Newest ASUS G750JM G750JS G750JZ Gaming laptop coming

ASUS launched earlier this year, a 14-inch ROG notebooks, portable high-performance flagship , this model G46V of ROG has a new variation of the game in the mold work, not only more agile body lines , and multiple internal body using a triangle prism of this avant-garde button design , texture has been greatly improved. June 16 , ASUS and the WGT 2013 eSports Competition officially released the ROG G750JH flagship game , not only inherited the G46V fashion style exterior design , the hardware is directly powered by Intel Core processor fourth generation of intelligent , and equipped with NVIDIA GTX 780M top mobile graphics, the game will ROG gaming performance to a new level . Today we bring is this G750JH depth evaluation of this game .

On the hardware configuration, the ASUS G750JH uses Intel Haswell 4700HQ processor , HM87 chipset , 16GB DDR3 1600 dual channel memory , GTX 780M 4GB DDR5 significant independence , 256GB SSD plus 750GB mechanical hard drive , equipped with a 17.3 inches wide gamut TN glossy screen , resolution up to 1920x1080, factory-installed Win8 64 from The Chinese professional Edition systems. G750JH machine hardware performance is very strong, especially GTX 780M significant independence , almost all single game can run smoothly masterpiece in full HD resolution. The mall is currently Lynx ROG flagship models offer 22,788 yuan , the new listing , the price of some unrealistically high .

G750JM with 88Wh ASUS G750JM Battery designed in the shape and G46V is very similar to F117 Stealth fighter inspired design , the fuselage on both sides with a large beveled cutting edge design , the whole muscle sense, understated and yet mysterious qualities . B side , C face a lot of places with a large angular polygon processing , more avant-garde style , matte black rubber coating and tough feel comfortable bringing firmness . A plane fuselage G750JH positive turn after the middle of the ROG logo can emit bright light in low light environment is very compelling , users can also benefit from identification to quickly identify machine status .

CINEBENCH is a processing performance testing software , into the actual test after Intel Core i5-4200M scored 5902 points for the single-core , multi-core score of 12777 points, a standard voltage processor core , are in standard voltage Core Duo processor high-end configuration. Ratings can be seen through the system since NF310 comprehensive performance excellent , barely a short board , only the memory score was 5.9 , relatively speaking, not too low, and the processor will get a score of 7.2 , the performance excellent for business office use , this performance fully meet the demand.

Then there is the thermal performance testing, using all-metal body design and how the left set of SAMSUNG NF310 with SAMSUNG AA-PL0TC6V Battery fan cooling performance ? By convention we use the FurMark software plus AIDA64 System Stability Test to make this machine run at high load conditions .

ASUS G750JH major expansion interface design in the fuselage sides , the front lower left bottom of the fuselage has一枚subwoofer speakers, can significantly enhance the loud bass. G750JH status indicator is also designed in the fuselage near the front , but also through the state off the screen after a quick overview of the system status indicator .

Thanks to a wide enough area of the body , G750JH in the body can extend the interface layout design is very reasonable. G750JH right side of the fuselage were DC power connector , VGA, RJ-45, HDMI, Thunderbolt, USB3.0x2, headphone and microphone jacks , the left side of the fuselage were standard keyhole , dual USB3.0, Blu-ray and DVD burner SD card reader. In addition to the main interface is very complete outside , Thunderbolt interfaces G750JS with lightning and 15V ASUS G750JS Battery, is another highlight. Thunderbolt combines PCI Express and DisplayPort data transmission technology display technology , with very broad applicability.

MEDION Akoya E7225-i7 D1 is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M Kepler based 28nm chip , with 768 stream processors and 16 ROP units , 797MHz core frequency , and support for dynamic acceleration technology, up to 863MHz, 128bit memory interface and 64GB / s memory bandwidth . GTX 765M is still using the Kepler architecture , and therefore do not appear alone was a revolutionary leap in performance . But you can to improve graphics performance by adding an independent stream processors and improve core frequency , GTX 765M 2GB GDDR5 memory support .

Through the actual test GTX 765M in 3Dmark 11 Performance mode fractional reached P4271, shows that compared to the previous generation of products to enhance graphics performance by at least 50 %, even beyond the previous generation GTX 675MX, performance among the best. New 3DMark with a new interface design, in addition to test scores , but also to show the real-time curve of each scene during the test , the whole record frame rate , CPU temperature , GPU temperature, CPU power consumption. New 3DMark canceled the traditional E, P, X model , replaced depending on the load of the launch of three different scenarios , which FireStrike designed for DirectX 11 graphics card built on high-end gaming platform, and CloudGate supports mainstream DirectX 10 -based environment hardware , IceStorm DirectX 9 supports entry-level devices , mobile phones, tablet PCs , and so on .

