LENOVO ThinkPad E550 E550c and CLEVO P377SM detail

Since 18650 of the electrical core itself is so safe, why mobile power supply of fire is still not rare? Mystery in mobile power itself. Mobile power supply shell and other components are often common to plastic. The plastic itself is flammable, meet high temperature can be spontaneous combustion. Qualified mobile power USB output short circuit protection, so when the output is short circuited when there will be no large current through the. But the mobile power supply inside and from the 18650 to the circuit board nickel sheet or wire connection. If this part of the unfortunate short circuit, so the output short circuit protection is powerless. And the 18650 electric core itself PTC just before the battery itself overheating can cut off the current of the battery, because the heat capacity of the battery is very considerable, temperature rise less quickly, perhaps in the wire, nickel plate burned red case, battery is not hot to cut output. Nickel plate and shell like burning red plastic contact, fire is the

Game test we mainly choose the mainstream stand-alone games, including "watchdog" and "SNIPER 3", also including "Metro 2033" Benchmark.

A front facing camera settings for E550 with LENOVO ThinkPad E550 Battery at the top of the screen, the camera left for the camera status indicator, dual array microphone breakdown location slightly far sides, convenient for the user to use video chat application.

Before we look at the high-end game, will be to "have a fever configuration", "large", "weight type player" and other words to describe, like Alienware, game player games such as notebook is the country several lexical complex. But the high-end games should be huge, hardware together? CLEVO company recently launched P377SM game this series denied the traditional setting.

The number of frames by Fraps records, we again see the GTX970M super ability, at the highest quality average frames are beyond 30fps, very smooth. Also with IPS wide angle screen, the overall visual effect is also very good. In the current mainstream games, performance is very good. To deal with the current all kinds of games, the ability to more than.

CLEVO P377SM with 5900mAh CLEVO P377SM Battery game this is located in high-end user groups, the design adopts the whole aluminum alloy material of this machine fuselage, the overall lightweight design (thickness 19.9mm, weight 2.12kg), and the contour is designed by means of triangular elements rich, in the overall shape looks more like a super book. Screen adopts full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution IPS display panel, the effective SRGB color gamut is 72%, and is the mirror touch screen design, the maximum brightness of 300nits.

Assassin's Creed series is one of the most fiery UBI game series, series of basis set is modern technology company by using gene technology allows the protagonists to find hidden in the memory of ancestors of blood, game shuttle, at all times between picture of cool, refreshing operation, has received critical acclaim since 07 years published in 2015, is about to board the Hollywood big screen, change into big movies, great influence.

LENOVO ThinkPad E550 with LENOVO ThinkPad E550c Battery very well remove the rear cover, a plurality of fixing screw down to open the back cover. In the upgrade space, LENOVO ThinkPad E550 has two memory slots, can support a maximum 16GB DDR3 of memory, in addition, the user can replace the existing mechanical hard disk with SSD solid state drive, drive also can be transformed into second disks, in general, the ThinkPad E550 upgrade space to meet basic needs.

In addition, the process of core graphics development, inevitable also has some experience in the use of communication problems, some people inevitably to a certain degree, within the scope of certain exaggerated applicable scope core graphics, this paper also attempts to explore the core graphics used in the process of some of the disadvantages, for you to use core graphics provide some positive suggestions.

After understanding the basic information of the processor, we use the evaluation of the performance of the CINEBENCH R10 software, the software is capable of single core and multi-core processor performance given on intuitive score, this single Core i7 4710HQ processor soon finished the test content of all, at the end of the monocytes obtained 6330 points, won multiple nuclear 24240, belonging to the mobile processor models.

In addition, using the evaluation of its performance were analyzed by CINEBENCH 11.5 software, the software is capable of single core and multi-core processor performance given on intuitive score, this single Core i7 4710HQ processor soon finished the test of all the content, the final CPU to obtain 6.98pts, single core 1.50pts.

As a million class products, the internal work is also very important, at the same time, but also to the game player to leave a certain performance scalability. The integration of SAGER NP9377 with SAGER NP9377 Battery backplane disassembly is very easy, unscrew all the screws can, need not consider the keyboard connected with the backboard. The internal overall workmanship is very good. The built-in battery bracket position in the palm of the hand, can be very good to avoid overheating of the palm rest.

Iris Intel Pro belongs to the fourth generation nuclear core graphics architecture of GT3E core, equipped with 128MB eDRAM off chip cache, with 40 Intel EU unit, the 8 grating unit, 32 texture units, in i7 4860HQ, dynamic acceleration frequency 200-1200mhz.

The body weight, the total amount of bare metal ASUS BU401L about 1.52kg, a travel weight and add built-in ASUS BU401L Battery is only 1.89kg.  Travel weight of the machine than phase most 12.3 inch Commerce said originally also light enough, the whole machine has a high enough advantages in portability. Integrated the machine alloy shell, exquisite workmanship, this model does achieve flagship super this level.

But in the era of development, integrated graphics (core graphics) fusion of the road has been on the right track. Intel SandyBridge released in 2011 with a HD3000 processor architecture, has been comparable to entry-level graphics card; 2013 release codenamed sharp torch Iris 5000 series core graphics family, will be more performance extends to mainstream entertainment class card level. In this case, those who think that the core graphics card can not play the game, was N years ago 6600GT Seckill remarks have collapse of itself. However, more people still think, core graphics or game suitable for low configuration, especially positioning to cope with low configuration of online games, and no large single. Verification we use Asus game player country a laptop, a Iris Pro 5200 today, the end can not play big games, which can play a single game.

The test we used equipment is LifeBook E554 with FUJITSU FPCBP429 Battery, Lifebook this series family should be considered is one of the most powerful notebook series world. The machine with the Intel i7 4860HQ Haswell processor, with sharp torch series Iris Pro 5200 core graphics, and provides a basis for our evaluation.

