ASUS X550IU pk FUJITSU Lifebook P727 TOSHIBA Portege X30-D

Here we look at the actual graphics performance of this video card, first of all, we ran a 3DMark11 Performance mode, P2368 total score and 2183 graphics points to see that the performance of this video card is slightly lower than 940MX.

The second test chose the Strike Fire 3DMark model, which is still a lot of pressure for mainstream notebooks. Test results of 1387 points, belonging to the mainstream of low power graphics card, can see that Radeon 530 performance is smooth enough, running the League of heroes and other requirements of the mainstream game is not high.

Although a low voltage processor, but the excellent performance of 7500U or bring relatively large amount of heating, then at the same time carrying 7500U and Radeon 530 unique X550I with 4cell ASUS X550I Battery, whether there is commensurate heat dissipation ability? Let's have a look.

The X550I is equipped with AMD Radeon 530 alone is a new type of low power consumption, the only significant parameters in the latest version of the GPU-Z display is still not accurate, actually should be 384 stream processors, 8 ROPs and 28 TMUs, width of 64Bit, equipped with 2GB GDDR5 memory, 891MHz core frequency.

But look at the 12.5 inch notebook, really can not get out of a comparable product and Lifebook P727, perhaps, this is the key to FUJITSU Lifebook P727 can be based on it.

In the side, P727 only provides 2 USB 3 interface headset interface, HDMI, power switch, an SD card slot, and the unique design of Ethernet interface, this interface is that personal super model cannot configure the network interface for solving the problem of size limit. Based on a push and pull base, Fujitsu cleverly designed a retractable mechanical mechanism, usually when it is not needed, it can be accommodated in the fuselage. This interface right is the receiving groove of the electromagnetic pen, the pen is pushed to the end there will be some damping, however, is not the original electromagnetic pen with its worth, but also very fine, feel it is self-evident. Fortunately, there are many available electromagnetic pens available on the market, and this pen is only for emergency use. The measurements of 321mm*235mm*17.1mm, weight control in 1.59kg with 50wh FUJITSU Lifebook P727 Battery, for a Wacom with EMR electromagnetic screen notebook, the size and weight of this has been very good impression, electromagnetic screen wacom are those silly group, the thickness has been criticized for a start, I do not believe that such a thin book configuration is the electromagnetic screen, but Fujitsu did, may also bring the thickness of IGZO based screen based on the advantage.

The application of a rotating screen, with rotating screen friends certainly understand, do research in need of commercial display occasions, its ability to adapt to the environment and degree of change but is far better than that of Yoga type flip screen, and the rotating screen damping light to with single hand operation. In 180 there will be positive Kaka sound, feel very good; and do not have to worry about the ability to scratch keyboard does not have these flip screen lock. Personally, the cost is the real factor that leads to the lack of popularity of the rotating screen, not to say that it is really not good enough, because good things are often less likely to pass down. But of course, the difficulty of maintenance, durability, and so on, are the disadvantages compared to flip screens.

The axis is a two-way 360 degree design, but only the left turn 180 plus the right turn 180 instead of the 360 degree rotation in one direction. In flat mode, the system will automatically start the screen flip sensor and touch pad anti touch function, while in the normal mode can not touch the two volume control button also showed up.

Thermal performance of X550I is excellent, single hook FPU copy machine is a challenge for CPU radiation, but X550I still in the 17w Package power consumption for 7500U to maintain the frequency of 2.7GHz, and the temperature can be controlled within 80 deg. And graphics card, due to the existence of double copy power wall, Radeon 530's main frequency maintained near 715MHz, while the temperature is controlled at 70 degrees up and down, X550I double copy results are more satisfactory.

The result of a single copy is very good, 15W power consumption, 7500U temperature is controlled at less than 60 degrees, and the main frequency because of TDP restrictions and control in the 2.5GHz, indicating that the X550I CPU heat dissipation design is very successful.

ASUS X550I with 4400mAh ASUS X550IU Battery is a good design of mainstream notebook products, the performance of i7 graphics processor, 15.6 inch big screen and alone is bringing its biggest selling point, with only 4000 yuan price, I believe this product can become a large consumer choice.

Portege as TOSHIBA's high-end business brand has been the majority of quasi business people preferred, but TOSHIBA in recent years seems to be the difficulty in the design is constantly simplified Latitude products, either 12 or 137000 with XPS series design is very similar.

