MSI PE62 PE72 and ACER Aspire VX15 F15 F17 laptop coming

The docking station (Docking Station) is used to extend the base function of a notebook computer, the interface and the slot, it can connect a variety of external devices, such as drive, large screen display, keyboard, printer, scanner etc.. It can compensate the defect of frivolous notebook computer carries little accessories, this design allows users to enjoy the convenience and comfort of the desktop in the office, portable notebook can play in the mobile office.

In the rear are the power interface and the network interface, and a USB3.0. Because the power supply and the network cable are the necessary interfaces, they do not change frequently during the day use, so the design does not affect the use of other interfaces at the latter point. A very humane design.

The hardware configuration, this notebook is awesome, equipped with the fourth generation intelligent Intel core i7-4910MQ processor, four core eight threads, frequency 2.9GHz, 8M level three cache, 22nm technology, TDP power consumption is 47W,51wh ACER Aspire VX15 Battery.

NVIDIA Quadro K2100M is a new series of NVIDIA Quadro GPU among them, mainly for the tailored, rendering ability beyond the general game graphics card. Features include a higher complexity of the design workflow, richer scene details and special effects, and ultra high resolution visualization.

In the PCMark7 test, MSI PE62 can get 5659 points, the highest performance requirements in the PCMark8 Creative environment, MSI PE62 can get 4844 points, the two scores are not low, some even more than the small GTX1060 game ever measured in the high performance in the overall performance is good, MSI PE62 more the strong performance of i7-7700HQ, GTX1050Ti and 8GB DDR4 memory, 128GB SSD+1TB mechanical hard disk, only balanced no short board configuration in order to win the comprehensive experience.

But the performance test to test, eventually to be implemented in the game, we measured links, through the "Metro: last dawn" "GTA5" "NBA2K17" "watch this" pioneer four games to test the MSI PE62 game performance. MSI PE62 uses a double fan design in the heat, D has a large area of shield shaped radiating window with rear double cooling air outlet and the cooling air outlet left a total of three outlets, here we adopted the AIDA64 system stability testing to test the heat dissipation capability of ASUS FX553V.

After the system stability test after 30 minutes, MSI PE62 is the maximum temperature of 50.1 degrees, near the outlet on the right side of the radiator, and the back of the maximum temperature of 56.2 degrees, but D surface heating is much smaller than the positive region. In many domestic brands in the game, ASUS should be the most persistent of appearance, from the design to the 911 run free light field FX553V, we can see ASUS in the game the appearance of progress, had not simply rely on exaggerated shapes to create this game is personalized, and through the alloy body and more aesthetic lines to enhance Yan values, while the RGB backlight is no longer confined to the keyboard, power button, breathing lamp, touch panel and A face logo two texture with lights, all of these elements together, it really makes it a new concept of the game".

Rendering has a professional graphics MSI PE62 advantage is obvious, time-consuming, more than three times the lead. As with 6cell MSI PE62 Battery, the time of rendering large projects will increase proportionally, shorten the duration of the whole studio project and improve the work efficiency.

Although not DDR4 memory, but the performance is not weak, reading and writing are more than 23GB/s, the memory board structure, support dual channel, later unable to upgrade, please buy 8GB version to avoid late enough to buy time.

In order to ensure the data security of ACER, but under the foot work, provides five ways including ACER Client Security, PIN code, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, and Bluetooth, the user can choose the five validation mechanism of 2 kinds of free combination, therefore, when the user set after the completion of each entry system, it must be two security settings in order to successfully enter through the Windows operating system, dual protection safety.

ACER Aspire F15 keyboard and ACER Aspire F15 Battery are used in the classic design style, in which the keyboard keys moderate, typing feedback is better, suitable for business users long time typing office needs. For very long time business friends, the key process is too long is not good, a lot of hours knocking two thousand or three thousand words very short buddy love bond, this is probably one of the reasons is the key process of MacBook notebook more short.

PCMark 8 as a test notebook performance test software, is also the most commonly used. Here MSI PE72 ran out of 3531 points, usually the game will be able to achieve more than 3200 points in the test, is good enough. It is a 3531 point performance, is in the same level of product at the forefront, very awesome.

Of course, it is necessary to admit that such hardware configuration is not the top, from the actual test data, GTX 1050Ti compared to GTX 1060 or more graphics cards, the performance is still a certain gap. But in front of us is a practical problem is the budget expenditure, or as I said before, even though the GTX 1060 game has been on the market for some time, but its price is still not close to the people.

Processor performance we use three series of test software CINEBENCH for its performance test, the results obtained for reference only. The first is the test results of CINEBENCH R10, the single core processor to get 6871 points, 23076 points multicore; in CINEBENCH R11.5 test, the multi core processor 5.95pts, single core 1.56pts; in the end CINEBENCH R15 test, the multi processor 518cb core, single core 136cb. The test results show that the processor is located in the high-end model of the mobile platform processor.

In order to more intuitive understanding of the performance of this PE72, but also to further optimize the theory to run the stage of the reading experience, the author will be in the form of histogram from the CPU, graphics card, memory 3 aspects of the display. We joined the CPU test generation i7-6700HQ processor as a reference, two processors with 14nm technology, based on the 7700HQ frequency is higher than 6700HQ 0.2GHz, 62wh MSI PE72 Battery,the maximum turbo 6700HQ higher than 0.3GHz, the gap is very small. In the theory of running, regardless of the performance of single core or multi-core performance, the gap between the two processors are less than 10%.

It is worth mentioning that, ACER Aspire F15 keyboard set conference key special for users, and support the backlight, from the right side of the picture we can see, the first row countdown second keys countdown to the fifth keys are: hang up and answer, to create a meeting, calendar, aims to provide a better choice for meeting and cooperation, bring for the enterprise and business users daily work more convenient.

ACER Aspire F15 integrated touchpad is used to smooth glass, high sensitivity, even without the use of external mouse operation is more convenient, no mouse office often encountered to protect the outdoor scene when mobile office.

Scalability, ACER Aspire F15 with 5600mAh ACER Aspire F17 Battery is also extremely comprehensive, the fuselage left interface button design, including the boot button, USB 3 interface, headphone interface, volume control button, SC smart card reader. It is worth mentioning that, SC smart card reader is enterprise specific, the average individual user can not use, this is to ensure that employees use the machine security identity identification system. The right side of the fuselage interface button design includes power interface, USB 3 interface, HDMI interface, notebook lock, USB-C interface, and micro SD card slot.