LENOVO Legion Y520 Y720 and HP EliteBook 1030 G2 notebook review

The last time we saw HP EliteBook X360 this product should be a year ago, this year HP EliteBook X360 1030 G2 update, and this computer is converted to mixed design notebook products business users, in the same year CES will debut after the updated EliteBook X360 notebook computer. Of course, some people will think this notebook and Spectre functions in X360 have many similarities, but there are still some new notebook in different places let us shine at the moment, let's see what style of this notebook.

This provides many new hardware configuration options, such as the low allocation models equipped with the core i5-7200U and i5-7300U processors, but you can also choose the high core i7-7600U processor (GPU or Intel HD as part of Graphics 620).

13.3 inches touch screen covered with a layer of Corelle gorilla glass, optional 1080P or 4K resolution. As a "hybrid", you can adjust the notebook to different use patterns. Storage, 4cell HP EliteBook 1030 G2 Battery, optional 16GB RAM+128/256GB SSD .

Although the author is not a senior game player, but I for each product selection or have a certain force demand, performance is not very high but the appearance of a stock or absolute. The monotony of the elegant appearance design although low-key, but it is not fit with my style. I am more pursuit of the combination of sports beauty and muscle lines, coincides with the recent Department sent a Lenovo Legion Y520, its appearance in a moment let me have the desire to touch it.

Notebook is different from the mobile phone tablet, the frequency of our general user replacement is very difficult to do for two years or a year. In 2015 to the sixth generation Intel core processor, look at the hands of the ThinkPad or two generation processor...... There is no doubt that the new Skylake platform can give users a smoother experience, the sixth generation and the gap between the second generations, perhaps I really should change a laptop.

Piano paint - love with fingerprint, don't! Engineering plastics - texture too low, do not! Metal wire drawing CNC process - metal drawing good, CNC force grid full, this can be! Lenovo Legion Y520 is used to build a new mold, machine by the red and black color overlay dynamic, excellent lines sketched out a cool supercar shape; the appearance and properties of a comprehensive upgrade, and emphasizes the performance and experience pay more attention to the details of the deal.

In the sound box effect, Lenovo has always been on their own product configuration and adjust the speaker has done very carefully, even if it is also the YOGA tablet. Lenovo 2.1 channel JBL sound through professional tuning Legion Y720 equipment group, will also be the first D subwoofer moved to the central position, stereo sound more natural. The actual process, also can obviously feel a deep bass from the bottom of the fuselage. With Dolby home theater technology, bring shock sound. Water chestnut speaker symmetrical design clear, red and black mesh very texture.

In the hardware configuration with the introduction of Intel Skylake platform, Lenovo Legion Y520 also homeopathic and updated, the author can meet the needs of the game. 4GB GDDR5 also allows independent video memory graphics performance can maximize the use of wide angle IPS, borderless screen gaming experience is brought up to 4K resolution personally on the scene; a combination of 16GB DDR4 memory and 6cell LENOVO Legion Y520 Battery configuration for the 128GB SSD+1TB HDD is to ensure efficient operation in any game under the. All of these are combined in a cool housing built by all metal, very hard for me to say no to it.

As one of the most profound brand PC brand, TravelMate has over the past two years a number of innovative products, such as ultra thin TravelMate X1 Carbon and W series mobile workstations. Today's protagonist TravelMate P259 is TravelMate's new mobile workstation products, which uses the Intel mobile terminal Xeon processor and NVIDIA latest Quadro M2000M professional independence. Today, PChome will bring you a detailed evaluation of P259, we wait and see.

The control part P259 is to attract attention, the key is curved slightly concave, the lower edge is round, like a touch of hard plastic so stiff, very moist, key process and resilience are more comfortable, the more need for their own experience rather than our description. In addition to the keyboard, the P259 uses a new six button touch panel Trackpoint+ with three independent below three independent operation feel very awesome, collocation classic red dot design, do not leave the region can achieve most of the keyboard and mouse operation.

Hardware configuration, P259 processor uses a 4 core Intel E3-1505M V5, clocked 3.4GHz, graphics cards for the professional level of NVIDIA Quadro M2000M. Memory using two 8GB DDR4-2133 ECC, a total of 16GB. Hard disk for 512GB solid SSD plus 1TB mechanical hard disk. Can be said that the configuration is very nitian.

When it comes to business professionals, everyone's first reaction is certainly TravelMate, TravelMate continues to date ID design is very recognizable. Like today's P259 with 6cell ACER TravelMate P249-MG Battery in our hands, the first look at the past, we know that this is the founder of the notebook is TravelMate, we can feel the design revealed by the professional atmosphere. So imposing enough, then the mobile workstation hard strength in the end how?

Aside from the appearance of the design, the design of the hardware interface has become the only channel for notebook computers and external equipment communication, location and quantity will have a direct impact on user experience. According to this requirement the Lenovo Legion Y720 considered the very comprehensive, both sides of the fuselage and reasonable arrangement of many common interfaces including USB interface, equipped with 128GB +1TGB SSD high-speed mechanical hard disk, internal 16GB DDR4 memory to ensure the efficient use of the user.

Lenovo Legion Y720 on the right side of the fuselage, equipped with two USB3.0 interface and 9cell LENOVO Legion Y720 Battery, and the red and black colors in order to maintain consistency, especially to the change to red, so that the style is highly consistent. There is one for the external HD display standard HDMI interface, network interface and notebook lock.

In appearance, TravelMate P259 and most TravelMate products is not too obvious, all black carbon fiber body, body cover of the upper left and lower right corners are "TravelMate" and "DELL" brand identity, but this generation of the "DELL" logo surprisingly small, see DELL in downplayed "DELL" brand.

P259 on the surface of the C joined the fingerprint recognition, which is not used to the traditional scratch fingerprint recognition, but the same as iPhone and convenient fingerprint recognition. In the studio, in order to protect the original design is not stolen, safety is worth studying. TravelMate P259 a gilded signboard special security guarantee, and press type fingerprint decreased with the increase of safety brought trouble, let the designer more efficient encryption / unlock your computer, do not mind the lengthy password with the troublesome unlock.

P259 on the screen to do a professional, but for the studio, the color of the screen display is not necessarily true, there may be color, color for a long time will gradually become larger. A lot of design studio will be equipped with color correction apparatus, and the P259 is very rare with X-RiTe Pantone professional color correction device, the screen cover takes a little time to complete the adjustment of color screen, eliminating the need to set the instrument training time, improve efficiency. This point in the general designer PC is very rare, but also from time to time to remind software for color correction, ensure the product design studio on the screen is the actual appearance, not because the screen color affect the actual effect.

Also in the face of C we can see the outstanding control part of P259, which has always been the advantage of TravelMate notebook, but also after generations of outstanding products to form a unique practice.

Keyboard, TravelMate P259 uses 51wh ACER TravelMate P259-MG Battery and a small keyboard with digital keypad, with two levels of brightness adjustment of the white keyboard backlight. It continues the TravelMate consistently high quality use experience, the bond process slightly deep, soft feedback with hard, typing experience is very comfortable. For TravelMate P259 keyboard, a word can be summed up: you can know is TravelMate.