In terms of quality, the TOSHIBA Portege X30-D is an excellent combo notebook with built-in TOSHIBA Portege X30-D Battery, but the performance is less than the core m standard core I series, so if you have on the performance of the pursuit of higher, it may not be for you. However, if the performance requirements are not high, the pursuit of excellent experience, perfect industrial design, TOSHIBA Portege X30-D will be a good choice.


ASUS VivoBook S510UA and LENOVO Flex 5-1470 Flex 5-1570 review

With the S500U hit, ASUS launched the S510UA 15.6 inch big screen product. The larger size brings greater operating areas, and the S510UA therefore has an independent keypad design that will make the product more comfortable for consumers. And focus on notebook products consumers know, equipped with i7 processor and graphics card type price has been high, the S510UA can be in the price of just 4000 yuan a combination of i7+ alone, the high price of as can be imagined.

This time we got this VivoBook S510UA equipped with a i7-7500U processor, and the use of 4GB memory and 1TB mechanical hard drive, and AMD Radeon 530 graphics card, the screen is 15.6 inches 1080P Full HD display, from the configuration parameters can see this product is for mainstream users a versatile cost-effective models.

Today the S510UA evaluation for the silver version, with matte texture process for A and D, C for drawing metal design, although the size of the product is a 15.6 inch, but the thickness control of S510UA with ASUS S510U Battery from the side view is very good, to carry out the users more convenient.

The most impressive part of the Lenovo Flex series is its design, which pioneered the design of flip screen notebooks. After years of development, Flex product line has been very perfect, from high-end to mainstream everything, to meet the needs of different user groups. Recently, Lenovo Flex series launched the mainstream price segment new - Flex 5, its pricing at 6999 yuan, for the mainstream user groups, is a good choice.

This time we got is the Flex 5 series of 14 inch models, below we will through the evaluation to detailed understanding of this new product. The new Flex 5 there are three kinds of color: silver and black Scorpio, Pushkin playfully, and we get the evaluation of this product is Scorpio black color. Flex 5 gives the first impression is very slim body design, the thickness of only 13.9mm, and weight control is also very good, only 1.25Kg, plus the design of small, very convenient to carry.

In addition, Flex 5 fuselage material is very enough, the overall use of aviation grade aluminum alloy material, durability is pretty good. Today, the narrow border design has become more mainstream, Flex 5 also adopted three narrow border design, the overall screen accounting for up to 79.7%. Outside the screen is equipped with a layer of glass, the screen itself supports touch. Its resolution is 1920 x 1080, and you can choose 4K resolution display, plus 100%sRGB color gamut, Flex 5 visual experience without fear.

In addition to the 15.6 inch 1080P screen, built-in LENOVO Flex 5-1470 Battery, the S510UA's B face is designed with double holes, stereo Mike and camera, with the Lenovo logo at the lower left.

Rebound crisp keyboard, the key process is quite satisfactory, actually feel quite good, daily typing and game control is not a problem, the touch plate surface smooth and comfortable, the use is quite smooth.

S510UA's air outlet is a concealed design with openings at the screen shaft, which makes the machine more integrated, and the actual heat dissipation is excellent.

This interface is located on the left side, from left to right for the power supply interface, network interface, HDMI output, two USB3.0, headset microphone combo interface and Type-C interface and four in one card reader interface, while the right has an anti-theft lock hole.

The D surface design of S510UA with 4cell ASUS VivoBook S510UA Battery is not complicated. The four corners of the rubber pad, left upper machine type information such as identity, right is the outlet with a dustproof net, can vaguely see the fan and the heat pipe, and the lower part is about two speaker sound hole, also designed a dustproof net.

The color management operating system of mainstream consumer electronic products are very weak in sRGB, is the greatest common divisor of the network world, Windows system has high color gamut saturation problem has not been solved Microsoft, so about seventy percent of the proportion of NTSC corresponds to about ninety percent of the RGB color gamut become the embodiment of popular computer products best quality. Through the exploration of the spider color meter, we found that the NTSC gamut of Lenovo Flex 5 is about sixty-nine percent, and the sRGB gamut coverage ratio is over ninety percent, which belongs to the type that is easiest for users to accept.

The left side of the fuselage is equipped with TYPE-C power / data interface, 3.5mm interface and dual lightning headset microphone jack; on the right side of the fuselage equipped with a standard USB 3 interface and the power button, compared to nowadays fall into the whole TYPE-C interface products, Flex 5 in the ease of use or better.