In addition, in order to give Iris Pro 5200 to find a small partner, I also have the aid of desktop platform. Many players of similar and integrated graphics performance even the performance is inferior to the latter entry-level graphics card disgruntled, jokes that they are "pit dad card". The author initially wanted to find a modern sense of the pit dad graphics, but asked around, but found nowhere to borrow. Finally, stick a netizen to the author provides the working machine on the light machine card, a classic HD6750 DDR3 graphics card, used to Iris Pro provides simple comparison.

ASUS BU401L, is for the "new interpretation of the concept of game", the only significant independence is the weapon to play the game, and now Intel sharp torch "sets" can also let the games run smoothly. In fact, in the opinion of the author, although ASUS BU401Lwith ASUS BU401LA Battery positioning for this game, but it relies on the 20.8mm thickness and 1.87Kg weight, also can be used as a high performance commercial use of this, the high performance video card sharp torch is the graphic image task in work and batch processing become more simple and quick, but also will play the game to relax after work.


ASUS G58 and SAGER NP9380 NP9390 gaming laptop review

If less on pen friends electric sound presentation, G58JM in the overall hardware specification configuration, than the G56 series of high order several more prominent, whether in the processor or independent display chip, has greatly promoted the efficiency, perhaps you can think of G58 as G56 series hardware enhanced version. May be easier to understand the laptop. But in the hardware configuration, the G58JM or the existence of a few areas in need of improvement, in the memory part, the biggest support capacity if you can to 32GB, for the love of high hardware specifications of the players, perhaps even more add a few minutes of attractive, after all, the fuselage bottom cover provides a convenient replacement and upgrading. Moreover is stored in hard disk configuration, 7200 turn 1TB HDD configuration, you really don't know where to start it, if only to cost considerations, may wish to consider hybrid should disk configuration, for there will be some help performance, of course, if you really like this pe
n electricity, reluctantly replaced it SSD solid state drive, is an efficiency way to upgrade.

By vernier caliper, we can see that the maximum thickness of ASUS G58 2.524cm, for a 15 inch family this, law-abiding, acceptable.ASUS G58 unique uses FX-7600P processor AMD of Kaveri architecture, with 6cells ASUS G58 Battery,DDR3 4GB memory and 1TB mechanical hard disk, the independent video card graphics for the APU's built-in R7-Graphics with R5-M230 hybrid crossfire, how the specific performance, we read the next to you.

Small make up also the actual installation common several games, to carry on the real machine test, the first Battlefield 4 battlefield 4 game environment setting for full screen Full HD 1920 X 1080, the frequency of updates for 60Hz screen, the game screen quality and effects are set at the highest level of the state, and close the vertical sync in the game prologue tests, get an average of 22.02 FPS performance, the whole is smooth.

Diablo III the Diablo 3 real machine game testing, the game screen and above the same, the same picture quality and effects settings in the supreme state, and close the vertical sync options, in the course of the game in two minutes, average 84.31 FPS performance, in lower load game, really to get a good gaming experience.

HP 470 G2 using 6cells HP FP06XL Battery and integral touch panel design, touch panel in the surface layer of the skin with a kind of coating, the feeling is very comfortable. At the same time also can see, touch panel body surface area than a C low part, can ensure the screen when no direct contact. In addition, the touch plate of the machine by using the "ForcePad" micro pressure sensor design, click left key operation, double click the right button operation, touch panel but I tend to equipped with solid key, especially for the frequent use of the keyboard and touchpad business people.

Finally see is Medal of Honor Warfighter Medal of Honor: Iron Defender Game Testing, screen and game environment setting basically the same with the top two games, are tested at the highest setting, in the game 2 minutes of game time in the prologue, measured an average of 27.48 FPS performance, rather than BF4 than some, the actual game smooth degree is also very enough.

The efficiency scores of PCmark 7 as measured by only 3279 points, compared the test results with CLEVO P370EM with 8cells CLEVO P370EM Battery before more than 5000 points, the relatively poor performance. PCmark 8 Home situational test mode (Webpage browsing, word processing, video calling, photo editing comprehensive test) score was 3120 points, effectiveness. PCmark 8 Creative situational test pattern (comprehensive test Webpage browsing, multiple video calling, photo editing, video editing, game performance, efficiency etc.) score of 3574 points. PCmark 8 Work work situation test mode (Office test) score was 3841 points, effectiveness. PCmark 8 Storage hard disk performance test mode, efficiency score is 2409 points, storage bandwidth performance for 9.34MB/s.

It should be said that in SMAA anti aliasing, the watchdog is not so difficult to tame, GTX980M won the 60 frame over the good grades, and frame rate fluctuation is very small, very smooth, very smooth.

We then use the AIDA64 system stability test tools and FurMark donuts testing tools let SAGER NP9390 Battery and SAGER NP9390 CPU and GPU at the same time with, observe its cooling performance.

The famous founder of Crytek once the membership card crisis Ubisoft's studio, "far cry" primary is Ubisoft products. When Crytek leaving Ubisoft when, can not take away the Crysis brand, also cannot take the Cryengine1 engine, so only the restart stove "Crysis" series. Ubisoft is a powerful company, "far cry" series in Ubisoft's men also grow sturdily. The improvement of using Cryenigne technology in 2009 after the early Ubisoft DUNIA engine, made "Crysis 2", with the game system better image and innovation success. The second half of 2012, Ubisoft Montreal studio launched a new "Crysis 3", as the DX11 game industry brought heavy work, so far has sold 10m. In 2014, "far cry 4" return, again for game player fans offer Taotie visual feast.

CLEVO P370SM using 5900mAh CLEVO P370SM Battery and the SteelSeries keyboard, believe that the familiar CLEVO notebook on the friends will not feel strange, it is professional gaming keyboard, durability than ordinary keyboard must be high, and the keyboard keys feedback force is very strong, feel more comfortable. Although with the independent gaming keyboard there is still a gap, but much stronger than the ordinary chocolate keyboard. Of course, features a large colorful backlight design is also CLEVO, can control the backlight through management software to achieve backlight polychromatic or quasi monochromatic, for game players, this configuration is essential.

