DELL Inspiron 15-5551 17-5755 and EUROCOM Shark 4 review

Appearance simple and calm is a typical feature of the business, for the office of business people, in the purchase of notebook computer will be considered too fancy type. Focus on consumer grade market business notebook easy to be known, as we want to talk about the Akoya.

Akoya series of notebook products is MEDION's features very distinctive products, and always runs through the unified style of simplicity. Recently, MEDION released a new E6416 Akoya, this Akoya new business, the main thin, relatively easy to carry. ZOL Testing Center today will be the red section of Akoya E6416 evaluation, this notebook in retaining the VGA and all other common interface based, still the thickness and weight respectively do thin level 20.8 mm and 1.85Kg, very suitable for business applications.

In the hardware configuration, a business of this nature will not have applied to the high performance of the game alone significantly, stability is it simply, but the machine is equipped with independent amd R7 m360 entry-level graphics card, add a lot of entertainment properties; processor, Akoya E6416 equipped with the 4cells MEDION Akoya E6416 Battery Intel fifth generation core platform for low voltage U series products, provide enough performance and life assurance.

The appearance of the akoya E6416 at first glance very traditional, to business users, dark red tone is not publicity, but has a lot of personality, suitable for young Internet business groups, vibrant. Is simple and capable is Akoya notebook series has always been the pursuit of temperament, coupled with a soft line design, making a steady style with a touch of smart.

Recently, EUROCOM Shark series of games the new members E God, a "light luxury game" is being affectionately known as Shark 4! This "hero alliance" famous commentary, gaming goddess, see the wooden "Yan Ruyu" to. Here the Eurocom get foreign endorsement, the intention is to reflect the gaming strength or goddess fan, Engineer to garrulous, wonderful later is approaching.

Eurocom shark 4 with 62wh EUROCOM Shark 4 Battery is equipped with Intel's fourth generation core i7-4750HQ processor, the can core frequency to 3.2ghz; built-in iris Pro 5200 core graphics support Dx11 and 4K video output, with up to 40 execution units, and integrate the 128MB embedded cache, comparable to the gt840m nvdia, ADM R7 m270 and other high end alone significantly. Here I need to talk about core graphics, absolute high above the traditional integrated graphics, its performance is not weakness to market under the graphics card. In addition to the 500G hard drive, 8G memory is a strong backing for the large-scale 3D games, you can say to provide users with a good game operation and installation space. Below we have a look at the book.

GTX860M/850M core GM107 graphics cards in the past 2014 years to many players left a deep impression, then what is the change of GTX960M? We through Gpu-z to compare.

In the 3DMark series of testing software, DELL Inspiron 5755 equipped with 6cells DELL Inspiron 17-5755 Battery and GTX960M graphics card, Firestrike EX 3Dmark score close to 2000, with a strong strength.

Backlight is one of the essential skills of the game. It can not only make notebook more cool, more practical effect is that players in the dark environment, also can see the symbol keys on the keyboard.

First of all, this sent for measuring machine 4210m equipped with Intel Core i5 processor, equipped with 4GB ddr3-1600mhz memory and 500GB 7200rpm mechanical hard disk, graphics, using the NVIDIA geforce GTX 950M discrete graphics, and does not shield core graphics, so HD 4600 nuclear also appear to in order to ensure the low power consumption, for users to bring good graphics performance support.

Through the cinebench R15, we can see the core i5 4210m processor performance is quite good, although it is the fourth generation of the core i5 processor, but the performance than the current low voltage processor stronger many. ASUS x555 equipped with NVIDIA geforce GTX 950M significant independence is a end alone significantly, with 640 stream processors and 32 ROP units, 993MHz core frequency, 128 bit memory interface, send measurement models with 2GB of GDDR3 memory.

The 3dmark 11 P file test can be seen, the GTX 950M alone significantly graphics score was 4153, deal with the mainstream game is no pressure, more suitable for online gamers and PC game player, if want to play "Crysis 3" such a big game, this card afraid powerless.

We use Furmark pager software to test the limits of ASUS X555 with 38Wh built-in ASUS X555L Battery, Furmark will be operating at full machine two large heating components of CPU and graphics card and run 60 minutes after the temperature up to a limit of the height, in order to let everyone can be more intuitive see each machine in operation when the heat, we also use the fluke infrared thermal imager, respectively to observe the location of each temperature heating.

Different than the small size notebook, 15 inch big screen notebook with broad vision, clear picture and all-around performance, more and more receives the user's favor. Recently, Dell once again leading the new wave of large customers notebook, 15.6 inch provid all-round business notebook, the Inspiron 5555 launch. New product is equipped with a 15.6 inch Full HD screen will visual area increased by 25%, and in maintaining the thin body at the same time, equipped with a fifth generation Intel Core Duo processor and discrete graphics, to provide users with extraordinary visual experience and high-performance all-around office experience.

In order to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of the user experience, Inspiron 5555 is a perfect balance between portability and wide screen. New products through a 15.6 inch wide screen, not only will visual area increased by 25%, bring broad eyeshot for users, in order to improve the efficiency of the office, the 1920 * 1080 Full HD display, in image processing design application scenarios for users bring lifelike visual experience. In addition, taking into account the business users are likely to face complex office environment, the screen with a matte particles of the matte screen with, can effectively prevent the reflection of light, even in bright sunlight can also be normal office. In portability, Inspiron 5555 with built-in DELL Inspiron 15-5555 Battery is 15.6 inch models to achieve the light break, with its weight and 24.7mm and 24.5mm drive model only 2.2Kg thickness, with its excellent full HD 15.6 inch display, can at any time to provide users with a broad vision of the office experience.

Tomb Raider 9 by Crystal Dynamics development, Square Enix issue. New focus in Laura young period, get rid of the Superman before being set, the player can see more real Lara's image in the game. Because the engine upgrades, the higher the picture, is the "Tomb Raider" series of the most transformative work. In 1920 x 1080 resolution (the highest resolution), high quality running the game in the benchmark program, the measured average frame rate is 39.0fps.

ASUS X555 although there is no membership of the series, but we can see the shadow of the ASUS game on its body, it is it whether the essence of the product set in a body? From the point of view of shape design, ASUS X555 did not stick to plain design, instead of using a design in two different ways in the cap, greatly increased the degree of beauty products. In C, X555 with ASUS X555D Battery the more rich sense of science and technology of pattern to be decorated, with black and red color style, looks cool. In the disposition aspect, though the fourth generation Core i7 and GTX 950M sole combination of isn't the strongest, coupled with the price of only 5999 yuan, its performance in terms of price is still very prominent.

We use cinebench R10 to evaluate its performance, can see, Fengyun single core processor score is 6225, quad core score for 22443 and operation speed is excellent, high-end processor class mobile processor.

Equipped with DELL Inspiron 5551 with 4cells DELL Inspiron 15-5551 Battery NVIDIA geforce GTX 950M significant independence is a end alone significantly, with 640 stream processors and 32 ROP units, 993MHz core frequency, 128 bit memory interface, send measurement models with 2GB of GDDR3 memory.