LENOVO IdeaPad 300 300S 500 500S and ASUS ROG GX700 review

This time we bring this IdeaPad 300, is a 13.3 inch set fashion and cost-effective products. Hardware configuration of the Lenovo ideapad 300 is rich, the tested this S300-ITH (Lolita powder) with Intel Core i3-3217U ultra low voltage processor core, 2GB DDR3 1600GHz, 500GB 5400 turn large capacity hard disk, the only significant configuration for memory 1GB DDR3 ATI radeon HD 7450M. Jingdong current price of 3899 yuan.

Lenovo IdeaPad 300 top cover using ABS engineering plastics, intuitive gloss texture than metal. However, thanks to the fine sand blasting process is clever to make up for the lack of texture. At the same time, the surface is not easy to be infected with fingerprints, but also to improve the anti slip resistant. Four corners using small circular shape, edge effect and wedge design to create the "books" style, and prior to the launch of the ideapad U310 series is similar to the.

It is worth mentioning that, the association of IdeaPad 300 with LENOVO IdeaPad 300 Battery pink A and D surface are used in the integration of engineering design, so that the whole body has been guaranteed. Embedded in the fuselage surface B and C surface on the following, and use the milk white keyboard as the main colors, side look excessive is a more natural, while the formation of the Double Decker Sandwich effect, so that the color matching can be regarded as a kind of flattering.

Of course, if you think 4K screen (3840x2160 resolution) is not necessary, you can also choose the full version of the Gao Qingping (1920x1080). Satellite Radius 12 on the launch of Intel's Skylake Core i7 processor, and the memory of up to 8GB.

DELL Inspiron series is the traditional spirit of the series derived from the game this series, the DELL launched Inspiron 7557 with 6cell DELL Inspiron 7557 Battery, is the Inspiron series of high-end products. The use of the die was redesigned to meet the needs of high performance users. The appearance of the spirit and the spirit of the series is not much difference, the overall balance of performance and appearance. But in Windows 10 has been released now, DELL just for this product is pre installed Windows 8.1 system, the user has to get their hands after the upgrade, some not enough human.
The center of gravity of the machine performance and not a girl anthology, the machine despite low voltage frequency is slightly lower, but foot on performance can meet the daily office needs, also display performance is also provided with a discrete graphics, in some have slightly higher requirements of the game, can play a strong graphic processing ability.
Lenovo IdeaPad 300S with 4cell LENOVO IdeaPad 300S Battery axis using the sinking design, the surface of the use of fine matte metal spray paint, in the color of the A surface and make the D surface looks more coherent. The actual experience, I feel the machine shaft strength is relatively high, can easily achieve one hand opening and closing operation of big screen opening angle of 150 degrees.
Large rectangular area marked by a white line for the trackpad, for this game for touch board only used for temporary emergency, most of the time or to through mouse operation. In the special control software, the touch panel can be shielded to prevent errors when operating the keyboard. Around key with the operation of the independent design of accurate, clear, strong, strong feedback.

Almost all notebook computers will have a display disk, wireless, battery status indicator, ASUS GX700 with ASUS GX700 Battery is no exception, these three lights are located in the lower left corner of the notebook, which is implied in the decorative light bar, in order to flash, light up to indicate its working state.
For other details, IdeaPad 500 moved the power button to the right. In the screen and keyboard connection, the axis of the metal material, strengthen the version of the shaft damping medium strong and durable. Screen above for the camera and noise reduction Mike, in addition to the camera, there is an indicator light, when the camera is turned on, to avoid candid theft, protect user privacy.

In the layout, IdeaPad 500 with LENOVO IdeaPad 500 Battery left interface layout and equipped with also have some changes, on the left side of the fuselage of the interface is simplified to the extreme, is only left over the radiating port, a USB 3.0 interface, and an audio combo Jack. Opposite, on the right side of the fuselage, thThinkPad E E460 arrangement of much interface, from left to right in turn is two USB 2.0 interface, HDMI, RJ-45 network interface, power interface.
If you don't say, you probably don't know that it's actually a deformation (as it is associated with Yoga). Although it is a Windows super Ben / Ben, Toshiba or Radius Satellite 12 is equipped with a USBType-C port, in addition to two USB and 1 HDMI video output port.

Radius Satellite 12 with TOSHIBA Satellite Radius 12 Battery provides support for the "WindowsHello" on Windows10 (machine equipped with HD camera). However, in addition to sweep the face, the user can choose to log in with a fingerprint. Toshiba has not yet disclosed the details of the machine's pricing and listing date, but the IFA2015 is about to open in Berlin in September 4th, interested users can pay attention to our follow-up report.

Radar Tech believes that the new IdeaPad 260 is still very suitable for the use of mobile office scene. Its performance meets the needs of the productive forces, and has good durability, and can also meet the needs of the demonstration. Check Notebook believes that IdeaPad 260 has a good performance in terms of stability, performance, handwriting pen is to improve its deformation concept, bringing a more in-depth experience. Generally speaking, IdeaPad 260 is a good demand for performance, portability and application scenarios have a higher demand for business users.

IdeaPad 500S uses a 15.6 inches IPS wide color gamut touch screen, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, the highest brightness of 300nit, whether in the dark environment or outdoor sunlight has a good display effect. IdeaPad 500S screen surface using OGS full fit glass touch technology, through the optimization of the contact diameter and response speed, the user can get a better experience in touch operation. The use of ultra-thin gorilla NBT glass new diamond glass let IdeaPad 500S touch screen has better scratch, anti glare and capability of anti pollution.

The Tomb Raider series so far has 18 years of history, Laura from the earliest conical body development to the present set of Oriental girl's charming and Western babes in a body, I play genealogy wrote a piece of the evolutionary game of youth anthem. As a famous action game, Tomb Raider the new ninth generation works, the quality of the great leap forward, texture light Mo industry is not the top.

As a veteran of the business notebook computer products, products of the ThinkPad's still has a very good quality control, even young e series of products, but also has more comprehensive safety protection system and setting, for general business users, ThinkPad e560 ride with the Intel Core fifth generation i7-5500U dual core four thread processor, and screen resolution and display performance improve, speaking from the performance of both the business office or games and entertainment, performance do a job with skill and ease. From the exterior design, adhering to the ThinkPad family design language, down-to-earth style, deeply engraved in the hearts of each user and the recent is the replacement of equipment, the ThinkPad e560 is a worthy of being considered the product.
IdeaPad 500S with 6cell LENOVO IdeaPad 500S Battery took the lead in the use of Intel real sense technology, it re define the new generation of human-computer interaction interface. By hand gesture control, 3D scan, the computer will capture, listen to, follow your every action, so that users can enjoy unprecedented work achievements and games pleasure. Currently the software with 3D camera is not a lot, but in the future there will be more and better software will appear in the PC side.