SAGER NP7155 NP7170 pk LENOVO Z41-70 Z51-70 laptop

Someone evaluation go cold presentation style, some evaluation Go Fresh act loving someone walking style, simple style of evaluation. The evaluation of a small series of go is comprehensive, surrounded by large everybody style, perhaps some people will say that small somewhat "praise the goods one sells praise one's own work or goods". However, there is a saying: "there is no diamond do not embrace porcelain live" small since putting the word out there must be a right for everyone to see. Today Xiaobian for everyone to bring the evaluation from SAGER ace game protagonist is the NP series of NP7155.

In fact, engineer think now many manufacturers blindly in the game the appearance of large articles for performance but less investment ideas somewhat lost watermelon picking sesame, appearance is cool it is important but the game still pay more attention to the practicality of this simple appearance, the change does not mean that the product hot. NP Series in the hand, or do very well, you inherit from it like appearance can interpret it -- that is to build brand awareness, but follow the same pattern appearance may indeed need to change.

SAGER NP series can be said to be the trump card game in this series, it represents the highest SAGER technology show in the small, from a laptop to a desktop computer, and then to the motherboard, video card, monitor, mouse, sound, headphones and other NP series has its own brand production lines, such as the brand is now complete the mode of production has been more and more electronic game manufacturers are learning to follow. This time, the SAGER NP7155 with 6cells SAGER NP7155 Battery has not only inherited some of high processing speed, NP series high graphics and other features, such as the static part of the silence of the cooling machine is worthy of praise.

Packaging design is with the God of War series laptops are basically the same, but different. The outer packing CLEVO N150SD uses flip front take in cover design, not a positive side of pen electric seal take. But it did not affect the stability of CLEVO N150SD -- the white foam covered on both sides. In the fitting, belonging to the same standard -- in addition to the host, battery, power adapter, user manuals, installation disk.

CLEVO N150SD did not follow the God of design drawing pen in the design of A, instead of using the HP imprint process (transfer of Technology), the surface looks shiny, but very smooth and soft lines. Believe that the user with CLEVO N150SD for business office, it is certainly the atmosphere on the grade. From the A surface around the machine (CLEVO LOGO is attached to the A side), sexy measurements parameter CLEVO N150SD with 62wh CLEVO N150SD Battery is: 384mm*254mm*25.9mm. Net weight of 2.4kg was a little business office in terms of portability, and 25.9mm thickness was also just to make up for this disadvantage, business office journey begins.

Intel Core i7 4720HQ belongs to the Haswell platform, based on 22nm process, using the four core eight thread design, the initial frequency of 2.6GHz to 3.6GHz, turbo, the sharing of three level cache is 6MB, TDP is 47W.

Personal point of view, NP series of brand LOGO is pretty cool, the overall shape is similar to the shield, the red flag which is like a flying fire phoenix. Below the mark is arranged "REPUBLIC OF GAMES" NP series of English letters, the match was pretty cool.

Through the observation of SAGER NP7170 with 11.1V SAGER NP7170 Battery at the bottom of the fuselage as you can see, the machine adopts an open design of the shell can be removed. At the same time, it is also equipped with six ventilation holes so as to protect the hardware from overheating and damage.

Finally, in the CINEBENCH R15 test, the multi core processor 661cb, single core 136cb, integrated three software test results, the test results show that the processor is the processor of mobile platform for high-end models, excellent performance.

GTX 860M 28nm Fermi architecture based on GM107 chip, with 640 stream processors, 4GB GDDR5 memory, with 128bit memory interface, and the 1020MHz core frequency, and support for NVIDIA four acceleration, can be said to be a true in the end stage of high performance alone.

The new Schenker XMG A505 with 6cells Schenker XMG A505 Battery is still equipped with GTX 860M graphics card, the card game of graphics performance point of view, GTX 860M is the most mainstream games can achieve smooth support.

The bottom of the fuselage design with an air inlet, the left side of the fuselage for air outlet, the larger body design, the machine is not in the back of the fuselage design more air inlet and outlet, which makes the more clean and tidy. In order to ensure that the cooling machine, the machine C surface with a metal material design, can help the heat to a certain extent. At the same time, it also uses the LENOVO exclusive IceCool cool cooler cooling technology, through the reasonable distribution of the motherboard precision transformation and internal cooling components, effectively solves the problem of excessive heat in the palm rest position problem.

PCMark is a good tool to measure the performance of personal computer, or a new product and the most advanced workload characteristics, including the HD video decode, digital music code, advanced threading and hard disk performance test based on track.

The fifth generation of Intel core i5-5200U using the most advanced second generation 14nm 3D three gate transistor technology to create the core structure, upgrade to Broadwell, integrated Intel HD Graphics 5500 graphics core, TDP 15W, from the model point of view is the fourth generation of Intel core i5-4200U alternative products. The fifth generation of Intel core i5-5200U basic frequency of 2.2 GHz, the maximum frequency of 2.7GHz core, compared to the fourth generation core i5-4200U, based on the frequency of a slight increase, Rui frequency range has been reduced, but the fifth generation intelligent Intel core i5-5200U support Intel SpeedStep dynamic enhancement TDP-down energy saving technology, the frequency of 600MHz can be configured, configurable TDP-down power as low as 7.5W. As the fifth generation intelligent Intel core U Series in the backbone, the main performance of core i5-5200U, the CINEBENCH score of R15 than the previous generation of the same location of i5-4200U slightly, with the test results of fourth generation core i7-4500U, to deal with the daily application is no problem.

LENOVO Z41 with built-in LENOVO Z41-70 Battery at Radeon R5 M240 AMD laptop with 2GB discrete graphics, the graphics graphics performance is excellent, with the new R series of significant nuclear component enhanced dual card crossfire technology, double experience, no Caton, high stability, to provide you with super realistic visual experience and comprehensive performance, meet new user the required.

First, the author used PC Mark 8 graphics card test, PCMark 8 test is a comprehensive consideration of the overall platform. PCMark 8 is a performance benchmark testing software for the Windows system, which provides a total of 5 test mode, respectively (Home), the creation of home testing (Creative) test, the work memory test (Work), (Storage) (Applications) test and application test, the first three tests and battery test optional mode, the user can choose according to the actual needs of the appropriate model to the test. Therefore, including disk, graphics, and the calculation of performance will be the PCMark 8 test, so the PCMark 8 test result is very important for a motherboard, the test can reflect the performance gap between the motherboard design brings. Test scores LENOVO Z41 2703 points, scores in the middle business.

The back of the fuselage design pattern with a chrome bright surface materials for the edge of the package, and the painted products name, at the same time in the texture of the treatment, in favor of the metal effect, so that the whole machine looks more a sense of quality.

From the overall design, Schenker XMG A705 with Schenker XMG A705 Battery is still very good, regardless of the differences, or the details of the deal, or a combination of materials and technology, reflects the great sincerity, we can see that Schenker is very hard to do in the launch of the product, and the product is really people feel no small surprise.

Two regions around the corner of each dot decoration of a large circle, looks like a two advanced audio (in fact only in the close two shaft at the two small area is the speaker holes), in order to highlight the Bang&Olufsen ICEpower and the common development of the LENOVO vocal master audio technology with LENOVO, N series has been a subwoofer, although not in the visual enjoyment of professional audio, but embedded in the notebook in the sound should be superior.

At the top of LENOVO Z51 keyboard and LENOVO Z51-70 Battery panel is arranged to video production company, here is somewhat in the movie "special thanks".