The Flex family is characterized by multi-mode use, which makes it easy to use fully highlighted. The Flex series usually has four modes of use: laptop mode, stand mode, tent mode, and flat mode, which have a better and more convenient experience than common laptops in content sharing.

Flex 5 , the bottom of the fuselage uses an integrated panel design, built in 48Wh high energy density 4cell LENOVO Flex 5-1570 Battery, to ensure better endurance. Scalability is a problem for thin and thin, but the scalability of Flex 5 is pretty good in the same type of product.


MSI PE62 PE72 and ACER Aspire VX15 F15 F17 laptop coming

The docking station (Docking Station) is used to extend the base function of a notebook computer, the interface and the slot, it can connect a variety of external devices, such as drive, large screen display, keyboard, printer, scanner etc.. It can compensate the defect of frivolous notebook computer carries little accessories, this design allows users to enjoy the convenience and comfort of the desktop in the office, portable notebook can play in the mobile office.

In the rear are the power interface and the network interface, and a USB3.0. Because the power supply and the network cable are the necessary interfaces, they do not change frequently during the day use, so the design does not affect the use of other interfaces at the latter point. A very humane design.

The hardware configuration, this notebook is awesome, equipped with the fourth generation intelligent Intel core i7-4910MQ processor, four core eight threads, frequency 2.9GHz, 8M level three cache, 22nm technology, TDP power consumption is 47W,51wh ACER Aspire VX15 Battery.

NVIDIA Quadro K2100M is a new series of NVIDIA Quadro GPU among them, mainly for the tailored, rendering ability beyond the general game graphics card. Features include a higher complexity of the design workflow, richer scene details and special effects, and ultra high resolution visualization.

In the PCMark7 test, MSI PE62 can get 5659 points, the highest performance requirements in the PCMark8 Creative environment, MSI PE62 can get 4844 points, the two scores are not low, some even more than the small GTX1060 game ever measured in the high performance in the overall performance is good, MSI PE62 more the strong performance of i7-7700HQ, GTX1050Ti and 8GB DDR4 memory, 128GB SSD+1TB mechanical hard disk, only balanced no short board configuration in order to win the comprehensive experience.

But the performance test to test, eventually to be implemented in the game, we measured links, through the "Metro: last dawn" "GTA5" "NBA2K17" "watch this" pioneer four games to test the MSI PE62 game performance. MSI PE62 uses a double fan design in the heat, D has a large area of shield shaped radiating window with rear double cooling air outlet and the cooling air outlet left a total of three outlets, here we adopted the AIDA64 system stability testing to test the heat dissipation capability of ASUS FX553V.

After the system stability test after 30 minutes, MSI PE62 is the maximum temperature of 50.1 degrees, near the outlet on the right side of the radiator, and the back of the maximum temperature of 56.2 degrees, but D surface heating is much smaller than the positive region. In many domestic brands in the game, ASUS should be the most persistent of appearance, from the design to the 911 run free light field FX553V, we can see ASUS in the game the appearance of progress, had not simply rely on exaggerated shapes to create this game is personalized, and through the alloy body and more aesthetic lines to enhance Yan values, while the RGB backlight is no longer confined to the keyboard, power button, breathing lamp, touch panel and A face logo two texture with lights, all of these elements together, it really makes it a new concept of the game".

Rendering has a professional graphics MSI PE62 advantage is obvious, time-consuming, more than three times the lead. As with 6cell MSI PE62 Battery, the time of rendering large projects will increase proportionally, shorten the duration of the whole studio project and improve the work efficiency.

Although not DDR4 memory, but the performance is not weak, reading and writing are more than 23GB/s, the memory board structure, support dual channel, later unable to upgrade, please buy 8GB version to avoid late enough to buy time.

In order to ensure the data security of ACER, but under the foot work, provides five ways including ACER Client Security, PIN code, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, and Bluetooth, the user can choose the five validation mechanism of 2 kinds of free combination, therefore, when the user set after the completion of each entry system, it must be two security settings in order to successfully enter through the Windows operating system, dual protection safety.

ACER Aspire F15 keyboard and ACER Aspire F15 Battery are used in the classic design style, in which the keyboard keys moderate, typing feedback is better, suitable for business users long time typing office needs. For very long time business friends, the key process is too long is not good, a lot of hours knocking two thousand or three thousand words very short buddy love bond, this is probably one of the reasons is the key process of MacBook notebook more short.

