TOSHIBA Satellite U940 U945 S955 review

Earlier laptop screen ratio is 4:3, which is the closest to A4 paper and books ratio (0.72) than the integer, the notebook is designed to be like a book, the user accepts very easily. Interface of Windows 8 RTM version of dynamic magnetic posts default background is light blue, blue let time slow down, to let users stay another Blue Sky is also one of the most common colors, we will not its hostility. When products and we are so close to the goodwill of our products and it has come, when our relationship with products like their loved ones, relatives can eliminate the alert and tension.

PC is the acronym for the Personal Computer, the notebook such products should be more emphasis on private, bought notebook should own, no longer the vendors, not Microsoft, not Intel, between the user and notebook possession relationship. It reminds me of the Apple store, the store provides clerk in the description of goods to customers is absolutely not to touch the merchandise when customers encounter problems, encourage users to solve their own problems, even as the iPod iPad clerk have to follow the customer said the iPad, in order to strengthen the relationship between the behavior of users with products occupy Unfortunately, few manufacturers have noticed this.

TOSHIBA Satellite S955 with TOSHIBA Satellite S955 Battery island-style chocolate keyboard, the keys away from larger, easy cleaning, keys good resilience, but the key process is shorter overall feel. TOSHIBA Satellite S955 keyboard surface is not equipped with a separate shortcut keys, and also does not have a keyboard backlight. And general 15.6-inch notebook, it is also equipped with a small keyboard, for keypad integrity, its the "right direction" button keypad number keys together, the user may not use habits.

Years since the notebook about advertising stickers on the palm rest has become standard, vendors have been reminded of the origin of this notebook, many users bought notebook, the first thing is to tear the sticker on the palm rest, or engrave their names, to build a chapter to the notebook, to prove that this is a private items. The era of ultra-extreme, this situation has changed, but Microsoft and Intel stickers into the form of another design, the designers rules allow range enjoy the play's inspiration.

Further mature and ultra-extreme stimulation of chip technology, the laptop is now also done slimmer. In the middle of the year, Asus launched the new A-series laptop includes mainstream 13.3, 14 and 15.6 inches, the corresponding model for of A46 with 4cell ASUS A46 Battery, A46CA and A46CM three models, play the main element of the lightweight portable, weighing only A46 1.7 kg, A46CA also only 1.85 kg, and 14-inch models, A46CA less than the weight of two kilograms is quite conspicuous.

Students, especially college students accounted for much, most of the students demand for notebook computers, with respect to the office of the high load with a certain gap between the laptop user base. Day-to-day issues, community or student files document processing, PPT design and thesis writing, etc., has been basically covers the the notebook application range of the vast majority of students.

The most interesting is the Dell XPS 13, in the back of the fuselage to do something like a dog tag similar to the American soldiers, the windows, intel and XPS trademark engraved on it, not only to meet customer requirements, also notebook with a little military qualities of self-ridicule sense of humor is rare in the notebook, I vaguely designers design products tragic experience. S7 approach Acer is not that extreme, but in the fuselage behind the outlet below, so let LOGO almost stealth purity low gray Windows 8 and the Intel logo branded with good results.

The TOSHIBA U9405 with high quality TOSHIBA Satellite U940 Battery integrated touchpad, both beautiful and touchpad space, the the intermediate tactics vertical line to distinguish the area of ​​the left and right arrow keys instead of a mouse, but it's inadequacies is sometimes less sensitive or too sensitive offset phenomenon, the cursor will appear when clicking on the touchpad, and error-prone.

There is little notebook OEM manufacturers encourage users concerned about the value of content "concept into the design of the notebook, means that all of the notebook as a one-time FMCG sold to consumers, and then everything will be fine as long as the maintenance of a good after-sales system a.

Here it comes to corporate responsibility, as domestic enterprises to take up innovative responsibility for, the hardware sold to users at the same time, it is not obliged, to cultivate the aesthetic taste of the users, to tell you exactly what is right, should do, not so much annually pay big bucks to do marketing competition among college students to promote their products, why not do a book club and Technology Panel?

Apple in China fire, I suddenly discovered that the country has begun to have a lot of people are willing to pay to buy genuine content, even proud not "jailbreak" why people fall in love with Apple genuine experience? The payment process is simplified to everyone, and can also only need to enter the password each time you upgrade, these design gradually lead us to consume content in the right state of mind to "carefully".

In the University, the author often go to a video game shop that boss almost each masterpiece will play to the master, with each game lovers can be in full flight, and everyone liked him, I believe him, he was so slow slow accumulation of a lot of potential consumers, as long as you buy a game console, the software will find him. Why? Because his understanding of the game, consumers will he trust, any transaction generated the need for mutual trust to support.

Practical performance, excellent audio and video, personalized colors and affordable prices, ASUS A46CA notebook with 44wh ASUS A46CA battery also unqualified support ASUS Instant On technology - the fastest two seconds to wake the computer; the IceCool cool cool technology - palm rest does not accumulate heat more comfortable to use; Power 4 Gear Technology - Easy regulation of power options. Core i3 processor, SonicMaster audio technology, Instant On, Power 4 Gear and so casting ASUS A Series notebook practicality, four unique color matching ASUS A Series notebook some personality, for less than the price of 4000 yuan The best symbol of affordable, practical, personalized, affordable, ASUS A Series notebook covers the main needs of the student groups.

Hardware vendors have the contents of the future, there will be more obvious advantages, for example, temporarily silence but has a record, Sony Pictures, with books, movies, sales channels, Amazon, Apple owns Pixar, and even some Internet companies, can imagine, shrimp net to do cloud player, watercress do e-book that you will be tempted to do?

Over the years, the notebook manufacturers in the process of commercialization of new technologies, and rarely targeted thinking, this article is not to discuss the meaning of existence and the commercial value of the touch screen and the technology itself, but hoped that like this new popular technical discussion, to let vendors learned, of notebook innovation is not a single do addition, do replace.

TOSHIBA Satellite S955 with 6cell TOSHIBA Satellite S955 Battery is equipped with the double four threads a i5-3317UM processor, clocked at 1.7Hz, can be seen according to the CINEBENCH the score, its performance over the previous generation of low-power i7 processor, can meet daily The user's needs. SYSMark is a a hardware performance assessment tool, it focuses on the assessment of the performance and production performance of commercial operation of the computer, TOSHIBA Satellite S955 scored 175 points in the test, the more outstanding, which SSD's credit, it makes it office more efficiently handle general office documents, whether or run specialized software, such as Photoshop, After Effects, 3ds Max, no problems.