MEDION Akoya E7225 With 4cell MEDION Akoya E7225 Battery release MEDION be the first choice of the definition of small games , having said that , this is actually Clevo credit. As a long-term partner MEDION of Clevo, in this time of "super MEDION" series of products designed to provide a mold once again with hardware support, so many people in the market to be able to see a similar game series with MEDION this is normal. However, those products are called barebones compared MEDION, which go beyond the former full price .

sus high-end gaming PC product line has been quite good achievements , including ROG ROG G Series notebook has been a favorite of gamers , at June 15 WGT2013 eSports Opening the meeting, ASUS has released the new G750JX Extreme game . G750JX biggest difference is equipped with the latest Intel Haswell i7 processor , equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770M graphics cards tied the game , and maximum support 32GB DDR3 memory. Is the first upgrade to Haswell processor, high-end gaming notebook .

In the framework of the overall performance , ASUS G750JZ using Intel 's new fourth-generation Haswell quad-core i7 processor 5900mAh ASUS G750JZ Battery, and equipped with a 256GB SSD solid state hard drive and 750GB/7200 rpm mechanical hard disk mass storage . Strong core Haswell will be Intel called " re-invent the notebook" , the new architecture using 22nm technology , plus support for the plot and melting operations, improve the speed and digital precision floating-point calculations , improve the implementation of vector and scalar workflow, compared the previous generation of processors , the performance increased by 10% , significantly extend the battery life of more than 50 %.

Interface Because this product is made ??of relatively thin , so the interface is not as workstation early years there are so many interfaces. The first thing I noticed this workstation does not have a Gigabit Ethernet interface. Of course, vendors offer USB to Ethernet adapter cards , but also makes us feel as a workstation that interfaces should have. The workstation is not only a high-grade materials are used shell , the other components are also spared the cost . Resolution 15.6-inch high-definition touch screen, but also his highlights. Its resolution of 3200x1800, the resolution called the retina than the Apple Macbook Pro 's screen resolution is higher . Of course, such a comparison may not be convinced someone will Apple Macbook pro notebook screen is smaller than the MEDION, it is good that we converted into pixel density , MEDION has 237.9ppi and macbook pro has 220.5ppi, the ppi represents the number of pixels per inch owned .

As a workstation , high resolution screen just can not. Of course, this LCD panel gives the MEDION Akoya E7226 with 4cell MEDION Akoya E7226 Battery used left quite impressed , we use XRite tested this panel brightness changes can gradually increase from 0.39 lumens brightness, maximum brightness of 436 lumens. It should be said that in the middle of any laptop is considered good, and then he does the contrast . 1131:1 contrast ratio called fantasy . The color temperature of the liquid crystal panel 6632K, is also quite good. 92.5% sRGB color gamut , but this screen slightly reddish. In fact, this is not a problem of the lamp behind the LCD screen , the LCD screen is actually cast a long time, substantially no color cast , but some warm and some cool .

Compared to the left, Precision M2800 on the right side of the fuselage interface is more abundant, has 1 headset interface, a power interface of USB (support charge off), a SIM card slot, an SD card slot and a RJ-45 network port, at the same time, the safety lock is set on this side. Like sports, in the home of the preparation will be more fully, to the road, do not know will encounter special situation what, so is the notebook. The extended interface more rich can help the user to deal with different business needs, in order to place out of place on the happening time. To extend the capability of Precision to M2800 relative to the mainstream, and can meet the majority of business users demand.

Performance is often one of the users are most concerned about in the purchase of a notebook product content, it can reflect the real strength of a notebook. Through the system evaluation come with Windows 8 we can see, the Precision M2800 has better performance in terms of performance, the master was the highest, the lowest score is 8.1, graphics, 4.7. Of course, the system can briefly see the score, for specific performance is needed to judge by professional software.

First, 3DMark 2013, which is the latest version of the 3DMark series of products, the software is needless to say, the first card to run. The 3DMark test with three different test scenarios: "Fire Strike" (fire attack), "Cloud Gate" (the company), "Ice Storm" (Bing Bao), corresponding to the different levels of hardware equipment. Every scene running down will have a single fraction (Fire Strike two), and the fraction of different scenes are not directly comparable. Finally the author chose the Ice Storm mode, this mode runs into 38232 sub.

We get the evaluation of the prototype uses Intel Core i7 4702HQ processor , this processor in the mobile processor which has been regarded as a fairly strong . This is a Haswell processor architecture under with Turbo technology , from 2.2GHz to 3.2GHz. Quad-core eight threads , 6MB cache , SSE 4.1/4.2, AVX 2.0 instruction set. The evaluation model is configured with 16GB of memory and 256GB SSDs. In GeekBench test them , E7226 got 11477 points, but the higher scores than the Macbook Pro with about 2,000 points lower . In PCMark7 tests , E7226 score of 5831 , for laptops , this is a very good score.

MEDION Akoya E7227 with MEDION Akoya E7227 Battery results in the 3DMark test which is also good , like we mentioned before, it scores between GTX650 and GTX75. From the technical parameters of view, in fact, the performance of NVIDIA Quadro K1100M should be good at the same level of consumer graphics cards, but because for workstation-class applications , GK107 main advantage lies not in 3D graphics acceleration , but in a multi-channel output , high resolution support high-quality high color reproduction and high contrast areas .