ASUS K501U K501UB K501UQ K501UW Review

As a famous international commercial PC manufacturers, ASUS is perfect in the layout of commercial products, compared to the ASUS X series of high-end business, the business positioning in the end, the price is more close to the people, but also can reduce the start-up to a certain extent, the cost of procurement, and the ASUS X series ASUS X556U ProBook is the business school for entrepreneurs to tailor the appearance with thin business, leather paint touch let ASUS X series the ASUS X556U looks more entrepreneurial elite temperament, and thin body 20.9mm also is convenient for users to carry out, the better performance than the general business and complete interface also allows ASUS X X556U to the ASUS series of entrepreneurship to adapt to the diverse needs of.

However, the real let Xiaobian think of this business than any other business notebook products more suitable for entrepreneurs or ASUS to provide professional services, ASUS provides three years of free professional engineers on site maintenance services for the business, this is a big plus for entrepreneurship in the early and often uncertain entrepreneurs, solve they allow entrepreneurs to menace from the rear, devoted to entrepreneurship to. But 200 thousand hours MTBF and 1 meter drop without damage to the military quality so that every entrepreneur can rest assured to buy the ASUS X556U enterprise, from pre-sales to customer service the full range of security configuration is more practical than fancy.

ASUS K501U with 4cell ASUS K501U Battery C face using a metal material to build, touch up Bing Bing cool. The upper left corner and the upper right corner are respectively provided with a power supply, a wireless module and a volume switch, so that the setting is convenient, and the key is quiet, and the utility model is very practical in some environments. ASUS K501U speakers hidden in the upper part of the point band. At the bottom right of the keyboard area we can also see the fingerprint module, for the business notebook, data security is very important, and its existence just to solve this problem.

Above the screen is ASUS K501U "eyes and ears", that is, the camera and microphone. ASUS K501U equipped with a 720P HD network camera, with the side of the integrated microphone can achieve high-quality network video call. With the development of globalization of business, good business people will be everywhere at once, if not timely communicate with customers around the world, so they will lose a big client. And with the help of ASUS K501U high performance network camera and microphone can be integrated with customers around the world to communicate effectively in the video call process task clear facial features, no significant noise, voice command is also very clear, no noise, can show the highest degree of sensual features of each other.

C is a place for users to operate, mainly is the keyboard, trackpad and keyboard shortcuts and fingerprint reader, seemingly simple layout but every design is quite profound meaning.

After watching the C surface carefully designed, then we look at the ASUS K501U D surface. D the design conforms to the design style of the market mainstream products, mainly is the basic information of some products and air cooling, in order to pursue the portability and simple appearance, the other 3 have not placed the information room. But these settings are an essential part of a qualified laptop product, hidden in the bottom and side of the observation is not easy to arrange the best.

CPU-Z is the basic software of our daily used to detect processor, it can test the product processor analysis tells us the product processor type, thread and power, the basic structure that we can more intuitive understanding of our computer "brain". Through the CPU-Z test results we can know that I have this ASUS K501U with built-in ASUS K501UQ Battery is equipped with seventh generation intelligent Intel core i7-7500U dual core four thread processor, the processor operating frequency is 2.7GHz. Compared with the previous generation of 2.5GHz i7-6500U products, ASUS K501U faster, work more efficiently.

If the results of a test software can not show you ASUS K501U powerful, then we are using CINEBENCH R15 to verify some. CINEBENCH R15 our daily used another commonly used CPU software test, it can conduct a detailed test on the processing performance of the product, and compared with the current mainstream CPU models, the X86/X64 system which supports Windows and Vista XP, and the framework of Intel Mac platform, the maximum support 16 processor core and 256 core logic. CINEBENCH R15 also strengthened the study shader, antialiasing, shadow, light and reflection blur, detection performance of CPU is more accurate. See the screenshot below from the test results we can, ASUS K501U processor using OpenGL score reached 46.71fps, the single core also reached 132cb, visible ASUS K501U powerful is not blown out.

The general business in order to save space is equipped with a graphics core, ASUS K501U in order to give the user to create a more unique sensory experience, also equipped with a 2GB memory card independent and 4cell ASUS K501UB Battery. From our most commonly used GPU test software Geeks3D GPU Caps test results to see. ASUS K501U equipped with the latest graphics core of a Intel HD 620 and a 2GB DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce 930MX graphics card memory.

So what is the performance of this core card? We will then use the test software 3D Mark test. 3D Mark is the most commonly used test software we used to test the daily game cards, so the software is required to run a high standard of graphics, the main business office ASUS K501U can smoothly through the 3D Mark test? Let us wait and see.

After a period of operation, ASUS K501U is very smooth finish 3D Mark all the test distance, and achieved P2430 scores before the test of business, few products can pass the test so smooth, visible ASUS K501U graphics card is awesome, with a small K501U the rest is a game is not a problem in his spare time.

From the test results, the reading speed reached 465.61MB/s, write speed also reached 310.48MB /s. Hard disk speed performance is quite good, especially the writing speed reached 310.48MB /s, foot visible hard drive quality is also very good.

CINEBENCH R11.5, multithreading reached 320cb, the single thread has reached 140cb, it is enough to prove that the Intel core i7-6600U processor it is powerful, users in the face of the rendering task can be more easily.

From the appearance, size, content of thin silver, clear screen, convenient buttons and fast fingerprint unlock, ASUS K501U can be said to be the function and characteristics of business people need to have in his body. In terms of performance, large capacity hard disk seven generation core processor, 2GB alone and 1TB ASU K501U with 4cell ASUS K501UW Battery did not think the configuration is also on his body, truly a small stature with great wisdom. From inside to outside, ASUS K501U can be described as tailor-made for business people, want to become a good business person you, what reason to reject ASUS K501U?