ASUS A550VC A550LC and DELL Latitude 13 Education Series-3340

ASUS A550 is distinguished from the similar business is one of the most special place with ASUS intellectual exchange center, the integrated application software for the user to provide application, all kinds of business office include: system application, device collaboration, security applications and cloud services. All this allows users in office application is more convenient, fast, so as to further improve the efficiency of.

The appearance of the whole ASUS A550 still maintained a steady business style design, gray shell with nano imprint technology. For business people, although steady is always needed in the first place, but the appropriate add some bright spots will not affect the overall tone, but will bring different freshness, gray shell A550 with nano imprint technology is roughly such a feeling.

B surface A550 with 4cell ASUS A550V Battery is 15 inch LED display a resolution of 1366 x 768, using black matte style, design 90 degree corner, highlighting its business tough nature. Fog screen surface was standard on many business book, A550 also used this design, this is for business people often go out of office considered, fog screen surface can have more show excellent results in the outdoor light environment.

DELL as the PC market veteran manufacturers, has launched a large notebook on the mainstream consumer market, which DELLA series notebook had hit its notebook sales record. Therefore, DELL also recently launched a commemorative edition models have been the concern of consumers. Although, this laptop uses a mold of the original A series of products, but the performance with a standard voltage of the core processor i5 and the latest GTX 850M graphics card, it is a very prominent product price.

However, DELLA series are not so high, but it is more focused in the low-end market consumers. One of the upcoming DELL Latitude 3340 with 43Wh 4cell high capacity DELL H4PJP Battery is the flagship in the low-end market crowd products, it adopts the diamond grain new designs, but with Intel core i5-4210U processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT820M graphics card and 15.6 inch LED LCD, which is a good choice to the market price of 4000 yuan. Today, we also got the laptop, then the author to introduce you to!

The bottom of the screen, A550 uses a shaft sinking, although compared to metal hinge a bit short, but still able to withstand long opening and closing. In addition, A550 at a rotating shaft also set aside a portion of space, the protruding part for placing the battery, so that the design can be said to be very clever, which reduces the thickness of the body and without any loss of power.

A550 with ASUS A550VC Battery C continues with 6 rows of keys to design a family tradition, a glance is very simple, in addition to the keyboard body area and power have no any other key. Regional, the power button design in the upper left corner away from the keyboard is very eye-catching, but also to prevent false touch.

Design of DELLA series notebook has above of avant-garde fashion features, or colorful or low profile design style, let it become a lot of the pursuit of fashion the user's preferred. Recently, DELL introduced a model for Latitude 3340 notebook, in the succession of the A series of fashion design style at the same time, has changed the traditional concentric design elements, the new diamond lattice patterns to join them, the whole machine is worth more.

Asus A550V is a balance between fashion and mainstream performance notebook, the machine appearance continues Asus notebook commonly used concentric design, so no matter your appreciation of the angle at which can have different fashion photo. As a mainstream notebook, the machine in the configuration is more practical. The machine is equipped with a AMD extreme quad core A10-5750M APU processor, graphics integrated AMD Radeon HD 8650G graphics card, and further equipped with 2GB DDR3 memory of the AMD Radeon HD 8670M graphics card, combined with AMD very good fighting techniques, can bring the game better experiment. Through our testing, application of this notebook is more suitable for daily entertainment and HD video, coupled with the appearance design is very good, very suitable for students and ordinary white-collar daily application. The concern is, the machine or the DOTA2 World Championship Edition models, performance in the game's performance is also very good, so you usually like to play some mainst
ream games, then this notebook is also very worthy of you to consider.

In appearance, the design can be described as DELL Latitude 3340 notebook is very low-key, 65Wh DELL JR6XC Battery and primary hues with seemingly low-key but worth more black brown, highlights another mature beauty. And before the DELLA series notebook is different, the design of the new DELL Latitude 3340 and a "British style", low profile design with slightly but not the same as the beauty of fashion.

Part of the keyboard, A550 uses a chocolate keyboard design, does not use ASUS unique high touch keyboard, a little regret. But A550 keyboard keycap medium range, also compare with the hands, the overall feeling is good. Touch control board A550 adopts the integral design style, this is the mainstream of design in recent years, the touch area large another operation becomes more convenient, more accurate. Touch panel below the key area with thin wire by a separate, convenient user identification keys around. Touch panel in the round, A550 added a circle of metal binding, is very eye-catching in the light against the background, personality.

Touch board integrated design by ASUS A550 with ASUS A550L Battery, compared with the split can greatly enhance the cursor moving range, and the ASUS A550 is still a touch panel manipulation into intelligent gesture technology, can achieve a pinch to zoom the image and Webpage, drag and drop objects. But according to the use habit of the author or the more like split type touch panel, feel compared to operating it, it mainly depends on personal preferences and.

The mainstream consumer notebook market, has been the major PC manufacturers the most competitive battlefield. If a few years ago manufacturers compete for capital is notebook hardware configuration, so now in the performance of serious homogenization of today, the PC manufacturer of competition should be price and consumers with different aesthetic.

The fuselage design due to the large size of the DELL Latitude 3340, this machine with 6cell DELL 7WV3V Battery has also used the plate design of large touch, so it can bring more comfortable experience effect. At the same time, with the intelligent gesture technology, assist the touch area command, can obtain more accurate and more intuitive input experience. In the lower right corner of the fuselage, DELL Latitude 3340 is also designed with computer state, battery status and flight mode indicator lamp, is convenient for the user to timely understand notebook state.

Gaming performance, we chose the "Street Fighter 4" and "2" Lost Planet two leisurely classic game testing, at a resolution of up to 1366x768, "Street Fighter 4" final test is a grade, fraction is 6457, the average frame rate 43 frames or so, games run smoothly; the resolution in 1360x768, "Lost Planet 2" average frames can reach 17.1 frames or so, at the C level, obviously when the machine running larger games will a bit difficult, but the mainstream network game or stand-alone game or can easily cope with.

A550 with ASUS A550LC Battery do make people feel good faith place in the performance of its process. This machine adopts C panel type skin paint coating, the hand feels very delicate, but also the inevitable corresponding class skin coating defects, is that if you compare love sweating hands, after then feels will be left clear fingerprints.