PCMark 8 as a test notebook performance test software, is also the most commonly used. Here MSI PE72 ran out of 3531 points, usually the game will be able to achieve more than 3200 points in the test, is good enough. It is a 3531 point performance, is in the same level of product at the forefront, very awesome.

Of course, it is necessary to admit that such hardware configuration is not the top, from the actual test data, GTX 1050Ti compared to GTX 1060 or more graphics cards, the performance is still a certain gap. But in front of us is a practical problem is the budget expenditure, or as I said before, even though the GTX 1060 game has been on the market for some time, but its price is still not close to the people.

Processor performance we use three series of test software CINEBENCH for its performance test, the results obtained for reference only. The first is the test results of CINEBENCH R10, the single core processor to get 6871 points, 23076 points multicore; in CINEBENCH R11.5 test, the multi core processor 5.95pts, single core 1.56pts; in the end CINEBENCH R15 test, the multi processor 518cb core, single core 136cb. The test results show that the processor is located in the high-end model of the mobile platform processor.

In order to more intuitive understanding of the performance of this PE72, but also to further optimize the theory to run the stage of the reading experience, the author will be in the form of histogram from the CPU, graphics card, memory 3 aspects of the display. We joined the CPU test generation i7-6700HQ processor as a reference, two processors with 14nm technology, based on the 7700HQ frequency is higher than 6700HQ 0.2GHz, 62wh MSI PE72 Battery,the maximum turbo 6700HQ higher than 0.3GHz, the gap is very small. In the theory of running, regardless of the performance of single core or multi-core performance, the gap between the two processors are less than 10%.

It is worth mentioning that, ACER Aspire F15 keyboard set conference key special for users, and support the backlight, from the right side of the picture we can see, the first row countdown second keys countdown to the fifth keys are: hang up and answer, to create a meeting, calendar, aims to provide a better choice for meeting and cooperation, bring for the enterprise and business users daily work more convenient.

ACER Aspire F15 integrated touchpad is used to smooth glass, high sensitivity, even without the use of external mouse operation is more convenient, no mouse office often encountered to protect the outdoor scene when mobile office.

Scalability, ACER Aspire F15 with 5600mAh ACER Aspire F17 Battery is also extremely comprehensive, the fuselage left interface button design, including the boot button, USB 3 interface, headphone interface, volume control button, SC smart card reader. It is worth mentioning that, SC smart card reader is enterprise specific, the average individual user can not use, this is to ensure that employees use the machine security identity identification system. The right side of the fuselage interface button design includes power interface, USB 3 interface, HDMI interface, notebook lock, USB-C interface, and micro SD card slot.


DELL Precision 3520 and MSI PL62 PL72 laptop review

Talking about workstations always gives the impression of a bulky image. Although the rise of mobile workstations has given workstations more lightweight and flexible office space, but the analogy to the general PC, its portability, but slightly heavy. Last year, DELL launched a new Precision range of workstations, ranging from design, weight, and configuration to prepare for higher performance professionals.

Different from common PC, workstations often meet some special requirements in professional areas, such as large amount of rendering work, long time, high intensity load, multi thread, multi task parallel, and so on. The DELL Precision 3000 series entry-level mobile workstation allows professionals to get the best product performance at affordable prices.

Today we came to the testing room is the DELL Precision 3520 mobile workstations, equipped with the sixth generation of Intel core i7-6820HQ processor, MHz DDR4 memory configuration of 16GB 2133, 84wh DELL Precision 3520 Battery,Intel Graphics 530 HD on the graphics card with AMD FirePro W5130M, a 15 inch fuselage design and lightweight, is a high cost-effective entry-level mobile workstation overall.

Of course, the two R5 GPU are typical entry-level HD positioning card, used to play the big game is somewhat reluctantly, but there are certain coping ability or in the optimization of good universality and popular online games in the game, we now have a check for you.

As you can see, in the two games, the AMD hybrid combat system equipped with ideapad has a certain playability. Although the quality is relatively low, but the number of frames are guaranteed in more than forty, can guarantee the basic game player game experience.

V310 is equipped with seventh generations of APU A10 9600P quad core processor, in addition to having 4GB DDR4 memory, 4cell LENOVO V310 Battery, 500GB mechanical hard disk, R6 M436DX mixed combat graphics card system. In the PCmark 8 Home model overall performance test, V310 scores 2587, which meets the needs of entry-level users.

Lenovo V310's 3A platform, there are some features to be explored, such as his R5 display system to support HEVC /H265 video hard decoding, is a good direction of development. Of course, at present, the various decoders for AMD platform support is limited, in this we do not expand in detail.