With the launch of NVIDIA "9" series of graphics cards, mobile version also introduced, at present the strong performance GTX970M has moved beyond the last generation of nearly 40%. SAGER NP9390 with the strongest players moving graphics is very worthy of attention, both in the external or internal workmanship, are very good, compared to the previous SAGER product promotion is very obvious. Details, including several aspects of interface, screen, battery components, are satisfactory. At present the product selling price 9999 yuan, still has a certain price in the same grade products, recommended to the fever players.

We get the feedback from the Fraps data, in the open HBAO+ environment shielding light, SMAA anti aliasing situations, GTX980M in far cry 4 the average frame rate was 60.067, complete flying feeling, did not have any operation pressure.

No matter how the development of high-end notebook, in the current PC market can really realize large-scale shipment of the products is still low, low price of the configuration of the entry-level products, more and more people do not want to spend too much money and time on notebooks and other PC products, but the PC for the time being can not totally replaced by mobile devices, and high performance price ratio the entry-level products into a compromise choice. The following for bringing LENOVO G50-70m evaluation model is the entry-level notebook, have a look how LENOVO do entry-level products.

LENOVO G50-70m with 4cells LENOVO G50-70m Battery continues the U shape structure of LENOVO in the design, each corners using the rounded rectangle designed to ease, feel very good, but it looks rather sharp right angle side to the domineering, of course the appearance of LENOVO always want to give users a friendly feeling, ambition definitely not LENOVO temperament.

Because the "watchdog" have great influence, many players are fascinated, but "watchdog" requirements are very high, according to Ubisoft tradition, is high to start sorry quality level; because the card into a dog, so everyone called "shrink dog". Because the game has no built-in benchmark, we still use Fraps record GTX980M run watchdog the highest quality, SMAA expression of first 120 seconds of the anti aliasing.

After 20 minutes of baking temperature performance, we observe the SAGER NP9390. AIDA64 display i7 4710MQ processor SAGER NP9380 with SAGER NP9380 Battery at the temperature about 87, near 86 degrees, control is not very ideal, but can still accept; strong power control technology has benefited from Maxwell, GTX980M graphics card is firmly controlled at 88 degrees below, it has been more difficult for the flagship product.


ASUS ROG G58JM Gaming laptop EUROCOM X7 X8 review

ASUS has for its ROG gaming brand launched many new products, including the fuselage shape quite distinctive eSports computer host G20, and a positioning in the high ranks of eSports laptop G58 series. Small make up the secondary test this ASUS ROG G58 series gaming laptop, equipped with 15.6 inch screen, the DVD composite CD-ROM G58JM, in body weight and thickness comparable with previously tested ASUS and ROG G56JR, as ROG GX500 series laptop before seeing more thin. Built in Intel fourth generation of Core i7 series processors, 16GB memory, NVIDIA GeForce GTX, the largest independent 860M display higher order level hardware drawing chip with the highest 256GB SSD hard drives and other configuration hardware specifications, the overall point of view, many game player can really meet the needs for efficiency.

The pen bag electric random also included 15.6 inch, pen bag electric but belongs to the general style, and gaming laptop does not seem to match, if can change the styles will be better. Have to say recently ASUS for laptop packaging has significant progress, at least have the promotion in the packaging texture.

As in high grade eSports pen motor, ASUS ROG G58 with 6cells ASUS G58J Battery and not as G750 series that huge sense, black base match bright red ROG brand Logo words, with the same electric pen color design. The inner box outside you can see the e-sports G58 laptop roughly appearance. ASUS ROG G58 has a variety of hardware specifications can be selected, the outer box can be seen on the testing of G58 hardware specs.

After exploration and practice of long-term, CLEVO products have changed enormously in the past two years, either design or the choice of materials, has been a lot of consumer recognition, believe that this P375SM is no exception. The CLEVO P375SM is the upgraded version of the old version of P375SM, it is the continuation of the CLEVO this year the main features in the design, and in the top cover material is chose the more rugged metal, to better protect the screen. In addition, the CLEVO P375SM on the top cover also adopts the design process of metal wire drawing, and design of strip lines make the top cover more streamlined.

CLEVO P375SM WITH 12cells CLEVO P375SM Battery in the fuselage around also joined the design elements with distinctive red waist line, let the whole body black is no longer monotonous, and also with the top cover part of the red dragon logo formed the echo effect.

Special transformer for the separation type power cable design, transformer modeling is also changed to have the design of circular arc edges, and as far as possible will reduce the volume. Power supply plug in front of the enclosed plastic protective cover, packaging design from the place, it is not difficult to see that the ASUS progress and intentions. The input voltage transformer special for international standard configuration for voltage, output voltage of 19V / 6.32A configuration.

The actual measurement of special transformers and power cable weight of about 524g, with the eSports laptop isn't design is too heavy, but also enhance the convenience for carrying. Rechargeable lithium battery for the design of detachable, installation mode and the same general electric pen. Rechargeable lithium battery for 6Cell / 56Wh ASUS G58JM Battery set.

FX-7600P built a R7 fusion single significantly, at the same time the machine is also equipped with a AMD R5 M230 graphics card, the use of 28nm process, has a total of 2GB DDR3 memory, memory interface is 64 bits, memory frequency is 900MHz. In addition, the machine can be single display and the only significant dual card crossfire, further enhance the graphics processor performance.

The box parts contains a rechargeable lithium battery, laptop use manual, warranty, the whole line of banding, special transformers and power cable and comes with a mouse. The supplied mouse USB wired mouse, rat body design is suitable for large male users. The mouse is provided on the DPI sensitivity adjustment of shortcut keys, thumb placing groove with rubber cushion antiskid, on one each can be set shortcut keys.

By using the Fraps software carries on 3 times of 60 seconds average beta, in the 1920 * 1080 resolution of the lowest quality setting, the average frame rate is 28.67fps, the minimum number of frames 21, the 37 highest number of frames. "The Elder Scrolls 5: the sky" is Bethesda five years grinding sword "the Elder Scrolls" new series, Bethesda will provide full of unlimited expectations and fantasy, the Nord, and the Elder Scrolls 4 will have the same size map. On top of this broad map, Bethesda studio for game player provides more than 120 do not repeat underground maze, and 9 large-scale city exploration for game player, and game player will be in this strange free world set foot on the epic journey, using the skills of their favorite weapon to their own good, and the beast, Dragon battle. Before as to lead the new trend of PC hardware RPG, the sequel configuration is amiable and easy of approach, but Bethesda is still the injected new elements, that is, the new engine "to create" scale and details.

