DELL Latitude 3380 and ASUS ZenBook UX3410UA review

The traditional notebook is at most Intel Core and NVIDIA's GeForce series, not professional, while MSI WS63 is using Intel Xeon E3-1535 and Quadro M2000m such professional hardware, there are far more than ordinary notebook hardware performance. And professional hardware optimization of professional software, is designed to meet the expectations of the computer.

As the impulse rather than performance benchmark products, MSI and WS63 have no hardware parameters gorgeous, it just has a very practical hardware configuration, can ensure that the vast majority of mainstream games can have a more excellent picture experience. The ultimate goal is to provide users with a cost-effective choice, but it is in this notebook using the latest Core i7-7700HQ and GTX 1050Ti, can be described as full of sincerity.

Although the 3380 is only a 13 inch with 4cell DELL Latitude 3380 Battery , but still provides the integrated touchpad area is not small, support simple gestures, preference for mobile office friends, does provide a lot of convenience. The lower left corner of the keyboard label to do a brief introduction to the 3380: the core i5 processor and GTX 940MX graphics card.

According to the actual game experience and Benchmark benchmarks in the medium quality conditions, the average frame rate for the 38.03 game, play a maximum power of 960M. Heat is an important basis for the measure of a notebook computer product quality, test method is still room temperature at 28 degrees Celsius, the copy machine program so this notebook run Furmark copy machine and software with AIDA64, so that GPU and CPU are working at higher load, especially CPU, is almost full speed running. The temperature inside the core and the books are viewing this as well as the body surface temperature.

Inside the fuselage through the screenshot you can see, CPU is controlled in 60 degrees, the performance can be. In order to solve the problem of heat dissipation due to the long-term use of the players, ASUS ZenBook UX3410UA rich bottom heat hole design, even if the long run, but also comfortable and refreshing.

The infrared test way is by fire in various regions of the temperature, AIDA64+Furmak double baking machine for 30 minutes after the test, finally calculate the average, the average temperature of the 9 regions as shown in fig.. According to the test results, we can see that the temperature of the C surface keyboard area is mainly concentrated in the middle of the top, while the bottom of the higher temperature position is basically concentrated in the upper.

Accupoint pointing stick can cater to different consumer needs for the use of the habit, you can achieve seamless switching between computers. The touch panel, ASUS Zenbook UX3410UA with 11.4v ASUS UX3410U Battery compared to the previous product made some changes on the design of group key can fit well with the manipulation of Accupoint pointing stick, and the touch panel around the two corners also respectively has a touch control panel and switch mode switching function, just can double-click to achieve. As a specially designed for business to create products, ASUS Zenbook also deliberately joined the fingerprint identification module, which can ensure the maximum security of data UX3410UA.

When the notebook design end, two different camps (games and mobile office) the design direction is completely different. The game design style is more tough, and mobile office is more thin. This game as an indispensable field of high-end notebook category, its importance can not be overlooked. ASUS each product line has a professional design team, ZenBook UX3410UA sports car appearance is worthy of our recognition. The appearance of material design quality is not only to see whether they have cool appearance, more fundamental is to use composite users really want to experience.

Affected by the slim, ASUS Zenbook UX3410UA speaker size and cavity cannot be large enough, but for a position in the business office use of the product, not on the quality of the excessive demands. We can also be found at the bottom of the fuselage ASUS Zenbook UX3410UA supports docking, thus can greatly increase the ability to expand it, in a small body can play a greater energy, but the dock when purchasing the product is not included, the needs of consumers consider the purchase separately.

Cross wire drawing can prevent fingerprints, skin like material to provide a soft touch, the bottom of the subwoofer to increase the sound field effect, these are ASUS ZenBook UX3410UA in order to enhance the user experience the feelings of the excellent details. It is worth mentioning that the ASUS ZenBook UX3410UA frame design in many games this also is one of the highlights of the screen frame and highly integrated, the most prominent is the lateral edge to better protect the screen.

In order to achieve the greatest degree of thin ", and to avoid the extrusion to the screen, ASUS Zenbook UX3410UA keyboard" concave "on the C surface, which makes the key process shorter, while the" convex "the palm is helpful for text input. UX3410UA keyboard for splash design and ASUS ZenBook UX3410UA Battery, and joined the backlight function, can be opened by Fn+Z. The adjacent two buttons allow the user to locate accurately even in a light dark environment, and can operate with one hand.

As for the battery life performance is not as good as expected, the official website of the marked with 7 hours of endurance, but with PowerMark power test, balance mode on the screen bright, open wireless network, 3 hours and 49 minutes, and then to simulate general clerical work and browsing the Web context productivity model test the performance of 39 hours and 4 minutes, in order to emphasize the light machine models, there is still room for improvement.

Light pen electric market has always been very lively, IdeaPad series tend to the consumer market under Lenovo Yoga A12 with 4cell LENOVO Yoga A12 Battery to update the product line, while the maximum with a 710s difference, is to add a fingerprint identification function, and can be used in conjunction with the Windows Hello, to enhance computer security protection mechanism, and equipped with GeForce 940MX independent display chip, to improve performance.