On behalf of multi-threaded integer and floating-point arithmetic ability of chess and Wprime 1024MB test, FX 9830P performance is pretty good, as a popular type of notebook products, the processor model horizontal contrast four logical thread in his score ranked in the upper reaches of. Multi threading AMD always has a good performance, four physical hard core FX 9830P, game player can meet the objective needs of open QQ, thunder and other daily software seamless switching game.

Different from the business as well as the light, the game for the audio system this part of the demand is obviously higher. After all, not all players in the beginning of Shinmoto, will be equipped with a separate set of external audio, in most cases, or to rely on their own external sound. MSI PL62 is equipped with two Harman Kardon speakers Savior is on the both sides of the rear, with Dolby sound, can bring the game experience personally on the scene.

The left side of the fuselage is equipped with the game "essential" cable interface, USB 2 interface and headphone / microphone interface, we usually used audio / video and data transmission interface are included. Overall, no matter the number or type of interface to deal with the normal use of players need to have no problem. The Type-C interface with the equipment, but also fully take into account the future with the development of interface standards, it will not lag behind.

Keyboard color red is a major feature of Lenovo MSI PL62, especially in low light conditions, open backlight is very dazzling. This set of keyboard backlight provides two adjustable settings, light color is pure red. The individual is quite satisfied with the keyboard and MSI PL62 Battery. The 1.7mm bond is relatively modest, but it is more responsive to the needs of most people in the use of feedback adjustment. It is worth mentioning that the keyboard keys are not embedded in the main keyboard, you can avoid the problem of Ctrl error, more fit user habits.

The whole D surface is spliced by an outer layer of aluminum magnesium alloy and an inner layer of plastic structural parts. The advantage of the utility model is that the buckle of the plastic structural component can be firmer and lower, and the D surface is fixed on the machine body. The inside of the fuselage is neat and reasonable, and the battery takes up a lot of space. A cooling configuration for 2 fans plus one heat pipe is adopted.

LENOVO V110 gives the first impression is "simple and delicate", but after further study we found that V110 with  built-in LENOVO V110 Battery is simple and non simple: thin appearance is tidy and practical details of the design, performance configuration is not the pursuit of how high-end, but not simply and crudely made each. The design is to make the best use. Because of simplicity and love, LENOVO V110 design is its name.

AS SSD Benchmark is a German SSD test software, you can test the continuous reading and writing, 4K alignment, 4KB random read and write and response time performance, and gives a comprehensive score. At the same time, the software also comes with the Compression Benchmark project, which can give a curve that describes the data model with the compressed data share (compression ratio) increased, the performance of the transformation.

In recent years, with the gradual popularization of solid state disk, we know more about it. Compared to the traditional mechanical hard disk, its advantage in data reading / transmission is obviously huge. Before doing a lot of solid state disk testing, but in truth, more than 1000 minutes of hard disk is not much. Thanks to the advantages of the two points of the NVME protocol and the PCI-E interface, the MSI PL72 solid state hard disk results given here by AS SSD are quite satisfactory for the year 1533. It is worth mentioning that currently not all notebook products are choosing to adopt the technology of hard disk, if you have a relatively high demand or upgrade needs to read and write speed, then the MSI PL72 is undoubtedly a good choice.

The article here is basically the end. Looking back at the MSI PL72, the appearance of the design in the continuation of the family has always been a sense of line at the same time, the overall design of a high degree of recognition, but also because of the imitation carbon fiber texture processing, showing a good sense of grade. The hardware configuration, the seventh generation Core i7-7700HQ processor, 6cell MSI PL72 Battery,8GB DDR4 memory, 256GB SSD+1TB HDD fuselage storage and GTX 1050Ti single display of blessing, but also makes it have a good performance in performance.


LENOVO Legion Y920 and PANASONIC Toughbook CF-33 coming

With the rapid progress of hardware, the notebook market differentiation now is very obvious, office, games, household uses notebook divided more and more clearly, consumers can use according to their own needs to buy their own notebook. The differentiation of this game is more obvious, in the design of more and more bold, the hardware configuration is more and more powerful, the game represents has the cool appearance, powerful configuration, which is attracting a lot of young people the reason. But in the end, does the game buy the drive, or do you have a heart that loves games?

Today we bring the game this is Lenovo Legion Y920, Lenovo Legion game of the series, after a week of trial experience, from the appearance, configuration and game experience, bring the experience evaluation in detail for everybody.