PCMark 8 is the whole machine performance benchmark test software for Windows system, household (Home) test is one of a kind of test mode (5 total), mainly is the simulation of ordinary users of the use of the environment, the test project covers Webpage browsing, document processing, image edge, video chat and light load game and so on, and includes the OpenCL accelerated with the traditional two test modes, in the choice of endurance test software will run until the batteries run out of circulation.

EUROCOM X7 with 5900mAh EUROCOM X7 Battery has a two DDR3 memory interface, the evaluation of the product for the 8GB version, users can expand. The combination of the three fan and a heat pipe to provide heat radiating performance is very good, but the final performance with the test still need to back to illustrate. Batteries, built-in 60Wh lithium ion battery.

We use the Furmark copy machine software testing for all products, Furmark will be two heating component CPU and graphics card machine fully up and running, running 30 minutes after the temperature up to a maximum height, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive to see the heat dissipation condition of each machine at run time, we also used FLUKE infrared thermal imaging system, were observed in each position of the heating temperature. (temperature cross 28 degrees C-50 degrees C: lower than the temperature lower limit will display a black; exceed the temperature limit will display white).

HP EliteBook 1020 with 3cells HP EliteBook Folio 1020 Battery is a nuclear show this, although the sharp torch graphics performance is very strong, but not suitable for the configuration of high demand games, after all those games even high performance alone is very difficult also easy to get. I suggest that you choose the best like: Jian Yong legend: Ninja Gaiden Z, the Elder Scrolls 5: the sky, call of duty 9, Tomb Raider 9 this kind of game, HP EliteBook 1020 can run smoothly under FHD.

Metro 2033: the theme of Russia's best-selling novel Dmitry based on Glukhovsky. By the Ukraine 4A game studio development, using the 4A game engine, and the PC version supports NVIDIA PhysX physical effects. In 2033, because of the large area of nuclear war, resulting in almost all human beings are destroyed, and the ground has been polluted to survive, a handful of survivors live in Moscow in the depth of underground shelters (Russian metro station in the beginning of construction design of air defense anti explosion anti nuclear and anti radiation) human civilization has entered the era of darkness new. Until 2033, a whole generation of people born and in underground growth, their long trapped in the subway station "of the city.

EUROCOM X8 built-in solid-state drives a 120GB, 12cell EUROCOM X8 Battery,so we use AS SSD Benchmark to the solid state disk tested. Continuous read speed is up to 458.81MB/s, the write speed of 124.87MB/s, 4K speed random access to 33.74MB/s, the hard disk is also higher overall score. The temperature test, FurMark full load, the overall temperature control performance is very good.

Tomb Raider 9 by Crystal Dynamics development, Square Enix issue. Recent work focuses on Lara young, abandoned before a few play superman setting, players can see more real image of Lara in the game. As the engine upgrade, this have higher picture, is a "Tomb Raider" series of the most transformative works.

CLEVO P375SM using a 12cells CLEVO P375BAT-8 Battery and 17.3 inch Full HD fog plane screen, resolution is 1920 * 1080. From the consumer's point of view, the 17.3 inch Laptop used to play games should be just the right size, of course, some big screen lovers will love the greater size of the product, but the resolution must be from 1920 x 1080, which seems to have become an unwritten rule. CLEVO P375SM screen in the opening angle of about 135 degrees, which can satisfy the actual needs of game player for the screen switching angle.


LENOVO ThinkPad W550s MEDION Erazer X7833 X7835 review

Performance make a spurt of progress in recent years mobile graphics, NVIDIA launched "GTX9" series of GPU this year, mobile video card upgrade again, continue to improve performance while the power consumption decreased significantly, these are the most urgent need laptop graphics, especially for high performance games this. The MEDION game is always the focus of attention of the product mass game player, borrow 9 Series graphics Dongfeng, MEDION also launched with the flagship GTX970M Erazer X7833 game, from the product name, Erazer X7833 is different from other MEDION notebook, and in our test, Erazer X7833 has indeed demonstrated flagship products should be quality. All the time since, MEDION strategy of low prices to attract a lot of users, but Erazer X7833 MEDION game appeared, the overall image promotion many.

In fact this game in the notebook products and not the mainstream category, and is a price nearly million products, so to get the few have a fever game player attention, so the product both in appearance, configuration or performance must be better, may be a small mistake will make the charm of products greatly reduced. In addition, as the user demands, ten thousand yuan levels this game still need some highlights in design, it is also very test manufacturer skill. MEDION Erazer X7833 with 7800mAh MEDION Erazer X7833 Battery can pass the game player demanding standards?

The largest card and angle LENOVO Y70 this screen by measuring small catalogue can get around 130 degrees, the visual angle is large, so the user can according to the use of easily adjusted to a comfortable using angle. Below the shaft screen damping is large, not a single hand to complete the opening and closing, and compared to the previous LENOVO series of products, better stability of the LENOVOY70 screen, easy occurrence of tremor. The top of the screen is a built-in camera, is convenient for the user to video on demand.

Using LENOVO Y70 with built-in LENOVO Y70-80 Battery cap surface grinding processing and design is very wide, the key regulation is moderate, force feedback is also good, the use of overall price and comfortable feel. Under the keyboard is a split type touch control plate, but the or so key is using the integrated design, the actual use of more accurate positioning, the hand feeling is relatively good.

With GTX970M graphics card is MEDION Erazer X7833 the biggest bright spot, at the same time in the hard disk, a combination of traditional mechanical hard disk SSD+ is to enhance the performance of a very important. In addition, the built-in battery, three fan cooling design is also very worthy of attention. In this paper, we will be on this product for multi angle evaluation, at the same time, a comprehensive test system hardware.

