LENOVO ThinkPad L440 L550 W540 coming

High-end game this is like a hero in the hands of a sword, help users way. Although they cost on high, although they have a "cold" appearance, although their configuration is high, but also to withstand the game enthusiasts crazy for it. According to the survey, while global consumer laptops have been declining trend, but for high-end gaming flagship game the notebook market is rising, so many oems began to power the high-end game. , of course, can not casually with a notebook, is divided into high-end game, it also has a certain standard. Configuration must be top, set off the appearance of the eye, the screen must be big enough, the three together, to become a strong challenge of high-end gaming PC.

Next, let's look at the product of what the hardware has been adopted. The machine USES the fourth generation Intel core i7-4700 mq processor, (four core eight threads, faster 2.4 GHz, farce frequency acceleration can be up to 3.4 GHz), with 8 gb + 8 gb DDR3 1600 MHZ high-speed memory (maximum extensibility to 32 gb), 1 TB, the large capacity hard disk 3 gb large capacity of high-speed memory GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 m high discrete graphics. In addition, 1920 x1080 resolution of 17.3 inches full hd dazzle colour LCD screen, more able to provide users with more sophisticated visual experience.

LENOVO computers at the end of July launched a new generation of W540 with 9cell LENOVO ThinkPad W540 Battery flagship game notebook ThinkPad series, and now has gone on sale in stores and e-commerce sites. At the end of August, the author of "red" SAO gas "LENOVO ThinkPad W540 comprehensive appreciation", has been announced, the device coming TianJiWang testing room. Today LENOVO ThinkPad W540 came to TianJiWang testing room, please follow the below to go to the very have "feeling" of products! LENOVO ThinkPad series was born in July 2004, naming is combined with the English word "cosmos" (meaning "the universe") in the "cos", as well as in Italian, benefiting (meaning "I"), to create the ThinkPad laptop DianNaoXi, ThinkPad means "my universe".

Announced in May last year, DELL Latitude E7240 and Latitude E7440 two super this series, will have been walking the Latitude series of high-end luxury line, into the mainstream product series, the lowest 5499 yuan starting price, also refreshed the super the lowest quotation, also led to the super this collective diving, for now, at Latitude E7240 changes brought by / 6 now has become a super this "standard", low price, in the end, metal fuselage showing these have become a necessary ingredient to a successful, by 2013, Latitude series, DELL Latitude E7440 Touch line, formal Latitude series into the era of Touch screen, so DELL Latitude E7440 Touch will once again become the next generation using Touch screen super this post?

Super cheap, so the manufacturing cost is about to change, we more care about is not just this time Latitude E7240 Touch what upgrade itself, conventional hardware upgrade is certain, more important is whether the process, and use experience, what are the different one year later, many laptop gradually popularization of new technology, like a backlit keyboard, mix hard disk, multi-point Touch screen operation, etc., these new technologies in the case of production costs must be compressed, whether can guarantee the basic experience.
DELL Latitude E7240 Touch with DELL Latitude E7240 Touch Battery can be seen as Latitude E7240 upgrade, BeatsAudio sound system, E key, mix hard to continue, but also there is too much improvement upgrades, hardware upgrade to the latest Haswell systems, and graphics card is adopted at present relatively mainstream GT740M in the notebook, which makes it super performance in game ahead of other competitors in this one.

Join greatly improves the practicability of the backlit keyboard, multi-point Touch screen also enriched the interaction, in feeling, DELL, these techniques have been running around here like a pro, no need to worry about, and before BeatsAudio sound stewards, E software and hardware features, such as DELL Latitude E7440 Touch basic completed relative to a generation of Latitude series of transcendence.

GT740M performance is showing a surprise, but in the face of the game to degree and order, or demanding, not low calorific value, but most DELL will heat by the clever design of the internal air duct, from the bottom and the shaft out, will not affect the use of the user experience, it's very cute.

LENOVO ThinkPad L440 with 6cell LENOVO ThinkPad L440 Battery whole exterior design continues the ThinkPad Fit series of minimalist design style, with a strong flavor LENOVO , even removing LOGO can confirm that he is from the quasi- LENOVO. In material terms , ThinkPad L440 using ABS plastic cover , the surface rendering matte texture, cover the central ThinkPad words chrome plated , smooth surface with mirror effect.