As a game book, Lenovo Legion series has been black and red for the product's dominant design colors,Legion Y920 with 6cell LENOVO Legion Y920 Battery is no exception, the main black based, red embellishment. The overall design is very sharp, a fighting spirit, at first glance, you can find traces of war design notebook three convex on both sides, through AD, this design not only increases the visual perception, but also reduce the damage caused by collision, can shoot two hawks with one arrow.

International practice, first on the Master Lu configuration table. My hand this machine belongs to the introductory edition, only configured i5 6200u, 256gb Samsung pm841, SSD and 1920*1080 resolution of the high 1440p, top with optional i7, 6600u, 512gb, SSD and the resolution of the screen. The performance of the 6 generation low-voltage i5 basic and 5 generation low-voltage i7 a level, only for learning or for business purposes it is more than sufficient, after all the top with more than 10 thousand and 8 of the price is no price, the i5 configuration for the price of 1600 euro, equivalent to about 10 thousand and 2.

As Fujitsu's flagship, s series and T series still adhere to the main parts in the Japanese manufacturing tradition, that is why it is said that Fujitsu must buy to buy it for native material, workmanship, details, adhere to a different standard indeed.

T937 with 50wh FUJITSU LifeBook T937 Battery uses the relatively rare magnesium alloy design of the whole body at present, the whole machine color is silver brown, the design is exquisite, the layout is neat, the low key shows the commercial nature. The battery is set in the lower part of the D surface, and the battery is removable. Remove the battery, the battery back there is a very intimate design, press this button, you can know that the battery is still no electricity, avoid confusion. The battery uses the lithium ion electric core, the capacity is 45wh, matches the excellent power management software, slightly applies the actual measurement, may achieve 10 hours above the endurance time.

In the notebook A face with a texture of carbon fiber, carbon fiber texture effectively enhance the texture at the same time, is also very good to avoid the fingerprint collection, not easy to scratch, small love the texture design of carbon fiber, among other things, the grade up there!

Strong business notebook: notebook is actually a civilian, between the protective performance between full solid and ordinary notebook semi rugged notebook, balance series in the protective weight and portability, some time ago, Matsushita launched CF-AX2 belong to the category of products.

This test, we conducted three times rolling test, respectively for bicycles and motorcycles from the top of the screen and rolling, and the rolling shaft of a bicycle, you can see from the video cover without any subsidence in rolling process, make people more comfortable. The reason or the body material plays a very important role in the fight against high pressure conditions, ToughBook CF-19 uses a magnesium alloy body, the application of mesh cross groove structure design, so that the surface strength is 20% higher than that of ordinary type. In the aluminum alloy surrounded by a large area of high-strength composite material, but also to some extent improve the surface strength.

Full metal body entire contour using a similar design of the suitcase, CF-33 is equipped with a handle and 4cell PANASONIC Toughbook CF-33 Battery, while the CF-19 has a portable belt, apparently for the magnitude of this notebook, one hand have some difficulty.

The internal design of the keyboard base is very similar to most of the two in one devices, the different is the DELL Latitude 12 keyboard on the screen with the support of the chassis. This bracket is the same as the Surface Pro series with stepless adjustment, the maximum can be 150 degrees of use angle.

DELL Latitude 12 front camera tail of 5 million pixels, rear camera is 8 million pixels, to deal with the daily needs of the video is not a problem. DELL Latitude 12 interface design than most similar forms of products are rich, which is equipped with two compatible USB Type-C lightning interface (these two interfaces can be charged to the flat plate). A headphone / microphone combo interface, a Micro SD reader interface. Volume button on the left side of the fuselage.

DELL Latitude 12 package also comes with a USB Type-C turn USB 3 adapter to connect users to standard USB devices. Can also be equipped with DELL original touch pen to facilitate users to write on the tablet painting, the original handwriting signature. In such a high resolution screen operation, do not be afraid of the finger rough error operation, you can experience more accurate touch. DELL Latitude 12 with 4cell DELL Latitude 5289 Battery interface configuration is very careful, although not much, but very practical, through the adapter can also be achieved on most of the compatibility of USB devices.


LENOVO IdeaPad 320s and LENOVO IdeaPad 520E 520H 520S coming

IdeaPad 320 D need to unscrew the dismantling of all the screws, plus the warranty stickers under a hidden screw, use a crowbar to open D, dismantling is still relatively high and may lose the warranty, do not recommend users disassemble.

