HP ZBook 15 G3 15u G3 Mobile Workstation and ASUS ZenBook UX305CA review

We know that the audience of the mobile workstation is mostly some professionals in the field of graphics, animation design population, so in terms of screen resolution for moderately, need to see more and more delicate global picture on a particular screen. Therefore, the mobile workstation resolution has been compared with other models for high.

On the screen, the border is set up with a high-definition camera, and the two sides of the array with built-in microphone, the user in the daily work, meeting communication, you can have a higher quality video guarantee. At the same time, the camera work indicator can readily identify the camera's open state, to further protect the privacy is not violated.

The HP ZBook 15 with 4cell HP ZBook 15 G3 Battery is no exception, 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution, the display effect is clear and beautiful, but also supports 4 times super HD 3200 x 1800 resolution. At the same time, matte anti glare design, timely in the outdoor light, still can clearly display the bad environment, adaptable.

Since ASUS launched the first ZenBook so far, there have been nearly four years of history, every year will bring a surprise, or higher performance, or more frivolous, or more stylish, but it is like a landmark building in general can let us recognize that it is ASUS. The launch of the new UX305C opened prelude to update this ZenBook, equipped with a new generation of Intel Core Duo processor M-5Y71 it exactly how to do? We still have a look at the next evaluation.

Parameters from the point of view, compared to the UX305C and before the ZenBook. The most obvious place is the processor of the downgrade, without the use of consistent equipped with Core i7 processor series, interface slightly altered only equipped with a micro HDMI interface, thickness and weight also decreased significantly. Model and configuration from the point of view, UX305C can be regarded U303 upgraded version of the, and carrying the fifth generation Core i7 processor ux305 with ASUS UX305C Battery should be launched in the near future.

Look carefully, on the edge of the screen frame, a circle of very narrow pad, than the plane of the screen high a little bit, this design does not affect the appearance, at the same time, can better reduce vibration screen opening and closing process and C plane collision.

Chess Benchmark Fritz is a chess test software, but it does not exist independently, but the "Fritz9" this internationally recognized chess program in a test performance. It allows us to complete the X86 computer IBM "deep blue" had done, that is, the calculation of the international chess game, although our personal computers are still unable to 10 years ago, IBM's "deep blue", and whether in terms of processor architecture, nodes or AIX operating systems are a big gap, but Chess Benchmark is currently the best way to calculate and predict the software, but also allows us to see the current use of personal computers in the end to what level. At the same time, the software also gives a reference parameter, which can be 480000 steps per second in the 1.0G P3 processor.

PCMark 8 is a new generation of comprehensive performance testing software, can measure the performance of various types of PC. Whether it is in the hands of professionals, or in the hands of ordinary users, can be through him to understand the system performance, Vantage PCmark is considered an upgraded version. PCmark8 includes a very large number of test data, including seven different testing steps, from a total of 25 independent working load, covering the storage, computing, image and video processing, network browsing, games and other aspects of the daily application of PC to evaluate our hardware capabilities.

The mobile workstation with 6cell HP ZBook 15u G3 Battery C surface, the use of metal material to build, feel very comfortable, it seems to be full of texture. Black chocolate keyboard, feel good, while two of the backlight design, in the light of space, the use is very convenient. In addition to setting up the independent digital keypad, digital input for frequent users, more convenient.

At present, with the continuous progress of the software and hardware technology, notebook computer mobile entertainment center concept has entered the public life. "Entertainment" is the ultimate end of the game, while the other contains the appearance, video, touch, etc., in 2014 the ASUS Aspire flagship P series is one of the best. Especially this time last year during the world cup, "e playing excellent football theme let more people see aspire E15/E14 are rich and unique appearance color and whipped up a colorful fashion.

Must see the P series of good market feedback, in not long ago "entered the future" ASUS new conference, new 2015 models P series laptop colorful appearance in front of the media. As asus's new flagship Entertainment Notebook, P2520L series with high capacity ASUS P2520L Battery have ASUS unique 3D printing appearance + laser etching technique of natural fabric texture design and fashion nowadays color for to select, in paragraph 14 of E15 colored, and 15 new E15 has six colors, respectively is: charcoal grey, white cotton, blue jeans, tropical yellow, purple violet and rose, and 15 kinds of E14 also has a coral pink and glaciomarine blue. Configuration, the screen is equipped with a new blue eye protection technology, the maximum reduction of 54% blue light damage, effective protection of vision. The interior has a faster and more powerful fifth generation Intel processor GF900 Series graphics, so that it is a leader in the mainstream notebook, high-end gaming entertainment also can respond. In addition, in addition to the rich interface, the new shutdown charging capabilities to allow users to mobile phones, tablet PCs at any time to charge gas.

Test results, we mainly refer to the CloudGate model, a comprehensive score of 3696, graphics score of 3052, even with the entry level independent graphics card GT820M, but also a certain gap, so it is not suitable for games.

Using 14nm process core M-5Y71, power consumption and lower heat generation, TDP thermal design power only 4.5w, SDP scene design power of only 3.5W, the fanless design become possible. M-5Y71 has a dual core four thread core, clocked at 1.2GHz, the maximum turbo to 2.9GHz.

Through test results of cinebench R15 and processor and other products are compared, we can found that the core M-5Y71 single core performance and i5-4200u similar to the mid levels, overall performance than i3-4010U slightly low but respond to the family video and music entertainment sure to mention.

In order to realize the fanless design, ASUS ZenBook UX305C with core m processor instead of the i7, in order to take care of the weight and thickness, also had to abandon independent graphics, did make the performance down a lot. But from the actual use of the situation, if only the home HD video, or a simple business office, UX305C with ASUS ZenBook UX305CA Battery is still a very good choice.

Different from before the hair silk texture patterns, the appearance of the ASUS P2520L using 3D printing combined with laser etching technique of natural fabric texture design and the use of the latest 3D printing will be natural texture scan into digital files and precise printing mold, again by laser etching technique makes the fuselage surface flax lines and more close to the real, natural, which is currently the ASUS unique design style. The new ASUS P2520L offers up to six colors for the user to choose, the author got the cowboy blue models.

Compared to the commercially available most laptop anticlimactic design style, ASUS P2520L with ASUS P2520LA Battery are fully used natural fabric texture design and details for the user experience is very important. A Logo and BC surface whether color or feel are complement each other, through the touch of Logo will be able to feel the touch of the BC surface.