As a positioning in the mainstream market, geared to the needs of most users of this product, natural cannot sacrifice for thin body and beautiful appearance and interface configuration, DELL Latitude E7440 Touch on both sides of this time using the interface symmetrical arrangement way, the left side of the fuselage from top to bottom in turn for 1 laptop lock, 1 HDMI interface, 2 see interface, an all-in-one card reader interface and two status indicators.

On the right side of the fuselage from top to bottom, we see have a headphone/microphone dual function interface, 1 RJ 45 network card interface, 1 HDMI interface and a usb interface. All the interface is a standard interface, without having to turn wiring can be used directly. Mobile performance is one of our most audience's index, measured DELL Latitude E7440 Touch the thickest place for 21 mm, due to the use of a wedge structure design, the visual will give the user a feeling of very thin.

Weight, DELL Latitude E7440 Touch with DELL Latitude E7440 Touch Battery stand-alone contain battery weight is 2.173 kg, this results in 14 inches super this mediocre, holding a hand will feel a little pressure for a long time, after all, the whole machine all adopt the metal materials, and using the standard interface, weight is not very easy to control. In terms of configuration, DELL Latitude E7440 Touch using the fourth generation intelligent Intel core i5 processor - 4200 - u, frequency of 1.6 GHz, chipset carrying HD4400 core graphics CARDS, as well as a server-side GT740M independent video card, memory is 4 gb DDR3 1600 MHZ, adopted a 24 gb SSD SSD and 1 TB of mechanical drive hybrid drive, used to improve the boot and speed of dormancy awakening, pre-loaded with Windows 8.

The processor is the current super book is a mainstream one, HD4400 core graphics performance for general office applications, it should be said quite enough, and if the game can automatically switch to the independent video card, GT740M showing in the notebook in the end, but in the super book should be regarded as one of the most powerful graphics card, this is DELL in the two aspects of low power consumption and high performance trade-offs to consider. We through Cinebench R10 has carried on the test to the processor, eventually mononuclear score is 4825 points, multi-core score 9047 points, performance is very good, the author try to use the video, play some 4 k resolution performance is very fluent, and for most applications, the processor on the expression of performance should have been able to meet demand.

Through HDTune hard disk read performance testing, finally can see the highest read speed reached 110 MB per second, and the average rate of 74 MB/SEC, mediocre, but thanks to 24 gb SSD as a cache file, the file system read call speed or ideal. For an ordinary notebook, the cooling performance is a concern for most users. For a super said originally, the cooling performance is even more important, can become a qualified super book, in addition to the fuselage, thickness and weight, heat dissipation is the key.

In order to cater to the new Windows 8, we also to upgrade life software testing, the new MobileMark 2012 compared with the previous version of software are used in the test to make a lot of upgrades. Microsoft Office update into Office 2010, for example, in addition, MobileMark 2007 on the basis of updated software version also added some users often use the software as a test load, for example: Adobe Reader, Illustrator, Microsoft Project and so on.

Compared to the previous version of the testing software, MobileMark 2012 at the request of the test environment is also relatively improve, must redo system before the test, and should also be reasonable in terms of driver installation, otherwise will appear all sorts of problems. LENOVO ThinkPad L540 adopted a 35 wh lithium ion battery, through the new MobileMark test, we can see that LENOVO ThinkPad L540 duration of 215 minutes, or down a three and a half hours of time, but the efficiency of 77 value is not high, to a certain extent affect the performance of the battery life.

In terms of configuration, LENOVO ThinkPad L540 with LENOVO ThinkPad L540 Battery adopted i3-3217 - u processor, Intel IVB platform has integrated 4000 HD Graphics core Graphics, there are 4 gb DDR3 memory and 500 gb HDD combination. This configuration is very suitable for office use. Although the price is not high, but LENOVO ThinkPad L540 notebook didn't give a person the feeling of "cheap", on the contrary, metal fuselage, details of the work and the unique sense of 3 d body solution to let a person feel more content. In addition, the use of IVB processor and interface configuration is complete, can satisfy the general use of user demand. Fly in the ointment is that the range of inadequate performance slightly, but overall, in the 14 inch laptop market, with price advantages, LENOVO ThinkPad L540 still has a certain competitive power.