When it comes to the performance of notebook products, processors and video cards are always two of the most important concerns. First we look at the processor and graphics of these two products using the model, this requires professional testing software -- CPU-Z and GPU-Z, the two test software is in our daily evaluation work of the most commonly used in two products, many IT powder were also used in their own computer test, so the the detection result has certain reliability.

In the case of double load with CPU and GPU, CPU is only average 63 degrees, and the frequency drop is not obvious.4cell LENOVO IdeaPad 320s Battery, 6200U fever itself is not high, coupled with IdeaPad 320 is a 14 inch notebook, the internal space is sufficient, in the heat can be done with ease.

When it comes to any electronic product, the two word "performance" is always a topic that cannot be wrapped around. In a comprehensive notebook product evaluation, the highlight is always performance testing. The appearance of LENOVO IdeaPad 520 is small and exquisite, but there are many people who doubt its performance. So, is LENOVO IdeaPad 520 a practical or a flower pie? Next, we will test the performance of IdeaPad 520 with the cooperation of professional testing software.

Then read the C side. C is LENOVO IdeaPad 520 input function, we control for the notebook computer through the input area to achieve IdeaPad, 720s body size can be regarded as a market with a full keyboard the minimum size of all the buttons in the C plane layout with daily input needed, in the lower region and a keyboard touch the area, to the user to carry relief mouse trouble! Because body size is limited, the keyboard on both sides of the spare is more narrow, follow the overall design concept of "frugal".

After looking at the overall look, you'll have to look at the details of the LENOVO IdeaPad 520 notebook. In the first IdeaPad 520, we are stunned by it but also in a variety of little and dainty, details are worrying about its small body can accommodate the normal size of notebook computer. What about the truth? Please see the details below!

Finally, the D surface, in general, the D surface is the bottom of the notebook, in the middle of the D surface is the product label, which shows the identity information of LENOVO IdeaPad 520with 14.8V LENOVO IdeaPad 520E Battery". The four corners of the D face have four rubber pads to support the fuselage. There are speakers in the upper left corner and the upper right corner of the D. The D face is also made of matte and gold paint, which is approximately the same as the A design.

At first glance, the design of LENOVO IdeaPad 520 seems to be too simple, but with the development trend of the times, whether it is full of youthful spirit of young people or mature white-collar workers seem to prefer the simple fashion design style. In IdeaPad 520, the brilliant golden paint also makes the machine look more beautiful, thin volume to facilitate the daily carrying; layout rigorous so every make the best use of everything, there is a crisp flavor.

When it comes to the details of laptops, the first thing to think about is the interface. The common interfaces are the USB interface used for transmitting files, the video output interface and the audio interface. On the left and right sides of the IdeaPad 520,built-in LENOVO IdeaPad 520s Battery, 2 USB2.0 interfaces, an Mini HDMI interface, an Micro SD reader and an audio interface are designed on the left and right sides of the fuselage. At the same time, IdeaPad 520 is also close to the USB interface on both sides, so that the external input device, keyboard, mouse, do not worry about the existence of external storage devices. In addition, IdeaPad 520 also put the power button on the right side of the fuselage, which is similar to the design of a tablet computer.

On the right side of the fuselage and a keyboard lock switch, keyboard lock off, IdeaPad 520 became a screen tablet computer only can operate, in use, users will not have to worry about false touch some shortcuts.

The most prominent detail on the B surface is the border design of the IdeaPad 520 uses a very narrow 9.5mm frame design, in ensuring the screen size and vision, but also to minimize the size of the fuselage, easy to carry.

In the figure above, we also found that IdeaPad 520 placed the camera below the screen in order to match the normal design of the very narrow frame. It's normal for video conferencing or video calls.

On the C surface, the layout of the input area follows a rigorous, minimalist design concept. Because the body size limit, IdeaPad 520 button design than ordinary notebook with LENOVO IdeaPad 520H Battery to be slightly smaller, but did not interfere with the daily use of chocolate keyboard touch up still, input experience is good.


LENOVO IdeaPad 520 720s and LENOVO IdeaPad 320L 320R review

LENOVO launched a flagship lightweight notebook IdeaPad 520 in May last year, all metal body design, 13.3 inch ultra-thin body weight is only 1.42kg, equipped with the sixth generation of Intel core processor, was launched with the high yen value and balanced configuration won a lot of consumers.

