ASUS X756UJ X756UQ X756UV X756UW review

ASUS notebook in the industry has become an independent school, often to launch innovative products is overwhelmed with admiration for the. However, the sixth generation of Intel core platform after the release, but ASUS does not seem to like the first time to launch a new platform in the work, personally or slightly regret.

However, the recent ASUS update a model for the X756U sixth generation core platform products, and we also got the machine, then let's take a look at this product in the end is a kind of product?

The ASUS X756U with 4cell ASUS X756UJ Battery overall appearance design gives the impression that the texture is quite. Its body color is more unique, the distance seems to be black, but close observation will find that its color is more complex. Overall, it uses a dark brown color, but there are some deep purple, but also something like that shadow metallic small bright spot, so this machine color can be said to be low-key revealed some gorgeous.

Mark 3D 11 X score of 4979 also proved the results of the above, the specific graphics performance test we will be through the actual game experience for everyone to show. Next, we use the R15 CPU version of the machine to test the performance of CineBench, CineBench is very convincing set of CPU and graphics test system, the latest version is R15. Compared to a maximum of 16 core R11.5 version, R15 version can support 256 core logic, in addition to the version also strengthened the study shader, antialiasing, shadow, light and reflection blur, detection performance of CPU is more accurate.

In the actual testing process, we can clearly feel the left side of the air cooling air outlet, and the left side of the rotating shaft of the wind speed is slow, the overall cooling effect is more excellent. From the results above, we can see that the SAGER NP7256 cooling effect is excellent, the highest temperature is only 56.5 degrees Celsius, is located on the left side of cooling air outlet and the test will be left, all the hardware occupancy rate was raised to the 100%, but in the actual office or in the game, CPU card the occupancy rate is far less than this therefore, under normal circumstances, the temperature will be reduced, the cooling effect is more excellent natural.

As the first equipped with NVDIA 10 series graphics card game SAGER NP7256 notebook, in succession on the basis of NP7256ST generation of excellent quality, to further enhance the performance of the game, and the main push of the policy game of this commercial is for the future of the PC market in the way, and has also been verified 10 series graphics cards, believe in the future with the popularity of the NVDIA 10 series graphics card, 4K games, VR games, cloud game will have hot, will bring more enjoyment of the game game player.

X756U on the surface part of the shell with a piano paint process, the drawing process of panel surface grinding, so the machine to ensure the overall texture at the same time, but also have a certain fashion. However, lack of piano paint this process we also mentioned more than once, is relatively easy to leave fingerprints, a long time for the appearance of the affected.

Show, ASUS X756U with built-in ASUS X756UQ Battery uses 17.3 inches 1366 x 768 resolution screen, and used the TN panel of ordinary, so only the overall visual experience is quite satisfactory, after all the 1920 * 1080 resolution wide angle panel has been adopted, especially the 15 inch products is even more so.

In the overall design of the positioning, X756U is undoubtedly a common household type notebook products, and its overall design style is the distinctive ASUS mainstream household notebook style, workmanship, quality, design marks, is a good choice for ordinary users.

X756U's battery uses a built-in design, so the bottom and no battery. A memory slot is reserved under the right side of the detachable panel, and the user can expand the memory capacity.

Interface, ASUS X756U as a whole to provide users with a richer interface configuration. Among them, the right side of the fuselage configuration of DVD burning CD-ROM, 1 USB, 4CELL ASUS X756UV Battery,1 3.5mm 2 interface headset microphone jack, also equipped with a card reader; the left side of the fuselage is equipped with power jack, RJ-45 Ethernet port, VGA port, HDMI port, 1 USB 3 1 USB interface, TYPE-C interface and safety lock.

The X756U C panel and roof panel actually used the same color, but because does not use the piano paint on the panel, so the whole roof doesn't look so bright. The C panel also use the drawing process, the overall design is simple, and the wrist rest on both sides of a configuration and the configuration of the icon, so that users can clear machine.

Next, we use AIDA64 to carry on the "baking machine" test, that is, the temperature pressure test or system stability test. AIDA64 is a test software and hardware system information tool, it can be shown in detail in every aspect of PC information. AIDA64 not only provides functions such as hardware debugging, assist overclocking, pressure testing and sensor monitoring etc., but also can make a comprehensive evaluation of the performance of the processor, system memory and disk drive.

We use AIDA64 "baking machine test", the test will all hardware share to 100%, 30 minutes after the test we use thermal imaging to test the temperature of the machine, let us look at the specific heat of the machine performance. It is worth mentioning that the test last two hard disk and card option the default state is not checked, and fever card in the actual operation and the hard disk is very important, so we must remember that before the actual test check.

The details of this machine C is relatively small, in addition to the wrist rest labeling, marking SonicMaster vocal master audio system in the upper left corner of the power button and the upper right corner is the only details, so it can be seen this product to cater to the user preferences for minimalist design nowadays.

X756U with 38wh ASUS X756UW Battery left and right sides of the keyboard area left the space is not, after all, is configured with a small keyboard with a numeric keypad, press handle, the keyboard is quite good, the key process control is moderate, although the area is small, but does not affect the control experience.