We use the thermal imager to observe the surface temperature of the MEDION Erazer X7835 with 9cells MEDION Erazer X7835 Battery, so we are very happy is both front and back, the temperature of the X7835 is very cool, most of the area around 20 degrees, the maximum temperature of only 37 degrees, should be thick and large 17 inch fuselage and successful heat set good results meter contribution.

From the side view, the thickness of the body of G40 is gradually increased from the wrist rest to the shaft direction, not rigid, and around corners are arc transition is very soft, is full of quiet breath. The B and C plane of bright silver, from the side view, contrast and machine deep tone, more clever.

In contrast, the D surface of the product is satisfactory, did not show excessive cut and polish, a battery bin the integrated composite material design and arc-shaped convex, including coarse grid heat radiating window side, let everybody feel more familiar with the.

G40 with a 4cells LENOVO G40-75 Battery and 14 inch screen is 1366 * 768 resolution of TN display panel effect can't tell the color, some behind the times. But the G40 screen thickness control is very good, in the side also intimate arrangement of buffer pad, screen opening angle is large, for mobile high frequency users more practical.

Whether a laptop or mobile power supply, energy source and they are a mysterious called the 18650 battery electric core, it is the lithium battery case we say, at present 18650 electric core is the digital field the most used batteries. Its most outstanding advantage is the high energy density, suitable for very pay attention to volume, portable digital products. At the same time, compared with the previous dry battery, lithium ion batteries can be recycled, the environmental protection also has the advantage of. The positive and negative pole material of lithium ion battery, lithium ion can absorb and release. But the chemical potential of lithium ion in the cathode and anode in different.

The 18650 way is by far the most common lithium battery package, three yuan materials both the most popular at the moment, lithium iron phosphate or national force push, and not yet universal lithium titanate, specifications have 18650. The 18650 type electric core, adopting Cylindrical mode cylindrical package, the electric core diameter 18mm, length 65mm, widely used in electric vehicle charging Po,, notebook, flashlight and other fields, this class encapsulates the benefit is unified specifications, easy automation, large-scale production, has high mechanical strength, strong impact resistance, yield higher; in addition to Prismatic square soft package, common in mobile phone and tablet computer, this kind of package of benefits is the most direct and light, small volume, portable.

In the notebook computer era, 18650 electric core is just behind the hero of digital products. With the popularity of smart mobile phone and tablet and other intelligent devices, mobile power as people travel essential equipment, the 18650 can also start from behind the front, is well known to the public. So, seemingly simple 18650 electric core was born? What is it secret? Next, let us work together to explore the process of its birth. Recently I had the honor to enter the Dongguan household appliance core factory visit learning, will test three aspects illustrated from coating, assembly, birth process, to introduce 18650 power core.

Lithium ion chemical potential in the negative electrode of lithium ion is high, the chemical potential in the positive electrode low. Lithium ion discharge, released lithium ion cathode in storage, absorbed by the cathode. Because of the chemical potential is higher than that of anode in lithium ion cathode, this part of potential difference is in the form of electric energy release. The charging process is the process of reversal, the cathode of lithium ion battery in the release to the negative electrode. Because of the positive and negative electrode of lithium ion in the back of the migration of lithium ion battery, also known as the rocking chair DELL Latitude E5250 Battery.

By using the Fraps software carries on 3 times of 60 seconds average beta, in the 1920 * 1080 resolution of the lowest quality setting, the average frame rate is 48.11fps, the minimum number of frames 27, the 60 highest number of frames. The Dodger 4 game player play master thief Garrett legend come down in one continuous line, the series. Steal treasures, the main protagonist overlord of molesting Baron, are also equipped with a special function arrow bow, stick, grab, picklock equipment. The game uses a first person perspective adventure elements, set by intelligent design, let the game player complete control, free to choose to complete the level way, overcome every challenge.

Although it is 15 inch home this, weight control also can not be ignored, we use electronic scale for G40 with 4cells LENOVO G40-80 Battery are weighing, obtains its empty weight around 2.3KG, a travel weight is about 2.7KG, the good control.

At the top of the screen also has a 720P camera, the side also has a state indicating lamp and a stereo microphone, can meet the demand of network video and voice chat.

A roll coating finish of positive and negative electrode material width of about 126mm, you need to cut into the width of about 7 of 18mm in small volumes, each volume will be evenly divided into several segments, each segment represents a electric core required materials. According to the electric core factory engineer XCMG introduced, at present three yuan per ton of cathode materials for the price of 120000 yuan, per ton of material can be used for the production of 50000 electric core; the current electric core capacity of the daily average of 500000 only, need to use 10 tons of three yuan of cathode materials, the expenses of daily needs 10000 dollar.

The number of LENOVO ThinkPad W550s with 6cells LENOVO ThinkPad W550s Battery interface is also quite rich, left side of the fuselage from left to right security keyhole, VGA interface, HDMI interface, RJ-45 network interface, 2 USB 3 interface and Headset microphone interface; on the right side of the fuselage from left to right USB 2 interface, DVD burning CD-ROM and power interface.


LENOVO ThinkPad S3 Yoga and LENOVO Y70 Touch review

Home entertainment is one of the most important roles of personal computer. A home entertainment this, perhaps no theoretical performance is particularly strong, very strong high-end discrete graphics, no light of this then the portable, its characteristic mainly lies in the balance, not too much to the outstanding single characteristics, leading to other aspects of lacking sacrifice.

We will be evaluating today is the manufacturer of a gleam of the LENOVO design of a location equilibrium, atmospheric fashion video notebook - G50. In the Intel platform is popular today, with flagship FX-7600P Kaveri APU architecture has the characteristic.

Body, LENOVO G50 with 6cell LENOVO G50-80 Battery AMD FX-7600P four core APU, built in 8 groups of a total of 512 GCN ALU computing unit and the independent video card R5-M230 consists of a mix of fighting, the strength of strong, also equipped with 4GB DDR3 1600 memory and 1TB hard disk, how is its comprehensive performance, we interpret for you.

