

Home entertainment properties and finally we use PCMark 8 to MSI WT60 were tested, finally get a score of 3411, indicating that MSI Radius 11 is a good home entertainment this, also can deal with all kinds of mainstream game.

Intel core i5 4200H is a dual core mobile processor with four threads level, initial 2.8GHz frequency, turbo boost can be upgraded to 3.4GHz, it 22nm the process of Haswell framework based on 3MB design, with three level cache performance is good, but the power consumption is 47W.

We through the CINEBENCH R10 on its performance has been evaluated, as you can see, this processor single core dual core score is 6335 points, score of 13198 points, the computing speed is good, is in the end processor in mobile processor.

First of all, from the temperature sensor AIDA 64, MSI WS60 with MSI WS60 Battery  whole is very good, basic core temperature at about 64 DEG C, good heat dissipation efficiency.

We continue to use the 3D rendering engine based on the famous software Cinema4D Cinebench R11.5 software for its theoretical properties were tested, the results for the 1.68pts, is also a good performance.

ASUS A550LD with ASUS A550LD Battery has inherited the classic appearance series, weight control have some progress, the performance of the three generation of APU also have a certain margin improvement, is a successful upgrade of the MSI mainstream business. ASUS A550LD is suitable for those who pursue the succinct fashion office, occasional leisure entertainment needs of users, inadequate is the thermal design of the general performance.