MEDION Erazer X7613 and ASUS R752L R752M R752JN R752JX review

MEDION Erazer ultra-thin game, the game has always been unique in the field, has won praise from many users. Recently, MEDION updated the Erazer product line, launched a new silver white X7613 Erazer, get a lot of attention in the market.

In the small time ordinarily, common household and commercial PC are white, or at least still occupy the mainstream of the shallow tone. But more than a decade, "calm" and "fashion" as the representative of the black product is popular, in the PC industry, has been in the white mainstream products fade for a long time, that we want to buy a white box products need to be carefully selected, and even struggle to do buy a white heart high standard display.

This Erazer is X7613 with built-in MEDION Erazer X7613 Battery new 17 inch ultra-thin game this product uses the Intel Core i7 4720HQ processor, 8GB DDR3 memory, 1TB hard disk and GTX960M Maxwell Zhongduan mechanical graphics card, we look together below.

I believe we are not unfamiliar to cut the rope game, and this is not nonsense. Motion Leap version of the operation is also very simple, just to the screen across the air waving fingers, you can complete the operation of cutting rope, very simple. FC platform to use the application of light guns to play ducks believe you have played, this application is similar to the only light gun to change your fingers, the duck forward, you can complete the shot. As for the actual game experience, you see the natural clear video......

Finally, according to the information provided on the Internet, Motion Leap can simultaneously track hundreds of thousands of targets, accuracy is also much higher than the Kinect such a sense of equipment, but from the current stage of performance, the software level is clearly there is optimized space, especially for the user's effective instruction knowledge.

At present, Leap Motion play a small application in the hands of some new exotic individuals only, such as a variety of somatosensory games, and for the special field of aviation, medical treatment is not convenient to use the keyboard and mouse, taking the precise mode of operation Leap Motion is undoubtedly more suitable, foreground is very bright. In the future, I believe there will be more and more equipped with Motion Leap technology notebook, over the very present, it is worth looking forward to.

In order to provide the ultimate big screen entertainment experience, to bring more joy to the family user, ASUS R751 with 4cell ASUS R751JN Battery directly with a large 17 inches body, although the Portability has been reduced, but this large screen with high quality Audio Beats audio system brings shock visual experience, not 15, 14 inch notebook. The appearance of the atmosphere, the silver metallic body is a grade, but one thing should be pointed out that the cover is not only a kind of metal material, metal coating on the surface, and joined the grinding process, but they feel are almost the same.

The machine B, C design and other consumer class ASUS to maintain a high degree of consistency, with one integrated package glass panel touch screen, the fuselage C surface shell is used in a luxurious aluminum alloy molding manufacturing process, the material is still very willing to work absolutely can make you satisfied.

Its fuselage bottom design is relatively general, the use of the most common black plastic bottom shell, the battery is removable design and with a dedicated hard disk, memory expansion window. In addition, the bottom of a large area of heat dissipation window, believe that the heat dissipation effect is still relatively satisfactory, we will mention the following.

ASUS R752 notebook with built-in ASUS R752L Battery interface types and number is relatively rich, providing four full USB3.0 interface and support for the shutdown charge function, at night when the rest of the mobile phone can be connected to complete the charging task. The body retains the RJ-45 network interface and HDMI interface with CD-ROM HD, and support the reader, daily use have no problem.

Power supply, R751 uses a large capacity of 6 core lithium ion batteries, the total power of up to 62Wh, the battery is more than 6 of the general. Taking into account that the machine does not need to be frequently used, so the capacity of its configuration as well as a large screen is still relatively appropriate. Adapter rated output power 120W, far exceed its maximum operating power, configuration is very in place.

As a 17 inch Laptop with built-in ASUS R751JX Battery, you don't expect it to be light. The measured maximum thickness is 33.80mm, bare metal containing battery weight up to 3.37Kg, calculate the power adapter weight reached 3.940Kg, is a relatively heavy, often not recommended with me, fixed on the family or the company more appropriate.

ASUS R751 laptop screen size is quite good, 17.3 inch screen for video playback, the game experience has a significant increase, the resolution of the full HD with a better color performance in the visual is very pleasing, bright and not greasy, watching quite comfortable.

In addition, it also supports up to 10 points of touch function, Windows 8.1 style interface and the corresponding magnetic paste version of the application to provide perfect support. The top of the screen is still the traditional HD network camera, with the status indicator and an array of microphones.

ASUS R752 with 4cell ASUS R752M Battery is equipped with four full frequency speaker and a bass unit, located in front of the fuselage, the front end of the screen and the position of the bottom, to create a surround sound effect. In addition, the machine also supports Audio Beats sound. After the actual audition, the volume is adequate, middle and high frequency part of the excellent performance of the low frequency part, relatively moderate, in the audition process did not feel obvious bass effect. As a result, as long as you are not a serious rock or heavy metal music lovers, this R751 can meet your requirements for hearing.

The left side of the fuselage also has an SD card slot, you can easily plug the SD card, convenient daily use. In addition, in the top of the SD card slot, there are two green state indicator, even if the screen is still able to quickly see the running state.

ASUS R751 notebook with 44wh ASUS R751LB Battery and black chocolate keyboard, square cap, visually very pleasing, but because it does not have the kind of soft coating surface skin, in touch or some slightly jerky. Fortunately, the key process is very adequate, press the button press, rebound strength is controlled by the right, in general, feel is more comfortable.