HP VI04 battery and LENOVO S20-30 Touch detail

HP ENVY 14 is designed is refused become an independent school, as a big plant, standardized operation has a great benefit, and users can at a low price to enjoy a big plant quality, is also a state of what is there against it. As this time HP ENVY new series notebook, equipped with GTX850M graphics, there are different definitions and products in the past.

As a traditional PC manufacturer, HP always have their own pace, in the face of the game this subdivision of the product line, HP although with later, however, through continuous research for users, and after studying the user experience, the previous ENVY series injected new blood, to create a new game in the series, the mainstream price (5000 yuan) provides configuration options rich.

In addition, a major feature of acoustics is HP ENVY system models, the Beats Audio Zhi Zun magic sound system, located on the keyboard top speaker throughout the body, surround sound effect is more real good. Firstly, this product the whole body with a silver metal sand blasting process to create, showing a very strong metal texture, the first appearance of the whole feeling is very good.

Other aspects though quite satisfactory, but the overall quality and fashion sense is very prominent, especially the curve lines on the body to function better. Other aspects though quite satisfactory, but the overall quality and fashion sense is very prominent, especially the curve lines on the body to function better.

The top parts of the machine adopts two kinds of craft, for the overall metal sandblasting, only the middle of the "HP" part of LOGO uses the chrome plating process to create, so we can see it has a mirror effect is very good.

HP Envy 14 in detail is under a lot of effort, including each angle, different environment illumination appearance gives a very delicate feeling, sinking the shaft opening angle to 135 degrees, hands slip damping can let a person open and close with one hand.

Surface HP Envy 14 keyboard and HP VI04 Battery surface anodic oxidation is also very texture, give people the feeling is very clean, maintain one's original pure character feeling, not easy to scratch is not easy contaminated fingerprint, regression metal color anodized aluminum represents the real sense, to recover one's original simplicity calm feeling, which at present to the bit to eyeball Bo notebook design trend, is relatively rare.

At the back of the fuselage with black design, a plurality of heat distribution in key element surrounding. In order to ensure the cooling effect, the machine adopts LENOVO exclusive IceCool cool technology. This technology through optimizing the motherboard design, precision of the internal cooling module and the ADTD 2 cooling technology, the perfect realization of the palm pad cooling, the temperature is always lower than the average body temperature of about 25%, cool and refreshing experience for the user.

Screen, LENOVO S20-30 with LENOVO S20-30 Battery is equipped with 14 inch LED backlit screen, a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768, the picture color is rich, but the visual angle of medium. HD camera and microphone is equipped with the machine is still above the screen, convenient for daily network video applications.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M 28nm Maxwell GM107 chip based on GT, is the successor to the 750M, but compared to the last generation of its performance in more than 40%. With 640 stream processors and 16 ROP unit, the 902MHz core frequency, and supports dynamic acceleration technology, memory interface 128bit and 28.8GB/s memory bandwidth, 4GB DDR3 memory, large memory advantage can more easily face in the face of future high fee game.

HP ENVY 14 using 4cell HP HSTNN-DB6K Battery and a 14 inch LED backlit display, resolution 1920 * 1080, with the series of ENVY 15 is also equipped with 1920 * 1080 resolution screen, screen frame is still relatively narrow. At the edge of the screen there is a layer of anti loaded rubber strip, physical protection to screen better.

At present, with a Intel i7 3537U dual core four processor, 4GB memory, 1TB hard disk NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M 2GB graphics card configuration models, Jingdong mall price is only about 3999, is LENOVO launched a very sincere high price than notebook.

From the appearance, S20-30 with 4cell LENOVO S20-30 Touch Battery and can not be amazing to describe. A surface using the gray as the main colors, and the use of imprint design style, piano paint surface after concentric elements of decoration, more elegant. The solid line and dotted with different before, S20-30 dot pattern design, so it looks more fashion, more beautiful than other similar products.

The launch of Acer notebook products are often very characteristic, whether high or mainstream, you were able to tell at a glance it Is it right? Acer products. The reason for Acer notebook products easy to identify, is the design, from it in recent years, although Acer has a great breakthrough in the high-end product design, but in the mainstream products, because before the product form accumulated a lot of popularity, so the mainstream product appearance are basically similar, so to win support among the people. Objective.

"Metal Gear Solid rise:" revenge is alloy equipment series of a work, it is a small studio producer, strike action game high speed cut platinum studios, he needs the hardware of the system is not particularly harsh, for with GTX 850M Asus game player country ASUS GFX70J, at the highest quality 1920 * 1080 resolution can run smoothly.

"God 4" the game using a first person view, set adventure elements using intelligent design, let the game player complete control, free to choose to complete the level way, overcome every challenge. Of course, as this year's new game, "God 4" on the configuration requirements belongs to the middle level, carrying the GTX 850M game player Asus country GFX70J in the medium quality can run a thirty or forty frame.

Acer recently launched a new E14 model with ACER AL14A32 Battery for the new product, the series of products are mainly oriented mainstream user groups, the overall use of the design pattern of traditional notebook, hardware configuration with mainstream configuration of core i5+NVIDIA in the end alone, and strive to bring comprehensive entertainment experience for users, at the same time, the series of products the main color optional features, let users can use different colors to choose, to fully release their personality.

The understanding of the overall design and design of the keyboard, let us have a look the other details of the design of E14, and the configuration interface.

The overall design of the E14 is relatively simple, so no more details can be displayed to the user. Screen frame part of this machine used a fog surface treatment, without the use of piano baking varnish is a wise choice, after all, piano paint too easy to stick. While the camera is arranged on the screen frame at the top center position, the corresponding position at the bottom of the design of LENOVO E10-30 Battery.

As we mentioned before, E14 throughout the C panel also uses the piano paint process, and also was treated very simplified style in the design, the entire C surface elements stick out a mile, small space between the top of the keyboard and screen, and therefore did not design function keys or functional indicator light, but only in the upper left corner set the power button.

From the perspective of the overall design, E14 is a traditional form of 14 inch mainstream notebook products, color optional bold, rich color, can let users have a broader choice space.

The keyboard part uses a standard B50's LENOVO L13M4A01 Battery chocolate, relatively large, although the surface without joint finger surface processing, but thanks to the key process is well controlled, make this product clavier feel is very good, in the mainstream the price of the product in the keyboard feel called superior.