LENOVO IdeaPad U410 and ASUS U24A

For human-computer interaction, no touch is a step backward, and the machine should be mutually aware of each other's existence, this is the interaction and communication, and friends as we chat, will observe the other eye and facial expression changes. Current touch screen in general there is no physical feedback, some manufacturers aware of the problem, adding vibration feedback useful early adopters mean creative, but the effect is certainly no protruding buttons better amplitude size, intensity, and duration of changes in the lack of directional software and systems could not be combined (possibly to avoid increasing the cost of learning), and later surfaced zoom "button touch input method, but users will not see the next letter surfaced then input, so that efficiency is too low.

Many handheld Home button, the word is very good, the house feels very cordial and very familiar, this is the place where everything started, when we are confused, is a good way to come full circle. Windows system before a Start key, is also the place where everything began, the Home key, a software is a physical button. Early iPad models are no physical buttons, so to maximize avoid visual pollution, but why the final arrangements for a Home key, it is possible to increase physical feedback, but I believe that the greater significance of the Home key is that it identity based on a coordinate, iOS user has a habit: do not know how to do when you press the Home key, it makes us feel assured. Windows button (Start button) is the same, although the function with Home, but when we enter the Windows system, will be the first to find it, which is destined for other functions, the most reliable channel.

Cancel the Home button and the Start button means we no longer have the coordinates, all unable to start, key vendors sometimes lose user habit finally culture, when the user think once you given angle, they It is very difficult to go back.

Touch screen notebook or need a similar to the design of the Home button? If the integration of iOS and Mac OS X to Windows 8 inspiration, then there has been no MacBook touch-screen operation, so the OEM manufacturers do not seem to be able to draw on the object, then the product of the combination of hardware and software will involve the operating system's channel design, this is not within the scope of our discussion. But there is one that must be adhered to, and give users a sense of belonging, rely on, allowing users to feel that we can fully grasp.

Increase the touch screen to the laptop means that we often need to screen pointing if personally experienced, you should know that the shaft of ordinary notebook is active, the screen is touched when will around the trembling fingers that there will be " vent force "feeling. The shaft portion of the screen on the Acer S7, are specially designed, when we open and close to a certain angle, the screen is like lock, like this time on the screen is very stable, there will be no shaking, and then When we make greater efforts to turn the screen will continue to flip.

Lenovo U410 with 6cell bulit-in LENOVO IdeaPad U410 Battery as a super-extreme, equipped with high-performance polymer battery, the battery in the processing time can be made into any shape, so over most of this will be so slim in MobileMark software measured in a total run of 437 minutes (approximately 7.3) hour, far more than is generally similar positioning of the laptop battery life level, users can be assured in outdoor use. Appearance, the ultimate slim rugged wear body plus five kinds of cool colors, different styles of the Lenovo U410 absolute equal sign two calligraphy and fashion. Configuration, the the IVB platform the i5-3317UM of processor, Intel HD4000 Core graphics + NV GT610M graphics card combination of dual graphics, 4GB of memory and 500GB HDD +24 GB SSD storage, this configuration office and play generally online games no problem. Relatively tasteless, it's GT610M discrete graphics and 24GB of SSD, the former because they belong to the lower end of the running game ability to enhance not alone significantly, while the smaller space, bloated as a system disk. Such a situation occurs, the price is a large part of the reason, its price of less than 1000 dollar, so the configuration is really not easy, the U410 not those people feel distant over most of this high-priced, it is over most of this cost-effective real for the majority of users, so there are deficiencies in itself can make people understand. Overall, configuration, plus it looks really value $ 1,000.

Now we are talking about user experience, want to make a good experience is necessary to fully understand the design, sufficient depth behind the study, the birth of a function to be considered more broadly conceived, and not be able to achieve as the end point. This requires that you have a keen insight, appreciate, ebullient, follow the heart.

Laptop with our relationship in the end is what? This problem should be able to get a lot of answers, some people say is a productivity tool, was said to be the plaything for entertainment functions, was also said to be for us to understand the way of scientific and technological development, as well as a handful of people that reflect the identity of the luxury, these are However, this relationship is built on the notebook uses essentially laptop "materialized". But we think about it, stuffed in the Internet era of life, every day we need to get along with the notebook, we know that the notebook's role, than some of the "things" that bring us a greater impact.

Now, I think the touch experience on a notebook to do the best Magic Trackpad, can be said that the large MacBook trackpad pointing swipe, scroll, stretch will be able to operate a computer, this hardware is Mac OS and iOS integration an important step, because the The Magic Trackpad role is iMac and iMac Pro Multi-Touch touch operation also began to experience on the Windows platform, there is no such play a role in the hardware of the communication.

Upgrades and routine maintenance, ASUS X45A with 6cell ASUS X45C Battery bottom bezel area, open-replaceable hard drives, memory, BIOS, battery and a wireless network card, while users can also self-cleaning dust, such a design in the current mainstream 14-inch better performance in the notebook.

How many people is a quiet it is necessary to open the computer or cell phone? For example, to the author himself time more than five hours a day dealing with laptop, screen, speakers, keyboard, palm rest will always impact the sensory If a person every day, and we get along with their mutually feelings are care, that she should own what does it matter? Yes, Valentine! Jiang Wen once director likened the work, flirting with the audience, this is the attitude towards artistic creation, I think it should be the attitude of the product design.

German industrial design the Great God Dieter Donald 10 "good design" theory, there was one: good design should stand the test of years. Why We now look at some of the classic sculptures and paintings of the time, remains from the heart is deeply shocked, the aesthetic value of them is timeless, why we are angry face ThinkPad change because he broke the original understanding of the people here "constant" and "break" is not absolute, but this "broken" not let the work was a brief fashion disposable commodity, changed the color screen the border thinner this work ThinkPad would do, Sony will do, Shenzhou will do, if we will do this work is cheap, lazy thinking.

Why to spend so many tongues to talk about the relationship of the product and the user, because Acer S7 body triggered some thoughts of the author, some thinking about the dramatic conflict of the product body, do not quarrel with the couple will not last forever, the conflict has become a solid relationship between husband and wife reconcile agent.

How the hardware and software to achieve dramatic conflict? Let's take a look at the father of Mario Shigeru Miyamoto Mr. Sandplay Theory year autistic Shigeru Miyamoto in college, often facing the lights on in the streets flashing windows behind a strange dream, the windows of the house behind the end is some kind of scene? Later, Shigeru Miyamoto, the vision of psychology of the players on the unknown world, copying in their works, "Mario Brothers", when the hero got into the water pipes to reach another level, the scene will switch the huge gap between the visual Palace the Mau believes that everyone each group has its own closed world, two completely different people met like two completely different Sandplay world collide, that wonderful feeling is definitely not easily be able to explain in words

ASUS U24A with ASUS U24A Battery body shape like a wedge, very sharp leading edge polished after our actual test, the front-end thinnest at only 3mm, then the thickest 16.67mm should be able to control so that the thickness range of models and rare.