The autumn of 2014, NVIDIA released GTX980M mobile graphics architecture instead of their ancestors Maxwell, GTX880M, once again acquired mobile display chip king status. GTX980M performance with unprecedented power, and power consumption of previously unimaginable control performance, conquered numerous gaming notebook user heart.

As a famous game in this price vendors, LENOVO has updated its own line of products, has launched a new product with the GTX980M mobile g-sky -- LENOVO Y70 with LENOVO Y70-70 Battery. Even this equipped mobile LENOVO notebook also become the strongest in the family, in the succession of the classic design at the same time, colorful backlight keyboard and its collocation is also very cool, provides a very tempting price choice for the majority of the love of the game game player.

To some extent, a notebook, if the appearance design is very attractive, can be successful in half. Nowadays, computer technology has stepped down altar, more as entertainment Office tools active in people around them, how to ensure that products of intimacy, and retained the digital characteristics of the product itself, the problems facing manufacturers designers eyes. LENOVO G50 in the design, it should be said to go in more appropriate route.

From above, the G50 cover with 4cells LENOVO G50-75 Battery the brilliant sense of metal to greet, classic fashion concentric hairline shining luster, which revealed a delicate, also radiates with the atmosphere. Set against the surrounding gray, LENOVO bright silver "LENOVO" logo appears particularly attract sb.'s attention.

LENOVO Y70 is a 17.3 inch products, with a i7 4710MQ processor core of the fourth generation Haswell architecture, a 8GB DDR3L-1600 memory, 128GB LITE-ON solid state disk and 7200 1TB to the high-speed mechanical hard disk. In display, LENOVO Y70 took the combination Intel core graphics HD4600+Nvidia GTX980M. In addition, LENOVO Y70 having a total of 4 memory slots, 2 9.5MM 2.5 inch hard disk position, 2 MSATA solid state drive, with a recorder, provides additional strong expansion capability. With such a configuration of Y70, the comprehensive performance of how, we will be following you on one one.

Mold products with LENOVO Y70 with LENOVO Y70 Touch Battery before the family brothers, are used by the P177SM die classic blue sky. This 17 inch die angular, based on large size is made on the design and cut a large angle bevel design, hand edge pressing reveal the personality, on the other hand also air surging, has a different pattern. In addition, Y70 shell covered with a layer of type of skin material, feel soft, add a lot of soft colors for the machine.

SYSmark 2012 is a benchmark test software developed by BAPCo, it has brought many new characteristics of the graphical user interface, a separate test execution and strengthen the built-in configuration management, can reflect the true performance such as office efficiency, data analysis, system management, media creation, 3D modeling and web page development system, suitable for corporate users for reference.

As the first generation of works on PS4, the time series of the latest "call of duty senior war" in the picture quality is reached first flow level, enhance the huge. Diversity play law, near future science fiction setting let this works with new playability and vitality. But the graphics upgrade also means "call of duty" further into the ranks of the graphics card killer.

We open the "call of duty senior war" most graphics options, close relates to CG but the two cache does not affect the image quality of the pre load options, open the SMAA anti aliasing, close the super sampling, testing of GTX980M with fraps.

LENOVO this product once again demonstrated the price butcher fierce, even Intel I3 processor and FHD score screen ultra-thin notebook a drop down to two thousand yuan files, for consumers is a very good thing. According to the present situation, the market also has no other product can compete in price, while the LENOVO does not like the Ares that performance of the best, but from the price of this consideration, this Z70 with LENOVO Z70-80 Battery is really nobody can the enemy (machine).

LENOVO Y70 uses the rear side cooling design, the heat radiating window two sports exhaust as placed at the rear of symmetry, the interior can be seen metal omentum prism of six, when the notebook of high-speed operation, the heat discharged from here, relatively speaking, the mute effect is general, after all, is a high-end alone game models, the current heat and noise choose difficult to conclusion.

Compared to the D surface LENOVO Y70 with LENOVO Y70 Battery under relatively simple. Around the radiating window is arranged above the surrounding region, under the left two maintenance cover fixed by screws, the battery compartment on the right side of the button to open the way to take the.

ThinkPad S3 Yoga is a big screen entertainment in the upcoming LENOVO, in appearance ThinkPad S3 Yoga continues the concentric design classic LENOVO, top full texture, simple yet stylish. At the same time, it also uses the AMD flagship FX-7600P APU with AMD R5 M230, independent graphics card can easily achieve dual graphics card crossfire, machine has more excellent performance in terms of performance. In addition as a video of this, the machine is also equipped with LENOVOSonicMaster bel master technology, can provide a more comfortable, the video game experience. Below we have a look at the specific performance of the ThinkPad S3 Yoga.

In order to match with matte screen, screen frame LENOVO ThinkPad S3 Yoga also uses built-in LENOVO ThinkPad S3 Yoga Battery the frosting processing, not reflecting the appearance of strong strong light on the screen, providing a comfortable viewing experience for the machine. Corresponding with the black is silver design of C surface, the wrist rest area also has a delicate texture concave convex dot, these details design can greatly enhance the overall feel.


ASUS BU201 and DELL Inspiron 15-7547 review

For these three words the price, ASUS products fully deserve, it has even become a symbol of the ASUS brand. ASUS recently launched another thin new BU201, for ASUS himself, this is another breakthrough of accumulated experience and technology, for consumers, this is also the price butcher ASUS thrown into the market a bomb. Today to introduce the BU201, the i3+FHD IPS 1080p only two thousand head of ultra-thin products.

ASUS ASUSPRO BU201 by using the Intel fourth generation Haswell core i3-4005U processor, the core frequency is 1.7GHz, built in Intel HD Graphics 4400 core graphics. At the same time, the ASUS ASUSPRO BU201 also uses 4GB DDR3 memory and 500GB mechanical hard disk storage combination, with 2499 of the price, the price is very prominent. However, it is worth mentioning is the ASUS ASUSPRO BU201 also uses a resolution of 1920 x 1080 IPS 12.3 inch high-definition display, highlight the ASUS products of this high price.