At the beginning of 2017, Intel launched the seventh generation core processor, and the LENOVO has put its ultra-thin series laptop integrated into the new IdeaPad family, the station is in the early stage of readers to the IdeaPad 320, IdeaPad 720 of the two new products, which is today to introduce another new IdeaPad 520, this product can also be seen as the IdeaPad S 13 upgrade version, mainly to enhance not only has launched the seventh generation Intel core processor, while the screen and the details of the design, tend to be more perfect than IdeaPad 520, then we will be introduced.

In appearance, the new IdeaPad 520 with 4cell LENOVO IdeaPad 520 Battery and 320 are the same, both using the same die, even in this point of view, this set of elegant thin mold still can let a person find everything fresh and new, it is light pen in a stream of electricity.

A surface of the metal material with special coating, feels no metal cold feeling, vertical texture make notebook look more temperament, in color and the generation of S5 is the same as black and white color options, black individuals feel more engaging, white models for straight for live a little Hold.

LENOVO IdeaPad light notebook family, according to size, positioning different, divided into IdeaPad 720, IdeaPad 520, IdeaPad 320, and IdeaPad1. Not long ago the station in IdeaPad and is currently the world's thinnest notebook thin IdeaPad 720 in detail (please click on the evaluation: thin to 9.98 mm LENOVO IdeaPad 720 laptop, but after all 720 evaluation) IdeaPad million price may not be able to enter more consumers purchase list, today to introduce this LENOVO IdeaPad 320 in position on the more popular, I believe will meet the needs of more consumers.

IdeaPad 320 is a standard 14 inch with built-in LENOVO IdeaPad 320L Battery, a specific type of IdeaPad 320 SF314-51, according to different configuration, can be divided into 4 types, including gold and silver colors optional, all metal body design. This evaluation is the minimum allocation of NX.GK3CN.001, configured as Intel Core i5-6200U processor, 14 inch 1080P IPS screen, Intel HD 520 integrated graphics card, 4 GB DDR4 memory, and 128 GB SSD.

Have a notebook computer open office mobile era from the early gate, the notebook computer for the performance of "preference" to today to be the same outside and inside pursuit, notebook modeling is changing. With the office move gradually, more and more people leave the station lattice narrow, to various places to work, so to ensure the performance of a notebook computer at the same time, more and more portable notebook lighter into the sight of us! LENOVO IdeaPad 720s notebook is the latest listing of a portable notebook.

In a strict sense, the LENOVO IdeaPad 720s notebook is a flip book. The turnover is between the tablet and the ordinary notebook of a product, with a special shaft, IdeaPad 720s can achieve 360 degree turn, make notebook into a tablet computer, unlike the combo of notebook computer is IdeaPad 720s, the keyboard is not removable, but this design has better stability, can be easily put use in the legs. The machine also has a 11.6 inch mirror high-definition screen, 9.5mm to narrow frame, to ensure that the visual field, slim and compact volume, but also more convenient for everyday carrying.

The evaluation of machine in our hands is a gold version, built-in Celeron Z8350 quad core processor, support 4cell LENOVO IdeaPad 720s Battery,4GB cache and 64GB storage fuselage, we can see from the picture it is compact and slim body, so it is practical and how? Next we will be announced one by one.

From the configuration point of view, the author recommended the official price 6199 yuan in the version, memory increased to 8GB, SSD upgrade to 256G, so there is no need to upgrade basic configuration can also be easily used for top version only in this type of CPU will upgrade to i7-6500U, the price increase of 1100 yuan, please consumers to buy according to the actual demand.

LENOVO IdeaPad 320 uses the magnesium alloy material, metal body design, the appearance of gold (and silver optional), the fuselage A only left side has a metal drawing LENOVO signs, looks very compact.

The metal body surface adopts electroplating sand blasting process, the surface is delicate and smooth, and it is not easy to stick fingerprints. The LENOVO IdeaPad 320 has a body size of 341 x, 236.6 x, 17.95 mm, weighs just 1.5kg, a single hand lift, no pressure, and lightweight portability in a 14 inch notebook.

LENOVO IdeaPad 320 is equipped with a 14 inches 1080P matte screen, made of IPS, the actual display color accuracy, clarity, permeability of ideal, believe that this screen is either office or entertainment can easily deal with.

In addition, the IdeaPad 320 with 4cell LENOVO IdeaPad 320R Battery screen supports a 180 degree flip to facilitate laptop presentations in some business situations. At the top of the screen is a 720P camera with a green running indicator on the left.