MSI GL62M, DELL XPS 13-9365 and TOSHIBA Tecra X40 review

Familiar with the game's friends know, MSI game in the work or in terms of performance, are walking in the forefront of the game industry. Not long ago, Intel and NVIDIA have released its latest chip, as the old game manufacturers MSI certainly will not miss, launched with the seventh generation of Intel core i7-7700HQ and NVIDIA graphics system GTX1050 10 new MSI GL62M this game, the key to the end of the game the market. How to look at the specific performance of the machine.

MSI GL62M is still very strong in the appearance of the MSI style, which is in the market with a lot of public models GTX1050 game is very different. MSI GL62M die in line with the listing of MSI GL62 in early 2016, belonging to the upgrade of the model. Of course, the die in some places or make changes, such as the abolition of CD-ROM is one of the most obvious. However, the overall appearance style and material selection is not much change.

Because it did not use too exaggerated design, coupled with the appearance of black skin texture, so that the overall GL62M MSI seems very low-key, which is still relatively rare in the game inside. But when you look at the rear of the two large air outlet and the bottom hole revealed by a number of copper, you will immediately realize that MSI GL62M with 4730mh MSI GL62M Battery powerful game performance.

MSI GL62M A and C is used in coating of skin texture, either visual or tactile are very delicate, low-key, especially when it feels, can provide very comfortable touch experience, this is very obvious in the normal use. Although the machine uses a combination of i7-7700HQ and GTX1050, but because of the use of the fuselage edge curve, making the MSI GL62M in the visual than the same configuration of the game.

At the very beginning of the super pole, which has the characteristics of thin indeed attracted a lot of consumers, but it has a unique fast start technology in the business office of the performance is also impressive. In the early years, Toshiba launched the super pole of the Z830 made the lightest super pole of the title, after this, this series of products has not been continued, had to say is a pity.

Today came to the PConline evaluation room is Toshiba Portege series X30 ultrabook, although it is not the Z830 upgrade products, but the products we can see a lot of Z830 shadow, which in appearance and configuration to make some changes, although the most frivolous title has been lost, but this time we get X30 super in the test a good performance. Next we look at the next distance this product.

By 2014, the idea of focusing on Toshiba continues. Toshiba Portege X30 ultrabook without 43wh TOSHIBA Portege X30 Battery and U type body design adopted before, but return to the classic design style, in the shape of Z830 with similar body still using magnesium alloy materials to build the honeycomb structure, making the body more durable, but also can ensure good smooth wireless signal.

To tell the truth, since the four generation core start I didn't pay much attention to performance notebook processor, usually games to play too much, what a dota2 run even low mobile processor 15W is duly completed, greater bottleneck has actually been in the video card. From the beginning of the four generation of Haswell Macbook Air 1.3GHz 15W low i5 felt daily application is smooth, then update the 15 section of the 13 inch Macbook Pro, 28w i5 5287U is to allow PhotoShop to open RAW file speed more on the floor. At the same time, the main Zbook15G2 Quad Core i7 4710MQ is even today is still a variety of applications with ease, open a Matlab training a neural network complete sense of what not to bottleneck.

So naturally, renewed focus on energy consumption. From the beginning of the fifth generation Broadwell, Intel update at the end of the notebook focus on low power consumption. A knife cut notebook Broadwell dual core processor standard voltage, line down to the low voltage end of u, but at the same time i5 5287u with low power 28w dual core i5 4210H to draw the performance as a selling point of the previous generation. Now after the two generation, i5 7200u 28w i5 5287u with ultra low power 15W again. So it is no need to worry about performance.

XPS 13 deformation of the model is XPS 13-9365, the appearance of only in the rotating shaft and the screen frame part of the difference. But the ultra narrow border blessing, XPS 13 deformation of the still maintained a considerable volume, weight only 1.24kg with 46wh DELL XPS 13-9365 Battery, and the ordinary version of the XPS almost 13. Or the so-called "13 inch screen 11 inches into the fuselage" machine, turning touch this feature is icing on the cake for them. However, with the iconic double shaft: this can help it to turn to the limit position, and in this position closely fit. Screen can choose 1080P and QHD+ (3200 x 1800) one of them, on the left and right are very narrow border, the border width below the lower than the 9360 also has a certain reduction. The camera is still in the bottom, but changed to the center position, but also a dual camera design, compatible with Windows Hello biometric system.

2016 for AMD is undoubtedly of great significance, whether it is Ryzen processor or Vega graphics, are related to the future of heavy AMD products. Although it is only part of the parameters, performance, but in any case shows the determination of the AMD to return to the high-end market.

Of course, in addition to the high-end market, APU is also the focus of AMD layout. APU in 2016 to update to the seventh generation, while also improving the performance of HEVC HD hard decoding, VSR, dual graphics and other technical exchange. Recently, AMD Tecra launched with the AMD seventh generation APU Tecra X40 notebook, exactly how performance, we see the following.

Tecra X40 with built-in TOSHIBA Tecra X40 Battery is still a continuation of the Think family of the calm, sophisticated. A surface with a black design, in addition to the only "Tecra" and "TOSHIBA" logo, there is no other decoration, the whole is very simple, feel very delicate.