3DMark Vantage is the industry's first set of specialized comprehensive benchmark testing tool based on Microsoft DX10 API build, and can fully play multiple cards, multi core processor advantage, can meet the PC game system performance testing requirements in the current and future a period of time. 3Dmark 06 based on the DX9 test environment, is the most common 3D graphic software testing of a mobile platform.

ASUS ASUSPRO BU201 body with ASUS B21N1404 Battery top adopts aluminum alloy material to create, supplemented by grinding process, which makes the machine looks very texture, also need not worry completely fingerprint problem, very easy to do, but this product is also at this price for the few metal materials with notebook models. In addition to the top cover, ASUSPRO BU201 while the rest using composite material to build, but started feeling work was a solid.

In the heat the test link, the stability of the system testing tools we use the software of AIDA 64 were tested in the testing process, continuous full load in processor, memory, hard disk, and after 30 minutes after thermal imaging analysis. In the cooling effect, the body heat of C mainly concentrated in the cooling air outlet and a touch control board area, the highest temperature in the cooling air outlet, is only 37.1 degrees; mainly concentrated in the corresponding region in the D cooling fan body surface heat, most of the temperature is 45.7 degrees, other regional heat well, overall thermal performance is excellent.

As a large screen video and audio book, DELL Latitude E5550 using the APU + with AMD alone and 8cell DELL Latitude E5550 Battery, the performance can completely satisfy the entertainment aspects of the use requirements, combined with the SonicMaster sound system DELL unique and cool the cooling system, the machine has a good effect on heat and sound output.

In addition, we also adopted the method of playing online video to test endurance. Keep 50% brightness in the test, the link to the WiFi network, the network broadcast video for an hour before the play, the charge is 99%, after the completion of the power play with 75%, the prediction of high strength endurance of the machine for about 4 hours or so, lightweight use environment issued to 6 hours is not a big problem.

The overall appearance of ASUSPRO BU201 with 4cells ASUS BU201 Battery is very traditional and even with the flavor of ASUS, if you look at the familiar ASUS machines, the basic one eye can recognize this is a ASUS style. The machine gives people a boxy fuselage edge feeling, also used the fillet transition more traditional, top cover front with a sliver of plastic material design, which is more conducive to the computer for signal reception.

I believe we all know Intel HD Graphics, it is the core graphics the onboard Intel processor, the performance can meet the routine use of demand. But Intel referred to "Iris" card sharp torch, you probably have a lot of friends is not very clear, it is the Intel in 2013 June and launched, the performance is much higher than the Intel HD Graphics core graphics performance, can meet the user more rich use demand, even running some network game or low quality operation the big game, Intel Iris sharp torch card can be easily!

DELL Inspiron 7547 with 43Wh DELL Inspiron 7547 Battery is a Intel Iris notebook graphics cards sharp torch products, processor models for Intel Core i7-4760HQ, the core operating frequency is 2.10GHz, Rui highest frequency can reach 3.3GHz, also built in Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200 graphics card sharp torch, the maximum thermal design power consumption for 47W TDP. The Intel Core i7-4760HQ this processor, Intel offered $434 for the suggested retail price, about 2653.3 yuan, almost with an entry-level notebook prices similar, really cheap ah!

This aspect of our test by the stability of the system using the AIDA 64 software test tools, test process for continuous full load operation of the processor, memory, thermal imaging analysis was performed after 30 minutes. The machine C the heat is mainly concentrated in the body after cooling outlet, the highest temperature appears in the shaft on the right side of 44.5 degrees; the body part, the heat is mainly concentrated in the D cooling fan on the fuselage area and at the inlet, the maximum temperature of 44 degrees, the radiating surface is more outstanding, have very overheating full body will not place.

ASUSPRO BU201L with 32Wh ASUS BU201L Battery both in the body of work or the fuselage Portability has outstanding performance, the flagship business should be consistent with the level of. The performance of the machine parts, standard four generation of core i5 processor is enough to use the demand to deal with the daily office. However, solid state drives the machine only 180GB, remove the system occupies space, available space is about 130GB, the higher requirements for the hard disk space for user should choose large capacity hard disk version.

Assassins creed 4: the black flag is Ubisoft Montreal produced an action role-playing game, is the "Assassin's Creed" series of sixth works. This topic develops around the Pirates of the Caribbean, and the game's story is based on real historical events adapted from around 1715, because at that time the European government monopoly rule, lead to piracy. This period appeared some very famous pirate characters, the protagonist of the game is born in this environment. The game supports PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U six platform, in which PS3 and PS4 version of the game also has exclusive game content for 60 minutes. In 2014 March the title was "the British game BAFTA Award - best action adventure" 4 awards nomination.

By using the Fraps software carries on 3 times of 60 seconds average beta, in the 1920 * 1080 resolution of the lowest quality setting, the average frame rate is 22.95fps, the minimum number of frames 20, 25 highest frames. "Jian Yong legend: Ninja Gaiden Z" by Epic Game, Team Ninja and rice ship Jing two jointly launched the game using the Unreal Engine 3 to build. Although this is a zombie works, but with other worldly zombie game, for the first time will let players play a mysterious Ninja "blade", he was slain by Ryu Hayabusa, now is resurrected, nature will kill the Ninja Gaiden series protagonist Ryu Hayabusa orthodox

By using the Fraps software carries on 3 times of 60 seconds average beta, in the 1920 * 1080 resolution of the lowest quality setting, the average frame rate is 55.3fps, the minimum number of frames 29, 61 highest frames. 3: the rise of Titan is the rise (Risen) series RPG a new, according to introduction this is an open world game, the game is set in the middle ages. This work will enter a very gorgeous world, filled with many terrain, each choice here will have an effect on the plot, the world, the team will return to "Gothic" wind, let players experience a high degree of freedom of the medieval world, exploration will be the theme.

The resolution of DELL Inspiron 7547 with 11.1V DELL Inspiron 15-7547 Battery very good choice FULL HD Full HD, it is currently the lowest and the best game of this resolution is too low, is not suitable for. The material is selected the IPS screen, providing broad visual angle for the game player.

