LENOVO V4400 M4400 M4450 B5400 Touch laptop coming

Lenovo V series for business users, but also suitable for small and medium enterprises. We this time to introduce products for Lenovo Yang days V4400, this is a mainstream 14 inch ultrabook products. The machine body adopts all metal materials used for grinding processing, business products, using metal material can make products look more stable atmosphere.

When meeting the question, the user need not be time-consuming to customer service consulting, open the Lenovo service can be obtained. And also set up such as mobile phone, computer housekeeper gadgets and automatic repair utility function.

Often mentioned Lenovo Yang days series, the author will be in contact with ThinkPad together. Although Yang has become commercial notebook product line is independent, but the many classic quality is borrowed from ThinkPad. Compare. Compared with the four four party ThinkPad appearance of pure black, appear design Yangtian series of more freedom and young, early release of the 13 inch and 14 inch B4400 with 6cell LENOVO B4400 Battery made a deep impression, but also for female users launched a red appearance.

Through 30 minutes of running, can be found in B5400 Touch back the highest temperature is 50.8 degrees, the average is 37.3 degrees; the keyboard the maximum temperature of 48.3 degrees, the average temperature of 40.7 degrees. Due to the size limit of 14 inches, in long time no air conditioning in the use of the environment temperature is relatively high. Xiaobian recommended if no indoor air-conditioned, try to configure the cooling pad, and do not use on the leg.

Many users buy a new computer to the Internet, must keep on all software download website one by one commonly used software, the whole process can be very difficult. The app store Lenovo built-in can quickly find a common software you need, application domain involves is very extensive, for the user to save a lot of trouble.

In addition, in addition to the whole series with fourth generation Intel core processor, Lenovo Yang days V4400 with LENOVO V4400 Battery also provides some business features, to meet the special needs of ease of use and security of user. Including the fast charging, hard disk protection, fingerprint recognition, Dolby cinema, new network card and Lenovo Solution for Small Business and other functions.

Let us together to understand in detail the natural V4400 commercial ultrabook. V4400-ITH (WIN8) Lenovo notebook computer 2 appearance: commercial atmosphere thick straight edge at right angles clear-cut. Appearance: commercial atmosphere thick straight edge at right angles to a crisp

As a business notebook, appearance do not need too many words, simple and elegant. Business professionals in daily use environment and office space, secure the should be practical, able style, more in place of Lenovo's new Yangtian V4400 super book in this aspect to do. This machine adopts deep gray matte metal roof, full texture, handling straight edge at right angles to make the complete machine looks clean and neat. Overall, the detail work than their predecessors Yangtian finer V480s.

The user can at any time to backup the system state, when the system problems can always read your backup or restore factory settings. The operation is very simple, is a very human utility software.

Metal material in the current commercial super this extremely popular, a slim body and a display screen can be better protected, on the other hand, texture and wear has also greatly increased. Lenovo B5400 with LENOVO B5400 Touch Battery body with all metal design, the wedge-shaped, and Asus UX series super this somewhat similar. However, Lenovo V4400 also has its own characteristics, especially before and after treatment with sharp edge, tangent parallelogram design, the side looks very thin, line becomes more and more clear.

As long as the users in "my user" set password, and open the desktop file can be set for face recognition. Face recognition and authentication automatically after reboot. If the user does not feel too will use, also can be in the "about" instructions to quickly understand the options. Because B5400 Touch uses the mirror screen, prone to facial recognition dark embarrassment in strong light environment, but overall it is still a useful set.

Lenovo M4400 used 4cell LENOVO M4400 Battery and a 14 inch matte screen, resolution to 1600 * 900, the display effect is very good, but accurate color restoration, full screen and fine. Fog screen is very useful for frequently engaged in outdoor work under strong light users, watch the screen, does not appear obvious reflection phenomenon.

The B M4400 of most concern is the 1080 resolution enhancement, only 4000 out of 14 inches in the price on the market basically is unthinkable. The brightness of the screen legend more mirror screen good, practical experience in the visible range is very good, although is 14 inches, but adjusted by different fonts and sizes icon, can more adapt to the demand of user.

For the protection of the screen,the Lenovo M4400 with LENOVO M5400 Touch Battery do very place, have a circle of rubber pads on the inside of the frame is embedded, and the details of the deal are very careful, basically be the dovetail. The opening and closing of the screen when the rubber ring can play a buffer role, not to the whole bring excessive vibration and noise. In addition, 720P HD camera above the screen is embedded, can restore the scene more realistic, both training video or video conference all can be competent, travel and meeting two not mistake.

Although B5400 with reasonable prices and new features allow users to find everything fresh and new, but there are still many shortcomings, such as screen is still general screen 768 resolution, mechanical hard disk limit daily reading and writing and boot speed etc.. These problems in the B5400 Touch association gives a new solution. The screen resolution to upgrade from 768 1080*1920 resolution, the hard disk is replaced by the mixed hard disk 8G SSD+500G solid state combination. With the i7 4510U processor +R5 M230 2G alone, 4G memory still control the price at 4299 yuan, in the market 14 inch notebook products appears to stand head and shoulders above others. But this price with this configuration, work and practical experience in the end there is no discount? This is also a lot of netizens concern, small make up will be targeted at the hot question for all one one test.

Products: M4450 (WIN8) Lenovo notebook LENOVO M4450 Battery: 3 high touch keyboard with white backlight. · keyboard: high touch chocolate keyboard with white backlight

Lenovo B5400 launched, many users. In addition to the beautiful appearance, solid work and cost-effective configuration is people love this new series of reason. B5400 series Strike while the iron is hot. flagship young group users launched the B5400 Touch products, will not only enhance the 1366*768 screen resolution to the full 1920*1080 HD resolution, also provides the 500GB +8GB SSHD hard disk, greatly enhance the starting and running speed.

When E4430 with LENOVO E4430 Battery was released, the full topic series has been subject to the attention of many friends.