On the right side of the fuselage, the aircraft have headphones / microphone interface, USB 3 interface, a DP output interface, the docking interface and a power supply interface. Can be seen that the decrease in the thickness reduction and fuselage interface than most of the same size business has, but for this light business of this, we can select the external docking used in daily office, so the expansion ability also need not worry too much.

The fingerprint identification device ASUS ASUSPRO BU201L also has the standard high-end business book, facilitate business for data encryption, so as to enhance the security of the important data in the use of. Pure black kind of skin material design is used at the bottom of the fuselage, the surface is sprayed with a layer of paint finish, not only smooth to the touch, but also more durable, wear-resistant. ASUSPRO BU201L with 7.6V ASUS BU201LA Battery the whole body bottom plate are integrally formed processing, good sealing and fixing screws to ash and upgrade the words only remove all of the process is not complicated.


LENOVO G70-70 G70-80 and DELL Latitude E5450 review

Since the establishment of brand, is also the high performance to price ratio characteristics of main pragmatism, LENOVO in the market has a more obvious price advantage. Of course, in addition to the price, the LENOVO in the display with is quite hard, just full hd 1080p, screen size of IPS, so that LENOVO has a fairly good visual effect.

The graphics, LENOVO G70-70 is a continuation of, is equipped with 8 lines in the end the independent video card -- GT 840M.NVIDIA GeForce GT 840M 28nm Maxwell GM108 chip based on GT, is the successor to the 740M. With 384 stream processors and 8 ROP units, 1029MHz core frequency, support dynamic acceleration to 1124MHz frequency, memory interface 64bit and 2GB DDR3 vram.

Understanding the configuration parameter LENOVO G70-70 machine with 41wh 4cell LENOVO G70-70 Battery, so in the end how its performance, or through the software testing, with the most intuitive figures to reflect.

Although the body mask such things very cool, but in the film shaft part is difficult to smooth this kind of thing is inevitable. On the map we can already see behind the film produced cracking, but this should be the official design trade-offs for blade, a feeling of small crack and looks pretty fashion (out of the box when the author thought that the shaft crack).

As the TOSHIBA Satellite R50 laptop with TOSHIBA Satellite Pro R50-B-12R Battery, to meet the diverse needs of the use is of course necessary. In the extended interface of the fuselage, can see the common market interface TOSHIBA Satellite R50. The radiating port, VGA, RJ45, HDMI and USB provided in the body of the left side; and on the right side of the fuselage is audio port, USB and CD; of course in the notebook left palm rest below and multi-functional SD card reader, is next to the hard disk power supply indicator lamp.

We use the evaluation of the performance of the CINEBENCH R10 software, the software is capable of single core and multi-core processor performance given on intuitive score, this single core i5 4210M processor soon finished the test content of all, at the end of the single core to obtain 5891 points, much nucleus to obtain 13207 points, belonging to mid-range models mobile processors.

3DMark Fire with a new interface design, in addition to test scores, but also show the real-time curve during each scene test, the whole record frame rate, CPU temperature, GPU temperature, CPU power. The new 3DMark cancel E, P, the traditional X model, replace sb. is based on three scenarios of different load by the introduction of the FireStrike, which designed for high-end gaming platform DirectX 11 graphics card based on CloudGate, and supports the mainstream hardware based on DirectX 10, IceStorm supports the entry level DirectX 9 equipment, mobile phone, tablet computer and so on.

For such have no gorgeous appearance design, focus on cost-effective products, they are facing the market is the pay more attention to the practical and the price of the user. LENOVO G70-80 with LENOVO G70-80 Battery after the first generation of products, i5 core products have launched a new, cheaper price, also can meet the price sensitivity of the user, the demands for the products. Apart from the price value of LENOVO products, and cognate Shenzhou, won a good reputation in the screen with respect, this point compared with some so-called Dachang low-level screen, or the very conscience.

LENOVO G70-70 notebook computer design plain steady, simple lines, using machine color black. The top cover is used imprint technology processing printing, appear very smooth, this is also the overall design low-key the brightest place. However, this does not fancy style but also in line with the characteristics of the product itself.

ACER TravelMate B115P uses 4CELL ACER TravelMate B115P Battery and a 11.6 inch screen, the highest resolution up to 1920 x 1080 Full HD standards, show the effect is quite good, the screen is equipped with a high-definition camera. Shaft design of TravelMate B115P is thin and small damping, single hand can complete the opening and closing action, but the stability is also play a little difference, the screen more easily swinging.

Open view, B the black border using the same processing mode and cover the same, appears to be more uniform, and the C surface is black with silver color + Chocolate keyboard, classic silver black color, are vividly reflected in the surface and the C. And the four angle appears to be designed rounding, while protecting the organism itself, but also to protect the safe use of the user, a humanized thinking.

LENOVO Z70-70 is using 2900mAh LENOVO Z70-70 Battery and the black matte texture design notebook computer often used, the functions of anti scratch effect, also is convenient to move when the grab. The back design with 5 rubber pads are respectively arranged on four corners and the middle. We can see that the back shell is a whole, very convenient disassembly, lets the user be able to easily carry out DIY and subsequent upgrades.

DELL Latitude E5450 has done very well in the price, as a 15.6 inches of this game, with full HD 1080P level IPS screen, which is almost the other brands in 6000 yuan of above the level of configuration, and still use a standard voltage core processor, and GT750M graphics card a mainstream, let the whole the performance is very good, plus 3799 yuan official offer, make it become the darling of the college students' family.

As for the change of each aspect, we see E5450 with DELL Latitude E5450 Battery GT750M alone was still using the DDR3 memory, but not DDR5, and once a frequency reduction problem of E5440 users to reflect, after upgrading the power supply has been resolved, moreover this set of mold present after reprint after relatively mature, only short board only in the hard disk, can upgrade the SSD after the overall cost less than 4500 dollars, then this set of configuration Xingjiabi really only use "become frenzied" to describe it.